Life of the Party

July 24, 2018:

Two servants of Faith meet as only two such people can.

//Warehouse //

A disused warehouse, and illegal rave, demons. What more do you need?


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Why is there always something in Gotham? If it's not the people, it's the scum. if it's not the scum, it's the crime. If it's not the crime, it's the demons that lurk in the shadows, hungry for the souls of the innocent, who are all to eager to make deals for personal gain. Be it wealth, beauty, the soul of an enemy…anything. Such is among the things tonight.

Managing to lure a multitude of young adults and adults alike are a large multitude of demons. The kind that would call themselves 'legion'. They seem to share a hive mind as they dig into the skulls of individuals with dark magic. as if tempting them to perform a heinous act…like the selling of their souls perhaps?

Regardless, this did not escape the attention of the Order of St. Dumas, who had sent their champion, the Angel of Death, Azrael, to end the threat. His mission? Save as many as he can. Kill the demons. Show no mercy. If the humans start to turn? use the blade of Sin upon them to purge them of their unrighteousness.

Thus is Azrael on a rooftop, before he bursts into the warehouse itself, sword of Sin blazing in his hand as he lands. Showing no fear. "I am Azrael. God's right hand. It's time to face your judgement, vile creatures!" he announces.

And lo, into the warehouse comes the Angel of Death..only to find that the warehouse is already in chaos, all of which seems to be centered around two things. The mortals attempting to escape wholesale slaughter, some to more success than others as they begin to stampede over each other in their haste to escape. The second, was a single lone woman, armed with a spear in one hand that glowed with a radiant, pure white light and a katana in the other. She was dressed in armor made of crimson and black, emblazoned with a golden cross, the cloak she wore seeming to somehow manage to avoid any of the demonic grasping hands, her hood still up over her head. Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds, she fought with a determined, practiced grace, and any demons which she ended with that spear dissolved into their component parts, leaving her fighting in a veritable sea of sludge.

Azrael sees this lone woman fighting off the demons. But even at this rate, she's overwhelmed. Thus not expecting her to survive very long, his blade burning with Hells fire. As a Demon seems to be in ripe position for a killing blow on Magdalena's blindside, she'll find the Angel of Death coming in right in the nick of time! decapitating the demon with the Sword of Sin and moving to guard her back. "Keep your eyes forward. Azrael has your back." he speaks determined, fighting off a multitude of demons as they rush at the duo.

Talk about a legendary meeting. Another swing and two more demons fall to Azrael.

"That would help me, if I had any idea who the hell you were!" The woman's voice is richly accented; warm and very french. But she did not, for the moment, turn aside from her battle, nor distract herself enough to investigate who in point of fact, had actually come to join her. He was, at the moment, fighting the same demons, and they were whittling down the numbers at a prodigious rate. And for now, that would simply have to be enough. They could kill each other afterwards.

They most certainly can kill each other when it's over. "Shut up and focus on the task at hand!" they debate each other, though unlike the unknown woman, Azrael's voice is modified by his mask and otherwise sounds very american. He does block a projectile headed for Magdalena's head though with his blazing blade, the second time he's saved her life now. Needless to say, however, with both of them working together, a myriad of demons fall to their holy might.

Though a particularly large demon makes his presence known even as the last few regulars are killed by the pair. It looks to be a Demon of Pride, considering how it boasts it's massive physical appearance. Azrael shifts so that now he's beside Magdalena.

Saved her life? Well, that might be a point to debate later. And Vivienne fully expected for there to be a later. She withdrew the flat her her blade which she had raised to intercept the projectile as soon as she saw it handled. And so, they fought, until there was only that single demon left, and the pair of them ringed around at the walls by a host of humans, now fallen eerily still as the power of the greater demon, even as they continued to fight for their freedom. Vivienne wasted no time, as she moved forward to meet the thing, a flick of her wrist clearing the blade of her katana as she set it back into its sheath, taking the spear into both hands, held so that she could both thrust with it as parry with it. "Why do I ever think that I'm going to be surprised?"

Azrael would be more than happy to discuss that, trust him. Either way, as Magdalena just…leaps at the demon with no plan in mind, Azrael simply growls inside his mask and lunges after her, leaping to hit high if Magdalena is hitting low, striking the demon across the face even as it swipes furiously at the mysterious woman. Though another strike at Azrael is made, and although blocked, it's still enough to send him sliding against the ground. Unharmed, the strike that the Demon made against Azrael left it wide open for Magdalena's intervention.
The Magdalena was not, in point of fact, without a plan, it was only that her plan only included herself. She advanced with absolutely no comment to the man who fought side her, drawing the spearhead back long enough to, of all things, slice it along the palm of her off right hand, coating the weapon with her own blood. And as the demon lifted its blade, she did two things at once. She lifted her spear, an arc of that same radiant light blossoming around her to shield her from its blow, and she thrust out her hand, the light that sprang from her palm sizzling on the demon's skin wherever it touched. She could get no closer to the thing than that, though, until it turned its attention to the masked figure and then she left, far higher and faster than any normal human had any right to, the spear angled down to thrust itself into the demon's chest. The minute the spearhead slid into the demon's flesh, light erupted from the wound, the flesh decaying as though it were being eaten away by pure acid. She did not fall away, but instead, as though gravity were not, in actually, a thing, continued the press to push the demon back and towards the ground.

Azrael noticed that Magdalena was not quite a normal human, but neither way he. standing softly, he simply watches as the Magdalena split the demon in more ways than one. Though as the demon was struck with the holy light of the spear, it started to disintegrate, no need to pursue that…not really. So the demon crawls back into the corner even as it slowly dies, and it does…leaving the warehouse clear of demons and Azrael and Magdalena simply alone. to which he turns to face her, sword still drawn. "Who are you, wielder of sacred light?" he lifts his blade towards her, as if prepared to fight.

As the demon died and the warehouse, finally having been lifted from whatever spell it was under, began to clear, the door having, with the death of the demon horde, now sprung open, Vivienne turned to study the man, her hand, now fully healed, rising to push back her hood. "I would suggest that you put that away, I am not in the mood for more of the same." Her own spear, and turned point downward, not releasing it, but holding it in a position that was not intended to be seen as aggressive. "I am named Vivienne Benoit. I am the Magdelena. And you, look like no angel that I have ever seen."

Azrael doesn't seem to lower his blade until she introduces herself. though he now holds the weapon in reverse-hand, though pointed downwards. He removes his mask, his hood still over his head, buth is face revealed. "I am Jean-Paul Valley of the Order of St. Dumas, Servant of God and the Catholic Church. I am Azrael. I am no more an angel than you are." He looks her in the eyes. He sees the cross on her chest and the spear in her hand. "Are you a servant of the Church? Or will I have to take those from you for being a pretender to God's holy order of warriors?" he narrows his eyes at her.

"I assure you, Jean-Paul Valley of the Order of St. Dumas, Servant of God and the Catholic Church, Azrael, as you choose to style yourself, if you make even the slightest attempt to wrest the Spear of Longinus from me, it will end poorly for you. The Spear is mine by right of His Blood, which is also my blood. Go and ask your Order if they know who I am. Or, if that will take too long, contact the Vatican. I can offer you the number if you like." Vivienne's hand tightened on the spear, the spearhead, which had dimmed, once again beginning to glow. Her free hand reached into a pocket, withdrawing a slim burner phone, which she wiggled in his direction, as if to ask if he needed it.
Azrael looks at her. "Stop that. Either call me Azrael or Jean-Paul." he stares her down then, before she claims to be an agent of the Vatican. Though he also notices how her hand tightened on the spear, his own tightening around the hilt of his blade. "No. You'd need it more than I would." Either way, he approaches. "What was your purpose here? the same as mine? Eliminate the demon threat and aid civilians? or do you have another motive."

"Stop what? That was, quite literally, the way you introduced yourself to me." Vivienne did not back down, as she saw him approaching, though she also did not relinquish her grip on the Spear. "I am surprised, Jean-Paul," the tones of her accent curling around the name that was born of her native tongue like velvet, as French always seemed to do. "That is what I and those who have served as the Magdalena before me have been charged with. We serve the Vatican directly and the Church more specifically. I am surprised, if your Order has a similar charge, that they either did not tell you about me, nor tell you that the Magdalena had come to the States."

Azrael looks her in the eyes as she speaks his name with the French flair that is his ancestry, as far as the name suggests. Her information that she gives to him what he asked. "I know who you are." he states simply, moving to investigate if the Demons came from hell into this warehouse or if they were summoned. Important things to know! "We just don't care about things like that. If the Pope came, that's another story. But another servant of God and the Church is not something we'll pay attention to unless you turn down the dark road." his eyes seem to find the satanic ritual mark where the demons were summoned…before he uses the Sword of Sin to destroy it with one, careless swing. Still on the job!

Vivienne met his eyes, her own height, in her heeled boots bringing her precisely to his eye level she was that tall to be starting with. As he mentions the usual order of business of his…Order, she nods, her tone as dismissive as his words. "Then we're done here." Vivienne, having seen him head off to tend to the summmoning circle, did not even give him a backward glance, as she began to make her way towards closest the exit door, which was still hanging open, the last of the humans having long since departed. She did not releas e the Spear, though a flick of her wrist brought it back to it's smaller, handheld size.

As Vivienne dismisses him, apparently insulted at his words. just the job. Azrael turns to look at her, corner of his eye watching her, and if she's perceptive, she might see it. But Azrael did care, he just had a more pressing task at the moment. Plus….wow, that was the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Certainly the church has a 'type' for the Magdalena role aside from the Blood of Christ. But, he didn't hold her above any other man or woman he would cross the street with. Love thy neighbor as yourself, after all. he does sheathe the Sword of Sin in the sheathe on his back as he continued his investigation. Though almost as soon as Vivienne went for that door?

A monsterous creature would attempt to Punch her right in the front to send her flying! Clearly it wasn't run of the mill. If it hit her, she'd go flying!

Insulted? perhaps, perhaps not. She strode with all of the confidence that she brought to bear at any point of her life. And she had nearly cleared the door, when the creature seemed to appear out of nowhere. She took the hit solidly, the armor taking the brunt of the trauma, though the force of the creature was superhuman, and whatever else her gifts, she was still vulnerable. She was not, however, unskilled, and as she flew backwards, landing hard on the dancefloor, she rolled her her feet, the Spear once again extending to its full length as she turned to face the newest threat. "They're like cockroaches," she gritted out between clenched teeth.
Azrael turns his head to Vivienne as she got clocked by the demon, who makes a large whole in the door and roars at the pair. "What else is new." he says with a sigh before he draws the Sword of Sin once more and lunges at the demon, slicing it across it's chest and narrowling avoidinga retaliation strike. Clearly Azrael isn't simply human either, rather Superhuman in a sense. But as he fights the demon, he buys Vivienne timeto recover.

Vivienne had spent most of her teenage years and all of her adult life working under conditions where she was not afforded a chance to recover. Battle never took a breather and so, despite the pain, she did not either. She pushed past the tightness in her chest, the grinding of her ribs, not broken, but at least a fracture or two, and lunged forward, to join Azrael in the fight. This time, she did draw her katana, using it and the spear to hem the creature in, allowing the still hooded, but now no longer unmasked man to step in as the creature's primary opponent. This was not, after all, about glory, or being the victor. he was simply better placed, and uninjured.4

So did Azrael. Actually…he was trained from birth. Conditioned, honed, forged into the weapon he is today. With sword in hand, he keeps slicing at the demon, who once again swings at him and he dodges, but he keeps Vivienne in his peripheral vision, before he notices that she's moving somewhat leisurely. She's in pain. Great. Here's hoping she doesn't try to be a primary combatant. But soon enough, Azrael takes a hit, but he blocks with with the sword, which burns the demon as it howls in agony.

Vivienne remained on the creatures periphery, leaving Azrael to fight the creature while she gathered herself, pulling from what reserves she had left after the extended battle with the demons. She finally dropped the katana, her hand reaching for her belt, and the sharpened spikes there, running her palm along them, a silent prayer on her lips as, once again, her blood began to flow. As she lifted her hand, darting froward to stand in the line of the creature's sight, she lifted her palm, that light erupting from it, causing the creature to suddenly rear back in terror, unbalanced and unsettled, "Do it now, Jean-Paul!" The light was bright, bright enough to illuminate the warehouse entirely, and seemed to have frozen the creature in place.

Azrael saw what Vivienne did, and thus, at her call to him that now was the perfect opportunity to strike, Jean-Paul literally sprints with the Sword of Sin in hand, and proceeds to hoist the blade up…then bring it down no the creatures throat, effectively relieving it's shoulders of it's heavy head. Blade in hand, he takes a deep breath as the decapitated demon lays dead, and the blade is then sheathed back onto his back where it belongs, before he moves over to Magdalena, as if to inspect her of her wounds. "You alright?"

As soon as the creature's head left its body, the light that shone from Vivienne's hand winked out, and the woman collapsed to her knees. She was hurt, probably much worse than she had let on, and she had no strength to keep herself upright. The only thing she seemed to be able to do, was the hold the spear as she fell. She seemed barely to be able to maintain consciousness, as she collapsed, a hand rising, just managing to rise to set itself on her abdomen, which seemed oddly misshapen, and if Azrael had any medical knowledge, he would know the signs of abdominal bleeding. Viviene set her hand on her bare flesh, that light returning, for a last time, so bright that it was possible to see her bones through her flesh. Almost miraculously, her body seemed to reknit itself, her voice forced out on the last of her breath, "Somewhere safe." And then, she collapsed, barely breathing, for all the world looking as though she were in some deep sleep or coma.

Azrael watches as Vivienne falls to her knees, his arms wrapping around her as he cradled her in his arms. Was she dying? he didn't know, but with a single glance to her stomach, the System told him the signs that he should look for. Abdominal bleeding. severe, and possibly fatal. But then he notices her start to stitch herself back together, and once he stands? He holds Vivienne in his arms. "Don't worry. I'll look after you." and with that, the lights flicker back on when people come to investigate, only to find the warehouse completely empty. Azrael and Magdalena being LONG gone.

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