Walk All Over You Part 1

August 31, 2018:

The X-men, armed with information about the strange enhanced plaguing many around the world fly to deliver a crippling blow to FuturePharm…and fall into a trap that leads to many consequences.


NPCs: Eric Savin and many goons

Mentions: Iron Man

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Fade In…

It has taken three teams of superheroes piecing together puzzles from across the globe to get a map of what has been going on. The Avengers, The Titans, the X-men. Kinda inspiring isn't it? I mean really. Almost makes you sick its so sweet. Everyone working together and—

Hold up. Getting off track. Where was I?

Oh yes. FuturePharm.

A company whose investers sold themselves to Stark with the promise of medical help for the future and to Hydra with the promise of super soldiers. A company that may have started with good intentions, but now? Now it, like so many other bright ideas, have spiraled into madness. This Project Extremis could have been used for the good of the world. Now it is just being sold to the highest bidder.

And the highest bidders seem to hate mutants.

Which is why brings the X-men here now. Now this little complex of five dusty warehouses in central Ohio, just out of sight of the picturesque town of Upper Sandusky(which is actually south of Sundusky. I know right? Makes no sense!) surrounded by sleepy farms and not much in the way of people. Makes it an ideal base for some mutant research. Which seems to be what is going on here. Mutant Trials of the Extremis Project. To improve powers, to make easily controllable(though addiction) soldiers and attack dogs. The tests have been inconclusive according to Rachel's information, but that doesn't make it any better.

However the sleepy little warehouses seem abandoned to the naked eye. Door chained up, a single maintaince shead with a door clinging to the wall by rust and willpower. Falling down chainlink surrounding the three block complex. Nope. Nothing to see here…

…of course the X-men have more than the naked eye to take stock with and under the scrutiny of powerful sensor systems a different look takes place. A hidden parking garage under the broken down maintance shed. Pop up turrets concealed under piles of trash. A hardened pair of underground bunkers with entrences inside the falling down buildings with tunnels connecting them. Those bunkers down down at least two stories, possibly three. Hardened, sealed, its hard to get a read inside them.

The only person up top though is a half asleep old security guard sitting in a rusty security hut by the gate to the complex. Anyone else must be inside.


For those inside the Black Bird there is limited sound as the vehicle whines in a turn, slowing with VOTL systems firing in directions to right it above Ohio and this complex. The stealth coating does little to hide the vessel if looked close enough but for radar and most technological scanning systems the X-Men's vehicle of choice is invisible; outside the immediate proximity they are brought down, air blasting up debris and knocking anything smaller than a Cocker Spaniel for a headspin.

From the cockpit Scott looks over his shoulder, visor on and cowl up already, only his lower jaw visible. Handles being drawn down as landing gear sets them up… "Lets go." Not very motivational or instructive, more of a dad way of 'get out we are here'.

That rear hatchway opening up and one of the side portals sliding upwards. The Blackbird itself remaining stealth sheathed. A bold enough approach this close but Cyclops has a lot of faith in their Shi'ar upgrades.


Much like her mutant brethren within the Blackbird, Moonstar is likewise 'suited up'. She wears what she typically wears at SHIELD, the black sleeveless shirt, black pants and brown boots. Her only ornamentation is her feathered headdress and a belt of turquoise around her waist. The rest of her 'ornamentation' is weaponry. SHIELD issued gun (sure she shouldn't have it here, but who's going to tell?), her bow and quiver of arrows, and her bone-handled hunting knife.

Once the 'bird lands and Scott gives a gentle heave-ho command, Danielle Moonstar rises to her feet. Then she moves, heading for the ramp and the world outside, "So, is this our typical type of plan? Bum-rush and hit-hard? Or we going with something more subtle?"

Her words are said lightly, or as lightly as she can get there what with the situation being what it is. Once outside the safety of the Blackbird, Dani automatically has an arrow in one hand and her bow in the other. Best to be prepared.


To a large extent, Bruce Banner looks like a tech nerd that got snared for this event while in the middle of doing his laundry. The only piece of his clothing that vaguely SHOULD be on a mission is the pants, from a special semi-experimental fabric for certain expansion related reasons. Even those pants aren't his favorite, they're snug, and he subtly picks at his seat during the ride. Otherwise, he has a vest that might be worthy to have gone on an outback safari ten years prior that has some clear repair as if something ripped out of it (ha, ha), short sleeve patterned dark blue shirt (they are little gray flying ducks, this pattern), brand new white sneakers, and a STARK cap to keep the sun out of his eyes. He has a laptop in his lap where he's seated in the blackbird, a duffel near his leg filled with a few other things; he puts the laptop away and draws some sunblock out, applying it to bare arms, nose. He may as well be prepared to just stay in the back as an observer (it could happen), and finds the motion of applying the sunblock somewhat calming. And has achieved a white streak on his nose, now. He offers some sunblock to Molly Hayes, seated nearby, with a friendly smile. Scott's not the only 'dad' on the plane, apparently.

But then they are arriving, Cyclops said so, and Dr. Banner removes his seat harness, collecting his gear into the duffel loosely. To those unfamiliar with him, Dr. Banner really should stay safely in the back, by all appearances. Or maybe stay on the plane.


"Not even a 'let's go, my X-Men'?" says Rachel Summers, the Marvel Girl.

(Do not call her Rachel Summers, the Marvel Girl.)

Rachel has had a heard week. Between flying around the U.S. sneaking into places and looking for evidence, fighting actual factual nazis at a nazi ski resort slash nazi evil lab, and getting her ribs busted in by some angry ex-army lady with a burning hand, she's just pushing forward.

Rachel can push forward through more than this. Anyone who survived where she's from could do the same.

Having mended her armored bodysuit — and, more importantly, yesterday's injury — she waits by the exit for the frontliners to go first. Her attention seems distant. Since she's back amongst the X-Men, she isn't worrying too much about being obviously psychic, so it's plain that she's casting her telepathic and telekinetic senses outward to get an idea of what they're running into. Every other team always gets so sketchy around mind witches.

The surrounding, pressing-close warmth of her psychic presence creeps across the team as she helps to establish the psi-link. Another little quality-of-life thing she misses when she's away from her home teams.

«Hidden turrets… underground bunker… yeah, nothing scanners didn't catch. They must have psi-jammers down there. I'll need to get closer. Those Extremis goons have psi-shields built in, so we won't be able to shut them down the easy way.»


A grim faced Polaris sat rigid in the Black Bird as Scott landed the plane close to the abandoned and neglected looking facility, sitting as far forward on her seat as the straps and seat buckles could allow. She expanded her senses outward, as far as she could, eyes closed and exhaling breath. At least until Scott disturbed that train of thought, she got up, unbuckling from the seat and making to follow the others out.

Her own suited up figure was clad in green and metal plates, black edging and a tiara like plate keeping long green locks in place. She pursed her lips, catching Rachel's telepathy on the turrets and the alike. "I can handle the turrets if you want? Or should I work on cutting power to the facility.. maybe knocking those jammers down a peg?" She offered, dropping down to the outside with a click of steel boots against the ground.

She paused, waiting further orders before just acting out.


To be honest Nate had half-forgotten about the super-Purifiers. For him the Sentinel showing up at the old oil rig was more alarming. Because Sentinels were a real danger back home, while humans were an endangered species to protect.

He still feels a bit like that. Humans needed protecting from mean muties. Well, most of them. Purifiers can burn in hell (or Limbo, whatever is worse). Super-purifiers? He has yet to face one.

"So what is going on with Stark, Ray?" He has to ask. Because well, having a sister he loves is sometimes awkward. In fact having relatives still feels odd at times. So he can't let it go. He has even looked in the Internet to see if the paparazzi have more information. Of course it was a bad, bad idea. Fake news aren't so amusing when they talk about your sister.

In his defense Nate also did a brief astral recon of the complex. But he detected some kind of psychic barrier and pulled back, preferring stealth to more detailed recon that more skilled telepaths can also obtain more easily. Like Ray, the Marvel Girl.

Totally calling her that. It is a brotherly thing.


Standing up from her spot, Molly blinks at Bruce and takes the sunblock before tilting her head, "Umm, thank you?" She asks and then idly looks at the sunblock before looking to Bruce again, "Umm, I don't think I get…ya know, whatever." She shrugs and applies a little to her face and neck just in case. SHe then sets it down and reaches down to adjust her large leather boots that go up to her calves.

She then shifts the faded blue jeans under those odd boots that appear more akin to something Thor might wear. Then she shifts the ruddish red top she has on that appears to have a pair of straps in an X Pattern that are attached to two red shoulder pads. Her upper arms are bare and her lower arms have on a pair of fingerless gloves that have a pair of Knuckleduster stype knucks on them but built with thick metal and what appear to be bolts. Those who know of him would recognize Juggernaut's style.

Nodding to Bruce, she pushes forward what appears to be a dark red 'Angry Birds' style knit cap and turns to walk off the jet. "I'm ready!" She nods her head and punches her fists together.


"It may be easier for us to get around with the power on," says Rachel, looking over to Lorna as the other woman drops down. "Turrets definitely, psi-jammers yes, please."

She narrows her eyes as she regards Nate. She senses brother teasing upon the astral winds. Don't ask.

"Oh, you know. He wants to do graphically x-rated things to me, I can't decide if I'm playing hard to get or not getting got at all."

Beware the sister teasing counter-attack.


MEGGAN, the astonishing… MEGGAN, has come along. She brought a vacuum flask of tea for the trip, which was the sum of her contribution. She was reviewing the dossier and had asked Rachel a couple of politely clarifying questions along the way.

Now that she is here, she takes a deep breath to center herself.

She seems to change subtly. It is a minor thing, but when she opens her eyes she has a distinct resemblance to Emma Frost operating at a full towering level of Resting Frost Face. She gets out of her seat and shrugs off the loose protective poncho "in case of sentinel interceptor dirt" and dusts off her immaculate puce power suit, pausing for a moment to wrap her hair up fully into a bun and pin it back using the Blackbird's conveniently located cosmetics mirror.

"I'll call if he shoots me," she says, dismounting and taking a quick jog round the corner. She doesn't sweat as she does it, instead radiating heat out of a transient pair of fins on her calves. Once she has angle, she produces slip-on flats from the convenient Bag, along with a dummy tablet computer, and approaches the snoozing security guard.

She approaches the guard post. Psychically she squeezes (in metaphorical terms) on Rachel's (metaphorical) bold, fiery claw.

Coming up at the window she taps at the window with a ballpoint pen. pek pek pek pek pek pek

"a-HEM" Meggan ahems at the guard.

"Inspection," she tells him, in a tone lousy with Portent.


Not even a 'let's go, my X-Men'?

And then her nose just crinkles up.

"Please tell me that was never a thing."

Hope Summers doesn't like this.

Maybe it's the fact that a Stark has been involved in all of this from the get-go (Never Trust a Stark; she has her reasons). Maybe it's the fact that every time she's helped the X-Men with one of these missions, the Brotherhood have shown up, like clockwork, to try to blow her up and give her, just, the hugest headache. Maybe it's just a gut feeling.

Either way. You play the survival game long enough, and you start to get an intuitive understanding of your odds and when something about them is off. And right now, Hope Summers feels off.

This, she will cheerily explain to anyone who asks, is why she is strapped today with more artillery than God*.

(*'More artillery than God' is a phrase which here means 'at least 75-90% as much artillery as Cable carried around with him at the peak of the 90s')

And yet, for all the guns and all the explosives and all the pouches, Hope carries herself in a comfortably casual way as the bay doors hiss open and the gush of air ripples in a frenzy along her red head of hair. She rolls one shoulder, than the other. Swings a sizable rifle around into her arms. Her brows furrow, as she looks outside. She could voice her worries. But—

"Well, back into the crunch, huh? I swear, if I see a single Maximoff, I'm gonna go crazy."


— she's already got a pretty good idea in mind for how to handle those.

Green eyes fall, for a moment, on Cyclops. She recognizes him by description, at least. Her jaw sets a bit, gaze squinting in some sort of intently scrutinizing thought.

And then her nose just crinkles at the back and forth between her technical relations.

"… You people have a very different idea of mission banter from Nathan."

And then, astutely, she switches to the psi-link.


The guard? He looks to be about somewhere between 80 and 150 years old. Silver hair poking out from under a thin cap that says 'SECURITY' on it.

He was asleep.

After a few peks of the pen he sort of snorts himself awake. Peering towards her though the glass of the rickey post. "…eh? What is that, missy? Directions? Do you need directions somewhere? Well ol' Joe can give ya plenty! I know this place like tha' back of mah hand!"

Meanwhile a camera zeros in on Meggan's face from the corner of said rickety station. The mechanical whirr almost audible as it zoomes in.


"Superlative," says Meggan in her best 'attempting to be a hardass American businesswoman' voice. She slaps what is probably a badge of some kind against the window briefly, her voice growing as chill and icy as Bobby's backside. "This is a routine audit, but with your /assistance/ I'm sure we can both finish up and go home before it gets too late."

She feels a brief squeeze from someone (it was Rachel, spoilers) and returns it, at which point she pushes it upwards. "Open the gate," she says, in an even louder tone of flatness. Face scans may be befuddled by her altered bone structure, although she did not think to change her eyes at all.


"Works for guys like Thor and Iron Man." Scott answers Moonstar as he departs the SR22 to join the others, "Though, we are not going in hard. Not the plan." Not that a plan has been stated but his approach unless absolutely warranted isn't generally aggressive. Generally. Brotherhood may be an exception. Bad blood and all.
"Stick close to me, Doctor." Cyclops advises Banner as they begin the ensamble walk.

"I'll fit one in for you next time." He fake smiles at Ray, serious mode Cyclops facial expressions are very limited. Scott doesn't have a chance to respond to Lorna or Nate in regards to the security or defensive options, which, makes some part of him proud as they're operating the way they should naturally. Another part of him feels like scuffing his toe back and forth.

"Hang back… " All he manages to the others as Meggan steps to bat. Hope gets a look, as if returned while hes drawing up and assessing the Phrama set up and what they may be up against. That brief glance he did toss at the young woman carrying his name plenty enough but unseen beyond the visor. Likely it appears shes being ignored.


Dani may not be part of the sibling-hood between Ray and Nate, but she's near enough that she hears Nate's tease and Ray's rejoinder. It's enough that the black-haired woman offers a grin and then a not-so-subtle thumbs-up to Ray.

She'd have said something more, but before the words can push past her lips a name is heard. Maximoff. That brings Danielle's brown-eyed gaze over to Hope, and almost the woman says something. It's right there, on the tip of her tongue. A knee-jerk response that she only *just* caught.

And from that Moonstar's expression sobers as she internally shakes herself, turning back to the mission at hand.

Lightly she nocks an arrow against bow and string and steps forward, though she doesn't necessarily go far enough to be seen, or that might break Meggan's current cover.

Instead she just readies herself for when everything does go crazy, relying on the psi-link to alert her when needed. A nod is given to Scott, though there's a quirk of lips at the mention of Thor and Iron Man.


Squinting at Scott and then at others, Molly lets out a huff and walks up near to Scott. She crosses her arms and gestures, "So, you're saying we're doing this all silent? Cause, I dressed to go running through a wall or two." She gestures, "I planned for it." She then shrugs, "But whatever, who cares about my wardrobe planning." She shrugs and then looks past Scott toward the area ahead and then squats down and waits. The barely adult places one elbow on a knee and a fist under her cheek as she idly awaits the upcoming also waiting.


"I like the angry birds beanie. Your look makes a …statement. Are you more the throw-er, or the throw-ee?" Dr. Banner asks Molly, with a type of nervous chattiness as he tails the young Miss Hayes off the blackbird, lugging his bag with some awkwardness. Before _actually_ exiting, he pauses indecisively: about if he wants to actually bring his gear off the plane, and how far. His hedging means he lingers on the exit, but does stand to a side, so that others can easily come out around him. It possibly reads as just nerves, though, since the man is clearly hesitant, squinting into the bright sunlight to the facility ahead.

Still, Dr. Banner gets over it and just brings the bag anyway, as Cyclops requests he stick with him. As for the psychic link, he stays reserved, and removed from it, as much as he can, though he'll listen to what is sent to him.


Nate snorts. Not that he doesn't know what most guys want from Rachel when they see her. Being a telepath teaches one to be tolerant about an astonishing number of things early on. Also teaches how mind-reading everyone's minds around is a really a bad idea.

It was a bro-snort. "I guess it could be worse," he decides, trying to get used to the idea.

Or rather, lets talk about something else. Like the mission. "I saw a bunch of guards, they looked professional mercs, not like the guy at the gate. But they are not on alert yet." Beat. "Well, damn…" « Heads up, folks. Something is going on, they are arming themselves » He sends through the psi-link.


From her spot, Molly looks up at Banner and smiles, "Thanks. Little of column A, little of column B." She nods her head and her grin widens to show teeth before she looks ahead again.


The man peeers towards the badge there. Squinting hard enough that he is /trying/ at least to read it. "Fine fine," He says slowly. "I mean no need to shout. I can hear ya just fine."

He really can't.

But a button /is/ pressed and the gate starts to wheel slowly aside on creaking motors making an entirely unearthly shriek of rusty metal on metal.

The way inside the complex is open and the various buildings stand before them.

Those with otherworldly powers might notice an increased alertness from the guards inside the buildings. This isn't standard routine, and that isn't right. Highly professional mercs /like/ routine. It keeps people alive when dealing with paranoid people with access to energy weapons.

Meanwhile Joe peers beyong Meggan. "Just you then, missy?" He asks as he looks back towards her.


Lorna's expression remained a practiced look of calm, she was trying, even though the comment about Maximoffs had her green eyed gaze flickering in Hope's direction. She wasn't going to say anything, if her half siblings showed, they showed.. Of course, then that likely meant an explosion that resulted in massive amounts of destruction and little resources to be found.. but details. A glance spared toward Nate and Rachel followed only briefly, the easy Summers banter raising a quirk of her eyebrows.

"Right.. well, since we're not charging in.." She shrugged.

The green haired mutant watched Meggan's movements with a raised brow. She knelt down, pressing a hand against the ground and spreading her senses out deeper into the facility below, concentrating as best she could and trying to get a mental map of what she could sense through the magnetic spectrum.


Meggan leans forwards slightly, pressing her forehead to the glass. (The badge is a plausible corporate ID but is also brought back to her pocket.) She says in a tone even more withering than the previous one, if you can imagine it, "/Mrs/, and my colleague will join me shortly. It's good that you were so alert, /Joseph/ - or we would have concluded the audit at this phase, and I'm certain you would /not/ have liked the result."

Her voice is ripe with the portent of DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS and PENSION REVOCATIONS, which may be a slightly peculiar feeling to an American blue-collar worker — but probably not a nice one, either!


Rachel briefly gives Dani a lopsided grin in reply. You don't have to be siblings to pass the universal signal for 'nice.' She then turns her attention to Hope, giving her an appraising look. She puts on her dramatic voice.

"What is, is."

«Yeah, I don't think we've been made yet, but we're not going to catch them sleeping,» she adds to the assessment, returning her attention to the mission.

Rachel's astral presence stays with Meggan throughout her little adventure. They're closer than sisters, in some ways. Their link only dims if they wish it. Functionally, this means Rachel gets to look over Meggan's shoulder in times like this.

«She's got it. I feel like we'd better move soon.»


"I'd prefer the safest and least destructive path possible if we have to but, we're also here to do a job. Lets get an idea of what we're up against before fastball specials are locked and loaded." Scott tries to culture his tone to less rigid, knowing these are not all his usual team and many of them new, ad hoc and out of place. Which has it's own perks. Training simulations have been ran with many and most are by no means green.
The psi-observational updates helpful, Scott doesn't respond immediately but hes paying mind and taking account. "Someone drop an illusion down or get that gaurd distracted and go with her. Battle buddies, no one is alone."


"On it." Dani says to Scott and then quickly the Cheyenne woman strips off the majority of her weaponry. Gun and holster, bow and quiver, and headdress.

Then she pulls her long braid up and circles it into a *braided* bun.

Once her 'disguise is 'achieved' Dani trots after Meggan, tossing out on the psi-link « Can someone bring my gear? Thanks! »

It only takes a minute for Dani to join her 'colleague' Meggan, "I've brought the red pens." She comments mostly to Meggan versus pull Old Joe, "Shall we begin?"


Dr. Banner ends up taking a seat in the grass as Molly squats, after finding a good spot, and draws his bag towards him, pulling the laptop back out. He'll attempt to check in for anything Tony may have made available: never know, the guy is regularly aware of quite a bit. Otherwise, he removes a bottled water from the bag too, and connects a spare battery to the laptop.

"I'm okay with alone," Dr. Banner reassures aloud, "If there's an odd number. Also fine to be a distraction. Just. For reference." He pokes at his laptop now, drinks his water. A clear expression of how calm he is - though inside, the anxiety level is getting blisteringly high.


Joe looks confused. Congratulations Meggan! You have confused an old man! He rallies though and nods, puffing out his chest a bit. "Thats me alright. Good ol' alert Joe! Not one thing will get past me, Miss! You can trust me with this…" Broken down old rusty danger zone. "…fine complex…"

He even doffs his hat as Moonstar hurries up, leaning just a little bit out of the post to say in a 'whisper' that isn't quite a whisper. "Please don't let her take mah pension, ma'am. I need that ta eat!"


"Then he had better hop to," Meggan growls to her colleague. She clicks her pen /with great portent/.

Mentally she tries not to giggle. It is a secret thing between her and Rachel, although there are undertones of 'hopefully this won't backfire too badly.'

«This won't last, I think, but we can at least use capitalism against them,» Meggan reports soberly to the general psi-link. «Can you give me a few seconds warning before you start zarking and hulking and everything?»


Dramatic voice. Cryptic statements of potential wisdom. Hope flashes Rachel the brightest of grins.

"Now that's much more familiar."

But as the call goes out from Scott, the youngest member of the Legion of Redheads does not so much as hesitate; shortly after Dani is casting aside her gear, Hope is following after, reaching out to co-opt Rachel's genetic information and tailor them over her own and project a simple, easily digested illusion over herself to follow after the Cheyenne woman with the comfort of (most of) her weapons still with her.

«Following after. And I know, I'll be careful I don't go slingshotting through time.»

She remembers these things. These things are incredibly important.

So, now looking like she's wearing her very best Assistant's Pantsuit to pliable minds and not a walking arsenal of destruction, she catches up to Meggan and Dani, falling into line behind the other women with the flash of a friendly smile and a wave for good ol' Joe.

"You're doing really great work!"

She's not even being sarcastic. He's doing his best!


Rachel makes a fingergun at Hope and clicks her tongue.

But now there's more work. Rachel shuts her eyes, and then goes so far as to put her hand to the side of her head. Serious.

«Savin's somewhere in there. Meggan, I think we only have a few more minutes before they come looking for you.»

Rachel turns to look over her shoulder at Cyclops, but this is only for effect. She still uses the psi-link because she was deprived yesterday. «What's the plan? Are we punching in once they find the way down?»


"You're not alone, Doctor. You got Bruiser and I." Scott quips as he holds position while the others filter in. Ray's question gets a flash of a response, telepathic emoji for a thumbs up. Most of thought is a lot of images after all or 'ideas' to tranlate in to words. «The violence happens as soon as our people are in danger. We're overwatch until then.» Which, the already alert state says it is unlikely this hurry up and wait status is going to last. Some part of him is counting on it. Maybe he can sense his teams eagerness…


Nate squints when Hope jumps forward to join the harassing of the old guy. Hope is someone else he doesn't like to get in front of a camera and the line of fire. « I don't think there is going to be time to get Meggan and Dani inside. They are expecting something or they suspect we are here already »

Under those circumstances it would be unlikely they allow anyone unknown inside… « unless we can push them to think the ladies are the inspection from hell they need to allow everywhere? How hard would something like that to do? I guess if they are a normal company and not fascist fanatics or religious nutters it might work. Scott? »


The trip to the front doors is slightly harrowing. They /know/ those turrets are there. But they remain offline. That is at least a good thing.

They make it to the door, and those doors open on much more well maintained gears. This of course reveals a half dozen men, now forted up near a set of bunker doors instet in the floor. Behind standing concrete embankments that server as cover with weapons trained on the trio framed in the doorway.

A man, tall, dark hair cut military short, his fatigues desert camoflauge and a humming plasma weapon tucked lovingly into the crook of his arm.

"So," He drawls. "Ladies. Since I just called down to check on this whole…inspection thing. And there isn't an inspection thing. Why don't you all explain what you're actually doing here before we have to ask less than politely."

The bunker door opens, one side of it at least opens and a man in his twenties shows up. Whipcord thin, with a flash of a sardonic smile on his face. He's chewing a piece of gum as his too-bright eyes turn towards the trio at the door.

That horrid buzzing sound comes from him on the psychic plane. Even worse than before.

"Man, Grey. You were totally right. You three don't look like investigators at all."

He takes a few steps out, dressed in a off-the-rack suit. That smile and the almost dead look in his eyes a disturbing combonation. "So! Who is gonna lie to me first? I'll wait."


From the inside. The rather ominous sound of a half dozen assault rifles being charged can be heard rather clearly by the other X-men.

…its not the most reasuring of sounds.


«Too late,» Rachel pings. «At least they found the right warehouse.»

Rachel pushes off the ground, rising into the air as she collects her psychic might to see what she can mess with. A flash of the location of the warehouse and the positioning of guards spreads across the psi-link.

«Everyone in! Lorna, hit the turrets!»


"I— well, yes, of course," Dr. Banner answers Cyclops quickly with a flash of smile. Of course he does have them. Bruce's tendency to distance from others simply caused him to overlook that current reality. He continues to dig around on his computer, distractedly putting his water away into the bag. Lacking any information from Tony or otherwise, though, the laptop is put away also, and he makes himself useful gathering Dani's gear into some semblance of a pile. Busywork. He's nervous, and is just trying to do something instead of just think about being nervous.
"So, 'Bruiser', huh." Awkward. Those sounds of guns cause Bruce's tone to shift quieter, dismayed. "Uh oh. They might need us." Sounds like a terrible thing, from Bruce's opinion.


Waiting was the worst. It was by far the worst thing in Polaris' book. Sitting there and hanging back because there was no easy way to disguise green hair. She scowled, crossing her arms after her magnetic inspection of the place. A glance as spared to Scott, in as much of a child on Christmas being told 'you can't open your presents until tomorrow'. Really, it was closer to a pout.

A huff of breath followed as she kept her senses layered over the various weapons and turrets as she could, ready and willing to jam them as soon as she had the word. Green eyes flickered toward the bunker as it opened and back to Scott, an echoing thought of 'CanIpleasepleaseplease knock the guns out already?' slipped through her impatience.

And then came Rachel's words and the greenette grinned, her hands closing as she released her grip on her powers, yanking hard on the guns and turrets in her senses upwards and away from pointing at anyone.


Scott doesn't have to say a thing in response to Lorna, they already thought it in sync. Rachel has it out there just as he was about to encourage. A look at Bruiser and he gives a nod, "Time to make a ruckus. They want a show of force we can too."

The visor lights up red and he looks at Banner, as if to make sure he is still beside him then turns towards the nearest bit of fencing, letting loose a massive wave of optic force, a warning shot, anouncing their presence and tearing down the barrier for those still this side of it.

"Watch eachothers backs and keep it tight." No move on his part to advance yet, hes got a responsibilty for the moment to overwatch and monitor the Doctor, sort of… an experimental thing of his own.
"How you feeling about right now?"


Scott questions Bruce…


Moonstar's gaze flicks around the room and over to the concrete embankments and the weapon-toting men behind it.

This is where the poop emoji would be put to good use -

And it only gets worse when Grey and Savin appear on scene. Grey is given a long solid look, but Savin - his arrival actually causes Moonstar to stiffen and immediately turn her attention to the very lean man. There's a question in her eyes as well as something close to horror, as she gets a taste of that static upon the psychic plane.

She knows what that is and it almost physically hurts to feel it.

But it doesn't stop her from saying to Hope and Meggan, her partners-in-crime, "I've got the men in back." That stand behind those concrete embankments and with an outward fling of her psychic powers the woman moves to enwrap all six minds of those men into an endless loop of their own internal nightmares.


Meggan's lips purse as they are, in a moment, Made.

Fortunately she is an empath, not a telepath. "O-ooh," she says to the man in the off-the-rack suit. It hangs oddly. She doesn't like it. But even so she turns her head to look at him and says, even as her head tilts and a lock of hair comes out of her severe bun, "I suppose you've got us dead to rights, don't you…"

Don't look at the guns, she tells herself, because that will just make you anxious. She doesn't answer Dani directly because, momentarily bereft of other options other than hope (or, more accurately, Hope) she is attempting to /simper/ this enigmatic, dead-eyed man.


"Crap," Nate grumbling is barely heard because he jumps into the air the instant Rachel thinks 'too late'. His left eye flares to life, and he almost breaks the speed of sound accelerating towards the warehouse. Going through the wall, really.

If there are mutant detectors anywhere in Upper Sandusky they are spiking. Those psi-dampeners are not going to survive for long either, if Lorna has not fried them yet.


A nod to Banner and she grins, "I go Bruiser or Molly." She leans toward Bruce, "Or Princess POwerful sometimes." She then stands up and grins, "Sweet!" She then clears her throat, "I mean, uh…too bad…the plan…oh no." She then laughs a little and rubs her hands together. She then gives Bruce a two fingered salute and then she starts forward. She goes right for the fencing area that Scott blew a hole in and states, "One Ruckus comin' right up!" She then rushes forward faster and faster. SHe's no speedster by any means but as her eyes begin to glow bright purple she gets up faster and faster till she is easily cruisin' along at highway speeds just before she will slam hole ham into the front of that building and declare, "There's no need to fear, Bruiser is here!"

She laughs and then stops and looks up, "Well, if you're a bad guy…I recommend at least a little bit of fear."


Well. That didn't last.

That's a lot of guns. That's a lot of Not Hope's Guns. That's a lot of Not Hope's Guns pointed at her. It's been a good year at least since she's had a bunch of guns that aren't hers brandished threateningly at her. It's just like the good old days, now.

See? She knew she had a bad feeling.

Green eyes narrow. Hope looks from the tall man, to the thin man, to the guards and the plasmic hum of their weapons. She can already guess the output and specifications on them. She already knows exactly what that dead-eyed stare means. She wonders what that says about her, even as she swiftly unloads her plan.

Six vulnerable minds. Six weapons out of play. One still in.

So! Who is gonna lie to me first?

"I wouldn't lie to you."

Dani takes initiative, and Hope, sensing those minds out of play, immediately readjusts, looking to take a firm grasp of three of those plasma rifles to -yank- them through the air —

— and straight into her, Meggan, and Dani's waiting hands.

"Actually, I was hoping we could have a nice, honest talk. Does that sound okay?"

And for all her smile is warm, the way she intends to immediately unload a round of plasma at Grey's waiting kneecaps probably is less so.

«Please tell me you two have used plasma rifles before or else we might be a little boned!»

Because Hope is going to feel kind of guilty if Meggan shoots herself in the face or something.


Meggan, who was starting to consider how to present herself as bait, is instead given a plasma rifle.

«Safety's off, right? Just point and»

Meggan, being a soft touch, aims leggishly and just straight up shoots at Savin without any sort of verbal warning. She may not have even intended to. It's an adventure for everyone, especially Savin.


Across the astral plane, Meggan feels Rachel giving her a :thumbsup:.


Bruce is being asked how he's feeling? He's surprised for a moment. Mostly people forget him in such times, until they suddenly remember him due to noise or damage. "Haha. Ha. Um. Well," Dr. Banner finally shows his anxiety, standing, and patting his hands a few times on where his pockets would be if he had any. "Feeling as ready as it gets, I guess. I'll try to stay 'tight', but we'll see if he listens." That's going to really go out the window. He pulls his vest off, forcing a 'game face'.

Bruce's initial game face isn't a traditional one, though. It is closing his eyes and allowing the emotional anxiety to spike towards the emotions he buries; the ones he tries desperately to keep at bay.

Bruce's newer game face is a rush of green discoloration up the veins of neck, and a rigor-mortis spasm of hands, his body taking a lurch with the onslaught: a prequel to a larger arrival. Calling on the anger reserves is easy. Too easy.


They are all well paid, hard living mercenaries. They have been around the block. Minor cybernetic augs. Energy weapons. They are feeling pretty confident they can take three young women. Even Corporate Power Women.

That all changes the second the turrets are torn bodily from the ground outside. Shooting up into the sky like so much trash before they can even be activated.

This is followed by a red spray of optic power that blows most of the fence away leaving the way easily open and old Joe staring gapjawed.

"Oh what are you going to do to—"

Savin was just about to say something when Hope steals all the plasma weapons. "…well that's new. So can we talk abo—"

And he's intrupted again just as Meggan /shoots him/ right in the chest with one of his own plasma weapons. He goes flying back down the open doors to the bunker. But Dani can still feel that pressure. He's not dead yet. Espicially since it is also now coming from Gray who eyes Hope angrily. "That is /mine/." He growls and then starts to charge forwards…

Which is when all of his backup fall clutching their heads and a pair of angry human sized missiles punch holes in the warehouse.

…the problem with this is that they punched holes in a building already suffering bad structural problems. So now it starts to groan and slowly sag. Maybe list a little bit.

Gray looks up and shrugs. "I'll live." And then turns to aim a heavy forward kick right towards Molly. A kick that is now glowing hot enough that the boot he wears liquifies.

Savin? Savin is booking it.

Rachel and Nate can hear him though. "Yeah! Slow em down!" That seems to be his orders. "I'll kill the server files and we'll get out of here!"


Crashing in, Molly blinks and then just sighs, "Just guys with guns?" She pffts and then shakes her head, "Gosh, these guys aren't even that scary. Where's the pomp? Where's the circumstance?" She then turns as she watches guns go flying into the hands of her allies and whistles, "Those are big guns…" She nods her head and then blinks as they fire, "Really big…" She laughs a little and then blinks as a glowing foot comes her way.

Her eyes go wide as she slams up both arms to block the foot and goes flying backwards. She goes through another wall and screams as she does. SHe is lucky to have chosen the outfit she did given it has gauntlets but now not only are her arms burned but her gauntlets are ruined. What happens next is…well…Hulk might understand.

Slowly standing up, Molly's jaw is shaking as she looks at the melted gaunlets and the burned arms. Her eyes are glowing and she looks slowly up at Gray. She then screams out in rage, "MY NEW JUGGERNAUT GAUNTLETS!!!" Within a second she has gone from glowing eyes to flaring with purple light as she suddenly rushes right back at Gray but this time she's not hitting with the force of a wrecking ball, she's coming at him with the force of a very small freight train.


Rachel opens her eyes. They burn red. It's a psychic thing.


The redhead abruptly lunges forward, slicing through the air on telekinetic wings. With everyone having gotten stuck in nice and properly, she's able to better plan her route while accounting for things like collapsed buildings and engaged melee.

All she has to do is follow that teeth-aching astral static that represents Savin. Normally it would be good tactics to send one of the bricks against him, but she can't let him start wiping the files. Besides, she can be a brick, too.

A quick sweep of the psi-link gives her an impression of what everyone else is doing about this. She can sense Meggan's attention, and wager what Dani's going to do. If they manage to stop him, it'll give her a chance to pierce deeper into the facility and secure the servers before there ever needs to be a fight over them.

All she knows is that the first time she catches sight of Savin, she's going to attempt to TK throw him into cruising altitude.


« Point and shoot. » Agrees Moonstar and as soon as the gun is in her hands the Agent of SHIELD and X-Men turns it towards the men who've been ensnared by her nightmares.

While she could easily shoot to kill, she takes a page from the gentler side of things. She simply shoots for debilitating shots at the men who suffer from her psychically induced nightmares.

Then her gun swings right over to Savin and Gray, even as the building begins to rumble and shake around them. "Looks like the party is starting." She quips, then her she moves to line up a shot for Savin, specifically his back since he's taking the vein of running away to fight another day, only to find her shot thwarted.

"Dammit." Then to Hope and Meggan, "Let's follow him then - I'm pretty sure he's the one that really needs to die at this point." And then off Moonstar goes, intent on the target that smells psychically familiar to a Bear, Wolf and Bird. It's enough to stir an echo of that bear within her own heart and mind.


Lorna flew forward since stealth was no longer an option. Her intent clear as she flew forward on magnetic winds to catch up to the other three girls that had previously taken up the lead. "Right, so, downwards? I can feel the electrical currents, have a vague idea of what the place's outline looks like." She offered, glancing toward Molly briefly and deciding to just let the young woman have fun punching.

Green eyes fell to Dani, Meggan and Rachel.

Then without so much as waiting, charged onwards, a falling building wasn't that much of an issue. Not with a magnokinetic that could reinforce the steel structural supports.


"All right, not entirely unexpected but seeing it again… entirely… just as alarming." Scott takes a step back, "Hi, Doc, Doc's Green Passenger, I'm Cyclops… a friend." He holds up his gloved palms, patting his chest. Bruiser is off in a blur of rampage and adrenaline. No longer his concern for the moment, the rest of the team can be a safety net.

«We have a situation outside. Be ready to route a wrecking ball… not Bruiser. May take both of you to keep him at least mission focused.» After that? We will see.
Here goes.
"That place behind me, Hulk, it is full of bad men who hurt puppies and kittens. You should probably break their stuff to teach them a lesson."
«Wildcard is loose.» No doubt the emerald rage monkey is sending out some psychic pings.

Cyclops is preparing if Hulk is convinced to begin his own /suppressing fire/ approach for the team assisting around Polaris own exertions. Volleys of optic shots to keep any reinforcements or additional threats distracted of couse. If Banner's jolly inner child doesn't swat him.


And … there's the Hulk roar.

Hulk makes an effort to be heard over gunfire. It's a matter of angry pride. And so it is a roar of bellowing proportions as the Hulk takes full stage from Dr. Banner. There isn't just a bellow but a beat of massive, still-growing fists on his own upper torso, then the ground, more than enough to announce the new arrival. Which side he'll end up on is possibly a little up in the air, but he's definitely not on the structure's side. Scott is looked at with his 'instructions'. Snorted at. And Hulk starts to move: in the right direction!

That psylink, though? Anger and outright hatred is going to POUR out of Hulk into it. Maintaining connection to him might not be useful to the team as a whole. It's probably very distracting to have the rage monster raging in a shared network of communication.

Hulk entirely ditches the little camp; he heads into the apparent battle with a massive lunge! Which does not work as expected!

Hulk lands, intending to shove hard on the ground to plant his weight, but instead? The Hulk goes directly through the floor into a lower area with an angry bellow. He did not expect that. And whatever he immediately lands in is going to get smashed. Hopefully that isn't a bad thing.


Rachel validates Meggan's life decisions. She straightens up slightly, and she raises her voice, still with that tone of authority. "Oi!" is how she leads, so you know it's really her. "You think you can run? The sickness is inside of you!"

She fires her plasma gun at him again. Her aim is not good. She has shot rifles with Brian but only at clay targets. But it adds up!

She glances at Lorna once, even as her eyes turn up to the building — even as Lorna reinforces it. "Oh thank you I owe you one," she says to Lorna, beaming. Then she turns her gaze forwards and starts to hup after the enemy.

As she does she reaches out towards him mentally. She focuses on the sentiments she's felt coming here. The sense of camaraderie. The pleasure of Dani and Hope joining her. The thrill of getting away with something. The guilt mixed with a resolve to kiss his cheek and make it better at the end when it came to gulling ol' Joe. The halcyon memories of working with Rachel, with the X-Men. That feeling of relief when she saw the roof start to fall. The fleeting memory of Dave Lister with a bazookoid that she'd felt when Hope had thrown her the gun.

She pushes the feelings out. She is not trying, exactly, to change Savin's mind. If anything this might slightly complicate matters, were it to give him an emotional boost. A little of this is probably to keep the Hulk Smashing in the middle distance down to a dull roar, but there is also the fact that he is not the first emotional dead zone Meggan has ever touched.

And so, Meggan reasons: /anything/ would be new to him. Anything at all.

It does derail with an emotional and verbal "!!" when Hulk occurs ahead of her.


«WOW TURNING THAT OFF,» Rachel's voice echoes across everyone's minds. A second later, Hulk gets admin booted from the psi-link.


…oh yeah. That building is /totally/ collapsing. Right the hell now.

It just got Hulk'd and Molly'd at the same time.


So yeah, despite his speed Nate finds out the three women have the situation very much under control. Which is a relief and makes him smile. For a second. Then joins Lorna in holding the ceiling.

And a Hulk crashes in. Which makes holding the building up kind of pointless. Instead he pushes it aside, so it doesn't crushes anyone important. Incidentally that also saves some mercenaries for being crushed. And an old guy called Joe.

« There are another half a dozen mercs » he mentions alone the way. Marking their positions through the telepathic link. They are hopelessly outclassed, but he figures it is best if everyone is aware where they are so none of them gets a lucky shot.


"Great!" exclaims Hope Summers, smile bright. "Let's talk. Question one—"


" — who is shooting you in the chest what??"

And as Savin goes flying through those double doors and to what Hope is halfway sure is an escape route leading to some sort of villainous rocket or something, the redhead just sighs, rubs the back of her neck, and looks at Meggan with her expression screwed up somewhere between helpless exasperation and understanding.

"I know, they're pretty tough to get used to." A second passes. "Fun though, right? Like—"

And there comes Gray, barreling in; it's pure soldier's instinct that sends Hope's weapon swinging towards him. It's survivor's experience that doesn't even make her flinch as Molly just up and punches her way through the warehouse.

Let's follow Savin, says Moonstar.

"Yep, on it," proclaims Hope, telekinetically holstering her weapon before darting past the brawling Molly towards the underground.

"Hey!" she calls out. "You got this covered—"

And then Molly goes all Hulking out on Gray, and Hope keeps on a-runnin' while giving an :ok!: sign. Both mentally and physically.

"Yeah you're good, awesome!"

And off she goes, trying to push down thoughts of Purifiers being sold /this/ tech potentially from /this/ man. «In pursuit! Who subdues Savin, who goes for the files-» A fact not helped by the SUDDEN RAGEAHOL.

«AGH JEEZ it's like a NIMROD throwing up on my heart!»

So that's fun.


Gray has a no good very bad day. The book.

He actually looks kinda shocked as Molly gets back up. I mean really. Most people he kicks with metal melting feet that can punch holes in concrete don't get back up. Like. Ever.

They defiantly don't scream and countercharge.

When Molly hits him it takes him off his feet. Back out the building…possibily saving him from gettin Hulk'd. And into the /next/ building. Then into the far wall of /that/ building. Ribs deform and crack, spine breaks, what flops to the floor is a bit twisted to be called human…

…but then he starts to put himself back together again. Lmbs streightening, spine rightening. One glowing fist swings for Molly's face even as the man heals.


The chase is on. Savin has the benifit of his enhanced powers and knowldge of the building. The rest of them have benefit of being /really/ pissed off. So its a fair race…

He dashes down the corridors, the dozen other mercs there trying to cover him but not really being able to keep up with a running gun battle with a group of X-men.

Which is about when Hulk enters the party.

The top floor of the bunker simply colapses inward, the building itself shreaded in his wake. Nate thankfully has the piece of mind to save the mercs and Joe. Which is good, since that would have been the end of them.

As Hulk roars though the remaining mercenaries, seven of them turn in suprise and…do what most goons do when confronted by a raging Hulk.

They shoot at him. Instead of everyone else. Which is a good thing for everyone else. Bad thing for them. Gunfire, energy and convention, slam against the Green Monster just making things worse.

Of course for those underground, having half the building collapse under the arrival of a giant isn't really great either. Rachel, Moonster, Hope and Meggan have to contend with a suddenly tilting hallway, debris showering downward and the concussive force of Hulk's arrival. Daylight can be seen now where they are, the roof peeled back to reveal the sublevels.

Savin though, Savin was closer to it and he stumble. Just for a moment, but a moment is what they need. Meggan's psycic assault causes him to hesitate in confustion, confusion long enough for two plasma blasts and one TK strike to slam into the man sending him flying /though/ the door he was at into the half-ruined server room. At least some of it is still intact but Savin is…well…persistant. One hand weakly struggles for what looks like the main intact server, the glowing white hand ready to melt it…no matter that he's still healing from getting hit three times by weapons that by all rights should have killed him.

He looks at the door though, the woman rushing for him and slowly gives a smirk. Superior. Smarmy one might say and that hand that could possibly reach the servers…stops…

And raises into the air.

"I surrender." His voice much too cheerful. "Isn't that what you people do. Take people alive?" They can see his body repairing itself at a disgusting rate. "I mean, those Genoshan refugees keep disappearing. Boss wanted them for this project. But I'm suureeee that wasn't you all. After all. You don't kill people …" The Hulk's roar echos from not far away. "…do ya?"


"Lets bring this in!" He says verbally but its also thought projected. A sour expression on his face as he has taken off in a run that has him swiveling his head left to right, Hulk saliva from the roar brushed off his face and optic pulses of crimson lancing out but starting to relent. Going through the hole that Hulk produced he steps over the wall part, red bead center of his visor leveling on the smug prick.

"Surrender accepted. Make your people stand down and mine will." He hopes.

«Can we get some bodies on our Hulk, get him to calm if possible.»


Hulk is a good tank. Best tank. Just takes all the bullets!

Guns unload on Hulk, and he glowers at them arrogantly, gaining size and bulk as their stupid actions enflame his anger. He gives them a horrifyingly dark grin WHILE they shoot him, reaching overhead to rip a long metal beam out of the ceiling he came through. Various additional structure failure, of course, occurs. He grips the beam at one end and begins to laterally bash it back and forth through the people shooting. It's not quite a baseball swing: it's a one-handed, haphazard motion, and quick:

Slam, slam. Slamslamslamslamslamslam until his beam is broken against the various opponents. Then the beam is flung at them in a distracted way.

"Puny guns not stop Hulk." Pfft. Hulk next orients towards the next interesting sounding thing nearby to be angry about, stomping his way deeper into the lower level.


Rachel crashes into the corridors from above, catching up rapidly by following the perceptions of the people ahead of her. Whatever mercs aren't dealt with by the time she gets there, she blows past with a telekinetic shockwave that sends bullets dissolving and men tumbling. These people are not in her pay grade. They can think about what they've done while on their asses.

It's still not an easy speedrun. The damage being done up above is disorienting, and causes her to take detours when one hallway or another is blocked off. It's a good thing that Savin's psychic static is so annoying.

Team Gillian Anderson Energy ends up in the server room at the same time. Rachel, telekinetic judgment at the ready, pauses for a moment while Savin makes the correct decision by removing his hand. She was about to take it from him if he kept reaching. Rachel glances over to the others for a brief exchange. They can feel her confusion and annoyance at the mention of the disappearing Genoshan refugees.

A telekinetic field thrums into place around the servers and their controls. No touching for now.

"Make yourself as unthreatening as possible, Savin," she says. The redhead shoots a psychic impression over to the other redhead, who has more experience with aggressively slapping consoles for apocalyptic data. The forcefield will go down if Hope goes for the controls. Rachel can be selective like that.


Lorna frowned up at the building, her hands stretched out as she made to help Nate push the collapsing part out of the way of hurting them or anyone else accidentally. With a grunt of effort, she released her hold on it as it rumbled down and Hulk smashed through the rest. She continued downward, magnetically floating and speeding her way along with the others. Her attention drawn toward the creep Savin as he spoke. Her lips pursed together as he mentioned the Genoshans, and a hum of anxiety followed as she started to focus mentally in the here and now rather pointedly instead.

Not thinking about those unsanctioned missions was rather hard.

Green eyes narrowed and she glanced at Rachel, "You all got this? I want to check if they've got any prisoners here."


Heavy breathing. After slamming that guy with a massive amount of her strength through several walls and a couple of buildings, Molly is slow to get up and the glow around her fades back to just being her eyes a glow as she gasps out breath and shakily pushes up. She frankly didn't expect that guy to be getting back up any time soon. She frankly let her emotions get the better of her and hit harder than she really intended. So, when the guy starts to regenerate, Molly looks over in surprise. When he takes a swing, she's even more surprised.

Molly goes spinning across the floor of this new building and comes down to a halt. Between exertion and that punch she is nearly down and out…

Well, she would have been if Gray hadn't been using fire hands.

Right before her half-lidded eyes, Mad World by Gary Jules begins to play as an Angry Birds knit cap slowly wafts toward the floor before her. It's burning and parts of it turning to ash as it wafts to the ground. It hits the ground right in front of Molly's eyes.

A small hand reaches out slowly to grab it and she grips it and pulls it in close. Ever so slowly she starts to pull herself up to her feet. It isn't like last time. It's a glow in her eyes that grows to her hair. Slowly her hair begins to float a little as the glow grows and almost seems to spark around her.

She's staring down at the hat and holding it close.

Gray made two mistakes in that moment. Two mistakes that he may not even realize he made. He burned up one of Molly's favorite hats…that and he showed Molly he can regenerate.

Outside the building that Gray and Molly crashed into, a bird lands to try to peck at a worm only to flutter off suddenly at the sound of a crash followed by the enraged screams of a very angry teenaged girl.


Savin goes down!

Meggan comes up after him. Struts, almost.

Her lip curls up in a sneer that matches her face as well as the lingering after echoes of all that Hulk she got on her before Rachel hit the squelch button. (In the interstitials here she made a really astonishing face that only Dani has seen, will ever see. Treasure it, Dani!)

"I feel like you're being really very sarcastic about trying to explain to me why we should treat you nicely, Mr. Men's Wearhouse," Meggan says, her plasma rifle resting on her shoulder. She comes up near Savin, and puts a foot on his shoulder if he doesn't seem too mutilated to endure this torment. Either way she leans forwards slightly.

"So why don't you tell us a bit about this or else perhaps you can have a conversation with Mr. the Hulk. And I'm much nicer to speak with than him," Meggan concludes, leaning her head down lower. "/I guarantee it./"


That rage felt over the psi-link shatters Moonstar's concentration for that second, which leads into the tilting hallway, which causes the Cheyenne woman to stumble for a second.

Thankfully it doesn't take long for Rachel to boot Hulk out of the link and when her brain stops ringing with the many feelings and colors of rage, Moonstar rights herself again. "That was great." She comments to her Squad and then it's a mad dash down the twisting (and crumbling) hallways underground. There might be a silent prayer for those hallways to stay open long enough to get where they need to go, and then out too.

Either way, when the team arrives at the server room, Moonstar immediately turns her attention to Savin. With the mention of Genosha, Moonstar can't quite stop the vague narrowing of her eyes, though the emotional (internal) reaction is much more pronounced from the woman and has nothing to truly do with this particular world.

Still, that doesn't stop Moonstar from following right on the heels of Meggan; astonishing Meggan face or not! "She is the nice one too." Dani agrees, even as she turns her rifle to Savin, "And sometimes we do break from convention and do what needs to be done, especially to rabid animals like yourself."

For Lorna, Dani shifts her attention briefly to the green-haired woman, "Think we do, but you're welcome to stay. You shouldn't go running off alone, always take a partner."


"Yeah," says Rachel to Lorna. She doesn't take her eyes off Savin and the servers. "We're good here, one way or another."


That should be all, decides Nate.

But amazingly his namesake Extremis merc is still alive and kicking, despite taking Molly's hulk-like punch. "You okay, Bruise?" He asks, hovering over the young woman. "I can handle him," he offers. Attempting to grab Grey with a semi-invisible telekinetic claw and lift him a few yards into the air. He can burn, kick and punch as much as he wants, his telekinetic power is not going to catch fire.

Not every Grey goes flamey when using telekinesis!


And flying goes Savin once more, straight across the partial ruin of the server room. The soles of Hope's booted feet squeal across the ground beneath her as she comes to a stop within that almost entirely decimated enclosure. Her rifle whines with pent up energy as she swerves it upward to point at the slick cheap-suited man, eyes narrowed.

"Stop moving," she advises with absolute calm. Casual, even. "You guys look like you can bounce back from just about anything, but I'm sure it still doesn't feel great having to regrow missing pieces of yourself."

If she's bluffing, she certainly doesn't look it. But fortunately, it never actually comes to that. Savin surrenders with a shocking lack of preamble or attempts at self-defense for someone who is so clearly enhanced like Gray is. It makes her brows scrunch together into a singularly pensive knot. There's that feeling again. She absolutely does not like it.

Nor does she like what he's saying. Disappearing refugees? Killing people? She falls into thought for a brief moment before she feels that psychic suggestion imprint itself onto her conscious mind. "Hey. You peddle to Purifiers. Kid killers. You should feel lucky I don't-" No. Focus. Her teeth grit mildly. "… On second thought, maybe try something new and shut up for a second, Savin." Green eyes flicker in a blink. She looks to the servers, protected by that bubble of force. She knows what Rachel's getting at.

Gotcha, her thoughts seem to say; and coupled with a single, crisp nod, the future-soldier makes her way toward that console, pressing past the telekinetic field enveloping it to start to work on pulling the data with single-minded purpose.

"… un-shut up for a second, Savin. Answer Meggan. What Genoshan refugees?"

Well, mostly single-minded.


I swear, if I see a single Maximoff, I'm gonna go crazy.

Time for Hope Summers to go crazy.

It could almost be an in-joke by now, how the X-Men and Brotherhood always seem to cross paths — though perhaps that's not surprising at all, given they're all in pursuit of the same things. Just with different methods. But amidst the chaos of all these varied minds in states of anger, panic, or fear — X-Men and their enemies alike — a new presence suddenly threads its insidious way into the gathering here. Or, well — two presences, albeit two so close together they might initially be mistaken for one.

This conglomerate is warded in a very familiar way — in searing, thorny scarlet that bites at intrusive minds — and it's moving blisteringly fast, also in a very familiar way. It arrows its way into the listing, collapsing building. Looks like the Brotherhood wants those servers too.

And here, now, over those very servers themselves, as the structure groans around them all, stands a man — or what once was a man — a few inches away from melting away all that precious data. But he offers himself in surrender… because the X-Men don't kill people. Do they?

"They don't."

The familiar voice carries the faraway accents of Transia. It precedes the emergence of Quicksilver from the smoking ruin that was once the far wall of the room, as he comes to stand squarely opposite Cyclops and his team. His brows quirk at all this talk of surrender.

"We might consider it, though," he says, his head tilting towards the spot at his side where his sister is accustomed to dwell.


And as expected, at that spot, dwells the Scarlet Witch.

She's like a little wraith haunting her twin brother's side, dressed in her usual red and black, from her corsetted dress to her headdress, shining beads all through her raven's hair.

Jaw high, gaze half-hooded, the Witch comes bearing her customary patience and vacant smiling, a picture of serenity that does not rhyme with the red in her irises, and the smoky, filamented curling of scarlet making rings around her long fingers.

"He means the magistrates, my dear," the Scarlet Witch takes the time to answer Hope. "We hunted some of our own — but not even we can boast responsibility for those disappearances. As much as we'd like to. Funny thing, that."

Her eyes run the party of X-Men, some of them could-be enemies, one a half-sibling, others some she's not personally even met. "We hope there will be a good faith sharing of information. We are all for the same cause, after all."


Here's hoping Nate is prepared cause he doesn't really gets so much as a response from Molly as a scream and a leap. She hits Gray like a ton of bricks and -


-and his arm twists all thee way around-


-She bites right into Gray's-


And Molly hits the ground, shaking with anger and slowly stumbles left and right and falls over. The glow fades and she passes out.


Cyclop's already tall self straightens up, shoulders squaring back like a soldier thats just come to attention, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have this sort of effect. That earlier curl he had to his lips appearing again, only this time it's not from getting Gamma slobber-showered.

He doesn't correct or counter what Pietro has said, letting it stand for the fear factor impact and his own momentary loss of words. The psychic sensitives and open-links present can feel the sudden shadow of darker emotion and walls of discipline wrapped in forced self control twisting through Scott's steeled composure.

It is one of those moments where time is just sort of slowing to a near still and everything around him is muffled in noise and blurring background except one single point of focus.


There are only two soldiers left now. Two little mercenaries. And they have some options here. Option one. Keep shooting Hulk. Option two. RUN.

They go with two. And run. Dropping weapons and running in the opposite direction of the Big Green Angry Guy who just turned their friends into red paste.

They don't want any part of that anymore.

As that torn piece of I-beam raises and falls repeatedly Savin just quirks one eyebrow up towards Scott. Smacking on his gum. "Uh huh, don't kill I see. Doin' a great job of that." He drawls as he slips his hands behind his head. Those eyes shift towards Rachel. "Look less threatenin'? Want me to take my tie off? I've heard people find them threatening." He wrinkles his nose a moment as he shrugs, that entirely passive 'not reaching' for a weapon pose there. There is a wide grin that doesn't even begin to touch his eyes for Meggan. "Oh sure! I'll tell ya all about whatever you like. Hell I'll flip on whoever, I'm just here for the money." He adds with that false cheer. "You want to know about the Genoshans? Well we tried to hire them. Then they just up and vanished and" Suddenly Pietro is there. "well what do ya know. Friends of yours?" Again that smirk. "We thought they did it, but they didn't make any claims about it so…not quite the right methods. Just…so strange don't ya think?"

He is helpful. He is /also/ a compleate prick about it. "Oh come on," This towards Moonstar. "Its not your style to kill in cold blood…"

Which is about when Molly's scream of rage rings out. Nate, either by accident or by design gives her a place to vent that rage that is a stationary target and the screams of rage are joined by screams of pain soon enough. I mean it still /hurts/ when every bone in your body is broken repeatedly. That guy is going to have some…issues…

Savin quirks an eyebrow. "Did you all change your methods? Man, your groups are more alike than I thought." A shrug at that. "But there, called my men off." Or they are dead or running.

Lorna? She does find prisoners. Four of them in the other building. All metas. Not all mutants though. All of them in various levels of the Extremis procedure. Hooked up to equipment pumping nanites into their blood. They…seem stable.

Hope though, Hope goes for the servers. Her fingers fly across the keys pulling information, fighting the viruses put in place on the other end to cut the feeds , pull and scrub data. Battling quickly and fiercely for every scrap of information and…she wins.

She beats whoever is on the other end. Not saving /all/ the data, but the majority of it. In the process though some of the data is activated and a line scrolls across the screen.

Playing Security log, Day Fifty One. Test Batch Seven.

Holoemitters flicker to life to show a quartet of men standing in what seems to be a lab. One is Savin, looking bored. One is Aldrich Killian, arms crossed and a smirk on his face. The third is a brunette with long straight hair that seems uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

The last one is, without a doubt. Tony Stark. With a bag of dried mangos in one hand, mirror shades on the man's face some of his favorites. Smirk on his face as he looks to something off screen.

"Alright babe! Hit me! Whats the good news!" The audio is flickering, staticy but its his voice at least. "What about the new batch?"

"Well," The woman begins. "Its exceeding expectations. The new substance you introduced is keeping the Extremis systems but…it is reacting strangely to other Extremis figures. I'm afraid that…"

"It's working though?"

"Well yes, but Tony it could be dangerous."

"They are /weapons/ Maya, they are supposed to be dangerous. At least they are stable now so I don't have to just sell them to those zelot idiots." A pause. "Great idea though Killian, helping with the collars on one side and selling the tech to get around it on the other. Remind me to give you a raise."

Killian smirks. "Anything for the company."

"By company you mean your pocketbook but hey, who am I to judge." Stark just smirks again. The flickering hologram catching that familiar expression in perfect detail.

"Right so, where are we with the meta tests?"

"Tony, you need to stop those. Those are actually killing some of the—"

"Hey, the're weapons. Can't stop science can you Maya? Just go with it. It'll be easier for everyone." He pats her hand, holds up his bag of dried fruit. "Mango?"

The woman hangs her head, mutely shaking it a negative.

A shrug from Stark. "Suit yourself. What about the reality warper collars? Gotta get those working too or everything is going to get undone by those Lannisters."

"Coming along sir…if we could get one as a sample…"

Stark shrugs. "I'll see what I can do." Then with the energy that only Tony Stark can possess he spins and starts to walk from the scene. "Now! Lets see the newest batch, might as well send these to those zelot guys too. Trask and them are paying good money for it after all. And it is what Stark's do." A smirk as the hologram starts to break up. "We make weapons."

Light fades in the wake of the short recording. A recording that people who know one Tony Stark might think to be patendedly false. But to those who already think the worse of the inventor…

Savin's eyes shift towards Rachel in perticular as a smile crawls across his face.



'They don't.'

A familiar voice and two familiar figures. Though they shouldn't be. Normally with an arrival like theirs, Moonstar would swing h er gun towards them, but some visceral reaction causes the Cheyenne woman to stop that twitch of her arms. To keep the gun on Savin's form still. Which is likely a good thing when all is said and done.

The dark edge of emotions from Scott at the sight of the Twins brings Moonstar's gaze over to him. For some reason her brown eyes hold censure and then that censure turns to a moment of irritated confusion. She knows that's not the correct action.


That's what she needs and with an effort Moonstar pulls herself together (mentally) and keeps her focus on Savin, and the group around.

Up until the holo-projectors begin to emit. Then she watches and several emotions within her battle for dominance. Disbelief, shock, horror and also betrayal. That last emotion is a quiet echo behind all the others, but it's there. That doesn't stop Dani from automatically saying, "A lie. He'd never be part of this." And even as she speaks she looks to those nearby. "It's fabricated."

She just has to ignore the whisper of 'but what if it isn't'.


Maybe getting unreasonably angry at the Maximoffs showing up again runs in family.

Rachel has only a moment to register incoming before the far wall explodes. Her warning comes out as a wordless thought-pattern, cut short not only by the abruptness of the act but also her need to toss up a barrier to protect from the debris. As the dust falls, Rachel has already taken a step forward to get out ahead of the others. It's a dare. The occasional few sparks of flame drift up from her shoulders.

At least, Rachel thinks, there's no mission-ending explosions.

A moment later, Rachel corrects herself: it's the Scarlet Witch, there's always mission-ending explosions.

"Are we?" says Rachel, eyes widening. Her irises are red. "We're here so we can expose what happened. So that people can know and society can change."

Sharp lines appear on her face, radiating inward from the edges. They too seem to glow with a light of their own.

"It feels like you're here for another kill list. Do you know how much you're setting us back by trying to assassinate your way to a better world?"

Savin keeps rattling on in the background. Rachel finds it hard to decide which person she wants to glare at more. As the latter option just won't stop sniping, he eventually wins out.

The holoemitters come up. Rachel's attention shifts again. The blue light of the projection banishes the shadows that were gathering across her face, cut short only by the red of her marks and irises that seemingly will not blend with anything else. As the recording progresses, the anger melts from her face. Her eyes widen. Her breath comes in too shallow. Her end of her psi-link goes dead.

When the projection ends, when the light disappears, the marks are gone from Rachel's face. Her eyes are that same familiar green. She looks back to Savin, horror and disgust creeping into what was once only shock.

The room is filled with a thump of displaced air as a telekinetic force slams downward on top of Savin. It's not enough to kill him. It's not even enough to maim. It is enough to hurt, but most importantly, it's enough to keep him pinned to the ground down to the limb.

"Do you think you're the first asshole who figured out video editing?" she hisses. "We're going to take this apart, too. Everything you've done here is over."


There were two general options for Hulk's attention, when his current 'opponents' just flee. The noise of Molly and Nate fighting with Grey, or the more quiet conversation of the server room. There isn't a choice: it's the fight noise that pulls the Hulk, he started to go that way, directly through part of a wall, enlarging one of the holes Molly created (only for it to cave in), but then there's silence suddenly.

Frustrated, Hulk begins to take his anger out on what remains of the building, having a low-key (for him) tantrum right where he is, headed roughly back the way he came, growling. Mostly this involves destroying the entrance he's standing in and throwing things. He entirely misses the whole of the hologram conversation, not that he'd make much of it currently anyway.

Suddenly Hulk increases his speed back to the voices he can hear, a barreling, overpowered lunge towards that room. Hey, was that Tony's voice? That's a friend he recognizes. Good beer and pizza.

—— So there's a kool-aid style green hulk-sized monster coming through where the holograms were standing. Any enemy he can find that he can grab, that's the plan. Or maybe just /whoever/. It's all sort of a raging blur that lacks respect for things like server computers entirely. Stark Tower's 16th floor can speak to that particular issue.

When in doubt? Just smash it ALL.


Polaris had every intention of actually going to free the prisoners after a quick magnetic check of the facilities yielded the desired results, "Hey I got a hit on the where the prisoners might be—" She broke off as Pietro and Wanda zoomed into the space, her lips parting as she coughed and shifted her weight on her toes. A glance was spared for Cyclops as Scott sneered at the sight of her siblings, as her gaze swung back.

The green haired mutant paused, considering if it was best that she leave after all. Violence was bound to break out when her family and the X-men crossed paths. Of course, there were the distant screams from whatever Molly was up to as a backdrop. Her boots scraped against the floor as she shifted, her weight lifting up into the air, ready to go free the prisoners to just escape the tension in the room… and then the holographic video started to play. She paused, floating there and staring as she froze.. watching.

Green eyes flickered toward her half-siblings, and back to the graphic. She must have been gaping, though the movement hadn't registered as she stared, slack-jawed. Then anger bubbled up in her throat, hot and raw. "And what if it's not a fake?!" Her voice hitched, rising in pitch as she stared at the other X-men.

"What if that's true? What then?! Huh?!" She might've edged to shrill. Lorna had no issues with believing the worst in Tony Stark.


Svain groans in pain under that thrust, though that smile is still there. That wicked look in his eyes. "Oh I know," His voice hardly more than a whisper, just enough for those around him to hear as his eyes slide towards the people standing on the edge of the crater. "…but it wasn't really aimed at you now was it…"


Nate blinks slowly as Molly beats the crap out of the already helpless Extremis mercenary called 'Grey'. Uh, not much sympathy despite the name, but he is not one for gratuitous torture either, so he lifts the poor bastard a few more yards up. "Stop, you are going to spend all your energy and…" and sleep. That girl needs more common sense. It is BAD when Nate arrives to that conclusion. Bad Molly.

As for the aforementioned mercenary, assuming he is still conscious. Well, no. He is not going to be conscious, even if Nate needs to punch through those weird psychic defenses to turn his mind off for a while.

Or maybe he has no time, because when Rachel drops the psi-link Nate tosses the other Grey aside and rushes to the server room. Too late to catch the holodisplay, but fast enough to see Ray extremely upset. "Woah, I see a pattern here. Did he mess with you hat?"



It had to be Maximoffs.

It's to Hope's great credit and a tribute to her sheer experience in the field that she does not pause in her work for a /single second/, even as the /god damn Maximoffs/ show up, even as /a Hulk rampages just outside/ (seeing one Hulk-inspired dystopia too many instills in you a healthy respect for not messing with a Hulk), she still works on pulling up that data. Even as her lips twist into a scowl. Even as her right eyebrow twitches as Wanda speaks on the magistrates. Hope hears the implication that laces under her words like a snake sifting through the tall grass.

Make no mistake. She is going crazy. It's just internally.

Bottle it up. Stay focused on the mission. Remember what Nathan taught you—

We hope there will be a good faith sharing of information. We are all for the same cause, after all.

"You know what? No."

Pulling halfway toward the Maximoffs, Hope takes hold of her rifle. Without a word, she swings it down to her hip, braces, and presses the barrel up against that sole, remaining server with the hum of building plasma. She lets Rachel's powers fall off, adopting that of the Quicksilver man's in preparation of what she feels might be inevitable.

Tongues of fire roll off her hair.

"Rachel's right. I don't know a lot about the X-Men or the Brotherhood here besides what Nathan taught me. I don't know any of your people. But you know what? I know enough about you to let me know you're not my people and we don't share the same cause. And I'd rather let this information burn than let it serve anyone's sucky agenda of escalation to a world where nobody wins, so if I see either of you so much as twitch-"

The video loads. It's been loading, really. But everything feels so slow, she's not even sure if those words came out as they should, or in a simple burst of noise within a second's span. Green eyes flash in the direction of the screen.

She sees them. Some of the faces there obviously identifiable. Some of them not.

One of them easily known by reputation alone.


Never Trust a Stark.

Hope just stares. Rachel smites Savin in a spike of rage, proclaiming it all fake, but its wall numb in her ears, because Hope just hears Tony Stark, talking about selling Extremis off to the zealots. Might as well, he says. Smoke. Fire. Nightmares without concrete source because she was far to young to remember being buried under bodies as zealots burned everything for her—

'Might as well.'

She hears the others arguing. So slowly. Everything moves so slowly, but her thoughts and memories and feelings are moving too fast, too too fast

"Why… wasn't Tony Stark here, exactly—"

Which is exactly when the Hulk bursts in, the kinetic shockwave that slaps her into the console with a messy SMACK of impact possessed of a smashing rage that she really wishes she could emulate at this moment.


It'd make things so much easier for things to be that simple.


Quicksilver is completely, utterly silent as the recording plays. His eyes switch back and forth from image to image, rapid-fire, taking in the information, but inevitably his gaze always tracks back to Tony Stark.

His gaze switches between Rachel and Hope, after. Do you know how much you're setting us back? "I don't know," he says, his voice taut. "How much can we set you back from your current score of zero?"

His eyes narrow, fury — and fear — smoking in them with such intensity the blue of them seems to glow. Oh, he knows Rachel Summers. "You may favor taking risks on the honesty of a human like Stark, who built his empire on EXACTLY THIS THING, because he warms your bed at night. I prefer not to."

His eyes turn to Lorna. What if it's true? "Correct question. The answer is that I'm not gambling on 'what ifs.' I am solving it." And NOT with his twin explicitly threatened. A reality warper collar. A sample. Tony promised to get them one —

For some reason, he glances at the sky, and says — seemingly to no one — "I need it now."

An instant later he's seized his sister and vacated the premises at hypersonic speed. The accompanying sonic boom is loud enough to almost override the noise and clamor of the Hulk making his entry.


'I need it now'

Reinforcements arrive, a dozen or more strong via two helicopters. While not outfitted with the technology that makes Savin or Gray all but unkillable, they are an elite squad outfitting with technology that will put the X-Men to the test. Most especially in a small space.

They will never make it to their targets.

"When the time comes we have followed this insult back to its roots," Pietro had said, "I will need destruction. The kind of destruction that will send a very clear message what their persecution and their hatred buys them."

These were the words of Pietro Maximoff, Heir to the World. The Scion of the New Dawn. When Faora-Ul arrives, it is clear she did not forget them.

None will hear the sonic boom until it is already an afterthought to the sound of a Kryptonian powering through the air and hitting the helicopter landing zone with the abject power of a small nuclear weapon. The very air smolders in her wake, and when she touches down it sends the ground rippling outward and upward, forces aligned against those unfortunate new arrivals caught at ground zero and already running for their lives to pulp their very human bones and send their bodies smearing across the landscape as black streaks.

Those would-be heroes who are farther away will find the shockwave a harrowing roar, and those still topside will need to navigate the sudden bulge of the Earth before it shatters outward in all directions, layers peeling back and tumbling as debris is sent rocketing into the nearby stratosphere.

Then she comes for them.

Glancing up from the point of her impact, with the world moving like molasses around her, she finds these misguided Children of the New Dawn with her ultravision and looks upon them with the utmost pity. These Mutants who so bravely fight, but for all the wrong reasons, in all the wrong ways. She has no doubt they will survive her sundering, and so she goes to work with all the speed she can muster, appearing for a brief moment to blink across the ruinous battlefield and into the underground space as a one Kryptonian army.

A small shove here, for Dani Moonstar, maybe a show of respect. Faora tries to introduce her to the nearest wall, or what's left of it in her wake.

A tap to the visor of Scott Summers, her fingertip threading along the surface as if she were tapping something for the X-Men's leader in morse code. Instead she is harmonizing the ruby quartz, so that the finest cracks might appear, so that his power might slip his control

Pushing her utmost limit, she rushes past the others, past those who might only now be catching up with the destruction she's wrought to see her shed all pretense of limitation or mercy as her X-Ray vision catches sight of the great, green monster who is no mutant at all. The one barreling down on the position of those she had sworn to champion.

It is the hallmark of the Man of Steel that he treats his world full of cardboard with such care. Even when pitted against her, a mortal enemy, he was kind enough to never strike her as hard as he could, conscious of what he might do to someone should he unshackle his power.

Faora has no such concern and does not hold back.

She ends her mad dash with a single strike, sending her fist towards the Incredible Hulk's sternum the moment he steps into that server room, and with maximum force, intent on taking the green giant for a tour of Ohio's bedrock.


Noise and confusion. They batter at Dani now. From the Hulk's abrupt arrival, to the Twins quick escape and now the arrival of Faora.

Faora's speed and strength are enough that Moonstar can't ignore that 'light shove'. That 'light shove' sends the psionic-powered woman flying. There's enough time for her to offer a shout of surprise, before her whole body meets what's left of a wall with a meaty solid thud.

Stunned and perhaps slightly concussed, Moonstar slides almost comically down the wall and onto the floor in a sprawled heap. Her plasma rifle lays inert upon the floor now too, no longer held in her hands.


The hologram watched through and Cyclops is silent until the others begin again, so many at once, powerful personalities with a lot passion…

"ENOUGH!" Scott shouts , "Someone shut him up for now." A finger thrusts out at Savin. "IF this is real, Tony Stark will answer for it the right way and I stress if. " He looks around at them, mostly keeping his attentions heavy on Rachel, shes putting a lot forth, a firebrand for sure. Though not once is he exposing himself to Wanda and Pietro, "We're done, right?" Brotherhood - intended last question there.

No more fighting. We put them in custody, shut this place down." Moonstar is passed over, emphasis there; SHIELD, she can authorize some containment.

A red tracer following his motions only able to process and react so fast as Quicksilver moves, the Hulk bursts in and the world becomes a mess of colliding forces, "God damnit!" A KRAKOWWW of red energy firing off in a shot after the Maximoff's streak towards no doubt something that will only make things much worse.
THEN it happens, unable to be tracked by his own awareness or comprehension of how it is happening. The visor splintering to bits, shattering in all directions while it had begun to filter further projected energy, a wash of crimson reality before him…


Hulk has the reflexes to react subconsciously to the speedster darting by—- which doesn't matter even a little bit, because he barely started to reach and then Faora appeared out of nowhere and hit Hulk REALLY extremely hard. He is nowhere near the rage level he'd need to just take that and not go flying.

So, Hulk goes flying, ripping rock apart and his own body partially shredding from all of the sudden force. He gets really very intimate with the layers of dirt and rock. All of that force at once, when he isn't at his own peak levels, stuns him down there. His regeneration fires up, and rage levels rocket, from the massive hit. Sure, he'll be ripping his way back out and going berserk. Soon.

His venting rage howl from where he landed says that much. It is a warcry that promises the whole 'knowing who friends are' is going out the window.


The Scarlet Witch shares in Quicksilver's total, stricken silence.

The holofeed reflects against her eyes, double upside-down shapes of Tony Stark, as he works in his dismissive, unbothered way to tighten the chains on mutantkind.

The feed speaks of collars for reality warpers. Unconsciously, the Witch lifts one hand to her own throat, tracing fingers down her windpipe in a brief, wandering gesture — tasting, for herself, the possibility where such a thing is true. She can feel the weight, the cold burn of steel, and the silence.

Argument ensues as the feed cuts. Real or forged? The Scarlet Witch's eyes burn silently into the Summers' family, especially Hope — tugged irresistibly towards all that angry. The fire that burns off her and Rachel both. Just like…

Lorna's shout earn Wanda's eyes. They pinch, just slightly, with a note of empathy.

And with her red eyes lit hot, the Scarlet Witch offers a soothe: "Tony Stark will not trouble our kind any longer."

Then the Hulk emerges, loudly, violently, breaking the rest of her own calm — as Wanda alerts, half-stepping back. Pietro does the rest, with his namesake quickness. Wanda closes her eyes the heartbeat instant before her twin brother bears them both off, sound barrier broken in their wake.


Meggan looks up at the sight and the sound of the two Transian arrivals. "Oh, it's the Maximoffs!" Meggan says, with a sort of genial surprise. A second passes, and she then leans backwards, eyes widening, as she lets out a shout, "IT'S THEM! THE MAXIMOFFS!" Her eyes flick towards Hope for a moment as if to see that she might have noticed something.

Rachel's ire is raised. Meggan's ire is too. She seems to be about to say something when the holograms come up. She is, for the moment, shocked to silence.

Before that shock ends, something horrid - like an international or interstellar freight train - streaks past her. It's too fast for Meggan to see it, to pick it up; the passage of air is enough to smash her against a corridor wall, stunning her, sending the plasma weapon flying (uh oh!).


Nate loses his smile when he feels several minds going out close. Dead. « Incoming » but even telepathic communication is slow compared with the speed Quicksilver moving and a Kryptonian rushing in.

He barely has time to shield himself telekinetically from the shockwave of caused by Faora impacting Hulk. Then he has to protect the others, the whole thing is likely to come to pieces. But he also has time to see the mind of the attacker. Someone new? « The hell is that? Rachel? Hope? » Help, please. Multi-tasking is not among his strongest skills.

Funny thing he never considered chasing after Pietro or Wanda, despite being the faster flier. He still finds weird to consider them as enemies.


Rachel really wants to argue more, but there is very suddenly a Hulk rampaging through the one room in this entire place that does not need a rampage. Rachel thrusts her hands forward, throwing more of her telekinetic might into reinforcing the shields. This has the terrible consequence of them being very, very solid when Hope gets smacked bodily right into one of them.

"Hope!" Rachel cries instantly, on instinct. She twists her fingers, extending the shield out to protect the hopefully stunned woman.

Rachel develops a nasty snarl. "SOMEONE STOP THE FUCKING HULK," she bellows, having gone far, far beyond the point where she has some operational pride to salvage about the X-Men looking like they know what they're doing. Her barriers are visible only when something — or someone — goes glancing off of them.

By the time Rachel shoots a glare in Lorna's direction, her burning hound marks are back once more. At least there's no shadow yet. That's when things get intense.

"What do you think, what then? Are you on team murder first, question later now?!"

And then Faora Hu-Ul happens.

The shockwave of the Kryptonian entering the room activates one of Rachel's subconscious psychic defense triggers. The redhead is encased in a telekinetic bubble that follows her as she's blown backward into a wall, crashing through it before she stops herself. The problem with all these forcefields is that someone of them have to go if she's going to keep the important ones strong. The servers are finally a casualty. Hope, at least, has her barrier until she's ready to leave it.

Rachel shakes the impact shock out of her head, instinctively reaching across the psi-link to try to get her own bearing by where everyone else is. Horror awaits her. The team shattered in what feels like seconds —

Her face glows with ruby light. Looking out of her telekinetic bubble, the only way for Rachel to register what she sees is by the gnawing sickness in the pit of her stomach.


It's a scream. Her voice sounds unnatural to her. It's hard to hear it fully, in all the noise, all the psychic turmoil. Somehow, she sounds to herself like a child.

Her memories may be fragmented. Some are not her own. The day she screamed like that, she remembers. She always will.

The red in Cyclops' vision grows dark. The storm of energy calms. Someone is holding his head. Passing their hands across his face. A feeling of warmth — a pressure on the astral plane — just like —

Somehow, the thousands of fragments of Cyclops' visor have been smoothed again where it belongs. He is inches from the face of some shadow-visaged monster with eyes like stars and hair like flame.

"It's okay," she says, her voice breaking in rebellion against her words. "I'm here."

Rachel looks up, staring into the distance. Her hair falls back down around her shoulders, red again in a much more human away. She can feel the Hulk and that woman. They'll be entangled for long enough.

Rachel closes her eyes, extending her telekinetic field. The Blackbird is close. The autopilot can take them back to the Mansion. Tony, though…

For now, he's on his own.


The battle pitches, if only because Faora knows that Pietro wanted the utmost destruction. She asks the Hulk for help in her task in the only language he will understand, rocketing punch after punch into his midsection, adding energy to this, a battery made of hatred. When the counter comes she does not feel remorse, but this is the only time she feels, and in this creature she finds an opponent of worthy strength.

Towns across the state rock. Buildings fracture, as they battle in caves of their own making, The ground fractures. Fires begin in several cities from the tumblers and aftershocks, until green and black finally burst from the ground and streak to the sky. For all the Hulk's help, he is given the reward of knowing what it is like to be a meteor in reverse, for she knows those she champions would not approve of the extinction The Hulk might cause, left unhindered.

Her armor destroyed, nose and mouth bloodied and body bruised over, she kicks away in the stratosphere, and returns the monster to the Earth, somewhere over the Antarctic.


The Hulk helped. And now sleep.

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