Cage Fights

August 25, 2018:

While attempting to find information on who's buying and selling mutants, the X-men run into Juggernaut.


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A massive abandoned subway station. An infamous Fight Club and Bar has sprung up here, welcome to all comers be they human, mutant, meta, alien or otherwise. The eclectic collection of abilities and assorted powers that make their way in and out of Mutant Town keeps the place hopping and interesting. One never knows who they might run into given the ability for any all types to be around here and the station is large enough and crowded enough to hide just about anybody if they want. Just about.

Bets are being placed and two mutant bruirsers are going at it in the ring. The force of their punches can be felt all the way through the fifth row seats and shakes the walls. Reinforced material by some super tech or other (stolen probably) keeps the ring from breaking but they're going at it with the crowd roaring or jeering in approval or disapproval depending on how the fight progresses.

Speaking of not hiding very well. Cain Marko is used to this place, having visited it once or twice. A corner table reinforced for his massive weight is dominated by his hulking physique and he watches the proceedings with a look of utter irredeemable boredom. Cyttorak is unsatisfied. Therefore he is unsatisfied. His chest swells as he rumbles a breath of discontent, the appropriate image of Godzilla peering between skyscrapers, stretcing violently across the mass of his perpetually widening pectorals before he lets out a dragon like rush of air from his flaring nostrils and drums his fingers boredly against the table infront of him producing a sound usually associated with pounding boots from the drum of his finger tips. Nearby patrons sense the behemoths ire and slowly and nervously slide further away. All in all a typical evening from one Cain Marko these days.


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Polaris was hoping to catch a clue to the underground mutant trade that hard snared Remy not too long ago. The best places for that kind of information, of course, was the more .. questionable parts of Mutant Town. Well passed the main streets and beyond the usual haunts the green haired mutant stuck to in Mutant Town, where she might talk to kids or mutants in need.. members of the Brotherhood or the alike.. was the abandoned subway station.

A few questions here and there with the few contacts she knew, and Lorna had found the place. It wasn't all that hard, anything below ground sung a magnetic pulse to her senses if she tried to stretch her senses beyond. And since Remy's kidnappers had kept him below ground..

The green haired woman stepped inside, gone was her newly polished look for something that would allow her to blend in more. Ripped jeans, a black T-shirt punched through with metal studs and eyelets, and more cheap jewelry than people outside of the punk scene typically bothered with. Green eyes swept over the room, before her gaze fell on the rumbling, giantesque like figure of one Juggernaut.

With a shrug, she ordered two beers and made her way over. One held out in a peace offering toward the hulking bruiser. "Beer for your thoughts?" Friendly they were not, but Lorna needed intel and he wasn't rampaging ..yet.


Remy LeBeau heads out to Lower Manhattan.


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She had passed out while on the oil derek and further there were people who had kidnapped Remy and forced him to fight. She didn't even make it to that because she was passed out again after another day of fighting. She was sick of it. She had started training with Logan to use a weapon but she needed to be better. Danger room was fine but it had limiters. She could never truly be in danger. She has something different in mind. Perhaps in the name of investigation, but also in the name of her own sort of fun.

Standing near a man who is seemingly running this thing, a figure in a hoodie offers him some money. The man scoffs and stares down at the 5'5" slim figure. There's some quiet grumbling and huffing and a hand in a pink glove points at the ring and then the man scoffs and laughs. The figure than slams the money into his chest with enough force to make him stagger. He shrugs and takes it before shrugging. A moment later she walks over to where the next competitor is waiting.


And Hisako Ichiki was here… TO HELP.

Help in this case meaning 'if things go badly she can probably fist her way to Midtown,' although she probably wouldn't put it exactly like that. Hisako is wearing a neon blue hooded sweat shirt, currently zipped up and hood-up'd, along with a pair of black training slacks and some sneakers that make her look kind of like a punk but in a really low key and kind of boring way.

Maybe that's me, Hisako thinks to herself. Low key, and boring, and lllllllorna's talking to the Juggernaut.

Hisako presses her lips together and sits at the bar.

The bartender coughs meaningfully at her.

Hisako doesn't notice right away. This will cause problems shortly.


The larger mutant, a red skinned Gamma level at best, lands a thunderous uppercut on his opponent sending him flying up and -out- of the ring to go crashing into the front row of onlookers. It's a messy affair and the immediate area around the ring shakes slightly.

"Winner by ring out! Bruiser Kong!" roars a disembodied announcer voice as the crowd erupts into a mix of chaotic cheers, boos and assorted noises.

The hooded girl looks like she's up next. Money's been paid. The show must go on. 'Kongs' arms come up as he grins and then exits the ring to collect his winnings and the machine of activity that's the fight club/bar/gambling hall groans onward. The comparatively pint-sized powerhouse is given a nod to enter the ring as she sees fit though the crowd is a mix of disinterested and annoyed at first.

Cain notes this subtle change in the atmosphere but is distracted by the boldness of the green haired woman who just sets herself right on up to him as if the last time he saw her he wasn't in full on super villain mode and she wasn't trying her best to contain a disaster that was poised to get worse.

"Uh…are you..possessed again?" he asks while peering at her closely and quirking an eyebrow in confusion.

"Y'know, if this is a common thing with you, I can give ya a -little- advice..bein' that I deal with what I deal with on a daily basis and all..but you really should get some help."


The green haired mutant rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You and Scott, what the hell. I get possessed once.." She huffed a breath, glancing over her shoulder at the thunderous sounds of cheering and boos. She arched a singular brow upwards and sipped at her beer while she set the other one down before the Juggernaut.

"But no. And no, it's not. I just find that sometimes you get more flies with honey rather vinegar. I'm not looking for a fight." She exhaled a breath as she leaned against the opposite side of the table from the very large, muscular man before her. Lorna pursed her lips, taking a sip of her beer again.

"Mutants are getting snatched off the streets and sold to the highest bidder. Places like this sometimes end up where the bids take place." Green eyes flickered toward him, eyeing him for a moment and then back to the chaos that was the cage fights. She couldn't quite see over the mass of bodies between her and the ring, but it was loud none the less.


Oh, Hisako thinks.

Oh no.

Soon enough she is walking down into the ring, nose wrinkling as she looks over towards her erstwhile new opponent. Inwardly, Hisako thinks several things, one of which is 'i'm gonna die because hayes is going to punch me til i die' and the other of which is 'i don't want to give away my exact power arrrrgh'

She sucks in a deep breath through her teeth, spreads out her hands, grimaces…

The Armor appears. BUT NOT LIKE IT USUALLY DOES. Instead of the vaguely bulbous humanoid shape, Hisako forces the psionic energy into square-ish crystalline shapes around her arms and legs, the light rippling in weird vaguely topaz-like distortions off the front. Her voice is slightly muffled as she calls towards Molly, "I'm going to crush you and win, uh, the prize! Thus says -"

what is my evil code name oh god
what is it


("Oh, like that movie, with the shields," says the bartender, who may be Kyle MacLaughlan.)


Walking into the ring, the hooded, slim competitor doesn't undo her hood. She just walks to the side of the ring and begins to idly stretch. Her pink fingerless gloves have, of all things, Hello Kitty on the back of each of them. She stretches upwards and to the side, rolling her shoulders a bit before bouncing from foot to foot.

She looks up a little to see her opponent and blinks a few times before shruggin' and looking across to her. She raises up her hand all serious and gestures for Hisako to just bring it. That's right. Hello Kitty just called Hisako right out.


The red haired brute gives Lorna a grin that's not unlike a giant shark grinning at two lost fish. An odd sort of 'friendly but not really'.

"Right, right. So looking to hire some muscle? I gotta warn you..I don't come cheap and I doubt ol'Scotty or Chuckles would enjoy seeing my name the next time they review the yearly budget.."

Laughing, he leans back and spreads both of his arms wide in a gesture of being helpless, "Fraid I don't know much about what you're talking about, greenie. I haven't heard anything myself but may be right. Plave like this is where all sorts things go down that'd probably make it hard for you to sleep at night.."

Things like Hello Kitty getting ready to face down an armored…transparent mecha suit? What?

The crowd breaks off into a mix of laughter and cheers. The hoots and hollaring catching Cain's attention and he looks away from Lorna to blink at the spectacle in the ring.

"Hey..isn't that…uh.."


"What's wrong, you AFRAID? C'mon, Goodbye Kitten!" Hisako calls back across the wring, making a dismissive waggle of one low-rez polygon of an arm.

"Take a swing! Get over here! You think you can break my impenetrable shield with your Kitten Fist??"

I really hope Juggernaut isn't like, eating Lorna alive right now, Hisako thinks, as she continues to not get over there and fight Molly.


Lorna shot Cain a dry look over the rim of her beer. "If I hired you, it wouldn't be on the X-men's dime." She drawled, it was a consideration. Her father had given her plenty of funds, for what, she wasn't sure. He hadn't expressly stated either way, but without a direction to go in.. The green haired woman rolled her eyes, a roll of her shoulders following as she considered thee brute as he spread his arms wide.

"Hence why I'm not asking for information." She added, and another sip followed. "But given that the X-men and you rarely stand shoulder to shoulder, much less in the same room without fights breaking out.." She gestured to the beer she'd brought him. "I figured a peace offering was in order. Any fights happening outside of the main ring will clear this place out. I'd rather avoid that." Of course then there were cheers and jeers and Cain was turning his focus toward the ring. Lorna frowned, her eyebrows furrowing as she followed his line of sight. A curse immediately escaping her lips as she set her own glass down with a hard click of glass against the table.

"Oh no. I leave them alone for five minutes.."


A tilt of her head and a sigh escapes from her before she suddenly rushes forward. She kicks off with each movement. Molly is no speedster by any stretch but she's got most Olympic sprinters beat for speed just based on the sheer strength she packs in those legs. She gets across the ring in less than 2 seconds and has her fist back.

Her eyes spark purple and glow with a bright light behind them when she sends her fist forward suddenly and declares, "Texas Smash!!!" And she is aiming that shot right at that supposedly impentrable shield with a sheer powerful strike coming her way.


The peace offering is accepted though Cain nods his head to the ring with a grin, "Aw..c'mon.. let 'em have some fun—"

As to the rest, he looks back to Lorna just as Molly begins going in for the swing.

"As far as fighting goes.. Not my fault you all have a habit of getting in my way. I don't come looking for fights. It's just business."

Cain taps the rim of the beer mug with a meaty finger, "Yer living in 'my' house but I've left you mostly alone. Tth.. I've even got better things to do then think about Charles these days. That was a long time ago now. I'm a pretty chill guy normally but you folk prefer to do things the hard way…"

A -slight- exagerration, perhaps. Perhaps.


Hisako turns her head slightly and can see Lorna's distinctive smagaradine hairdo there, so OK, she's not eaten. Her attention turns back to the Princess of Cats, who has kicked off and is coming right dead on for her. Hisako raises her arms in front of her, like she were Aleister Crowley, and kicks back a little


as she takes Molly's shot head on! The shields dimple inwards, a crazy-quilt fractal pattern of cracks appearing on them as Hisako grimaces, but these things can't be seen for long as she hits the far side of the ring and rebounds hard enough to make the building very slightly, but distinctly, shake.

Hisako can feel the force trying to crumple her projections but that also means, she knows from her time in the Chamber of Peril, that there's potential energy stored there. The 'shields' ripple inwards…

It looks like a spring when she leaps back. Hisako is OK with this. "Can you handle my super punch!?" she says, even as she turns around (a little clumsily) mid-'flight,' aiming instead to get Molly's head in her shield-knees, do a handplant, and hurricanarana her towards another side of the ring!


Lorna reached up pinching the bridge of her nose as she contemplated yanking both of the young women out of the ring by the cage around them. But much like her reasoning for avoiding a fight with Cain, she couldn't break up a fight between two competitors without drawing the wrong kind of attention. What the two young women were up to was beyond her. Green eyes cut back toward Juggernaut and Lorna waved a hand toward the beer. "I'm not going to argue that." The X-men did have a rather high tendency to go from zero to one hundred in terms of fights easily enough. She did as well when something looked amiss. But picking a fight with Cain here in a bar when he was minding his own business? She didn't need to. Sue he was a criminal.. but it would blow her chance at getting information from anyone else. And would likely cause mass amounts of damage. This far underground in the abandoned subway station that could cause serious structural damage to Mutant Town above. Something she'd rather avoid as well.

A look of consideration followed for a moment, as she listened with half an ear to the booms and bangings from the fight behind her. "What's your going rate anyways?"


Her hit causes her to slide a little as she watches the shielded girl go flying and then she turns her gaze to follow her and starts bouncing from foot to foot again only to blink as Hisako comes back at her at high speeds. She blinks even more at Hisako's unconventional move and ends up clamped and flung. She goes flying through the air and slams into the wall with enough force to also shake the stadium. SHe slumps to the ground and comes up with her hoodie falling away to reveal…

A strange black mask with whiskers, pink edges and a pink bow at the top. Not to mention it has a pair of cat ears on top. She sniffs a little through it and shakes her head, "Not done…" She then rushes forward and leaps up before coming down with a flipping axe kick right for her and doesn't stop the full motion of the spin as she attempts to use it to propel herself past Armor and spin around.


The type of folk who enter the ring here are the usual bruisers, thugs and low lifes of Mutant Town. Hardly the royalty of mutant kind. Maybe a Beta level occasionally. That's serious stuff there. But when the initial hits actually shake the entire under ground chamber, however mild it may seem! That draws a look of shock and surprise from most of the onlookers and then the level of intensity sky rockets and the betting pool starts to really see some activity.

"Looks like your girls got them riled up." muses Cain while rubbing his jaw in thought but then his attention is routed back towards Lorna at her question and he blinks in surprise.

"Mmm? You serious?" he asks, blinking a few times in surprise. He -had- been joking but now at question he looks caught off guard and not ready with an answer.

"'d depend on what you wanted done."


Another glance was spared for the fighting women in the girl, and Lorna pursed her lips. She wasn't going to add anything to the official report if she didn't have to. Molly and Hisako fighting in the relative 'open' against each other.. it was one thing she could leave off the report. Scott didn't need to know everything after all… So long as they didn't destroy the place and result in massive damage.

A glance was spared back toward Cain, and Lorna picked up her beer once more. "Yeah, I'm serious. Not that I have anything in particular in mind.. yet.. but hey, you mentioned it. And I'm trying to explore options previously unexplored. Things are looking pretty bad, and I want to keep my options open. I've got money…" She exhaled a breath, her gaze studying the men placing bets. Those that took the cash and the alike. A shrewd look followed each of the gamblers.. but that's all it seemed to be.

Gambling. Less about collars and slave trafficking. A thoughtful glance returned back to Cain. "Those null collars, they don't work on you?"


Hisako can sense that the crowd is getting hot, because, well, they don't hide their emotions and also she's seen some movies. When she sees the mask get revealed, she mutters to herself, "Did she seriously —"

But then she's coming past her! Towards her really. Armor, er, Shield half-dives out of the way of the kick, throwing herself back a moment later and saying really loudly, "ARGH! THE SLIPSTREAM — What the hell are you!?!" with all the enthusiasm of someone who took amateur acting lessons. She lands near Molly then, face down, and pushes herself up as she looks at her, baring her teeth —

and hiss-whispering, "(okay so do you come here a lot or do you not care which of us wins)"

As she gets heavily back to her feet, she raises her voice again to say, "Is that all you got? HUH?" Her arms spread out as if to invite Molly to do her worst.


"I got biceps the size of buicks because of Cthulhu, not the swole-gene." grunts Cain, "So..first guess is, the collar wouldn't work on me."

He seems amused at the question though and offers a light if bemused shrug.

"An X-man hirin' the Juggernaut for a job…I'd think I'd be amused enough to give you a discount.. Bill you later or something like that." He waves a few fingers, wiggling them slightly, "Sometimes the entertainment value is a good enough cover price. I'm not short on cash.."

He turns his attention up towards the small cracks in the ceiling and the riled up crowd.

"Good chance the people you're looking for won't be in this crowd..or up here. Especially for an exchange of goods. But maybe…" His eyes turn towards deeper parts of the club. Blocked off sections that lead to collapsed subway tunnels and abandoned tracks. He says nothing specific o it though and looks back to the ring.

"Your girls are doin' good. If they went in with a plan they probably coulda made out with a lot of money…" he grins slightly, looking mischievous, "I could help with that…"


Watching Hisako move, she bounces back and clears her throat. She looks at her carefully before saying quietly, "I came here for a fight. Didn't expect you to be here fighting, too but…I wanted a fight so I guess I'm getting one." She nods her head and there's a bit of sweat on her but it is hidden by the mask and clothes. She's not quite tired but she can feel the strain even as she rushes forward.

She looks like she's going for another straight punch but at the last moment she all but falls forward. She rolls into a sommersault and as she comes up she kicks up with both feet in a kip up motion right for Hisako's armored chest and then tries to simply roll up to her feet with that motion as well.


Another look of vague disapproval followed the cracks forming in the ceiling and the shouts of the gamblers and other viewers. She idly hoped that the girls didn't mess up the structural integrity of things. Other than that, she didn't seem all that worried at the moment. Green eyes flickered back toward Cain and she grimaced, "I thought as much, with the country pretty much set on mutants being controlled or handled in some way or another.. I'd like to hedge my bets. Make a few back up plans." Cover her bases in case her father turned on her too. How is it that Lorna came to such a paranoid frame of mind where hiring the Juggernaut as a back up plan sounded like a good idea? She was sure Marcos would freak out at her… same with Scott.

"I don't have anything concrete yet, but just.. a thought." A shrug, and her gaze turned toward the darkened hollows of the path beyond the illumination of the fighting ring and bar. She nodded once, and glanced back at the fighting as Cain mentioned 'helping' in regards to playing the field with the fight. Another shrug.

"I think they just wanted to let off some steam.." She drawled, her gaze returning to those darkened looking paths thoughtfully.


Hisako's eyes flicker over Molly. "Wait," she says, "you weren't here for the"

Hisako moves to block the punch she thinks is coming, and sure enough karma is a bad word because instead Molly rolls and kicks. She is launched upwards with brutal force towards the rafters, giving the Princess of Pcuteness time to recuperate and get her feet back under her.

Hisako hits the ceiling with her back hard enough to feel her spine pop lightly, albeit thankfully only in the chiropractic sense. Her toes curl in her sensible training shoes as she looks downwards, eyes turning momentarily to Lorna before gravity reasserts itself. Down she comes, landing in a crouch and saying to Molly, "OK, if you insist."

Inside the blocky distorted armor-field she makes a little fist. Several blunt protruberances come out at about claw-location. Hisako goes for two jabs at the face and one straight at the abdomen, the distorted appearance of her armor flickering as it slips in the metaphorical gear chain and threatens to return to the normal glowing red.


"I never had a problem with you greenie. You always struck me as one of the smart ones." notes Cain. "We don't have a history and I only hold grudges with folk that do me wrong or deserve it. I aint a bad guy, honest." Cain grins, that shark like grin back again. Well maybe more megladon like given his immensity. "I'm not above the kidnapping and extortation sorta thing now and again but I'm not much for slave trafficking and all that. So I'll tell you what.. You need someone to do some damage for you..and you willing to come over to the wrong side of the tracks to get something done.." he shrugs his mountainous shoulders, torso straining his clothing to the near ripping point just from the gesture that swells his physique up monstrously for an instant,

"Call me."

Then the building shakes again and Cain turns his attention towards the escalating fight and offers a soft whistle. The crowd is also giving the ring abit more of a berth.


Blinking as Hisako whips up some kind of strange protrusions, she holds up both hands and Molly begins to actually flicker with a purple glow for a moment. She is hit and she goes stumbling back a step and then another before then she is hit in the abdomen and flies back into the wall of the ring. She shudders with hte hit and drops nearly to a knee. She coughs a little and then looks up with a grumble.

Molly raises up and points at the armored girl and then looks up as the ring shudders and the ceiling cracks a little. She frowns and then considers something before finally she lifts the mask a little and spits some red. She lowers it back down and raises her chin a little, "Good hit." She then runs forward again. When she gets near to HIsako, she steps suddenly to the side near the end of her movement and raises out her arm for a vicious clothesline that she attempts to use to carry the woman up and then down with a brutal attack that requires a bit of extra juice to pull off.


Polaris tilted her head faintly, unsure if she'd take Cain's word at being one of the so called 'smart ones', but didn't particularly think it a sticking point to argue. Much less when he offered her that shark like grin that could very easily make the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Still, his words held her attention entirely, and she hesitated for a clear moment. "If I find someone to point you at.. sure." She doubted that she'd ask Cain or hire him to handle the slavers.. if she found them, they weren't going to be a later problem..

Of course then her gaze returned to the fight, and she pursed her lips as she noted the cracks widening in the ceiling. A frown and Lorna shifted her weight upon her feet, her senses stretching wide to the ceiling above and the steel and iron rebar woven into the structure above. She checked it, adjusting and putting strength into what was likely the main structure's supports.


Dust is falling down. This isn't good for the building, Hisako thinks. As Molly staggers, Hisako tries to half-hiss half-whisper, "(I'm sorry! This is a mission!)"

Then Molly's coming towards her.

Times like this you have to do what's good for business. And the business is NOT murdering a bunch of mutants on accident! As Molly clotheslines her, Hisako knows this is going to bite hard, and so she tries to make herself relax - tensing up will just make it harder -

WHAM! The impact into the ground is partially buffered by the armor, but Hisako does not just let the force transmit: the psi-field shimmers, shudders, flickers, and a moment later gives out. Hisako falls the last six inches to the ground with an "unf."

Her eyes open to track Molly, just in case, even as she calls out, "I yield! Oh crap! Nothing can stop Kitten Power!!"


"A favor from Juggernaut..not a light thing girl." adds Cain. He seems to be doing this for little reason other then personal amusement. Maybe something to hold over her head later? Or the other X-men? Speculation could yield any number of possiblities but he's basically handed her a nuclear launch code..and now will wait to see if she does anything with it.

"You sure your girls arent' getting out of hand>"

But then the sound of Armor yielding filters over the air and Cain turns to fuly look at the cage again. There is a loud mixture of cheers, jeers, boo's and some sighs of relief. The station ceases its trembling. The bits of dust falling from the cracks in the ceilings and walls gradually dissipating.

" bad." muses Cain.


Molly slumps a little as she hears that and her body staggers. She lets her arms slump and she gasps out a breath as the glow fades. She then takes in a hard breath and stands up straight before raising up her arm with a fist. She then looks down, "Didn't really wanna fight a fellow X-man…" She shrugs a little and then states, "But either way." She then frowns behind her mask and states, "I can talk later but…I need to go before I pass out in front of these people."S he then starts off, trying her best to hide just how tired she really is.


A glance back to Cain and Lorna tipped her head in a small nod, "I'll keep that in mind." She murmured, her attention swiftly shifting back to the fight as the crowd cheered and gathered around for the finale of the fight. Juggernaut's last question had her arching an eyebrow. "I reinforced the structural supports. They'd have to do quite a bit more—" She broke off as the cheering and boos erupted even louder than before and the fight seemed to come to an end. Lorna flashed Juggernaut a two fingered salute and moved off, making to gather the two fighters and get them home.


"(act like you're swaggering, they won't know)" is Hisako's last piece of advice, but she then must part ways with Molly; staggering the walk of shame to the far end of the arena, looking over her shoulder at 'random' in 'shame' to see 'Lorna' and possibly indicate 'that she's going to the door' because 'her Hisako is sore'

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