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December 14, 2014:

Agent Hauer attacks and R&D Facility in Long Island…

Long Island


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Long Island. One of the most interetingly diverse ecosystems right next door to one of the most famous cities in the world. You have everything in Long Island from extreme blue collar, white trash, The Hamptons, NYC commuters, stateparks, and of course Brookhaven National Labs. A world renowned government R&D center focused on advancing fundamental research in nuclear and particle physics to gain a deeper understanding of matter, energy, space, and time; apply photon sciences and nanomaterials research to energy challenges of critical importance to the nation; and perform cross-disciplinary research on climate change, sustainable energy, and Earths ecosystems. It is pretty amazing they pack all that n right down the road from the Hamptons really.

Right now the facility is having a very bad not so good Saturday evening. The only people there are guards nd scientists monitoring projects that just can't be left unattended. Their night is being ruined by an operation run by Agent Hauer (fancy german for Cutter or Butcher) and a bunch of Hydra goons.

It started out so innocent, one of those rent it yourself moving trucks getting turned around and having a hell of a time getting back out of the labs driveway. Sure there are people on high alert at this unusual scene and the suspicious as all hell. That still didn't make anyone quite ready for a bunch of Hydra shock troops hitting the front gate from the moving truck and from Hydra mooks elsewhere approaching the lab from other directions. Chaos descends and alarms go out. This is ballsy and it is anyone's guess what they are after.

Oracle doesn't monitor New York, her baby is Gotham and no matter how dirty that Baby gets, it's still hers. However, she's heard that Hydra may be making a run on Gotham so she's widened her nets a little and monitors for any chatter concerning Hydra that might hit close to home, that's why she's now hearing that an R&D facility is under attack and pulling up CCTV feeds from the area, she see's the Hydra shock troops.

The wheelchair bound red head purses her lips as she thinks furiously, her mind flipping through her internal rolodex of who might be best to address this issue… and there's only one name that keeps coming up. S.H.I.E.L.DAgent Melinda May - May has worked with Oracle before. Tuning into a comms channel that she's given May previously, Oracle speaks "Agent May, This is Oracle, there's a hydra attack on a R&D facility in Long Island. Are you able to investigate?" and she transmits the coordinates to the facility.

Melinda May happens to be in the middle of a briefing for that exact same attack, the alert coming in to SHIELD's systems just as she was getting Trainee Lewis set up for some sparring practice. And, as she's done in the past, she dragged the young proto-agent with her to the briefing.

Refraining from replying to Oracle immediately, she waits for the 'go' from the senior agent doing the briefing, and turns to Darcy as all of the other agents scatter to prepare for throwing themselves headlong against HYDRA. She taps at her comm to reply to Oracle now, to share info with them both simultaneously. "Lewis. Wheels up in ten. Get some tac gear and a stunner pistol. Meet back at Quinjet A. Go." She almost tells the recruit to leave the skates behind, mostly to see if she will or not.

Hurrying to get her own preparations done, she finally addresses the disembodied voice directly. "We know, Oracle, and we're on our way. You might can give us an edge though."

Dressed in SHIELD workout gear (read: black sports bra and stretchy pants), Darcy gives May a nod of her head. Tac gear, stun gun. This can only mean one thing. ACTION HERO TIME! Okay maybe not, but with enough field experience maybe she'll be upgraded from Stapler Closet to Cubicle.

Moving off at a run, Darcy gets to the quartermaster to sign out her equipment. She pulls pieces on as they are given to her, take a moment to be grateful she pulled her hair into a ponytail today, and slings her gym bag across her chest with the last of her gear in it, and sprints for the jet bay. QUinjet A. QuinjetA. It's a mantra!
Antoine Triplett has arrived.

Morien is driving to late relaxation trip to the Hamptons, when he notices the "do it yourself" moving truck this close to the Hamptons. Since most people who live this close to Hamptons, never do anything themselves, the moving van does stand out in Morien's mind. Morien pulls his car on to the side of the road and flips a coin. He lets out a frustrate sigh as he realizes that it doesn't really matter what side the coin lands on. He turns on the computer system in his car to see if anyone is reporting a burglar or something that will only take a few minutes. When his computer system begins to pick up the alarm from the R&D system, he now wishes that he looked at what side the coin landed.

Well the gate to th Brookhaven Labs on Long ISland is pretty much a lost cause. There is of course security at the gate. Police really. Brookhaven does have it's own Fire Department and Police Force after all. It's own heavy duty SWAT Teams even, which is scrambled. They are a mostly civilan heavy R&D Facility of the Department of Energy.

They do have awesome toys though. Partical Accelerator - Check. Center for Functional Nanomaterials - Check. Condensed Matter Physics Center. They even have a brand new Graphite Research Reactor. What they don't have is a military detachment.

The Hydra shock troops make quick work at the gate and roll east up Princeton Avenue from the Main Gate. Two more units roll overland from the north (Right over top the Particle Accelerator Tunnels) and south (up the other end of Princetown). If one were to guess based on angles they are headed to the core buildings. Either the Nano Research, Graphite Reactor, or the Synchrotron Light Source II buildings.

Hijacking the cameras or getting a real time orbital sat online would lead one to believe there are probably three full units of shock troops. One blazing a trail for the Semi. Two off roading it in light assault vehicles. The truck is accompanied by four Serpent bike units, while the north and south teams have the four Serpents and One Barghest light duty assault Vehicle instead of the White Moving Truck. Hydra should really trademark White moving trucks at this rate. Serious business indeed.

Maybe Agent Triplett just likes to pay attention to comm chatter. Maybe he's bored. Or maybe he was working on Quinjet A when things starting going a little bit action hero-y. The Specialist is decked out in jeans and a t-shirt, with some grease on his face and hands when things start looking the way of something different. He glances around to the first available SHIELD agent that actually knows something. "We ridin'?"

When he doesn't get an answer he's good with, Triplett is off to pack up his things. He doesn't say much to anyone because he's too busy raising a finger to his ear and tapping once. "May?" The way he says her name and the tone in which he does so probably explains everything to the agent on the other end. If anybody's going to tell him what's going on and if he's needed it'll be her. And it'll be in less than ten words.

Regardless, cue sexy suit up montage.

Jericho's been in Russia. A lot. But Hydra is definitely a thing he tracks and the fact that they're raiding a reserach center? Well that certainly qualifies as interesting. He hears about it on their network chatter as the job goes down. Ah HYDRA you really should invest in better network security. Not that they don't try to keep him out. Sometimes it even works.

In any case, there's no time to take the K'nert express back. Time to call up the Starfire and take a more… direct route. "May, this is Aspect. What's the situation on ground?" No sign of his physical presence yet… though he's most certainly about somewhere.

"Good to hear May" Oracles voice filters over the comm "I'll do what I can from here but this isn't my stomping ground. Tell me what you need." It's all business from the redhead in the Gotham Clocktower. Pulling up feeds from security cameras she's hacked and borrowing time on the satellites (legally of course), Oracle starts to put together a picture of the scene. "This looks big May, really big." and the details are relayed.

Melinda May taps her earpiece to switch back over from Oracle's signal to the main SHIELD one where Trip contacted her. And, presumably where Darcy can hear as well. "HYDRA attack on Brookhaven Labs. Suit up and get to Quinjet A." Okay, eleven words. And then Trent is breaking into her comm. She gets to the quinjet with six minutes before wheels up and starts the takeoff sequence while explaining what she can to the hacker. "Scrambling now. Oracle's got eyes in the sky. This is an official op, don't know how well you'll be received." Come on, Lewis, hustle and and get here.

Then, she's switching back to Oracle again. This, people, this is one of the reasons she LEFT her desk job. "Trent is onboard. Can you make this a party line, to omany irons in the fire now." Luckily, May could run a quinjet's start up sequence literally in her sleep.

Yup. Darcy can hear. She had slipped the SHIELD compiece in her ear as soon as it was handed over and activated. Huffing slightly, Darcy clambers into the jet, only half suited up. The protective vest is on but not buckled, she's still in her soft workout shoes and not the combat tac boots. The knee guards are in place, however. She tosses her bag to the bench seat in the back to finish getting herself put together.

"On board, Double-N. Let's do this thing," Lewis quips so her comm can pick up.

Ozymandias is always prepared for the worse as he drives his vehicle 20 more yards off th road and out of sight. He lifts open the false seat of his car to reveal his uniform and weapons. There is a slight glimmer in his eyes as he begins the process of putting on his uniform. When he emerges from the car, he does one final equipment check before making his way to the factory.

Brookhaven isn't exactly a factory. It is a series of buildings and labs oa campus big enough for it's own police force. It has a particular accelerator under just one part of it. Still finding the hot spots isn't hard.

SWAT Team #1 engages with the squad coming in hot from the north, slowing them down. SWAT Team #2 moves to try to intercept the squad coming from the north. SWAT Team #3 and the majority of the other officers for Brookhaven were moving towards the maingate. Not bad response time for Police Officers all said, but then they police one of the most critical R&D facilities staffed by civilians on the East Coast.

The north and south assault teams are slowed down by the opposition. Not stopped. no sir. Slowed though buying time for a fast Quinjet to get there soon from the City area proper.

A wrinkle comes in on the main road, and Oracle and Ozymandias realize what is wrong before the cops do. Hydra went and brouht out a Dragon on this run. Better known as a HAG-33 Dragon Gunship, which happens to be closer to the psychopathic spawn of the M1-A2 Abrahms battle tank, and the Hind Gunship than any standard helicoptor gunship. 2 Vector Trust Engines, no tail rotor, and articulated wings. Well hell.

It comes pretty much out of no where behind the moving truck and clears the main road for the assault team on the ground. The SWAT APC, because of course the SWAT Team has an APC, I mean every sherriffs department has one these days, disappears under a 120mm gun blast. Oracle gets to see what happens with a regular APC hit by a 22lb round made to chew a tank up. The 50cals light up the cop cars and make them scatter ahead of the main convoy.

Let's hope it is just one Dragon.

With cool suiting up sequence handled, Trip just offers a smile from his seat. Which is right next to May's seat in the cockpit of the Quinjet. He's got his headset on and he endeavors to make the wheels up scenario even easier. Upon hearing Darcy, though, Trip turns a bit in his seat to peer towards the back. "Hey Darce!" Never let it be said that Agent Triplett doesn't have manners. Even when they are in the middle of getting the heck out of dodge to do some protecting. S.H.I.E.L.D. style.

Melinda May gives Trip a nod as he helps get them underway in almost record time, and then three Quinjets packed with SHIELD anti-HYDRA shock troops (and one Darcy) are up and away. It's a really quick hop over, and Quinjets B and C peel off to help with SWAT teams with the squads they've engaged, while May sets their Quinjet down inside the property (gotta love those open parking lots) to help with defending the main gates.

With a glance to Trip, May leaves the cockpit toward the back to look at Lewis. And to tap at her earpiece again now that all the grunts are off on their disparate tasks. "Trent, we're here. Where are you?" Tap. "Oracle, we're here." She looks at Darcy again. "Lewis, I want you in there, coordinating communications between the teams. Do not leave this bird unless it's in imminent danger of being destroyed."

May is pointing toward the cockpit. "And do not try to fly her, either."

Making sure she has access to as much information as she can, Oracle arranges the windows on her screens, her greeneyes scanning each one quickly. Mays request to conference Jericho in causes a momentary pause as she scans the comms frequency and then, the comms units are linked. "May, Jericho, lines are conferenced." What's she's seeing is relayed to the two… "This is nasty, whatever is in that facility, they want it bad."

"Hello Oracle…" There's an odd burst of code from the hacker. "May I'm watching this from a rooftop through a sniper scope. Not yet engaged but they're ripping the place apart. If you don't get here soon I'll have to go in on my own."

As the chaos really picks up, Ozymandias reaches has already pulled out his collapsible long bow and extended it. As he fixed his first arrow to the bow, he switches to the radio that was hacked by Oracle, "Priestess, I hope that you are allowing people to make pilgrimages to see you today, because there is a slight problem in Brookhaven. Assistance would save the cost of life."

Ozymandias uses his superspeed and reflexes as he pulls back to fire his first shot at the Hydras, "Be it Assyrians or Hydrans, pointed arrows to the face is always the answer. Ozymandias fires five shots as he begins to close ground.

There is a perfect parking lot right by the Brookhaven Experimental Graphite Research Reactor for Quinjet A. Which honestly seems like the target based on all the vectoring Oracle can do. The Barghests Light Assault vehicles engage Quinjet B and Quinjet C while the Serpent Bike Units scatter and engage as well. The SWAT Teams are pretty much lost, but the SHIELD Teams are holding the line much better with practice Hydra engaging mad skills now as they deploy. Consider those two units effectively pinned down.

That leaves the main convoy or the Moving Truck with who knows how many Shock Troops, Four Serpent Bike Units, and the Dragon bearing down hard on May's team's position and the Reactor Building. That Dragon is the #1 Threat by far. Flying Tank that is nimble.

Something perculiar happens that Oracles many many eyes catch next though. As the Dragon soars along over the convey, a lone figure dives hard out of the helicoptor despite the height and lands on the roof of a building whose only name as far as Oracle can tell is Building 475 very close to the Nanomaterials Research Building. The security on the Cameras and systems for Building 495 are.. very strong. It will take some chewing by Oracle or Aspect to get into that buildng. The first burst of hacking exertion reveals something obliquely referred to in the other parts of the research campus as Project Catch-22

The external security systems still work fine though and can pick up Agent Hauer (The Cutter) an elite Hydra Meta Human Wet Works operative walking across the roof whistling, what an external microphone picks up as o/~ Swinging on a Star o/~ of all things. She crouches with a bit of leverage rips an access panel open and drops into the mysterious building. That breach just lit up more alerts than the whole rest of the assault did. Lines are being lit on fire to Stormwatch now and Washington the likes to which Brookhaven alone being assaulted did not.

The main gate force keeps right on trucking towards May's position and the reactor. Minus two Serpent Bikers as they are picked off from behind by an Immortal with a bloody Bow of all things. Who the heck uses a bow in this day in age outside everyone it seems. Hydra needs Widget to make Bow Proof Armor.

As Ozymandias' comms is received, Oracle conferences that in too. He's now pinged on her screens and she knows exactly where he is. "Aspect, May… Ozymandias is onsite as well, you're all conferenced." her digitally altered voice sounds through. "The target appears to be Graphite Research Reactor… " she relays the rest of the information as she see's it. "Aspect, are you hacking Building 495, or shall I?" No illusions, either of them could do it but both trying will be a dreadful mess. Regardless, the redhead has a console open, and is ready to start her procedures…

Melinda May makes sure Darcy is safely ensconced in the cockpit with comm duties (and knows where the jet's weapons systems are, just in case), and leads Trip out to join the rest of the facility's defenders. "Already here, Trent." She switches comm channels briefly to instruct someone to take down that Dragon, immediately. That sends two of the agents that came with them back to the quinjet with Darcy still in it to engage the flying tank. Not optimal, but it's the best they can do for the moment.

May switches back to Oracle's line and is about to say something when she sees the arrows take down two HYDRA soldiers, but is too far away to realize the arrows are not the usual SHIELD make. "Barton?" She glances at Trip, then barks into her comm, "Hawkeye, report."

And THEN Oracle tells her there's an ally on the ground. "Let me guess. Using a bow currently." She turns to look at Building 495, then at Triplett again. "Stay here until that Dragon's handled or at least engaged, then catch up with us. Ozymandias, with me." And, because she's used to people listening to her, she doesn't wait to see if the bow-wielding warrior follows, she just takes off for that building at a sprint.

Jericho deploys his blade and swings his wings out. He glides down like… well not like the batman. His wings are glowy and a lot more demonic. As he lands down upon the APC his blade flips over to carbine he starts to blast at the riders and, indeed, anyone foolish enough to leave the armored safety of the of the APC. This includes the gunner. Poor gunner. "You do it Oracle. I may be a bit busy.

While firing off another two arrows, Ozymandias is almost caught up in the delightful memories of past battles to even acknowledge May. He remembers her from the three-headed dog thing, and she seems to always be the one in charge. When it dawns on him what she said, he lets out a frustrated sigh as if he was a child and she told him he had to come inside. Since he realizes that he is just attacking Hydra, because well there are Hydra, perhaps he should listen to someone who knows what is going. He collapses his bow and pulls his shield and assegai out as he follows quickly behind her.
While firing off another two arrows, Ozymandias is almost caught up in the delightful memories of past battles to even acknowledge May. He remembers her from the three-headed dog thing, and she seems to always be the one in charge. When it dawns on him what she said, he lets out a frustrated sigh as if he was a child and she told him he had to come inside. Since he realizes that he is just attacking Hydra, because well they are Hydra, perhaps he should listen to someone who knows what is going on. He collapses his bow and pulls his shield and assegai out as he follows quickly behind her.

The assigned agents rush like hell back to the Quinjet to engag the Dragon with Darcy. This is going to be a real dicey fight up in the air against that flying fortress and its 120mm gun, two 50cal swivilers, and rocket pods. But the pilot that takes the stick is thank goodness for Darcy one of the best. Not May good but still who is right. This manages to allow them to hold their own until Aspect latches onto the Dragon and starts to really mess up the Hydra pilots Zen.

Agent Nancy Hauer didn't bother to hide her appearance behind a Hydra goon mask. But then she never does. She has been operating with Hydra for quite some time. What an experiened Agent like May nows, an ex-Hydra operative like Aspect, or hacked apart by Oracle is that she is a Meta and works for the Council often. She doesn't seem to age. Those seeing her fight remark she could go hand to hand with black widow level hand to hand while parkouring on the walls. There is this extra perk of seeming to have the ability to cause her bones to protrude razor sharp so any punch kick or arm bar is deadly. Rumor hs it she may have some form of healing factor. The icing and cherry on the cake is that she seems to disapper like a ghost. Rumors range from a Deadpool-esque teleporter to actually being a ghost and everything in between.

The hacking Oracle does since Aspect tags out reveals a whole lot of Black ICE and now even more alarms are going off in all sorts of scary places. Still, Catch-22, so named because the work revolves around Power Inhibition in Metahumans. Theoritical Physics Black Ops project that gets it name from some very fancy esoteric science that basically makes a metahumans system shut itself down hard.

Oh right Cameras in bulding 495, Oracle manages to get a handle on those and finds a trail of carnage right out of a horror movie … from the second floor… to the first floor.. funny no labs… to the elevator. Inside the Elevator Agent Hauer is still whistling while holdng a still alive's scientists face to the retinal scanner and the elevator starts to go down down down to a facility under building 495. No schematics yet for the facility but some unknown depth Oracle is slowly snagging cameras showing labs. Labs with scientists. Guards. Military Guads this time though. The main lab seems to have some sort of fabrication assembly robot system and there are several collar looking objects out on work benches. Agent Hauer steps out into the lab before Oracle can lock down the elevator and Oracle gets to see her go to work, it is both beautiful in the fluidity and movements and spray of blood, but also really enough to give the Joker a run for his money on making people physically ill watching.

May and Ozzy will arrive through the main doors and see the carnage on the first floor, and not one, but two elevators. Oracle has control of those now with perfect timing.

"Got it" Oracle responds to Aspect and her hands start flying over the keys, command after command entered into the console, slowly but inexorably getting control of the building systems. As she does, she relays the information to the team on the ground. "I have those elevators under my control, May, Ozymandias… you'll be heading to an underground facility… your call as to whether you split up and use both elevators, or both in one elevator"

Melinda May enters the building and looks at the carnage with grim expression. She's seen this before, and Oracle's naming HYDRA Agent Hauer only confirms what the bodies and blood splatter hinted at. This is bad. May might be one of the better agents SHIELD has, but she's NOT at Black Widow's level, not anymore. And she knows it.

When Oracle says she's got the elevators under her control, May looks at Ozymandias, then tilts her head toward the building conveyances. She's letting the sword and shield-bearing man choose for himself if he wants to split up now or not.

Jericho growls. Yes, actually growls. He flaps his wings, flipping upward and that blade unfolds and snaps out. There's a flash of Amber from his traces and the blade flashes up toward the drive shaft, neatly severing the rotor from the chopper… and nearly Jericho's head from his shoulders. He ducks the whirl of the blade and takes off to avoid going down with the gunship as it were.

Ozymandias peers around at the carnage and then back at May. "Since I actually had plans this evening, I rather resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Ozymandias looks at the elevators and goes to his coms to talk to May, "If I say one, you should probably hold your breathe. If I say two, you should probably look for some cover.

Aspect definitely completely ruined the Dragon Pilot's Zen there…. and maybe killed everyone in it and himself with that stunt. The helicoptor goes down hard to the ground thankfully with Aspect well clear of it. The other units of Hydra are still battling their Shield counterparts.

In the basement Agent Hauer dances a deadly dance through to the man lab. Those poor poor scientists and guards. On her way to that main lab well, she keeps throwing small disks that stick to equipment and computers and scientists even. Hauer pauses to scoop up a collar, some sort of instrument, and then tosses a handful of things int the robotic fabrication equipment. "I'll take one of these. One of those. Explosives there …there…. there… and where is a computer." That would be something else in the case files. She is always pyschopathically chipper and outgoing. "There we go!" she leans over and slams a dataspike into a computer. Not not into the USB port just right through the case and watches the screen. Whistling once more. That spike is destroyinng the computer network. Remote backups. Lab equipment. Security system.

If Oracle swore, she would most certainly be now - roundly and succinctly, but she doesn't. Instead, the redhead watches her feeds as data from the facility starts disappearing. Scrambling, she attempts to dump the remaining data to a remote location but she supects she's already too late. Sighing very deeply, Oracle taps into Building Management System and activates the fire suppression system. If the data is lost, its lost. Whatever Hauer is doing must be stopped.

"Acknowledged," May says to Ozymandias. She's run with Black Widow a few times, and is familiar with that kind of gadgetry. Moving to a different elevator from the warrior, she holsters her sidearm. She's going to need something MUCH faster reaction-wise if she's to have a ghost of a chance against Hauer. And bare hand is the height of folly, if memory serves. So, during the elevator ride down to where Hauer is so cheerfully wreaking havoc, she mentally assess the weapons she has on hand and pulls a matched pair of light but strong chains with handles and sharp, weighted darts on the ends. Her thought on the matter: if Hauer can't get close enough to touch her, that would be ideal.

THe moment she steps out of the elevator, the chain whips are set to spinning fast enough to whir audibly. "HAUER!" she yells into the open space.

Jericho flips up into the air, takes a moment to see where the hell the action is. Flip to thermals… there. The hacker's wings beat and he crashes in through a window. "May, I'm in building. Heading toward some unidentified thermals. Oracle, what the hell is going on in there?" No lectures about not killing things today please. He'll ignore them.

May screams illicits a fake shudder from Ozymandias as a wicked smirk forms behind his mask. He thinks to himself who doesn't like a woman who lets our a war cry before battle. Ozymandias steps out the elevator with his shield and assegai, ready for battle. His mind starts to scan the area for any tactical advantages and disadvantages.

Those… discs stuck to the walls, equipment, downed guards and scientists, and the floor over there where one landed look very explosive.
The fire ssytem kicks on about then though and May is very lucky. IF it was Halon well Hauer and Ozzy would be fine but May would be up a creak. Luckily though it is 3M <tm> Novec <tm> 1230 Fire Suppression Fluid. This quirky stuff is non-conductive, non-corrosive, evaporates clean, vaporizes to a gas as it is discharged, actually puts out fires really fast and doesn't usually kill people. Cheers!

Hauer pauses her whistling and looks up and around as the system kicks in "Interesting." she sniffs then hears the battle cry. "Hmm…. where have I heard that before" she calls back taunting knowing it is May because she has a thing for voices and all. "Natasha!?" then leans to the main hall to peek "Oh… May!" pauses "And Ozymandias.. interesting.. when did you join shield you old dog." not that Ozymandias has ever encountered Hauer that he probably recalls, but oh Mystique. She gets aronund so widely in the world and no one even knows it.

"Hauer has set explosive charges everywhere in the lab, Aspect" Oracle is still trying to dump data but it looks like the computers are down now the fire suppression has gone off. "I've triggered the fire supression system, the charges may be disabled but I can't tell from here." The three of them can here each other, so Oracle goes silent waiting on the results of her data dump.

Melinda May uses the advantage of the fire supression systems going off — liquid, not gas and thank goodness for that small favor — to rush forward enough to send one of her two chain darts flying toward where she saw Hauer. She lets go of that weapon's handle do it can travel farther, and keeps the other going in case she needs to block an attack. Come on, Ozymandias. Don't let the distraction she's providing go to waste. And she has zero intention of scolding Trent for any lethality used during this op. Especially against Hauer.

Jericho begins to work into the complex. Fortunately he can hack doors because otherwise this'd take a lot longer. Oracle may note that instead of the hacker there is now a glowy blue power field in the shape of a demonic werewolf and this is what smashes into Agent Hauers location. He snarls and the unidentified woman… his blade has grown. It was abuot three feet long… now it's closer to five…

Ozymandias is always honored and a bit surprised when he encounters someone who knows him. He uses his superspeed with his shield outward in front of him in attempt to block and ram any incoming attacks. If he is successful with his shield, he will attempt to stab her with his assegai. "Shield, come on now, I would look silly in their uniforms.

Hauer leans back and twists, flicking her arm up to deflect that chin weapon on a forearm of bone. Staying in character. "Not nice May…. Not nice… and … my is that a Polymorpher?" When Ozzy gets in the way of her doing anything nasty in return she dances back kipping up off the shield with her own burst of super human speed and putting some very good distance once more between her and all the others. "Sorry Ozy you are right, their uniforms do suck but then so do Hydras." hence no Uniform "Also two is company, three is a crowd, four though .. four is a party and I didn't bring you anything at all…. wait no.. I did." She flicks a device straight up above herself in the air. Not at any of the Heroes, while she does she shrugs with that bright chiper smile of hers.

The disks start to explode. Very localized blasts all at once just mangling the things they are on and creating a lot of noise and smoke. The things thye are on being bodies, machines, and computers. Gross.

The real problem is the sphere above her head… her timing .. well is excellent and it flashes hard a heavy dty localized EMP that drops everything around into darkness and smokey slippery wet chaos. Is Aspect hardnened?

The emergancy power will kick in pretty dark quick, this is a secret military staffed R&D lab under one of the most advanced science campuses…. but he hallway is empty except for a mess.

Oracle looses everything to scene momentarily… the video feeds go to static, white noise, her comms fail. They eventually come back online and she will get the updates from the team on the ground. However, the EMP doesn't affect the outlying cameras and security feeds and the redhead in the Clocktower starts looking to see where their quarry has escaped to.

Melinda May can't launch her other chain weapon at Hauer because Ozymandias gets in the way, but then to make matters worse, those little disks start exploding and she has to throw herself behind a desk for cover. By the time the explosions stop and the emergency lights kick on, OF COURSE Hauer is gone. She huffs faintly to herself, then checks to see if her comm is still working. "This is May. Anyone copy?" She straightens and looks for Ozymandias and Trent, having seen the hacker arrive just before it all went to hell.

Jericho is… hardened ish. It is possible to EMP his systems into oblivion. However the dose of radiation necessary to do that is greater than the dose of radiation necessary to outright kill him. So provided that this EMP isn't intended to murder people he'll be alright. He is affected by the smoke however and immediately flips to thermal to maintain his target. Whom… actually seems to have gone made an exit.

Ozymandias is really pissed that he missed more than anything else, until the explosions happens and he quickly raises his shield to prevent being hit by flying body parts. A fragmented femur goes through the back of his leg and that brings to one knee. Ozymandias growls as he pulls the femur from his leg, the wound already healing shut. Ozymandias doesn't need to breathe, but the smoke is limited his vision. Ozymandias drops the femur on the floor as he walks to the elevator, "I do not know who that woman was but she is going to bleed."

Of course Hauer is gone, she is always gone in varied situations just like this which is what really messes with people and grows those rumors of everything from a deadpool-esque teleporter to being an avenging Nazi Ghost. Of course reality is Hauer could be just about anyone or anything animate or inanimate right now. She could even be May. She isn't but she could be! Worse than a damn skrull I swear.

The place is a mess true, but not all the scientists were slaughtered. There are pockets of them locked in side labs, hiding in storage closets, and just laying very low and play dead (and really wounded) if they were lucky enough to not have their corpse disc'd. The fast response of SHIELD managed to prevent everyone from being slaughtered in building 495.

Up Top the SHIELD anti-hydra task force troops managed to wrap things up nicely and radio to let May know. A couple Shield agents down. A couple of serpent bike agents managed to peel off, though there is pursuit. That means most of the Hydra assault are down dead of stunned. Hydra didn't get anywhere near the Reactor building and later interrogations (Delicate cyanide tooth affairs) reveal that was the mission target as far as any of them know.

Once the US government takes repossesses, and clears people, which is frankly hours later for the poor scientists in lockdown all over the Research Lab park, things start to settle down.

A Good question for SHIELD and Oracle, what was the government doing with meta-inhibition technology.

Another question, though no one is there to ask it hours later is why is Dr. Ratskeller whistling o/~ Swinging on a star o/~ on his drive home from the labs, a home he never arrives at.

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