September 04, 2018:

Impulse goes to visit Tony Stark as a Titan and finds himself promoted to godhood.

Stark Industries

Stark Tower. It's full of holes again.


NPCs: Dummy, JARVIS, the Tamoanchans

Mentions: Red Robin, Quicksilver

Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The Tower is once more wrecked.

This seems to happen quite a lot really. I mean with Iron Man's extracurricular activities it really isn't that surprising. A massive hole in lobby and a lack of windows in the upper story. Not to mention the owner of said Tower is…well…indisposed…is a good way to put it.

In the medbay of the Tower lie two figures. In two different rooms. Jessica Jones and Tony Stark.

Both asleep, not to wake up for some time. Comas due to the wounds.

Stark's room is typically him of course. Pictures on the walls of…himself. A massive medical bed so advanced he doesn't even have to be set up for anything…

…it does seem someone has had some fun…

There is 'Rejected' written backwards on his forehead in sharpie. A few false tears, also in sharpie. Also a smiley face drawn on his cheek in lipstick. Signed with a little 'D'.

Dummy was busy.


Did…he pick a bad day to come by?

Bart wonders how often the poor tower gets so wrecked. Maybe he should feel a bit more concerned about it, but it's absent from his face as he looks around. He steps into the lobby, gawking at the hole that it's practically become, edging around towards the stairs with a quickened pace, fast moving up to a blur as he hurries on up. Times like these maybe it's a good thing he prefers stairs to elevators, although maybe given Tony's high-tech'd out business, maybe they would still function enough despite building damage.

"Hello…?" he calls out once he sets foot out on the floor of the medbay. He hasn't been here before, but he hadn't really known it was a thing either until recently, not that that's surprising either.

He hadn't been aware that Jessica was here as well, and glimpsing her through the door, Bart's eyes widen. What happened? Pulling his hand away from the door, he moves to the other room that's occupied, knocking before he pokes his head inside.

Stark's room is super weird. The pictures decorating it are a bit much, the bed…is sadly bigger than even the one Bart has at home. It'd probably fill his room. Typical Tony. As he drifts closer, he comes to notice the 'make-up' that the billionaire sports, frowning a bit. He squints, head tilted.



"Ah, Mister Allen!"

JARVIS is the only one here it seems. But the AI is as always polite.

"…ah yes. We…" There is a touch of what sounds like a small smile. "…had some visitors. A Speedster like yourself, though without the Speed Force. He…" A pause. "Well he hurt Mister Stark quite badly."

A longer pause and then a chuckle.

"Ah yes, Spider-man and Dummy seem to have taken some of their frustration out on him while he's asleep."

A pause.

"Did Red Robin send you over? Mister Stark had some messages for him and the Titans."

A longer pause, the AI almost sounding slightly distracted. "I'm glad though how people are visiting. That seems to be good for him."


"…Quicksilver?" Bart chances. He's the only other speedster he knows of that isn't connected the way Bart is. The only one causing trouble too, although the last time they'd met, it didn't seem like the speedy twin and his sister were all that intent on hurting people. The confusion is clear on the teenager's face.

"But why?" he asks, stopping from glancing around to look for the otherwise unseen AI, brow furrowed as he looks down at the resting Tony Stark. How badly, he wants to ask, but at the same time he doesn't. It's always different when friends get hurt, and it's so strange seeing the man lying there in bed, unresponsive.

There's but the ghost of a smile as JARVIS names the culprits who had so liberally decorated Tony's face. "Oh, is that what happened… Heh." Poor guy. Well, that's as sure a sign as any to Bart that Tony's expected to pull through, and it helps pick up his mood a little. He lifts his head again.

"Uh, yeah. Or well, I was coming by anyway." Tabloids or not, for cover or not, it had been kind of fun being called Stark's ward, despite all the headaches that have been churned up in the aftermath. And if not that, Tony's still a friend.

"How's he doing?" he asks JARVIS.


"Quicksilver," JARVIS agrees with a sigh. "Apparently someone framed Mister Stark. Quicksliver believed it which…" JARVIS pauses a moment. "…well Mister Stark would not find that surprising. Not many people think the best of him, even when not presented with lies."

JARVIS sounds sad at that, but the AI does seem to almost 'shake' himself.

"He is doing fine though, well…as fine as he can." JARVIS pauses a moment. "He injected himself with a antigen to heal himself. The antigen was…experimental. And seems to be having some unexpected side effects." A pause again. "But no fear, young Mister Allen. He'll wake up soon!"


There's that frown again, and even though he knows what JARVIS says is true of Tony, that it's been used against the man in this way is just…wrong. Maybe it also hurts more that it was at the hands of someone Bart might've hoped to not end up as enemies that Tony now lay in such a state. But then in a way, Quicksilver's a victim here as well, isn't he?

"…do they know that it's a frame job?" he asks. Too late to stop things, but at least they can try to figure out other things.

It's a relief to hear that Tony's doing all right, which is better, much better than not fine. Bart looks up again at the mention of side effects. "What kind?" He does at least seem a bit more at ease at JARVIS's reassurances. "Oh, you said something about messages?"


"The Brotherhood?" The AI pauses for a moment. "No I don't think so. They didn't verify it they just…acted. The X-men though, they have been assisting. They know its fake." The AI pauses a moment before he continues. "Which is good, Miss Summers. Er…Rachel Summers." There is too many Summers!

"Well it is attempting to improve his health and…" A long pause. "…well. That is keeping him in the coma. Regardless, Miss Summers told us that his mind was defiantly intact…"

He trails off as there is a noise from the corridor. A murmur of strange clicking voices.

"…oh dear…" JARVIS said. "…I asked Dummy to take a message not bring…oh dear."

Which is about when Dummy trundles in. Being followed by…well a half dozen bug people. Cricket or mantis like in nature. They are dressed like…well…ancient Mayans.

Head dresses. Lots of gold and feathers. The biggest one seems to be a priest of some kind. At least they don't have weapons.

The biggest one pauses on seeing Bart and delivers a series of clicks.

JARVIS clicks back and the priest looks surprised. Then bows towards Bart.

They seem to have…gifts for Stark..

"Er…Mister Stark's…um…oh how do I explain this…" JARVIS pauses a moment. "…Mister Stark helped to saved them…and now…they may have declared him a bit of a god…"

A longer pause.


Bart hasn't been acquainted with the X-Men, so one Summers is as good as another, although he notes the name for now. "At least someone does… But who did it then?" It doesn't seem like that's an answer anyone has right now, but surely it's something people are looking into. "Anything we can help with?" Tim might always be warning him about getting too chummy with other groups and people, but they've relied on Stark for things before, and even if the Titans didn't officially act, Bart wanted to at least extend the offer.

There's a pause at the strange sounds, which has the young speedster turning towards the doorway. "Dummy?" he asks, just as the robot enters. However it's not the robot that he stares at.


Maybe most people should be more startled at seeing a group of giant bug people coming into the same room that they're standing in. Maybe they'd scream, or back away, or throw something. Bart is not most people, and while it's unusual to see, well, giant bug people wander into the room at the heels of a robot, the kid might react the same way if someone rode a horse into the building. Amber eyes are wide, but while surprised, he looks way more interested than anyone should be. The smile that had hinted its way on his lips becomes full blown as he hears clicking emitted from JARVIS. "Cool, you can talk to them? What are they? Or…who, I guess 'what's kind of rude to say," he says as he looks to the foremost one who bows towards him. He returns the bow in an awkward sort of way.

"…wait, what?"

He's sure he'd heard JARVIS right, but it's a bizarre thing to hear the AI say. Bart looks back at the priest and its posse. "They think Mister Stark…" He gestures towards the man lying prone in bed. "…oh." A nod. Because that makes sense. In his head. Is he supposed to be concerned about that? Is someone concerned that he doesn't seem to be?


"A company named FuturePharm," The AI replies. "And a man name Aldrich Killian. They weren't caught but others are looking for him. I can send Red Robin and the Titans on all the information so you can look for him as well. The more eyes on it the better."

Then the bugs pop up and JARVIS chuckles with a touch of exasperation. "They are natives of the demiplane of Tamoanchan. Miss Zantana and Mister Constantine and Mister Stark saved them on a bit of an adventure, and Mister Stark sort of…took it upon himself to take care of them after they were freed. He's been trying to learn the language, but it is difficult. They are a fascinating look at ancient Incan and Mayan culture though! They believed Mister Stark to be one of their sun gods…"

The insects seem to be talking among themselves. Some of them put the gifts on the foot of the bed. Gold and silver. Even a little statuette of Iron Man cast of gold. Lots of jade as well and obsidian.

Finally one of them comes forwards to gesture and bow towards Bart. The insect reaches up to undo a impressive gold and jade torc around his neck to offer it, while still bowed, towards Bart.

"…oh dear…um…they may have…decided that you are um…Huitzilopochtli."


"Oh yeah. Send the info and we'll be glad to keep an eye out." There shouldn't be a problem with that. It's their job to help people, after all.

Bart looks fascinated as JARVIS explains how Tony came to be considered a god. "Aw man, Zee never takes me on demiplane adventures," he says, pouting a little. That's probably for the best, really. "So like…an alternate sorta South America? Guess that'd explain how they dress…"

Watching as they begin to set tributes to Tony on his bed, Bart smothers a laugh when one starts gesturing at him. "Um…" he blinks, looking at the fancy band as he scratches his head. "Grife, I needa read up on Incan and Mayan culture. Hey Jarvis, you don't happen to have a run through of learning their language that you can play for me on high speed, do you?"


"Oh yes of course! I can pipe it all through your comm system if you like, at what speed would you prefer?" JARVIS asks as he remember that Bart does have Superspeed. This defiantly helps things out. It means he doesn't have to do all the translating.

Which is excellent.

As the people of Tamoanchan pile up the golden gifts in a pile near the foot of Stark's bed, the little for and five foot tall insectoids, it seems that two of them are getting into a slight argument, even as the one near Bart continues to offer the Titan the torc.

"Ah…he wants to offer you a gift as well. Since…it must be the suit, Mister A-…er Impulse. Huizilpochtli is the Hummingbird warrior, he was known for liking the color red…would you like me to add a rundown of some history to the tutorial as well?"

But regardless there is a high speed language tutorial that starts to quietly play in Bart's ear so he can at least try to follow the insects around.


"How fast can you run it?" Bart asks, grinning crookedly. He looks at the two bug guys as they start to get into a fight, his attention brought back to the one still insisting on an offering to him. Well, could it really hurt to accept? Or at least have a closer look, because that is one awesome looking trinket.

The speedster takes it in hand with a nod in afterthought, distracted as he turns the torc over in his hands. "Hummingbird warrior?" he snorts a bit. That doesn't sound nearly so awesome. "Oh yeah, add that on there." The history. "It'll save me the trouble of looking it up later." As JARVIS funnels the Tamoanchan tutorial through his comm, he tilts his head as he listens, lips quirked, brow furrowed in concentration.

And when it's done, he smiles and offers his best attempt to mimic the clicks he'd just memorized in testing to thank the bug who'd offered the gift.


"Do try to keep up, sir." JARVIS replies wryly as he kicks the learning tutorial into full speed. Which half of the speedsters in the world would find difficult to keep up with. Bart though traces his linage though some of the best, and can cheat with the Speed Force so keeping up isn't that much of a problem.

Information comes down. streamed from the AI to his com systems. The tonal differences of the clicks and pauses, the ways a human might be able to duplicate them. It is different, intricate, but doable at least.

With it comes the story of the Hummingbird Warrior. The swiftest of the gods of war. Protector of his mother the earth who eternally chases the demons of the world away across the skies. The smallest of the gods, brother to the mighty Quetzalcoatl and Tezctipocas, but the most fierce in war.

…there is also a bit about all the sacrifices made to him, but JARVIS just glosses over that part. After all Tony did stop that practice once he got a handle on things.

Words start to make sense in the argument though. That is something. <Where is his shield! Where is Xiuhcoatl his weapon! How can this be the great Warrior!> Protests one.

<He wears the sacred color! Of course he is here to visit and pray for his fallen fellow Sun God, now girded for war! Why would he carry weapons into the house of another!>

The clicking though gets immediate attention as they all turn in shock to hear Bart thank them. <HE SPEAKS THE TRUE TONGUE! IT MUST BE TRUE!>

The bug in front of him looks so very happy that his offering was accepted. I mean after all if it wasn't he might not be worthy.


Busy as ever, Pepper is unaware of any unusual visitors to Tony's room in the medical bay — human or otherwise. She's just left a meeting with SI's security advisers and decided to sit with Tony while eating her lunch, thus she arrives at a brisk walk with a covered plate in one hand, her phone held to her ear in the other, and her bag on her shoulder with the still sealed cap of a water bottle peeking out of it.

"… no, I understand you have concerns. Those will be addressed in the next shareholders meeting along with everything else. No, sir. Well, you can TRY to schedule an emergency meeting if you really wa—"

As she notices the other individuals in the room she gasps in startlement and stops abruptly in her tracks. Which does not bode well for the plate in her hand.


It's natural for him, processing things at high speed. To Bart Allen, aka Impulse, grandson of the purportedly fastest man alive, Barry Allen aka The Flash, it's the rest of the world that moves at snail speed. His early upbringing did nothing to help temper this, his natural ability only fed and furthered by people with the wrong sorts of interests and the worse kinds of ambitions. He's admittedly come a long way, even if he still has a lot to work on by way of patience, but when he's able to make use of his super speed, he's gotten a lot better at application.

He grins, taking that as a challenge from JARVIS, and what would take people…well, who knows how long, it's a bug language!, Impulse takes seconds to absorb and to remember. His speed isn't the only impressive ability he has, his ability to remember things largely underplayed at times. The story of the Hummingbird Warrior Huitzilopochtli is way more interesting than he might have thought. Swiftest of the gods? Sure, he could get behind that. Wait, he's not supposed to be encouraging this, is he?

As it dawns on him that he can now parse the clicky words of the other Tamoanchans, he just finds himself grinning more. This is so cool. Until they all stop and stare at him. He waves fingers awkwardly. "<No need to fight, now! You don't wanna bother Mister Stark, do you?>" Or…well, he doesn't know what they refer Tony to, so he gestures towards the bed.

"This is awesome, thanks JARVIS!" Look what you've done.

The sound of a voice out in the hall that's decidedly not clicky has Bart look over just as Pepper enters. All greetings are held off as the woman startles, a breeze ruffling her hair as the speedster zips over to catch and adjust the plate before it's completely upset. He holds it out to her, smiling sheepishly. "Um… Heya Miss Potts."


<No oh great warrior!> What seems to be the high priest clicks towards him. He was the one trying to placate the more unsure members of his staff about the nature of Bart's deification. <We do not wish ill upon The Great Stark, Kinich Ahau!>

They all bow towards the sleeping man in the bed.

<We have come to offer gifts for his health, so the demons that laid him low shall not have him. Some of our number did not believe all would be well…> The insect glances towards the lesser priest. <…but now with you here to guide the sun in the absence of Kinich Ahau.> And more bowing towards the bed. <All will indeed be well!>

The priest sounds very relieved. He was about to have a religious uprising on their hands.

And then in walks Pepper.

<The Mistress of Ordering and Spices! Who keeps the realm of the great Kinich Ahau in order!> Now they bow towards her too.

JARVIS sounds…very bemused as he cuts in. "Ah, Miss Potts. Ah these are the beings that live in Tamoanchan. The demiplane Mister Stark helped to save…they wished to offer…um…their respects. For his well being."


Pepper doesn't really have time to react to nearly spilling her lunch, as Bart has it caught and safely back in hand before she even realizes she'd been about to drop it. "Oh. Hello, Bart. Thank you." She accepts her plate back, then remembers her phone call.

"No, sir. Sorry. Something's just come up that requires my immediate and undivided attention. Contact my assistant. Good afternoon, sir." And she hangs up while the person on the other side is still speaking.

Her eyebrows draw together faintly at JARVIS' introduction of the Tamoanchans, trying to remember if she'd been told about them before. That she doesn't instantly remember means no. She was never informed about them. But, that doesn't mean she doesn't have her manners available at all times.

Tucking her phone into her bag and setting her plate on the nearest convenient surface, she takes one step toward the two insect-like beings and offers them a polite, hands together in front of her sternum bow in the style of Thailand (because it's simple and almost universally polite). "Welcome, and thank you for your well wishes."

Yes, she's fully expecting JARVIS to translate for her.


Kinich Ahau? That's less of a mouthful than Huitzilopochtli. Bart looks over at the billionaire sleeping oblivious to all the weird things that have developed around him.

"Um… <Suuuure….>," he replies as he pictures a cartoony thought of him running ahead of a bright yellow sun, they way they're drawn by gradeschoolers with little orange rays surrounding it. Except it starts to develop teeth and now it's chasing him instead. He squints and shakes his head.

It's hard not to laugh at the title that Pepper is apparently saddled with, a 'pfff' escaping him as he tries to clamp his mouth shut while he stands beside her, seemingly having vanished from bedside to stand by the door as he'd saved her lunch.

"I guess I got upgraded to godhood too," he says, shrugging at her as he looks between Pepper and the Tamoanchans. He steps back once the woman's taken her plate. And then in wanting to be helpful, he decides to step up with translation assistance. Hopefully Pepper doesn't get weirded out as he starts making clicky noises with his mouth. It's kind of funny to watch for all the twisting his face has to do here and there.

"<The Mistress of Ordering and Spices>- wow, that's like, a literal translation- <bids you welcome and thanks you for your support of Kinich Ahau.>"


"Ah yes, Mister Stark was trying to keep them out of the tower. I sent Dummy with a message for them, to check in on them as it were and…um…they followed him back." You can hear the judgement in JARVIS' voice.

Dummy? He's over by the bed, behind the back of everyone. Putting the final touches on the lipstick smiley on Stark's face.

He's helping.

The Tamoanchans though are mystified by Bart's sudden speed though. A few of them dropping to their knees. One of them, the one that seems to doubt himself, bows with a waking worry in his knees. <Merciful Warrior! Please forgive you servant for doubting you! You are truly the mighty Hummingbird!>

The high priest does return Pepper's bow at least.

<The civility and hospitality of the gods is truly a wonder to behold!> He gushes. <We are much honored by the Mistress of Order and Spices herself! All of the Otherworld is kept order by her power!>

The rest of the Tamoanchans murmur agreement.

<We have darkened the heavens with our unworthy presence for long enough however, this land is strange and unknowable to us and we must return home soon. We hope the great Kinich Ahau will recover soon and tech us of The Flicks of Net and other wonders of the gods!>

Again bowing all around as the high priest collects his trembling followers.


Pepper blinks at Bart in momentary but quickly concealed surprise as he does the translating for her, and then has to again hastily conceal her surprise when the insectoids react so strongly to the young man's quick movements. Okay, easily awed. Noted.

She looks at him as they say more, since he's already chosen the task of translating.


Looking by the bed, Bart wonders if he should be concerned as Dummy's left unsupervised. "Um…" he starts, but the Tamoachans are being chatty, and Pepper's looking expectant about what they have to say. …maybe he'll skip the part about them fawning over him being the mighty Hummingbird warrior. Cough.

"Eeuuuh…. They said they're honored by your presence. …and that all of the …Otherworld? Are kept in order by your power." He shrugs. That's a real mouthful for a modern business supervisor.

"They said they'll return home soon, but they wanted to come and pay their well-wishes to Mister Stark so that he can teach them the wonders of the gods and…" He tilts his head as he works out that other bit. "Oh." A look back at Pepper. "Netflix."


Netflix? Seriously, Tony? But, Pepper is nothing if not a professional. She mentally sets THAT confusion aside for the moment, then has a quick idea. She hurries over to her plate, uncovers it quickly, and brings back the saucer with a dozen cocktail shrimp arranged on it neatly.

"A small token of our appreciation for your taking the time to visit. A sample of food native to our," she glances at Bart questioningly, "Otherworld."

… and she really hopes they're not vegetarians.


Look he was trying to help. They needed some entertainment that wasn't trying to go to war or sacrifice themselves to the glory of the gods!

Netflix worked.

They really like the Discovery specials.

Compound eyes brighten as Pepper shows them her generous gift. The food of the gods themselves. Their foray into the Otherworld was successful and their reward was beyond what they believed.

With reverence and trembling hands the priest takes the offered saucer like it was made of pure gold. He looks between Pepper and Bart for a moment, green tears glistening in his eyes for the blessing they have bestowed upon them.

With humble bow the priest accepts, taking the saucer as the starts go back away.

<The language of the gods is strange to our ears, oh great Warrior. Please! Thank the Mistress of Order for her gift. We shall share it once we return home. And there will be a celebration for three days for our journey and the blessings we have received. May you vanquish the demons that plague Kinich Ahau soon! And may your battles always leave you covered in the blood of your enemies!>

There are many respectful bows towards Pepper as well as the delegation from a demiplane begins to back out of the room, carefully bowing every few steps, the plate of shrimp clutched carefully as a holy artifact.


Bart tries very hard not to make a face as Pepper reveals the plate of shrimp. "Next time they come by, I'm introducing them to pizza," he mutters. Although the sheer happiness that the Tamoachans exhibit upon receiving the food is a little- well more than a little disturbing.

But they're leaving now, and so the speedster nods and waves at them as they all back off and shuffle away. "<Oh yeah, all the vanquishing of demons.>" Once they've all departed, he grins at Pepper as he rocks back and forth on his feet. "Well that was fun! -hey Jarvis, how do they even get back home anyway?"


Pepper watches seemingly calmly as the insectoid delegation finally take their leave, waits another thirty seconds, and THEN takes a deep breath and sighs as she covers her face with her hands. "Seriously. What was that all about?" She looks about to sit on the corner of Tony's bed, but then she remembers all the little items set there and stops herself.

"Maybe pizza would be better next time," she comments idly. "Can't be any worse than Netflix."


The Tamoachans will love pizza.

Just sayin.

But they are now leaving at least. The little procession going back, and Dummy is trundling after them. Just to make sure they get back alright.

He does wave towards Bart and Pepper.

He's helping!


Dummy gets a wave too, because who can see a robot wave and not wave back? It's trying, that's what counts, right?

"Ehunno," Bart replies unhelpfully to Pepper, offering yet another shrug. He looks back at the torc hanging about his wrist that he'd received from one of the bugs, having completely forgotten about it when he'd zipped over to safe Pepper's food.

"Pizza though. Definitely." A pizza party with alien bug people. How cool would that be?


Following Bart's look toward the torc on his wrist, that reminds her again and she looks at the 'offerings' on Tony's bed a bit more closely. "JARVIS, please make a note of everything here, and then have Dummy bring me a storage box to hold them all when he comes back."

She has every intention of saving the items for Tony for when he wakes up… unless anything here appears to be perishable, in which case she'll make sure it's stored in a way to best preserve it for him.

Because, honestly. How often do people receive gifts from insects?

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