Mr. Sunshine

September 07, 2018:

Owen comes to take Luke's mind off his vigil at Jess' hospital bed. It works for a little while.

Stark Tower Medical Bay

Comas are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're going to get.


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Mentions: Jessica Jones, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Kingpin, Harley Quinn, Danny Rand

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Fade In…

By the third shower, Owen has finally gotten all of the glass out of his skin and all the dirt and blood off. It technically might not have required three showers but Owen isn't banking on being welcome to stay at Rand's anytime soon. So with a quick pilfering of some of Danny's casual clothes (they are the same size and Rand probably won't notice, right?) Owen sets about shoving the clothes he came in into a paper bag from the kitchen. Somehow Emery managed to get all the blood stains out. Owen assumes there was dark magic involved. Everyone else is mostly busy checking in on Matt and being joyously reunited, but Owen feels the need to be on his way. He does however notice with a frown that Luke is nowhere to be seen. A highspeed check of the place is conducted, considering a regular paced one would take hours, and Owen concludes he must have slipped out back to the towers to stay by Jess's side.

Owen had planned to plot the murder of one mutant terrorist who was at least partially responsible for the mess next door to Jessica, formerly known as Tony. However, tracking them down is going to take time and he has been going nearly non stop for a few days. He could use a little down time.
And a drink.

There is no hesitation as he enters the medlab this time. He's not hear for weepy bedside vigils or uncomfortably frank confrontations of his emotions regarding the two people laid up herein. No. Tonight's mission is much simpler. Walk Luke back from the edge and have a couple beers in the process.

"Big man. Brought some beer and sandwiches."

Owen announces his arrival and provisions as he rounds the corner into Jess's room. He's loud and irreverent, as if purposefully pushing back against the expected hushed tones of a hospital or at least med ward.


The edge. It's dark and cold there, and Luke has his big hands wrapped around one of Jess's limp ones as if she's the anchor barely keeping him from tipping over, a fall even the unbreakable Cage wouldn't survive. There is a noise given at Owen's derisive entrance, it could be a grunt of greeting or of warning depending on how one were to take it. Knowing Owen, he'll take it as an open invitation with a great big neon flashing arrow to come on in, but that's what friends are for.

"She looks so small." He comments to the form in the bed instead of his bartender directly, carefully folding her hand back to the sterile mattress and tugging the covers up and arranging them just so. The big man looks out of place among the fancy equipment and stainless steel, even more so in the chair that is far too small for his frame. Still he's been wedging himself into it for days without complaint, but he literally has to pry himself out of it to stand and stretch muscles that have long grown cold and stiff from disuse.


The grunt of greeting is not a good sign. Owen had wrongfully assumed that Luke would snap out of this when Jess was stable at Stark's. But seeing him the other night had quickly disabused him of that notion. He makes a concerted effort though to not show any concern, for Luke or Jess. As if somehow that's better? No one has accused Owen of being too sensitive.

"JARVIS. Can we get this man a couch at least? Maybe one of those bad boy lounge chairs from the upper floors?"

Owen barks into the air as he sets down the bag on some display like table that beeps and whirs at him. He shushes it and pulls the bag off to set it somewhere less delicate. He pulls out two tall boys and hands one to Luke, or at least tries to.

"I think it's cause she's not yelling at us." He smirks and tries not to let his face show that yes, she does look terribly small and fragile and basically dead. Owen charges ahead, "Luke, she's tough as shit. This is the highest tech place on earth possibly. It'll be fine. Matt's back. She'll wake up soon. … Tony'll pop back up …" The last part slips out as Owen trails off a bit, before he cracks his beer and takes a big swig as if to wash the taste of encouraging optimism out of his mouth.


Luke's paw comes out to take the beer, "Sucks doesn't it?" A thick finger makes three attempts to pluck the tab open on the can before he succeeds on the last, letting the hiss dissipate before he takes a long slug. "Being the voice of positivity. Pretending to have already bought what you're selling." He looks over his shoulder, willing with ever fiber that Jess'll sit up any moment and dryly cuss them out for interrupting her beauty sleep. A sigh from the big man comes instead, and he looks back to Owen with a tick of his head towards the hallway. "Let's take a walk."


"What? I'm mister sunshine!" Owen shoots Luke a wry look before taking another slug of his beer and quickly caving. "Fine. But seriously, I don't know how yous do this. It was easier when I just assumed everything was going to go to shit and was pleasantly surprised now and then."

He nods at the suggestion of a walk, assuming that means grabbing a smoke as well. Two drones carrying a couch and a third struggling with a large armchair come down the hall forcing Owen to slide against the wall to let them by.

"Apologies Mister Cage, your comfort was somehow overlooked in all the goings on." The voice of JARVIS floats through the air soothingly.

Owen looks at least a bit pleased with himself that Luke might be able to be a bit more comfortable. He knows there's no peeling the big guy away for a serious break, but he can at least get a place to sit or lie down that fits him … or almost fits him.


Luke can't flatten out against the wall, so he has to step into a doorway to give enough room for the drones to pass, an eyebrow lifted at Owen. "That shit actually worked?" His flat visage cracks into a suitable impressed expression for not having thought of exploiting JARVIS before. But then again, his mind has been elsewhere. "Remind me to have him rustle me up a TV for football season." Looks like he's planning on being in here for a the long haul. He takes another pull from his can, giving one last snort of appreciation for the assist before stepping back out to follow Owen.

"Look, I don't need sunshine and rainbows right now, man." Immediately coming back full circle to their more morose conversation. "What I need you to tell me is that we're going to break every bone in that motherfucker's body so when my girl /does/ wake up, I can tell her it's over and done."


Owen smiles a little dopily at the fact that asking JARVIS for things works, as if he can in anyway take credit for the fact that so much of Stark Towers is automated and intelligent. He smirks and says, "Yea well don't let Pepper find you, ye'll end up tea and cookied and pampered and…" he trails off and then adds, "Actually maybe do let Pepper find you."

"Fine. But you also don't need to be acting like Jess is dead. Snap out of this.." He waves his free hand at Luke, "Whatever this is."

"But hell yes. We will break and then remove every single bone from his body. Slowly and painfully."


Luke takes an impulsive step forward like he's about to get up in Owen's grill, "Snap…" He twists himself away, "Boy!" Biting back any more words before he'll do or say something he'll regret. Again. His amends list is growing rather long at this point. He paces away and then back, this time moving past Owen so they can get to the point where they get to the smoking bit. He finishes his beer on the way, crinkling the can into his fist until it's just a wadded up ball of aluminum that gets pitched at a trash can on his way to the designated smoking area.


Owen swivels his head, unconcerned as Luke steps towards him. He makes a little head bob, like, really?

"Luke, we both know you can smash me through a wall. But ya gotta hit me first big guy." Owen also is used to friendly banter of murdering one another, so this seems perfectly normal.

He moves out to the smoking area and continues, unabated. "Look. I get it. Yer pissed. And scared. And pissed some more about Jess. But taking swings at people trying to help you ain't helping. Especially cause you telegraph yer punches like an old-timey boxer." Because again, Owen isn't good at not poking angry bears.


"Might be an improvement to the wall." Luke mutters once he's free of the hallway into the more open area, the feeling of constriction leaving his shoulders as he looks over at Owen and quirks a smirk that for once isn't forced for other's benefit around here. Rooting around in his pocket, he comes up with his pack of smokes, fumbling to get on of the delicate sticks out from the packaging. "The two people that tell me I telegraph my punches are a ninja and a Speedster. So. Gonna take that one with a grain of salt." The last words are mumbled around the cigarette as he lights it. "You ever been in love?"


Owen smirks and lights up a cigarette and then laughs about Luke being told by a speedster and ninja that he telegraphs his punches. "Bet most people have no complaints about yer punching?"

And then the question and Owen looks at Luke like he has three heads. He narrows his eyes and the smoke from the cigarette slowly leaks out of his open mouth and nose.


Owen tries to figure out what to say about that question. "I.. Why are we talking about me now?"


"Because Jess isn't just some bar I can rebuild if I lose her, man. If he takes that from me…" Luke shakes his head which is no longer quite bald, it's sporting a dark black peach fuzz from too many days of neglected shaving. He takes an angry pull on his cigarette, causing the cherry to flash a brilliant red from the force of the toke. "Actually there's something I've been meaning to ask you about tech. Maybe Tony has some shit laying around that can help me but Dee also said you built his suit and no doubt you tinker with all of your boomerangs. I need something small. Pocket sized, hopefully. Something that can protect my lungs and shit from breathing in chemicals and smoke. Two, one for me to carry around and the other that I can put into Jessica's phone." Because her phone has pockets? "Speaking of, I'm gonna need that back. She'll lose her shit if she finds out I let if float around."


"Jess isn't gonna die. At least not from this. But man.." Owen wants to breach the topic of the fact that Jessica is a superhero, and will be put into all sorts of terrible situations in the future.

But thankfully Luke changes the subject. So Owen can dodge the love conversation and then the probably harder conversation about Jess. "You need a …" Owen trails off and thinks about it. He gets a far away look in his eyes before nodding and saying "Yea. Yea I can do that. But Jess's .. phone?" Owen is super confused by that.

But he does fish out the phone when asked. He figures there are all sorts of things in that phone that shouldn't get out.


"She can store stuff in it. Dude, she pulled a fresh hot meatball sub out of it from Greek Tony's while we were in Wakanda. Some …magic voodoo crap, but that way I always have a spare around as long as I'm with her." He takes it from Owen, unlocking it and giving the screen a quick scan to see if there are any messages he needs to respond to on her behalf. 'BRB. In Coma.' "Heaven help you if you thumbed through the files and found one that says 'hats', because I'm going to have to beat you until you forget it." He says distractedly as he swipes through a few screens then locks it again, slipping it into his pocket, giving it a little pat when it's in the confines of fabric like it's some reassuring gesture.


Owen hesitates in giving the phone back as Luke describes what it can do. He glances down at it, now very sorry that he didn't probe farther into it. That would be so boss! Think how many boomerangs he could bring with him!

But then Luke brings up something about a hats file and Owen immediately recants any regret. "So yer sayin' that things like fifty percent dick pics by now?"

"But yea, I can build something to counteract toxins. I might be able to consult an expert or two on some of the more exotic shit out there.." He frowns and asks, "But when did you want it by? Cause I gotta silver shithead speedster to settle a score with on account of Tony.."


Luke looks upwards and slightly to the side as he considers dick pics being stored in Jess's phone, "Better not be." But hey, if it keeps Owen from nosing around the contents he should have just played along. "No deadline, just the sooner the better. The less vulnerability I have, the better, but the last couple of times I've been taken down it's been gas or smoke." There's a glide of Luke's lower jaw as he works it side to side. "Soon as I'm done with Fisk, if you've got some mopping up I can help with, I'd be happy to oblige. Sorta owe the man for all this." You know, saving Jess' life with his wonder-med-lab and all.


Owen shrugs and says "Hey she's always snapping pics of people doin' the dirty. Maybe that's her thing and she's got gigs of pics of you in there." Well if Luke isn't sending them it doesn't mean they're not there. At least in Owen's weird mind.

"Yea. That's how I'd take you out. A little night-night gas and move about with my day. I mean .." He gives and apologetic shrug "Not that I plan to use that… just.." He thinks about these things.

Owen frowns when Luke offers help in the mopping up. He immediately wants to say no. The twins are too volatile to get Luke involved in it. And wasn't Jess working with them? Owen has no idea what the lay of the land is right now and the thought of Luke or Jess getting involved ironically rears up in him similar instincts that he was trying to tell Luke to get over.

"Yea, we'll see. I appreciate the offer. 'm sure Tony would too."

He stubs out the cigarette and says "Now come on, there's more beer and some food inside. And I can regal you with tales of my crazy ex girlfriend while we wait for Jess to wake up."

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