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April 23, 2015:

Barry and Dr. Wells catch up about the recent theft at STAR Labs


A laboratory called Star


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STAR Labs is quiet today. But then it's quiet a lot lately. In the middle of one of the lab rooms, Harrison Wells stares at a large computer screen stuck to the wall. His head cants upwards to eye the image. Once upon a time, Wells could look at this screen head on. But now, from his wheelchair, he looks up at everything that had once been eye-level.

On the screen, raw data — all genetic — shows an unusual coding sequence that, with a few strokes of the keyboard, he hones in on. His eyes squint, his eyebrows furrow, and, unsure, he sucks on the inside of his cheek.

"I'm not certain it's working," he finally states. "The machine," he hasn't quite become accustomed to the name that Cisco had bestowed on the creation, "isn't sending vibrations fast enough to split the sequencing entirely. And if we raise the pitch any louder or faster, it may become dangerous to work with." His cheeks puff out with an exhaled breath. "We may need to refocus it and go back to the blueprint phase."

His lips hitch up on one side. "It's good those thieves didn't manage to steal it," he notes. "If they had, they wouldn't have military applications, they probably would've gotten a torture device." His lips curve down into a frown as he addresses one of the STAR employees.

Amid a cluster of lightning and a gust of wind, Barry Allen arrives on the scene just after punching the clock down at the NYPD. "Hey Cisco. Dr. Wells." He gives a nod and is all smiles as he always seems to be even as the world crashes down everywhere.

"I don't know if you guys had a chance to analyze that batch of Smooth that Ronnie got, but the initial tests I ran were pretty awesome." He falters. "I don't mean that the drug is awesome, I mean that what it can do is pretty amazing." He reddens a bit before sitting upon one of the desks.

"How are you guys doing?" he asks.

Wells' lips edge upwards slightly into a tight, very reserved, but still present smile, "Mister Allen. Always a pleasure." His eyebrows draw together in consideration of Smooth, "I haven't yet looked at the data," he casts a glance towards Cisco, a silent question as to whether his colleague has had the opportunity, "but it could be helpful to know what your initial tests revealed. I think Caitlin was going to spend some time with it yet."

"We were nearly robbed," Cisco notes with a shrug of his shoulders. With a large toothy grin, he notes, "But Gogo Tomago and Honey Lemon along with Spider Woman rescued the devibe-rillator — "

Wells shakes his head, "Sounds too much like defibrillator." They still haven't agreed upon the name, it would seem. He turns back towards Barry, "But yes, evidently two misguided young men were trying to take some experimental equipment that actually would've been quite dangerous." He lifts a hand, "But we're all fine."

Barry stands up, folding his skinny arms over his chest and he grows a look of concern as he walks a step or two closer to his friends. "That's awful. I'm glad you both are okay." The idea of the Smooth is completely forgotten. "Did you both catch them then? Who were they?"

After a brief pause, he asks the next logical question. "And what's a devibe-rillator?"

"Yeah, they're caught," replies Cisco, "but we had nothing to do with it. We didn't even know it was taken until the costumed heroes brought it back to Doctor Wells. Minus Spiderwoman. She definitely wasn't here."

"Neither were you at the time," Wells smiles back towards Cisco before turning towards Barry. "The ladies explained that they were two former schoolmates, and mentioned their names. Singh and Kwon, I think? The names didn't mean anything to me." A glance is given back towards the screen, "But the machine," he won't called it the de-vibe-rillator, "uses simple sound vibrations to better detect abnormalities in genetic samples. The sound waves can then be used to separate the samples without adding any steps, and they can then disrupt the cells as needed to better understand things like chemical make-up, stability of cells, and the ways in which the cells regenerate. Or, at least," he squints as he motions towards the screen, "that's what it was designed to do. It's not working the way it was intended."

Cisco takes another step towards Barry, "See, we made the blueprints here, and then I went up to Starling City and met up with some colleagues there at our sister lab. They worked with us and BAM. It was created. And it's pretty fantastic. The way it uses sound waves makes it unique in that it can't actually destroy the DNA."

"But it's causing partial separation," Wells notes with a small frown. "Something isn't working with the sequencing."

"Anyways, the totally bizarre part of all of this, is we don't know how anyone even knew about the de-vibe-rillator. Which is why the costumed ladies suggested amping up security around here. And let me be honest, Doctor Wells, their idea of having Howard Stark come and help with that wasn't a bad one — "

Wells' lips part and he turns the chair to allow himself to see both Barry and Cisco at once, "It's not about the help. We could sue the help. And it's not about trade secrets or some nonsense. It's about keeping some secrets…" he glances towards Barry and states, "…secrets."

Barry gives a grave nod towards Dr. Wells as the latter mentions the secrets. Of course, his secret recently got out to a young woman named Kitty, and before that another young woman named Ronnie. He's not one to point a finger in the face of anyone regarding secrets.

Nevertheless, he does recoil at the thought of Howard Stark. Mostly on account of the Stark Family brand. Making money off of weapons. Being known for philandering and not giving a care about what humanity thinks. The Stark name means one thing to him: "They're right, and the rest of the world is wrong. And go to hell if you don't agree." Barry would much rather stick with Wells' expertise before bringing in one of them.

"How did the heroes know to pick them up? And what do we know about those who were caught?"

Cisco shrugs as he glances between Wells and Barry, "But it can't hurt to get his advice, right? Isn't that one of those things they do? Security tech?"

There's another shake of Wells' head, "It's not quite that simple, Cisco. I don't like the idea of someone else being able to see what we do here. Even if we're told they can't. It's nearly impossible to ensure that someone else's technology isn't working that way." His lips press together into a thin line before addressing Barry's question, "Spiderwoman is something of an…" his head title to the side in search of the best word for what Gwen is, "ally to us."

This information is entirely new to Cisco: "Wait. What?" Cisco virtually beams.

Doctor Wells simply smiles and shrugs his shoulders, "I'd like to keep our secrets, secrets." The smile fades, however, as he wheels himself over to the keyboard once again. He swallows hard. "Although there are some — " shaking his head, whatever he'd intended to say is left to the ether. For now, anyways. "As it stands, we don't know much about the fellows caught. I was hoping perhaps the police department could provide us some insight?"

"Yeah, I can handle that for sure. I'll take a look in the database and see who processed the case," Barry says in response. His light eyes turn towards Cisco with a devilish grin, "Let me guess. She's pretty."

Barry shakes his head a little bit and just goes with it. "For what it's worth I'd rather keep any security measures done in house too. Stark, both of them, are known for being…" he hesitates as he thinks of the right word. "Cavalier."

"Any idea who might have any information on this DeViBro aside from us and Caitlin?"

"Oh," Cisco's eyes look up towards the ceiling, "like an angel. I should meet her. That would pretty awesome."

"I'm sure you will one day, Cisco," Wells grins in return. But Barry's thought about the Starks has Doctor Wells nodding, "I agree. Wholeheartedly. I wouldn't want any sensitive information leaving this place. Especially right now." His jaw tightens at the last question and he nearly hesitates. "Well, as you know, we don't have many people around here these days. Gwen Stacy is a graduate student who primarily works evenings. She's currently completing some work on genetics in our lab."

With a nod, Cisco picks up where Doctor Wells left off, "Then there's the guys that helped me build the thing in Starling City. They saw the blueprints though — wouldn't it just be easier for them to build their own?"

Clearing his throat, Wells adds one last name to the list, "And there's Bruce Banner. He's started using some lab space here after hours." Once more Cisco's reaction is one of surprise, prompting Wells to tack on, "Just days ago. I was gong to suggest he work with you or Caitlin to pool resources." He inhales a slow breath, "But, based on what I know of Doctor Banner's alter ego, if he wanted the machine, he would have it."

"Well, I look forward to meeting her too," Barry states as he gives another chuckle towards Cisco."

"I guess we should look into everything one by one, right Doctor?" Barry asks expectantly. "How can I help?" But when the topic turns to Banner, Barry gets a deep pit in his stomach. "Banner? /The/ Dr. Banner?" Barry frowns, because there's only one. And when Wells mentions the alter-ego bit, the young forensic scientist shakes his head, "Is he…volatile?"

Wells' eyebrows tick upwards as his eyes flit between the pair, "Doctor Banner was looking for lab space so he can continue his research for a cure for his… condition. Some of his other options wish to weaponize his condition rather than treat it. That's not our intention. And it's one of the reasons I'd rather not have Howard Stark poking around." The question about him being volatile warrants the faintest frown from Harrison Wells. "I'd asked myself the same thing. When he requested a meeting with me here, he seemed," choosiness once again beckons a pause, "stable." His throat clears, "That said, I would suggest anyone around him to exercise caution. There's no question he's a brilliant mind, and one we should consider ourselves honoured to work with, but his condition is somewhat in flux."

Cisco's eyes widen slightly, "Alright. So. The Lab just keeps getting more interesting. First the Flash, then Spiderwoman, now the Hulk. Not too shabby for STAR Labs."

Cisco's assessment of 'first things' warrants a deadening of Wells' expression. To Harrison Wells, the first piece of excitement was the absolute failure of the particle accelerator. But he doesn't say that aloud. "I wouldn't suggest calling him the Hulk," Wells sucks on the inside of his cheek. "But as far as looking into everything one by one, Barry. Absolutely. We need to look through the facts, and find any information we can about these young men who attempted to steal from us, and how they knew what to steal."

Barry does not seem totally at ease with the idea of Banner being in the building, but that being said, he wouldn't pass up the opportunity to ask him a few things. Don't call him the Hulk. Got it.

"Sounds good. I'll head back into work and take a look at the two perps and see what I can find. After that, maybe we rattle a few cages in Starling City."

Barry grabs at his jacket, intent on getting to work.

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