Your Princess is in Another Castle

August 15, 2018:

Rogue, Polaris, and Wolverine go to rescue Gambit.. again.


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Thanks to the telepaths at the school and for the Cuckoos for not offing every member of the faculty at the facility in Boston, the X-men have tracked down Remy's current location and have flown for several hours through the night to get to the Italian hide out of one Marlione. A man who's not too connected with the organizations that had been capturing mutants and selling them. Turns out he's just a scumbag buyer. What he does with them, the X-men couldn't deduce, but mental ledgers indicated he had purchased more than just Remy in the past few weeks. He's gathering quite a few.

That leads us to where we are now. The Black Bird is hovering off the coast of Italy, near a large villa looking group of buildings. It's very beautiful and quite old, but it's also the last known location of Remy and other slave mutants.


Rogue thuds in her metal boots to the back of the Blackbird at a fast pace and she grabs hold of the back end of it and leans out the open ramp to peer down at the landscape below. The craft was using what alien tech it had to float more silently in the air and she glances back to those in the ship (Are the Cuckoos here just not being active in this scene?).

"Why is it, the first time in my -whole life- that I get to come t'Italy, its for 'work'." Rogue says to whomever is listening. "We got a group here, buyin' up mutants. Probably some kinda filthy sex trade thing… guess they got a likin' to the Swamp Rat. He's probably in hog heaven." Unless of course, its a guy who—well thats probably best left not thought about.

"I don't know precisely what t'do here other than rush the place. But thats kinda always my go-to plan. We tried stealth last time, and then a herd'a flying goats landed on our location."


Polaris had spent the last two weeks in Genosha, paranoid or just planning ahead, she'd hidden her daughter away. With mutant slavers, Registration looming large, and other new sources of anti-mutant hate pooling their resources now was not a good time to be a vulnerable mutant. Guilty as she'd felt at leaving when she had, she had also spent the time training. Meditating. Working on her powers with one of the few people on the planet that could know them better than herself: her father.

Thus when she stretched out her powers to the villa below she found the concentration, the searching easier than before. To see the world through the electromagnetic lens and nothing else for a time. "They've got cells below. Below ground. Concrete structures with fresh rebar. I'm not picking all that much weaponry or guards at the moment." Her gaze snapped back to Rogue and she rolled her shoulders back.

"You and me, hit 'em hard and fast. Don't give them any time to get out of there. We went too slow the first few times. So.." She waved the Blackbird's doors open with a flick of her hand.

"Lets kick some ass."


If ever there were a time and an opportunity to compare Rogue to Gimli from Lord of the Rings, it was now. Right after Lorna told her to strike hard and kick some ass, she got an invigorated look on her face like she rarely ever got… because Scott rarely ever gave the order 'Rogue, smash' but since Lorna basically just did… the southern belle turns toward the hatch and then is gone, at super sonic speed. And a second later a crash is hard down near the villa, she's already smashed her way through the wall like a wrecking ball moving a hundred miles an hour!

If they were going to need a distraction up top on the surface level? Thats what Rogue was providing now. She kool-aide-man's her way right through the villa's wall and starts to look around, then just starts wrecking the place, not wasting a single second. Anything that isn't an innocent life in front of her will start to get destroyed by the invulnerable woman who can lift upwards of a 100 tons!


The X-men lectured about not taking lives needlessly. The X-men believed in co-existence. Lorna believed something slightly different. While most humans were fine, the bigots and those that supported them deserved no quarter. There was the knife's edge Marcos always feared her dancing off of. The one she found she no longer cared so much about. In her mind's eye, telling Rogue smash was perfectly acceptable.

The people down below supported mutant slavery either through being there or through their silence. In that way, there were no innocents below to worry about.

She jumped out, following Rogue a second's behind, pulling herself up on magnetic currents and floating down through the chaos the southern belle unleashed. Only with her hands spread wide before her, as she made to start ripping up the floor beneath them to get at the cells below as fast as possible.

Whatever report Scott got from this fiasco was certain to be entertaining at least.


Rogue's attack on the grounds is more than effective, being a few hundred feet above the ground in the jet, Rogue's super sonic acceleration and sudden stop creates a massive sonic boom, and then the impact in the ground, The whole villa and the undergrounds shake twice. There's a Rogue shaped indention in the large divet she plowed into the grass and dirt and rock go flying in every direction.

Lorna then takes Rogue destruction and kicks it up another level. The rebar and wires beneath the ground start to shake and vibrate. The cells in their whole rise up through the ground like the earth vomiting up the invaders that she doesn't want.


Rogue has been with the X-Men since she was 18. Two years before that she'd ran away from the Brotherhood and Mystique. She's in her late 20s now and feeling a draw back to those days, back to the ideologies that some people really just don't deserve to be saved, they don't deserve to be helped or coddled or held onto. It seemed like with every passing event that the X-Men team is going on, she's growing further away from Charles' teachings, but then again… Charles wasn't exactly an easy person to get a moment's time with anymore to sway her back from the 'edge'.

So once inside the villa, with the entire floor she's on falling down into piles of rubble, Rogue speaks into the comms to Lorna. "I'm gonna tear this place off the planet. I assume you're able t'get down into the under levels with that beautiful magical pull'a yours?" Rogue's under the impression there's a lot of metal in the makeup of the dungeon beneath this place.


Lorna gritted her teeth as she continued to stretch and pull hard on the iron and steel network that made up the below ground cells, trying to rip layer after layer of earth and dirt and concrete up to yank the ceilings of the cells below open to the night air. That or yank them entirely up and (hopefully) whole out of the ground. As the pressure built she pulled hard on the electric grid that fed into the villa, using the building's electricity to feed into her own strength as a sort of temporary boost.

Her mind was focused and rage bled into her movements, feeding her powers and her ties to the magnetic fields.

Lorna's emotions gave her strength, all of her raw anger, and fear for losing their friend once more powered her. Magneto had once told her that the stronger the emotion, the stronger her ties to the magnetic fields became. It was how underneath that icy exterior she was sure seethed a fountain of emotions inside her father. For all that people said he was as cold as the metal he could manipulate.

"Working on getting them up! If there are any guards or security measures it's gonna have to be on you to handle." She hissed beneath her breath into the comms, her entire focus aimed at her magnetic manipulations.


Rogue had centered herself on the support beams inside the villa and after making sure the interior of the place was cleared she just lifted right up until the roof went with her! Up into the air the old roof soars, dropping bits and pieces off beneath it that fall back into the wrecked house.

A few seconds later and the roof is being tossed down the hillside where it lands on the tops of trees and just settles in with a series of loud creaks and limbs snapping off of the trees.

"Guards?" Rogue says, hovering in the air with her gloved hand against her ear inside of her black hood. "No problem. I feel like givin' out a few kisses t'night anyhow." She turns toward where Lorna is, watching the woman wrip into the earth and she grins, then leans forward and shoots off in that direction, intending to do a fly-by and scan for said security or any active foes that which she might fell!


Lorna's pulling on the concrete reinforcements starts to yield awesome results, with the help of Rogue making the foundation into an open patio and her landing from moments before, the ground gives birth to a large underground complex. A staircase was the way in when it was in the ground, but the entrance is now several feet in the air and no longer accessable via normal humans, but that's not who's here tonight.

"Hey! Let us out! I don't know what the Fuck is going on but who ever is shaking the ground, I'll kill you!" Says a high pitched voice woman, like… what people think of when they say preppy teenager.


As pulling on the concrete reinforcements that make up the underground complex finally yield results, Lorna lets go of her constant magnetic barrage and finally lets her arms drop, exhaling as electricity crackles on the edges of her own personal magnetic field. She floated upwards, glancing at Rogue briefly as the woman seems to enjoy taking the roof off the top of the place. A faint hint of a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth.

The destruction of a house built on the blood money of mutants was the nice kind of destruction that she needed more of in her life. Sure they could try to find things like 'evidence', but since when did the courts give a shit about mutants vs wealthy humans?

The green haired mutant floated up to peer down into the entrance to the underground network, her arms hanging at her sides.

"Depends on who you are, we're here for the mutants that are being kept prisoner here.." She glanced skyward, "Rogue, want to come check out what I dug up?" She called over the comms.


"What the fuck do you think I am then!?" The woman demands, her attitude is prissy and pissed off. Like a young woman who's been coddled all her life. After she's done talking or in one of the luls there's a lower, tenor groan from a man. "I think this guy's dying! Hurry and help us damn - Oh… Oh no. No not now!" Shouts the girl when she starts to scream before it's muffled suddenly.


rRogue is on a large perimeter flight pattern letting her eyes and ears scan the area around the property that they're assaulting. She wants to make sure there's no surprises… and with the life she's lead that could be anything, from helicopters with guns, to flying boats with guns, to alien nerds—with guns… to a dog with a gun, who the hell knows, it all seems to happen to the X-Men.

Lorna's call back gets a 'Eyup." over the comms from the southern girl and a few seconds later she just drops out of the sky, deactivating her flight power and landing with a few thuds of metal boots that leave her walking toward where Lorna is now, like she hadn't just been soaring around in the air above the wreckage.

As she gets close, she overhears and sees whats going on and her green eyes narrow at it. "What kinda weird shit have we stumbled across now?" She asks.


With Lorna decending the stairs, the girl continues to scream untill suddenly her voice is muffled. "Help me! It's happening again and I don't know how to stop i-MMMPH!! MMMMMMMMOOOOO!" The woman is still struggling and trying to get free, but something's keeping her from speaking freely. The first cell Lorna comes across is a bald man sitting in the back corner obscured by heavy shadows in the dark night light barely getting into the cell window. In the cell next to him is a … wall of flesh, of skin pressing against all the bars and there's constant flexing and struggling within the wall until the cinder begins to crack and groan itself.


Polaris wasn't entirely sure what she expected to find at the bottom of the stairwell. Maybe more collared mutants, experimented on and suffering like those she'd seen again and again since Genosha. Maybe to find that they'd been too late once more. What the green haired magnokinetic didn't expect to see was a massive blob of flesh pressing against cell walls. Her eyes went wide and she gasped, shock and disgust mixing together.

Either way the woman that had been scream must have been consumed.. or was being consumed.. er flattened?

She wasn't sure. She also vaguely hoped it wasn't the Blob on some new mutant experimentation drug thing. She shivered, even as she stretched out her arms to rip off the roof to the cells above.. Here's hoping that she wasn't just letting out a bunch of people that were going to kill them. Maybe they should've done more research?


The cell bars ripped off causes a large … foot, that's a giant foot to come falling out of the wall and hit the wall opposite Lorna. It's getting larger.
"She grows but doesn't know how to stop herself. I was trying to help her." Says the bald man in the cell next to her. "Knock her out some how." The feeble looking man commands. He's wearing a hospital gown and is shaven in what looks like a hurry or at least a struggle.


Rogue is just a few steps behind Polaris. "This feels like some kinda SAW dungeon shit…" She mutters as her heavy boots crunch on debris on the steps. Once she's reaching the last steps she can hear Polaris' reaction to whats down here and then she looks up and sees it herself…

Rogue glides in slowly beside Polaris and just stares…

"There's no fuckin' way I'm touchin' that." She says bluntly and without skipping a beat after seeing it. "In fact, I'm thinkin' about goin' back t'the blackbird t'put on a second layer'a clothin' just to t'be sure."

She draws in a breath then, her body rising a bit as she does so, then she lets it out in a heavy huff. "He's not here either. Damnit. What the hell is all'a this."


+MEET: Rogue has arrived via +meet.


A blink of surprise and shock crosses Polaris' expression as she stares at the giant foot, backing away from it. At least they were above ground now. So the ..blob wasn't going to smother them all at once. She threw her hands out, pushing out the iron rebar from the concrete ceiling above to give everyone a little bit more breathing room. "Rogue, you have to touch her. I can't knock her out easily." She exhaled a breath, eyes narrowing on the other cell as she gritted her teeth and wrenched the door off the hinges.

"Wolverine we might need back up here. We've got uhm.. an odd situation.." She called over the comms as the sounds of steel ripping followed her hand gestures.

As Rogue muttered about Remy not being there she frowned, her eyebrows pinched as she stared at the bald man in a hospital gown.


Rogue is just staring at that fat blob inside the cell when she hears Lorna say that which gets her to look over to the green haired woman and she just grins and shakes her head. "Nah." She says. "There's no way in hell I'm eve'ah gonna touch something like that." She hasn't even really LOOKED at the man in the gown with the shaved head, so she has no clue its actually the Princess they've come to this castle to find.

Rogue is already turning around then to go back upstairs. "He's not here… I'll go get the jet landed, maybe that girl who… is apparently a very unlucky mutant… will come back down from whatever the hell that is she turned inta."

She reaches out for the stairwell railing and starts back up the steps.


Almost as soon as his name is called, the Wolverine's heavy footsteps can be heard approaching his teammates from the rear. He'd agreed to accompany the group to Italy in the middle of a particularly hard night of drinking out by the lake. When they prepared to leave, he was still going and used the few hours of flight time to get some shut-eye. His healing factor usually has him mended up inside within that amount of time, so while it wasn't the best look for him it worked out. 'cept it took him a little longer than he expected and he'd only just managed to pull himself together enough to wake up and realize he was alone on the jet.

The subtle odor of whiskey soaked into a few places in his shirt follows him as he makes his way down into the exposed cells courtesy of Rogue and Lorna. Once he reaches the bottom he takes a look around and grimaces at the state of things. His nostrils flare as he surveys the area with his nose. If Remy's there, he'll likely know. "The hell is all this?" His eyes peer up at the growing blob, assuming that's what Rogue was referring to when she expressed her willingness to 'touch it.'

And then he catches what seems like a familiar scent. Like Remy, but not quite. A brow spikes upwards as his eyes scan the cells, following his nose trying to find the source.


With the foot slammed into the hallway, the girl's semi-contortioned body is getting more and more wedged into the cell as she continues to grow larger and larger. The rebar being removed certainly weakens the concrete and in some places it just turns to dust but eventually the girl can scream once more. "I'm too big for this cell, let me out before I crush m-mmmph!" She gets out before her growth continues to make living more and more dangerous and harder.

The bald man in the other cell slowly stands up with a groan escaping his lips as he struggles to stand, "Damn you gotten col' Rogue." Says the cajun, his voice gravelly and missing as he inches slowly to the bars.


Lorna was fast at backing up toward the exit, trying to weaken the walls by removing more and more of the steel to try to give the poor mutant space in which she wouldn't hurt herself; or them. It was fast becoming clear however, that time and space in the area were in short supply. "Rogue, knock her out so we can get her out of here!" She huffed, her gaze falling side long toward the bald man as he got up and struggled to stand, addressing the southern belle directly.

She blinked. She stared. Green eyes flickered from the cajun to Rogue and back repeatedly. She whistled. "Damn. The Professor's look really doesn't work for everyone.." She muttered under her breath. A glance spaced back to Logan as the man came down the stairs.

"Wolverine, help me get rid of these walls, she's growing too fast and Rogue is having a moment."


Rogue's eyes go up to the thudding feet of the heavy Wolverine as he makes his appearance, She steps out of his way to let him down into the weird cell dungeon and then motions to it all with a gloved hand. "Another mutant storage facility." She tells Logan, before her eyes go back over to Lorna. "I -can't- knock her out." Rogue says to her partner in smashing. "I've never had a power like that inside'a me before, I have no idea how t'control it and I may not even get the memories from her on how t'control it if I absorbed her. I'd run the risk'a endin' up just like her… and thats just not something I wanna do. The blackbird has medkits on it. We can grab one and just inject her with a sedative."

She's about to say more when she hears Remy's voice, right after hearing Wolverine sniffing the air. Rogue shoots her gaze over to the balded-one and she starts to stomp her way over to him, her metal boots crunching on more filth on the floor. She peers at him as she approaches, leaning to her left a bit to get a lower-angle on a look at his face. And thats when she sees it is indeed him.

"Son of a bitch." Rogue says softly, stepping up in front of him, she draws in a heavy breath and then slowly releases it, glaring down at him. "Are you okay?" She asks, first of all.


As soon as Logan's eyes find the freshly-shorn Remy, Rogue returns and stomps past him. Well, at least that's taken care of. Sort of. He starts to turn and answer Lorna's call for assistance when he hesitates and does a double take at the cajun. Jesus. His eyebrows drift up as he blinks and shakes his head.

Finally, he moves towards the wall between Lorna and Stay Puft, his claws slicing through the skin of his hands with a short *SNIKT*. His lips tighten over his teeth in a feral sneer as he leaps up as high as he can, driving his claws into the top of the wall and letting gravity pull his weight down, slicing through all the way to the floor. "Remind me to stay the fuck home the next time someone invites me to Italy," he growls as he hacks away more and more at the wall to make sure the nightmare increasing in size has room to expand.


The whole structure begins to shake and groan as the girl continues to grow and it seems like everything is getting to the breaking point as the group can hear he screams of pain as much as they can feel the screams reverberating through the structure they're standing in.

"God sakes Rogue, go 'elp 'er out. Ah ain' goin' nowhere." He says before he turns to the bed attached to the wall and takes a seat. His hands are shakled, clattering as he lifts them to scratch slowly at his shaven head, careful to not aggrivate a fresh scar he has behind his ear.

Logan's six way fillet of the wall helps out tremendously as he hits the ground, the part he cut gives way to a shoulder and an arm falling through, poping the concret to dust where it continues to grow, but the skin is also starting to turn white, and purple in some areas.


Lorna huffed a breath as she glanced toward Rogue, "Do you wanna grab the med kit and knock her out? She has minutes —if that, Rogue." She was busy knocking out the structure in places she could help with. Blasting magnetic forces out and through, using the stolen rebar to knock out the rest where Logan wasn't already helping. The thought that the woman's skin might fail and they'd be covered in fleshy bits of dead girl wasn't said out loud but it was there.

A glance was spared toward Remy, and if those shackles were steel at all, she dismantled them with a wave of her hands.

"Glad to see you alive." She called toward Remy.


Rogue's eyes drop then as the others are asking her to do this, she reaches her right hand up to the side of her face and places gloved fingers against her temple, that then stroke over to the front of her forehead between her dark eyebrows.

"Fine." She says then, reluctantly, but she agrees. She turns and just stomps her way over to the fat cube of flesh while whipping one of her gloves off. With a very unceremonious approach, her naked hand is slapped skin-to-skin against the girl and she closes her eyes, and just holds it there, feeling the smooth skin that is both warm and chilled at the same time, but quickly warming up entirely beneath her own touch.


The girl's screams get caught in her throat at the new and sudden pain on her thigh. The growth continues but it slows as Rogue begins to eat her life force, and goodness she's young. The girl finally stops screaming and for some reason, just as suddenly as she started to grow, she begins to shrink, the bones and muscles and skin all returning slowly.

"T'anks Lorn… o' is dat Magneto out dere?" Remy asks, slowly standing up from his bed and walking slowly, inching his feet across the ground to get back to the bars, his hand behind him holding the gown closed over his backside. "Cause dat ain' a face ah wanna- Lorna, nice of ya t'come rescue me…"


Lorna stopped with her damage control on knocking out walls as soon as it became apparent that Rogue wasn't going to run and grab the medkit, but rather was going to touch the blob of flesh. Here's hoping she didn't have to grab the medkit to use on Rogue. That would be …interesting. She still knocked out the last wall she'd been working on, before she twisted around to catch Remy's words as the man came up to the bars.

With another gesture of her hand, the bars came ripping out of the man's way to leave the cell open.

A green eyebrow shooting upwards. "What, you really think my father would come all the way out here?" Her voice dry and laced with faint amusement. Even as her gaze swung back to Rogue, waiting to see if she had to go make a dash for the medkit anyways..


By the time the girl shrinks back down to a normal girl sized girl, Rogue has her hand clutching onto her and holding her at an awkward angle. The southern belle's eyes are closed and her head is heled down as she absorbs as much as she can to deactivate the girl and then she sets her down on the ground. "She was a cheerleader." Rogue says a moment later, crouched, with her eyes still closed as she's concentrating on controlling this mutation inside of her. The girl on the ground is young and innocent looking now. "She got tranqquqalized… I don't know why. She needs t'be brought back t'Xavier's. Her mutation is killin' her. She's not gonna last long if she can't figure out how t'control this."


"Course not Lorn. Ah ain' a dumby, dough I certainly look like one." The cajun says with a smirk even in his weakened state. "Thanks." Remy walks out inching slowly and levels his eyes on Rogue, and he gives that soft sort of smile that only Gambit can muster. "Ah knew ya cared." He says, eyes glancing over the young girl and then quickly making sure to avert back to Rogue or Lorna. "Ah- Ah'm gonna let you two 'andle dat." The thief quickly turns, or as quickly as he can in his weakened state, and starts to make his way to the stairs that are crumbling beyond repair and even use.


Lorna glanced back to watching the young girl rematerialize from the blob of flesh. Her brows furrowed and she bit her lower lip, sympathy for the mutant with such a mutation. Not everyone ended up with powers that were flashy or the traditionally 'useful' variety. For all she hated her powers, at least they didn't try to kill her..

"Rogue, do you need the medkit, can you make it back to the mansion?" She moved toward the fallen young woman, waving her hands and forming a netting like structure of iron rebar. A makeshift gurney to get the woman quickly transported to the Blackbird.

"I got her. Remy, you good to walk to the plane? Or want a ride out?"


Rogue is still crouched while the others are making their way out, her black hooded cape laying around her where she's down near the floor. She shakes her head inside her hood at Lorna's question. "Medkit's only got needle sedatives. Needles won't work on me." She says, her voice is quiet and she's strained. "I'll be okay in an hour or so. I'll just…" And then she stands up again, one hand on a still standing cell-bar that she uses to glide herself back up to her feet. "Get back on the ship. There's some stashed Gin in one'a the storage containers, that might help."

She moves at a pretty normal pace, though it may be a bit slower than usual. "Its basically like the Hulk… I think, at least I assume. Stress causes it t'come out, seems like." She's mostly talking to herself, though Remy's in front of her (probably with his ass hanging out of one of those medical robes).


Logan leans against what little concrete is remaining on the wall he had been shredding, his claws sheathed again. He stuffs a cigar into his mouth and clamps down on it with his teeth and lights it up, his eyes following Remy as they help him past. He offers the man a nod and takes another glance around the monstrosity of a 'room' before he turns to follow them.

Rogue's explanation of the girl's powers gets him to thinkin' about what Hulk would look like if he turned into a massive blob instead of the Hulk every time he got angry. A slight grin tugs at the corner of his mouth as he climbs the stairs.


The stairs crumble beneath Logan, but thankfully, he lands on the dirt not four inches below where was stepping. Just one of those OH GOD NO! moments. "Ya did good." Remy says as he gives a nod to Lorna, motioning that he can walk to the black bird. He thinks, or at least he's going to try. Finally free after weeks of captivity and he wants to - Well damn it it's night out, the sun will have to come later. "C'mon Rogue, bring de girl, maybe Colossus o' someone can 'elp 'er." The cajun remarks.

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