It's fine. Just on fire.

August 17, 2018:

A fire in the Xmansion's research lab brings out the heroic Psylocke, X-Man, Polaris, and sort of the Hulk.


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The texts were fine at first. "I need to go, I have some tests to run. If, ha ha, I don't reply after ten minutes, well, maybe run. There's some explosives in this!" it was meant as a joke.

It's not really a joke.

He hasn't replied, and it's over ten minutes. Going on twelve, actually. And a shudder that flutters through the facility suggests there could have been an explosion.

Betsy looks at her watch, brow furrowed. It's been eleven minutes. Something's wrong. Bruce doesn't take timelines like this lightly. She starts down the stairs, taking them two and three at a time toward whatever he's into, when the building shudders, and she grabs onto the railing to steady herself before continuing downward at a much faster clip. <Bruce? What's going on? Are you all right?> She doesn't like the intrusion into his mind any more than he likely will, but she has to know what she's getting into. And what he's gotten himself into. She arrives at the door, waiting only a moment for a response before trying to gain entrance.
There is a fire in the R&D laboratory. Lighted warning sirens are going off all down the hallway, and smoke is pillowing out of a slightly ajar and burned door when Betsy reaches it and attempts entry. It doesn't open all the way. There's also gusts of odd sounds.

A look inside will show clear marks of an explosion, blasts of blackened wall along one side of the facility's main lab space, one counter partially flung. And one scientist (Dr. Banner, though he has enough gear on to make his identity uncertain), with a fire extinguisher, having apparently climbed up on top of one of the tables, spraying at the side of some of the fire at the near wall and cabinets. He's clearly sporting long black smears across his lab gear, but has protective gloves and a heavy welder style mask on, so he isn't entirely a crisp at first glance. His stance is actually heroic and focused, although he's only getting one side of the fire with his extinguisher currently.

He did hear her mental message, but she gets something of a freaked out «It's fine, just on fire» answer from him. And a high level of anxiety that is extremely bad.
Lorna had been occupied in her rooms, pouring over news reports and the alike on her tablet. As there was a massive shudder of the mansion. It didn't take much for Lorna to spread out her senses and find the source of the disturbance via the electric and magnetic fields in the inner-workings of the mansion. She jumped up, reacting without thinking as she made her way down to the sub-basement and toward the origins of the shudderings.

As she came running, down the corridor, following the sounds of alarm and string of smoke that drifted up to the ceiling above.

She slowed as she came toward the R&D lab, spotting Betsy first. "What happened? What's going on?"

Looking up, almost startled, if that's even possible at this point, Betsy regards Lorna with wide, violet eyes. She's in her gear, ready to tackle whatever it is that takes tiny leather strips of clothing to fend off. "It's fine. Just on fire," she parrots vacantly, and then grabs a fire extinguisher off the wall in the hallway and bursts in through the door. For whatever reason, there seem to be a lot of those posted around. Not like anything even remotely explosive ever happens in the mansion.
Way to start a day. Thank you X-alarms.

Nate came to the underground area of the school to crash after three days of comings and goings in his search of Purifiers, calming people about registration and looking for missing people. He needed a nap. He slept seven hours and could easily gotten a few more if it wasn't for the warning sirens.

Awake on a flash. This is not the usual 'kids being rowdy' or 'too loud thinking' which is how he usually wakes up in Xavier's. Well-honed survival instincts kick in, waking him up instantly. And then they take a hike as Nate runs to see what is going on and how could he help. Searching for nearby minds yields Pyslocke. It has been a couple years since they have talked, but they used to be close team-mates, back in the times of X-Force. « Betsy, what is going on… oh, a fire. Wait, is that near the jet? »

Lorna twisted her hands in the air, several other fire extinguishers flying down the hall as soon as Betsy said 'fire it's fine'. Whatever it was that made the mansion shake and to leave a fire.. well, it had to be enough that one or two extinguishers weren't enough right? Where were the sprinklers… She grumbled under her breath, moving in after Betsy knocked down the door..

"Could've helped with that.." She offered dryly, following inside to see the mess that was left of the lab. She whistled.

The extinguisher is not working well enough! And Dr. Banner doesn't see the incoming army of extinguishers from Lorna, yet. Anxiety and frustration fuse into a blend of negativity and the snap happens. It's not unexpected, really, though it isn't good timing (when is it ever good timing?). With a roar, Banner flings the extinguisher at the fire very helpfully, ripping the mask aside as his body contorts, green musculature exploding outwards with the force to shred all of his protective gear. And shirt, and so forth.

On the upside, Hulk doesn't need protective gear or shirts. He follows the extinguisher towards the fire, picking it up, and proceeds to beat at the fire with the now-decimated extinguisher. When that shreds, a table gets used. It 'helps' that he's smothering it, but it is also being fanned in another area, so he nets neither gain nor loss, overall. Unless one counts that the wall may cave in due to the excessive force, that is. Where does that wall lead? They may find out.

.<Well, shite.> Betsy's words come across to Nate in her unusual accented lilt, before she utters aloud, "In the lab, Nate." Then, realizing her error, she adds a sheepish, <In the lab, Nate. Sorry about the language.>

"Sweetie, Sweetie…C'mon now, you can't smash fire, and I think we both know that." Betsy tries to get close to Hulk, but she knows better than to touch him until he's fully aware that she's there and not totally smashable. "It's okay, we're here to help ye." She nods to Lorna and her onslaught of quasi-animated fire extinguishers. "She brought…reinforcements."

Oh no, Banner is in the lab… OH NO, Banner is NOT in the lab.
Nate's thought process probably goes in a pretty normal line given the green titan currently smashing a fire with anything he has at hand. The young psion gets to the door just in time to see Betsy trying to calm him. "Woah, if someone can punch a fire out it gotta be him," the situation is not entirely lacking hilarity. "Hi, Lorna. What an interesting thing to see without even my morning coffee first."

Never mind it is not the morning. Nate keeps a weird sleep schedule.
Lorna glanced toward Betsy briefly, before her gaze fell on Doctor Banner turning rather green and.. well Hulky. She cursed, stepping back reflexively. Memories from when Malice had gotten her leg broken via the Hulk were not happy ones. She nearly bumped backwards into Nate as the man came swinging through the door behind her. She finally exhaled and moved, catching herself and directing the fire extinguishers to put out the flames from a distance.

The little red and flying army of fire extinguishers floated through the air, around and above the fire-punching-Hulk. To carefully not try to spray the angry green man as well.

"Uh.. Nate.. tell me, can you make him take a nap if things get.. worse?"

Being told he can't do things doesn't make Hulk happy. He growls loudly and breathes in. It leads to a bellowing challenge at the fire. The fire merrily dances higher from the nice blow of air. The frustration that led here had no real direction or form to it, which has left Hulk somewhat aimless at where his rage should be focused. "Hulk smashes it anyway," Hulk declares mutinously, side-eying Psylocke with a dark, annoyed glare. But at least he's aware of her, and is less likely to accidentally bash her into a wall. If it happens at this point, it would be by his intent.

Wading into the fire physically, Hulk's approach is now to smother flames flat under his palms, in a pressing/mushing motion, glowering. The fire doesn't get to defeat him. The rubble created and thrown around is helping with the fire smothering, to his credit. It isn't efficient, but it's not NOT working?

"Hulk's punching fire out," Hulk says with clear pride. The side of the table he broke in half is shoved on some fire. It smothers it. See, Nate knows! Hulk pauses with the next half of the table, looking up at the extinguishers, as if deciding if he'll murder them or if they are friendly.

"Good job, you SMASH that fire!" Psylocke chimes encouragingly as Hulk smashes fire one handful at a time. It's quite all right with her that he's proving her wrong. He's thinking, not just smashing. And that's a start. "Kick that fire's—" She breaks off, interrupted by dodging a flung desk that was blocking fire that he wanted to smash. "Get it! GET IT!!"

Nate shrugs at Lorna. "I suppose I could do that, but looks like there is nothing to worry about, fire can't really hurt him and it is almost gone." The fact there is a temperamental force of nature in the smoke-filled lab does not seem to worry him too much. Probably due it is not him who pays the repair bills.

"Gotta wonder, why aren't working automatic countermeasures in the room for fires?" He asks, idly. "I was sure the whole area was up to date in security for accidents. I heard stories about McCoy blowing up the labs every six months or so when he is here." And of course that is when the sprinklers go off, releasing a shower of water and extinguishing foam. Also the lights go out I the whole lab area.

Better late than never, right?

Lorna's extinguishes had finished off the job of putting out the fire around the Hulk, just in time for Betsy to cheer the Hulk on about punching it and for Nate to ask about the Sprinklers. Lorna arched a brow and shrugged. "I dunno, they're there? I could—" And then the sprinklers went off and so did the lights. She cursed, waving her hands back to float the extinguishers back toward the walls and out of the way.

Her eyes screwed shut, rather than trying to strain her vision in the dark, she reached out with her senses, stretching them around her. She half felt like a bat doing this, looking at the world through the magnetic and electrical fields alone. Still, everyone had synapses and most things had some kind of a magnetic presence (low or repulsed by magnetism even).

"Everyone okay?"

To the 'everyone okay' question, Hulk gives a loud grunt. Close enough. He's possibly eerie in the dark, just a lumbering shape outlined in the splashing currents of the sprinklers gleaming off of his big shape crossing the laboratory towards the illuminated doorway and the emergency lights. He stops mostly blocking the door now, wide hands flexing and gripping nothing, and glaring over what he CAN see in the lab that dared upset him.

"Hulk wet," Hulk observes grumpily.

"Wet, but victorious. Look at you! You smashed all the fire out!" Betsy is nothing if not an enabler when it comes to Hulk. "That was SO impressive. And yeah…we're all wet," she adds. With any luck the wet blanket will calm him down and help him revert. If no one else pisses him off.

"Even the emergency lights," grumbles Nate, but not in the hallway outside. Fortunately he is a telepath and gets out of the way the advancing Hulk when he feels him coming close. "What happened here anyway?" As in 'who let Banner work on something that could get on fire like this'.

"You know what? I don't care," he decides, trying to pull out the water and foam off his head with telekinesis. "There is a coffee machine by the war room, right? Also, where is Molly? She will kill us if she hears Hulk was around and we didn't tell him so she could see him. Or punch him."

Lorna backed out of the doorway, soaked through and dripping. She floated an inch or two above the floor, in hopes of not accidentally slipping and ending up in the path way of the Hulk. She gave him a wide berth, trailing alongside Nate as the mutant mentioned coffee in the war room. It was a good idea.

"Well, there are towels in the locker rooms. We'll have to get all of this mopped up.." She muttered, as she got into the hallway she opened her eyes to the light out there with a squint. Her foot falls light as she glanced back at Betsy and the Hulk. "Molly likes to punch things she shouldn't punch.." She drawled in response to Nate's comments about punching the Hulk. Bad idea on sooo many levels. She reached up, wringing out her hair and grimacing.

Hulk grunts again at Betsy's high level of praise and support, uncommitted, but certainly doesn't disagree with her. Obviously he's powerful and can punch all the fire he choose to punch. He lifts one heavy fist and scratches at his neck and jaw. Some loose glass tinkles off of him, and he continues out of the lab in a methodical, purposeful stride. In the manner of partially peeling the wall next to the door aside like tinfoil. Still, he just goes into the hallway, and doesn't go bounding off or up through the ceiling yet. He's easy to dodge, he doesn't directly move at Lorna or Nate at all. "Stupid test. Lab dumb." That was for Nate, maybe, about what happened. Hulk's viewpoint.

A greater problem could be how exactly to get the Hulk out of the basement without more destruction, if he's not reverting. The likelihood of him breaking anything (or anywhere) he's guided through is very high, as demonstrated by the lab doorway. "Hulk fight Molly?" Hulk suggests. There isn't much emotion to it either way: it doesn't sound like he knows who Molly is to have an opinion, but is okay with fighting as a general idea.

Nate snickers at Lorna. "Yes, she does. She would still like to meet the big guy here. You get the towels, Lorna, I'll get the coffee going." He gives a doubtful glance to Hulk. Maybe he would do best without coffee. Then again, caffeine is unlikely to have any effect on him. Right? « Betsy, do you know him? Do you want to calm him down or something or is he going to be alright? » he projects for the other telepath.

If moving him out without going through the regular elevator is a thing Nate guesses they can use the Blackbird hangar gate. It is large enough. Otherwise they can to into the Danger Room for a while and run a tropical island scenario or something (removing the pirates).

.<I can't be sure, Nate. Depends on his mood. I can help, but success isn't always a guarantee. Banner was performing some sort of test, said there were explosives. Then…Kablooie.> Betsy turns to Hulk, and sidles up next to him. "You okay Big Guy?" She nudges his arm lightly with her shoulder. "That big boom didn't hurt ya none, right?" She winks and takes a deep breath. "Just breathe, you knocked that one out of the park. SUCH a good smashin'…"

Lorna side eyed the Hulk as he tore part of the wall out and grumbled under her breath, the metal smoothing out at least around the hand print. As if offended that the metal was getting treated so. Of course, it might've been more about her hair at this point, soaked and stringy as she made her way to the locker room at Nate's suggestion. Only a few minutes passed before she returned, toweled off herself and with armfuls of towels to be shared with the Hulk and others.

A glance was spared toward Betsy and the green guy.

"Right.. towels..?"

Hulk watches Lorna immediately re-bend the area he crunched, but doesn't do anything about it. Just watches. It doesn't really matter to him, and the fixing isn't taken personally: he doesn't move to re-smash it. Which may suggest he is calming down. But he nudges Betsy back when she gets near him and touches him. Which may send her stumbling if she doesn't dodge it. His expression is a smirk; self-satisfied. He just stands there, starting to look bored, and then at the towels, as if not seeing any purpose to them. But then he does sit down, against the wall (with a mild crunch), and looks somewhat dizzy.

It takes Nate a minute or two longer to return with mugs of hot coffee for everyone. He is not sure how the others like it, since he doesn't pay attention, so he also brings a generous amount of sugar packets. In fact the war room is now out of sugar.

"I suppose someone needs to tell Scott and Jean about the lab," telepathically, he means, he is looking at Betsy. Senior X-Men and all that. But hey, he brought her a mug of coffee in exchange.

Betsy knows better than to continue to harass Hulk once he's gone quiet. She backs away, rubbing her side where he 'nudged' her and might have broken ribs and/or punctured her lung. It's probably fine. She turns back to Nate as he arrives with coffee, and arches a brow at his suggestion. «The lab is fine. It was just on fire.» Betsy broadcasts telepathically to Lorna, Nate, Jean, and Scott en masse, with a smirk.

There, she fixed it.

Lorna settled down opposite of the Hulk, leaning against the hallway wall and crossing her arms as she looked over her clothes. They'd survive. Gone were the punk rocker chains and leather and band shirts. Rather she had donned a rather loose fitting blouse of soft violet, and brand-name jeans that didn't come from a second hand shop, and rather understated sliver drop earrings. Besides being damp it was the most 'cleaned up' looking she'd been in a long while.

So when Nate comes back with coffee she flashed him a faint smile and took it with a handful of sugar gratefully. A glance spared toward Betsy as she telepathically broadcasted about the fire. She quirked a green eyebrow upwards and shook her head.

"Well since that's all handled.. anything else? Or can I get of here?"

Hulk, left alone, will revert slowly back to Banner. In his soaked pants and confusion in the hallway. He somehow relocated. It's always disorienting. But the coffee, well, that he will accept for now. It isn't the best drink to drown any guilt, but it does stop the flow of apologies at least at the start. He'll get to those, wincing towards the lab. But well aware it could have been worse than what it looks like. Everyone is safe: and that's a good thing.

Nate looks relieved Hulk goes back into Banner without needing telepathic nudging. He is not sure how it would have gone. The brief glance to Hulk's mind hinted an uncomfortable level of anger. And Nate is usually the angry one.

"Looks like I am not needed here much. I might drop by later to help the clean up," he offers with a shrug. "But right now I need food, a shower, maybe check messages. Not in that order. See you people later."

"I think you can go anytime you want, Lorna," Betsy offers, moving to Bruce's side as he changes from technicolor back to normal. She seats herself beside him and leans her head against his shoulder quietly, then presses a soft kiss against it. "It's all right. Nothin' to worry about. He smashed the fire out."

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