Unauthorized Communications

August 09, 2018:

Damian assassinates Spoiler. She survives. Spoiler talks to Damian about her recent conflict with the Justice League. Damian lectures her on her breach of protocol.

The Batcave



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Fade In…

It was two in the morning when a very modest white Toyota Corolla drove into the cave through the 'no one followed this car' entrance that only the Family knows about. The car was simple, understanded, normal. A street car that was only interesting because Spoiler stepped out of it after turning off the engine. It was a street car only interesting because not only did Spoiler step out of the car and pocket the keys, but she opened the trunk and started, with grunts of effort, begin unloaded what looked like pieced of a ruined …something.

The parts seemed like a motorcycle, only there were no wheels, no slots for wheels.


The cave’s autonomous systems power up as the Corolla rolls down the metal gang-way that leads to the center of the cave. Lights along the runway power on at regular intervals to clearly demarcate the edge of the bridge beyond which there is a severe drop into blackness. Were Spoiler to have somehow gained unauthorized entry with her unremarkable vehicle the bridge would still have lit up, encouraging her forward, only to suddenly collapse. It is one of the most basic but also one of the most hazardous security measures in place.

When the car rolls to a stop there is a familiar ‘hush’ as precision hydraulics spin the vehicle at the center of the dias and then roll it backward to a parking station where it finally comes to a rest – so that the system is prepared for the next arrival.

The cave currently appears empty. The Batmobile is gone. The bat computer appears lifeless. Auxiliary craft such as the bat plane, the robincycle, and even the bat boat are in their assigned stations.

The computer offers no welcome. The click of the trunk echoes through the cave. The clang of metal parts and the strain of the effort sounding hollow.

But is she truly alone..?

Fifty feet above, obscured by where the dim lighting creates a void of perfect shadow, a figure clings to one of the dozens of artificial stalactites. He is positioned so that the physical rock separates him from Spoiler so were she to look up he would have no signature. Their lead core designed to even refract the vision of Kryptonians who might someday plunder the cave.

When she begins her labor he releases the stalactite. Leaning backward impossibly so that he hangs upside down gripping the protrusion with only his thighs and hangs upside down but only for an instant. The /moment/ he is in position he hurls an object. Lightweight. Silent. With the skill of a master. A black sharpie – a harmless marker - sails through the blackness aimed at the nape of her neck.


So focused on her task, in this the safety of hte Batcave, really Spoiler ought to know better! She sets the next piece down and straightens.. into the marker. It connects with her blonder hair, staining the golden strands as she spnis, staff drawn and at the ready. Cowl still in place, she scans the area, looking up to find…

"Ugh! You!" Her voice is high pitched, the modulator turned off, and though she's annoyed there's a bit of a giggle to her tone. Her stance relaxes out of ready to fight, and her staff is collapsed and set back where it belongs.

"What are you doing?" Spoiler asks then gaze falling to the floor to look to see what he hit her with. Oh. A …marker? From that distance. Spoiler presses her lips together, lips she paints purple-black now. She's hoping that it hides the annoyedly impressed smile. She knows she couldn't make that shot.


Upon impact, Damian gives a joyous cry, “ASSASINATED!”

Thighs relax releasing his grip upon the stalactite. He begins to plummet, arms and legs wide providing view of his armor brushed with muted reds and greens. The hooded cloak twirls in the sudden updraft like a parachute that’s failing to open. Except that what comes next would be expected. Twenty feet above her head the cloth suddenly goes rigid and he glides rapidly forward like a wingsuit daredevil.

The cape goes soft again, he flips, and them impacts upon the top of the car which lurches a bit, “Me?” Damian replies, “I /live/ here.” His hands go to his hips and he lords over her petulantly, black cloak hanging at bit on his akimbo elbows, “What are you /doing here/?” His head tilts downward a bit so that its clear he’s looking at the ruined … whatever it is even though white lenses cover his eyes, “Other than littering my cave with your junker,” pregnant pause, “and whatever /scrap/ you’re hauling.”

“Is /father/ testing you?” Damian asks her, “Where did you find this heap? Did you sweep it for bugs before you drove it into the /batcave/? What about Lojack? On Star? Does it have satellite radio?" At each additional thing his voice grows more and more judgmental.


That cry. Spoiler looked up from her study of hte marker, just as Robin is swopping down on her and she manages NOT to yelp. She does duck, however. And then he lands ON the car.

"Hey! Get off my car," Stephanie admonishes him, waving a hand like a civilian would wave a hand at an errant bird perched on a car roof.

"You're going to dent the roof!" she adds, like it MATTERS.

"It was this or call the Avengers and have THEM haul it in for me and then I'd have to explain why I faced down some Leaguers against some alien queen or whatever. I need repairs and my place doesn't have the right tools, okay? Now, get down!" Spoiler's voice is so high and girlie and worried sounding, she flaps her hand again, still trying toe dislodge Damian.

"No he is not testing… seriously? Get off!" she repeats, trying to grba an ankle to haul him down to the ground, or else push him, or somethign ANYTHING, making it clear that she's refusing to anser until he's down off the roof of her car.

…/her/ car?


When she cries out in protest his face lights with utter delight and then laughs with derision.

He simply lifts his leg when he grabs for his ankle and flips backward over the edge of the car landing upon the narrow ledge between it and the chasm. With the car between he and her Robin gives her an impish grin, “Relax, Spoiler,” he chides her, “No one’s going to notice another dent on this heap.”

“Wait? This is Avengers Tech?” His amusement ebbs slightly and he comes around the back of her car to get a better look, “Whose is it? Iron Man or Little Iron Wannabe?” He won’t confess the latter option is far more interesting because of the future tech-implications.

“Why are you fighting aliens?” He asks the tone of his voice making it sound like he thinks that’s a rather stupid thing to be doing, “Did you at least win?” Pointed look at the remains of the bike and reaches to pat her car, “I’m thinking: No.”


"I'm going to notice. I have to DRIVE this car, a car I will remind you that I am STILL making payments on, thankyouverymuch. -SOME- of us doin't have an endless supply of money to do whatever they want it," Spoiler counters, a puot and a huff on her frame that makes her look so much younger than her twentyish years. She folds her arms over her purple batsymbol.

"Yes. And it's Richards' tech. I dont' tend to use Stark's suit on a daily basis. I already made some modifications, but now it's broken completely. And I wasn't /fighting/ aliens. I was trying to keep the Justive League from figthing an alien in the street, filled with civilian cars, near building of civilian apartments, in teh middle of hte night when everyoen would be home and asleep. I was being hte -responsibile- one," is the explanation. One given with a roll of her eyes as she moves over to get another piece of bike from the back seat this time.

"Well, I stopped the fight and other than the orange skinned green eyed shoots lasers from her hands destroying two cars like an idiot, no one was hurt but my skycyckle, which I sacrificed to block a blow from Fairchild. So, technically: YES." So there.


“/Oh/, I see,” Damian says in an exaggerated fashion, “You were protecting the alien and the civilians from the Justice League? That doesn’t make /any sense/.” Then he steps to the side and opens the other rear door, “I mean, /unless/ they’ve finally gone rogue but I think I would have heard about that.”

He begins to extract another piece of her bike, “So where is your new alien friend, then?”


"I doubt they've gone rogue. But Green Lantern put up a boxing ring of all things so the Queen and Farichild could duke it out. It was stupid," Spoiler retorts, thankful Damian helps get the pieces of her shattered skycycle from her car.

"And I dont' know. I… I maybe didn't get a tracker on her," she mumbles as softly as she can, because it hadn't occurred to her but it does now and now she's upset with herself even more and ugh!


“So you saved an alien from the /justice league/ and then /lost her/?” Damian repeats, “That sounds like: Technically Not a Win.”

He pulls a piece of the sky-cycle out and then drags it over to the rear of the car with the rest of the pieces. Dropping smoothly to a kneel and his gloved hands begin to sort through the pieces, “So this thing can’t even take a single blow from a super-strong meta-human? What a waste of tech. If that’s the best Iron Lad’s got he’s going to get peeled like a banana someday. Maybe we should just throw this heap into the chasm and start over.”

He doesn’t do that though. He keeps rooting around until he finds pieces that are not just armor plating – the guts of it – and begins to sort those into their own pile.

“So what else have you been up to?”


With the last of the skycycle laid out like a murder victim, Spoiler kneels with Damian and starts sorting too. She at least knows what the bike looked like.

"Guardian. Iron Guardian, now. And Fairchild is not just super strong… and she used a lamppost like a baseball bat… It… It wasn't pretty," Spoier says, trying to defened Nathaniel a little bit as she works.

"Work. School. Patrols. …I opted out of class this past month, so that was a little better for my sleep schedule," Spoiler replies, eyes on her work.


“Sleep schedule …,” Damian repeats and Spoiler’s training in interrogation would detect the hint of *amusement* in his voice. The word ‘schedule’ drags outward as if he were to say something else but he just lets the word sit open between them as he continues to sort through the wreckage.

“What about Drake?” Damian picks the thread back up, “Does he share your /sleep schedule/?” Damian asks a hint of cruelty wrapped around the question in his voice as he picks up one mirrored piece and examines it. Face unchanged.


Misfit arrives from The Sound Stages.


"Yes. Some of us also have to do that sleep thing," Spoiler retorts as she ends up with two pieces that look enough aliek that she suddenly doesn't know where they go. She's busy looking bewteen them when Damian drops THAT question on her and behind her cowl, her eyes widen. it's nto seen, of course, because of the AR lenses, but the way her body goes still is more than enough of a tell for those that know how to read her.

And the question run circles aruond her is: Oh God… which Drake!?

"How should I know?" she fires out, the pause way longer than it needed to be; another tell. Her purple lips press together again as she makes a CHOICE about the bits of scrap on the floor of one of the parking spots for bat vehicles. There is a motorcycle's worth of broken pieces.. and a very unwhelming white Toyota Corolla in teh space, along with Robin and Spoiler. And So far Spoiler's done an amazing job of blushing… too much.

Dammit, Damian!


There is a slash of Pink and Purple Smoke »pinkurple» as Misfit arrives like she always does, bouncing into the room from. Well you know what it could be just about anywhere really. "wooo Oo."

Misfit coughs and looks around blinking behind her goggles and then carefully pushes them up out of her eyes onto her cowl. If interrogated she would honestly admit she is curious what the other two are up to in the parking area. Still. Be cool Charlie. Be cool. So she walks that way now rather chill, trying too hard to be chill to a trained eye. "Hey you two. Sup?" one would think she would be cooler being a resident orphan and staying around here but no. Not cool.


Damian just laughs. In the gloomy atmosphere of the cave it’s a hollow devilish sound more indicative of his grandfather, the Demon, than the Batman whom seldom laughs at all and never in such a mocking way.

He drops the mirrored piece back into the pile and then looks at her the smug satisfaction absolutely dripping from his features.

Damian bristles slightly at the slash of pink and purple smoke. Perhaps surprised. Perhaps just annoyed that someone has intruded upon his fun. Robin stands then and lets his shoulders sag so the black hooded cloak falls forward to conceal his arms, “Hello /Misfit/,” He greets the other resident of Wayne Manor. One might expect some familiarity between the pair but Damian’s nature is such that he views the other vigilante as an interloper on his domain.

Which typically means that he keeps her at arm’s length. Something that no doubt Alfred has attempted to frame in the most positive manner possible.

“Spoiler and I were just discussing her breach of protocol. /Father/ will be most displeased when he finds out that she has been connecting to unsecure lines to flirt with her /boyfriend/.” Then his head drops to regard the heap of pieces, “And she has wrecked her flying motorcycle fighting the Justice League,” pause, “Yes /fighting the Justice League/.”

“So,” he’s looking at Spoiler now, “Tell us what he’s told you about himself and then I will tell you what I have discovered about him.”


That laugh. It prickles at Stephanie's skin, makes her feel jittery on the inside in a way that it entirely uncomfortable. She looks over when he stands, and offers a small little, almost shy in the face of that grating laugh, smile in greeting. About to speak, Robin presses forward and Spoiler snaps her head toward the younger batling. Her lips part a bit and she pushes to her feet, angered and blushing all at the same time.

So much bravado right until he goads her. Her cheeks darken even more, and a faint tremble shakes the ends of her hair. Gold aginst black cape.

"Don't. Don't you dare," she counters, but has nothing no threat to offer in reply, nothing but indignation and a tight curl of insettled fear that she's keeping down with sheer stubbornness and nothing else.


For like, half a moment there Misfit was hopefuly that Damian was giving her a nice greeting. Nope. the /Misfit/ tells her she is still on the outs. Honestly it is like dumping a happy puppy in to live with a shark.

Responding to the whole baiting taunting back and forth seems like a pretty bad idea. Still curiousity. So strong in this one. If it was the force Charlie could probably move moons in their orbits with it. "Um" she says very adroitly. "Who is wait.." pause .. pause "Why were you fighting the league? Did they get taken over with brainwashing mind control villainy?"


‘Don’t. Don’t you dare.’

Brows arch slightly at that demonstrating that he is intrigued to hear exactly what leverage she will claim to have against him. Nothing. The smug look somehow manages to gain another level of intensity.

“Do not worry,” Damian retorts, “I am not interested in your sleep schedule. Nightwing’s nickname is well-earned for he has certainly had his share. However, Nightwing has never threatened the sanctity of father’s trust.”

The young Wayne gives a sigh, “You’ve really left me no /choice/,” he laments, “It’s a clear breach of security I am /required/ to investigate him now but /don’t worry/ I’ll be discrete.”

Then he looks at Misfit, nodding appreciatively, “That’s what I thought.” The petulance dissolved from his tone as if suddenly uniting with Misfit against Spoiler, “No. Hal Jordan is simply /a fool/ but that’s hardly a surprise. At least, that’s what /she/ said.” He tilts his head in a maneuver indicative of his gaze cutting briefly back to Spoiler.

“It’s almost two-thirty and since I won’t be able to get any work done /here/ with everyone lurking about I think I’ll go out for a while.”

He nods to Misfit, and then to Spoiler, in a casual fashion as if he had not just tried to embarrass or berate anyone, “Have a good evening.”


Charlie opens her mouth and closes it. "Green Lantern is a fool?" she seems confused. Then again Charlie really idolizes all the heroes and tries to imitate them so much. She looks between you both.

"Have a good patrol Damian." Misfit finally offers and then turns to look back to Spoiler. "Everything okay?" she frowns and then steps to look the bike over, in all the pieces. "this is really messed up."


Spoiler's shoulders are all sorts of too tense and too tight and it's childish and smacks of what she was at 15 rather than what she is now at 21. But the heir apparent struck a nerve and it shows.

"Don't do this," the blonde says softly. Her tone is flat, but the Robin would know a near plea when he hears one. her fingers curl into fists, the tremble more noticeable. Everything was fine! Everything was normal! This wasn't liek Tim and this wasn't like Flash. This was.. This was… different. Drake didn't KNOW, she didn't have to be Spoiler also around him. For a moment she got to forget. But the brat had LISTENED. Stephanie knew it had been a risk, but Drake sounded so down and odd that she had to… But the brat admitted… He listened! It makes her want to punch his gloating face. It makes her want to scream in his face. It makes her want to cry in frustration: Can't she have ONE nice thing?!

She does none of it. Her 'plea' fell on deaf ears. She knows, and so she turns away.

"It's just a brokwn bike," Spoiler replies, tone soft and flat and not defeated — your tone is defeated!


“Thank you, Misfit.” Damian replies.

Then he looks at Spoiler and with a completly nausiatingly faux apologetic tone says, “I have to.”

Robin then moves towards the center of the cave’s garage hand disappearing under his cloak as he triggers an unseen device.

The cave comes to life then. The Robincycle rotates and then rolls forward to the center platform which then turns so that it’s facing the exit. Damian then reaches to the hood of his cloak which he pulls upward and over his face obscuring it in shadow before climbing aboard the two-wheeled batpod.

The electric motor comes on with a soft whine. Then he guns it. The vehicle takes off with a sharp ROAR propelling him into the tunnel. Into the night.

But he’s left something behind.

Earlier he asked if Spoiler had swept her vehicle for surveillance devices before bringing it into the cave. She never answered that question. That’s fine. When he was helping remove pieces from the car he bugged the back seat. A tiny ultra-sensitive microphone concealed between the rear seat’s back and cushion. Hooked to the metal anchor behind the seat that she would use to attach a carseat to the vehicle frame – if she had a child.


Misfit looks after Damian and then shakes her head and looks back to Spoiler "yeah but it was a really cool bike…" she steps over to crouch down. "Anything I can do to help with it?" she looks up to Spoiler and seems to be genuine about helping. Unlike some bugging sorts. "You'd have to tell me what to do though." a smile.

"Also.. um.." peers around. "Is it me or is Damian kind of mean?"


Spoiler is just standing there, 'staring' at her bike. She's not really looking at it. She's got her eyes closed, working to keep her emotions in check. An inhale and her eyes open behind her cowl.

"He is… as he is," is all Spoiler says of the other batling. "I'm not.. sure yet what I'm doing with it so… I guess. until I know… there isn't much… more.." She hates not knowing. It bugs her and she takes another breath.


straightens up from her crouch and pulls her goggles down to briefly look over the bike with the HUD in place. Then pushes them up out of the way again. "Where did you get it?" she turns and finally kind of groks the expression and tension with Stephanie

She reaches out with a gloved hand to try to touch your arm. "Seriously don't let the darkjerk get to you. It will totes be okay." trying to be optimistic as always.


It's an optimism that is normally Stephanie's schtick, and it's hard to be that all the time, which everything that's happened.

"Avengers. I'm on the roster," she replies, not flinching away from the touch, the warmth of someone not out to aggitate her.

"Yeah… But until then… Now i have to worry about him actually folllowing through…"


Misfit gives her arm a squeeze then listens quietly. "Wow. I'm on the Titans. Well I invited myself and I dare RR to say no…" that sounds like Misfit. "Avengers though is super big league.. wow.." she shakes her head boggling. "Congrats!" then there is a pause.

"He is threatening to investigate your new boyfriend right. What did he do anyways.. the new boy.. that would be bad?"


"Really? That's all it took? I really don't think Rob would've taken kindly if I had done the same," Spoiler replies, lips on a rueful smirk. To teh gratz, SPoiler rolls a shoulder, still feeling upset by things. Of course NEW noyfriend is mentioned, which is also something she was tryingto hide, but she's a bat. It wasn't goingto be secret for long. She nods once.

"Nothing. He didn't do anything… I… It's my fault," Spoiler admits and then drops down to crouch by the bike. It's more a motion to hang her head and not have it be noticed.


"Well. I mean I became friends with Impulse, Cait, and Raven so it kind of just was a logical next step…and I can bypass security. I think I just wore him down you know?" she gives a half hearted smile. Hell though this is probably good for Charlie. God knows she just wants friends, to belong, and be considered a superhero. No untouched depths (beyond the really fucked up ones under those amnesia spells).

"Anways…. I am sure it will be okay and the Man won't be too upset. It's cool you have a new boyfriend." she seems to mean it too.


Is it though? Does Misfit know what happened to the prior one? And could she even phathon the utter disaster that hangs between her and Tim? She has to swallow at the name Impulse. She knows the boy, in passing, briefly. (HA! the puns)

"Yeah…. I'm glad. He… he needs more friends," she comments of Tim, without commenting about the new boyfriend. She will not have second thoughts.


"Well. I'm not sure jhe is my friend. I sure hope so but he is very distant and always so serious. I swear he is more a clone of the Man than Robin is." oooh low blow Misfit. "At least he isn't a jerk I guess."

"Want to get a pizza or raid the fridge. I know where Alfred hides the ice cream."


Still so serious? Somethings never change. And it doesn't make Spoiler smile. It makes her sigh softly, sadly, at the what ifs and could have beens that died 'with' her in that explosion and fire. Spoiler straightens up again.

"Yeah. I should eat something and then get back down here and see what I can figure out before finding a good place to dump my car so the police can find it for me." …as far as convulted things said goes.. that's not even really all that twisted of a thing for the bat family, is it?


"Awesome. I'm going to get out of my gear and bounce up and throw in a pizza. Join me when you get situated?" she smiles "Also I can bounce the car if you have a spot in mind later so let me know." she vanishes with a slash of pink and purple smoke. Off to her gear storage to switch clothes. Okay Misfit is odd.


But. It's a good kind of odd. One that makes Steph's life feel normal. The blonde grins lightly and moves to get ready to pull an all nighter, starting wit hthat pizza.

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