Definitely Fix Everything This Time

August 30, 2018:

Thor and Atli finally hunt down the fabled (or fickle) Magnets, Pietro and Wanda, in order to discuss the serious matter of helping to save their people from the nefarious Trasks and their Mega Man army. Atli has A Plan.

Mutant Town, New York


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Peggy Carter, Sloane Albright, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers

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Fade In…


As Atli had been telling her good friend Sloane Brightscale, Child of Wehrsweir, she had a plan. The sharpie on Sloane's wall made a very good impression of said plan. Oddly enough, implementation hit a few snags upon the way. As it turns out, She Who Lays with the Lord of Stars did not simply leave her uniforms laying about the Milano or other places that Atli might borrow them, and so, disguising herself as a Scion of Mega-Man X would be more difficult.

She could only hope the big black X she put on her cloak and her brand new X belt buckle would do the trick of summoning the Twins to defend their territory from an ancient enemy. Or at least rouse them long enough to strike up conversation!

Midgard's terrible heat also saw to another minor problem: Bringing the fruits of the Queen of Dairy, delicacies bound to make a good er.. second impression, would be quite trying. Still, she found a way, though it was attracting undo attention.

"I do not require your paper or coin, children of Mutant Town! I only ask that you spread the word that ONE OF THE X has come to bring creamed ice to your masses! TELL WANDA, WHISPERER TO JELLYFISH, and PIETRO, MINI MAN OF MAGNETS of my deed here today!"

And so Atli Wodendottir does proceed to hand out ice cream from the ice cream vendor trolley she had bought for a small pile of Asgardian coins, the whole of the thing hitched to the back of a rather indignant goat, who only seems to relent in his discourse of grunts once Atli treats him to a stack of ice cream sandwiches.

Of the many surefire ways to attract the attention of the Maximoff twins… handing out ice cream was probably not anywhere near the top of anyone's list. The specific location in which Atli chooses to do this, at the least, is a pretty good place to start, as while the children are not exactly savvy as to what goes on in the neighborhood, their parents certainly are.

Over clamors of "Lady, lady, are you an X-Mans?" and "Did you fly here in a jet??" and "Can I pet your goat?" a few adults exchange some telling glances.

It's only five minutes later that — as if on cue — the small crowd suddenly starts to disperse, parents shepherding their children away once the kids have gotten their ice cream sandwiches. They part around the approaching, lean form of Pietro, whose head is tilted slightly in an attitude of mingled curiosity and annoyance. He remembers her.

"Clearly you want something," he grouses, folding his arms, "since you have made all this racket and drawn everyone's attention within a ten mile radius."

The matter of Atli, the Magnets, and the Mega Man have weighed heavy upon Thor for several weeks. Thrice has he made a journey to MICHAELS in order to purchase supplies. The culmination of this quest was a coupon for 10% off which was granted for his /loyalty/ and which he did use to purchase cork boards after consulting with GARY, MANAGER whom did express concern over his description of the many tacks he had forced into the walls of Peggy Carter's apartment.

The fires of Hel's Kitchen and the revelation of the identities of the Mini-Man of Magnets and Quicksilver did distract him from mounting the cork boards which lie against the wall of his bedroom.

It was Peggy who put doubt in his mind. The idea that the Brotherhood of Magnets may have a more duplicitous agenda. A matter which concerned him greatly for, Atli, as an heiress of a future Asgard must be made to understand that her relationship with the magnets must be purely carnal without any sort of diplomatic ties and that the Magnets themselves have outstanding matters to account for on Midgard. The death of the Son of Coul. A matter of honor. Just below that of Mega Man himself whom seeks to steal their powers and destroy their people.

So Thor had come searching for Atli and Mjolnir had guided him to "Mutant Town" an area which holds no particular importance to the Odinson. Wearing a T-Shirt one size too tight, red board shorts, and blue flip flops the God of Thunder and his mighty umbrella followed the crowd through the spectacle.

"Oh, Atli ?," Thor sighed watching as she passed out ice cream bourn by mighty Toothbender to the citizens in her /strange/ garb. The joy of the children had caused him to remain at a distance for a while and to smile, despite his exasperation, for the good deed.

Yet as the crowd dispersed he jammed his umbrella into a crack within the sidewalk and began his approach. He begins to raise his hand as if to signal her but another, leaner, form interposes itself between he and Atli.

'Clearly you want something,' yes, he does, '… drawn everyone's attention within a ten mile ra-'

"HOLD! MINI-MAN OF MAGNETS." A godly roar from off camera. Thor, still dressed in his Midgardian garb, springs into the thick of things attempting to wrap his powerful arms around Pietro and tackle him to the ground. The heir to the immortal realm is clearly overly exicted by the opporunity to discuss all of this with everyone at once.

At the first roared syllable from Thor, Pietro turns bemusedly to face him. With his accelerated perceptions, he watches the God of Thunder pounce, with some bemusement and faint dismay.

"Oh come on," Pietro complains.

There is a faint 'whisk.' When Pietro resolves to sight again, he is standing about ten feet distant.

"If this is some kind of ambush, you're not doing a very good job," he observes, sounding cross.

For a wanted terrorist organization, the Brotherhood are not entirely hard to find. Hard to catch, maybe, but one does not need to look far beyond Mutant Town to triangulate their comings and goings.

Over the past several months, their operations have switched hands out of neighbourhood — talk is their intention to spare civilian mutants from the crossfire, and to bar off an inevitable government raid — but their presence still lingers. They keep an eye on their own. They have to, in a climate like this.

Nonetheless, Hell's Kitchen changed everything. With public blame first and foremost pointed on mutants, the Brotherhood had to dull their Mutant Town heartbeat to a murmur, afraid to attract unwanted attention, as both sides of an old, old war boil to dangerous heat.

The human-first activists, the populists, they want M-Town raided, holed out, exposed to flush its domestic terrorists out. Nothing has happened, yet. Even the most ardent, pro-registration, anti-mutant voices know that is a step closer to a declaratione of all out war.

Like the calm before the storm, the Brotherhood — and their twin leaders — keep to the quiet.

And then this happens.

When the sudden, and absolutely unwanted clamour happens, Wanda shows up, a customary, silent shadow behind Pietro's shoulder. Her eyes dart back and forth, trying to make sense of so much in so little time — though recognizing Atli (that woman) brings a tic of aggravation to the corner of her mouth. Really? Really?

And then THOR — Wanda recognizes him too — goes for Pietro, and startled, her blue eyes switch to red, scarlet streaming warningly up from her hands. But her twin blurs past it, and she holds herself, though doesn't drop the red from her fingers.

One has to appreciate the irony of the unstable Scarlet Witch exclaiming, breathlessly, "Have you both gone mad?!"

"Young one you should never ask if someone was once a man. It is impolite, and certainly does not matter. Here, have another ice cream."

"I flew here on a goat, but his name is not Jet. It is Toothbender. Ha. Jet. What an absurd name for a goat. Silly child, please, have another ice cream."

"Of course you may pet the goat. At your own peril." Her laughter echoes in a way that is sure to make the parents even more eager to usher their children away, but the Girl of Thunder gives them a parting wave none the less.

Then, they arrive. For Atli, it is as if someone parted the sea to reveal a promised land beyond when those kids and adults move aside, eyes reflecting the figures that do approach as her confidence blossoms from yet another successful plan. For all the annoyance she might have caused, there is a quality to her beaming smile that is, well, Godly, and an excitement in her eyes that has her bounce on her feet. Just once.

Of course, playing it off with a flip of her hair and a smooth lean against the cart doesn't go as well, for the goat simply takes a few steps forward that cause her to stumble and draw her glare. "Verily, Toothbender, do not be a f- OH! Yes, hello again, Powerful Pietro, good day to both you and your excellent abdominals! Only ten miles? That seems a little small don't you think, I've given out something like.. a thousand creamed ices. Not that it matters, because you're both here now. Which is all I wanted."

If not for the gleeful way she says it, it might sound ominous, as if she had somehow lured them into a trap. Which might be technically true. "You see, I have completed my quest, oh great Witch of the Sea who Speaks with Jellyfish and hold's such a smile to behold! Humbled, that you would send me to Jotunheim to no doubt punish those Frost Giants that wronged you, they set upon me with their berserkers, a shaman, and of course, their captain."

Here she reaches into one whole half of the trolley, which is thankfully quite big, pulling forth the blackened skull of a Jotun Captain, far to large to be anything but a giant's. It looks absurd, such a large thing held aloft in one of Atli's hands.

"I thought perhaps this town of yours might be able to use it as decoration, for I have heard your people have had some trouble with Metal Giants before, and should show as good warning to any large fools who might think to come here uninvit-"

Then it happens. A large fool comes here uninvited (nevermind the smaller fool that wasn't invited)/ Her grandfather is barreling towards Pietro, and Atli's eyes go wide, just as Pietro seems to blink away.

"THOR YOU FOOL!! …I have already tried that! He is not for your baneful grappling! He is for other kinds of grappling! Hel's Bells!!! What in all the realms are you even doing here?!"

The skull is set upon the ground at Wanda's fists, and then she interposes herself between Thor and the Children of Magnets.

Her fists go to her hips.

Her glare doth rain down upon The God of Thunder as he finds the hot pavement instead of hot Pietro, the fire of Ragnarok itself burning in her eyes.

The too-small T-Shirt succumbs to the force of Thor's action. Cotton threads disintegrate about him as muscles swell to divine proportion. Arms scissor closed about thin air and he stumbles, but only stumbles, his very next stride forcing an inhumanly deep lunge which he rises out of by simple routine.

When Quicksilver re-materializes nearby Thor's eyes widen in momentary exhilaration. Concurrently, a broad grin begins to reach across his countenance denoting simple pleasure for his foe having so easily evaded him.

Pietro goads him. Thor's response is kicking off his flip-flops, the blue plastic-and-foam flying in for a few feet and then screwing wildly in the air because of their porous nature, clearly ready to escalate this conflict ?


There is something about the timbre of Atli's voice which reminds him of the All-Father. Likely it is all because they are closely related but something about that specific tone - which might someday bear the -ODIN(strikethrough)-THOR-FORCE seems batter its way through his desire to wrestle magnets.

Thor looks at Atli. To Wanda. To Pietro - gaze re-focusing briefly upon the umbrella jammed into the sidewalk - and then back to Atli.

As Atli approaches with the skull he looms behind her and responds, "Atli, your courtship is on-hold." He declares looking to the pair of magnets then, "My granddaughter has conquered your tests. First, she hath defeated the ice giants and claimed the skull of Kurli Laufeyson. Now; she hath uncovered your magnet-sanctuary."

"For eons you can pit Atli against the enemies of this realm but I tell thee she hath already defeated Old Galactus, the enfeebled Devourer of Worlds." His fists curl to his hips and he straightens behind her glaring at the son and daughter of Magnet-O, "We have /much to discuss/," Thor says, "but the days of hardship for your people have /ended/."

It's only then that the rest of Atli's question seems to make its way through his mind and so he breaks pronouncement and replies arms falling from hips as he bends forward, "Mega Man. We must defeat Mega Man so the magnets can answer for their other crimes," beat-pause, "/Atli/ we must break their curse and free their people."

His gaze cuts upward then at both Maximoffs, "Mega Man." He declares, "Allow us to aid you in your quest for the salvation of your people /and then we shall discuss your wedding/."

Pietro stares at Atli. He is staring directly at her when her attempt to Be Smooth fumbles, courtesy of Toothbender's total lack of helping. His brows raise at her breathless introductory speech.

"You do realize Manhattan is thirteen miles long?" he inquires, instead of trying to address anything else she just said.

He tenses a little, however, as she approaches Wanda with her Completed Quest Item. Especially given the nature of the Completed Quest Item: a monstrously ugly skull, offered as tribute and perhaps as a ward against the mighty metal giants which periodically appear. Pietro looks at Wanda, then looks back at Atli. "I really do not think Sentinels will be troubled by the sight of a giant skull," he starts peevishly, "given they are just robots — "

Thor happens.

It really hasn't been sitting well with Pietro to maintain this low profile in the wake of the Hell's Kitchen bombings, which is perhaps why it annoys him twice as much when the peace is broken even more by noisy Asgardians. He's almost rowdy enough that he looks like he's even considering scuffling with Thor, when the God of Thunder kicks off his flip-flops and Gets Ready —

And then women provide a voice of reason. Thor looks to Atli; Pietro looks to Wanda. Grumpy, he heels back to her side, finding refuge in the glow of her scarlet.

Soon enough, Thor explains what he is actually doing here. "We did not set her any tests — " Pietro starts to protest this clear misunderstanding, but Thor just keeps going — and the silver-haired young man pauses noticeably. The God of Thunder wishes to offer his aid? And then to call them to account for 'other crimes?' Pietro starts to say something, looks at his sister again, and — uncharacteristically — shuts up and transparently thinks about this, blue eyes considering. He has no idea what 'Mega Man' is, but…"If you wish to help us protect our people," he says, "that is something we may discuss."

Well, up until the last part. "Discuss our what?" For some reason, Pietro looks at Wanda.

The Scarlet Witch is both mother and daughter of probability. Her sight breaches both limits and boundaries, able to parse sense from chaos, able to look deeply down into the void which preceded all things, and not go mad.

Not go too mad, at least.

With her shining red eyes, surely having seen most, to all, possibilities among countless universes, she would expect anything. Nothing would be a surprise to her.

A giant skull implores, Yorick-like, from Atli's hand, proffered in trophy offering.

Wanda stares. Omniscent chaos sure as hell didn't predict this one.

A tick comes at the corner of her mouth. Then, just like that, she looks away from the 'gift' in abject dismissal. Is the Jellyfish Princess surely playing hard to get?! Will Atli ever win the affections of the fickle Magnets?!

Wanda's clearly-disapproving mood only mitigates with Pietro's close presence; the red dulls somewhat from her hands — most likely to deflect attention — though her irises have still not switched back to blue. Guard is up. And —

"Thor?" she echoes, hearing and recognizing the name. "The prince of Asgard? Are you both Asgardians?"

Asgardians. In Mutant Town.

But they attest to want to help. Wanda shares a confused, silent glance with her twin brother. "You both speak incomprehensible nonsense. You're worse than the Americans. Mega-what? What are your designs here? And —"

Wanda's eyes turn back to Atli. Especially when she speaks of grappling Pietro. Her gaze lids. "That was not a quest."

"Fifteen hundred years or fifty thousand, it seems to make little difference in the measure of your wisdom, Thor the Avenger! Had not I been tasked at helping to bath you in your senile years I would smite you where you stand for your foolishness!! We're not getting married! No one is getting married! I simply wished to take these two on a nice trip to the Asgard vault, maybe show off some of the glorious items the All-Father keeps hidden away, you know, dance around the Eternal flame and all that. Then we would rest near the cask of Lauffey, and do what one does when in the presence of such cold power. We would chill, Thor!! WE WOULD CHILL!!"

You see Atli has only recently come to understand the term 'Netflix and chill', and assumes 'chilling' can be applied to a number of activities.

"Children of the Magnets, Scions of the Melon-nin, please accept my apologies. This is my Grandfather, Thor the Avenger. While he is of good intentions, he mistakenly believes you have some evil in your hearts when it is clear to me that there is nothing but the pure, fighting spirit of those who have suffered hardship of no making of their own."

In this rare moment when someone more absurd than she has allowed Atli to sound half sane, her earnest heart shines through. "Of course we will help your people, this is not in question. Wise Wanda, Powerful Pietro, please forgive the loud interruption and ill-informed intention of my grandfather and accept this, the spoils of the Queen of Dairy as recompenc-"

But the goat has already taken the cart from them, moving down the street where children lavish attention upon it, feed it ice cream sandwiches, and raid the rest of Atli's spoils, including the two Dairy Queen Blizzards that she had been especially keeping for Wanda and Pietro.

She would protest to the goat if only she could look away once Wanda gives her fickle tick of her mouth. No, she shall not, giving the biggest, goofiest smile she's ever given everyone on Midgard. Mostly because in this very moment, despite all of Pietro's speed, Wanda has somehow played better at hard to get than he!

"Well then. I'll just need an /actual/ quest to win your favor. Verily, tell me what need be done, and I shall do it."

Thor's countenance twists first with confusion. His focus seems somewhat distant as Atli's initial barrage becomes a din of noise to him as his mind attempts to unspool the complicated tangle of threads that is his current situation. No, this does not seem right. He is certain that there was to be a wedding. Why else would he have come to put a stop to it? Clearly revealing the villainous nature of all this has upset the Magnets, whom would of course claim that they knew nothing of this situation, and embarrassed Atli whom claims a trip to the vault was not related to a matter of dowry but instead a desire to be cold.

This does not seem right.

The confusion shifts away and the muscles of his cheeks tighten as teeth clench as godly limbs fold across his bare chest and steely blue eyes give her a parental look of 'you can't fool me'.

"We know of the plight of your people," Thor's unfooled expression turns to Wanda, "That mankind has created a robot which can steal your essence, mimicking your wonderous nature, and that seeks to drive you to extinction."

"We seek to aid you in your quest," he nods to Atli, "and then when we have proven ourselves /worthy/ to your eyes to sit and speak of /other matters/."

Wanda's eyes narrow, and without a pause — without even looking at her — Pietro smoothly takes her hand in his, lacing his fingers with hers in a transparent soothe. Not yet, says the gesture. Maybe later.

He mistakenly believes you have some evil in your hearts. Pietro exchanges a glance with Wanda, before looking rather loftily back at Atli. "You have it right on 'no making of our own,'" he says coolly. "'Evil?' The hardships that have been visited on mutantkind — experimentation, torture, ostracism, and hatred — are done to us for no reason than because we are different. For no reason other than that we are mutant. A review of recent history and events is evidence enough. They seek to suppress us, and they imprison and kill us when we do not comply. May we not defend our right to exist?"

Pietro regards the two Asgardians, head slightly tilted, eyes narrowed in thought. They both speak of a determination to provide aid before Further Matters are discussed. The vague stirrings of an Idea percolate in his rapid mind, which is rarely a good thing.

"The robots of which you speak are called the Sentinels. There are many makes of them," he says. "Have you heard the name Trask Industries? The Trask family runs a business that produces these robots, and also a type of power-suppression collar. Both devices meant either to steal our powers for themselves, or to eradicate them. As you have said."

The young mutant folds his arms over his chest. "I do not know the name Mega Man," here Pietro pauses meaningfully, with a glance at Wanda equal parts conspiratorial and almost sly, "but by now you've assuredly noticed that in 'Midgard' people often go both by their true names to transact mundane matters, and by a title under which they conduct their true business… and disguise the link between the two." He is definitely Insinuating something.

By the moment, her agitation mounts; Wanda's annoyance turns the ion channels in the air around her, with the same sort of ozone reminiscent of the moments before a lightning strike. The Witch is known for her patience, but also her wild instability — and some days, her temperament just does not want… to… hold.

In one last precursor before the scarlet takes her, she curls one little finger in the smallest warning — which Pietro takes notice, and steals her hand into his. Her eyes flick once to his, a light in them like she is incensed enough to argue — until the fight seems to drain out of her, and Wanda's mood holsters itself back to harmlessness.

Not that she isn't still sulking. To be referred 'of the Magnets' lends Wanda no small share of confusion. Eyebrows knit, it takes her a second's bemusement — their blood father, of course — before disapproval drops like a cover over her face, her eyes tight, her mouth like a lock.

"We are not of anything," she feels indignant enough to correct, the twin daughter who wants little to do with the father. "We are our own people. And there is no such thing as evil in this world."

Or so Wanda tells herself. Tells herself, every day. Convinces herself, even. "Only ignorance, and when further ugliness twists it into hatred."

As Pietro seeks to clarify the Asgardian Prince's remarks, the witch is silent, with her red eyes turned thoughtfully on Atli. That little thing took that skull as a trophy?

"We can show you their means to yoke us, if you do not believe my brother," Wanda continues, sharing Pietro's glance. "We seek far more than a quest. It is our survival."

The glare that begins when Thor starts talking slowly draws the Wodendottir's eyes sidelong to stare death at her Grandfather, who, if he were Old King Thor, would never sustain such a look. No, this is Thor the Avenger, the man who is the echo of the King, the man who experienced all the stories Atli always wished she had. There is a cross of her own arms, perhaps emulating her grandfather in a purely unconscious way, and if she were aware of it she might turn her scowl from him and back on herself.

It is clear, in that moment, to see the family resemblance.

As Pietro speaks however, the glare disappears, replaced by a look of worry that could not be more genuine in how she feels the struggle of his man, one she has pursued in what might amount to a game. A game she has played while he was busy with the world. Sentinels, of course, are things she recognizes.

And Atli too recognizes the din of electricity in the air, and that sensation like lightning might find her. Often, it is her own fault that she feels this, and as Wanda shifts through a spectrum of moods that draws the gaze of Atli into a spiral hopeless to follow, and yet filled with an equally hopeless empathy, it all comes back in Wanda's words. There is no evil.

If it were any other time, any other subject at hand, Atli might bring up those people who talk in the movie theater. Verily, there is no evil greater that she has witnessed on this realm, for you cannot simply smite those people with lightning. It is a complex issue. Still, the time does not feel right to bring it up, and so she nods a grim nod and reaches up to put a hand on Thor's shoulder.

"Forgive me for mentioning your forebear, families can be difficult. As mine often is. And yet, my grandfather, Thor the Avenger, is at once the greatest hero and the greatest fool I have ever known. Combining these things, he is in fact the greatest man I have ever known. Of course we shall help you. Of course we believe you, for I have faced one of these great metal men inn battle, alongside Lord Stark. And if they mean to yoke you, we will break these means of bondage and bring those who would have it done to great and furious justice. Tell us, the Might of Asgard, where we might find this fool Trask, and his tyranny shall be brought to an end. This, I swear."

"Nay, Quicksilver." Thor replies and the fold of his arms relaxes somewhat as he reaches to stroke the short blonde stubble at his chin in a thoughtful manner, "I have not heard of the family Trask. Yet I do know that there have been many such robots each greater than the last."

He looks to Atli here, "Then it is a cabal of technomancers whom control the Mega …," pause, "Men?" The idea that there is more than one seems to stoke a fire behind his eyes and he seems encouraged by notion that there are now many foes - led by a cabal of technomancers - which he must now battle in order to prove his worth.

If Mjolnir could cry out in warning it might do so as the Scarlet Witch's annoyance threatens to remake reality. But, Mjolnir is but a hammer, well, technically an umbrella at the moment. Without voice. Plunged into the sidewalk. So it communicates nothing.

The Son of Odin looks to the twins and when he sees how their undying affection for one another emboldens them against threats to their people; Thor gives them both a dutiful smile.

He opens his mouth preparing to Thor-splain the nature of evil and how without his many victories this realm would have been conquered a hundred times over …

… when Atli places a hand upon his shoulder. Her words are certainly more noble than what he was going to say and so he gives a heavy nod of his head when she speaks, "Yes," he adds, "I have brought many rogue technomancers to justice … it is the location of your foe which has eluded us. Tell us where the fortress of Trask and the Mega Men lies and we shall test their conviction. You shall have justice."

Even the smallest crook of one of the Scarlet Witch's fingers is the functional equivalent of a nuclear warhead arming.

Pietro quells it inside the restraining grasp of his hand. He seems to know her moods better than his own, and perhaps to monitor them even better than his own, too. He certainly feels free to let his own anger run wild a lot more often than he lets Wanda's, though granted her anger is usually more… worrisome than his own.

Only once she submits does he return his full attention back to Atli and Thor. Wanda settles for taking offense to any insinuation their blood father might have a claim to him — and to the suggestion that pure evil exists in the world — and her brother's eyes hood in obvious agreement.

Mention that Atli 'accompanied Stark and faced a Sentinel' seems to be of interest to Pietro, and the young man thinks a moment as the pieces fall together. "So you were the Asgardian who accompanied him to Genosha," he muses. "The news was thin on who was there other than Stark and Captain Rogers. You know then the lengths to which these people will go to destroy us."

He glances up at both Asgardians. "Unfortunately he's eluded us also. We have information on the location of the offices where they transact their business, and the facilities where these 'Mega Men' are made, and we will share that with you… but to date the Trasks themselves have been reclusive from the public eye. For good reason, considering what their works have wrought over the years. We've recently found there are others, too, who seek to profit off association with the Trasks, but whose ends incline more towards the theft of our abilities for their own use. Once we learn who is behind that…" The sentence does not need to be finished.

The Odinson family resemblance is palpable to Wanda, and not purely by what she gleans through the eyes. Witch's sight is a sorcery in itself, and faces and action both become extraneous things when Wanda can take deep, searching glimpses straight down into the souls. Between the two Asgardians, she sees they share more than race heritage.

Of course, Atli couples that with calling Thor a 'grandfather,' which gives Wanda a moment's askance. But, isn't it said their kind is long-lived? Immortal as gods are venerated to be?

As Quicksilver speaks, the Scarlet Witch remains on the quiet side, partially guarded, and partially pensive. She, too, seems to sense much unsaid on the nature of evil, though neither of the two Asgardians venture on to speak their thoughts — at least not now.

Some tension waiting on Wanda lets go, the witch arming herself to give some passionate, and-not-at-all-projecting argument. She does not want to live in a reality where evil is a true thing. She does not want to consider the moments when she awakens, sometimes from sleep, sometimes from… vacancy, where she must have lost time a few moments, with nothing but the nascent, oily taste of something dark on her palate, and the pressing of something to the backs of her eyes. She wants to feel something, though she cannot seem to place it — and if evil were true, then she'd have to —

The topic drops, and Wanda follows suit, relented to discussion of Trask. As Pietro speaks for both of them, true to her name, Wanda's attention and red eyes both seem to drift, wandering momentarily away. The witch, lost in her whispers.

And then: "I must ask," Wanda says, on the heels of Pietro's words. "What is justice in the eyes of Asgard? You must witness us fight over the definition and application of the world. If you found Trask, what would you do?"

It's sobering, to hear such plight laid out in real time, and to know that Thor would indeed help, brings her spirits up. Even if she did not get to Asgard and Chill, with these, two most noble creatures. Beautiful. Bold. Perhaps half as insane as she. They may say it is not a quest, for they might not know the true power of the word for her family, but she cannot see it as anything else. Her head tilts up, and she kicks the Jotun-skull aside with a nudge.

It is no longer a fitting trophy for Wanda and Pietro, Midgardian Gods.

"Well, we would smite him into the ground until he could be smote no more. Justice is justice, and if he intends slavery for you and your kind, we shall show him the bondage of Hel's front doors." This, she answers to Wanda's inquiry. "We shall find where this foul Trask creature has his lair and root it out, as Thor once did on A'askavarii, where the tentacles doth flow. Verily, it was a day of mixed victory, to have heard him tell of it. I could not tell if he was laughing or crying, but his method was sound. We shall simply find what this Trask wants most in this world, and attempt to lure him out with it. Hmm. Mayhaps a good cut of meat, or perhaps a pancake, made by my Aunt Loki. She puts bacon in these, you see. Quite impossible to resist"

Then, her fingers snap, and she practically gafaws at Thor, smacking him on a bicep. "THOR! I have it. On A'askavarii, some years from now, you pretended to marry the princess to draw out her would-be killers. I think it was an accident, and yet, quite brilliant. We need only use your status as a hero of Midgard to pretend to have captured Wanda and Pietro, and then offer them to this fool of a Trask. Then, we simply reveal that the restraints are not restraints at all, and visit untold ruin upon his house!"

Atli turns to Pietro and Wanda here, clearly having at least 16 percent of a plan. "Verily, this plan is excellent, I am glad Thor of the future thought of it so that we might use it here in the past, in a place with far less tentacles. I believe it is due a name. Let us call it, Definitely Fix Everything This Time."

This is the price of an Asgardian's help. An earnest, honorable word, unbreakable allegiance,

Utter insanity.

Thor's nods at first to Atli's zealous response except that by the time she gets to 'root it out' he is shaking his head at her words, "If the family Trask surrenders themselves then they shall be brought to those that have been wronged and it shall be /they/ who decide his fate." He explains speaking first to Atli and then looking to Wanda and Pietro, "It is not our place to deny you the justice your people have sought."

"We will not exterminate them for who they are," Thor declares, "How then would we be any better than they?"

The Odinson's brow knots in deep thought at the plan Atli has proposed. Truly, this sounds the sort-of plan his brother - Atli's Aunt Loki - would have proposed. While such duplicity never sits well because fully half the time it is secretly an attempt to embarrass him he cannot deny that the other half of the time - when such plans are well intentioned - that things seem to work out. Everything is almost definitely fixed most of the time after it's all over with.

"Yes," Thor agrees then looking to Atli, "I can see no flaws in your plan. Only the look of surprise when their restraints…," he puts his wrists together and then pulls them apart, "..fall away." He makes a fist and slowly brings his hand backward and then slowly forward, "And I hurl Mjolnir into their sentinels." And then he mimes catching something, "Only to call it back again through the robots which did not expect it to return."

"Yes. I can see that this plan will be most successful.

"What say you?" He asks the Maximoff's, clearly eager, "Perhaps if you began hurling insults. So that any who watch us now will believe that we are not now allies."

We will not exterminate them for who they are. How then would we be any better than they?

"The difference lies in the distinction between unprovoked, undeserved persecution," says Quicksilver coldly, "and earned justice for crimes already committed. You will bring him to those wronged, for judgment? Then you will be bringing him to us, if you should find him first. We did not ask for a war like this, but we will finish it — on our terms."

His sharp voice might already start lending the impression Thor suggests — that they quarrel as if they are not allies.

He mollifies a few centimeters, however, as Atli proposes a plan of a deviousness worthy of her uncle (aunt?). Pietro glances at Wanda. «Worth considering,» he remarks across their link, «though before we commit to any such course of action, I will want you to have a look…»

"Yes… our cooperation isn't something they would consider," he muses, looking Thor — hero of Midgard — up and down. "Though as you both have been asking frequently after us both recently, I suggest a little lead time before we enact any such plan." A pause. "And my sister will have a…" How to put it? His gaze travels to Atli. "A trial to pose to you before we do."

He glances at his sister again, leaving room for her opinions on the matter.

Silent for some time, Wanda considers the Asgardians' plan.

A plan of considerable stretch, she knows — and even now, she can make preliminary calculations of the risks to know there are many —

But, slowly, patiently, the chill thaws from the Scarlet Witch's face. And then, just like that, a slow, thoughtful smile plays across her mouth, lighting her face in a way it was not before. The witch sees possibilities. And she very, very much likes them.

True mirth flickers against her expression, there and gone. Has Atli finally gained the favour of the magnets?!

Glancing toward Pietro, both to hear his thoughts and convey back her own, Wanda meets his look with a confirming half-hood of her eyes. They are back to blue again. «I will need to commune, brother. But I know this as a fact: Trask does not expect gods at his door.»

As for Wanda's reply to all this?

The Scarlet Witch, without warning, draws scarlet into her hands, as it weaves crossing leylines of red in and through her opening fingers. "Take leave, Asgard!" she snaps aloud, voice carrying in a way it rarely ever does — putting on the show as requested. "You're no different than the humans! You're not wanted here!"

And there is a warp around Thor and Atli (and the goat) all. Neither of them seem to move, or even touched — only the twiting and re-assembling of reality itself around them, dissolving away from Mutant Town to unexpected environs.

Perhaps the Witch seeks to send them — again — back to Jotunheim? Back to wage war with the Frost King, himself?

No, Wanda seeks, in her demonstrative we-are-not-allies glory, to send them to the purest, unholy Hell.

New Jersey.

It takes but a moment for Atli's brows to rise and her head to nod along to Thor, her excitement carrying over, lower lip protruding as she considers his words. "Yes indeed, Thor, all fair points." It's hard to admit sometimes, but every once and awhile this Thor sounds like HER Thor, from another time, and it fills her with a sense of purpose as he always did, in the future. When he wasn't calling out the names of his dead wives in his sleep, anyway. Of course, Pietro's counter makes her tilt her head back the other way, nodding along to him as well, her face practically screaming 'Verily, you make even more sense'.

"And Pietro, also quite good points. Much like like the points on those wonderful, antennae-like streamers at the front of your hair." There goes her concentration again, as she stares at Pietro's wonderful hair, but she snaps out of it, lest she draw the ire of her grandfather while discussing serious matters. "But, as you said, these circumstances warrant a little justice, so we'll bring this Trask to heel, and deliver him to your judgement, whatever it might be. This seems only fair, given the lengths to which he has gone to bring misery upon your people. And-"

'And my sister will have a.. trial to pose to you before we do.'

This, of all the things they have said, feeds the fires of Atli's spirit like no other. She does not look to Thor here, only Wanda, stricken by the very thought of her being deemed worthy to receive a trial (a real one, not an accidental, Jotun-killing one), from this, the Whisperer of Jellyfish, both Fierce and Fair.

And she is smiling.


Atli reaches out, ready to receive this gift, all smiles.

Then, they are in New Jersey.

The smell hits her, and she looks to Thor, and then the goat.

"…What the Hel?"

'Take leave, Asgard! You're no different than the humans! You're not wanted here!'

Thor's eyes widen a touch. Impressed by Wanda's dramatic capabilities. Rolling his shoulders once he takes a firm step forward a heavy fist curling at his left side as he reaches outward with his right hand to point angrily in their direction. Whatever clever insult he had thought up is stifled -

— as Atli moves past him as if mesmerized. Confused, certainly unimpressed with his granddaughter's grasp of theatre, the next thing Thor knows reality folds in upon him. There's a flicker of resistance as if folding realities did not bend so easily against heirs of the immortal realm - but only a flicker.

The next thing he knows there's a burst of magenta power and he's barefoot in a puddle that smells of urine. A flash of anger there as his jaw sets and he surveys his surroundings. Hand flexes and he begins to reach upward towards the sky - but stops.

Right. The plan.

"Curse that Scarlet Witch!" Thor bellows in dramatic anger thrusting his fists at the sky, "I shall not rest until she and her magnet kin are my prisoners!"

Slowly he lowers his fists regarding first Atli and then Toothbender.

Sighing, "Atli, doth the Queen of Dairy have a consulate in this place?" Thor asks her, "I could use the sort of mystic blizzard that not even my powers can conjure."

And he begins to trudge onward then. Certainly a walk of shame shall be much more convincing that he has been inconvenienced.

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