A Sword Needed

August 27, 2018:

A sword given! Illyana drops by to see Piotr and to pass on something precious.


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Mentions: Wolf, Bird, Bear, Bucky, Jane Foster, Dani


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Fade In…

There's a weak point within Limbo, where the sky bulges, where creatures wait impatiently upon the other side for the door to 'open'.

By sheer force of will and spell Illyana has kept that door firmly shut.

But she knows time runs short and failsafes and back-up plans must be put into place. Not made, mind you, but put into place.

It's what has her turning to her scrying crystal for a brief glance, locating a particular person upon its faceted surface. Piotr Rasputin. The very best big brother there is. Once located Illyana Rasputin summons forth a portal and steps through, her destination wherever Piotr might be.

For once Piotr is not at his studio. He is actually at the mansion, in an office that is shared by the faculty for doing things like grading and lesson planning. He's gearing up for the start of the school year and getting some of his plans down on paper. Well into the computer in the planning program. He sits at the desk, which looks a touch too small for him and slowly types on the keyboard. Obviously he is not much of a typist and anyone standing over his shoulder would likely go mad from the glacial pace.

Just before the portal opens, with instincts finally honed from many surprise stepping discs, his hand shoots out to grab the bag of chocolate covered pretzels and his mug of tea. Yes, it's probably going to go flying everywhere in the port but there is no time to think, only grab … that is, maybe?

Confused at his lack of translocation he slowly turns around in the chair, bag of treats and mug of tea clutched tightly to him still.

"Illyana? This is a new twist."

No translocation today not for Piotr at least, only Illyana.

The portal brings her quite close to the desk and when she spies her brother holding his tea and the bag of chocolate covered pretzels, Yana can't quite stop the smile that reveals teeth. It's the sort of expression that holds both sharpness and amusement.

"Brother." She greets when he acknowledges her arrival, "You know me." She continues blithely, "Gotta change it up and keep you on your toes. Surprises totally make life worth living, after all, and I wouldn't want you to *ever* get bored."

And here, she looks at the computer over Piotr's shoulder, "Especially since whatever you're currently working on looks absolutely snore worthy."

And while her expression still holds some humor to it, her next words bring a faint tone shift from the blonde. Something that hints at seriousness versus playful. "Have a minute to chat?"

When it is clear that she's not about to appear and then drop them both into Limbo, Piotr hesitantly places his mug of tea back down, watching her with suspicious eyes as his hand slowly puts it down on the desk. He holds on to the pretzel bag, but offers that out towards her.

"Da. How dreadful to live a quiet peaceful life." One of the many ideological points where the two siblings do not agree. But even in his disagreement Piotr is cheerful and good natured.

When his sister grows serious though his eyes narrow and he sits up just a touch straighter, which is surprisingly possible given his extremely rigid posture to begin with.

"Of course. Is something wrong?"

Those chocolate covered pretzels are given a thoughtful look, but after a moment Illyana waves them aside. Apparently this particular visit isn't the type to indulge in junk food.

"Peaceful." Mocks Illyana, tone softened because this is Piotr, "Isn't for the likes of us." She finishes with and when he straightens Illyana allows a subtle nod to be seen.

However, whereas Piotr goes ramrod straight, Illyana turns more slouchy, as she leans a hip against the edge of the desk. Her arms fold across her chest as she answers his question.

"Yes." And here she looks to her brother with that one-word-of-absolute truth, then comes the obfuscation of the matter, because this is her brother, "The walls between all the realms are rapidly weakening and this is causing more and more critters to come through at, what I'd call, an alarming rate. I have a feeling it's only going to get worse. I wanted to both warn you and give you something that could possibly help when everything does hit the fan."

Piotr might be taking this very seriously, but that's no reason not to also have some food. He holds onto the pretzels and tosses some in his mouth, crunching thoughtfully.

Her answer doesn't surprise him. Of course something is dreadfully wrong, Illyana came to him and wanted to talk. He may not be the world's greatest detective but he is at least familiar with his sister. At the explanation though his face tilts ever so slightly sideways. He starts to ask a question immediately but lets her finish instead.

"What walls? What realms? Here or in Limbo? And what are these 'critters' Illyana?"

He tries to keep the concern from straining his voice, but without meaning to it raises in volume as the questions pour out.

His questions are expected and they even pull a faint smile from the young woman. "Everywhere. Not just here, or Limbo, but everywhere. You can actually blame Dani, or rather the Demon Bear that was after her. When that creature broke through the dimension it sundered some important dimensional walls and now the tear is just getting bigger and bigger."

As for the question of critters, the demoness says, "Oh you know, fun things. Demons, monsters, creatures, anything you can potentially think of could possibly make its way here. I've done what I can to stabilize the rips I've located, but soon the thread is going to unravel."

"Then we're all going to find ourselves in a deep dark mess. Fighting things that look friendly, but really aren't."

That last part is said morosely, but it doesn't stop her from continuing. "So, brother, I need your help again. Like before, when you helped Dani defeat the Demon Bear."

And here she she uncrosses her arms and holds her hands out, palms up. It only takes a thought, a second, and suddenly a familiar sword sits in her hands.

Piotr looks confused as Illyana starts to explain, it is a bit overwhelming to take in that reality is falling to an attack of this breadth. He shakes his head and asks, "How.. ? I thought you stopped this? When we took on the demons. The wolf? The bird?" Illyana had told him that he needed to wield the sword so that she could focus elsewhere. But did she gloss over how difficult the job was? Or did it just not go as well as she had previously thought? It's always hard for Piotr to tell.

"How do we stop this? There must be someone who can help?" Piotr thinks back to all the heroes who helped stand against the demon bear. As much as he would like to think calling on the other X-Men is the correct move, with magical threats from other realms that was actually more of an Excalibur type threat.

"I am glad that Rachel and Meggan have returned if that is what we are facing."

When the sword appears, Piotr can't hide the small smile on his face. He has used the blade a few times now and is starting to get the hang of it. He doesn't ask first, or put up any fight this time. He simply reaches out to take it.

"Does this mean you again have a different less head-on way to deal with this? Or do you simply require a more innocent hand to wield your blade?"

"Oh you stopped Wolf, Bird and Bear, but the destruction didn't miraculously disappear. I suppose we all believed the damage wasn't as extensive as what it really is. Or perhaps we were just naively hopeful that it would heal." She shrugs, her expression wry, "Stupid of us, really, and now we have the consequences of our foolishness to contend with."

His question about how to stop what's happening and who can help is met with a moment of silence. Only one question is answered, however, "Rachel, Meggan and Katya." Agrees Illyana, "And you too. Between the five of us we'll have all the tools we need to hopefully set this to right."

Which is a positive, not that Yana's expression necessarily shines with that positivity.

And when Piotr takes the sword, Yana can't quite stop herself from reflexively closing her hands when the weight is lifted from them. She watches him hold the blade and once again she nods, a gesture all for herself.

His last question is answered almost flippantly, but beneath it again is something more. "Got it in one, Big Brother. Got it in one. This time though try not to get punted to New Jersey. Even I have standards." Jests the demoness, her tone light-hearted even if that humor doesn't quite reflect in her blue eyes.

Piotr listens carefully and nods with a somber concerned air that he has nearly perfected when she lists the team members she is enlisting for this squad. It makes perfect sense to him. They fought these types of threats for years in Excalibur and of course Illyana knows the most of any of them about magic.

"Let us hope that is true." Is all Piotr says about being able to set things right. He doesn't want to think about what happens if they fail.

He is too busy looking at the sword and moving it about to notice her expression. He is growing acustomed to wielding the blade, something that he probably should be more wary of, but for whatever reason isn't. Her crack about New Jersey brings a broad grin to his bearded face though.

"I do not know if I have properly thanked you for saving me from that terrible land." He takes it at face value, not paying enough attention to notice how dire things must be for Illyana to be shaken up.

"Hope. Yes. Let's do that." Says the demoness, her gaze still upon her Big Brother and the soulsword held within his hands. She raises one of her own hands and snaps her fingers. With that sharp staccato sound a flash of light surrounds the sword briefly and when it fades a very non-magical-anyone-can-wear scabbard is around the sword.

"Oh, you didn't brother." She states, when he questions whether he ever properly thanked her. "But that's okay, now you'll just owe me one and sometime soon I'll come to collect."

She straightens now from that casual lean against the edge of the desk, "I need to get going, Brother. Things to do, other people to see, dimensional walls to repair - it's a busy life for me." Her head cants slightly to the side as her sharp eyes focus upon Piotr's form, "Try not to get into too much trouble when I'm gone, ok?"

Piotr smiles broadly when the scabbard appears. He sets the whole thing aside and picks his pretzels back up. His smile fades however when Illyana talks about collecting a favor. He knows his sister. He will not like that favor one bit.

"Illyana." His tone is suddenly forceful, and a bit rushed as if expecting her to teleport away before he can finish. "Do not do anything without telling us first. Please." He stressed the please, well aware that he can not force her to communicate or keep them in the loop and also aware that is not her first inclination.

"We are a team. We will face this together."

His forceful words brings a vague look of surprise to the demoness' features; a slight raise of her eyebrows.

Those words bring a grin to her lips, perhaps something far too light-hearted for this particular moment, but there nonetheless. "Oh, Brother." She says, "Don't worry, I've already told you everything. No need to choke on a pretzel in your haste and if anything does change you'll be the first to know."


His mention of team and facing things together garners another flash of a smile, even as a portal suddenly appears beneath her feet. Before she disappears within the depths, however, she pauses. A quizzical look turns to Piotr now, as Yana actually *waits* instead of just disappearing. Clearly tonight is just a very special night.

"All good?" She asks, going so far as to ask the question too.

"Illyana. Ever since you have been returned to us, you have not told me 'everything.'"

It's not an accusation, just a simple statement of fact. Piotr may be the ever kind and patient older brother, but he's also not an idiot. He also is not hurt or offended by the fact that his sister is perpetually hiding something or one step ahead of him on just about everything.

"But da. I am 'all good'. Please be careful 'yana."

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