Drinks on the House

August 14, 2018:

Owen invites Moonstar for drinks.


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The rehab program that Owen has found himself in is exactly what he imagined it would be. A grind of people, some as messed up as him or more trotting out their sob stories and 'hard learned' 'life lessons' that make him want to not run back to the loving embrace of the needle, but run far away to a deserted island where he never has to talk to anyone ever again. Who knew addicts were so annoying? He manages to grind his teeth through yet another day though and even manages to convince Luke to let him walk back instead of being escorted.

His walk back is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a bar. Well, it's not so much a sudden appearance as something Owen has been planning in the back of his mind all day, and somehow his feet of their own bidding enacted this plan and brought him to the counter of said bar where he's ordering a double Jack with a pint.

A few hours later, Owen has managed to pace himself for once. He's not obliterated, merely slightly drunk. But drunk enough to break out his phone and start a couple texts to Harley. None of them get sent though. He's not that drunk.

But thoughts of Harley, lead to thoughts of wishing he were a better boyfriend and that inevitably leads to reminiscing to a world where he was in fact a better version of himself. He pulls up Dani's number and thinks about it for a while before finally sending off an innocuous

** Got time for a drink?

Innocuous texts are always the most dangerous texts.

That's the thought that currently filters through Dani's head as she reads the message upon the screen of her phone. She doesn't immediately answer Owen's question, instead the Cheyenne turns back to the old woman behind the counter. Several twenties are slid across the worn countertop as Moonstar says, "Thank you, I appreciate your help in getting the herbs." Then with bag in hand, Dani steps out of the little herbalist shop and pulls her phone free again. Finally, after that five minute wait, she responds back with // Sure. Give me the address and I'll be there shortly. //

And just like that Dani is on her way for drinks with Owen Mercer.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later the familiar form of Danielle Moonstar steps through the door and automatically her dark brown eyes flick around the room, assessing those nearby and looking for a certain familiar figure. Once her eyes land upon Owen the black-haired woman finds her way over to the bar, "Evening." She calls out in both greeting and announcement of her arrival.

Funny thing is once he texts the address and slips his phone back in his pocket, Owen's mind kind of wanders. So much so that by the time Dani shows up, even though it's not that much longer, he's almost surprised to see her. He looks up and the flicker of confusion on his face quickly passes as he exclaims a bit too heartily, "Moonstar!" Before getting his voice back under control.

"Can I getcha a beer? They have a decent Summer Shanty on tap."

Owen's a bartender so knowing people's drink is kind of a thing. But more than that obviously he knows that the Dani he knows was much more of a beer woman than any other wine or spirits.

"And thanks for coming out. I was hopin' to catch up on Fisk things…"

That's mostly true. Mostly.

"Sorry bout that." States Moonstar, "Didn't mean to startle you." She continues with after Owen exclaims her name rather forcefully. "I'd ask what was in your drink, but I have a feeling that may fall flat." She jokes quietly and perhaps a bit wryly, as she settles into a seat near the man. A small brown paper bag is set atop the bar top even as she nods at his offer of a beer.

"That sounds great, actually. The humidity out there is a killer." And while she was just about to motion to the nearby bartender, Moonstar's movements stop at the mention of Fisk. Her attention shifts right back to Owen and there's a sharpness to her gaze, "Do you have new information you can share with me? I won't lie SHIELD hasn't had too much luck with anything more on the man."

Shaking off any apology, particularly as he's the one who invited her, he moves past it by ordering a pint for her from the bartender. He almost adds another for himself, but mentally forces himself to cool it. He consoles himself with the fact that he can drink more later. Not that he should, but he can.

"I wouldn't recommend anyone but Stark or Emery try and keep up with my drinkin'. Well fine, maybe Barnes, but I think he cheats." Owen only had a few drinks with Bucky the one time but it did come up that alcohol has little effect on him.

"Eh..?" Owen doesn't sound very confident about the having new information on Fisk. There is a lot of information being shared about between others in the group, but he's a bit on the outside of that. He diplomatically says, "I should have Jess fill you in. She's better at keeping track of the details." And they know each other, right? From the bear thing? Owen's face momentarily furrows as he tries to work that out, before moving on. "And that sucks, cause I was really hopin' t'hear that SHIELD was about to nail his fat ass to the wall."

He take a small sip of his own beer, trying to be careful about metting it out.

When the bartender brings the beer over Moonstar gives a quick smile of thanks, before her gaze turns back to Owen. His mention of Stark, Emery and even Bucky being able to keep up with him prompts a grin from her. "I wouldn't call it cheating necessarily." She hedges at his suspicions upon Bucky, "But he definitely has a leg up upon us mere mortals."

Not that either Owen are mere mortals, mutants or metas yes, but definitely not mere mortals.

"And I wouldn't put it past Mr. Stark to have mechanically replaced his liver to outlast every one else." She quips and while something more can be said for Emery, Dani instead focuses upon what Owen has to say about Fisk and Jess. "Jess and I do know each other." Agrees the Cheyenne woman, a faint wince washing over her features, "From the Bear debacle." She takes a minute to take a healthy gulp of her beer, "Perhaps with whatever information she has that'll allow SHIELD to pin Mr. Fisk down a bit more permanently versus just standing there with our hands tied." Which pulls a frown from the black-haired woman, a possibly familiar expression from Dani. It's a 'I hate waiting for all the i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed' sort of thing.

And while the conversation could angle toward awkward, Moonstar keeps the conversation going on her side, "How've things been otherwise? I haven't had a chance to chat with Emery lately."

Owen smirks at the Dani being all fair and even handed about Bucky and he agrees with a mischievous glint in his eyes, "Yea. Cheating."

Talk of Stark and Emery is ignored at least for now. He notices the wincing about Jess and the bear and understands that can't be a favorite topic of conversation. Something he's ribbed her about in the past, but seems less likely to do so now for whatever reason.

"Dani. If you give anything to SHIELD, it's gotta be air tight and locked down in terms of who sees what. Fisk has insane connections into government agencies, including SHIELD. .. probably" Owen at least concedes that he's not sure about SHIELD, even though he's nearly certain about the DEO.

"Otherwise? Fucking shitty." He laughs though, not about to get into the particulars. "But gettin' there. Luke's is gonna re-open soon. You should swing by."

"Air tight." She echoes, her expression tightening at the mention of agents working actively within SHIELD against the agency. "Believe I know. If I could I'd borrow a telepathic friend and just rip the information from Fisk's mind, but I highly doubt that would hold up in court. Not to mention I'm pretty sure that'll put mutant and human relations behind a few decades at the very least."

"It also doesn't help that SHIELD is dealing with a few internal problems of their own right now. I've a feeling Fisk, even though he's a major player, isn't being pushed as hard as it could be."

Which causes a sigh to escape the woman and it likewise prompts another drink.

The mention of Luke's causes Moonstar to look away for a second, but eventually her gaze returns to Owen's. "I'll try to get over there, but to be honest I'm not sure what sort of welcome I'd receive. I apologized to Luke for what happened during the Bear incident, but I've a feeling there might still be some hard feelings. Or the need to reflexively punch when I'm seen."

Her tone is quite dry, but there's still something within her voice that shows she's still note quite past all that happened during the Demon Bear plot.

Not that she stays on the subject long. No, instead Moonstar strives to turn the conversation back to Owen. "For all that's shitty, Owen, you still look better." Not that she's had a *ton* of interactions when he was at his absolute worse, but she caught perhaps the tail-end of a few.

The relief on Owen's face when Dani doesn't fight him on the SHIELD topic is visible. He doesn't know her that well here and she could be a die hard SHIELD enthusiast for all he knows. He does chuckle a bit and says "Why stop there? Just have the tpath shut him the fuck down. Turn him into a living vegetable." No Owen doesn't think she'd actually go for it, and he knows there would be plenty of issues, but it feels good to daydream.

Owen merely raises his eyebrows at talk of trouble in SHIELD. He doesn't pry, not that she'd likely tell him, but he files that way just in case it's useful somewhere down the line.

"Luke?" Owen's eyebrows raise once again, as he looks at her incredulously. "Really? He's… " He's been really solid for Owen. And forgiving as all get out.


Owen doesn't know exactly what happened with the bear. But he knows that Dani went after Luke because of him. And that it had to do with his dead wife. Owen winces a little and says, "I'll talk to him. He'll move past it."

As for him looking better, it's true that he's moving past the hollowed out look he was rocking for a bit. He's still Owen so he looks rough, but not quite as bad as he once was. "Thanks…" And he trails off because it's still awkward for him to take a sincere compliment.

"You know before everything -" With Hell's Kitchen obviously, "I'd never have considered what you just proposed." About the telepath shutting Fisk down, "But tonight, I won't lie that thought is very tempting." And here Moonstar's expression turns dark, because it really is a very tempting thought, but then she shakes her head.

His incredulousness at her mention of not receiving a warm welcome from Luke earns a crooked grin from her. "Really." She agrees, and then at his offer to talk to him she shakes her head. "You don't have to. I understand some bridges take time to rebuild and gut-punches like that always take the longest."

His awkward thanks isn't missed and it causes Moonstar to give Owen an amused bit of side-eye. "How's Emery doing?" She asks, moving to hopefully what's a safer sort of topic for them both.

Tilting his head sideways to look at her out of the corner of his eye, Owen gives a solemn nod. It's not an unfamiliar sentiment among the group. Things that were out of the question before now seem like reasonable responses. In some ways it's comforting to Owen. He's glad to see that what he considers in bounds wasn't as far outside the lines as he once thought.

"But, it's sure nice to think about it.

He half shrugs and says, "Yea. I mean… I get it. I wasn't exactly your biggest fan after you jumped me." He glances at her and then obviously thinks better of continuing that line of thinking.

"Emery? He's good. He's been keepin' close. Normally I'd have invited him out for the beer. No offense. And yer much better lookin'. But, he's got Kennis tonight. And he gets grouchy when I try to get her to hustle pool with me."

Sure is nice to think about. Definitely.

The line that's nearly continued upon by Owen causes Moonstar to look away again, an obvious marshaling of her own thoughts. Or perhaps feelings. Not that it causes her to expound upon them, the glance away just allows her to pull together a facade that says 'sure everything's fine here'.

There's an ironic twist to her mouth now thanks to the half-spoken thoughts on the Demon Bear, but that irony doesn't touch her words. Instead she laughs lightly at the last of what he said, "No offense taken, and you realize that you're probably breaking several sort of statues or possibly laws by involving a kid in your hustles, right? I feel fairly certain that Emery would kick your butt if he had to come bail you and Kennis out should the hustles go wrong."

"First he'd swear, then he'd kick your ass, then he'd bring you apology cookies for kicking you around. Or perhaps muffins … Something, because that man can cook."

That little bit of unspoken issue goes to same place as Luke's issue. The opening up of old wounds that Dani's powers wrought on Owen left him far more a mess than anything the demons did to him. And likely he would have been of the same mind as Luke, if not worse had it not been for his alternate life experience. But one of the benefits of that was getting to know another Dani extremely well, which made it easier to forgive this Dani. But it doesn't make it easy to talk about, so that remains unspoken for now. Likely she doesn't even need him to say it. He realizes that too.

"Oh, I'm sure. They have child grifting labor laws. It's very regimented what scams you can pull with a kid.." He gets a bit of twinkle in his eye as he continues. "Flim flams yes. Hustles yes. Shakedowns, Mary Janes and Lollipops. No. Absolutely not on the Lollipops."

Is he making those things up? … It's much tougher to tell than it should be.

"And Emery'd probably bring me cookies and then punch me in the face. Which would be totally worth it for the cookies."

Flim flams. An amused snort can be heard with his description of the 'child labor laws' as he understands it. It's enough to bring a shake of her head and flash of even white teeth as she grins with amusement. There's another round of side-eye from the Cheyenne woman to the Speedster, and it's quick enough to catch the twinkle in his and for a minute there's a sense of deja vu for Moonstar.

But that almost sense is willfully pushed aside.

Just like her understanding of unspoken words about the Demon Bear saga. She knows the scab is still too new to really worry at it. Perhaps one day all of those involved with it will be able to talk about it, but for now that's not today.

"I'd take a punch if it meant still getting to eat his treats." States Moonstar with amusement, having been privy to both Emery's cooking and his right-hooks. "Like you said worth it." She muses simply and with a glance at her beer, Moonstar finishes it in several gulps. It's only after she's placed the glass back upon the bar top that she turns back to Owen. "I'd say I'd stay for another round, but I have this thing to do tomorrow that's going to need me to actually get rest tonight." Her head tilts to the side as she offers, "Need a lift home?"

The light hearted joking actually does help blow away some of the heaviness of his new day to day reality. It especially feels good to not have to relate to someone as an addict, but just be him. If that makes sense?

"Oh yea, no worries. I got the tab. And I'm close, I'll just walk."

Owen finishes the rest of his beer in a quick gulp and then throws down some cash on the bar and gives the bartender a friendly head nod up that he's not just running out on the tab.

"But thanks for coming out. It was good seein' ya."

Ugh those words don't even sound like him. They're all polite and weirdly sincere. Owen looks down as if pulling out a cigarette and putting it into his lips suddenly takes all of his concentration. He heads offers a brief wave and then is headed in the opposite direction of where ever Dani is going. Home is not yet on his list of things to do, but avoiding being anymore awkward around Dani sure is.

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