Talking With Shadows

August 29, 2016:

Darkedge comes to visit Stark in his tower, meets a golem, and finds some magic.

Stark Tower



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With dark magic things threatening the human and fae realms alike, Darkedge has been on the move as often as possible. As soon as it's dark, the elf is out, searching, and each evening he takes a few moments to slip by those human habitations with which he is familiar with the occupants, cares for what happens to them.

This is why he teleports himself onto the top floor office balcony of Stark Tower. Pepper's office, to be exact. The elf had planned to snesse out for his human, and then flit away again but something made him pause.


There was magic here. Quite a bit of it and it was a new enough sensation in this particular tower that the elf stopped and turned to look inside more fully.

A shadow. A shadow was all he needed, and wordlessly, the elf slipped through the shadows against the pane of glass and into the shadow of Pepper's desk, then again into the shadow of her sofa, and then through the shadow beyond the door. He had to pull the dark ski-glasses that he'd been given by another human some time ago, since the lights started to get too bright for him.

At the first teleport, the Tower's systems alerted its owner to the presence of an intruder.


Normally when Darkedge visits the tower the siren song of magic is muted. Dulled among all the tech and metal. Today though? It is different. Today there are wards, wards that can be bypassed, wards that are…rudimentary but still powerful. Something of someone just learning the ropes. But they /are/ there.

Magic pulses from the upper floors as well. Steady and strong. Several artifacts of varying power and something else. Something strange.

What getting past the wards /does/ get tough, is attention. Which is why when he slips out into the hallway he is met with a pair of drones and the heavy metal tread of someone in a suit that has way more armor than your normal sunday best.

"…you know," Stark's voice holds some amusement, amplified as it is by that armor of his. "You can get hurt if you come into someone's house without knocking."


Darkedge's mind had been on the look out for Pepper while tracking the pull of that magic. The jarring dischorant tones of 'music' grate on the elf's hearing, on his nerves, but he presses on until those drones appear. Darkedge has never seen anything like them before, and so he tenses, hands ready to draw blade as he studies them from behind the snow-boarding looking goggles over his eyes, the plexiglass as dark as a wielder's mask to help mute the light so he could see.

The 'scent' of metal, it's sound and feel as it shook the floor, did little to calm the fae.

Darkedge turned to keep the drones and the full plate in sight, shifting to try to find a shadow not his own to vanish into so he woudn't have to raise His Queen's ire by calling for an egress.

"You are Guard to Lady Pepper?" asks the fae, his accent melodic, discordant and wary. He has no idea who this is in the armor, only that this is all a LOT of metal.


The suit seems to cock its head to one side curiously as the arms fold over the chest. Then there is a sigh and a shake of his head. "First off, Pepper has one of these too so she doesn't really need a guard. Second off…"

And the front of the suit cycles open, plates sliding against plates as it reveals the somewhat familiar form of Tony Stark.

"…not quite." He finishes as he steps out in front of the elf, still with that smirk on his face. "So Crowguy, just what brings you to my tower." A beatpause. "And you really have no idea who that armor belongs too? I mean do you stay under a rock or something? I'm not exactly subtle."


Pepper… has a suit of full-plate?! Since when? Since WHERE?! Maybe… he means that it's… in a hallway … or armory or… Darkedge's rambling thoughts, skittering about to attempt to decipher the armored human's meaning halts as the armor opens and reveals Pepper's liege. Darkedge knows of him more than he actually knows the man, so to see him emerging from the armor is a surprise. Enough that it registers on Darkedge's otherwise schooled face.

Crowguy? Who…?

"It is difficult to be subtle in full-plate, yes. And no… I did not until not know who that armor belonged to. I don't think I've ever seen it before," the elf replies. Though to the question of living under a rock, he pressing his lips together. Because he used to? Live under rocks, that is. Cave elf.


"Oh this one," Stark raps on the chestpiece of the armor as it cycles back shut. "This is just Mark 40. Or was it 36…eh doesn't matter." The man replies with a shake of his head. "I have a lot of them."

A glance over his shoulder at the armor. "JARVIS? Take it on back to the test bay."

"Of course, sir." Says JARVIS from the armor as the suit turns to start to stalk off.

"Anyway, I'm guessing you're here cause Pepper mentioned something about magic?"


The armor remains animated even as Stark stepped from it, and Darkege could do nothing but equate it to a golem. Saying nothing, the elf straightens up and watches the armor leave.

"No. She did not. I come by as often as possible to check that your Lady is well. I sensed the magic and grew concerned," says the elf.


"Huh, she said she was going to talk to you about it but…" There is a shrug from Stark as he turns. "JARVIS dim the lights, dim lights and give me access to the clean lab. Send down a sample too."

Stark gives orders that are obeyed by unseen servents as he turns to stroll down the hall. "Well if you want to see the magic that has people worried come on. It isn't the only magic, friend of mine got me interested. So not I'm fiddling with things I likely shouldn't and would make Constantine and Zee shout at me a lot."

He doesn't seem worried.

Of course he seldom does.

"Know anything about demons?"


Lights dimmed, Darkedge pushes his goggles up to the top of his head, letting his hood fall back to behind his shoulders. A quick shadow step and he's at Stark's side, walking with him with an easy grace.

"Constantine and Zee…? These two are.. human magius?" asks the elf, not having encountered them that he can recall. His lips purse at the question.

"Some minor things. They bleed, so they can die, though they are notoriously difficult to get to stay down for long. They are not often found in the Fae Realm, but I am come to understand they are a thing here for you Humans," he states.


"Something like that," Stark replies with a smirk again and a shake of his head. "You really don't get out much do you?" Then a shrug. "Ah well if I wasn't flying around putting out the proverbial fires I likely wouldn't either."

On he strides to a lab that seems to be a clean room, the lights dimmed down and a single table sitting in the middle of it.

"Not so much actual physical demons, though I've seen a few of them, been to at least one hell. Met a really hot blonde there." A pause. "…I guess I have a thing for blondes that might kill me." A shrug at that before he gestures towards a small vial on the table. It is held in a special glass case, with what looks to be extremely powerful light systems etched with gilded runes across the front.

They are off thankfully.

The vial itself doesn't seem to be doing anything but sitting there. But there is a thread of magic coming from it, just quietly humming along. Not really doing anything at all.

"Demonic /magic/ specifically. Which I'm pretty sure is what this is."


"I am 'out' alot. I am just also found in the Fae Realm… and much of what human use to communicate with each other is beyond me," says the elf of the cell phone and the television and newspaper. Darkedge moves into the lab with Tony, eyes landing on the vial within heartbeats. The magic from it he can feel, but only when he studies what he feels does the nature of the power coat his senses. The elf strides toward the table to look, keeping his hands away from it even as he leans in, heedless of the potential threat the powerful lights are to him. Either he trusts or he is unaware.

With as tech-ignorant as the elf is, the latter is most likely.

"It is. It is.. holding form, passive… like … blood just before it dries fully, making it thick and binding," Darkedge says as he regards the liquid with something like curiosity.


"More transdimensional nonsense," Stark mutters as he shakes his head. "I swear this earth has to be some kind of Grand Central Station of the multiverse." He says as he looks towards the elf as he strides forwards towards the vial.

"Yeah, its a bonding agent. The magic is at least. For a nanotech solution used to enhance humans." A beatpause. "If you want to take a magic scan or whatever it is you magic types do go right ahead. If you can take it back and figure out how to unmake it? That would be great. I mean I know how to kill it, but if I could kill it at range? Even better."

Stark is totally happy to delegate. Always.


Tony’s muttered comment is lost on the elf who has no reference point for it. Darkedge’s silver eyes just flit to the human, then away again as Tony is moving on to talk about the vial. Nanotech is also a new-to-him word, one that makes him tilt his headslightly. Whatever nanotech is, it is something used to enhance humans. Must be some sort of potion or alchemical effect. Mixed with magic, it could be potent. Darkedge nods his understanding of the concept if not the exact wording.

“I have a sense of it, and could track it or state if I sense magic like it in a location or in a person at a later time. As for taking it back to discover how to unmake it… this would be the work of My Queen. I can take it to her and request her attention. She may or may not respond in a manner that is of timely use to a human’s lifetime,” says the elf, turning his head to regard Tony fully as he speaks.

“At the very least, I am certain She would be pleased to have the opportunity to study that which threatens the human realm,” he says somberly, waiting a moment before quirking a brow.

“If you know how to kill it, and it is a thing I can learn, I would ask to learn it… and then to be given leave to, after delivering your vial unto My Queen, attempt to locate and dispatch this threat,” offers the Queen’s Blade, the assassin of the Fae Realm.

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