A Princess Meets a Queen

August 08, 2018:

Diana Princess stumbles across an alien from another world hovering in the sky over Manhattan, eating a bowl of ice cream.

Manhattan sky

Above the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


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This has been an interesting visit to this planet so far. Cocky space police, cocky red heads, and juggernauts galore. She has truly enjoyed the place and teh people of this planet are very generous with their gifts. Well, generous in a way. They were really kinda both feeding off the equal parts intimidation and beauty factor. This woman was massive and scary and asking for things and claiming to be a queen. Sure, the novelty would wear off but she was an intimidating thing. So, now she's floating above Upper Manhattan with a bowl of ice cream and enjoying quite a bit.

Diana's home location is that of Manhattan. Superman has Metropolis and Batman has that city of his that he's more than welcome to keep. But NYC? Thats where Diana resides and she patrols it regularly. Today is no exception as Maxima sits high in the sky enjoying a bowl of ice cream, Diana PrinceWonder Womansoars through the air from the south and curves her way around a building's peak.

Wearing a dark blue robe that covers her armor, Diana spots the figure in the sky and she adjusts her course to bring her toward Maxima, coming up on the woman's left side… mostly silent, but certainly not trying to sneak. As she draws nearer, Diana halts her flight and hovers several feet away.

"Hello." Diana greets the other, eyeing her with her sky blue eyes.

Takes a bite of ice cream and lets out a soft contented sigh before looking over at Diana and blinking in surprise. She lowers her legs so she is standing in the sky rather than sitting as she watches the woman. She looks her over, rather obviously as she puts the spoon to her lips. She stops her gaze upon those blue eyes and then says, "Well, hello." She floats closer and grins wide.

"I am Maxima, Queen of Almerac. Who might you be?"

Diana's dark brown locks of hair are gently waving around her head in the winds up here above the city, and that dark blue robe about her body is also gently swirling around her form, showing off armored legs and wrists beneath the fabric.

"I am Diana, of the Justice League. Protector of this city and its people." She replies in her thick Greek accented English. "I do not mean to disturb you either. You are not doing anything wrong by being up here enjoying the fine day. I am simply…" Diana's pointed chin lowers softly then. "Investigating, as it is fairly rare to see someone do such a thing." She then tilts her head just a little in curiosity. "All is well with you? I have not heard of Almerac…"

"It is far from here." She gestures upward and then looks to Diana, "Many light years, as this Earth describes them. An impossible journey by this world's standards." She considers and then frowns a little, "Justice League." She nods her head and then takes a bite of ice cream before gesturing at Diana, "Are you going to be attacking me as well?" She asks and then floats forward, "Or attempting to get me to give you a breakdown of my reasons to do anything I do." She seems not exactly aggressive as she is somewhat, annoyed as she watches Diana.

Diana watches the woman take another bite of the ice cream, and she certainly can't blame her for that as that treat is one of her favorite own. Softly she shakes her head from side to side toward her. "I have no intentions of attacking you unless given reason to do so. We strive for peace on this planet, and we will welcome those who do the same. Only if that peace is broken is there then a reason for me to press an attack." Diana then nods once again to her, softly also. "But enjoying a bowl of ice cream and a nice view… is no such reason for aggressive actions."

After another small pause, her eyes remaining on Maxima's face. "I am, point in fact, quite happy to meet a person from another world who has come all this distance to spend a little time on our own world."

A smile and she nods, "Well, the views have certainly improved." She nods her head as she floats closer, "Though, I will say you are the first one of this Justice League who has made me feel welcome. There is another who was rather welcoming though he stated to not be with you." She nods her head as she then considers her ice cream and looks down, "Though I did come to meet with your heroes. Not for any particular reason than my own curiosity, of course, but your planet does have a reputation."

Diana does not budge from her space in the sky as the other floats about. She shows a faint and shortlived smile before exhaling softly. "I am sorry if others have treated you poorly since you arrived. If you really are here with only peaceful intentions, then it is unfair of them to have done that… But as you say, Earth has a reputation about it and we find ourselves often treated as an intersection within the galactic playfield of different space cultures. It leads us playing host to a lot of… onsavory types who do not wish to 'play nicely' with us. It puts some of our powered citizens on a defensive nature, especially if they have suffered hardships because of it."

Diana pauses her words then and dips her head in another nod of acknowledgement. "I apologize on their behalf… There are also many different groups of powered people here upon Earth. The Justice League, the Avengers, Alpha Flight, and many others all with a diverse roster of members."

A considering moment and she nods, "I see." SHe gestures to Diana, "Well, as the Queen of Almerac I do accept your apology. I was told by the Lantern 2814 that there would be recompense but the people of Earth have been most welcoming with their hot dogs, chips, and ice cream." She gestures to the bowl, "This one is called Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Caramel." She nods her head, "It is particularly well done. What the Earthlings lack in strength or fighting skill, they do make up for in culinary ability." She smiles a little and then considers.

"I would very much like to meet these Avengers and perhaps even this Alpha Flight but for now, I would hate to neglect you." She moves closer and smiles, "Diana of the Justice League, what do you do for fun around here besides fly about in a cloak?"

Diana has to show a soft smile at the bit about the treats and food that the foreign Queen has experienced in her time thus far on Earth. She nods once toward her. "I am glad you have enjoyed at least that much, and yes, that Lantern is a very good friend of mine and he is a reliable ally should you ever need one. The longer you spend with the average human of Earth, the more you will come to realize that what they lack in physical strength they make up for in many other ways, such as heart and perseverance."

And then when the Queen draws closer Diana turns her head to follow her and watch her draw near. "I am a Princess to an island nation here upon Earth. I am the daughter of a Queen and the Ambassador of my people to the rest of the planet." She tilts her head very slightly then. "This… takes up much of my days that are not already occupied by what I do with the League. But, I find much of that work to be 'fun' so I have no complaints on the matter. And there is always time for ice cream after a good dinner… Or perhaps before, depending on how much one needs to indulge in that moment." And she shows a slight grin then.

A hmm and she considers that before saying, "I suppose those are admirable traits." She looks then with a blink at Diana and states, "Royalty?" She asks and hmms before she tilts her head to the side, causing red hair to fall to the left over her shoudler, "I see. So, perhaps then you would be able to at some point show me more good things to eat, Princess?" She asks and idly puts the spoon to her lips, "I'd very much like that."

Diana continues to hover in place, the edge of Central Park's northeastern corner beneath them far below. She nods her head once to the other royal blooded individual. "I would be happy to, so long as you are on Earth you should get to experience the best culinary arts we have to offer. And as it so happens the Chef at my people's Embassy here in the city is a world class level artist. I would be more than happy to have a meal arranged soon for you to try a very great dining experience. That is, after all, a wonderful way to welcome someone to a new world… Rather than attacking them, yes?"

A nod and she smiles, "As long as I get to share that meal with you then I accept." She nods her head as she looks at her ice cream and finishes the last bite, "Delicious." She nods her head as she then looks up to Diana, "Diana of Themyscira, I do believe you have renewed my faith in the choice to come here." She nods her head, "If you run into the one known as Caitlin, let her know I forgive her transgression and wish to meet with her a second time."

Diana shows a pleasant smile at the words from the Queen. "I am pleased to hear that, I would wish to see your world someday myself, but… rarely have I had the opportunity to leave my own. For being such a inter-galactic incapable culture, our world is still very… active in its need for protection." A soft grin is shown to the rest of what Maxima says then. "Caitlin… ahh, yes, that explains much. Should I see her again soon, I shall relay your message. I apologize for interrupting your relaxation up here as well, and letting your ice cream melt in the process. I will have to owe you another bowl of it to make amends."

"I'll hold you to that." She gestures idly at Diana and nods her head as she then licks the spoon clean of another bite and then leans toward her, "And I truly intend to." She nods her head before she turns her gaze to the bowl again and finishes it off before looking up, "I look forward to more time with you in the future, Diana." She nods her head, "Perhaps we may even compare our fighting styles." SHe tilts her head, "I assume that you are a warrior as well?"

"Born. And Raised." Diana replies to that last question then after releasing a light laugh at the other comments from the Queen before her. "I look forward to speaking to you more and perhaps finding out more about your world and your people." Diana then bows her head out of respect toward the redheaded royal before her and then angles her body to the other direction. "I shall be on my way and let you return to your sight seeing. Please, should you need any assistance do not hesitate to search me out. My Embassy is just there…" Diana points to the upper east side of the island of Manhattan not far from where they are really. "The Themysicran Embassy, it is not hard to find." She starts floating off then, but glances back with her dark brown hair flowing back out of her eyes. "Enjoy the rest of your evening."


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