Cutscene: Awakenings

September 02, 2018:

Moonstar awakes from the strike against Savin and PharmaUSA and comes to realize they didn't win.


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Fade In…

The med-lab of the X-Mansion is a good place to be after one is playfully shoved by a Kryptonian. Especially when completely unprepared for the ferocity of their attack.

It's where Danielle Moonstar finds herself at this very moment.

Her rise to consciousness comes with a jerk and a gasp, as the black-haired Cheyenne woman startles awake. Her eyes swing wildly around the room, confusion evident, as she tries to reconcile her last memories to where she is now.

Her hand reflexively grabs for a plasma rifle that isn't there and already a spark of magenta psychic energy flares around one hand. It's only as the reality of just where she is, with it's familiar medicinal smell and the calming rhythmic beep and boop of machinery, that sanity begins to prevail.

It's enough that Dani closes her eyes for a minute, breathes in deeply, and tries to actively center herself.

And even with that strive for balance memories still try to barge past the calmness she reaches for -

A flash of Meggan and Rachel, her mission partners.
A flash of Pietro and Wanda.
A glimpse of a holographic Tony.
An echo of words authorizing tests on mutants.
And then so much rage from both sides. All righteous fury curdling their words with anger.

Her eyes open again and with a hoist the woman pushes herself out of the medical bed and walks over to a table. The computer screen housed upon its surface is touched and quickly Moonstar scans for after mission reports -

The screen scrolls - there's only a few, but she begins to read and as she reads further items (news articles) begin to flag with a bright red !.

! Earthquake hits Ohio
! Casualties unknown at this point
! Extensive damage throughout rural Ohio and beyond

And lastly within a report the mention that Tony Stark was injured, but stabilized.

"Dammit." Breathes Dani, her expression grim and beneath it a subconscious understanding of likely what, no WHO, injured Tony Stark.

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