Cutscene: Serenity Prayer

August 28, 2018:

Owen decides to try to move ahead with his life and leave the Suicide Squad behind. Waller hasn't had such a good laugh in a while.

//Belle Reve Prison //


NPCs: Amanda Waller

Mentions: Harley Quinn, Jessica Jones, Emery Papsworth, Danny Rand


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

The program that Owen is involved in for his recovery and continued sobriety involves a lot of quiet meditation. Hours spent reflecting on past mistakes go by surprisingly quickly when you have so many to run through. And with reflection comes determination to not fall into old behaviours. It's one of the only things stopping him from booking it to Gotham and apologizing to Harley and trying to woo her back. Owen's made a list of decisions he's made that set him off course.

While some of those decisions are in the past, like joining the Rogue's or falling in with a certain crowd as a teenager, others are very much in the present. Specifically his decision to follow in his father's footsteps in working for one Amanda Waller, aka The Wall aka Satan aka Sweet Brown Sugar Sexy Mama. Okay, no one but Owen calls her that last one, and only because it pisses her off. And so Owen has set out to do something about it.

"Waller. We need to talk."

Owen doesn't mince words as he comes into her office in Belle Reve. The travel time is minimal thanks to the clearance that he has, though this is the first time he's made the trip without being summoned. He wasn't even sure it would work that way, but it did and he realizes he will likely have to find his own way back but oh well.

"Mercer. I didn't send for you. What is your skinny white ass doing in my office? And don't you even dare think about sitting down."

Waller is a ray of sunshine, a gentle refreshing spring breeze… from Apokolips. She only looks up at him with her eyes, still intending to get through whatever report she's reading on the tablet in front of her. Her tone is dissimive and impatient as always.

"I'm done. I quit this little merry band of no-gooders. Was fun while it lasted, but I gotta get clear of this."

"HA!" The short outburst of a laugh sounds more like a gross hacking sound from deep in the woman's lungs. It is followed by a slow rise of her head, and twist up of her lips. Obviously what Owen just said has both gotten her attention and amused her greatly.

"And why /exactly/ do you think that I'm going to agree to that? You signed up little man. So you're mine. You're done when I say you're done."

Owen wasn't exactly expecting a handshake and a good luck but he's disappointed by the obvious mirth and glee with which Waller rejects his resignation. He doesn't make a big scene out of it, just sighs and mentally recites his version of the serenity 'prayer'.

«Fuck 'em. You can do this.»

"You can't stop me. My record is clear. And I don't have the same puppet strings attached to my skull as your other pets. So. Goodbye Waller, you sassy hot dark chocolate treat you." And with that, Owen turns and walks for the door.


"Are you really that dumb? I had always thought you were smarter than your old man."

The beep is unmistakeable. The noise that precedes the decimation of one of Owen's temporary teammates skull. The pain that shoots through his head is also a pretty clear indicator that he was in fact mistaken. Owen manages to keep his feet, and turn to face Waller, the shock clearly visible in his face though he wishes he coulde hide it.

"This wasn't the deal you fuckin' bitch!"

"Now, now. This might not have been your deal, but it was always mine. I couldn't run the risk of you turning on me or getting any crazy ideas out in the field. Did you expect me just to trust /you/? Captain Boomerang Junior? I always assumed you were running a con, maybe you weren't. Oh well. You're mine, because I say you're mine. And your record might be clean, but I wiped it out and I can put it all back anytime I want. So don't think that little homing beacon is the only thing I have on you either you worthless piece of shit."

Owen just stands there, numbly blinking, despite his speed he's a little slow to process exactly how much his world just shifted.

"And in case you thought you got away with giving away my amulet from K'un L'un, just ask yourself this? Did you really think I didn't know about your connection to Danny Rand?"

The blows keep coming as Owen realizes how far out of his league he is in this particular game. He weakly tries to quip, "Well, I can honestly say I've never been more attracted to you, you fuckin' monster."

"You can go. I will send for you when I want you to dance for me, you stupid little monkey. And don't /ever/ think of using government resources to show up here without being sent for again. It's a waste of upstanding citizens tax dollars, and you've wasted enough of those as it is."

Owen can only flip her off over his shoulder in meak protest as he walks dazed for the door. This did not go well. He needs to call Emery. Or Jess. Or someone. Anyone. He breathes deeply once outside in the hall and headed back to the plane.

"Fuck 'em. You can do this."

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