But No Decoder Ring

September 03, 2018:

Peggy has a delicate mission for Simon.

Agent Carter's Office, Triskelion


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Peggy's offices are not in the most luxurious part of the Triskelion. Nor are they all that big. But, she does have an assistant that stops Agent Simon Green as he arrives for his appointment with Peggy Carter. "One moment," she tells him. Glancing at the phone in front of her, she waits until one of the red lights switches off and then a few more moments after that before gesturing for Simon to make his way to Peggy's door.

Inside, Peggy arranges the notes on whatever phone call she was just on and takes a deep breath. Glancing to the side, she blinks at Agent Green for a moment or two and then focuses. "Agent Green. Yes, thank you, please do come in. Have a seat. I wished to discuss your last mission report. Shut the door behind you."

There are moments when Simon has the urge to just 'appear' in an office when he has an appointment, and the thought tickles his funny-bone a bit as he cools his heels with the assistant. A little grin twists his lips when he's given the go-ahead and he offers up a two-fingered salute. It always pays to be polite and friendly with the assistants.

For all the smile settled at one corner of his lips, Simon knows how to enter a room without fanfare and without taking up a great deal of emotional space. "Thank you, Agent Carter." He pulls the door closed and crosses to the indicated chair, settling back into it and crossing his left leg over his right knee, "Did I miss something in the Punjab, ma'am? I came out of that camp pretty quick."

As the door is shut and the agent is set down properly, Peggy pulls out the report in question as she had requested it from her assistant. Flipping through some of the documents and then nods her head. "Yes, it is rather thorough. Coming out of the camp when you did is not the problem."

Setting the file down, she studies Simon Green for a few moments. "You came to us from the CIA, yes? Tell me, Agent Green, why did you decide to serve with us rather than the CIA? With your marks you would have done incredibly well with the Agency. I know we have remarkable recruiters, but I must ask: why SHIELD?"

Simon nods his head slowly as she sets the file down and gets to a different point, and then he chuckles, turning his hands up at his sides in a slightly helpless gesture, "The dental plan, ma'am." Sobering from the joke, he shakes his head, "I wanted to make a difference, ma'am." The repetition of the title is ingrained, instinctive, "I liked protecting my country, but even thought I've been called a bit of a cowboy before," his smile spreads slightly, "even I recognize that protecting the world is a little more important."

"We have excellent dental, it's true." Peggy leans into the quip and then focuses on his more serious answer. "You've been working for us for just over four years now, correct?" It's correct, she already has his file so she knows that to be the answer. "I read that you're an analyst as well as a Field Agent. From what I can tell you're rather well liked amongst the other agents and I can see from your reports that you certainly get the job done."

Head tilting to the side just slightly, she asks, "What would your take be on what happened at Warehoues 13?"

"I like to keep busy, ma'am. Sitting in one place doing nothing drives me a little nuts." Simon shrugs a little helplessly again, "And I like languages." He doesn't respond immediately to the more important question, frowning a little thoughtfully, silent for perhaps forty-five seconds or so, "Honestly, ma'am, I haven't been digging into that case. I glanced over the cover, but that's all. Congratulations on wrapping some of it up, by the way. From what little I know, Agent Coulson would have been glad that the case kept going."

There's a bit of a nod at the congratulations is given, though Peggy purses her lips a bit at the thought. "Yes, of course. It's been rather closed off and classified, as well."

Frowning, she folds her hands on the desk. "For someone to have infiltrated Warehouse 13, the information would have had to have been leaked, Agent Green." Her voice is serious, even. Though it's not exactly soft, it's not at a commanding tone, either. "And only someone with clearance would have been able to have done it."

Simon nods slowly, "And so you need someone who didn't have clearance, who couldn't possibly have been that leak, to help with the investigation." He uncrosses his legs, leaning forward a little in his chair and resting his forearms on his thighs, "Are you running the investigation, ma'am?" There's a hint of hesitation, and then he continues, "Do you think there's a connection with the organization that Warhorse is part of, ma'am?

"There is no investigation officially," Peggy tells Simon seriously as he starts to ask his questions. "The file on Warehouse 13 was left open and then classified, unable to be touched by anyone other than Clearance Level 9 two weeks after Agent Coulson's death."

Folding her hands on her desk, she looks very sternly at Agent Green. "We have not worked together, Agent Green. However, I have read many of your reports and I have gone over your files. I am extending a measure of trust, as it were. Are you willing to work with me based on trust? I know you do not exactly know my own reports as well as I know yours, but what happens next is entirely your decision."

"Of course there isn't an official investigation, ma'am," For all Simon's apparent nonchalance, the response is crisp, his faint New England twang tightening, "That would warn the leak." His hands slide back to rest on his knees, straightening him up a little in the seat, "If you're looking to plug a leak, any leak, or you're going after whoever was working with Warhorse, I'd like in, ma'am." This time, his smile is a little easy, a little tighter, "I've already tangled with them at least once, after all." His pale gaze, so open before, has gotten more than a little opaque now, considering. "How many more do you want to bring in, ideally? Assuming that you can find people who clearly aren't on that side?"

Nodding Peggy pulls out a slip of paper from her jacket pocket. On it are a jumble of letters that make no sense that she passes to him. However, Peggy got her start in cryptography and used it quite a bit in the field during WWII. "As far as SHIELD is officially concerned, the leak is with the MI:6.5 in regards to Warhorse. It has no bearing on SHIELD. For now? You are working alone, Agent Green. I will be your point of contact. On this encrypted list are eight names that I suspect may be infiltrators. I want you to get friendly with them. Get to know them and their routines and get a read on them. I will be arranging a few low level missions to make your integrating easier."

Simon stands from his seat to take the slip of paper from Peggy, glancing over it and smiling crookedly, "I feel like I just need a couple more bowls of Sugar Bombs before I get to my decoder ring." The paper is folded up and tucked into an interior pocket, his jacket smoothed down once more, "Perfect, ma'am. The fastest way to make friends is getting on the field together." In spy parlance, of course, that would be in the field. In sports terminology, however…. "I'll start with those names and work my way outward."

"I'm sure you understand discreet, Agent Green." Peggy smirks in regards to her decoder ring sheet of paper. "Excellent. Be sure to let me know should anything interesting turn up. I worry that this leak may be from any level, Agent. Be cautious."

"Discreet enough, ma'am." There's an easier smile now to Simon's lips, enough to show it's a joke. To an operative with Peggy's training and experience, there's something just a hint plastic about the smile and the joke alike. "I'll be cautious. And if I find out that it's you, ma'am, I'll let Director Fury know." Maybe that's a joke too, but… probably not, at a close read.

'And if it's you, I'll let Director Fury know.'

While it may be a joke, while it may be a promise, Peggy seems to take it in a similar manner of existing on both planes of quip and seriousness. There is little silence left to linger at that moment. There could be a laugh - nervous or flippant. There could be a narrowed and suspicious look given to him. Instead, she remains behind her desk and looks to Agent Simon Green with a level expression. "Yes, good. That is why I asked for you."

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