Fair Fight

September 03, 2018:

Rogue and Gambit attend the Salem Center summer fair, and end up witnessing a young mutants powers in a fight!

Apple Park Fair Grounds


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Its getting late in the summer months of 2018 and things have been wild and weird as ever for the X-Men and all its members. Its been wild and weird for Rogue and Remy as well, since he'd returned to Xavier's the two of them had been caught up in a fair amount of craziness…

So tonight, she'd invited him to the Salem Center Summer Festival which was the last summer event atin Apple Park before the Fall festivals would start up next month… its a busy park, you see.

There are games and rides and craft/art boothes, shows and even a petting zoo!

Rogue walks through the main thoroughfare, she's got a sheer drape around her arms and a tanktop beneath it, this is the kind of place you're guaranteed to bump into people, so she has to wear jeans and gloves, and it just… well, its still summer, its hot and humid out! But she doesn't care, at least its a quiet night.

Rogue stops at a show thats in progress where a man on a stage on the other side of all the audience benches, is juggling swords while one is plunged down into his throat! Sword swallowers! That always amazes an audience, and they're clapping to prove it still does!

"Rogue! Rogue, ROGUE!" Remy says as he scampers up to the woman's side with his arms behind his back, hiding something behind his back obviously. "Ah gotcha somet'in'." The cajun says, extending his arm out to give ROgue her gift. A caricature of his bald head being super shiney and in a hovering yellow futuristic 'wheel' chair. "Ya like it?" He asks, obviously he's making fun of himself with the drawing, but also poking a bit of fun at Charles. No harm. Honestly.

Remy does look over her shoulder and hair towards the sword swallower and smiles with a series of claps and applause, it's still super impressive even though he assumes some use collapsable swords, but he'd never out a street artist like that.

It takes her a second, but she does look over at him… as do a couple of middle school aged kids… cause there's a man shouting 'Rogue' running at them, thats not exactly normal for a name.

When he approaches and displays the picture her eyes go from his down to the image and she has a big smile cross over her lips as her gloved hands reach up and out to touch the bottom corners of the drawing he'd had done. She starts to laugh, but its quiet and soft. A nod comes next and then her eyes go back up to him. "Its very… retro sci fi." She says at him then. "How'd ya even explain this to the artist?" She has to ask. "I wanna hang it in the store. I'll tell people its that bald man from the future that I've been hangin' out with." She grins at him and reaches one of her gloved hands up to the top of his head.

"I think I can see some sprouts comin' in. Though its lookin' a little thin up front… ya might need some Rogue-gain t'fix that." She drops her hand and smirks at him again.

"Ah jus' said gimme a school bus yella hoverin' wheel chair and he started drawin' mah noggin." The thief says with his eyes going crossed when he tries to look up at his hair. "It's about time. Ah need some sprouts." The man says, passing off the drawing, letting Rogue take control as his hand finds her waist and pulls her close to him and he tries to usher her to continue to walk through the park and the show.

"Di- Did ya make a pun about yaself?" Remy asks, his eyebrows almost meeting above his nose, pulling his hand away as he realizes this could almost feel like a date and that's not something he wants to push against Rogue, not right now. Not without his hair.

Rogue walks with him, his hand able to guide her by her waist and her eyes down upon the drawing that is between her gloved fingers. "Well, I like it." She says staring at it a bit longer before she glances back over to him and shows a grin at him. "Pun? Nah… that word is just very similar, thats all, I swear it." She says then in a very unconvincing sort've way.

A nod forward is given then to the ferris wheel. "Ya wanna ride that?" She asks him then. "Or that coaster thing on the other side of it? These things never quite have as cool'a rides as the big theme parks like Six Flags." She draws in a breath then, and glances to her right as they pass by the line of port'a'potties, she seems to catch sight of something that makes her pause against his guiding arm around her. A pack of kids darting around behind the out-houses. She'd seen them earlier, picking on one of the kids watching the sword swaller's show start.

Remy's hand is pulled away slowly and he agrees, unaware of the smaller humans. "Ah would gladly ride on bot' of 'em, ya right t'ough dat six flags certainly has dhe bigga rides. We'll have t'go t'Coney island sometime, make sure ya get ya thrills on a coaster again." "-Rogue? Everyt'in' alright?" Remy asks, realizing she was looking at something else, drawing her attention to the row of honey buckets, Remy too looking that way trying to figure out what's up.

"Hold up." Rogue says back to him, glancing over at him. "Come on…" She starts toward the 'honey buckets' and pauses as a big fat guy steps out of the first one, adjusting his belt and glancing over at the two of them with an awkward glare. "Go around the back there." Rogue says then, glancing over to Remy. "I'll meet ya on the other side… I think there's somethin' goin' on." She didn't explain much more than that and is suddenly off down the line of out houses where the citizens of Salem Center (and the tourists to the faire) are lined up.

If Remy ducks behind them, he'll find a bit of an alcove created by stacked up walls of straw bales. Its a bit of a maze, but he'll come to hear shouts from kids 'Get him!' 'Which way did he go!?' 'That way! He there!'

Remy cants his head to one side at Rogue's request, and he starts to say something assholeish, but he holds his tongue and starts to go around the way Rogue told him. Gambit hears those familiar words and he starts to frown at himself and the sadness of the situation, "Damnit." He says to himself, drawing out of his pocket a handful of cards and holds them flush in his palm, turning to make his way through the maze.

Rogue is stuck trying to slide her way through the lines waiting for the toilets, and being stopped to greet someone who recognizes her from the music store… she's a pretty lady afterall and there's alcohol being served at this place. She tries to play friendly, but separates herself pretty quickly before moving on to reach the end of the out houses and curve her way behind them as well.

What Remy is soon to find is that the kid's searching shouts are suddenly replaced with shouts of fear. 'Let go of me!' One boy's voice screeches. 'He's freaking out!' another pipes in!

From above the makeshift straw maze, a strange thing appears, a fleshy colored tentacle raising up above them, clutching a middle schooler in its grasp, who's flailing and struggling!

"Son of a-" Remy cuts himself off when he looks up and sees THAT! WHAT IS THAT?! Is what Remy's brain is screaming and yet the man has to act and act now. "Sorry peeps." He says as he rears back his arm, cards in his hand charging up but minimally, he's going to blast his way directly to the scene, blowing up bales of hay and straw shouldn't be too hard and he doesn't have to worry about people on the other side, as the materal should disperse very evenly. "Ah'm commin'!" The cajun shouts and charges directly into the fray.

Rogue is only about thirty or so feet away so she can hear the screams, even if everyone else in the noisey faire can't since they're back behind all the rides and boothes in the darker corners of it all. "Remy?" Rogue shouts as she starts to run herself, and soon she too can see the tentacle with the kid… then a SECOND ONE joins it up in the air, holding TWO kids up heigh who're both shouting and flailing!

As Remy starts to explode bales, they burst and send nose-clogging and eye-watering dust/debris out in all directions, and eventually he'll bust into the center and see upon the ground another three kids held down by tentacles… and one kid just standing there, his arms having turned into a series of pink fleshy tentacles, he's crying and holding the bullies at-bay. "I'm sorry!" He shouts at Remy. "I don't wanna get arrested! They wouldn't leave me be! I told them too!" He shouts, while the kids in his mutated arms grasps all writhe and shout nasty words, one of them is just bawling like a baby.

Remy stops as soon as he gets to the center of the situation having had to reload his cards a couple of times having thrown several. The thief looks from the two kids up in the air writhing and squirming against the tentacled limbs coming from the kid and that's where Remy keeps his attention on the kid with the lengthy limbs. "Hey, hey, non, ya got it all wrong. Ah'm not gonna let ya get arrested." The cajun says, looking at the kid and hoping beyond hope Rogue shows up soon. "Put 'em down nice and carefully and we'll keep ya safe, ah promise."

Rogue suddenly rushes up beside Remy on his right, panting lightly as she'd run through the half maze and caught up with it… "Holy shit." She says softly, her green eyes taking in the sight of it all in front of them.

"Let me go, you freak!" One of the boys being held up in the air says, while the other one is just sobbing openly, the three on the ground are struggling to try to get free also, but one of them is just laughing.

The mutant doing this? He's furious and it shows on his face, he glares at Remy and then at Rogue as she appears. "No!" He says. "I know what happens! You put me in one of those vans and I'm never seen again! My parents want me to go with you guys, but I refuse!" It seems the kid may not know who he's talking to?

Rogue sweeps her gaze up to Remy and then back to the boy. "Nah kid, we can help ya, but ya gotta let'em go."

"If I let them go, they're gonna go tell the Van People where I am!"

"The van people are already on dey way." Remy says quickly with a look over his shoulder. "Do ya t'ink we look like people who would climb outta a stupid white van?"

Remy shakes his head, "Nah, we're here t'save ya from dem nasty people, but we can't help ya until ya put the bullies down. Ya ain't a bully ares ya?" Remy asks with a sad frown on his lips as he turns to Rogue to ask for more help and he bites at his bottom lip not sure what to do.

"Rogers, when I get ahold of you, you're dead!" The blonde bully says down to the kid holding him up with his mutant arms… three tentacles per arm, so there's one still loosely flailing around like its not really sure what to do or that the boy doesn't really know how to control it.

"You're lying!" He shouts then at them both, Remy and Rogue.

"He's not." Rogue assures him. "Look!" She raises up her hands and shows her gloved fingers and palms. "What kinda weirdo wears gloves when its 90 degrees outside?" She asks the boy, her head slowly shaking. "I'm… like you, a mutant like you."

The 13'ish year old boy snorts then, tears in his eyes. "You're nothing like me, lady. Look at you, you're like an underwear model!" His free tentacle then sweeps over toward Remy and Rogue. "Look at me! I'm a freak!"

"Damn right you are!" One of the kids in captivity shouts back.

Remy takes one step back as the limb snaps out towards them and he pushes his hand out to try and prevent Rogue from getting smacked by the fast tentacle. "Ah'm like ya too." Remy says after he catches himself and points to his black and red eyes and then he takes a card in his left hand and throws it almost directly up several feet before it pops in a brilliant purple explosion.

"Like we said, we need ya t'be a good guy, and not hurt these bullies or ya one yaself. We don' wan' dat and neit'er do ya, non?"

The boy watches the card go up into the air, Rogue dodges backward with Remy's help to get out of the way, and when the card snaps in the air the two bullies held up high are suddenly dropped! They fall the 10 or so feet down onto the hay covered ground with thuds and cries of pain, but they're probably mostly okay.

"You don't know shit!" The kid with the tentacle arms says, and then he tosses the three kids he's holding on the ground AT the two X-Men, his arms moving in a wave-like pattern like when you're making your bed and trying to get the sheet to lay just right… which WHIPS the boys at Rogue and Remy!

Rogue jumps up in the air and catches one of the incoming kids. "Woah!" She shouts, starting to hover back down to the ground. The other two kids are going for Gambit's head and knees at high speed!

Remy braces himself and will do what he can to stop the kids from hitting anything too hard, So he gets two eighty pound kids into his chest and legs and he's knocked onto his back rather easily, though the kids more or less land on top of him.


"Ugh, get offa me ya assholes and get the f*** outta here." Remy says, pushing the kids to their feet and towards the way he came in. "Shiii dats gonna bruise." The cajun reports to no one, standing up slowly. "Stop actin' so dumb kid and t'ink for a moment insteada yellin at us fo' nut'in'."

Rogue settles back down onto the ground and the portly kid she caught stares at her with his blue eyes and acne covered face. "Where ya been my whole life, doll?" He says at her with an amount of confidence to older women that no kid his age should possess.

Rogue just smirks at him and steps back. "Over a decade ahead've ya." Rogue retorts. "Go on." She says, and the kid kneels down, picks up his NY Yankiees hat and then staggers off afte rhis friends that Remy just shoo'd away. "Wait up! Mike! Eric! Hold on! I felt a boob!"

"Shutup, Ham." One of the kids shouts back as they disappear back around the port'a'potties.

The kid with the tentacle arms? He's no where to be seen. And Rogue just sighs heavily. She looks over to Remy. "They just fall outta the wood work." She says, about mutants of course. Or bullies. Or both.

Remy looks left and right and frowns. "What… how the hell could he disappear like dat?" The cajun asks, looking back to Rogue and then frowning deeply pushing up fully finally and turning fully towards Rogue with a massive shrug of his shoulders, he's at a lot of what to do now.

Rogue just releases a heavy sigh, their night of relaxation was just now that much more stressful. "Come on." She says to him as she makes to leave as well. "We'll search the perimeter. He's probably too razzled t'go back inta the mix'a the crowds. I figure he's gonna find a quiet spot somewhere t'calm down from all'a this." Rogue looks back over at the Cajun then. "You okay?" She asks him, showing a sly grin then. "They bowled you over like a human bowlin' pin." She teases him lightly then.

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