August 17, 2018:

Nico Minoru visits a corner deli/liquor store for a pack of Djarum cigarettes. Will she manage to acquire the goods without being carded? Not on Captain Marvel's watch!



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1:19 AM

Nico Minoru looks around the place as the single occupant - the cashier/deli guy - makes her a bagel sandwich, at her request. She checks the one spot of non-black-and-goth color in her outfit, a cheap toy watch, for the time. Nico is otherwise in a slightly ratty T-shirt and a pair of close-fitting jeans with an extremely decorated belt and cuffs rolled up and held in place with little jeweled twists. Underneath that, Doc Martens.

She glances out the doorway. It's propped open, you know, to cool off. There's a loud portable fan sucking air out of the shop into the city night.

Inwardly she considers as she reaches into her pocket for her petty cash roll, such as it is. She reviews to herself. Tim doesn't have to know. She can bribe Rachel if she has to. She'll carry them with this garlic bomb of an egg sandwich for a while in case, like, someone has a super-nose. She can conceal them where she was keeping the Lion if she has to. It'll be fine. They're not gonna narc her out.

"Hey, are those Djarums back there?" she asks, tilting her head. "Could you get me a pack with the sandwich?"

Nico cannot cast such spells but she attempts to will forwards; don't want ID. Don't want ID. Don't want ID. I am 28 years old. No ID needed.

"Could you get me a pack with—"

In Queens, the average passerby is very used to looking up. One never knows when a random pair of tights will swing or otherwise fly by, especially if that someone is up to no good. As such the small evening crowd out on the street begin to look up in a wave as one such celebrity passes over the street some five stories straight up.

The last time Captain Marvel did serious street-level work as a hero was when she went by her old name Ms. Marvel some years ago. She thinks of the term 'bigger and better things' to be pretentious as all Hell however these days she patrols further afield. Besides, this is the Spiderman's territory and she's heard good things about that guy. Well, as long as one ignores the Daily Bugle and its editor's one-man-war against the wall crawler.
In truth she was just passing by to grab a sandwich. Her trajectory was taking her over Queens on the way to the Triskelion and there's this Deli she likes to frequent every so often. The mess hall up in The Peak isn't bad but nothing compares to the food on the ground.

A bit like Merry Poppins she hovers vertically, slowing as she makes a lazy arc through the air before touching down gently on the sidewalk in front of Rimaldi's. Dusting off her bold red gloves and offering a few kind nods to smiling passerbys who've already begun their firing line of phone pictures and video.
She tries not to revel in fame but its good for heroes to be seen, just like police in uniform. Deterrence for criminals and assurance to the law abiding population is important. She steps in just in time to notice.. A slim black box being lazily pulled from the shelf for a very teenager looking young woman buying a bagel sandwich.
She stands in the door frame for a moment, steel eyes taking in the scene as her brow begins to lift. Arms sliding across. A small army of impromptu paparazzi behind her recording the event for the posterity of Twitter and Facebook.

Nico sees the little black box being put back on the shelf.

no, she thinks.

no!! dammit!! magic is a lie!!

There is a dynamic susurrus behind her of electronic cameras and Nico turns around, her lip curling between the combination of RBF, annoyance at this new arrival, and the fact that it is 1:19 AM and she did not want to try to impress the egg sandwich guy, who is now going over to attend to CAPTAIN MARVEL's needs.

Nico thus becomes the ugly background figure with an amazing haircut as her only salvific figure.

"Uh," Nico Minoru says —

AND LET HISTORY RECORD THIS MOMENT: When Nico Minoru, first and last of her name, met the woman Carol Danvers, the Captain Marvel, heroine of the starways and defender of Earth, her first words were:

"Is this a raid?" Someone's flash goes off and she ends up squinting into it because it was perfectly positioned to dazzle /one/ but not /both/ of her eyes. "Gah! No photos! What the HELL??"

Captain Marvel does not typically bust kids and shops over misdemeanors but right now she's on the clock and in uniform. There will be no small amount of @#$ Jessica Jones is going to give her over this but Carol is sworn to uphold the law, both big ones and small ones. She is also keenly aware the cameras are on and this will almost certainly make it into some small news outlets who track anything and everything superheroes do. Nobody in New York proper cares unless an alien invader is carrying an entire building out to sea, even then nobody will still care if its from the Bronx. That said, she needs to set an example and this is a matter of record.

Stepping into the shop proper she clears her throat pointedly, "I assume you were just about to ask for proper identification before selling those, right?" She asks of the man.
Of the young woman she looks to her with a moment of pity before assuming her best D.A.R.E. cop routine, "And you were-" A raid?
A brief moment as a bright flash goes off to dazzle the poor woman. Carol turns a moment to address a few of the more over-eager social media types, "Hey. No flash please. Give us a little room here, okay? Back. Back." Brooming a hand gesture as they reluctantly give more distance and less blinding-ness.
Once again looking to Nico she clears her throat, "If this was a raid I wouldn't be alone. Now, please show the good man there your proper identification for buying those if you would." Announcing the procedure loud and clear. Polite but firm.

Nico Minoru opens her mouth as Captain Marvel brasses her way on inwards and when the clerk immediately says, "Oh, yeah," and then looks at her, she curses him inwardly for a traitor and a Judas. Captain Marvel can see the storm clouds gathering in the metaphorical horizon of Nico Minoru's face.

Somewhere inside of Nico, she wonders at herself. Not so long ago she would have never done this. Not so long ago she would have never even considered doing anything so near to defiance of legal authority as what she knows she has already decided to do.

She wonders at her own insolence.

BUT EVEN SO, she says, slowly, "Oh. Sure. Hold on."

She reaches into her pocket and slaps down her state ID card. STATE ID CARD! It isn't even a driver's license. But it does have a date of birth. And it is legal ID. From California. Also Carol learns it's 'Nicoletta' in this hot moment.

The clerk reads the ID even as Nico turns her head and attempts to glare death wounds into the side of Carol Danvers' neck.

"Uh… sorry, ma'am" says the clerk, slowly. He coughs. "Says uh… You're twenty, right, it's uh… it's twenty one in New York."

The ID card is slid back across the counter. The picture on the card is a lot different from the person here. There are like seven fewer piercings and a lot less blue in the hair.

"Oh," Nico says to Captain Marvel. "My mistake. Sorry." Without looking away she reaches over, picks up the card with a sarcastic flourish, and puts it back into her pocket. "You know how it is. When you move. Ma'am."

Nico remembers to blink.

oh my god the entire ing planet saw that, Nico thinks to herself. i'm gonna die now. spider-man will put me in jail. after i tye-dyed him a shirt!!

"It's great to meet you!" Nico says with an enormous smile that stops dead at her cheek bones. "Were you /fighting crime/, ma'am?"

i wonder if satan is letting mom watch this

While Captain Marvel is empowered by International treaty to enforce laws in SHIELD member nations, she isn't a cop. Truth be told, if she did bust her butt and drag her to the nearest precinct the local guys would be pretty annoyed. Uniforms tend to get uppity when capes act like they know their job better. Secondly, Carol can see the poor girl has gotten the point.
At the question of the ID, she nods to the clerk as he properly does his job for all the world to see. Now that he's off the hook she turns her attention to Nico who uses weaponized sarcasm at teenager strength.
"Glad to say I was, Ms." She responds mildly.
Giving the girl a break she turns then to the small 1 AM crowd, marching back to the door with shooing motions, "Alright folks. Always remember your identification and state age requirements. We're good here now." Ushering the crowd as many are already uploading pics and videos. A few asking for Carol's autograph as the superhero continues smiling and giving space for Nico to slip by and run for the hills.

To the mind of Nico Minoru, the problem is that Captain Marvel is an Adult.

This is not the same as being adult. Nico is herself a totally mature adult mature person who is mature. No: she is a voice of authority, a bearer of legal power. She would be glad to see Captain Marvel beat up, like, the President, or the Sub-Mariner, but here - now -

"Okay cool great," Nico says - when Captain Marvel turns her back she immediately and without fanfare walks directly out the side exit, into an alleyway, and stalks off into the night, probably to go find a tomb to sleep in or a new piercing to get or possibly to see when the last train back to Long Island, her home-of-sorts, left.

She has a great deal of skill at running away.


"Oh, yeah, I just made this one. It's kind of heavy cuz it's a garlic bagel but if you want it, Captain, on the house," says the clerk, who absolutely was going to sell a teenager coffin nails without checking ID. Possibly also Satan's brew as well.

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