Team Building

August 24, 2018:

Scott calls the team in for some catching up.


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A setting sun, seventy five degree weather with a breeze that drops it in hits near twenty under that. There is a gathering at a pier, a commuter ferry across the waves drifts towards them - it will be taking its time.
Limited lighting and the downing of daylight gives poor illumination but there is enough to see eachother by. Scott Summers in red shades stands with his hands in his jean pockets, a light V-neck sweater worn over his tall broad shouldered figure and a stance that says hes growing impatient or eager to be moving. One or the other, maybe both. It's an odd place to meet but a text through their schools 'x-app' is a usual method for Scott to rally them, it was signed 'Summers' so that said, costumes not required.


Lorna had been out.. shopping? Again. It was rather a strange sight to see. The woman had gone of her own volition, without any pestering from the Cuckoos or any of the other young women in the mansion. She showed up with a black and white paper bag, some brand label scrawled over the side. A pair of sunglasses that looked too small to be of use, but were clearly part of 'the look', a purple silken looking blouse and pale cream blazer. A pair of black heels edged in something silvery completed the look as she came up by the pier.

A cup of coffee in one hand and a smart phone in the other. She plugged away at it, typing something into it before she clicked it off. A toss of her wavy green hair tumbled over her shoulders as she looked over at Scott with a raised eyebrow.

"Tell me this isn't another team building exercise, Scott." She exhaled a breath, taking a sip of her coffee as she shifted her weight on her heels. The shoes clicking softly with each movement.


+MEET: Storm has arrived via +meet.


The thief of the team, or one of them, quickly finds his way to the aforementioned rendezvous point, wearing his heavy brown trench coat and the bright pink armored shirt and the famous 'T'-cowl covering his face and somehow now highlighting his mostly bald head. The X-man is wearing his full X-uniform with a sprint towards Scott's position, though he spots the leader of the team wearing the civillian clothes. "Oh… shoo'." Remy says to himself as he slows down his run and trots up slowly to the team, his shin armor plates suddenly starting clanking against themselves in his emotional defeat. "If it is Lorn, Ah done foutu." Remy replies with a soft look down to his feet.


Rogue arrived a few minutes ago, but she's been sitting inside of her car, a dark green Dodge Charger with black racing stripes up the center of the vehicle. She's just relaxing inside the vehicle, the muffled sounds of of some classic rock song playing as she's leaned back in her chair and thumbing at her cell phone and, smoking a cigarette. She's gone back to that recently, probably because she's spending more time around her 'townie' friends in Salem Center, who're all into pot and beer and cards and loud noises at social gatherings. Eventually though, she gets out of the car, cinches her dark green shirt knot tied over her a yellow tanktop and starts to walk toward the pier, she can already see the others, her hair is loose and in a bit of disarray, she runs a hand through it though, pulling it from the front to the back left before she reaches up with said hand to then pluck her cigarette from her dark pink lips and flick it toward a square shaped westebin made out of rock.


"When is it not?" Scott's reflective red shades direct at Lorna, he can't recall ever having seen the woman 'shop' before. There is a repositioning as he shuffles feet, one to the other and arms fold across his chest, fingers folding over linen wrapped biceps. A cold breeze rips past them as Remy joins the fold, which, that has to be fun on the freshly shorn scalp.

"Remy." Then Rogue's getting a nod of his head, his eyes drifting to the cigarette behind his ruby lenses. "I thought you quit?" Thats his hello for the flying brick.
A horn somewhere off the pier sounds, one of the passing barges. A hotdog vendor closing up nearby at least makes for a pleasant enough smell when the winds are not carrying Atlantic fresh breeze.


An annoyed exhalation of breath followed Scott's answer and the green haired mutant took a long drawn moment, to take another sip of her coffee. "I'm missing an eyebrow appointment." She muttered, "The stylist is by appointment only." Displeasure thick in the dry tones of her voice. She glanced side long at Remy, blinking repeatedly as the man strides up in his armor plated X-uniform and she arched a brow. Even as she nestled deeper into her blazer, thankful that she'd grabbed it at the last store and threw it on before getting out of the cab on her way over.

"Doing okay Remy?" Anything else was broken off as Rogue approached and the green haired mutant click-clicked over on heels to the red-head's side. She held out her half finished cup of coffee with an sympathetic glance.



"Summers means in costume, non?" The cajun asks aloud, but he looks back and forth at the three other X-men obviously NOT in costume and simply sighs at himself, reaching to his sides and for the first time ever, doing up the buttons on his coat and then reaches up to adjust the cowl so he doesn't look like such an asshole.

"Yeah, Ah don' know where we're goin', but A'm gonna need t'buy me a hat, o'somet'in'." Gambit says with a soft smirk as he runs his hand over his bald head and give Rogue and Lorna both his cheesiest grin and a sigh as he looks back towards Scott. "So what's up fearless leadah?"


+MEET: Nate Grey has arrived via +meet.


"Eyebrows, no nets and torn shorts or studs… did you get body swapped this last visit?" Scott questions, its as though he wants to sound like hes joking but it just doesn't parse.
"Out of costume but you're fine, LeBeau. I mean, it's not like you're wearing a full body bag. There a story about the Bobby Drake makeover? This is all very Twilight Zone right now."

"A short list of things, it has been some time since we all had a sit down and caught up, face to face and not through messages, texts and video calls." His eyes under quartz track Rogue, she has her own list of questions hes wanting to fire out as well. From the look and mood, coffee maybe first… a smart call.


Rogue run past Remy in his full uniform and she jumps up and strokes a gloved hand over the top of his head, then lands with a bounce and a grin. "Whats up, Professah Sex?" She says to Gambit with a grin before she looks over at Scott and shakes her head. "I'll quit when I'm dead, sugah…" She says to their fearless leader with a sultry tone to her voice. At Lorna she spies the well dressed magnetic-one and gives her a wolf whistle. "Someone's lookin' fiiiine t'night."

But ultimately its the hotdog stand closing up that garners Rogue's attention and she gasps and rushes toward it before it closes, and starts to haggle with the Vendor for some free dogs that he's just gonna throw out anyway!


"I guess we see if lung cancer comes with the next nullifier encounter." Scott's head turns away from them to stare out at the waters, a jolt of a muscle under the lightly stubbled plane of one cheek says hes annoyed or doing his 'I'm-overthinking-shit' routine.


It is an uncommon thing Nate has his cellphone operative, charged and he also looked at the messages. Usually he needs to be contacted through telepathy or at least a call, because he is often in odd places at odd moments. Fairly frequently in places where he shouldn't be.

But today he was in New York and saw the message. A little late, but he shows up, flying under the cover of a telepathic illusion. Followed by a double check for cameras before landing. Civvies? Sure. No. What he does is making the X insignia vanish from his outfit, the rest is all telepathy. For most now he is just a young man in blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. He doesn't bother touching the perceptions of the other mutants. They know him. "Hey folks," he greets, offering a warded smile. "Are we here for business?"


Lorna huffed as she shot Scott a look, "Well excuse me for wanting to look professional." She drawled, "And no I'm not body possessed. Thanks for asking. There is no Malice or other worldly thing driving the Lorna-mobile today." She made a face, even as she glanced back to Remy and his very bald head. She shook her own as another bout of sarcasm bubbled up at her lips. It was cut off by Rogue by passing the offered coffee in return for the wolf whistle and earning a burst of laughter from the green haired woman. Even as she watched Rogue bound over to the hot dog stand immediately after.

As Nate bounded up she jabbed a thumb in his direction. "Ask Nate if you think someone has been playing body-snatcher." She drawled over her coffee cup, the crinkle of shopping bags following as she moved.


Remy fumes at Rogue's rub of his bald nogging and yet he doesn't show his emotions outwardly, "Rogue, ya lucky ya pretty." The thief says with a wink as she and Lorna run off to mooch water boiled weenies.

Remy's attention turns to Scott and Nate, "If'n ya asked me, which no one ever does, Ah t'ink she's found some o'daddies nazi-gold and is puttin' it t'good use. Or so she t'inks." Remy says with a smirk towards the women's backs.


Rogue is out of earshot of the others whilst she haggles with the Hotdog Vendor, but she's soon to come back with a big cardboard tray of dogs, covered in various types of condiments. "Look it." Rogue says to her associates and friends. "All I had t'do was give'im mah phone number." She says with a big smile and shakes her head, glancing back to the vendor to wave at him as he closes up the front of his cart. She waves. "Poor sap, I haven't used that numbah in over a year."

Rogue looks back then and offers the tray of food. "Anyone got the mad hungers?" She asks, then notices Nate and smooches at the X-Man. "Hey you." She has NO Idea why they're here, but she's smiling and doesn't seem to care either.


"Nate. Business casual I suppose." Scott says, "Some face time and fresh air, mostly. Like I said, I have a short list of questions…" He further admits, Lorna's huff has him considering her, a long once over before he speaks to her, "It looks good." Yeah. He fired a compliment Polaris' direction.

"This is a good location, no extra ears, we're out. I want to hear from all of you what has been going on, I know something went down just not specifics, its frustrating and half of you suck at keeping up with after action reports. They're… fucking embarassing." A curse word, hes on a roll of stepping out of usual Scott comfort zones. Someone musta burnt a turtle neck.


"Roguie," greets Nate with a genuine grin. "I am always hungry," which seems to be true in all the time Rogue has known him. He grabs one of the hot dogs so fiendishly obtained without hesitation. Rogue clearly liberated them for a good cause: he is hungry.

No comments to Remy's bald head. He has gotten his hair badly burned out a couple times. Occupational hazards.

Now, Scott's cursing almost makes him choke with the hotdog. That was unusual. Maybe he is the pod person, and not sharply-dressed Lorna. Also, he is getting better with the action reports. That is: the past year or so he is -actually- writing those (and they don't suck). That is a big step.


Lorna mostly remained in the back, half torn between watching Rogue's antics with the hot dog guy and half listening to the conversation from Scott. She blinked, giving Remy a side eye and didn't comment at all on where or not the cajun was right. Of course then Rogue was coming over and there was a clear look of hesitation as the woman offered the various hot dogs covered in literally everything.

A look at her nice new clothes, the coffee in her hand and shopping bags over one arm.. it was as close to plaintiff as she'd get without openly saying something.

A sigh, and she finally shook her head. "Nah, I'm good." She glanced back at Scott as he .. complimented her? That earned a raised brow over the black rimmed sunglasses. "Uh thank you." A shift on heels followed Scott's mention of the lack of action reports. She pursed her lips, and combed her hair back from her face as the wind whipped it every which way.

"In my defense, I haven't been here."


Remy refuses a hot dog, he had a large protien suppliment on his way out of the x-men sub-basement, just to be safe and ready for any conflict. Gotta prep your body right. The cajun then looks to Nate and then Lorna at Scott's blurting of cuss words, but also of course it's about a stupid report. "Ah wanna ask if it's you in dere rubyface, but only you would get so antsy over some papers, and Ah'm in de same boat as Lorns… Ah jus' got back from de spa wit' de real good hair cuttas." He says, rubbing at his chrome dome.


Storm is not arriving in a plume of noxious smoke and carcinogens, but with every step, heavy boots laced up to mid-calf remain silent, huggd in white/silver laces to the enasing of leather pants. Clinging to the bust of hips, the belt of Punk 'decollage' chimes when ring meets stud and ring.

Tanned abdomen is bare, the haltered top is laced up over her bust, but the straps of halter drop to massive claoking "wings", lined in silver electricity, cascading down her back.

"Naww, you are missin'g the Celery Salt Broth'ah." Storm states as she reposits a "ChicDawg" to the retreating vendor. "Punch back in and open your condiment bins." Storm states with a waffling gesture over the (a-la)cart's individual bins. The Mohawked Numbian Goddess wouldhave seemed assaulting to suck a NY Vendor if not for the smiles they exchange and the willingness to keep that Storm….

"You missed out, then." Storm states towards Lorna, glancing the way of Scott, Rogue, Remy, and Nate, as well with a smile as more Gardeniera is added to her "Dawgz".

Remy is second-glanced,, then Rogue with a lofted brow before Ororo is blatantly ignoring the Urban Frictionary that omes from Scott. "Tsk!"

'Nuff said!


Rogue steps over to Nate and stands beside him as the two of them share some food from her tray together since the rest turned her down. She smiles at him and then turns to glance at Scott as he gets all growly. Her green eyes are down on the hotdog she's eating, her glove on that hand tucked into her jeans pocket and hanging down the front of her thigh.

Without looking up she mimics Lorna. "And in MY defense…" She starts, her green eyes glancing up at Scott. "I don't know how the machine works." She tells him. "The, uh, computer, in the room. I always had someone else do it for me, but… everybody's been busy or gone or whatever. But if ya want a report, I can give an oral one right now." And she shows a lopsided grin then and glances around at the others. "I'm so funny." She mutters before taking another bite of her well-earned food.

Rogue's eyes dart over to the arrival of Storm and with a mouthful of food she waves to the mahwaked hottie.


"Fairly." Scott repeats, "Those who were not kidnapped, raise your hands." His sarcasm mingles with a sigh, "Lorna, you're accounted for. Nate, you've been keeping me in the loop… Remy, Rogue, what happened? Seriously, guys? You moved out?" He adds as Storm approaches, talking like shes been in the wrong parts of New York lately. LIfts one hand up to give her a two fingered wave.

"You don't have to use the computer in the room, Rogue, you can use your phone… voice to text even. It's… important but I'm not here to come down on anyone. I'm just trying to get a grasp of everything going down, seeing what our game plan is going to be and what we're working with… "

"I think we're being intentionally mislead by the DEO. The past two missions they've put in my hands have ended up sideways by no fault of ours… thats me sharing, it is your turns."


Kidnapped er… Nate was kidnapped by Sinister not too long ago. But it was the only time (this year). Does that count? Just in case he doesn't raise hands. Main reason is it would be dangerous. He has a loaded hotdog here.

Despite the hotdog he manages to snort at hearing the DEO is misleading them. But he is biased.

Also, he had no idea he could do a voice report. That is great, since his key-typing speed is pretty pathetic. He gets mocked enough by his millennial friends. Growing up in a post-Apocalyptic parallel reality (also, it was the 90s) is bad for a boy's Twitter skills.


A glance followed as Storm entered in all her stormy-glory. A faint twist of a smile and a wiggle of her fingers followed, unwilling to interrupt Scott's dedicated questioning about what people had been up to. A sip of her coffee, and Lorna swirled the contents of the paper cup around in thought before she downed the rest of the contents and made to chuck it into the nearby trash can.

As Scott asked about the others moving out she raised a hand. "Actually, I was thinking about getting a flat. I need more space." She added with a faint wince. She also suddenly had the funds. Plus.. it was awkward living in the same room with Marcos.. to say things were strained was an understatement. But as Scott continued on with the DEO she made a face, grimacing, and glancing side long at Nate and then the others briefly. She wasn't going to say anything. Though 'no shit-Sherlock' was expressly thought in Nate's general direction.


"Ah didn't raise mah hand Scott. Ah was lit'rally kidnapped." The thief says with a hand idly going around Rogue's waist to hold her close to his hips. "And Ah'm like Samson, I can't use electronics wit'out mah hair." Gambit says with a smirk before he looks more serious and turns his gaze to Scott, "Ah have been told Ah'm an idiot for not accepting help from de ot'ers." Remy says, avoiding eye contact with Lorna and the girl at the end of his arm.


+MEET: Juggernaut has arrived via +meet.


Remy then lifts his hand back up to his temple and sways a little, using Rogue to keep himself steady, "Ah… Ah'm not feeling too well. Ah'm gonna go change inta mah civvies." The thief notes aloud and with a kiss on Rogue's cheek, he spins a pair of car keys in his hand that he pulls away from the belle. "Ah'll be in de dodge love. Later X-nerds." Remy says with a teasing wink to the team.


Storm tilts herhead towards Rogue, the pale mohawk a mirror image of the white streak the woman bears around her facade of "Desire".
How many levels for the Mutants Supressor as she speaks?

"Sideways is how 'The (X)-World)Turns' Scott." Storm states while she gathers up her Personal Order of Gucci-Dawg and offers it towards Lorna to interrupt her "No-Shit" looks towards Nate. Her other hand signallin the vendor to amke a dozen more.

These are not donuts!
But he complies and the platter piles up.

"No, we havelacked communication, everyone has scattered, but we gain strength together, not apart." Test tube baby(Nate), Mag(nificent) Villainy in a father-figure, Death, Absence, and the ultimate end that has Remy looking…. Away.

Just as Rogue and He, apparentl, moved away from the X'ers. These… Family. "You're full of it." A glace to the fellow femme-fatale of the South(America), and Storm smiles slowly towards Scott.

"Space from what? What's been taken from us? Time to suck it up, buttercups."


Rogue is shaking her head while she enjoys her dinner standing beside Nate. "I bought a store, it has apartments above it, four'a them. I've slept in them before, well… one'a them. Its nice enough for someone my age and I've never had'a place'a my own. Besides. A god damn Demon Bear attacked the mansion and nobody's ever told me why. I'm sick'a stuff like that happenin' in the place where I store all my stolen watches." Wait, stolen watches? What?

Rogue daps at her lips with a napkin then and Remy kisses her cheek, which makes her flinch! Which is always a great reaction from a girl to give a guy, right? "Ya wanna get yourself kidnapped by death next, ya big pink shirted ape!?" She shouts at him as he darts off toward her car. "Don't put your bare butt on my leather seats!" She adds then, and releases a heavy huff while turning back to the others. "So anyway, yeah, the mansion is not a place that I feel is relaxin' anymore."


"Details of the kidnapping is the question. It's not like anyone volunteers for that…. " Scott's hand rises to rub palm across his jaw and cheek, smearing it in one motion before he takes his glasses off, eyes closed! Bridge of his nose attended by the pinch of fingers before the red lenses are covering once more.

"We have the room you don't have to share with Marcos." Which, more questions to add to the list. He is wanting to know his team. No doubt they're figuring that out or know this, a once in a while ritual of 'catch-the-hell-up' happens.
"You are." Scott states. "But you're one of our idiots."

Storm gets a quiet regard once more before Rogue updates him, "It was after Moonstar. This is not the first time we've been attacked and had to weather through it, its what we do. We don't scatter at the first sign… "
"What?" A slight headshake and he turns around towards the incoming ferry, its pulling up to the dock near them. It'll unload and wait, a final trip for this hour.

"The mansion is meant to be home and the Professor wanted us to be a family before a team."
"Things are about to get ugly, we are going to need eachother." Scott is growing weary, its obvious by his posture, that proud rise of shoulders is dropped some. Long week, likely.


Nate looks at Rogue, then Lorna. "You are kidding," he swallows the hotdog and looks around. No drinks. Damn.

"Rogue, the mansion is far safer than any apartment where you are going to live alone. Anyone that wants to take you out has to worry only of whatever flimsy conventional security you can purchase and your own personal powers, which are pretty good but not too complicated to counter by most of hour enemies," he explains, looking pretty serious for once. "The mansion is protected by alien tech and crazy mutant inventions, plus there is always a dozen powerful mutants there. And besides, I thought the X-Men lived there to protect the children, not for their own safety."


Lorna cast a concerned glance toward Remy, his 'dizzy' spells having happened now twice since they'd gotten him back. A small mental note made to put in a request that someone medically inclined take a look at the cajun. Of course, then Storm was there, offering a dolled up hotdog and asking why she needed space. The green haired mutant, now free of her coffee cup, took it with a mumbled thank you. Green eyes flitting back to Scott at least as he at least understood why roughly, she wanted 'space'. "Because of personal issues with my husband, okay? I don't want to get into it." She grumbled. It would continue to break Marcos' heart. The poor man was putting up with the worst episode Lorna had thrown his way. Taking their daughter, hiding her away and now wanting 'space'.

A glance was spared back to Scott, and Lorna grumbled softly. "Remy went to investigate some place that might've had ties to the collars. Apparently he and Rogue went there before and he decided to go all macho-I-don't-need-back-up. And got kidnapped. We tried to track him down to two different locations but missed him. They were running some kind of a mutant slaving ring. Third place we found Remy in and a girl. Brought them both back." She glanced back to Rogue, arching a brow. "That's the quickest run down, yeah? Details beyond that I don't have. As well, Remy, is yeah.." In the car, being dizzy. A munch of her hot dog followed and she pursed her lips together. But Scott didn't get any more arguments from her about moving out for the moment at least.


Rogue first looks to Scott, then over to Nate. "Ya'll realize that families don't live their lives t'gether in the same house, right?" She asks, but continues on anyway. "I don't wanna live my life in fear'a someone attackin' me. The Professah took me in a decade ago and I'm thankful for it, but the place has been closin' in on me emotionally lately, so I'm just stretchin' out a bit. I'm only down the road in town, for eff's sake."

Rogue glances then to Lorna, hearing her words and feeling bad for their marriage having trouble, but thats precisely what she's avoided such tied-knots. "Thats the jist'a what happened, yeah. Aside from us free'n a buncha enslaved mutants… but yeah. Remy trid t'go solve the problems himself and just got all… Heisenberg'd." And she mimes a razor over the top of her head indicating the now bald cajun. "And he's passin' out a lot, lately, now. I'm guessin' he has a concussion or somethin'? I don't know."


"Well aware and you're missing the beat. Nate is entirely correct - Xavier's is one f the safest places in the world for our kind."
"You know me and know what I am saying, you of all people Rogue…" Scott glares from behind his shades at Rogue, his mouth working though its closed. "We have facilities to take care of Remy, we have the set up we have for a reason. Make sure he is seen to… someone."

"I get it, Lorna, I can understand some of what you're both about… to a point. I don't agree with it, though.

"Thanks for the update, that is all I needed. Details on where, possible suspects… we can investigate further in to. It's time we get it together."

Scott doesn't stick around further, a hand raises up over his shoulder in a wave at them and hes climbing on to that ferry across. Apparently hes decided hes done for now.


"That is fine, just…" Nate shrugs, grimacing a bit to Rogue. He is far more careful than he looks because survival instincts learned in his childhood. -Most- of the precautions he automatically takes are unnecessary in modern America.

At least right now. If registration becomes a thing, he might finally yield and show up as a teacher in one of the school classrooms. 'Survival When Your Own Government Is Hostile 101'.

"Can understand you needed space, just be smart about it, okay? Mutant Town is safe-ish," he adds. "The population of Salem Center is probably 50% government spooks right now." Tep, paranoid.


Lorna finished off her hot dog, clapping her hands free of crumbs, away from her new clothes. "Disagree all you want Scott, won't change my stance." She snorted, "You just got lucky having all of your kids come from the future ready to kick ass." She shot Nate a side eyed glance and thought better of how to best include him on that statement but thought better of it. She frowned faintly as Scott stepped away with a wave and climbed onto the ferry instead.

A sigh and her attention returned to Nate as he made helpful suggestions about safe spaces for them. "I was already planning to spend some time in Mutant Town. But beyond that? Who cares.. I'm openly out as a mutant these days Nate. Everyone knows who and what I am if they bothered to look it up. I doubt anyone government wise would be willing to mess with me these days.." She shrugged and adjusted her sun glasses. Picking up her phone as she took it out to tap away on again.

"See you all around."


Rogue releases a heavy sigh. "Yeah, maybe." She says then to the others, and glances back over her shoulder. "I better go'n check on'im. He's probably passed out with his pants halfway off in the backseat, or some equally nightmare'ish thing for'a a kid t'walk past and haft'a see." Rogue turns to leave then. "I'll work on figurin' out how to voice record reports. On the uh, app, thing." Rogue glances to Nate and he gets a nod as well. "I understand, but guys like that don't hang around the Music Center. They hang out at city hall, which is two blocks over. Lawyer Central, where they spend all the town's budget on the landscapin'." She smirks then lightly and starts back toward her car. "Out and proud!" Rogue shouts back at Lorna's comment, raising a gloved fist up into the air a-la the breakfast club to add a bit more flare to the declaration of solidarity.

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