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August 11, 2018:

Cyclops picks up Lorna from Genosha, attempts at catching up are kind of made..


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The Blackbird's VTOL systems fire on, rotational thrusters begin ascent as the back hatchway screeches shut. A loud noise, hydralics releasing a hiss once fully shut.

Cyclops in full 'battle regalia' stalks to the back towards his cargo, a delivery and a pick up. The X-Men's field leader has been in Genosha's Hammer Bay for several hours now. Long enough to grow restless.
The sleek Shi'ar and futuretech modded SR-22 stands out. Symbolic and there are those in Genosha who would love to shoot it down and those who wave at it, salute or cheer.


Lorna had spent two weeks in Genosha after giving up her daughter to be hidden away. She'd tried to keep up with the news overseas, watching videos and reading articles that came out via a tablet. Other than that.. she hadn't actively announced her presence in Genosha again. Hadn't picked up her seat on the council or taken up her rooms at the height of the Spire. It fed old memories of better times, and left her feeling paranoid.

Thus, the green haired mutant had kept to the rooms she'd woken up in. A basement network that hadn't been occupied previously.

There she trained and struggled with her emotions, tried to keep occupied and get herself in order before she'd go back to the mainland. Company had been in short supply, though Ferris tended to her and Unuscione had checked in from time to time.

But now it was time to leave, before there was a further risk of someone noticing her. Time to leave Genosha before Marcos caught up and demanded to know where his daughter was.. Before she threw caution to the wind and decided to stay.. to undo the emotional torment she'd wrought herself and seek her daughter again.

It had been a constant temptation that bled off with each passing day as she watched videos and ads, all calling for the registration act back in the States. She'd made the right choice.. she'd had to have..

It was harder to dwell on those thoughts however as she finally planned to leave.


The current state of Genosha is calm, a tense placid overhang upon the struggling and rebuilding island nation. Under Magneto's current leadership it stands in a nervous ceasefire, the Old Regimes and Genoshian Purists largely underground, hidden or overseas. There is of course always new concerns, new fears and new threats.

Scott gives Lorna the once over as soon as shes onboard and before him, his features set in that typical stoic and unreadable. The red visor the brightest warmest thing on him, a singular bead of crimson rolls left to right (more a trick of movement and positioning) then he steps forward and gives her arm a squeeze at the bicep.
"You look like you're in one piece. Good."

A motion with his head and he is urging her to join him in the cockpit where he sits down at the pilot's seat, the web of electronics spanned out before him he starts to take off, "Have a seat." He offers the co-next to him up. Not overtly friendly but hes being more approachable than he has been in the past, especially considering it his him and Lorna alone… that alone spells for some 'when mixed' caustic chemistry.


The green haired mutant didn't carry more than a backpack slung over her shoulder. Dark circles ringed her eyes, though there was a cooler quality to her expression. It read as exhaustion, but mixed with a toxic detachment that spoke volumes of her mental state. Meditation calmed her to an extent.. but it also opened up her senses to the magnetic fields all the more.

A rough exhale followed as Lorna looked over Scott with a raised brow before following to settle into the cockpit after him. The squeeze of her arm measured with only a faint twitch of a smile.

"Thanks for the pick up." She murmured. She could've found other ways off the island. Other ways to leave… though she needed a clear and visible exit to draw the eye. To try to lead whoever might be watching away from where she'd hidden her daughter. Paranoid didn't even begin to cover the ways in which Lorna had obsessed over the situation.


"It was on the way. No problem." Scott says with a concise response while the Blackbird ascends, thrusters begin to draw in. Ahead of them in the bay the lining of cruisers and ships ringed outside of Genosha begin to rotate batteries, fixing them on the X-Men's transport, they don't fire but they visible keep a mark on the vessel.
Despite the fact they have an armada of naval war ships aiming enough firepower at them to sink a small island nation it's beautiful out, sunny, blue oceans, reflective and bright. The birds look immensely happy out the portal windows.
A tap of his fingers across the display panel between seats tosses an authorization and identification ping out towards the monitoring crew. This is a collective out there, the U.N. and 'others'. Supposedly it is for the safety of Genosha and it's inhabitants. They just happen to remain more readily fixed one direction than the rest.

Nothing more clear and visible than this…

The stealth systems of the Blackbird ripple across the surface of it, drawing in and warping light so the vehicle becomes transparent enough they'll be missed by most visibility options and a wide array of tech of this era for Earth.


For her part, Lorna kept her gaze trained on the ships below, stretching out her senses in a reflexive way. Just because they weren't being shot at right then, didn't mean she trusted them to stay that way. But as the plane lifted up further and higher into the sky beyond her range, she sank further and deeper back into her seat. A sinking of her shoulders and a short sigh falling from her lips.

Finally as the cloaking stealth systems kick in, she turned her gaze back to Scott, green eyes flickering over his figure as he flew them onward. She let the silence linger for a long while before she dared to break it. And even then her voice sounded creaking to her own ears. "…So what have I missed..?"


+MEET: Rogue has arrived via +meet.


"A lot. Don't be alarmed if you see Tony Stark hanging around in our pool or… never hear about him again." Scott glances over, a slight smile just touching the corner of his lips.
"I'll update you when we touch down. I need to listen in on this conferance call."
A fingertap up near his visor and Scott focuses down on the flight the rest of the way.

Later… NOW… The Blackbird in it's camoflaged state lowers to a skim across the tree tops near the edge of the property, drifting in to a slow descent as it drops the stealth-mode to show the black airship manuevering in to the hangar bay. The whine of it's engines loud at first, echoing off the hangar walls until it's drawn to a full stop.

Overloud hydralics open up the belly of the 'bird' revealing several crates, supplies from Muir Island and Genosha.
"Here we are." Scott says, thumbing switches off and stepping free of the cockpit to walk past Lorna out the back hatch. "Just like you left it, mostly."


A brow rose at Scott's mention of Tony Stark, followed by a blink. There were dozens of follow up questions that she could bring to bare, but in the tightness of the enclosed cockpit, it wasn't likely the best of places to start poking and prodding things. A conference call helped to stop any further conversation as she got comfortable as she could and let the ride pass by.

As they descended and got out, Lorna grabbing up her pack on the way out and beyond she turned her focus to the mansion proper. "Well, I guess it's still standing..


Since Rogue was one of the more reliable mechanics that the Blackbird has, she was told the jet was on her way back… she WAS on HER way out, to go back to Salem Center but since the jet was arriving and apparently with Scott and some cargo? — she's not really sure, the message just kind of faded in one ear and out the other — she resigns herself to stay to help with the crates and to check the Jet over after its flight.

So when it lands and settles in, the bay doors to the hallway open up and Rogue comes striding in, not even remotely dressed in X-Men attire. She's wearing leather cowgirl boots, a pair of jean shorts and a army-green tanktop with a pair of elbow length black gloves on, course her legs and upper arms / shoulders are all bare, so look the eff out!

By the time the Jet is opening up, Rogue is there and walking up the ramp with a little quiet whistling tune escaping between her lips as she goes. BUT, when she sees Lorna she stops with the whistling nonesense and just grins. "Heya, sugah." She says in a super sassy sort've way. "Ya'll bring me any goodies?" She's full well aware that they likely didn't though.


"For the most part." Scott regards as he stops by the hydraulic of the rear hatch, staring it over before running his hand along it.

"Rooms have shuffled around upstairs with school in. You're going to want to claim one quick." He stops what he is saying upon hearing Rogue, his head peering out around the opening to level on the young woman, casual attire. Not him. Navy blue body condom all the way… though at some point in flight he peeled the cowl off so his hair is loose and he can breath.

"That depends." Scott says, "Where have you been?" Chiding sounding not intended but he comes across that way.


Lorna tilted her head, her own outfit was as discordant as Rogue's in the hangar. Hoop earrings, black-tank top, and pair of skinny jeans. She'd worn less metal and extra accessories during her stay in Genosha. The little comfort of odd bits of metal had been more or less useless to her and her emotional struggles. Her flip-flops smacked against the floor as she glanced side long at Scott.

"…Did I lose the room I had before? Or did Marcos wreck it?" Her voice was softer as she said his name, her gaze turning to Rogue as the woman entered the hangar. A grim sort of smile twisting her lips, full of regret. "Sorry I skipped town.. Did you find any leads on Remy?"


"Nope!" Rogue replied to Lorna then. "Fucker is gone." Cause thats how she deals with anger and fear for someone she cares about… plus the two of them had had a big argument prior to his vanishing, where she'd TOLD him to take her with him and he refused. "Guy's got whatever was comin' his way, far as I care." Rogue then stops inside the entrance to the SR-77 and just puts her hands on her hips. "I mean lets be honest, it was probably all a lie and he's just off bangin' some floozey in some roach motel somewhere."

She looks back to Scott and smirks at him. "I took that cannon back to its rightful owners?" She nods and raises her right gloved hand up to swipe some of her hair out of her face. "They gave me a reward for its safe return. So… I used it, with my own savin's to buy a place in Salem. That music shop that I got arrested at fwe weeks back, with the two'a you." And then she's just smirking.


Rogue then shoots her eyes back to Lorna. "So I'm all moved outta here, so that room is open if ya want. Best shower in the school. And the fireplace is actually functional, which is the bee's damn knees come winter time. Its all yours if ya want it."


Drake Riley arrives from X-Men Base - Sub-Basement 2.


A curious inch up of one dark brow from beyond his visor at the back and forth over Remy, more things not listed in his files, people around here really do not care about paperwork even if its all digital anymore, hell, voice to even mental transcoded.

"Dare I ask?"
Oddly feeling blown off as the coversation for a moment steered in to something heavily personal. A twitch along his jawline, a muscle bouncing under a smoothly shaven cheek and he clears his throat, "Your room? It might have. We've had some weird confusion on who is where, school some will have to double up."

"Oh." He says about Rogue's living conditions, "Right, when the two of you got me arrested." He corrects, "You should be here, at the school with the team. We'll discuss that later." Scott says before pointing at the two bulky crates in the Blackbird. "Move those for me? One goes against the west wall by the old suits and the other is bing hauled to the labs."

Drake was cleared earlier to descend to the basement levels, to have a look around some of the limited authorization zones and Scott said he would meet him but is running late, now standing at a recently landed Blackbird along with Rogue and Polaris.


Lorna reached up to rub the back of her neck, a grimace pulling at her lips. There was more than a little concern in her gaze, but she decided against arguing with the other woman about it. Esme and Rogue's last attempt to save Remy had ended just as badly as the first. With no clear leads or ideas on where to go. The fact that Lorna had jumped ship briefly to hide her daughter away… well, it sat guiltily on the green haired woman.

Course that meant paperwork hadn't been filed either..

As far as her room went, Lorna pursed her lips, looking away. "I dunno.. I have a few reports I have to work on I guess.." She muttered toward Scott, and shifted her weight on her toes. "Then I might move out too.. I just.. it's.." Another sigh. But then Scott was asking for them to move the crates, well likely Rogue, but there were metal nails…

"Never mind, you want to get the one for the labs, Rogue?"


Rogue is at the top of the Blackbird's ramp and is keeping her pale green eyes on Scott as he speaks. "Remy ran off. We got latched-up inta some'a those mutation nullification collars on a job he had? Doctah Banner took'em off'a us once we got back here. But after that? Remy got crazy about it all, said he had t'go find out why these random thugs in a night club would have tech like that. Refused t'let anyone else go with him. Now he's captured, wrapped up in some kinda mutant slaver thing… Can't find him."

She glances over to Lorna then and walks toward the big crate for the medic lab, and just picks it up like it weighs nothing, like the whole thing is just a styrofoam cup. She carries it out of the SR-77 and down the ramp, then lifts her arms up high so the crate sits down ontop of her head as she starts to walk back toward the open doorways out into the shiney hallway.

"I ain't that far away. I can fly here in under a minute, if I really hussle."


Scott grunts at another one considering the option of moving out. He looks up at the ceiling with his hands on his hips and stands there listening to the back and forth to the update momentarily then stares an equal length from one to the other.

"We're a team. You're less help further away and also in more danger. Right now, of all times, with the Registration act looking stronger than ever we need to remain close."
An exhale and he changes beats, not wanting to lecture or pitch, not to one of the oldest members and Lorna, who has been around long enough to well know how things operate.
"Trask's mass producing them and giving the schematics out in supposed leaks to other companies. We're going to see these things being sold in corner markets soon, I'm not surprised but what in the hell is Remy thinking?" A headshake and hes looking at Rogue more intently. "We'll find him." There is irritation neatly composed behind Scott's practiced exterior right now.
"Whenever. Doesn't need to be right now. Just before you go."


Drake Riley toed the line given him by Scott. If he wanted to be a part of things (or /considered/ for a part of things), he had to enroll in college courses. He didn't want to. He isn't stoked about it. He's worried he's going to flunk out. But he did it. It's core requisites he's taking, with the addition of agriculture, but they count. It gives him enough time to stop his head from spinning.

A tour! A tour of the underground, restricted area! Drake's not going to pass up on that. He arrived, he's eager, and he's… been left by himself. Scott's nowhere to be found. Drake waited patiently, bobbing on the balls of his feet, before deciding, 'Screw it, self-guided tour ahoy!' Maybe they'll like someone who's self-motivating.

He hadn't hit many spots yet. He enters the hangar and just stops, standing agape in awe of the jet before him. /This/ was under the institute? The whole time? Holy crap! And while Scott maintains his practiced composure, Drake is zipping forward to meet them with a huge grin. "Dude! Dude, /what/? There's a /jet/ down here?," he gushes, completely undermining the present severity.

"Oh! Hey, guys!," he greets, waving his left arm to Lorna and Rogue.


A shrug followed as Rogue gave more details as to what had happened to Remy, and Lorna directed the other crate with her hand and carefully set it down where Scott had indicated. Even as she followed alongside the older mutant. She really wished she had a drink in hand. The green haired mutant dragged her flip-flopped feet as she continued onwards, and shrugged lightly at Scott's words. "Good, they can try to come at me and I can throw some cars at whoever tries it." She muttered.

The words having rather the opposite of the intended effect. A part of her unknotting inside at the fact that at least.. at least her daughter was now spirited away some where safe where the Registration Act couldn't touch her.. (Or so she hoped).

Of course, anything else was broken off by the sight of Drake in the sub-basement. She arched a brow, then glanced back to Scott. "Hey, I didn't let him down here. So this isn't on me."


"Salem Center is a five minute car trip from here, Scott." Rogue says as she walks with that crate on her head, definitely not uniform but rather a tanktop jean shorts and cowgirl boots. "And half'a that time is just gettin in and outta the front gate'a this place." Its true, the driveway of this place is lengthy!

"Oh crap." Rogue mutters when she sees a student in the doorway ahead of her, and subsequently is walking past him as he expresses his amazement at the hangar and the contents there-in. She looks back at the others. "I swear I didn't leave the lift unlocked. This isn't on me!" She says, but proceeds on past Drake and grins at him. "Its just a giant model airplane. It doesn't actually fly. Scott just has size compensation issues with the models he builds."

And with that the southern belle continues on her way, her boots quietly clopping on the metal floor as she carries the medical crate out of the hangar toward the lab.


"We're in a heavy situation right now… " Scott trails off.
"We'll have a decent handle on things though, I just need to evaluate our team after my own hiatus. I didn't expect to come back to everyone so scattered or lost." The man's frown appears again, there is a rather active hussle despite some of the core he is used to taking a step sideways.
"Five minute drive. Not in the security sector. You know, nevermind. We'll discuss it later." He can't hide the bite in his tone right now, not even as Drake joins them.
"This one is on me. He is our newest trainee."
"Lorna, you met right?" He looks at the woman, curiously as if trying to determine her state of mind, hes not yet been able to or figured out a way to breach the Aurora subject or where Diaz is, yet again.

"He is getting shown aro…. " Rogue's final words settle and his mouth clamps shut.


"Wha- hey! I was invited!," Drake protests as not one, but both females give their disclaimers. Naturally, he doesn't believe Rogue's explanation of the jet, either. He's been having an interesting couple weeks when it comes to taking things he's told with a grain of salt. "No one's got a 'hi' for me? None'a ya? The welcome wagon's missing a wheel, isn't it?"

Something bugs Drake about being called a trainee. But he's trying to remind himself, to this group, he certainly is an unknown. And he's not had formal training. He'll have to swallow his pride. However…

Drake whirls back around to Scott, and /blinks/. "Ohoho, /dude/! You're all-.. look at you! Why're you in costume? Why aren't they? Will I be getting something like that? That's so freakin' cool."

Lorna will have already experienced some of Drake's gushing at the 'superhero motif'. but he looks no less excited at the prospect.


Lorna's lips twitched at Rogue's humor, the woman earning the first real hint of a smile since she'd gotten on the Blackbird in Genosha. Possibly the first one she'd had in weeks. A glance was spared toward Drake again, and Scott in turn as she shrugged lightly. "I just assumed he'd figured it out, since you were gone and he was getting antsy. Glad to see I didn't mess up for once.." She drawled and nodded toward Drake.

"Glad to see you've been given some permissions around here. You deserve it." She exhaled a breath, and crossed her arms as the smile faded with Rogue's departure. A green eyebrow quirked upwards as she considered Scott again. An eye made at his costume as Drake fann'ed out. "I was getting picked up from my dad's house." She drawled in response to his question. And technically it was true..


"He is cleared." Scott says, mostly to reroute his own attention. "I didn't mean to keep you waiting, Mr. Riley." The tall brunette moves over to give Drake a pat on the shoulder.
"Thats the Blackbird, you'll learn more about her in time. The is the hangar, normally a junior X-Men shows people around but… " A pithy comment doesnt come and instead he pulls a card out of his suit, offering it to Drake. "This will give you basic entry level clearance, rec room, hall, danger room, hangar, restrooms. Stay out of the labs, war room, Cerebro and you wont be able to use the danger room without a partner, its for monitoring sakes.
A quick rundown and Scott, pauses to look down at himself, "They're not on duty. I had to make a run and it was required." He likes wearing his costume… no lie.

"We are going to see if he deserves it." Scott corrects with a tight smile. "Miss Dane is back with us, hopefully shes going to remain under our roof unlike some others." If he could shout that last bit he would. Scott is not sulking.


Drake Riley takes the card and gives it a look, trying to keep track of all the information rolling his way. It's a lot to process, but he's used to categorizing details and filing them away for future use. That's how one tends to remember access codes, hiding spots, and dropoff points, after all. One of those rooms isn't like the others, however.

"Danger Room?," he asks, lifting his gaze again to the other male. "Is that an ironic name? Or is it just like a room where you keep live gorillas?"

A look is cast back to Lorna, followed shortly with a wink. "Maybe I won't be going so batty now, eh? But yeah, you've gotta stick around. You're, like, an institution here for me. You know that, right?"

Attention returns to Scott. "What am I supposed to be doing now, anyway? Besides the school thing."


Lorna huffed a breath and rolled her shoulders back in a shrug at Scott's words. "He and Molly were all ready to fight Juggernaut before I swept in, he's definitely brave enough. Also, he put up with the pool being blown apart twice. So, really, that deserves a gold star." She shot back toward Scott, sweep of her gaze returning back to the hall that Rogue left through and back.

"I dunno about staying." Her gaze lifted up to the roof above as if she were looking at the house entire. The complexities of where she belonged.. where she should go or stay was better described as a dumpster fire.

"And no, the Danger Room isn't ironic. It's for training. And it can be Dangerous.. So.. go for literal."


"Its merits of some sort I suppose. Fighting the Juggernaut is never advised… "

The anser about the dange room spot on enough he doesn't have to elaborate or add to it, "Eventually, Lorna, you're going to need to settle and stop with the one foot in and one out the door shit. But, dead horse. We had that conversation didn't we." An emotionless smile appears and fades, "I'm happy you're here wth us again, Lorna, and we can meet up to talk about more important things when I am done showing Drake around and you're settled in. At least wherever temporarily."

That said he starts to walk, guiding Drake out as well, talking about the different rooms, tech, some of the defenses, history of the area and showing off things he thinks are cool. Which most people don't…


"So I've been told," says Drake tightly when Scott reiterates it's a bad idea to fight Juggernaut. A knowing look is shot to Lorna, and the corner of his lips uptick in a discreet grin.

He wants to respond to Lorna, that much is clear. He's turned to her, mouth open, but whether it was to where she intends on staying or the details on the Danger Room, it's impossible to know! He's drawn away with Scott. And even if most others don't find those particulars interesting, Drake does. This is an extremely momentous opportunity for him, stipulations or not.

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