Asgardian Booze Cruise AKA Pirates of Skogulumari

August 16, 2018:

The Justice League board the ASS BILSKIRNIR to search for Atum's comet-prison. Except they get distracted by a distress call.



NPCs: Njordson

Mentions: Caitlin Fairchild

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[Pirate Station – Skogulumari System (Asteroid Field 3e)]

The lights are dim. Red lights flash. The panels upon the wall flash big red letters.
REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 4:39 … and a second later 4:38.


Your being was suffused by a cascade of lights. Body and soul, you were lifted from the ground and carried through the heavens by all the hues of existence. Three seconds later the colors streams away from you dissipating as if some unseen force had turned off a spigot of immortal power.

Before you, stood a column of a dozen tall broad-shouldered figures cocooned beneath layers of intricate plate armor forged from steel and brass. Before them, a grizzled man of thick bearing whose prominence demarked him as leader. He seemed to survey you and then your companions before saying, “Allies of Midgard, Welcome aboard the BILSKIRNIR,” and seemed to want to say something else …

“Njordson!” THOR proclaimed in defiant interruption and burst from your ranks to clasp the man upon the shoulder, “We are pleased that your vessel will bear us to glory. Let me introduce you to our allies!”

As the introductions were made and the dazzling aftereffects of the Bifrost subsided the grandeur of the vessel became clear. The ASS BILSKIRNIR is shaped as a Viking Longship yet proportionally similar to the multi-decked galleons of old and more than five times their size. From a distance it would appear to be a great wooden warship of advanced construction and yet from where you stand it is clear that the forests of Asgard were not clear-cut to forge this vessel.

The vessels alabaster woodgrains steam in rivulets of gold nanites. The rich mahogany stain locking the network beneath a glaze of old-world style. Three tall masts reach into the blackness of space.

Suddenly the men break rank, and begin to work the tack. Unfurling the sails. Which glimmer and *FROOM* outward as they catch the cosmic winds. The ship is underway. Rapidly accelerating to speeds beyond light with only the rustling of sail cloth.

Njordson provides a tour of the areas of the vessel you will be permitted in. The galley. The deck. Everyone in one barrack. Little else.

“Do not worry,” THOR assures, “We have plenty of ale!”

“And gourds,” NJORDSON remarks to the crates of squash and pumpkins.

Mystic gourds. You would find out. Thor claims that any who eat them will be granted the ability to survive in space unaided – for a time - and to propel themselves in zero-gravity. They taste like very fresh squash and pumpkins. One wonders why Thor did not just have the ale enchanted? Perhaps Dr. Strange can explain the mystical advantages of hard-shelled fruits.


The BILSKIRNIR sails through the cosmos ‘making good time’ towards the point Heimdall they should begin their search. NJORDSON suddenly jogs into scene and up to THOR, who appeared quite bored, “Odinson,” he says as the vessel’s sails begin to slack slowing the ship ninety-nine percent the speed of light, “The ship’s scryer has detected a bottled message floating upon the cosmic sea. Prisoners, held in a nearby system. The cartographer has pinpointed the signal to an asteroid belt it - will take hours to hew a path through the rocks to their fortress.”

THOR’s temperament improves considerably at the news of danger, “Nay,” he replies, “Prepare a skiff. The JUTSICE LEAGUE shall handle these pirates!”


Aboard a tiny intergalactic skiff the group cuts a furtive path through the asteroids and towards the base which is carved into a massive asteroid. Well, it WAS furtive.

Suddenly they are detected. Weapons are fired from the base itself.

Thor declares, “I shall see you aboard!” Spins his hammer thrice and then leaps overboard. Zinging towards the fortress before a firm objection can be lodged. Doing well for a moment. He is soon struck by a missile forged of purge energy. Which seems to anger him. He blasts the fortress with a torrent forked lightning creating a brief but spectacular cosmic storm before disappearing into what some might assess to be the hanger.

Amazingly, this seems provide a brief respite from the weapons fire. Very BRIEF. For it then resumes tenfold. Missiles, torpedoes, and lasers directed at the tiny skiff on the stalwart crew..



Donna Troy had only briefly met Thor and Amara even more briefly. And so the trip to Asgard the Bifrost, the contingent of Asgardian being, all new. And so, she seemed to have chosen discretion as the better part of valor and kept her mouth shut and her eyes open. She'd followed Thor onto the ship, and living by her adage of never turning down a meal, she'd eaten, and never turning down a few hours of shut-eye, she'd slept. And so, she was awake and alert, when the warning alarms alerted them to the incoming fire that arrived a moment later. She did not, however, jump off of the ship as Thor did, remaining within until they were given leave that they were free to answer the attack. She was dressed in her usual costume, the suit made of stars, though the Orb was not in evidence, nor did she seem to be carrying any weapons.



Doctor Strange talked with Diana before leaving the Watchtower for Asgard. He would go with the League only until the point the 'comet' left real space. Which should be a short trip from Asgard. Lilith's plans now seem to involve ancient Lemurian artifacts and this is bad, since Strange knows almost nothing about Lemuria except it was (maybe) a place where a race of (maybe) malign (maybe) non-humans did some (maybe) open worship to the Elder Gods while warred with (maybe) Atlantis for the control of the whole world.

Hard to find real facts about something that happened 20,000 years ago. But Lilith was there. The enemy knows and he doesn't. So he is staying.

But before he will put the League on the track of the comet. He has worked a bit with Donna and her Universe Orb. And although combining magic with cosmic power is usually crazy talk, he thinks he can pull a trick to put the Bilskirnir crew and the Justice League ahead in the chase.

Or maybe they all will end in a black hole. Maybe he should have talked with the Asgardian resident expert in tricks. Alas, he wasn't invited to the ship. Not that he can blame Thor for it.


And so Strange, although cautiously avoiding the Asgardian mead, he is nevertheless quite happy to see the Asgardian vessel up close. Very cool magic work. At least until the help message was received. Now he is not so happy. Of course the League must respond to the call, and Atum can wait. Actually it doesn't matter, since time is not going to be a problem. As long no one gets killed in the side-quest.

When Thor jumps into action alone, the sorcerer shakes his head. "Well, I suppose we can have some tea while Thor solves this… oh, by Hoggoth Hoary Whiskers. I should have made the skiff invisible… careless. Shades of the Sheraphim, ancient hosts of the light, grant us your Great Shield of protection, heed our need!"

Lasers, missiles and weirder weapons crash against an invisible barrier several hundred yards across that appears in front of the skiff. A momentary shield given they are flying at high speed.


Diana had come via the Bifrost and had arrived in her armored suit, with a dark blue robe overtop of it. She'd spent the rest of the time leading up to the NOW simply enjoying what she's experiencing. This is certainly a 'new' setting for her, one that is both unique and amazing to experience. She's seen in a lot since her time with the Justice League, but not quite anything like all of this… at least until the attack all began, then things started to feel all too familiar to the senior Justice League member.

Diana's eyes go to her companions, after Thor leaps away. She reaches up to draw her sword and shield and then watches the Doctor erect his shield, causing it to absorb enemy fire. "If they board us, I will defend. I will not leap off the ship unless absolutely necessary." She tells those who're close by and able to hear her. "I am not quite so… brash with my own tactics." She says, showing the hints of a smirk.

Diana's eyes watch the chaos out there across that invisible shield saving them, at least for the moment, she's scanning the horizon out there, hoping to gather anything that might help her understand what they may be soon facing if they get past Strange's defenses.


Donna, having been waiting with the rest of the League who had come aboard, moved closer to Diana, as she saw her sister draw her weapons. Though there was something in the movement that seemed to indicate that the woman was placing herself between Diana and the threat, it was not entirely a defensive posture, but rather one that any Amazon would recognize. Two warriors preparing to fight in tandem. "I would much prefer to see precisely what they threat is, before we begin to divide our forces. With some luck, that shield will see us close enough to do that."


"How are you even supposed to eat a gourd?"

…this question has been a common one from one Tony Stark. "I mean, do you cook it like squash? Do you eat it raw. I bet that is totally a health risk if you eat it raw. Do they even have warning labels?" The man has hardly stopped talking since he made it to the ship.

Which he did call a boat.


After that bit of awkwardness was out of the way though he had questions about everything. What were the sails made of. What was the deck made of. What were the engines like. HOW DID ANY OF THIS EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE!?

It is hard to tell just how many times he was almost thrown from the ship. So really. A fighting distraction /was/ likely the best thing to happen for everyone.

So there he is. On a /goddamn/ magic skiff from a giant sized longboat watching a asteroid station vomit a truly disgusting amount of fire in their direction. Standing there, arms crossed over his chest, his red and gold armored suit not really too out of place with the ostationtious of the Asgardians, Stark watches Thor streak towards the target.

He raises one gauntleted hand to point at the station.


A beatpause.

"You all heard me. That place is mine after we blow up whoever is shooting at us."

…he seems to be serious.

"And Starchild," This to Donna. "I'm pretty sure we're already divided since…you know. Thor just flung himself face-first at it. Like he does." A flash of a grin that can be heard if not seen.

This is really what he needed. No mystery. No strange figures. No political controversy. No. Just good old fashioned /punching someone shooting at him in the face/.

I mean really. It's the little things.

"Time to take this thing out for a spin! Don't die everyone!"

And with that /he/ flings himself out into space, the specially modified and upgraded Iron Man suit smoothly taking him away from the skiff and giving the pirates something else to shoot at.

He also totally ate one of the gourds. Just in case.


Energy lances between the fortress and the field to create a dazzling display of multi-colored plasmoids as technology and magic work against one another.
he asteroid fortress itself is static station perhaps not much bigger than the distant BILKSRNIR itself. A multitude of cannons protrude from the divots and dimples that litter its surface peppering fire at the skiff which whizzes through space as if daring to grow ever closer to the source of their attack.

The cannons begin tracking a secondary fire allowing the skiff closer with less peril. Missiles launch at Iron Man and autoguns attempt to track his movements. Designed for larger targets the tracking is subar.

“Is everyone still alive?” It’s Thor’s voice across the tiny skiff’s comms, “The wall states the reactor has been breached. Tony Stark your station is going to explode!” *laughter* Then, softer as if speaking to someone else, “Which way to the brig?”


In the fighter hanger, Thor front-kicks a heavy lifter which is being piloted by one of the pirates. The force of the impact sends it hurtling backward and into one of the steely walls. Several small plasma fires burn furiously around him as hammer and fist drives back robots, drones, and crewmen who suddenly begin to route..

The living crew begin to withdraw leaving Thor to summarily dispatch a handful of remaining security drones.

A grin sweeps across his face as his foes run and he trudges forward after them seemingly unaware that the hem of his red cloak smolders. It’s then the zeal of conflict settles as he looks upward to observe the multitude of red-flashing lights. He had thought perhaps they were fire alarms but then he looks to one of the cracked wall-panels.

REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 4:39 … and a second later 4:38.

Odinson groans. One hand gripping Mjolnir he fumbles the other at his belt and produces his JLA communicator, “Is everyone still alive?” He asks with a sort-of amused concern, “The wall states the reactor has been breached.” Brow furrows and he grins once more, “Tony Stark, your station is going to explode?” Looking to one of the robots that’s still functional, albeit little more than a tangle of wires, “Which way to the brig?”

The robot gives a sad BLOOOOP. And goes lifeless.

EVACUATION FAILURE // LIFE PODS OFFLINE .. a calm synthetic female voice announces.



"What no don't blow up my station I just called dibs!" Stark focusing on the important things here.


Donna looked sideways at Diana, and despite the fact that it would be absolutely the stereotype of her ilk, but the look is entirely, 'Men.' She does not, however, jump out after. Whatever else Diana might be, she is also Donna's general. And Donna respects that and her well enough to follow Diana's orders. Stark, she barely manages a response to, before she watches him follow the Asgardian out into space and then towards the fortess. "I am not responsible for his complete ignorance of team tactics." Despite the fact that she isn't entirely sure that Thor can hear her, she does answer, "Still alive." Though with the news of the increasing danger to the station, she glances back towards Diana, "Shall we join the rest of the team?"


Stepping out to the side of Donna, Vivienne appears to literaly form up from the floor. A puddle of water that becomes a woman, her eyes fully covered and a flowing white dress over her barefoot form. Long blonde hair flows out from the veil like mask she wears. "Oh, now, don't be gettin' too hard on 'em. They are warriors after all. They do what vomes natural." Her thick irish brogue all the thicker with the ring she normally wears off and her diaguise dropped. She idly gestures and then flexes her hand wide. Within the station a large clean water tank begins to shudder and shake as the water within forms partially into a drill.

Within mere moments water begins to burst into an open part of the ship even as Vivienne calls upon water from within the 'boat' to form a puddle at her feet, "Would either of you like to join them? I, myself, am thinking I might enjoy a bit of a go despute imminent breaches and what not."


And meanwhile Doctor Strange is spellweaving like crazy. Because the Great Shield is static and the skiff is moving at high speed. So he tosses and illusion aside to try to trick the station sensor guns or whatever. With a bit of luck the magical skiff has already fairly confused. Then a camouflage cloak to the skiff, which might not work because it is designed to trick organic senses, not machines in space.

"I guess last resort I can try blind teleport to Thor," he comments, looking at Diana and Hal for ideas. He is kind of new-ish to space ships, mind you, even magical ones.


Diana's stare turns then to Strange and she stares at him silently for a second before her geze leaves once more to now go toward that of Donna. "Take the others to the Fortress, it needs to be reinforced with backup." For a second, before she speaks the next bit, she's reminded of a night not that long ago at the Themysciran Embassy where she passed by the dining hall where Caitlin was setup with her laptop inside and playing her 'online video games' … she thinks of it because what she heard Caitlin shout as she passed by that made her smile is what she herself is about to say now.

"I will stay here and protect the wizard." Diana says, her sword given a flourish of a swing around at her waist-level, while her ornately designed shield is raised up in a more defensive gesture.

Her eyes go back to Stephen then. "I will help you get out of here when that time comes, but this seems to be a good platform for your magical ways." And she looks away again, over the rim of her shield. "For now, at the very least."


Donna nodded, giving Diana no argument, as she moves to join Vivienne, looking across at the woman, "We should go, yes." She looked down at herself for a moment, the stars in her jumpsuit twinkling brightening and winking out as if she were selecting which to use and when. That lasted only a moment, before she looked back towards Diana, "If you need me call. I will hear you." And then she simply winked out, appearing, though they could not see it, a moment later in the fortress, listening for the sounds of battle and running in that direction. Surely they were where there were people to be rescued.


Tony Stark is also newish to space ships. What he /isn't/ newish to is tracking systems and he grins wickedly behind the faceplate of his sealed armor. "Oh yeah, knew they couldn't track something as small as me."

Then he boots towards the station, rockets flaring in the black as he hurls towards the hanger…narrowing dodging at least a half-dozen missiles.

"JARVIS," This to the suit's AI. Because of course its a copy of his favorite 'child'. "Give me a scan of this thing, Point Break is saying something about it blowing up soon and I want to stop that. Or at the very least making it /less/ soon."

A beatpause.

"And record the weapons too, might be something to tinker with later since the Asgardians won't show me their FTL systems and won't let me break a plank to let me get a good look at the nanotech." A pause. "I mean I'm sure I could put it back together again."


Vivienne steps into the water and looks around, "Anyone wishing to join the fray need only step into the water and wish to be there." She nods idly and sinks into the water. A moment later she arrives near the ship's clean water tank out of water spilling from it. She raises her hand and water begins to orbit her form like the rings of Saturn. She walks onward and looks around, taking in all the soils she can sense, "Now, who wishes to give me pause?"


"Good thinking, my Lady," observes the sorcerer when Vivienne creates the water portal. "And good thing they drink water and not… oh, I don't know," he almost said space mead. But lets be nice about it. He has read what the League knows about aliens, most of them seem to be remarkably humanoid, just like most extra-dimensional races that are not mystical powerhouses.

Like, say, the Asgardians.

So he steps through the gate, trusting the Cloak of Levitation will protect him from weird atmospheres. It is a 'magical space suit', indeed, designed to keep the user alive (and floating) in alien environments. "Lets see, a simple translation spell should suffice for the gibberish in the speakers and… did they say meltdown?"


The fortress reverberates suddenly as water twists in its tank. The power of nature churns potable water into a drill that drives itself into the side of the steel tank sending shockwaves through the asteroid as it bores through the metallic walls and finally into one of the station’s corridors.

Losing cohesion then the corridor floods. The droids within swept up in the currents which rapidly dissipate. A pair of airlock doors slam closed finally at either side of the flooded station leaving knee-deep water.


Mythically, damp figures arise from the water. The lights in the station are dim and lit by slow pulsing crimson. The wall flashes a warning in alien hieroglyphs the alien sigils shifting suddenly into words all within the corridor can understand.

REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 3:52 … and a second later 3:51.

“Breach, Sector 7g,” an alien voice – translated by the ambient translation magics of strange -, “deploy. Take them down with us, boys!”
On cue the southern blast door slides away to reveal a hugely armored quadruped figure. It’s gun-metal form bristling with weaponry. Forepaw stamps once within the water and then it charges a blueish energy shield snapping on in front as it attempts to trample the hallway of interlopers.

Just behind there are a dozen figures. Aliens and robots both. Laser swords. Ray guns. One fellow who levitates. They converge behind the TRAMPLER whose size will make it difficult to about face but they’re mostly just planning to sweep up the mess.


Tony and Donna enter the scene. Plasma fires. Debris. Broken space ships..

*THRUM* *THRUM* A huge six-armed three-legged cyborg pummeling Thor.

A moment ago he was grappled but now it has him in the air. Two arms extending his arms out straight. Two arms extending his legs. The other two arms pounding him in the head and torso. He squirms but its difficult to gain leverage in this position.

Mjolnir leaps from the ground trying to find Thor’s hand but the cyborg moves him too quickly and so over and over again the enchanted hammer is bouncing from wall to wall and circling like a puppy trying to assist its master but not exactly knowing how.



Donna was, a moment after she transported, simply there, and she took barely a moment to evaluate the situation and begin to run towards the cyborg trying to pull Thor apart like a wishbone. She had to duck and weave to avoid the hammer, but she manages not to get brained by it. Live a few thousand years and about as many lives and go out by being beaned in the head by a magic hammer? Oh, the humanity. So…not today. But with the alarms still sounding, and even if she couldn't understand the words, the report from Thor and she simply did the first thing she could think of, and reached out, leaping up to grab the handle of the hammer, fully intending to use it to bring her close enough to Thor fast enough that she could then lean onto the cyborg who was trying to beat the hell out of him.


"Hey!" Iron Man jets into the hanger. "That's our AsgardiaANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!"

The sudden upswing in volume is accompanied by Stark's sudden realization that gravity works differently in space. I mean he /knew/ it, but knowing and experiencing it is entirely different.


Which he does. By way of cutting his forward thrust /somewhat/ with his repulsors. So he doesn't go skidding across the deck like a demented armored skateboarder. He /still/ goes skidding across the deck though, cannonballing into the cyborg's support line.

Then a wall.

"Hey, JARVIS. See if you can slow down that meltdown would you…." He grumbles as he makes his way unsteadily to his feet…

And notes too many mooks staring at him.

"Hey how are ya!"

And then he just powers his armored fist into the biggest one he can see. Preferabily one with one of those cool laser sword things because he doesn't want to get melted today thank you.


See, Doctor Strange was correct, (pirate) aliens are so alike (pirate) humans.

When the space station is three and a half minutes from exploding and the lifeboats are not working, they still try to murder you. "We should be working together to stop the explosion," he points out, throwing a Bolt of Bewilderment to the largest of the aliens. "Alternatively we could also die like idiots," he notes. "Princess, you are the fastest, could you please search for the prisoners while Lady Vivienne and I deal with this mob? We have three minutes. As I'd like to have at least twenty seconds for a large mass teleport spell."


With water all around her now, Diana turns to find her way from the flooded mess they've come to find themselves within. Sword and shield still at her sides, she makes to follow after Strange, her focus trying not to fear the alert of impending doom for this entire facility. Diana's in the process of battling the pirates who're foolish enough to come to her, her sword and shield being used to swipe and bash anyone that comes close enough.

But she sweeps her gaze over to Strange, nods her head once and then rises up off of the deck to float in the air before she darts off in search of the prisoners, flying as fast as she's capable of inside the fairly closed confines of this timb-bomb of a place!


Vivienne arrives from The Sound Stages.


A look around and then she looks to Strange, "Worse case scenario and I can hopefully try to git us back to the ship." She then walks toward the direction of the incoming trampling dog monster robot thing. She looks to Diana, "I can recreate our exit as need be. Just not as big as Strange can when it comes to flashy and quick teleportation." She then looks to the dog, "Now, what do we have here? A robotic mongrel who doesn't understand when to heel?" She takes her hand up and as it is running forward it'll find it harder and harder to get movement as the water below it begins to become more and more like sludge rather then water. Meanwhile she's gathering more water behind and above her as she moves, "Oye, ye boys and gals back that way." She gestures toward the aliens behind the charging cybernetic beast, "Learn to keep your pets on a leash." She then sends what is the equivalent of a small backyard swimming pool in water condensed down to a ball the size of a beach ball right at the animal.




The charging rhino monster is impacted by the ball of fluid. The bluish field protecting the creature sputters as if annoyed at the water. As the water continues to swell against it the beast is eventually bogged down. Barely moving against the fluid until it begins trashing left to right in angry protest at Vivienne’s control of the environment.

The bolt of bewilderment impacts the levitating pirate which seems to cancel out his powers. Diana flies through them like bowling pins. One of the pirates, a fellow with a face like a snapping turtle, waves his flippers, “Whoa, whoa, BOYS,” he exerts control and at once the rabble seems to settle, “Did you say /mass teleportation/?!” There’s a murmur through the group, “Get us out of here!” They charge Strange seeking to be close for his teleportation spell.


Donna grasps the dismayed Mjolnir and it has no trouble carrying her aloft. As narrowly misses once more Donna releases and in an expert blow stagers the brute who puts his third leg upon the ground to stabilize. Then Stark fumbles through the support line.

“RARRGH!” Thor bellows and with a mighty pull gets an arm free. Mjolnir immediately spins into his grip. He begins striking the other arm. Pounding it from the shoulder as the other two free arms try to retrain their grip. Donna’s ontop by now though. It’s a heaving mass of Asgardians, Amazons, and Cyborgs.

“Sir,” JARVIS intones dryly, “I have located the power source. The reactor’s control module appears to have been knocked offline by an electrical surge. I recommend we – reboot the system.”

IRON MAN is off then. Repulsors firing he arcs out of the hanger bay and to another exterior hatch. Following JARVIS’s map.


Prisoners. Eight men and women. Wearing the remains of Xandarian casual wear. The edges of their hands are burned from where they’ve been pounding upon the forcefield for three minutes /crying out/ for someone to release them.

When Diana enters it’s like she pulls the air out of the room. At once they all pause, several jaws going slack, and then they begin yelling, “HERE. OVER HERE.”



Donna legs go of the hammer just in time to flip herself onto the back of the cyborg. her expression is…not at all a thing that anyone who knows her might have seen on her face. She's…it's not rage, but it's close. If this were Caitlin's referenced video game, she's be in battle mode, and currently using all of her strength to land blows on the cyborg's spine, aiming for that place where it's spine meets it's head. She's absolutely relentless, her hands glowing with that force shield she's able to summon, using it like a wedge as she tries to dig down into the metal and flesh it's build of. Yeah, she's definitely going for the spine.


There must be a translation spell that works only one direction somewhere in the Book of the Vishanti, but Strange has not found it yet. Maybe he should design one if he has a few free weeks to tinker. Perhaps next decade, given the current stream of disasters.

"Yes, I can teleport you out," he confirms, raising a magical shield of swirling orange light between Vivienne and himself, and the charging pirates. "If you drop the guns right now and surrender. Otherwise you are on your own." He glances to Vivienne, "and most likely you will die drenched to the bones and half-drown."


Inside the Brig.

Diana drops out of the air and lands on her armored feet, she looks around quickly to take in her surroundings while seeing the bulk of the prisoners which is the ultimate reason she's here. They're locked in though and rather than stabbing at the shield pointlessly, the Princess approaches the bulkhead beside their cell and she… well, starts bashing it with her shield until the bulkhead starts to buckle, then she steps back and with one decisive kick she slams her way through the bulkhead into the space inside the wall… she vanishes inside said space.

The people in the cell all quickly back away from the wall inside it that corresponds with where Diana had gone, because… its being pounded on quite fiercely and they've gathered the plan that the Wonderous Woman has in-store for their rescue.

Much like the kool-aide man, only far far more attractive (arguable, depending on your tastes of course) Diana bursts through the second wall and into the cell with the others. "Lets go." She says to them. "Quickly now." She steps out of the way and motions through the hole she created.

Following after them, Diana halts them with a single command. "This will be faster." She tells them, kicking the 'reception' table over onto its top she motions them all to stand upon it and grab one of the metal legs for support.

And then, with a soft scraping of metal to metal, Diana is pushing all the prisoners at high speed through the corridors, to get back to where the others are!


With Diana on the way to handle the poor prisoners and the charging beast halted, Vivienne winces a little as she is forcced to concentrate harder on holding the thing in place. She watches Strange deal with the other pirates and then states, "Aye, given the situation I'm as likely to drown ya as to look at ya. After all, ya did try to have me and mine trampled." She considers, "So, either disarm yourselves and come along peacably or I'll just that area ya are in with water till ya life forces ebb away into the flow of time." She shrugs, "Neither there or here to me much."

Then, as if to force her point, she starts trying to cover the robotic rhino thing with water. Letting it flow over it and coat it before she clenches her fist, tightening the bonds between the water molecules slowly to condense the water down to the smallest point with the rhino in the middle.




The prisoners eagerly clamber upon the table. There’s gasps and unsteady movement as they are hoisted into the air. Clinging, some to the table and some to Diana she carries them through the hallway. The oversized desk scraping the walls with the SCREECHING of a chalkboard and showers of sparks.


Donna’s fingers plunge into metal. The beast roars and its hands release Thor. The cybernetic creature’s shoulders rotate and then the three remaining arms grab Donna. The find their grip and begin to PRY her off – except she was already pushing away. The android realizes too late what it’s done as the signal relay down its mechanical spine SNAPS and it falls to the floor in a lifeless heap.

Thor stands there, a broad smile on his face, as if suddenly taken with this young woman who has come to his rescue. After an awkward moment of staring he blinks that away and hefts his hammer high, in celebration, and looks slowly around the room just then realizing he’s lost Tony Stark.


REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 1:31 … and a second later 1:30.

“We need to …” He cocks his head about a distant *SCREEEECH* audible to his divine senses, “This way!” Odinson says and takes off deeper into the station.


The pirates look to one another. There’s some discussion. One fellow suggests ‘killing the wizard and stealing his mass teleporter’. Several other fellows moan and shove him back and forth. The discussion ends abruptly …

… as the metal rhino-shielded-thing sputters. The pressure of the fluids hundreds like that found at the depths of the ocean. Its armor buckles. Fluid gets inside. It sputters. Then CRUMPLE folds into a metal ball as the water shapes itself into a perfect sphere.

“We surrender!” The pirates cry unanimously and drop their guns.


Enter Diana, with her table of people.

“This way!” Enter Thor with his hammer.

REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 0:28 … and a second later 0:27.



If Donna were an evil villainess, she might stop and gloat, even utter a cackle or two. But she isn't. And as soon as she feels the cyborg fall beneath her, she drops the remnants of spine she ripped out of it. She doesn't lok down at her hand because…well, best not. She returns the smile, manages a, "You're welcome," but there's no more time for that, as she heads off behind Thor to get to the reactor. She trusts Diana and the other members of the team to handle the prisoners and whomever else they might have found in the fortress.


"We are missing Troia, and Iron Man," observes Strange when Thor and Diana return, Meltdown in 27. Out of time, "Tell them to evacuate through the communicators, please. I need to concentrate. A couple score people, usually no big deal, but aaaaaall the way to the Bilskirnir, at the other side of the asteroid field, that is a serious problem.

Strange closes his eyes, concentrates and draws as much energy as he can while he builds a mystical bridge thousands of miles between the space station and the Asgardian ship.

He waits until the count goes to 5; then completes the casting - there is a bright flash of light.


Diana arrives back to where Strange is with her makeshift sled of prisoners rescued from the brig. They're all there, all that she was able to find at the very least and she was using her advanced hearing to listen for more… As she draws them all to a halt she points to the evacuation area and walks past them. "There." She says to the frightened ones, some picking up her meaning quicker than others, and they help their comrades to escape.

Diana then walks to where Strange is, she watches him for a brief moment before she turns and follows after the rescued citizens. She doesn't leave quite yet though as she has to wait to see if the others are safe and on their way.


Glances at Strange and smiles slightly, "Such agreeable, fellas, this lot." She nods as they all surrender due to brownpantsitis, "I think it wise we go ahead and bring 'em on back with us. Would be a terrible waste for such a wise lot." She nods again before looking then to the arriving Thor and Diana arriving back, "Oh and just in time. I was worried I'd have to go and leave ya all to die. That'd be a terrible shame, ya know." Her irish brogue and attitude much different now that she's allowed to be herself, "Well, I suppose we can all go get a pint and laugh about this." She idly lets the water fall and walks over to near Strange, "Why don't you handle the prisoners, both theirs and ours and…"

She idly spins her hand a little at the watery floor and a new portal opens up back to the Asgardian 'boat' and she nods, "And I'll handle getting our folks back to save ya wee bit of trouble." She grins, "I'm nothin' if not helpful. Then once we're back I can administer healin' to those that need it." She then idly steps into her own portal and gestures, "Come along now, let Strange do what he does best." And she sinks into it.


Donna split off from Thor, knowing that unless they managed to get the reactor shut down, it wouldn't matter what happened. A fortress this large? And as close as the skiff is? It might likely take the ship out as well. And so, she ran, sending her thoughts to her sister as she did so. And her voice, in Diana's head was calm as ever, firm, completely belying the speed at which she raced, ~Go, Diana. Get to safety. I'll be right behind you.~ Except she might well not be. But Donna being what she was…there was always another Donna waiting in the wings. And then, she made it to the reactor room, skidding to a halt before she could crash into anything, "It's time to go."




Several dozen figures are bathed in mystical energy as Strange’s spell bends the reality of the station to the reality of the BILSKIRNIR and then shunts them from one place to another.

When the wave dissipates they are standing upon the deck of the ship. The Asgardians seem briefly surprised by the suddenness of it though the act of teleportation itself is no marvel to their realm. The sound of sword drawn from scabbard as a dozen warriors close into a ring around the group.

NJORDSON pushes through, “We’re collecting mortals,” he observes with discontent squinting at the mass and then looking to Thor in stark accusation.

Thor grimaces at his kinsman, “Prisoners and Pirates..” and then they begin to sort them out.


REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 0:04 … and a second later 0:03.
Donna arrives to find Stark standing before a bank of controls talking aloud to himself, “And …. three, two, reset …”

REACTOR BREACH // MELTDOWN 0:02 … and a second later 0:01.



The warning freezes at 01. The emergency lights power down as normal illumination comes up.

“I called dibs,” Stark reminds the group before asking, “Strange? Can you teleport this thing to Earth’s orbit?”

THE END. (For Now.)


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