Come to Mot-- Not Even a Little Bit

August 11, 2018:

Amanda Waller begins bringing in her troops. June returns to Belle Reve.

Belle Reve Penitentiary

Belle Reve is a huge federally funded maximum security prison designed to house extranormals. The prison itself is located in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana 10 miles out of Houma and fifty five miles southwest of New Orleans Louisiana. It lies on the edge of a vast swamp built on what used to be the former site of DuBois plantation.

Belle Reve was constructed in the late 1960s after the US Government passed several acts that gives prison officials greater control in dealing with unusually powerful criminals of all types.

Currently Belle Reve is also home to a top secret government black ops team known as the Suicide Squad. Most of it's members are inmates of Belle Reve that are given amnesty if they perform a number of missions.

Connected to Belle Reve is Yeager Field where airships and heavy equipment is stored. The prison can currently house up a a hundred and thirty inmates and staffs approximately sixty guards and an additional dozen to two dozen corrections officer at any given time.

Belle Reve Prison is accessible by means of a single road between the prison and Houma. Advanced technology cameras and sensors line the perimeter for a five mile radius. The facility itself is consists of 250,000 square feet spread over two wings with four seven story guard towers. The security systems including cell doors are controlled by Belle Reve's computer system, it is considered by some of the worlds experts one of the most tamperproof systems the modern world has to offer.

Situated in strategic locations throughout the prison are D.E.O. based psi-dampners these emit a constant pulse of intermittent static that makes psychic talents difficult to use. Specialized cells and locations throughout Belle Reve are also set up to neutralize various types of specific metahumans should the needs arise.


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Amanda Waller doesn't often call the Squad in on off days. Not unless it requires some check in and situational update, which this very well may be one of those times. The sectioned off side of the Belle Reve Pen it's usually gloomy quartering, lesser number of faculties than the rest of the building, more lenient in some ways but also outside of it the armed and dangerous are that much more, top tier specialists who are some of 'The Walls' finest.

Beyond the entrypoint of pat downs, scans that range from metal, kinetic to even telepathic one is inside that office space like lay out, desks, a meeting room, partitioned off personal cells, a kitchen, a satellite fed survellience room… advanced for it's size and age. Supposedly they're due a renovation between now and when the government wants to allocate time and funding.

June will make it through with little to no issue, inside the office central where a heavy spectacled woman with hair too tight in a bun looks up, shes new. Pinched faced and all business, "Doctor… oh, you're one of /them/."

A finger depresses a button, a click is audible, Amanda Waller's voice in a curt, "What is it?"

"One of your operatives is in front. She… "

"Send her back." Click.

The lady motions back with a crooked finger towards the 'classroom' that doubles as a meeting chamber. Where she can see Taskmaster and Amanda Waller, shes holding a tablet and jabbing it repeatedly at his chest. He's standing there not saying a word.

June, knowing that she had been summoned, simply arrived, and made immediately for the section of the prison allotted to the Squad. She offered words when they were needed, but nothing more. She did not even manage more than a glance at the woman sitting behind the desk at the central office before she was cut off by the call and the summons that followed. She did give her a soft, "Thank you," because it's politic to be polite even when you are not feeling especially friendly, and proceeded to make ehr way back towards where she had been directed in the communication. Once she arrived in the room, she moved to stand across the table from Waller and Taskmaster, sparing the mercenary only a bare glance, before her attention settled on the woman.

"Doctor Moone." Amanda Waller greets with her usual repitlian warmth. "So good of you to join us, we're on the tail end of a conversation that will be picking up as soon as I have more of you gathered."

She looks over at Taskmaster and narrows her eyes. "We're understood?"

"Crystal clear." The mercenary responds, his face fitted skullmask the only recognizable thing about his usual outfit, from the neck down he is wearing a black turtleneck, deep navy blue fatigues and combat boots.
"Doc." He says with a tip of his head.

"Stay close. The both of you." The Southeastern DEO Director jabs the tablet in the air at both of them like it's a weapon.

June Moone has never expected anything that would even remotely resemble warmth from Amanda Waller, and so, when she gets only the woman's usual greeting, she doesn't seem in the least put out by it. After all, she might have received quite a different one, if the woman was in the mood…so? All things considered? It was a win, "Yes, Sir. Would you prefer that I wait here until the other arrive?" Taskmaster's greeting is returned, with a tip of her head, "Taskmaster."

"Oh and before I go." Waller pauses before Doctor Moone, looking her up and down. "I want a full update on your whereabouts, ongoings and everything for the past three months. I have a team coming in from the Black Room to inspect your 'other' due to all the weird magical supernatural bullshit happening right now. Do your best to make sure she complies… We have enough paranomal threats popping up right now I don't want her to be another one under my own roof." There is a hitch in her speech, she loses focus like she lost her train of thought then just pretend skewers Taskmaster with that tablet again. An unspoken threat and solid hammering point apparently.

A low chuckle rumbles from the skull-faced merc as his bone white grin resituates on June, "I love her so much."

June Moone had been long enough under Amanda Waller's heel, that she knew better than to have any reaction to the woman as she spoke, much less when she approaches her. She stands perfectly still under the scrutiny, her eyes trained on the space just to the side of the woman's head. Enough that she could mark what she was doing, without actually needing to meet the other woman's eyes, "She won't be any trouble, Sir." Which, Enchantress could be, more often than not, but June seemed confident enough. "I will be sure to remain available to them when they are ready to meet with her." And then, as Taskmaster speaks, she allows her gaze to settle on him, "So you've said."

"Did I? I guess she just brings the best out in me." Taskmaster's sarcasm almost drips out of hismask while he walks over to the desk June is beside, seating himself on it. "Whats new with you, toots? You wanna know what I just got told I should be doin'? Spying on my own team. Playing snitch." A snicker frees out of the mask, "Shes just… I think shes losing some grip. A lot of things happening we ain't seeing right now."

"I feel like I got malware, I had OGA contacting me through my DEO links. Shits getting buggy. They had me hunting a mutant with some real dipshits… As you can imagine that went tits up."

June waited, as Taskmaster walked over, the tension in her shoulders seeming to lessen, just a bit, but not gone completely. When she spoke, her tone was calm, and even, not at all argumentative, "I was under the impression that she already had you doing that already." She states it as a simple fact, "I've never believed that she didn't have someone on the team reporting back to her on what we do and don't do. I have no doubt that she knows precisely what I have and haven;t been doing and with whom in those three months she wants me to report on. She just wants to see what I'm willing to tell her and then she'll punish me if I don't tell her everything." June considers, before she continues, "You take care of the bugs?" Every damned room in this place is bugged.

"Nah. Not officially. I suppose until now." Taskmaster admits, "She keeps tabs her own ways, right now, I think shes needing more. Someones rattling her chain. You can tell, look out there, so empty, so tense, new faces, even the guards are rooks or blueberries I ain't ever seen before." He pays attention, an eye for detail that's natural to him, attached to his own gifts.

"She likely wants personal accounting to check against her scratch pad. Timelines. "

"I did. They had new ones in here too." He fishes a finger and a thumb in to the front of his pants pulling out crushed bits of electronic components and parts. "This one wasn't even DEO standard." He prods his thumb over one bit of mangled junk.

"She won't be happy about you destroying her new toys." But that actually managed to bring a hint of a smile to June's face. It was not an entirely pleasant expression, and there was a bit too much of the witch in her eyes at the words. But as Taskmaster assured her that he'd handled the surveillance, she moved to settle her hip against the desk, arms folding across her chest, in a gesture very similar to the way he usually stood. He was rubbing off on her, "She wants me to tell her that I got married. I don't think she'll like it if she tries to use me against him."

"She's got plenty of toys. 'sides she shouldn't leave them out for the other kids to find." Taskmaster shrugs, the bits of espionage trinketry stashed back in his pocket as he arm folds once more, mirrored and hes not realizing it.

"You got married? Did I know this already or s this new?" Composure to break as he scratches his skull. "I mean, awful quick unless I am losing some time in these memory lapses lately… the drinking. Gotta be te drinking."

"If she can find a way to use something. She will. Be damned who it is or what. Your passenger is first hand example, sweet cheeks."

"Maybe she's testing you. To see how well you can still clear a room. Or the new bugs, to see how effective they are against someone who knows what to look for and how to eliminate what he finds." June expression remained the same as ever, as she turned to the subject that isn't Amanda Waler and her delightful box of tricks, "New. You were away on assignment, and it just sort of happened. I don't imagine he'd be a stranger to you. You've seen him at the apartments often enough. Johnny Blaze." She doesn't bother to mention the Ghost Rider. No one in their circles wouldn't know the ghost riding Johnny's soul.

"Nah. She got bored testing me years ago." Taskmaster could go in to some vague detail about how far back Waller, Slade, himself and over half a dozen other black operatives went but he doesn't, more to the mystery he has learned. Cards close to the chest and such…

"Assignment? Oh double gig in South America. Yeah. I never seen this guy before, ever." He states, "Not a name I ever heard, sounds like a stunt rider or porn star. Maybe a red bull spokesman. EXTREME JOHNNY BLAZE!"

"Well good on you doc, getting a steady piece of ass."

"I'm not certain Enchantress entirely approves, though she made a pact with the Ghost Rider, the spirit of vengeance that resides within him. But we've been good together, and.." June shrugged, her eyes rising to study the mask, the face of the man who's face she had never seen. "We had no word of where you were or why. You were just…gone. And Enchantress was most certainly not happy about that." The comment on the name brought a chuckle to her lips, "He was a stunt rider, before he retired, yes. Now he walks with demons much more powerful than even I would care to imagine."

"What? Isnt that a TV show for learning how to read." Taskmaster makes a noise beyond his mask. "Enchantress approves of very little that isn't carnage and mayhem." He jokes, then he looks down at the floor, a particular tile he nudges with his boot.

"I do that. Its part of the gig. You shoulda been used to it by now, ain't no lasting attachments here that you can rely too much on." He says but hes also practiced maintaining touch with several SKWAD and his own fellow mercs.

"He sounds like a real catch. This Jamie Blitz of yours, so that makes you June Blaze or June Blaze-Moone? Wait we with the times, are you June Moone-Blaze???" A laugh breaks out of him.

"I was never one for watching education shows on television, I preferred to just read from the book directly." A tilt of her head, as she hears his comment on the witch, "And you. Which, I suppose, for a human, is rare. I'm not even sure she approves of me, and she's my jack in the box." She straightens watching Task studying the floor, "It's not about attachment, and I think you know that. It's about the Squad missing its leader. And no, I'm just June Moone, the same as I have always been." And then, she pauses, looking up and away as if she were hearing a voice, "We should go to the cells. She wants to speak with you."

"We don't have a leader." Taskmaster says, "Never have. The Squad is just a mess of maniacs mashed together for some mutual explosive fun times." A look sidelong at June and he feels himself swallow at the idea of Enchantress wanting council with him, "Yeah… I suppose we can find a place to chit-chat. I didn't bring any booze, garlic, crosses or iron so we good."

A push away from the desk and he slips out the office door and down the hallway, making note of a new camera and a different fresh guard on duty. Several other additions to take in account…

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