An awkward family reunion

August 07, 2018:

Laura runs into Logan after her rescue. Awkward parenting ensues.

Breakstone Lake - Xavier's Grounds - New York City

This Lake is where the Dutch founders and builders of Xavier's current day estate excavated the stones and built the Mansion.
Fed from Spuyer Devil Cove just to the north, this lake is a place upon the Grounds of Xavier's Institute property that is prized for its solace in the surrounding forestry, as well as for swimming in the heats, and Ice Hockey in the winters.
If you exit the Japanese styled gardens and maze on the southwestern path, the way towards the lake is straight-forward and straddled by a planted path of Katsura and Ginko trees. A low-beaten path will guide you through and into the denser native forestry of Birch, Maple, Dogwood, Sassafras, and Sweetgum. Smokebush is outer laying to the lining of forestry as well as along the outskirts of the shores of Breakstone, itself. Mixed with vining that grows dense through the summer it all fades to make the forest look 'on fire' in the fall, and 'haunting' in the winter - when layers of white coat over shadowed skeletal branches.

This is a place of peace, serenity, and echoes of laughter since the 1800's, even until current day. Off the East bank is the best place to watch the sun set behind the hills of the landscape beyond.


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Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Laura is technically supposed to be tucked up in a Medical bed within the mansion. A full day is more than enough to heal the physical wounds, but the mental damage? Who knows how extensive that might be. But few people would be foolish enough to try stop her leaving, not if she's just staying within the mansion grounds.

And so Laura sits in the curve of a treet branch, dressed in a set of generic grey sweats the mansion has on hand, looking out over the lake and smoking one of Logan's cigars. She may not have had explicit permission to take one, but they weren't exactly locked away. Not with a look that could keep her out anyway. Which is pretty much the same thing as permission…


Almost as soon as he makes it out into the rear grounds of the mansion, his senses are filled with a familiar scent. A scent dear to him. His cigars. But it ain't him smoking. His grizzled features crumple into a slight grimace as he sifts through the dense smoke odor and picks out the source. Something he hasn't caught wind of in quite a while.

Still pouring the beer down his throat, he alters his trajectory towards the tree where the odor seems to be drifting from until he catches sight of her hanging out on a branch with one of his darlings. Lowering the can and wiping off excess beer from his mouth with the back of his hand, he peers up at Laura, "Got any more o' those, kid?"


Laura Kinney blows out a smoke ring, then shakes her head. "I only took the one. Rest are still inside," she replies with a shrug. "It's been.. a rough week." She flicks a little ash off. "Things been busy around the mansion? I'm a little out of the loop and everything feels.. a bit fuzzy." She sighs. "Not sure it's helping, except to mask the scents. Enjoyment of tobacco might not be something I inherited."


Placing the case of beer on the grass beside the tree, Logan glances out over the lake and furrows his brows as he peers out over the rippling surface. He manages to look agitated to anyone who doesn't really know him. Anyone else knows that's just his face. Although he is a little agitated that she didn't grab an extra cigar. He does glance up with an arched brow, "I'll take it off yer hands if ya don't like it then, darlin'."

Reaching down into the case, he snatches out another beer and hoists it up into the air towards her, "Give this a try. Works for me sometimes." Probably not a Father-Of-The-Year move, but hell. He's trying.

Resting his shoulder against the trunk of the tree, he returns to gazing out over the water, "What's on yer mind?"


There is a moments consideration, then another shrug and an exchange of half a cigar for a can of beer. "Probably just drained from too much healing," Laura responds as she cracks open the beer. "Think they shot me with enough tranq darts to knock out half the worlds elephants." She takes a swig. "Didn't really help them much in the end though."

"I wonder if there was even a point. I remember it seemed like a good plan. Get myself captured, save myself having to track people around the world, then deal with the problem. I'm alive, they aren't. Still doesn't feel much like a win though."


Taking the cigar, Logan stuffs it in the corner of his mouth and clamps down on the tip with his teeth and takes a long drag. The smoke drifts up his cheeks and into his eyes, causing them to water for a moment. He closes his eyes and slowly exhales a thick cloud of smoke into the air. It almost appears therapeutic for him.

His nostrils flare as he shifts his weight against the tree and considers her words. It's a strange thing having someone here who he can relate to in some way. Or more than one way in this case. "If yer alive an' they aren't, then it is a win." He looks up into the tree at her, "Doesn't mean ya can't be careful though, kid." He takes another long drink of beer, finishing the can and tossing it onto the grass next to the rest. "Could'a used backup."


"Did I ever tell you I have a photographic memory?" Laura muses, glancing down at Logan. "No idea if that's something I get from you. Backup wouldn't have been possible. Not for what I need to do. The school just doesn't teach the right skills." She takes another swig of beer. "Besides, it was a lot of /work/. I wouldn't want anyone else to have to carry that. Not for me."


He's got no idea if the memory is something she got from him either. His spotty memory due to the implants he's received over the years means he just can't trust what he thinks he knows about his past so her guess is as good as his. For all he knows her memory capabilities could've been honed in the lab.

He glances up and watches her intently as she explains why no backup was possible. "Look," he says as his eyes divert back down to the water. A pause as he takes a drag from the cigar, "I know. But there are people who can help when ya need it." Specifically himself, although he finds himself having a difficult time admitting it.


"Well, it's done now." Laura sighs, then returns to her usually blank expression. "I will recover, it's what we do. Things may not have worked out quite as I intended but it will hurt them, force them to replan and rebuild. It'll have to be enough." She drains the beer. "The same approach won't likely work the next time anyway."


Hearing the can of beer above him emptying, Logan bends down and grabs another can from the case and lifts it up towards her should she want another one. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to bonding with the man. Staring at the lake and pounding beer.

He knows nothing about the situation she was in and isn't about to go pryin' to find out. She'll tell him if she wants to. He takes another drink of beer without removing the cigar from his mouth. He glances up at her again and simply observes. He has the benefit of experience on her and may know how she feels, but he also knows how she would feel about him giving her any sort of advice. Stubborn kid. Just like him. "Might work if they aren't expectin' two of us."


"It was the end of the lead I was following.. Not sure it's worth planning how to deal with the next lead until I know what it is," Laura admits, taking the offered beer and balancing her empty on her knee. "I don't think I plan on actively hunting leads in the near future either. Wait for the dust to settle. So people calm down and get lazy again."

She cracks the beer open and adds "If nothing else I know now there are some skills I have to improve upon. Piloting lessons perhaps would prove useful in particular. I don't want to rely upon smuggling myself across international borders by hiding in a wheel carriage again. Healing extreme cold and low oxygen at the same time was.. unpleasant."


Resting his shoulder against the tree once more, a few shards of bark crumple beneath his weight and tumble to the grass. Her recollection of healing the cold and low oxygen brings back memories. He's been in a few plane wheel wells himself and she's damn right it wasn't a walk in the park.

Silence falls between them as the water from the lake gently laps against the shore in sets. A cricket chirps somewhere in the distance. Cigar smoke disturbs the clarity of the air. "Anythin' I can do for ya, kid?" he asks finally. The sound of the words nearly make him cringe as he hears them leaving his throat. He's not good at this shit. Doesn't know if he wants to be.


Laura Kinney is silent for a few moments, then shakes her head "No. Although if anyone does ask you can tell them I'll be fine. I do not know if it will come up, I suppose it depends on what the current situation is. I've been away long enough that almost anything could have happened. Things do often seem to get unusual at the mansion."


Unusual is pretty normal around the mansion, sure. Although a part of him thinks she may have enjoyed being a part of some of the things he's been up to with Lorna lately. Some things that the powers-that-be at Xavier's would not be too pleased with. Maybe next time he'll invite her along, if she's feeling up to it that is.

He drains the rest of his beer and tosses the empty can beside the others and idly rolls the cigar in his mouth between his thumb and index finger. "I'll let 'em know." It probably won't come up. It doesn't when he disappears for weeks or months at a time. It's something everyone has come to expect from him. Probably from her too, now.


"I should probably find something in the way of food. Beer does have calories but I should ensure my body recovers most efficiently," Laura decides, before pretty much downing the second beer in one long gulp. Her head tilts to one side, glancing down "In future I'll ask before helping myself to a cigar."


The man nods. Whether it's in direct response to her need for food or acknowledgement that he acted as a father figure in some half-assed attempt is either of their guess. He bends down and stuffs the empty beer cans into the case with the fresh ones. Gotta keep the grounds nice 'n clean.

Emitting a slight grunt as he straightens, the case back under his arm, he glances up at Laura and touches his finger to his forehead then releases in a mock simple salute, "Don't worry 'bout it, kid. Just grab an extra one for me just in case next time."

With that, he turns and starts to resume his path towards his cabin. Still has three quarters of a case of beer to plough through tonight. After taking another drag from his cigar, he twists his head slightly and calls back over his shoulder, "Door's open if ya need it."

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