Stunning Events

August 28, 2018:

Steve and Natasha have to stop a prisoner / mutant from escaping while dealing with their teleportation mutation for the first time!

Triskelion Security Center


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Fade In…

Alarms blast through the security wing. Shouts of frustrated and disoriented voices echo through the hallways, as information flies about what is causing the alarms and where the disturbance is. Lights flutter and dim, then flare. Someone that was recently brought in, supposedly under control, shackled and calm, has disappeared through one of the walls in a small, jarring teleportation burst! He has popped up in several other areas now, movement erratic.

Steve Rogers, just outside of security, yanks open the door, but instead of going towards the reports of the sightings, instead moves into the more removed stairwell, taking the stairs two at a time. "If the target is reappearing all over, spread out, form a net, keep the communications clear for sightings!" Rogers calls into the communicator.

By the time that Steve reaches the top of the stairs where he's headed he'll find Natasha Romanoff already there waiting for him, she's in full uniform with her guns holstered on either of her thighs, but in her hand she's got a stunning baton, not active, but her thumb is always ready to flip the device on at any given second of notice.

Nat's green eyes go to Cap when he rushes up. "What happened?" She says with her facial muscles strained because of the annoyance she's feeling that this is even going on inside of the Triskelion, she holds this facility to high standards and 'screw ups' like this only put her into a soured mood.

Natasha watches as other SHIELD security personnel rush by and she points upward to the roof exits. "Let nothing past that ins't myself, or Captain Rogers." She tells the men and women.

"We've got a wildcard that may or may not be in control of his abilities. I think the teleporting surprised everyone, maybe even him," Captain Rogers replies quickly to Natasha, still moving, the evident quick move of hand indicating for her to pace him as they head from the stairwell into one of the long cement passages on the eastern side of the building. He isn't in full uniform: looks more like he was doing something else, and got himself involved. No shield or equipment, but that hasn't stopped Rogers helping out before. "They were on the east side to interview him, detainment six; I'm guessing he'll—-"

Steve cuts off as suddenly a man appears just behind them and to the right with a suck of ozone and fuzzy, diffuse sound. The man was in mid-stride, and accidentally runs headlong into one of the parked security carts. He still has hand shackles on.

Natasha has no trouble keeping up with the longer legged Cap even though she's about as tall as he was prior to his super serum all those years ago, she's just very quick! "Right." She says then. "Mutants." She adds with a audible exhale. She's certainly not for mutants being treated poorly just for 'being' but she is definitely not a fan of their random power explosions as they 'discover themselves'.

"We might have to issue masks to everyone." She steps past a cluster of SHIELD Security who're rushing in the opposite direction, her eyes go back to Cap then. "Flood the place with gas. Teleporter might not be so good with evading that…" It was an idea, the Triskelion could certainly do that too, though its never actually been done, but it might take a few minutes to get setup. Surely the have enough sleeping agent down in the R&D and Med Lab levels though!

"Wait! I'm not going to harm you," Steve calls to the man, unable to stop quickly enough and whip around due to his own speed in the hallway. And the security detail is now in the way. More confusion. Still, Steve's voice carries some verbal power, and at least makes the security follow his lead and look at the man without pointing their weapons.

But the man just disappears again, after falling backwards away from the vehicle. Sounds on the opposite side of the wall suggest that way. "It didn't seem intentional to me. What do you think?" Steve asks Natasha quickly, his tone dismayed. "But you're right: the gas might give us a chance to help him."

Natasha is turning around to catch the tail end of this, having missed the man's arrival and when he suddenly vanishes again she just slowly turns her head over to look at Steve. "If its not intentional, and he's not even in control of it… he could end up in a really bad place. Not just off-limits areas of this facility either, but… half way inside the floor." Its true that she had no idea how this man's power worked, but she'd run across similar things in her escapades with SHIELD in recent years.

Natasha looks to the security guards who're all standing there a bit stunned now. "Switch to stun weapons, make sure everyone is set to that. If you see him, stun him. We don't want to hurt him, if he could escape… he likely would've already. I don't get the sense that he's toying with us."

Natasha looks to Steve again then. "I'll put the order in for the gas to be prepped." She says, and then turns away and lifts her hand up to speak into her wrist comm.

Steve's expression hardens into a strained calm at Natasha's creative thinking about the man half stuck inside a dangerous room of the facility. Or with another dangerous prisoner. Or with part of his body lodged inside a solid object or-"or inside someone else?" Steve asks quietly. He nods once to her putting in the order, and focuses instead on the security team with them. "Give more space into areas we've seen him; stay at range, these teleports look short. That means right /here/; fall back to the stair," Steve directs, adding a hand motion to direct them to the left after the stairwell. The safety of the men is a priority.

"Sir?" one of the officers does step forward first before they leave, to offer him one of their stun guns. Steve accepts it quickly with an appreciative nod, and the younger agent runs off as directed.

Steve then pauses, listening. The teleporting sounds do move around them. A clump of impact sound and an alarm of unauthorized access blares now from a room down the hallway, and Steve's quickly on it, headed that way.

Natasha's watching the agent hand the stunning weapon over to Rogers and she nods once and then shows a smirk. "Not often I see you with a gun." She says before shaking her head. "And now that you mention that morbid example of how this might go down, I think I might slip out and call it a night early. I'm sure you guys can handle this without m—" She cuts herself off as the sounds of the teleporter can be heard ahead and when Cap starts to run, she does also.

A scream can be heard, a female scream, and Natwhile runningstates outloud. "Thats Agent Carlson, she scares easily!" Natasha preps her stun baton and its surface above the handle lights up with a bright blue beam of energy almost like a lightsaber, which is totally rad.

"I held a water pistol at that last group event," Steve defends himself mildly, as if that actual line of defense helped anything at all. It IS just a stun gun, even so. "But I hope I won't have to fire this either," he adds as they reach the door. Steve gives her one brief beat to position and opens the door quickly across and towards him, giving Natasha full opportunity to be on point as she enters, since her position is better than his. And also he had to open the door for her. She can roll her eyes later. Though it does speak to his respect of her abilities; he trusts her.

Inside, there's an array of tables, file cabinets, blood.

Natasha shows a faint smirk at the water gun comment, she remembered that. "You really let those kids have it with that thing." She says in jest back at him, since so many SHIELD employees had brought their ankle-biting children with them on that casual day of levity amongst the otherwise super serious agency.

When the door is oepned Natasha steps inside without a word of thanks or anything of that sort, its not like they're on a date! She walks into the room and her eyes look about at the disarray, specifically at the blood. "Thats… not going to be good, for anyone." She says whilst her green pupils trace the blood and try to track it, to see if she could find whomever might be bleeding or if they're even in the room still.

Nat walks pst an overturned chair and she presses a foot down on one of its legs to stand it back up, then she steps around it, her stunning baton held in her right gloved hand, its blue beam humming softly as she walks further in. "We need better preceedures for Mutant handling, especially with this Registration stuff coming up in Washington again."

Steve walks in, following her, but goes to the other side away from the chair. He has the gun out, since he lacks a holster, but hasn't pointed it anywhere: he keeps it low and easy, though with his reflexes, that can change quickly. He lifts his free hand as she talks about registration, a silent indication for quiet. He steps cautiously around one of the low tables, and looks past it to the end. He gestures again, gun still low but now raised, indicating with opposite two fingers that he suspects someone is there. A bit of blood smear that slowly drips down off of a cabinet may now clue her as well.

Tensed, Steve waits for her to position. He'll try to get a shot, but having her ready for another once they are seen is a better strategy.

Natasha catches the 'Quiet' signal and she doesn't take any offense to it because she's a trained soldier who knows the need for that in any given moment. She simply silences and then lets her own hearing start to work in overdrive, though Cap probably has her beat in that ability as well… Russian super soldier versus American super soldier, classic battles!

Slowly the redhead makes her way toward where Steve is, she keeps her stun rod activated but the buzzing it makes is more of a soothing noise than a threatening one, the kind of white noise that keeps one feeling a little more secure rather than unsettled, unless you've been tazed by one of the batons of course! You might feel differently about them then!

Natasha's green eyes go from the area Steve is inspecting, over to the man himself. She nods once to him, just a little dip of her pointed chin in his direction.

Steve's move is broadcast on purpose, he wants Natasha aware of when he's going. Steve adjusts his footing just a hair, and then slides in to assess the problem, ready to fire, but the teleport is faster. The man is suddenly over towards the chair again, which unfortunately places Natasha between Steve and the man, which makes Steve unable to shoot as he quickly reorients to the sound and flash.

But Natasha is close at hand: even though the man is low and collapsed partially, causing the chair to be flung aside again as his left hip seems to be ripped up from intersecting it. His shackles are still in place, but hands are bloody. The man seems entirely disoriented and panicked. Steve's stun gun is ready for the instant he has a clear shot, as trying to calm the teleporter seems to not be possible.

Natasha watches the man dart back out from his cover, scared out it like a child completely lost on where he is or where he's going to be. She doesn't hesitate though and when he moves, she pursues, all 5'3" of her chasing after him and when he nudges that chair again she uses it to run right up and launch herself off of the back of it at the man! Or more precisely, at the table beside him so that she can slide on her left hip across it and come out in front of him and cut him off!

Natasha lands there in front of him and she spins around, her stun baton going straight up into a jab toward his chin! The man ducks around her though and tries to get past her, but she drops into a leg sweep and deposits him onto his side, his hands still cuffed making it a BIT easier to fight against him. Natasha is in the process of standing up when she glances back to Cap. "Shoot him!" She snaps out at the man who rarely ever uses firearms of any kind.

"I don't need to," Captain America answers her, tone clear and concise, as she stands up. He doesn't fire. He walks over and checks on the man, who seems to have bashed his face on the ground and slowly slumped there. "Well done, Natasha," he says to her, with clear relief and appreciation. Steve has a way of accidentally delivering simple accolades like that in a way that lingers and resounds. The smile is real. He sets the gun aside, still crouched over the man, and begins to tie a tourniquet on the fellow's injured leg. Steve then speaks into his communicator, identifying their location clearly, and requesting heavy sedatives and medical assistance.

And in response to Steve yet again taking the 'high ground' on the matter Natasha stands up and she deactivates her stun baton and then slips it in behind her back to the loop on her belt where it rests against her spine there. She watches Steve secure the prisoner and she just shows a bit lopsided smirk at him. "Such a boyscout." She says then, chiding him of course, her husky voice laced with amusement. She steps over to the table where the stun gun is and she gathers it up in her hand and releases a heavy sigh. When Steve takes a second to sit back after a small treatment to the man's wounded leg, the weapon discharges right into the teleporters back, a loud sizzling zap that makes his body shake against the floor.

"Its safer this way." She says to Steve, knowing full well he probably won't like what she just did, but also somewhere inside him probably will realize she's right. The security teams start to flush into the room then though, so either way he can't get on her case about it unless he wants to do it in front of all the SHIELD emergency teams soon to flood around them, either way, Nat holds eye contact with Cap to judge his reaction to her initiative with that shot.

Natasha will see the flinch in his eyes when she fires, even if it isn't something he does physically otherwise: because he looked up from the downed man the instant she brought up the gun. He doesn't cloak his opinions or emotions very well, certainly not from someone like Natasha. "Safer," is what Captain America echoes simply, on a slowly released breath. Safer, he gives her that. Best choice? He doesn't think so, and his tone carries that. But he won't reproach her on it: what's done is done. They can disagree all day long about similar treatments, but in front of the other shield agents? She knows him well, he won't do it here, if he does decide to bring it up.

Standing, he moves aside to give space to the medics, but doesn't leave: he's involved and responsible now, he'll stick around just a bit longer to see to the welfare of the man.

Natasha lets the stun gun whirl around in her palm and then she extends the handle of it out toward the same agent who'd given the weapon to Steve to begin with. Natasha has a word with that Agent, just a short little conversation back and forth of what they think happened here and she motions to the blood on the ground as well. "Its not the power you wish for." Nat says. "Invisibility is the obvious choice, every time." The agent smirks at her and she turns around then to glance at Steve. "We did it. We're the best." She says in that dry sense of humor of hers, her arms crossed over her stomach. "I'll let them know that we don't need to fill the block full of sleeping gas now, before someone gets a prank idea in their head."

Natasha turns around then and starts toward the exit of the room once more, her comm unit coming back up to be spoken into to get ahold of the tech geeks who're probably chomping at the bit to get a chance to gas everything up here.


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