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August 30, 2018:

Captain America asks Black Cat about a strange creature he's searching for.

Staten Island - New York City

From the North Shore and Ferry to the bridges that connect the
small island off the coast of the larger island to New Jersey, the
'forgotten borough' is mostly residential, but does boast parks and
historical centers. One of the biggest draws is that free Staten Island
Ferry which affords an even better view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis
Apartment complexes mingle with detached homes down the streets,
with buildings that date back to the 1800s next door to those built only
within the last decade. Traffic isn't anywhere near as bad as the City
proper, or even the other boroughs as the population of the island itself
doesn't have anywhere near the numbers, mile for mile, the others have.
Homey looking streets turn into residential side-streets and it's
one place where one runs the risk of actually knowing their neighbors (and
their business).
The North Shore of Staten Island is a business and transportation
hub for the rest of it, containing the government buildings (such as the
Borough Hall) the Richmond County Saving's Bank Ballpark (home of the Staten
Island Yankees) and the borough's major educational institutions (2 local
colleges and an annex from St. John University).
The East Shore of Staten island is most famous for being one have
of 'The Narrows' separating Upper New York Bay from Lower New York Bay.
Historic Fort Wadsworth and the Verrazano-Narrows bridge that crosses over
to Brooklyn are the major features there, along with the FDR Boardwalk and


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Fade In…

Charging over the rooftop of an apartment complex is a swift, 'heroically' built adult male. In the darkness of the night with the lights below the edges of the roof, he is entirely in shadow, and a glance could mean he is any number of heroes or villains that are prone to roof-running in the evening. He stops behind a lit-up sign, entirely backlit, and raises binoculars to his eyes, stopped to slowly scan over the buildings across the street, alert and watchful.

Steve Rogers is not in a bright uniform, but in a no-nonsense personalized version of black SHIELD gear; there is some paneling over the broad chest and abdominal panels reminiscent of his stars and stripes, though there's only tints of blue, instead of bold coloring. He's dressed more specifically for what he's doing, which is a quiet survey and hunt. He squats behind the sign, still searching, focused on the task, fiddling with the high tech binoculars with a little bit of difficulty, which makes it take a little longer than it should to focus on the roof across from him. His face is blocked by the binoculars, but he has an efficient military manner about him even if he's not automatically identifiable at a distance.

Kneeling on the roof opposite Steve Rogers when he gets his binoculars focused is a woman clad in a black leather catsuit, with white fur trim, and a black domino mask. Her platinum hair falls in a cascade of careless waves down over her shoulders.

She seems unconcerned by the fact that her area is under surveillance. She is, in fact, watching him back. Through binoculars. When he focuses in, she lowers the binoculars and offers a friendly wave, then lifts the binoculars again to her eyes and continues to watch him.

Oh look. A potential witness! His initial reaction is amusement at her wave. While still watching in return, he smiles, and does a brief little salute next to the binoculars at his face, and then lowers them, trotting to the edge of the roof. He doesn't just jump off, but he does scale downwards in a few efficient acrobatic moves. During that, he does turn his back for a moment, which will flash the shield there. There are few things quite as iconic as that shield.

Binoculars now loose in hand, Steve moves down to the crosswalk to use the lit crossing, jogging across to the far sidewalk, and begins to make his way to ascend to her rooftop. She's about to get a visitor.

The Black Cat is still watching through binoculars when the head of Captain America appears over the edge of the roofline. It's a total blur, of course: he is too close to focus on. But that doesn't deter Cat as she watches him pull himself up onto the rooftop.

"Helloooo, Muscles." She smiles and finally lowers the binoculars. "Coming over to visit? Netflix and chill?"

Steve, now fully arrived on the roof gives her a quizzical look. He just pauses, one hand resting loosely against his belt, the other holding his binoculars. He may not follow the pop culture reference, but he can certainly follow her tone, and similar things come out of friends of his from a teasing perspective. And much like those cases, he just smiles in a puzzled way, and continues past the things he doesn't quite get.

"Hello," he begins, always polite and with a subtle weight of formality. "Unfortunately, not a simple visit. I'm hoping you can assist me with a tip. Have you seen any unusual flying creatures, approximately the size of a hawk, nearby?" Rogers asks, approaching, hopeful.

"I saw what looked like a tarantula hawk, while I was keeping watch. I saw it through my binoculars, and thought maybe it was perception playing tricks on me. Tarantula hawks are enormous, but this thing was the size of a bird, not a mega-evil wasp straight from the bowels of hell. I knew either it was supernaturally huge, or it was way too close. Either way, I didn't stick around. I took cover in case it mistook me for a giant spider.

Black Cat tilts her head. "Why, have you seen them too?"

Captain Rogers' expression is steady on her now, as he slowly adjusts his grip on his binoculars. "Yes, and have fought a few. They're extremely resilient," the hero replies with a clear warning, though he doesn't specifically tell her not to engage them, or anything like that. "I am trying to determine how far they have spread, and also track where they are most heavily sighted. Would you estimate when and where you saw it, please?" Steve asks, hooking the binoculars onto part of the rig on his chest, and pulling a notepad out. Because writing is just easier and more comfortable sometimes compared to a mobile device that always seems to need recharging.

"Of course," Cat purrs, standing and sidling a little closer to the Good Captain. "It was close…I saw it when I was standing…" She leans in, pressing close. "Here. Last night, about dusk."

She doesn't move or relenquish Steve's personal space, however. And simply saying "I was standing right where you are now," just isn't quite as fun.

Steve is focused on business. Or at least, is doing an excellent job of pretending to be, if she's actually distracting him. He writes down what she says onto his pad, in his neat handwriting. "Yesterday? That concerns me. They are ranging quite far on this side," Steve sighs, tapping the tip of his pen on the pad, light blue eyes lifting to look around at the horizon with dismay. People are in danger. He then looks at her again, that same concern for the population in his gaze, and takes in that she got pretty close. He holds his ground and does look her up and down, though there's a reserved sense to him. He isn't checking her out.

"I'm glad you are safe and it did not attack you," Steve says. "May I ask your name, or alias, if you prefer?" he asks. A polite smile surfaces.

"I'm best known as the Black Cat," she replies, straightening up with a smile. "They're resilient, but I have nine lives. How dangerous are they? Do they have an attack that I need to be made aware of?" Cat is looking him up and down, too, now. She's trying to stay focused on the matter at hand, but she also still kinda wants to flirt.

Steve is somewhat relieved she hasn't done anything more direct with him. And they ARE resolving some of his questions for his survey of this area. He's certainly not as good at surveillance as someone like Agent Barton, though he has a secret weapon: chatting with the population, who is so often eager to help.

"Black Cat? Of course," Captain America says with a firm nod. He'll remember. "I hope you keep /all/ nine, though." He's joking yet also honest about it. "Yes, they have diving attack patterns. The ones I've encountered aren't poisonous, at least, but they have very strong and sharp stingers and jaws. I'm waiting on more lab results. Best to keep busy out here." And pitch in in a way that he can, which does not include hanging around at a lab door.

"Well, then it sounds like they'll be fun to fight. As long as they don't sting like one of those….things." She shudders and tilts her head. "Maybe I could help you fight them next time." So she can watch him fight them. Or just watch him, period. "You're suuuch a polite and handsome gentleman." Oh, the things she could do to him…

"I couldn't tell you what their stings or bites feel like from my own experience, but a victim of an attack did… not speak highly of it," Steve says, with an empathetic, strained expression and wince. "But if you are able to assist me or anyone else in keeping others safe, I hope that you do." A quick smile follows: genuine. Captain America has a magnetism that centers around hope and positivity. It shows here, even if it is a somewhat low wattage compared to other events where he is delivering an important speech or rallying his team.

Captain America takes the other praise with humility and grace. He angles his head down, an accepting nod. But there's some discomfort there: he doesn't enjoy direct praise for praise's sake. "Thank you for your kind and willing assistance. Every little bit helps."

Cat tilts her head to catch his eyes with her own blue-eyed gaze. "Anything for you, Captain." She winks and smiles easily. "I'll keep you…around, I mean. You seem like you really know your stuff, Sexypants." Subtlety left her stranded on the roadside years ago, and never looked back.

Well, that's more direct. He remains friendly, but his body language turns more clearly reserved. He is not here to flirt on a rooftop, though he isn't dismissive of her either. "…The Avengers appreciates your service," Captain America says, leading away from this being personal. "Should you see more, I hope you let us know. Myself or another one of us should be doing a patrol here again soon. But tonight, I have another area to check before too late. Keep those nine lives safe, Black Cat," Steve bids to her with a smile, starting to excuse himself.

"You bet, Handsome," Cat purrs. "You keep that tail of yours safe, too. I'll look forward to seeing it again." With that, the Black Cat takes a step backward onto the fire escape, disappearing with a sudden rush of air, windswept hair, and a smile.

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