Long Live The Queen

August 07, 2018:

The Juggernaut's back in town! So naturally his first encounter is with an alien queen that considers herself all powerful. Let the clash of egos commence!

Central Park


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Central Park isn't without its assortment of strange denizens, passer byers and park goers among the rest of the populace who frequent its sprawling acres.

Cain Marko certainly counts more for the former rather then the latter. As such, his presence draws some attention and carries with it an aura that unsettles most people who lay eyes upon him. He looms over a slightly panicked and visibly nervous hotdog vendor who trembles in the presence of the gargantuan man and waits for him to finish looking over a menu sporting various collections of junk food, soda and other assortments to buy alongside the comically small hot dog he holds in his massive hand. His shirt, a tee-shirt showing Godzilla peering between skyscrapers with a destructive grin on its features seems all to appropriate.

Did we mention he's huge? Because he is. A gargantuan wrecking ball of a man with a swelling physique that makes it appear as if he just downed the entire defensive line of the entire eastern football conference for lunch. A vast wreckign ball of a man with dark shades atop a bullish nose that hides his ice blue eyes as they peer over the food and then settle on a bag oc chips. These he plucks up with two tree branch thick fingers while the hot dog vendor continues to wait patiently and nervously in the brutes presence.


And then comes another unique person within Central Park. The Queen Maxima was in Central Park, getting a sort of lay of the land after having arrived here and ending up attacked. She was not at all excited by this but then again, she had decided to forgive and forget (for now) and instead do what she came here for. To see the sights. Now she still stands out due to her way of dressing. The green, black, and gold outfit with its big white cape flowing around her shoulders and back as she walks along. Her long red hair flicking this way and that.

She spots the big man that is Cain Marko and hmms softly as she walks toward the same stand from which he has chosen chips and she stands beside him, looking at the various offerings. Normally such a man might draw her attention but with the variety of people she has seen (and been attacked by) since arriving, she is wondering if there is such a thing as a 'normal' earthling. Of course, given she's 6'3" tall and of Amazonian proportions herself, it also might not be terribly uncommon for her to see massive people.


For his part, Cain is positively restrained at the moment where his own immensity is concerned but either way, as Maxima stands behind him in his shadow - he catches the nervous glance of the vendor and is himself forced to turn curiously, siveling his neck first like the movement of a tank turret and then turning the rest of his gigantic body until he's standing at a three quarter angle and able to look Maxima over curiously. His eyes squint in an effort to recall if she seems familiar to him or not, and lacking anything coming to mind he turns back to the vendor and tosses a few bills his way in order to finish his transaction.

"…Nice look. Cute suit. You onna the local good guys?" he rumbles, his voice a deep bassy brooklyn-brawler sort of rumble though the accent is no doubt lost on Maxima given her origins. "Never seen you around here before.." He ooks back to her as he finishes speaking and slowly takes a large chomp from his hotdog.


A blink and she looks over at Cain and looks up at him. She seems hardly surprised by his voice or size even as she states, "I am no local nor am I whatever you mean by 'good guy'." She looks over at the chips he just purchased and the plucks up her own bag. She looks at it carefully and then states, "I am Queen Maxima." She nods her head and then looks at him, "Of Almerac." She then looks over at the man and states, "And I will have these chips this large man has purchased." The vendor is about to ask for money when she gestures, "And one of those things." She points at what he has.

The vendor seems to be unsure of how to handle Cain or this woman. He seems unsure of what to do next but errs on the side of not dying and gets out a hotdog, too even as she pulls open the bag and peers at the chips, pulling one out and taking a test bite.


The huge man allows a slight smile, almost shark like in its cadence, to creep across his expressive features. He seems genre savvy enough to know where this might be going.

"'Queen' Maxima?" he repeats while inclining his head thoughtfully, "..Almerac..? Hmm..that somewhere over in Europe? Sounds like Europe.." He takes another bite from his hotdog, moving deliberately slowly as the vendor nervously prepares one for Maxima.

"Good stuff." he grunts, "..You got 'American' money to pay for that, queenie?"


"I do not know of this Europe." She states and then looks at the man curiously, "I'm a diplomat from the Almeracean Empire. As their Queen I assume this man will be more than happy to allow me to sample his wares." She nods and then gives a winning smile to the man that promises kindness with terror behind it. The man actually seems to palpably shake and nearly drop the hot dog as slowly begins to nod. Cain might actually feel a hint of it. It's damned near palpable even when not directed at him. Either she put the whammy on that man or she really is jut that intimidating…maybe even both.


"Hmm.." Cain did perhaps indeed feel something, though he adds, "Mmm..they don't much like it when visiti' diplomats go around throwin' their royalness at the locals though. Just sayin.."

Though still amused by these happeings, he does give the vendor a glance with his eyes that seems to say 'You better get the hell gone.' with just an upraised of his eyebrow and a slight tilt of his head.

"Folk like The Avengers like to get all uppity about stuff like that, Queenie." he adds after a pause wherein he finishes off his hotdog.


Taking her hot dog, she looks back at him and states, "And I get uppity when I'm attacked without provocation and yet they do that to me. You'll have to forgive my lack of propriety when it comes to this gentlemen giving me this food out of the kindness of his heart." She nods to him and then takes a bite of the hotdog and blinks. She stares at it, "Intriguing. The Earthlings eat this regularly?" She asks of Cain and looks him over, "Well, at least you do and you seem the healthy sort." She glances at the hot dog, "Perhaps this food has some capacity to improve the size and strength of those eating it." She shrugs, "Over generations, I'm sure."


The giant bruiser emits a chortle from the depths of his stomach that..really could be him laughing at any part of her statement from her conclusion regarding having been attacked to her conclusion regarding the nature hot dogs. Well at least he's in an even better mood then before although Maxima might not appreciate the implication that he's laughing at her. At the very least the fact that she's a queen doesn't seem to be bothering him or putting him off in any way.

As to the vendor.. the 'gift' given..he begins quickly making efforts to get out of dodge.

"Yeah, no, lady. You don't get a build like mine by eatin' nothing but hot dogs. Mind you..you do get bigger but..probably not the way most people would want… It's just a snack. An occasional treat. Y'know?"

Still, curiousity wins him over again and he inclines his head, "..You sayin' the Avengers attacked -you-? What'd you do to ruffle their feathers?"

He looks towards the fleeing vendor, "..Aside from stuff like that.."


A blink and then she gestures, "I did nothing and I do not know if they were Avengers as you say. They were certainly people who were powerful." She nods her head and takes another bite of hot dog, chewing it demurely and swallowing as she nods, "I know that the local Lantern 2814 was here." She nods her head, "And some woman with red hair. Beautiful and powerful as she might be, she attacked me merely because I offered her kindness!" She declares.

She gestures, "I was giving her a compliment when she suddenly threw me to the ground." She ndos her head, "So I flung her into a car." She nods her head, "I was about to do more when these others and some very strange human got involved. At this point everyone stood down, there was talk of recompense and I left after forgiving them all." She nods her head, seeming proud of her diplomatic move.


"Yeah, sounds like 'half' of the story alright." chuckles Cain to himself, though loud enough for Maxima to hear.

"But there's trigger happy folk around here..that's for certain. You probably wanna take it easy though, Queenie, less you get the wrong folk riled up at you before you can go about your..er..diplomacy.. Last I checked most diplomats don't go getting in brawls with the local heroes..but you sound like you need to learn the ropes of how things go on Earth anyway..so.." he shrugs lightly and finishes off his bag of chips, "At least you know what a 'car' is.."


A nod, "I know what a car is. I did a brief study of this planet's language." She nods her head before gesturing around, "I am speaking the language, am I not?" She then shakes her head, "And besides, while there are the powerful on this world, there are few here who can challenge me. None that I have seen anyway." She looks to him, "Now, who are you? You seem awfully talkitive for an Earthling. Most simply walk away when they see me other htan the smaller ones."


"Marko. Cain Marko." explains the giant after popping another chip into his mouth, "And they walk away cause they're afraid of you… probably intimidate them like you did that vendor."

Which leaves unspoken the fact that hes no such person.

"And yeah, you seem like you know the ropes well enough but you're makin' an awful big guess assumin' few can challenge you but I guess that's typical. Here's a word o'advice. Don't underestimate earth-folk. Lots of wierd crazy things go on here. That's probably why you came, innit? T'check it out?"

Cain finishes off the bag of chips and then crumples it up, "Maybe I -am- talkin' to much. Probably just bored.."


She stores the name away for now and then tilts her head, "Well, a healthy amount of fear is wise." She states, "You'd do well to take that lesson to heart." SHe nods he rhead and then she looks around, "ANd I did because of what I heard but so far, while I have run into the strong, they do not impress." She shrugs and looks toward him with a squint before looking back up as she finishes the hot dog, "I am a warrior Queen of a vast Empire. I am not so easily impressed by stories. I came to see what they mean but I am not one to believe all that I have heard."


"I aint got much t'be afraid of lady. Seen a lot. Been around the block. Ever heard the phrase of not judgin' a book by its cover?"

Within Cain, Cyttorak stirs. Boilin' his blood slightly. An urge to try and exercise his strength and show this 'Queen' who she's dealing with rumbles into him but he pushes it back into control..mostly. A look of some mischief is on his face as he asks, "What would it take to impress ya or found someone who could? Do I get anything special from your royal court? Anything worth something?"


A laugh and she grins, "You are truly a confident one, Cain Marko. And perhaps. I do not know. It depends." She shrugs and then she stretches her arms up, "If you were to impress me, perhaps I'd make you a royal consort." She grins at him and winks. There's a sort of jest in there. A joking in her voice but there's also some degree of seriousness. She then starts to look more serious and there's a soft tremor. Literaly. A tremor like the aftershock of an Earthquake below them as she adds, "However, I am not easily amused."


"Oh hoh! Okay… well that escalated quickly." Cain grins and then rumbles, "Okay well I'll tell y'what.. I'll do somethin' real quick an easy. Just a lil'magic trick.." He balls up the bag of chips and then looks aorund the area conspiratorily, "But..y'gotta keep this t'yourself for now Queenie. I like being able to take it easy from time to time without the same blokes that bothered you messin' with me."

He does note the rumble of the earth but he seems noticably non-plussed about it.

"You're strong right? So..how bout this. I'm gonna hold my fist out and you're gonna stop me from moving forward. I gotta warn ya though. I work out.. No cheatin' though. I dunno what you did to make the ground shake but no trying to trip me or something cheap like that."


A squint at that and she tilts her head, "Simply stop you from moving forward?" She asks and then considers, "Ah, so you wish just a simple test of strength." She chuckles and nods her head, "Fair enough, Cain Marko. Impress me with your 'working out'." She states and then gestures for him, "I will keep it to simply my strength if you wish."


The huge man rolls up his sleeves and flexes as if loosening up his muscles. His biceps bulge, and his physique swells as if there was some monstrous power or force within his body tryign to push itself outward. The tee shirt expand, straining to the near ripping point before his chest relaxes. He seems, in that moment, like there's 'more' of him there..

"Whatcha mean." he asks as he curls a massive fist up, "Simply your strength? You got backup?"


A chuckle and she looks at him carefully, "No no." She states, "I just have much more than strength." She nods her head even as she looks at him seeming to bulk up. She tilts her head before she simply raises a foot slightly and then slams it down with a rather quick slam. Rather than shake the area, it simply breaks the earth beneath her feet with how quickly she slams it in. Creating a brace point, "However, I will simply test my strength against yours."


"Tell you what..I'll let you decide, Queenie.." rumbles Cain as he twists at the waist, holding his fist back and then opening it up to a massive palm so that it'll seem more like an incoming perpetual shove then him tryign to punch her. No sense in letting a misunderstanding pop up after all this affable talk between the two beings.

"Not that it matters. I doubt I'll impress you..right?" he rumbles

A second later and Cain is moving forward and bringing his massive arm around to slam the palm for Maxima, expecting her to brace against him and try and push back.

And of course he cheats, neglecting to say anything about being, well, The Juggernaut and all. Then again it's not like would have mattered here anyway. She has no frame of reference for him and hearing him speak about being unstoppable would just come across as boasting. Which..well..it is. But it's boasting backed by being the incarnation of physical power. Run, jog, stride or lazily stroll and push.. The Juggernaut moves forward and his palm alone will impact with force that shakes the entire local area.


And shake it does. The area shudders with the impact and he might notice something more than he expected. This woman, Queen of Almerac or just crazy metahuman, doesn't immediately simply slide backwards. She at first is as boastful and confident as he is. She catches his palm in that much smaller hand. At first, she keeps her confidence but then she blinks as the ground beneath her feet trembles and begins to crumble. She looks down and then slams her legs down a little harder, keeping still one hand up. She starts to slide more and then raises up another hand and reinforces the first, "What…is this?!" She growls softly even as her legs deeper into the earth, inching progressively backwards, "Who are you, Cain Marko?" The words, this time, are growled out.


"Whoa..not bad!"

Cain knows strength. A similar move would have probably cold cocked the likes of Rogue and sent her hurtling over the skyline but this feels like trying to push against the likes of the strongest he's faced and knows of. Colossus comes to his mind.. Then the likes of Superman, Hulk..

"Wow, you aint kidding…" he grunts though his teeth are gritted into a big smile, "..You must be onna those..whaddya call 'em..Kryptonians, right??"

Massive grooves are dug into the ground as the earth quakes violently and a huge sink hole forms around the two struggling titans as Cain pushes forward slowly, but surely. He's impressed ..but he's not stopping either.

"Who am I? Tth..just an ol'guy looking to get paid, Queenie. Folk call me'The Juggernaut. You can't stop me. Nothin' on the planet can. Call it my little tip to you to watch who you wrangle with. Never know what you might run into.."


For Maxima, in a way, this is very exciting. She rarely gets to truly feel strength but then he starts to talk and she looks up at him, "And you might wish to be careful with whom you wrangle…Juggernaut." She then does something perhaps unexpected. She stops trying to stop him. Instead she slips down low, pushing his arm up and past her. Two smaller (large by most's standards but much smaller than Juggernaut) wrap about his wrist suddenly, her speed and reflexes apparent as she grabs that arm, twists her hips and attempts to use all that strength to send him flying right into trees and earth.


"Wha…!" is about all Juggernaut manages to get out before that happens. He goes flipping over her, his own momentum thrown against him in that instant and his huge body tumbling through the air to slam with the force of a hurtling wrecking ball through a cloister of trees and into the ground. The earth shakes violently as a plume of dust blasts upwards like a small mushroom cloud, rolling out over the area with a blast of wind that sways any bystanders unlucky enough to be nearby and still upright after the initial earthquake.

Things begin quietting down - until there is a flash of crimson light with tendrils of magical energy that ripple out from the impact zone and this is followed by Juggernaut exploding up and out of the fallen trees with a shockwave that sends the foilage tumbling away and the ground ripping upward from the force of his movements. He was huge before. He's a monster now. Nine or ten feet tall and thousands of pounds of muscle with the late day sun gleaming against the red-brown armor wrapping about his torso and the dome over his head.

Noticably his mind has 'vanished' from any form capable of sensing it before. A blank slate on the psionic plane.

"The hell was that!" he thunders, "I thought we said no tricks!"


Glaring just as hard, Maxima stands there with her arms crossed and states, "It was simply a show of strength." She states and then she takes a step forward, not backing down despite his changes, "And now you show your true form, so called, Juggernaut." She floats up so she is on his height, which doesn't take a ton of floating given her height level already as she nears but doesn't really come into full melee range yet, "Further I am the Queen of the Almeracean Empire and I will not be talked down to like I am some child." She points at him, "Your disrespect brokered this moment." She nods her head and then squints at him as she notes his lack of psychic footprint, "Now, you have shown your strength and I have shown you mine."


"Yeah well I'm the avatar of a pain in th'ass cosmic demon thing, so let's not go comparin' titles." sneers Juggernaut who brushes himself off and -surprisingly- does not make the charge. Perhaps begrudgingly he realizes he did ask for that - and at the same time he still made his point.

"So you can fly to eh? A lot like Superman. I punched him into orbit for getting in my way once…"

He lets that linger and then finally belts out a loud laugh and states, "Not bad, queenie. Course you're no match fer me but you got the goods. The Avengers were probably thinkin' right to be alarmed by ya.."

He extends a massive hand now big enough to palm a car and certainly wrap completely around her and then some if he desires. But it's palm open as if he's asking for a shake.


A look at him and she's certainly ready for a fight. He doesn't charge and she squints at him as he laughs. She realizes perhaps that he is laughing because of the same reasons she enjoys a fight. He is perhaps happy that he has found someone who could provide a challenge. She approaches none the less and hten looks at his open hand before squinting at him. She doesn't go for his hand though, she reaches past and despite the fact that his open hand is as big as her whole upper arm, she attemps to plant her hand against his wrist.

"You are truly a behemoth of power, Juggernaut." She nods her head and then grins, "I would one day wish to know the source of your power and the depths of it as well." She of course, considers what is wearing about his head, wondering idly if this new suit somehow protects his mind or hides him in some way.


"I can't go givin' away all my secrets on the first date, Queen." rumbles Juggernaut while waving a finger back and forth with his free hand.

"I gotta keep some things t'myself but I'll say that the name Juggernaut isn't exactly unknown around here. Chances are you'll hear all sorts of bad things about me though..but I just do what I need to do and those same folk who attacked you don't much like that."

He allows her to grasp his wrist and then leans forward, "So if you ever need any trouble or problems solved you think I can help you with….just let me know. I'm available for a good time and the pay-rate of an empire…"


A nod softly given and she releases him before saying, "Indeed, Juggernaut. I will keep you in mind. I am less inclined to trust these people after the assault they made so you needn't worry. I see you for what you are. A mercenary." She nods her head, "A man of principles built on money. Not something I believe in but I do know where your loyalties lie."


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