Lemuria I

August 29, 2018:

Suspecting Lilith is trying to obtain the Serpent Crown a group of supernatural heroes travel all the way to legendary Lemuria, under the Pacific Ocean. but Lemuria is not submerged, or completely abandoned.


An ruined metropolis covered by a dome, several miles under the Pacific Ocean


NPCs: Wong. The Lilim Spitfire and Dark Legion. Warlord Kro

Mentions: Ripclaw

Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The bulk of the Justice League is now far from Earth, chasing after a monstrous artifact and a kidnapped god through realms unknown. Doctor Strange should be with them, but he cannot.

Because the omens are dire, something terrible is about to happen and the Elder Gods are knocking the walls with Earth. Lilith must be about to obtain the Serpent Crown, if she doesn't have it already.

Why is the Mother of Demons working for the Elder Gods? Perhaps she is being possessed herself? Certainly the Elder Gods are no friends of those they call the 'young gods' and Lilith, despite being possibly older then Odin or Agamotto, is certainly one of the young gods in the eyes of demons that are billions of years old.

Hell is coming to Earth, the omens are pretty clear.

Doctor Strange has the lingering suspicion he is missing something important, an important clue, somewhere. But he can't wait anymore. All divinations point the Serpent Crown, lost in the waters of the Atlantic years ago, is now in the deeps of the Pacific Ocean, in the place where it might have been created twenty thousand years ago. Long lost Lemuria.

Which must be several miles underwater. Quite the problem even for a powerful sorcerer. Particularly when he wants to take some allies with him. So there was some work involved in enchanting cloaks for everyone so they can survive the deeps underwater.

Strange has slept very little the past week, but now everything is ready. "This time I will not merely teleport all of us there," he explains. "I am going to open a gateway from one of the laboratory rooms. In the case I become incapacitated, so anyone will be able return to New York safely."

Vivienne was not dressed much differently than she would be normally. Having chosen to trust Strange and his magic cloak, she's wearing the thinner more flexible black armor she preferred for 'street wear' She's added extra buckles to her belt, a pair of swords, her usual buckled there, as well as the harness for the Spear at her back, lying small and close where she can feel it between her shoulderblades. She seems to have made every attempt to make the suit watertight, as it was already waterproof to a point. Her hair is braided, close against her head and tucked under a swim cap, to prevent the strands from floating out and interfering with her vision. A pair of new(!) matching shorter blades have been left out for Lara to use or not.

Already in her usual 'outfit' for these kinds of outings, the firey half-dragon of a woman stares at the others and then at Strange before saying, "I'm hoping that this will all work as you say." She nods her head, "I'm not very big on being that deep underwater." She shakes her head and shifts on her heeled feet, wings flicking a little behind her.

Lara walks over to where Vivienne is and she takes note of the swords. She stares down at them and runs one hand over the sheath of one, so that her fingertips glide across the surface ot it. A smile is then given to Vivienne and a quiet 'Thank you.' is uttered. She picks the swords up and tucks them back into loops on either sides of her backpack so they rest behind her shoulders.

Wong is there too, wearing a robe and armed with a staff. But he will remain guarding the gate at the New York side. Along with less obvious defenses the Sanctum can muster.

The gate in question is a double door of mahogany wood with bronze reinforcements. It was not there a couple days ago, but sometimes the Sanctum can be convinced to open doors to distant places. It takes patience and some unusual spells Strange has developed along the years.

The sorcerer opens the doors, there is a greyish, luminescent membrane ahead, and Strange pushes through without hesitancy. "Be ready for anything," he suggests, vanishing through the gate.

For anything. Maybe not for the ruins of a modern-looking city that was, however, millennia old. There were skyscrapers, long crushed, toppled, sometimes the metal skeletons rising a hundred feet tall. Vehicles! Not like modern cars, they look a bit clunky, and definitely reduced to piles of rust. At least there are no human skeletons, but maybe they turned to dust thousands of years ago.

It is dry.

There is a blue-grey luminescence coming from above. Maybe two hundred yards above.

For once Strange has no weird swear sentence to say. He expected… he is not sure. Maybe coral-covered ziggurats. Can coral even exist miles under the surface of the ocean?

Vivienne, once she had assured herself that she had everything that she might need, rises to her feet. "I should have brought C.C.," she offers, as she glanced over to see Lara approaching, "You're welcome. Call me old-fashioned, but…just in case the guns aren't enough." because you can never have too many weapons, apparently. Adara received a glance as well, a thoughtful look, as she saw the young woman in her half-dragon mode, wings and all. "Those might come in handy." That was probably meant as a joke, given that they were, you know, going to be underwater, and those were very large water wings, so to speak. But on the whle, it was a mark of how serious the situation was, that Vivienne was even making the joke. "I'm ready." She turned to Wong, offering the man a smile, "We'll only be a moment." And then she turned to follow the team out into the vast deeps. Only to find herself, not only in the open air, but in what looked to be a run-down, sure, but rather familiar looking city. It could have been any city, in any country in the world today. "A domed city?"

"Ha." Adara responds to the woman before rolling her eyes and looking to Lara. She considers Lara a moment before saying, "I am Adara." She nods her head, "I like to go by Emberwing when I am like this." She nods her head and then looks to the doors and frowns, "Here we go."

The woman, whoes form is covered in bio-armor of black and strange red glowing lines expects to use those wings to sort of fly through the water and to hear a lot of hissing sounds as she enters only to…enter the ruins of a city. She stares for a long moment before glancing over at Vivienne.

"Seems my wings will be useful." She idly flaps them and lifts off the ground to about ten feet up and turns slowly to look around as she considers the area around.

Lara's eyes center on Viv's face for a moment at the C.C. comment, but she doesn't reply to that. She instead looks over toward where Wong is and she tilts her head to the side and stares at the man, at least until she's greeted by Adara who gets a lingering stare in silence for a handful of seconds. "Lara." She says, her British accented voice flavoring the word nicely. "I like the wings." She'll add there-after.

As they make their change in scenery, Lara stays near the back of the little 'pack' they've created. She lets her eyes roam around them, over those odd looking vehicles and then upward when Adara speaks of her wings indeed being useful here. Beyond that she stays perfectly quiet and observant.

"A domed city," repeats Strange, "it is not magic," he adds to the unvoiced question. Whatever the dome is it keeps millions of tons of water at bay and provides some light. But it is obvious the city was destroyed long ago. He steps close to one of the vehicles and grabs the rusty metal panel, it almost disintegrates. "What happened here?" He murmurs, asking no one.

Taking some height Adara can see the city must have been pretty large, possibly inhabited by several million people. Here and there she can see oddities… signs in what must be an alien language, sculptures of abstract design, perhaps decorative. Art in styles that have never been recorded by archeologists or historians. Possibly styles not seen by humans in millennia, if ever.

It is an alien city, and yet it had more in common with modern London or New York than with ancient Rome.

"Well, this is interesting, but we should really find the Lilim," decides Strange. "And be cautious, although if Lilith or any good sorcerer is around, there are high chances they detected the portal."

Vivienne was happy to be in the second position, close enough to go forward to Strange if he needed her and to fall back to Lara if she did. It was a position that seemed to suit her well enough. And it also allowed her more than enough time to study the city as they walked through the remnants of a dead place. "Strange that we haven't seen a single body." She glanced up at that, watching Adara to see if she had anything to report, before she looked back to Strange's back. "Well, I suppose we could do this the hard easy way, or the hard hard way. Either walking until we find something, or allowing me to let my light shine and call whatever's here to us."

Looking at the area around from her height, she considers, "Depending on the micro-fauna of this area as well as what potential flora might exist and how long people have been dead…" She considers and looks to Vivienne, "There might not be much in the way of bodies left." She nods before then looking up, "These people, whoever built this, might be made of nothing more than jelly. They might not even have been humanoid." She shakes her head, "They could have fallent to pieces upon death. Speculation is rough."

"Or been burned." Lara replies as she walks past them and peers inside one of the vehicles idly inspecting it. For as tremendous of a discovery as this place was to someone like her, she doesn't seem to be that interested or excited about it either. "War, war is what happened here." She then says when her dark brown eyes pull back up from the vehicle and she walks past it, a heavy leather boot quietly pressing down on the ground beneath it while she moves. Lara purses her lips and she proceeds on in a bit of her own direction, curiosity propelling the young woman further to look about and see whats around the next corner, she doesn't seem to be that concerned with staying 'with' them either as she starts to explore like this and in fact she seems to be just slowly walking away in her own direction.

Was this caused by war? Hard to say on the dim light of the dome. Strange can't see weapons, but there are no corpses either, so who knows. And micro-fauna, yes. And regular ruins fauna. Strange was instinctively looking for it. There is nothing. No rats, insects, or any alien equivalent. There is no moss, or even fungus. The city is unnaturally quiet.

And then it isn't.

There is a loud crash and a flash of light maybe a mile to their left. Then some screams of rage, and pain. More flashes of light, explosions. Maybe 15 seconds of the sounds of war. And then silence again.

"Yes, but if they were goo, what did they need the cars for? Animated blob people could just have rolled along the road, don't you think?" It was a weird city and one had weird thoughts in such places. It seems, more that they took themselves off…somewhere else, after the decided that they had no more use for the place, and the city just decayed without them. Being that she was, in the end, only a warrior, as soon as Vivienne heard the sounds, she looked immediately in that direction. And then moved to approach, keeping low, using the car and buildings to mask her movements, clearly intended that if something should be coming in their direction, it(they?) would encounter her before the others.

A look over at Viv and she states, "It's possible but…" She is about to expand about things only for her eyes to turn quickly toward the strange light and explosions. She floats there before looking down, "Anyone else see that?" She then considers the area and floats a little closer to it, "I suppose that's the closest thing to a clue that we got." She starts slowly off in that direction, landing and walking that way, "Unless you have other ideas?" She looks to Strange and then to Lara before simply continuing on her way.

Lara has separated herself quite a bit from the others, choosing to venture down a pathway to look into any other vehicles or open passages, but its the sudden outbreak of chaos that gets her to pause and look up. Her eyes look back to the companions she'd traveled here with, but her hands reach for weapons, her left going back for one of Vivienne's gifted swords, while her right goes down to the gun holstered on the side of her thigh. She then starts back toward where Strange is, moving at a casual pace until she draws near to him. "As I was saying…" She speaks up, showing a soft smirk, of course referring to the War part.

"It would have been difficult not to hear it, Miss Hong," comments Strange, following Magdalena, but muttering a hiding spell along the way. Following on foot means Adara is going to get there first. Maybe a poor tactical decision, but she is half-dragon, right?

There has obviously been a skirmish here. Three humanoid armored figures lie on the floor, one badly burned, two others torn and bloody, as if attacked by beasts. One of them is lying in a pool of green blood, the other bleeds red. They all seem different, misshapen.

There is also a non-armored figure on the floor. A dark-skinned man in a trench coat, arms ending in huge claws, most of his head is missing.

Several others are standing, and spot Adara as she reaches the ground. One if a large, green humanoid with scaly skin and a maw full of fire. He seems badly wounded, bleeding from holes on his chest, but stumbles forward to breathe a massive fireball at Adara.

Two of the others are identical, green humans with blonde hair and glowing yellow eyes, powerfully built dressed in cargo pants and sleeveless jacket. "Wait, that woman…" he starts. But his words are lost in the roar of the fireball.

As Vivienne moved, she reached back, reaching under the cloak to retrieve the Spear, flicking it out so that it grew to its full length. She glanced back, seeing the trio of adventurers behind her, but she turned quickly back to approach the sight of the battle. Adara's flight would bring her down first, but that only made Vivienne pick up her pace, as she raised the Spear, trusting in Adara's ability to protect herself from the fireball, but placing herself between Strange and Lara, so that the shield that would extend itself from the spear would protect them from any flame that might get past the half-dragon woman.

They're a bit further behind Adara to catch up to the scene that unfolded a moment ago, but when they do, Lara is quick to let her eyes scan over the creatures on the ground that are… quite dead. She shows a soft smirk at the sight of it then… but there's a sudden element of danger thrust upon them. Lara's eyes shoot up to the incoming fireball and she dashes to the side and back behind the Magdalena, very ready to accept another's shield to keep herself from being burned alive. "This is quite a place you've brought us, Doctor." Lara says outloud, whether he can hear her or not. She clutches her gun in her hand and when given a moment will attempt to lean around and take a shot at that badly wounded one with the holes in its chest… of course, she's aiming for its head however!

Normally Adara is not dramatic but frankly this is a little to perfect to pass up. She is, after all, a controller of fire and fire is what is being thrown her way. She blows out a breath as the fireball comes her, pushing all the air from her and then she waits for the fireball to near and she begins to breath in hard and fast. The fire seems to slam against her briefly but quickly it is clear what is happening. The fire is not slamming into Adara at all. It is vanishing.

Her breath pulls in heavily as she simply sucks in all of the fire, pulling it all in and absorbing it quickly. She then slowly lets out a smokey breath and grins at the one that blew fire at her and she stands up straight, "Spicy."

As Adara absorb the flames, one of the green-skinned twins grunts in disgust. "Told you. We could use Craver here." But the scaly Lilim takes two bullets to the head and falls to reply, instead falling to his knees, a hand going to his head. He is bleeding, but incredibly he is still conscious.

The green twins move swiftly, one of them jumps on Adara, pulling a large knife from his belt. The other retreats to the fallen, picking up a huge, futuristic-looking handgun. "Lets see how this thing work," he comments with a smirk, aiming to Lara. Just pull the trigger, right?

Apparently not, nothing happens. "Damn… must be broken," he grunts in annoyance.

Vivienne continues to advance, adjusting her hold on the Spear so that the shield it projected covered as much of Lara as she could manage. She seemed to have more care for that than for her own safety, though they were managing well enough, "Stay behind me, Lara." She moved steadily forward, doing her best to give Lara plenty of room to shoot around her. Or to leave, if that was her choice. "Let me know if you plan to break." The sight of the first lilim(?) leaping at Adara, well, she couldn't, at the moment, move to aid her, unable to be in two places at once. Nor did she release the two-handed hold she had on the Spear, though she did utter a soft word, the Spear erupting into flame and radiant light an instant after.

Adara was by no means a world champion fighter by she was trained in martial arts, so when the thing leaps at her with a knife, she does what comes naturally. Her movements are fluid, practiced. Nothing special or new, but practiced and prepared. She aims to catch the wrist with the knife with her right hand and use her left hand to duck down and flip him right over her form. The only thing she adds in is something that the stone almost seems to suggest. She flexes her claws into her left hand to not just catch him and flip him over her, giving him a brutal slash as she does so, "Off me!" She declares.

"You needn't worry about that." Lara says back to Vivienne with regard to her staying behind the woman for protection. But she does continue to take her chances to fire her gun at the source of their attackers. "Why did we come here again?" She questions the others, though Magda is probably the only one within ear shot of her right now. In her off hand, Lara keeps one of the swords newly gifted to her clutched and ready to strike should anything come within melee range. "I believe we need a way out, or better offense than this."

Strange was ready to shield Lara (or himself) from whatever the gun would do, but looks like he has nothing to worry. So instead he blasts the would-be gunman Lilim with an energy bolt, sending him flying to messily crash against the remains of an ancient truck-like vechile.

The second blonde Lilim twists his body skillfully, to try to grab Adara's 'hair' as she attempts a judo throw. He is fast, and considerably stronger than a normal human. But he is caught in the Spear's light and flame and screams in pain, losing his grip and going flying.

"We are here to find and stop Lilith," comments Strange, readying a second spell in the case the Lilim are still able to fight. "And since her children are here, I suppose we are in the right place. And… Magdalena, if she didn't know we are here, now she does." Because that was a bright and loud holy flare.

The scaly one tries to crawl away, and the blondes look finished but… the are not. From the wreckage two more green-skinned blonde Lilim appear, a greenish mist surrounding them. And from the scorched one remains, a cloud of green, acidic mist rises, those close would feel their eyes water, forming three more copies.

"Congratulations," says the closest of the 'clones'. "You are in the right place. Mother is here, but you came to Lemuria to die. By the way, my name is Dark Legion. The more you kill me, the stronger I become."

"She knows I am here. And these know I am here. She may not yet know that you all are here." Of course, that's highly unlikely, but still, it does bear mentioning. Vivienne takes a fraction of a second, taking in the battlefield, the flying lilim, and Adara acquitting herself well. And Vivienne begins to move, to try to get Lara closer to Strange, while still approaching Dark Legion, her face hardening as she sees the lilim replicate himself. "Shall we test that theory? I knew a man who knew a man who had a penchant for casting out demons. He might have taught me a thing or two." She will attempt to move towards the one speaking, rather than the copies.

A screech comes from her as she feels her hair being grabbed. It wasn't quite the same as her real hair being grabbed but was hardly comfortable. She winces and stumbles back till she is freed by her own throw and Viv's intervention. She catches herself and glares back at the thing that had tried to hurt her only to consider that a moment.

She looks from one to the other, peering around slowly before she considers the copies and then holds up her hand. A fire begins to form there, burning progressively brighter. An almost heartbeat like motion and it grows larger. Then another and it grows larger. What starts as a small torch flame is now the size of a softball and is growing with each passing second. Even as she focuses on it, little spike like protrusions start to come from it, flaring with each growth cycle and sinking back in. Each time it grows, those spikes all point at a various green skinned, blonde demon.

Lara's dark eyelinered eyes dart, left and right as she scans their area and the thret that they're facing. With a heavy exhale, Lara suddenly separates herself from the others, her gun being re-holstered against her right thigh. She glares for a moment at Strange before she darts away to a nearby ruined structure and in a display of parkour perfection, the nimble archaeologist scales the damaged structure and just slips into a shadowy outcropping where she's no longer visible. Where and why she did this remains to be seen, but it looks as though she just completely abandoned her companions.

"By all means," replies the Lilim, happily charging Magdalena. In fact he is going to let her impale him with the Spear and then use it to pull it off her hands. Dying, he thinks, will just cause him to duplicate.

Strange steps back, away from the acid, "we need to neutralize them without killing, I suppose," he casts, ensnaring one of the clones with tendrils of light. Strong as the Lilim is, he can't get free. A third one moves stab the sorcerer, though, so Strange forms a shield in front of himself to keep the demon at bay.

The remaining two chase after Adara and Lara.

Vivienne sense, felt, Lara leave without having to look at her. It was like the space where Lara was, had been, simply felt empty. As if some force inside of her had changed the air in her wake, and with her departure, deadened it. But she had no more time to consider such a strangeness, as she saw the Lilim charging her, her grip on the Spear tightening until her knuckles were white. Silently, her lips moved in a prayer, her mind speaking the words she did not waste her breath to utter. She had give the Spear her blood, on more occasions than even she could remember. It was a part of her, and she it, and she would not be parted from it. Instead, she moved to meet the charge, the flame dancing, brightening, the Spear and Vivienne's own hands awash with light as she attempted to impale the Lilim. Cut off the head and the rest would die…she hoped.

Adara wasn't so much running away as she was creating space, slowly moving as she gathered what appeared to be a growing fireball above her head. She wasn't really that great with the stone yet but she was creative and smart. She glanced at the incoming and then suddenly, as the massive ball of fire grew just bigger than a beachball, yelled, "Vivienne! Get down!" She trusted her and all but she heard what this creature was. The ball of fire burst into a direction for each green skinned creature.

Out of the ball of flame a roar of flame and rage burst forth as what appeared to be several snake like snakes roar out of the ball of fire, draining it into themselves as they rush toward the Lillim. She looks out and growls, "Can you duplicate if I burn you to nothing?" Each firey beast of a dragon carries with it a heat made powerful enough to melt steel as they attempt to open their maws and engulf each demon.

Inside the ruin where Lara had dashed off too, the floor starts to crumble beneath her booted feet leaving her hopping and skipping over gaps and sudden spaces in front of her. She lunges for a solid ledge and draws herself up onto it and then sweeps her body around to see one of the enemies chasing after her. Quickly she rises up off of her side and darts behind a half-crumbled support pillar, her sword comes straight up to press the side of the cold blade against the tip of her nose… she waits for her enemy to come to her and then turns to strike out at it with the weapon gifted to her by the Magdalena!

The first Legion is impaled, still grinning. Acid mist forms around him, likely burning Vivienne's exposed flesh. His smile falters when he feels the power of the Spear of Destiny struggling to really kill him despite his own unique brand of immortality.

Can you duplicated if burned to nothing? "As a matter of fact I can," he boasts. A second before the flames engulf all the duplicates but the one that followed Lara.

The last Lilim clone is every bit as quick and agile as Lara. But still gets surprised and stabbed through the heart by Lara's sword. He laughs. "You foolish humans never learn, uh?" Misting, burning, and soon duplicating.

The flames consume the rest, but the mist somehow endures, and yes… now there are six of them, jumping out of the flames.

The one impaled by the Spear didn't duplicate, however. They all look at Magdalena with some wariness. "You thought that one you killed was somehow important? We are -all- Legion, silly woman."

Strange sighs. "So you are. Here… lets call you 'blind legion' now," he mutters, forming a globe of darkness over the heads of a couple of the clones. "The Spear works, but otherwise I must insist we restrain, not kill, this particular monster. I know a few exiling spells that will get rid of him, but I need time."

Vivienne lets out a yelp, as the acid burns her wrists where her gloves have ridden up and she danced back, getting herself out of the acid fog murmuring to herself as she diverts some small amount of attention to healing herself. She manages a glance over to Strange, giving him a nod, as she moved to put herself between him and the now six new lilim, "Do what you have to do. I will buy you the time." She might well go down, but she obviously intends to go down fighting. "Point of fact, I don't think any of you are important." She does spare a glance at Adara, as if to assure herself that the woman is still in one piece. "Come along then. I can do this all day."

Ripclaw's activities have kept him largely out of the fight and proceedings to take down Lilith and her various allies, this has left him back with Wong awaiting the call for backup. One he is patiently standing nearby waiting, his usual combat attire… just a pair of pants and boots. The bladed hands flexing and unflexing as he watches the swirling vortex of mystic portal, unsure what transpires on the other side but he's eager, if not hesitant. An underwater seascape? Not ideal for anyone who enjoys oxygen for life. It is a lot of faith put in science or magic. Faith something Robert usually has in abundance but certain things just have to be experienced firsthand…

A growl and there's a twitch as she literaly growls out a small burst of flames from her lips before she considers and looks around. Inside her a distant feeling seems to issue an image of everything around her burning. The message is clear.

<Burn everything around. Burn it all. If it can duplicate, let it all duplicate in a sea of flame.>

She looks at the creatures here and then she considers a moment before saying, "So, when you die you duplicate." She considers and then she looks at the ones near her, "Good to know." She then slams her hand down and fire flares out from it. This fire, though, stays at ankle level rather than going higher, burning across the ground and attempting to burn the feet of the enemies near her, "Lets see how you do without hte ability to walk."

With the sword stuck inside the chest cavity of the creature that is taunting her. Lara just twists it a turn while she watches it duplicate. She then just shows a sweet and dark smile. "If only you knew." She replies in her deep British accented English before she yanks the sword back out and spins it around behind her, which yields a loud metal *CLINK* sound as she detaches whats left of the support pillar behind her and then falls backward against it to apply all of her body's weight and to cause it to fall over back the way she'd come, effectively turning it into a slide that will lead her back to the entrance of the ruin. Her ultimate aim, however, is to drop the entire remainder of the stone ceiling down upon the creature she'd stabbed and all of its duplicates, while escaping down a stone slide on her back!

"I like a woman with some endurance," replies lewdly to Vivianne the closest Lilim. One of the blind ones, though, stabs the second blinded one through the heart. Mising, and two non-blind Legions form in its place, both smiling to Strange.

And then Adara creates a field of fire, burning their feet, forcing them to retreat yelping. Painful injuries -do- work to keep them away.

BOOM! And with a horrible crunching sound a building at the side of the street starts collapsing. Inside, two very surprised blondes get buried under many tons of concrete and black bricks. They will 'mist out' eventually. But it is going to take them a while to escape the pile of rubble. Lara better run out quickly!

Behind Vivienne Strange is casting, though. He is slow and careful because he wants to catch all the Lilim in the spell.

"The last time a demon said something like that to me, my cat blew it up with a rocket launcher. Now, imagine what I'm going to do to you?" Vivienne did not seem at all intimidated by the creatures, and her eyes were everywhere, attempting to gauge their movements and reactions. The flash of flame coming in on her right was just enough warning to get her out of the way of the flames, the heat of it though, forcing her to retreat from her enemies. It did not, however, force her to back down. She simply waited, patiently, until she could find a way to advance, doing whatever she could to keep as many of the demons focused on her as she could. Hopefully, between herself and Adara, they could give Strange the time he needed to cast his spell.

A grin comes to Adara's lips as she notices that and she twitches a little, "So you do fear flame." She laughs a little and to the ears of those there, it sounds perhaps, just a bit, off. She closes her eyes briefly and then states, "I can burn you but not kill you." She looks up, "What a terrible existance you have." She then idly starts walking toward the nearest ones. At first, it might not be all that intimidating unless they look down. As she steps, her feet scald the earth. Each step burns the ground and they may start to feel it. It's not fire, it's pure heat. Like that of an oven packed close to her and radiating out, "Who wants a hug?"

The pillar that Lara pushed over didn't just turn into a ramp that she slides down, no because of the interior collapse of the building itself the pillar is pushed OUT of the building and with it the Tomb Raider appears, gliding out of the crumbling construct on the side of it! At least until it smashes into the ground while the rest of the building topples inside of itself with a plume of dirt and debris going out in a ring of dusty filth in the air… Lara rolls off of the pillar and staggers for a moment before she starts to turn around, raising her sword holding hand up to her mouth and nose to cover her breathin from the filth in the air now. "Lovely place. I might buy a home here." She comments to no one in particular. Lara looks to the others and starts to move toward them to rejoin them then, more of the building still settling behind her.

"Does it catch mice too? I like mice, fried rare," says a demon slashing at Vivienne.

"Pain is fun," claims another of the Legion, he spins his knife and tosses it to Adara.

"Damn youuuuu…" muffle-screams one of the guys Lara just buried alive.

"And the Winds of Watoomb take you to the wasted shores of Cinnibar…" concludes Strange. Suddenly all the Lilim (and their knives) are wrenched from the ground and start spinning, faster and faster, falling towards a dark hole forming twenty yards over the ground. They curse and complain and promise revenge all the way to their exile.

Well, except for those two buried alive. They will be fine. Eventually.

"That should do the trick," comments Strange, looking fairly smug. "Is anyone injured? Lady Croft?"

"That's a bit downmarket, isn't it?" Vivienne, still trying to avoid the flames, lunged to the side to avoid the slash, bringing the Spear up to parry the slash, sweeping her leg out to try to kick the demon on the knee, hoping, perhaps, that it might fall back into the flames. She does hear the building collapsing, but she's too busy with her opponent to look that way. And then, well, Strange's spell finally kicks off and she stutter-steps back, attempting to clear the way to the portal. No need to get sucked up into whatever dimension he's sending them to. Only once they seem to have been carried off, does she finally look back to the group, and beyond, seeing Lara making her way towards trio, "I'm fine. Lara has nine lives."

The knife comes at her and she is a bit overconfident. Not too bad though as it hits her shoulder but doesn't really sink in. Not simply because it is getting pulled into a portal but also cause its edge was partially melted by the heat. She frowns a little and then seems like she's frustrated for a moment. She is about to scream when she sucks in a sharp breath and lets it out slowly. The heat rolls off of her like a wave, dissipating away. Her gaze going up to the others and she states, "Well, where to next?"

While Dark Legion was fighting the other, badly injured Lilim seems to have fled. There are several corpses on the ground, though. One is an ape-like, clawed monsters. Another Lilim. But the other three are armored humanoids. One has spider-like mandibles and furry grey skin. Another a mandrill-like head and slimy skin. The third is female, pale and slim, tentacles instead of hair, her green blood pooled under her mangled corpse. They look like monsters, but there are dressed like modern soldiers, with powerful-looking futuristic handguns and body armor.

"They look like Lilim, but none of these three were a supernatural creature," comments Strange, checking for signs of life. No, they are very dead.

"We are not demons," says a grave voice behind the group. Very British accent. Oxford.

He is a large humanoid, bald, with reddish skin and a well-trimmed black goatee. He must weight over 300 pounds not counting the armor, it seems impossible he was able to sneak on the group, doubly so with that nasty open wound in his left leg, but he did. And now he is pointing a huge gun at the heroes. Such a big F. gun even Cable and Rocket the (space) Raccoon would be envious. "You are trespassing, humans."

Vivienne started, as she heard the voice seemingly coming from nowhere. At least until she turned to look at the humanoid pointing a gun at them. She does not release the Spear, though she does lower it to a more defensive position. "We are. We came to stop these demons and to prevent an even greater evil from accomplishing her ends." She tips a head at its leg, "You are injured. I have no quarrel with you, and offer you healing for your injuries. For your companions," as she assumed the three now dead humanoids are, "I can do nothing."

A look at Strange and then Adara looks back at the newcomer. Her hands already light up just like the spear is kept. She moves into stnace and eyes the thing that snuck up on them, "I do not have a fight with anyone really, though if they wish to bring one to me, I offer it." She nods her head and then blinks a few times and shakes her head, "I'm really starting to talk more like the rest of you." She stands up straight and releases the flames. She closes her eyes and then when they open they are not glowing with flame and her wings are folded. She shudders and then finally nods, "Sorry, I know we are intruding but she is right. We're here to help." She nods her head, "If you are willing to accept it."

Lara had shaken her head. "Not injured." She replied simply before she went to stand near to where the Magdalena was, giving the woman a glance for a moment because she admired the sword she'd just used. Lara's eyes look over her associates here, Strange, to Vivienne and then to Adara and then… to the injured one with the giant gun. She otherwise says nothing though with her hands down at her sides, the sword still clutched in her left gloved

Strange steps forward, "I am Doctor Stephen Strange, the Supreme Sorce…" "I know who you are, I have Internet," interrupts the humanoid with a snort. "I am Captain Kro of the Lemuria reserve army," he looks at the three women slowly and lowers his gun an inch. "Those were my soldiers, not companions. They volunteered to come up with me to investigate… some intruders." Glance to the dead Lilim.

"Well, we mean no harm to your people," offers Strange. And that earns him a deeper frown.

"This dead city is a…" Kro pauses, as if thinking for the right translation for a concept. "A memory of a time my people ruled the world. We split the atom and reached for the stars when you were living in caves. It is profanation you are here. You and your -gods-."

Vivienne, despite herself, managed a grin towards Adara, at the woman's comment about speaking as they do. But she soon returned all of her attention to the, can you believe it, Lemurian standing before them. Vivienne lowered the Spear further as she saw Kro do the same, the light and flame winking out in an instant. "As you are no doubt also aware, we had no way of knowing what we would find in this city, certainly not that it was still guarded by your people. The Lilim and their mother, creator Lilith are not our gods, but our enemies, and we seek to stop them. We have no wish or desire to remain in your city any longer than is necessary, but she poses a great danger, to this place and to every place she seeks to touch. Will you help us to find and stop her?"

Adara shaes her head a little as she sighs and then states, "I get it, I really do. You value this place. However, this isn't about our gods. These are about powerful beings that wish to cause harm. We wish to top them. That's all." She nods her head and gestures, "What Vivienne said. Do you wish to help or hinder? This is greater than the profanation of one city. This is something that could destroy an entire world."

Lara? She just snorts out a laugh and looks away from the injured man that the others are speaking to. "I cannot imagine boasting about the greatness of people when their ultimate efforts at developing themselves has lead them to 'this' state of being." She shakes her head side to side while letting her eyes roam across the destruction. She looks back to the man with the 'giant gun' and she just has an amused look on her face. "I suppose that gun mirrored your people's desire to build bigger and better weapons? Compensation issues must've been running rampant amongst your people, hmm?" She sweeps the sword in her left hand behind her back and tips its shealth forward with her right so that she can more easily deposit it back into its home. "Lovely, lovely place." She finalizes her words with a little shake of her head.

"The gods of humans," points out Kro. Lara receives a dark, angry glance. "No. It was an attack from space that destroyed Lemuria… and Atlantis, merely collateral damage." Then he lowers the gun completely, wincing in pain.

"By all means. Go fight your monster. She lurks, I believe, by the old alchemist guild, near the royal palace." He points towards the city center. "I am going to call back to my people. Maybe the government will send the army. But not many care about these old ruins anymore."

Doctor Strange has about a million questions for the Lemurian, but he bites his tongue and looks at the direction Kro is pointing, concentrating for a few seconds. Dark magic that way, he nods.

As Vivienne saw Kro lower his gun, she stepped forward to meet him, "Thank you for allowing us to complete our task. We will not stay longer than we must to see it done." She takes a moment, before she continues, "I cannot prevent my god from coming with me, for he is in me and of me. And if that is an insult to you, then I apologize, even for this thing that I cannot help. But…will you allow me to heal you before we go our separate ways? It is not in me to leave someone in pain if I can aid them." She does not, though, move to help the man unless he expressly gives her his permission.

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