No Mister

September 06, 2018:

Owen visits Tony in the medlab at Stark Towers and is filled in on some details by JARVIS.

Stark Towers

A blown up (again) Stark Towers



Mentions: Jessica Jones, Pietro Maximoff as Jamie Lannister, Wanda Maximoff as Crazy, Luke Cage, Claire Temple, Jane Foster, Rachel Summers


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Stark Tower has seen better days. Much better. The first floor is already under repair though, drones and robots of Stark's personal brand of construction equipment putting the place back together. People are already starting to trickle back into work, though many of them look shell shocked. Or just plain shocked.

After all. The boss isn't in the best of shape.

The upper story windows have already been replaced which is good since that made way too easy of an entrance for people. SHIELD and Stark's own security is in evidence, both in overt and covert ways. Up near the middle of the tower, not too far up the structure sits the med labs. Some of the most advanced in the world. They usually don't have much use. Tony built them almost on a whim, to show people what his tech could do…

…but every so often they are needed.

Like now. When two figures are in residence.

Jessica Jones on one side of the hall, and Tony Stark in the other.

Tony's room is a large one of course. His medical bed advanced enough that he doesn't even need to be hooked up to anything. The man himself lies in the middle of the bed, eyes closed, seemingly peacefully asleep. The decor likely /was/ tasteful at one point in time, Pepper would have seen to that, but Tony had replaced most of the artwork with pictures of…well…himself. Art, magazine clippings, pictures from missions. All sorts of things

Typical right?

At the foot of the bed is a small…shrine? It is made of solid gold, designed in Aztec style, with that ancient language scrawled along the base. The design of it is…well…Stark. In his armor. Standing triumphantly atop a pyramid as he commands the sun to cross the sky.

That isn't the only art though, it seems someone has written 'Rejected' backwards in sharpie across Stark's forehead. And done a little smileyface on his cheek in lipstick(the latter is signed 'D.' because Dummy like to sign his artwork).

It's been a few days since Owen helped hastily deposit Jessica at Stark's following the emergency call from Claire via Luke. He has spent that time delving deep into old contacts and busting into places that normally he would avoid, especially in the fragile state of his recovery. But today he made up his mind, he needed to visit Jessica.

Sitting on a bench across the street from Stark towers, smoking his fifteenth cigarette Owen swallows a sip of now cold coffee. He sighs and looks back at the building. The damage, the repairs, the work. He focuses on his breathing. It took him enough time to screw up the nerve to come see Jessica. The news that she wasn't the sole occupant of the medical bay was a shock to him. It sent him outside for a cigarette, and nearly much farther for something much more powerful.

"Why are you sitting here? Get it together. They're not dead."

His pep talk causes some of the pedestrians to stray away. One mother straight up yanking her child across the street to avoid the apparently homeless man sitting on the bench talking to himself. Because Owen does indeed look a bit rougher than usual. He's hardly slept since his 'networking' has kept him out at all hours.

But after a few hours of supervising the exterior renovations, he exhausts his supply of cigarettes and excuses. He stands and walks numbly towards the building, focusing on his breath. Not thinking. Not sure how people do this whole caring thing. It's super weird.

Choosing to go with the easier of the two visits, Owen drops in on Tony and surveys the state of the room. He smiles at quirky alter and then flat out laughs at the writing on Tony's face. It's a bit of a high, nervous laugh, just slightly unhinged. And briefly Owen, the recovering dude-bro considers adding a dick to the artwork but manages to stiffle the desire. Instead, he goes with the slightly more appropriate question to seeming thin air,

"JARVIS? How's he holdin' up?"

"Ah Mister Mercer…" The voice of the AI comes. "…that is how you would like to be refered to yes? Mister Stark is…stable. Miss Foster has come by and thankfully with her help we should be able to work out the problems he's having in a few weeks." The AI sounds hopeful at least.

Well hopeful, and sure of himself.

"He is in a coma though, but Miss Summers has assured me his mind is completely intact. If…odd and bored." The smile can almost be heard there.

"But he is safe enough. The security downstairs has seen to that." There is this time perhaps a slight bit of guilt there. Maybe if the AI had been more prepared this wouldn't have happened.

"Regardless, things are progressing. Slowly, but they are progressing."

"What? Hell no. It's Owen JARVIS. Just. Owen." It's bad enough that he has to deal with Emery getting all weird and Victorian on him, he doesn't need that kind of weirdness from an AI.

He looks at Tony again and breathes a sigh of relief. It seems easier for the minute not to have to talk to him, but kind of dick-ish to come see him and not want to? Owen frowns a bit and processes the part about Jane helping.

"Jane? How is..? I thought this was just a straight attack? Why is she involved?"

Owen managed to get the information that it was an attack by the Brotherhood out of someone. But the details are mostly wrong and the inclusion of Jane in the process of fixing Stark has him confused. He grumbles some more about the silver haired sister loving sprinter but it's not loud enough to be heard by the AI.

"Oh it was anything but a straight attack," JARVIS says with a touch of sadness. "Apparently someone else framed Mister Stark, which set Mister Maximoff off. Some of the X-men arrived via teleport…I really should install a blocking system…and in the fight Mister Stark's ARC reactor was torn out. I could not follow everything that was being said, I think I lacked context, but it was all very emotional. There were tears." A pause. "Then one of the X-men, a Miss Summers, set herself on fire and kept Mister Stark alive long enough to repair the damage to the reactor."

A beatpause.

"…the physical damage was still too much for his body though, and before he succumbed to shock Mister Stark injected himself with an experimental antigen based somewhat on the code Miss Foster used to take over the Tower when she was…indisposed." Demon Posessed and soulless sounds a lot worse.

"But that is why she is working with me, to manage the nanites in his system." A longer pause. "No demonic energy though! Have no worry about that."


Owen listens to the epic tale. He scowls but remains silent through the explanation. Then with great care and thought he replies.

"JARVIS." Owen adopts an overly patient and yet stern tone. "That quick hit misfit put Stark in a coma. I think we both know Tony would be pissed to hear him called, Mister Maximoff. I gonna insist you refer to him as that Speedy Sister Fucker. Or, at the very least, Jamie Lannister. He doesn't get a proper /mister/.."

Owen of course misses the symmetry between him denying himself the honorific only moments before wishing to strike it from Pietro's record. That would require far more self awareness and introspection than can be expected of someone called Captain Boomerang.

"Tony used her demon code to.. what now?" Owen looks exhausted by trying to processes all of this. He growls, "Yea she better damn well be working with you." The information about the X-Men and a flaming mutant keeping Tony alive are just glossed over. Sure, of course that happened. What even is his life now?

"Can I get a copy of any video around the Brotherhood? I might need to drop in and say hi to some old friends."

"Er…well…" JARVIS pauses a moment. Seemingly slightly aghast at calling anyone 'Speedy Sister Fucker'. "I…could I suppose call him Jamie Lannister. Yes. That would be acceptable I believe. After all that is what Mister Stark called him on occasion." A pause. "Several occasions." A longer pause. "Perhaps I'm just not equipped to understand the appeal of that show."

There is a shrug that the speedster can see if not hear.

"Ah he used it to heal himself, it is a deritive antigen that was supposed to destroy the orgional code and the Extremis nanites. Unfortunately without the Extremis nanites to fight it…did something else."

Which is how they wound up in a coma as it is.

"Ah yes, I have video of the attack. Mist—" Ahem. "…Jamie Lannister and his sister were seen moving north towards Canada when my sensors began to have trouble tracking them."

While Owen would actually love nothing more than to try and explain the appeal of tits, murder and dragons burning shit to an AI right now, he doesn't get into it. He also lacks any appreciation of finer details like political intrigue or thematic motifs, so it's probably for the best.

"Well can't argue with that. I'm assuming it was a hail mary considering he got his double A ripped out." Owen seems to realize he missed a cup size slash battery joke there and frowns at himself. He'll have to work on that for when Stark's back.

"Canada. Or at least past Poughkeepsie so close enough?" Owen thinks about it for a second, wondering what he should do about this. First he needs to do something about a missing red suited devil, but this also requires some action. Probably something stupid and ill-thought out, cause it's Owen, but still: action.

"Thanks JARVIS. Put the videos on my phone and please ping me if there's a change in Tony or Jess's condition."

Owen sighs and moves next door, relieved to see that Luke and Claire are both out at least for the moment. He approaches Jessica's side gingerly and stops to look down at her briefly before turning and walking out without a word.

Out on the street Owen grits his teeth and focuses on his goals.

Find Daredevil.
Murder Fisk
Beat the crap out of at least one half of the twins without being obliterated by the other half.
Stay sober.

"Fuck 'em. You can do this."

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