The Queen Has Arrived

August 03, 2018:

Maxima arrives on Earth, and a brawl breaks out between her and Fairchild. The League intervenes.


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Fade In…

The sun has gone most of the way down and the moon is floating above NYC. The air is still electric in the big city though. Cars honking those blaring horns as some people shout 'Hey, move ya ass!' and others shout, 'Foget about it!' and still others jabber loudly about the Yankees and others about Sox. Some are tourists taking pictures and others are complaining about all those 'Dang Tourists Muckin' up the place!' and yet still there are those that are selling their wares.

Times Square is a hopping place filled with excitement and fun, anger and joy. It's a real picture of the United States in a lot of ways. So many people making one big city that looks like chaos and functions like clockwork. Then even as the sun goes down far enough that the lights of the city are providing the real light, there's a new light right smack dab center in the middle of Times Square.

The light comes down from the sky like a ray of the sun shaped like a missile. It hits with no discernable sound and yet rocks out a blast of light bright enough to drown out the lights of the city for a brief moment. It screams attention and a few sounds of metal on metal denote the crashing of a few cars. People come to a halt. This was not normal and as the light fades out, a tall woman, decked out in gold, green and black stands at the center of Times Square. Her hands on her hips and her eyes scanning around.

"People of Earth!" She declares in a booming voice and steps a step forward, "Queen Maxima of the Almeracian Empire is here." She looks around, "You may bow at your leisure but I will not hold you to it. Fear not. I am not here to conquer your world, merely visit."

She then steps forward and points at a man standing beside the open door of his car, "You. Fetch me your strongest warriors. I wish to meet the powerful men and women of Earth that I have heard so much about." The man just seems, well, dumbfounded.


One of Earth's strongest warriors is en route pretty swiftly, though it's because the League maintains scans on massive energy signatures that are indicative of a teleporter phasing someone into New York City.

The residents themselves, however, are largely indifferent. The apocalypse itself would be viewed with disdain for interrupting a workday.

"Uh… okay, adjusting trim… power to one-quarter…" Caitlin's working the controls of a Javelin, with a League transport officer in the pilot's seat. The tall ginger's learning how to fly, and doing a fair job of it. The pilot takes over as they get close, turning on the general League alert telling everyone nearby that the situation is in hand. Caitlin, wearing a green leotard, moves to the cargo bay and grabs a rapelling line. It unwinds as she drops to the ground, needing no harness, and she lands easily on the asphalt and addresses Maxima with a friendly smile, hands open.

"Uh, hi there," she says, cautiously. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild," she tells the woman. "I guess you can say I represent the people of Earth. We got a sensor blip for an extra-terrestrial teleporter beacon. Would you please state your name and planet of origin?"


Three blocks away from Times Square on Madison Avenue, Jackie Estacado is getting fitted for another Armani suit at one of New York's finest tailors. The tailor shop is a dim, quiet place for men of means, all hardwood furniture, sound-muffling carpeting and precious little sunlight. Jackie is standing in an undershirt and slacks as a man measures his shoulders and arms, looking into a series of mirrors surrounding him as he stands on a platform.

A TV is on in the corner. Reports are coming in about something wild happening in Times Square. A League representative is already on the way, so naturally, the sense of urgency among the public has sharply lowered in favor of shitposting on Twitter.

Jackie reaches into his trouser pocket and produces his iPhone, checking it with one hand while his other arm gets measured by the tailor. He starts checking his feed for the latest hot takes.

"So two redheads show up in Times Square," Jackie starts saying to his compatriots in the tailoring shop.


Looking up at the arrival of some kind of flying craft, the woman known as Maxima is distracted from the cabby who now seems to rather get back in his car and get things moving rather than to continue to be the subject of this new arrival. Especially when someone leaps out of the Javelin and lands before Maxima.

The woman blinks at the arrival of this new person and she grins a little, her eyes going over Caitlin slowly before she stops at the woman's face, "Wow." She states, "The rumors do not disappoint. You are certainly bold and tall." SHe walks closer to Caitlin and looks her over slowly again as she approaches, actually walking to the left of Caitlin rather than directly at her to skim her over before she states, "I assume you are strong and fast, yes?" She asks even as she attempts to walk behind Caitlin. Not too close, just seeming to sweep around her, "I am Maxima, Queen of Almerac." She nods her head and then pauses a moment and almost seems to get a pout as she notices the green, "Wait, are you with that 2814 Lantern fellow?" She asks.

She lets out a soft sigh, "Showing up, asking my name and origin and I bet you wish to know my purpose next. You are a nosy lot."


Caitlin hesitates. On the one hand, Hal is an ally. On the other hand… Hal is an ally, and that can make him a liability some times.

"Green Lantern is an ally of Earth," Caitlin confirms, in a neutral voice. "He's protected us from some serious threats in the past." She turns to face Maxima, never letting the woman gain her back. Caitlin's a cautious one. "And thank you, I try to be bold, though the tall thing comes easy," she says, in a friendly enough voice.

"Call us a little paranoid," Caitlin suggests. "We prefer a straight fight. If you're here to invade or claim dominion, let's just get that out of the way and we'll cut right to the smackdown. But if you're here for peaceful reasons, then—" she spreads her hands, offering a dimple-cheeked smile. "We do have some pretty cool stuff around here."


Jackie finishes getting measured for his blazer. He steps off the platform for a moment to try on one of the blazers in a similar size to his usual, sliding it over his shoulders while he looks toward the TV coverage of the ongoing incident. No explosions, nothing too crazy… maybe it'll be fine. No reason to get too worried about something spilling into Little Italy yet.

Jackie tests out the range of motion of the arms. He practices reaching into the left side, considering it. "Add some slack in the shoulder," he says to the tailor, holding still to be further chalked.


"Either you Earth people have faced very weak threats or you are as powerful as they say." Maxima grins as she stands before Caitlin. There's something about her. It's almost like she very literaly exudes confidence and power. In a way, she really does. People might be used to looking away or trying to slip around such threats but there are plenty of people simply staring as they walk by. A few stopping to take pictures or simply stare.

"You do have a bold and cocky nature about you. I do like it." She nods her head and then she takes a breath, "Based on what I've seen so far, not sure that it would take much more than I to gain dominion over this world but no, I am not here to claim Earth for the Almeracian Empire." She shakes her head, "I am not sure such an aquisition would add to my Empire." She nods, "No, I am here to see the sights. To meet the people." To avoid her responsibilities. The usual stuff.


Caitlin shivers. Because it's warm. Or cold. Something. Whatever. "Well, I mean. Y'know. Darkseid showed up here a few years ago. We sent him packing." She shrugs, trying to make it nonchalant. "We're kind of big on the 'freedom and independence' thing."

She swallows. "Okay, so— tourism and visitation," Caitlin says, wiping her thumb across her brow. "Gotcha. Uh, so, there is some protocol for visits," she tells Maxima. "We need to assign you a visa and determine your length of stay. Do you know how, uh, long you'll be staying?" she inquires, tentatively. Fairchild's doing her best to ignore the cameras, at least one of which is live-streaming to Jackie's phone.


Jackie lets the tailor take the jacket off him. He steps into the changing room to put back on his existing black Armani suit. Why is he getting another black Armani suit? Because autumn is coming, and the style slightly changed. Clearly you have to get another set of suits every season so that you match what's in GQ. Really it's obvious to anyone who pays attention.

Jackie checks his phone again as he slides on his original black jacket. That other red-haired girl looks cowed. Poor chick, he thinks. They must have sent out an intern to do this job. For pity's sake.

Jackie says his good-byes to the tailor and steps out onto the street. He walks out of the shop, around a corner, and dips into a dark alley. He disappears behind a cloud of steam, at least for now.


An eyebrow arches and then she considers those words carefully, "My. That is a feather in your cap." She states and nods her head, "Such a being would likely think twice before coming to Almerac but to face him is a feat none the less." There's that nature of hers, "I suppose I should give you credit for that." SHe nods her head even as she listens to Caitlin and then another exhausted sigh.

She shifts slightly before saying, "Is all this really necessary? I mean, my length of stay is until I've decided I am done here." She nods her head, "And I do not know what this is all about but I will say that it is very tiring. First I am being told I am being watched and tracked by some Lantern and next I have a woman, fetching as she might be, trying to make me decide on how long I wish to be here." She gestures idly at Caitlin, "Why don't you fill it out for me. Just leave most things open ended."


Caitlin pinks a little at the compliment, but holds her ground. "I get it. Customs, immigration, visas, it's all boring and no fun at all. But if I let *you* skate, then I gotta let the *next* cute space lady skate, and next thing you know we're overrun with tourists and no one has any idea who's here on visa and who's just here doing the tourist thing. Then a fight breaks out, a building gets knocked down, and I'm on the hook for it. You don't want to get me in trouble, right?" she ventures, hopefully. "So whattya say, can we just get some paperwork done and get you in the system properly from the first step?"


It's nearly impossible for the Darkness to appear directly in Times Square, but there are enough weird alleys and blind corners that are dark at all hours of the day for Jackie to use to step out maybe half a block from Times Square. As a lifelong New Yorker, Jackie can't stand Times Square and would rather be anywhere else, but he's an inherently curious person and can't help but get closer to the action.

Jackie makes his way onto the sidewalk from yet another dingy alley and walks toward the periphery of the discussion between Maxima and Caitlin. He checks his phone once he's got a good place to stand, lifting it up to take some pictures for Instagram. As you do.

They're talking about immigration, Jackie hears. What is this, Lex News?


The compliment back is not missed and Maxima hmms a little even as she walks closer to Caitlin and says, "I do so detest all that boring stuff. Tell you what, why don't you fill it out for me? I'll stay with you. Even tell you what to write but you do all the hard parts. That won't be letting me skate, right?" She asks and idly reaches out to touch a finger under Caitlin's chin as she uses all of her charisma to play with Caitlin's emotions…ya know, to get out of doing paperwork cause that sucks and nobody in any part of the galaxy likes paperwork.

Even as she stands there though, Maxima begins to look around more clearly at all the things pointed at her. She seems to really like all the eyes on her. She grins at this person and then that. Even Jackie gets a winning smile as he takes a picture of her for his Instagram. She then looks back at Caitlin and states, "Now, what do you say, Caitlin of Fairchild. I'll give you answers and you write it all down for me?"


Caitlin doesn't seen The Darkness apparating, or how the shadows curl and whip around the slight figure emerging from the alley. Maxima's a commanding presence, regal and poised. There's a sure feeling that Caitlin's over her head, allowing Maxima to circle her like a shark gauging prey. She whimpers just a little when Maxima turns that husky voice on her, eyes lidding just a bit, and she leans towards Maxima's voice.

But then a fingertip touches her chin, and Caitlin's eyes fly wide in shock— and anger. She grabs Maxima's hand in hers, putting an expert pressure on the Queen's wrist and thumb joint. With enough aggression, it's a maneuver that feeds right into a judo throw from the pressure applied to the wristbone. It's a wristlock that was old thousands of years before Caitlin was born, but the redheaded executes it with a credit to years of training.

Also, she does it with a grip that could crack a diamond. "Do /not/ touch me," she grates, her voice coming out from set teeth in a low and angry hiss.


There is a patch of green in the sky, a blip of re-entry as Hal Jordan descends towards Manhattan. He knew he shouldn't have second guessed himself earlier, this is what he gets for being 'the nice guy' and giving a chance, the League is rubbing off on him here and there, or hes just a sucker for towering females in skimpy green outfits. Could be any number of reasons.
The unformed space cop and hero of Earth, spirals through the air, sweeping past a billboard. Never a dull moment an unfortunately his approach is by no means silent.
"Enroute." Green Lantern announces in to the JL comms, not much else to be added, hes still mulling his own thoughts. Hes got some self-kicking taking place if his hunches are indeed right…


Jackie is trying to be Mr. Good Boy today and not flagrantly breaking out carnal, primordial power in the middle of Times Square. It makes his lawyers mad. He's trying his best. Honest!

"Yeah!" Jackie says with a big grin, as Maxima smiles for his Instagram shot. He'll have to figure out how to tag her in the picture. Do space aliens have Instagram?

Hey, Darkness, Jackie thinks.


Do space aliens have Instagram and Facebook and shit? This is important.


Instagram, Jackie thinks. Do space aliens. Have Instagram.



Jackie rolls his eyes at seemingly nothing. The Darkness… doesn't know, so that's normal. Cosmic forces don't know shit about actual helpful things.

Jackie backgrounds Instagram on his phone and starts Googling. This takes several moments and is equally unproductive. He's not even the first guy in this crowd to think of Googling that.

Jackie misses the start of the fight while he's trying to fight autocorrect from "Allen" to "aliens."


And then suddenly this woman has grabbed her by the hand, pulled forward and flipped over on to her back. She had not expected to be manhandled in such a way only for her eyes to go wide and it may be that Hal is a bit late. After all, who wouldn't want a soft touch to the chin by such a person as Maxima?! How dare some common Earth woman dare to do this to her!

That you done f***ed up now feeling might come next as the very earth beneath Maxima seems to tremble and nearby vehicles get rocked by some unseen force. Caitlin can feel it even as she has that grip on Maxima. The woman slowly begins to close that hand that Caitlin has a grip on and while she has the leverage there's a tremendous amount of power in that hand.

Laying on her back, left arm up and extended behind her in that grip of Caitlin's, she uses her ability to fly to simply lift up her body. She appears to be going fully upside down, allowing Caitlin to keep that hand for the moment even as she relieves all the pressure by doing something no normal opponent can do and stand upside down in the air. Her right hand is already back, in a fist and beginning to flow forward right for Caitlin with enough force to bust a bunker.

"How…DARE YOU!" The now fully upside down one sends her fist forward with enough force to shatter steel and consequences be damned.


Caitlin squawks at the sight of a fist flying at her. And she does what she's been trained to do—

she dodges. After all, Caitlin's strong, sure. But Superman, Wonder Woman, Carol Danvers, Thor they're all stronger. By an order of magnitude. And that's who Caitlin trains against, constantly; people who can toss her around as easily as she juggles cars.

So she rolls to the side, but keeps her grip on Maxima's wrist. This time she uses both of her hands to drive power from her hips, and even if she can't force Maxima into a compromising position, she *can* maneuver the Queen around so she can't land good hits. It's a delaying tactics, sure, but—

—she spots a green streak in the sky.

"HAL, HELP!" she screams, loud enough for the communicator to be un-necessary, and dances as fast as she can to try and avoid Maxima breaking free and getting a good hit in.


"Green Lantern, damnit Fairchild." Jordan barks in to the JL link up. The shot of speed he is going through comes to an abrupt halt as he reigns in on what is transpiring, "Queen Maxima, stand down!" He shouts loudly, his voice amplified by the Power Ring enough it booms through the streetway and off buildings, rattling windows.
"I warned you, you come here. You stay under the radar, behave… "
"What the hell happened." He asks to no onein particular but it goes through the voice setup.
"Hey, jackass on the phone. Clear out!" Yeah, thats for one Jackie Estacado. "Yahoos on their cellphones during a super-battle… pete sake. This planet is screwed."


People start scattering when the superhuman combat starts. Jackie is hilariously not moving as he is trying with increasing frustration to enter a simple search sentence into Google but is being repeatedly foiled by all the autocorrect programming.

The shockwave rolls by Jackie. Jackie's suit ripples, which only flatters his Adonis-like physique, but his superior tailoring sees no harm to the garment. Jackie does almost drop his phone, which makes him snap out of fighting with it. He looks surprised at this turn of events. Maybe Hal's shout got through to him. Maybe this is the point in his life where common sense starts to take over — no that is not how this is going to go down.

Jackie takes off to the sidelines to get out of the way of Girl Combat. As neither one of these women are his girl, he's honor-bound not to interfere. However, as he runs he brings up his phone in the tradition of his people, declaring the start of ritual combat

"WORLDSTAR," he calls out, and goes live. At least he's not in the way.


"You dare!" She feels her not letting go and sends a kick toward Caitlin next. The woman is dodging about while trying to hold on to Maxima who finally continues her reverse of the flip to put herself back on her feet, flowing over Caitlin with incredible speed and attempting to ccontinue that movement. Her movement is almost the exact reverse of the original flip only this time she's trying to grab Caitlin and fling her over. She then glares up toward the Lantern.

"I will do no such thing, 2814!" She declares and looks incredulous, "This woman dared to attack me!" She then nods her head and stands up straight even if Caitlin is still holding her. Now she's back in a less compromising position even if she's unable to flip Caitlin as she wishes, "I offered her a kindness and she assaulted me! Maxima, Queen of Almerac! I demand satisfaction!" She points at Caitlin with her right hand and states, "This one owes me a debt for such an attack."

She then looks around and blinks, "What is Worldstar?! Are you calling down some kind of super weapon?! Bring forth your world star. I will destroy it!"


Caitlin Fairchild's doing pretty well with her deathgrip on Maxima's wrist, but the Queen of Almerac just has her beat in every category. Experience, strength, and technique. The flying is just flat out cheating, though! Caitlin desperately tries to find some leverage, some balance, but with her feet off the ground it's all just physics. She's flipped in a violent arc and smashes an improbably curvy hole in the asphalt, six inches deep, and goes a little limp for a moment.

"Owwwww…" she groans, trying to get to her feet and get some distance. She's maneuvering tactically, but the big flip from Maxima definitely rang her bells a bit.

"Lantern," she says, rapidly recovering despite the big hit. She leans heavily on a light post, clutching her ribs. "She did some … thing, some kinda psychic whammy," she protests, forcing herself upright. "Then she started circling me and touching my face! I thought she was tryin' to hypnotize me, or something," she remarks, defensively, and shoots a suspicious glare at Maxima.

It's not been much of a 'battle'— less than a minute of aggressive maneuvering between the two towering redheads— but the call to the League had raised the alarms, with an unapproved teleporter dropping someone right into New York without any clearance. And then with Caitlin screaming bloody murder into the short-range microphones… Well, these sort of misundstandings do happen.

At least Hal Jordan looks like the only one trying to de-escalate significantly.


Up in the Watchtower, J'onn J'onzz mans the screens. It's a duty he takes seriously, without complaint — this far up from Earth, it's actually easier in some ways. He's meditating with eyes open when the call comes in. Some disturbance in Lower Manhattan, coupled with an unexpected arrival.

With a turn of head to the non-superhero manning the buttons, he says, "Call in the others. There could be trouble." A pause, brief, "And I require the company," is added, perhaps unnecessarily. Everyone knows by now, surely.

It doesn't take long, really — not when the Martian can phase through the walls and fly directly to the source. Zooming down from above, he lands on the asphalt not far from where Caitlin lands, looking — well, not bemused, because the Martian doesn't express his emotions psychically— but kind of staring. "Are you all right, Miss Fairchild?"


Cue the sleek black skycycle. Spoiler was in the neighborhood, monitoring, listening, on patrol. Caitlin's shout cut across her possibly not League approved but totally Batman's fault scanner and she flinched only long enough to get a fix on location and now she was here. Sliding her flying bike into a skidding stop midair, the batling assesses the situation.

Fairchild, a Lantern (Hal…), Martian Manhunter. Spoiler waits, hovering at a flanking sort of position to the others with Maxima between them. Her head cants to one side, curious. Just in time to hear J'onn ask if her friend was okay, Spoiler waits for the answer.


Ahhh. A small stack of specials. Nothing better to devour when 7 of 9 stomachs are growling loudly. Koriand'r is at the Titans tower. She has already gone through two whole pies and is just starting on a third when the call comes in. She frowns and closes the lid on her remaining pizzas. They will have to wait for her. Within moments, Starfire is out of the tower and flying at high speed towards the incident.

Not more than 2 minutes after she leaves… The pizzas are devoured. Box and All. All that remains is a rather gorged Silkie who burps and falls asleep in one of the boxes.

The training of a Warrior Space Princess is not exactly something that is easily tossed aside. Starfire circles the area first to get a lay of the land and to see if there are any more threats. Satisfied she comes in and lands, Her eyes are burning green the same as her hands at the moment. Starbolts at the ready. "Who are you and what have you done to my K'nifster!" She snaps at Maxima. "Hello Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter! It is good to see you both." She states without looking.


A breath is sucked in and then he stares at Caitlin with some degree of indignation, "You dare to further besmirch my name?!" She moves closer to Caitlin even as she points at her, "While I might give off a natural aura of beauty and confidence that you might have picked up on I am hardly putting any sort of…" She searches for a word and then just uses Caitlin's, "…whammy upon you!" She then clenches a fist.

J'onn can feel it. This woman is a psion. A very powerful one. He might not be able to tell her skill but her capacity for psychic power likely in the territory of a Martian's.

This is further proven as the woman suddenly reaches out with a hand and whips her hand to the side. Caitlin will feel as if she received one heck of a slap on the face. See, she did not touch Caitlin. She is, uh, respectful. She then looks to the Martian, the flying bike, and then a battle ready Tamaranean?! She takes a sharp breath and nods, "Oh, so this is how it is. I am attacked and then I am surrounded." She stands tall, looking to the Lantern and then to the Tamaranean who addressed her, "I am Queen Maxima of Almerac. Do not let it be said that I am a coward. If I am to be further attacked then come one at a time or all at once. I will defeat your most powerful warriors!" She raises a hand in a come forth gesture.


"Yeah, I did send an alert out about her before she even touched down." Jordan chides, the Green Lantern hovering not too far away from the scuffling redheads. A light thin glow of emerald covering him in a prepped form fitted shield. "Undocumented. Make sure you take notes… knowledge being power… etcetera… "

"Martian Manhunter, Spoiler, Starfire." The Green Lantern patches them all together in a shared battle comm, all accounted for and the currently engaged Fairchild. At least the 'WORLDSTAR" shouting paparazzi nutter is gone. One less civilian cleared out.

"Queen Pain-in-the-Ass. Calm your tits and stand down." Daamnit he hates repeating himself, "I don't know what inspired this but this isn't acceptable."

He lifts up both hands like hes holding aloft baby Simba. Around them hardlight posts begin to form up chain-link like extensions between form massive fences as he pents the block around them in, his intent to keep this contained so no further damage is incurred upon the city itself.


Caitlin squawks and staggers sideways, like she just got kissed by a baseball bat, and before she can respond to any of her allies as they show up. She staggers twice in the direction of the blow, clutching her cheek, and stares in disbelief at Maxima when the woman just … slaps her!

There's a *Crunch* of concrete and steel groaning complaint, and Caitlin shoulders a light post. She takes a half step, sets her hips, and swings for the bleachers with all the power she can put into swinging the heavy piece of steel at Maxima, the broken light fixture blurring with the speed of the attack.

"Fine! Let's go, twinkletoes!" Caitlin shouts at Maxima. Her face is flushed with embarassment and mounting anger. "No flying, no psychic… whatever! You, me, and our fists!"


For a moment, the look the Martian Manhunter gives Starfire is confused. Some fragment of memory, maybe, remains — or he's just good at faking recognition, nodding towards her silently, even as Green Lantern is greeting her. Hal, too, is offered that same nod, as is Spoiler, when his gaze rests on her.

The strength of Maxima's powers are definitely felt by J'onn when the woman exerts her psychic ability, pulling the Martian's attention back towards her. "Stop," he rumbles, taking a step forward into her path. "We have no wish to harm you. But you shall not hurt ours." As if to back that statement, there is only the slightest tip of his head, barely even a movement, before a psychic shield springs up between Maxima and Caitlin. Of course, the shield won't do anything against a piece of steel — he didn't raise a physical shield. Clearly he doesn't expect Caitlin to escalate, and when she does he — stares at her.

"Is this some Earth tradition of which I am unaware?" he asks, after a moment.


"Queen Maxima of Almerac, I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran. You have come to this world with no warning and you have assaulted A friend. Why? What has Caitlin done to deserve this? These are not very friendly acts. You should be nice to people here. They respond to that much better."

That is about the point where Caitlin gets herself a 25ft baseball bat. Kory stifles a laugh as the glow in her eyes and hands just fade. "I would be worried! Caitlin is going to play the ball of base with your behind!" She floats upward just in case that light pole comes her direction. Just because she can take the hit doesn't mean she wants to! Her green gaze goes to Martian Manhunter. "I do not think this is a traditional greeting of Earth."


The cowl doesn't show it, but Spoiler's eyes widen as Caitlin's hit and then reacts, badly. This is exactly why Batman's decreed that supower-powered people stay the hell out of his city. These kinds of fights level city blocks, crack streets, and are just messy. There isn't really much time to do anything but react the moment she spies Caitlin rip a streelight out of the ground, and Hal is giving them a boxing ring, and the martian's just standing there, and the flying green eyed oragne skinned super is egging it on…. Spoiler knows something has to be done and fast.

No more time to plan, Spoiler zips her bike to intercept the in coming light pole, leaping clear and tumbling to put her back to the Queen and try to back peddle her clear of the attack. Her bike's going to be trashed, but hopefully it takes the hit and keeps the rest from connecting given that she's now between it and this Maxima person.

On her feet, Spoiler holds her bo staff in one hand and a trio of flashbangs in the other, while her eyes flit about her HUD to trigger a search on the Batcomputer for info on Green Lantern and Martian soft spots, just in case this has to get ugly.

Come on, Batman. You have to have -something-.

"Everyone just stop," growls the comparatively very fragile and powerless human in nomex and kevlar. Her voice has a digital modulation overlayed onto it, indicating to those that met her in her previous bat suit that the aubergine batling has gotten an upgrade.

"We aren't starting a brawl in the middle of the street just because you're both needing to measure things," she declares, tense. Of course she is. Her back is to an unknown who other than psychically slapping her friend and maybe trowing her on the ground doesn't seem to be doing anything beyond posturing. Caitlin hauling off and ripping up parts of city infrastructure is just frustrating.

"Back off, Fairchild," Spoiler tells her bestie, not backing down.


For a brief moment, time slows. Spoiler's initial words? Well, ever heard the saying 'Fart in a whirlwind'? They definitely fall on deaf ears. She is prepared to listen to others before caitlin prepares the attack and she is turning her gaze to the woman hard. A challenge?! Ha! Even Hal's somewhat insult is forgotten for this moment. "I accept!" She declares, already preparing to literaly use one hand to try to block the incoming street light, deflect it down and then what is happening next is not something for most human eyes.

The bike of Spoiler's is indeed blown to smithereens. Given the sheer amount of strength Caitlin wields it is likely not even enough to fully halt the street lamp but more than enough to slow it down. Unlike in the movies, vehicles don't explode just cause you smack them. They crush and shatter. Pieces and parts of said bike slow in mid-air. The whole world becoming a much slower thing in the eyes of Maxima and those with the reflexes to react so fast. Maxima's left hand is extended, pushing at the incoming lampost, aiming to try and deflect it to the ground. She is leaping forward, left leg pushing off right leg coming up as she leaps. Her right arm flowing backward as she prepares to deck Caitlin with a punch that could derail an uncoming train.

The words flow past this world of pure reaction and speed, Spoiler's lips moving in slow motions even as the fist comes forward and then it all comes crashing down…

Parts and pieces of bike go flying to the ground and Spoiler will feel the equivalent of a hurricane force wind flow past her like the herald of an uncoming storm. That fist will have halted barely an inch from Stephanie's back. A powerful psychic force field created at the very last possible moment between her own fist and the back of Stephanie's head being all that saved her from the sheer force of the wind off that fist. To Stephanie's left and right the wind flows past, deviated by that very force field in two directions and rocking a pair of abandoned vehicles.

Maxima's face is both enraged and deeply concerned as she eyes the smaller woman before she lets out a very slow breath and untenses her very tense muscles.


"Nah, J'onn it is not. Not really… " Though it has Jordan considering, the barrier he's created should keep everything around them safe as long as he continues to maintain it, that means h relies on his team to make sure nothing distracts him more than talking right now.
Spoiler's daring interruption gets a frown and a look at the others present, "You know, a few times my brother and I had some good spats, he told us, get on with it. Get it out of yourr systems. Maybe this is one of those times."

"Let them beat the snot out of eachother, its only serious when one of them loses a weave."

"I'll do my best to contain this and act the support route, but thats my two cents… "
"Starfire, be a doll and make sure I don't end up slapped around or hit by a stray Buick."


Caitlin's reflexes are pretty good— but she just isn't operating on the same level as Maxima. There's quick, and there's fast. Maxima definitely falls into the latter category. Cait reaches out to try and move Stephanie aside, but Maxima's already there and the punch is already pulled by the time she could move Stephanie without breaking her neck from sheer inertia.

Realizing that Stephanie literally just stepped in the of a blow that could have killed her, the fight utterly leaves Caitlin. Her shoulders droop and she turns away abruptly, folding her arms tight across her stomach and pressing her lips into a thin, consternated line.

"Fine. I'm done. Fight's over," she says, her voice tense and clipped. She turns her face away from the others, visibly trying to calm down nerves singing with anger and embarassment at the situation now that her temper's under control.


"I suspect you are right," the Martian Manhunter answers Starfire without any trace of irony in his voice. He really is just, to all appearances, standing there and doing nothing. But then, by all accounts of the JLA of late, that's probably the safest course of action for all involved.

He glances at Starfire, expression unchanged. "Is this a… girl thing?" As distinct from a human thing, presumably, as if she'd know.

His attention jerks back, sharply, at the sound of crushing metal. Pieces of that crushed bike go flying every which way — then stop, abruptly, as if smacking into an invisible wall, before dropping safely to the ground away from the combatants. There's not even a hint in J'onn's expression of his intervention.


Spoiler knew that was going to happen. She knew it, and she did it anyway. It was one bike, which she could repair. It was better than innocent civilians having their potential only means of getting to work destroyed… or their home destroyed …or the worse case… If the others couldn't move fast enough to get them out of the way… losing something that can never be replaced.

Somehow, Spoiler managed not to flinch at the sensation of impact stopped so close to the back of her head. Somehow, she managed to hold the want to tremble in check. She waits, stance at the ready until Caitlin 'calms', deflates, and gives in. The smaller blonde straightens, 'weapons' returned to their places. Beneath her cowl, her brows pull together in a silent promise to make this up to Caitlin with an all you can eat something soon. Bike seemingly ignored, Spoiler steps forward a step and turns to look at Maxima.

"WElcome to Earth, Your Majesty. Your sudden appearance likely spooked more than a few people. If no one's asked yet: What are you doing here?" she asks, voice as level as she can manage as she 'relaxes' her arms to let her cape drape closed around her. So much like her mentor, so serious and calm seeming. Under her gloves, her hands prickle and with them hidden she closes them over and over to try to release the adrenaline of life and death that smacked her upside the head. Almost literally. With the digital voical scrambler active, the tone does sound rather calm, if a more feminine and girlie take on the Bat's growl.


Premptive must be Starfire's word of the day. She sees the Abandoned cars. With a couple quick flashes of green, they go boom quite nicely. Yeah a hit won't cause an explosion but an Energy blast that can shred a semi certainly can and they get just that. "I am helping!?"

Then there is the Martian Manhunter's question. "I do not think so. I dunno why they are fighting. It does look like fun." She looks over at Spoiler and waves. "Hello! I am Starfire. It is nice to meet you!" She beams happily, "Would you like to be friends?" She asks as the fight seems to Dwindle.

"Is there any injuries?" She asks as she looks at her friend and at Maxima. "May I have this fight too!?" She asks and then she looks at the others and stops, "Or not."


Maxima is already pulling back her fist and she stares at Stephanie and seems to stare into her in a way. She twitches and then takes a breath slowly, "While I appreciate your welcome, you are a fool!" She declares and then points at the girl, "A brave fool but a fool none the less." She then looks away and her nostrils flare for a moment before she looks past Stephanie toward Caitlin and looks to be about to say something before she seems to sense the emotions from the woman. She turns her gaze to Starfire a moment, eying her and then states, "We may yet fight." She then looks to Hal and then at J'onn. Every one gets a look from the Queen.

After a long moment she closes her eyes and collects herself, calming her own internal conflict and rage before nodding and looking back to Spoiler, "I am here for many things that I do not wish to get into completely, as I have said to your Lantern 2814." She points at Hal. She then grins a little toward Caitlin and states, "You are brave and powerful but beware your anger. You could start a war with it." She laughs and places her hands on her hips, nodding, "Well, then." She looks to Hal Jordan and gestures at him, "While I might not enjoy the insults, I cannot say that this was not fun." She nods her head, "I forgive your planet its transgression against me in the name of diplomacy."


"Part of the dance." Jordan assures Maxima, "They keep some of the spirit in it." The shield still held up around them, hes not moved and is keeping a watchful eye as it is. Hanging back to aid his team where he can while keeping the fight or what was about to be a major one separate from New York.
As the Queen calms he recalls the green force projection letting it pixelate away trickle by trickling block.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. We'll have to have a talk about local laws and some recompense for damages if you plan on giving this tourist gig another go… with help." He can hear Diana's voice in there somewhere, encouraging him for peace and diplomacty… unf.


Caitlin trembles when Maxima's brassy laugh ripples over the area. Maxima's swinging moods— from battle-anger to exultation to humor and back to wry dismissal— batter at her like fistblows. Worst of all, perhaps, is the casual superiority the Queen of Almerac wields so effortlessly.

Caitlin turns abruptly towards the side streets, not quite running but moving faster than a walk. It's the one direction she can go where no one can see her face. "Fine, you all handle her, then," she says over the short-range comms. Her voice is tight, strained. "I'll come in later." Before anyone can respond, she pulls out her earbud, and then breaks into a jog that takes her out of the line of sight of the rest of the League.


"Fun?" the Martian Manhunter echoes Starfire with a kind of blankness that betrays confusion even if it isn't visible in his physical expression. "I do not believe that is the case," he states, regarding the remnants of the motorcycle — and indeed, the two cars.

To Maxima: "I am J'onn J'onzz. One of the defenders of this planet. Welcome to Earth, Queen Maxima. There is much that is… confusing, about living here. If you have need of advice on such, I am happy to give it, having studied this planet for many thousands of years." Yet he's still baffled by baseball, go figure. "But my friend is right," he nods to Hal, "Recompense must be made for damages." That look includes the retreating Caitlin, too.


"I look forward to the fight!" She giggles a little. Starfire does enjoy that sort of thing. She smiles to J'onn, "Yes Fighting can be fun! On my world, it was a part of our life!" She giggles just a little before she sees Caitlin storm off.

"I will speak with you all more later. I wish to go help Caitlin." With that, she lifts off and takes off in the same direction as Caitlin.


Spoiler regards the queen as she laughs things off, snips at Caitlin over her shoulder. The flinch at Starfire's explosion of the cars is evidenced only in one fist closely tightly and her head turning to level a stare at the princess. Spoiler inclines her chin a quarter inch, but turns away from her without answering the 'want to be friends?' question. How very like the sumbol on her chest that is, and so with the League tending to things, she turns to step toward her downed vehicle just in time to see Caitlin rushing away. Stephanie is all too aware of her friend's fragile self-esteem. She'll text her after she gets the bike into the Avenger's garage. She'll need Nathaniel's help to get it back into one piece. Now isn't a good time, not because it Caitlin is upset, but because Caitlin is upset in front of others. Drawing attention to the reason for it would just make it worse.

Spoiler comes to a stop in front of the casuality, chin tipped down to look at the corpse of what's left of her precious flying motorcycle. Starfire's words have Spoiler lifting her gaze once more, flat AR lenses regarding the orange skinned woman studying her, while silently Stephanie wishes the stranger luck and hopes that she can calm her friend. There's a sadness in that hope, as Spoiler can't go with her. Leaving this type of tech laying about it irresponsible. She looks back down at her bike.


A blink at both Hal and J'onn and she idly waves a hand at them both, "Oh that will be unnecessary. I am completely unharmed." She nods her head and gestures, "She shows great talent and power but she did no lasting damage." She nods her head, "Though I do appreciate the offer." She nods her head and then floats upward before saying, "I believe I will go exploring…that way." She gestures in the direction of Central Park, "A forest in the middle of a city. How interesting."

She spares a glance to Starfire leaving and then down at Stephanie one last time before she is gone like a missile in that direction.


J'onn kind of… blinks? He actually looks kind of confused, which is an effort, considering his emotions usually don't wear on his physical expression. "I am glad you are back, friend. I really do not understand them at all." Hard to say whether he means women, or other aliens, or just everyone else in general. With a shake of his head, he lifts off, to return to his post in the Watchtower above.


"Not an offer. You're already proving to be a liability and a threat." Hal frowns as Caitlin takes off, a debrief might be required later but hes not about to be a Batman level ass about such things. It'll sort one way or another. Spoiler more than able seems to be prepared to handle the woman's state and Starfire, shes eager to be of aid. No doubt they can get to the bottom of what went down and quite possibly also cheer the woman up. Jordan's not sure or in touch with those things. To him shes just having a tizzy.

"Maxima, thats not how this works. This is not your planet, this is Earth."
"You and me both, brother." He manages in quiet fireback to J'onns. "I'm just trying to keep my head attached… "

"QUEEN MAXIMA…. please, again, we need to have a dialogue and probably a sit down… " Jordan drifts after her, his sigh a long exasperated one.

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