Quiet Conversation

September 04, 2018:

Maxima visits the Themysciran Embassy in Manhattan to hold a converseation with Diana.

NYC - Themysciran Embassy


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Its a casual day in Manhattan, Diana had attended a gardening event at a brand new community garden nearby. It had been a scheduled affair, but one she'd been looking forward to because it was casual clothing and an excuse to get out and enjoy a bit of nature amongst the city's concrete canyons.

Having returned just about 45 minutes ago now, the Princess is inside the dining hall of the Embassy, she's speaking with the head Chef of the facility, talking about options for the guests that they're having tomorrow night. Diana is wearing a sleeveless black shirt and a pair of simple blue jeans and black/white sneakers on her feet, her dark brown hair is tied back into a pony tail that dangles down between her shoulders, she sips from a fresh glass of ice tea that the Chef had brought her.

The rest of the embassy is rather quiet at the moment, two of the Amazonians in Manhattan are at the Themysciran Arts Center down the street, teaching a class on the combart arts of their society. The 4th Amazonian is in the library, she's a bit of a book worm and she's on the internet reading up on world history… its pretty common for her.

The front lobby is quiet, the middle aged secretary who works there is idly tending to scheduling and computer work at her desk.

Wearing her actual 'costume' that she arrived on Earth with, Maxima simply lands right in front of the Embassy with the ease of someone who finds flight as natural as walking. She steps through the doors of the Embassy and looks around. Rare is it that someone who makes Amazons look small walks into such an embassy but with her three inch heeled boots, her height reaches a lofty 6'6" tall.

As she approaches the woman who is running the front desk, she walks with pride and confidence befitting royalty and states, "I am here to see the Princess Diana of Themyscira. She had stated she lived here and had offered me an opportunity to come by. Where might I find her?" She looks at the woman before she idly looks past her and around the room.

The woman behind the desk is an honorary member of the Themysciran people, but she was born and raised in Manhattan and in her mid 40s she's barely over 5'4" so to see the towering figure step into the lobby through the doors makes her eyes widen and rise up when she comes up to her desk. "Your, name?" The secretary asks then.

There's a central hallway that goes through the old New York home that was converted into Themysciran owned land and private property to the people of 'paradise island'. This central hallway holds the double doors to the dining hall that Diana is in and her advanced hearing picks up on the voice. It makes her set down her tea and step out into the hall to glance down it.

"One moment." The secretary says and picks up an old-world styled phone that she's dialing the Princess' office.

BUT, Diana emerges from the hallway and she stares over at Maxima in front of the desk, she shows a soft smile. "Well hello." Diana says in her smokey Greek-accented English. "Welcome to our home." Diana starts to walk toward Maxima, the secretary meanwhile is setting the phone back down on the base.

"Queen Maxima of Almerac." She nods her head and then states, "Almerac is a Galactic Empire." She nods her head as if to head off a questiona bout where that is. She then blinks as she looks down the hallway to see Diana coming out. She smiles as she sees the woman and starts that way, "Hello." She nods her head and then nods her head respectfully, "Thank you for having me. You had mentioned it and I felt that I should come visit. I am sorry it took so long but there are many traditions and strange rituals to do here on Earth involving organizations named rather, pointedly." She nods her head, "Shield and sword apparently." SHe shrugs her shoulders.

Diana approaches Maxima and offers her her right hand, she's dressed casually today as compared to the last/first time that Max had seen her in her full armored attire. "Well it is good to see you once more and I am glad you came by." Diana will then show a light grin at the SHIELD and SWORD bit. "Yes… they are… fond of their acronym play, quite clearly." She didn't deal with SHIELD very often, and hadn't spoken to a member of it in several months. They seemed to distance themselves from her, so either that meant they trusted Diana's actions… or were secretly watching her and judging her actions from afar? Maybe even both!

"Come come." The Princess says then as she turns back toward the central corridor with the dark hardwood floors and white painted walls. "We can sit in the yard or stroll the grounds so you can see the Embassy." She says as she starts to walk on. Rarely is it that Diana has to look UP to another woman, but Max is a full 6 inches taller than she, so she must. "Have things otherwise been going well for you? I am quite curious to know after we last spoke."

Taking the woman's hand in a similar gesture as offered, she nods to her and then states, "This entire world is ran strangely. They rage and anger at their differences and whine about what makes them strong." She sighs and shakes her head, "It is very odd." She nods her head and then sighs, "It is little wonder they act with such distrust when they can't even trust themselves." She shakes her head before walking with Diana, "I would love to see the Embassy more."

As they turn to walk she shakes her head a little, "I fear not. I have met with SHIELD, as I stated, been given an offer to help this world and while I said I would be interested, I was then told I'd need to talk with more people before they'd trust me." She shakes her head, "Then It ried to calm a crowd of people only to be halted by another stating it woudl cause more harm than good."

Diana leads the other on a casual pace down the central hallway. Ahead of them there are a set of french double doors that lead out into the central courtyard, a modest sized courtyard that is open to the sky above and the three stories that make up the Embassy on all sides of it. As they walk they pass by a lot of sculpted and painted art works from Themysciran artists.

"Earth is a complicated place for a number of reasons, but one of them is that the people on this planet live very short life spans even in the most ideal of conditions. It makes them seem very… rushed, in all their decisions and daily activities." Diana then looks back to the other. "That is me assuming, however, that your own life will-or already has-exceeded that of the average human's of course." She flashes a quick smile.

the double doors are opened and she leads the taller woman out into the garden and small seating area out here, the day light and blue sky above them now.

"What would you say your goal is for being here on Earth if I might be bold to ask then?" She looks to the woman after posing that question upon her.

A look over and she states, "I am only 24 of this Earth's years." She nods her head, "However, according to the scientists I might live for millenia." SHe nods her head, "Potentially for as long as I wish." She shrugs, "I am the creation of genetic experimenation and breeding to create the ultimate Almeracean warrior." She nods her head.

"However, I suppose htat is something to be said." She rolls a shoulder, "My goals?" She hmms, "Many have asked me that but I believe you are one of the only ones I can trust." SHe then looks over at her, "Personally…to prove myself." She nods her head, "My people want me to breed…become a mother. I want to be me."

Diana leads them through the garden of the courtyard and then motions to a stone bench that sits at the base of a set of statues of Greek Gods at war with one another. She gently nods her head to what the other says as she sits herself down upon the edge of the bench and folds her hands together over her knees.

"If you truly are to live potentially forever, then there is absolutely no reason you should rush to have children at only the age of twenty four. You should be focusing on discovering yourself, who you are and what you want to achieve with the time you have. If you are the warrior you say you are, if you are capable of great things then you should not be bending to the desires of whomever believes they are a Lord over you. You should be doing what you want, find your own freedom and choices in life."

Diana flashes her a quick soft smile and then a little nod of her head with a dipping of her chin. "If you would like, we can see about you becoming a member of our League here on Earth. Where we fight to protect this planet from the evils that relentlessly threaten it. But…" She pauses. "Cosnider it just one of many options you may have before you, in a potentially very long life." And she then shows another comforting smile, or so she hopes it is.

A glance at Diana and then she hmms, "Perhaps, though so far I've been unimpressed by the way I've been treated." SHe gestures to Diana, "I prefer to keep our words between us for now. Just, we had a battle on our world and we only won by a margin. Because of this they believe I'm not powerful enough and that I having a child with another powerful being might create an even more powerful Almeracean." She shakes her head, "I've been raised to be dominant. To be Queen and already they seek my replacement."

She looks to Diana, "I am a leader of great power and I can be even greater if given opportunity and yet they want more." She sighs and shakes her head, "And I hear this world has a great deal of powerful people and strife so I seek it out and already people here not only tret me with disrespect but suspicion and…" She shakes her head, "And they are insane as best I can tell." She laughs, "With how Earthlings treat one another." She looks to Diana, "Did you know a whole group was protesting that registering people with powers was not enough or something. It all seemed like bigotry to me."

Diana is calm throughout most of what Maxima says, at least until she talks of them being insane and then a smile spreads over her lips and she releases a short and musical little laugh at it because it rings home with her sense of humor. "They are." She says, grinning then before she listens to that last bit which is very serious in subject and matter!

"People always want more of us." Diana replies then. "But you are not beholden to give it if it is not what you seek to give. Remember that you are your own person and you will decide when you do and do not do things. No one can, or should, ever force you to do otherwise."

She then draws in and releases a heavy breath. "And the registration you speak of is with regard to a subsect of humanity known as 'Mutants'. The human race is going through a genetic shift that is multiplying greatly with every passing year. The mutant gene, as they call it, is showing up in teenaged humans and it can often show up with violent consequences. This is what has lead to the bigotry against their kind. People feel that the mutant population is unstable and only harming the Earth more than helping it. That having these… immense powers… sprout up inside a person who has no idea how to control, should be regulated by the government, if not outright eradicated all together. It is… complicated. One of Earth's most complicated political issues, in fact."

A laugh and she looks, "Is that what this is about?!" She rolls her eyes, "This is not something to be angry or upset about. It is something to celebrate." She gestures before shaking her head and stepping away from Diana, "Do they not understand that this makes them greater as a whole?" She looks back at Diana, "On Almerac, any Almeracean could harm another given enough rage or anger." She shrugs, "As I understand it, many on this world possess the equipment to harm anyone they wish." She shakes her head, "From the fragility of them, frankly they could beat each other rather easily."

She sighs, "Of course, things should be in some way regulated but only in the sense that there should be those available to offer help and guidance to those who are new to their power. A power that makes this world have the reputation that it does." She shrugs, "I assume anyway."

Diana softly nods to the other's words as she moves away and elaborates further. "The more you research it the more complicated you will see it to be. Some mutants do have training with their genetic gifts and these, albeit are small in number, are powerful in impact and they lash out at the world who is striving to 'regulate them'. Some of them are trying to start a war with the rest of the world, to prove that they are the future of humankind."

Diana draws in a breath and sighs once more. She stands back up herself then. "There is little that I can do on the matter except help where it is asked of me. I have responded to mutant issues that have sprung up in public places many times. Only a year ago, I was called toa burning building that had incinerated several floors of apartments where families had been enjoying their evening meals together. And at the heart of it?" She tilts her head lightly to one side. "A man, sitting in a chair, the flames were coming from his hands and feet, pouring from him like a fountain of fire. And he was weeping, like a child. He could not stop it, no matter how hard he wanted to. He said he had been containing it for years, and finally he lost control."

She shakes her head again. "I was not able to save him. He burnt up in front of my eyes. But yes, he was a mutant who was unable to control his power, and twenty other people died in that fire. Twenty other people who likely now look down upon mutantkind."

A frown and then she shakes her head, "And this is why you need to have things available." SHe gestures, "Easily for these people. Imagine how that man might have been made useful to others had he been unafraid to show what he could do." She shakes her head, "These people spend too much time yelling at one another to see what is going on around them."

She shakes her head, "I do not know what it'd take to open the eyes of these people but they need stronger leadership. SOmething they are obviously lacking." She looks over, "I wish to offer them what I can while I am here if only to prove that through action I can show them a better way." She sighs, "Of course…I have to better understand them."

Diana levels her gaze and offers a soft smile to the other. "Time." She replies. "In time, most confrontations can be solved peacefully, if parties are just willing to do so. The people will solve this, through patience and diplomacy. I am sure of that."

Her right hand lifts up and she motions to another set of double doors. "Come, you can meet one of my sisters in the library. Adrastea. She is… our resident bookworm, so to speak. She will be thrilled to meet a potential Queen from another world." Diana now shows a grin as she moves onward. "And you are welcome to stay for dinner as well here, there is always good conversation at a Themysciran dinner table."

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