August 07, 2018:

Tony Stark, with a few Avengers in tow, drops by the Xavier Institute a second time, tempting fate and the patience of his hosts to discuss a collaboration with the X-Men and pass out some information.

Xavier Institute


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The X-Mansion is a place of learning. A place of normalty for people who are most defintatly not what the majority would call normal. It is a place away from the trials and tribulations of the world. A place where people can get away, learn and study in peace. Without the real world intruding upon them. Yes…peace and quiet…

…at least till you let Tony Stark in the front gate once.

After that. All bets are off.

A familiar to some McLaren 720S whips into the driveway, crushing the gravel under tires that could likely buy some small countries. The bright red vehicle with the oh so subtle 'IRONMAN' license plate is followed this time by a second car. A Range Rover Sport SVR. This one is black. With a rather nondescript and unmemorable license plate. One that might even change at some point. You know. Spy stuff.

Stark /had/ at least called ahead this time. Which might mean that no one is in the front grounds…and everyone is pressed against the glass of the upper story windows to see just who one of the worlds greatest heroes brought with him.

Stark himself? He's already talking even as he's stepping out of the car. "I'm telling you, Anakin. You didn't have to come with me. I mean really. Its a school. What could go wrong! Schools are goods for…" And he waves vaguely towards the people in the SUV. Because of course he's talking to the driver of that second car. "This'll be good for everyone. And it's just a short stop and then we can go get back to the important job of making sure Jane doesn't quantum tunnel the earth."

It could happen.

"Come on then!" He calls cheerfully as phone camras start to click from windows above. The man knows how to put on a show at least. His bespoke grey suit, perfectly crisp stripes just a touch of a different color. He knows he's striking, and he smiles like he knows it as he starts to turn towards the steps up towards the mansion.


Cars are really different in the 21st century than they were in the 1940s. They're a lot lighter, a lot smoother, a lot more responsive. You don't have to slam the door to get it shut, and you don't have to lead foot it to get it to go anywhere. While the Winter Soldier got enough updates from his handlers to keep his ability to drive current through the changing decades, all that isn't capable of fully erasing Bucky Barnes' old ingrained instincts when it comes to handling a car, now he's the one back in command of his own mind. Especially since, living in New York, he hasn't had to relearn how to drive all that much.

This may have contributed to a slightly hair-raising ride for the passengers of his car. Any complaints about sudden starts and sudden stops and too-sharp turns, as Bucky handles the vehicle with the aggression of a man used to a ride ten times clunkier, were quashed with a 'I know what I'm doing, kid!!' handwave.

Or maybe he does know perfectly well how to drive, and he's just trolling, because he's suffering and needs someone to share his suffering.

The source of his suffering soon speaks up, from where he's parked his car and is already exiting with his typical flourish. Bucky visibly sighs. "I didn't want to come with you," replies 'Anakin' grimly, parking his car a little behind Tony's. "But I got my arm twisted, so here we are."

A pause.

"And I know that reference, don't think I don't, Stark."

Exiting the car himself, he moves to tail Stark up towards the renowned Xavier Institute. He's not dressed with half of Tony's flash — he's technically a bodyguard type and that's not the point of a bodyguard type — but he's not in body armor either, having settled on the understated compromise of jeans and a leather jacket. He's not visibly armed, but with the Winter Soldier that really means nothing.

He bangs a door of the SUV lightly as he passes, in what is essentially a cattle call. "All right, c'mon, kids. — Are you pushing the buttons? Stop pushing all those buttons."


Jane Foster has no host of superpowers that would ever bring her within earshot of the Institute. But she does have one notable talent at her disposal.

No part of James Buchanan Barnes's driving bothers her in the least. She's blaise the entire way through, making notation on some proof off her tablet, being jostled back-and-forth without fuss. The only fuss that happens is when —

…making sure Jane doesn't quantum tunnel the earth.

There is a scratching as the phone is undoubtedly wrestled away from Barnes, mid-call, for Jane's predictable: "I heard that, Stark! That is — give me the phone — that is a coarse, no, an obtuse macroscopic generalization to a question that undoubtedly you of all people should know better — James, give me the phone — did he cut the call—?"

From the passenger seat, where she's in her own permanent exile (Bucky Barnes never lets Jane Foster drive since Germany, perhaps even before that too,) Jane frowns a little absently at that 'Anakin' send-off.

"I'm not sure why people keep calling you that," she remarks dubiously. "The Darth Vader thing too. Must be some kind of in-joke."

Letting herself out of the vehicle, not the least bit motion sick or frazzled, Jane is still nose-deep in her tablet. "Let them push the buttons, James," she mumbles absently.


Scott is aware Tony Stark was visiting again today. He was expecting him alone though, not trailed by the SUV. An entourage? Paparazzzi? Whatever the case it has the brunette in the shades staring over the shoulers and heads of gathered students gawking out the window glaring, that tension in his shoulders knotting up again.

The X-Men were once in better standing with SHIELD, back before Genosha but now things are on the side rocky yet professional, or so he assumes. As little as possible is the encounter preference there.
"Okay, away from the window." He issues the youths gathered before striding on towards the front door. He has been noticbly more relaxed today than he was the past few. Edges less frayed with a calm to him that didn't exude undertones of irritatiability.
That appears to be startingt o chip away with each step to the mansion's threshold. Those not heeding his shooing away get another look and a jut of his chin towards the rec room hallway, the politest GTFO Summers can manage without words. Usually they listen well.

A tug and Xavier's front doors open up. "Mister Stark and… company. Good afternoon." The tall brunette in the rose colored glasses welcomes clearly from the top of the entryway stairwell.


Have you ever had one of those uncles? You know, the one you always thought was really cool and dangerous and aloof and he probably wore a leather jacket and rode motorcycles and also used them as projectile weapons and had a war injury that just made him look even more compelling and you were kind of soft crushing on him a little — okay, so this metaphor is getting away from us a bit.

The point is, eventually you grew up a bit and had a moment where you realize that really cool uncle is just as human as the rest of us, prone to the same faults and failings, and also you kind of realized hey, maybe he's kind of old and out of touch a bit, and maybe someone who flings motorcycles around looks really cool and hot from afar but you probably don't want them driving you around?

"Oh my god, I'm alive. Am I still alive?"

Billy Kaplan is currently having that moment.

After a drive full of very subtle and/or passive aggressively trying to point Bucky Barnes in the direction of all the cool little gadgets and programs in Tony Stark's high tech SUV that might have helped make their driving experience slightly less harrowing, Billy Kaplan stumbles his way out onto the Institute grounds a disillusioned young man. He might look a little pale-faced, too. Like someone who might have seen their life flash before their eyes.

At the very least, he's been inspired to go to temple again. So that's something.

Dressed in a red jacket, black shirt and jeans — nothing especially fancy — the young Wiccan (not a wiccan) smooths out his mess of black hair with a suck of breath as he stares at the Institute before him. He's always kind of wanted to visit this place. Now, with everything that's happened, and the things he's seen? The people he's run into? He feels now more than ever he needs to be here.

For now, though, Billy just follows after. 'Anakin,' Tony calls Bucky.

It probably speaks volumes about his current view of Bucky Barnes now that the first thing Billy does is lift a finger, part lips, and begin to explain, "Oh, uh, Anakin is a character from 'Star'—"

And I know that reference, don't think I don't, Stark.

"— 'Wars.' Uh, right. Of course you do." At which point he promptly shuts up and awkwardly rubs the back of his head.


"And maybe, if you do go speak to the X-Men, you can make it a test run of what it would be like to build those bridges. Because if we can get them on board with this whole thing and sanction them on the side of good, then I think we can start swaying the American public."

The words of Obadiah Stane still ring out in his ears as he mulls over the difficult issues of superhero registration, mutant rights, and everything that seems to go around the topics. It is enough that while Bucky Barnes decides to see how far he can push the new tech of driving; he merely calmly continues to keep up, his own driving just aggressive enough on the motorcycle that he can keep up. It's odd that Rogers is riding behind, but considering that there were other younger heroes involved, Steve figures an escort would be nice.

So when Iron Man, the Winter Soldier, and the Scientist Supreme (codename pending) make their way with the new generation of heroes, Captain America calmly takes the rear. At the moment, he's dressed humbly; a American flag themed bike helmet is removed and placed on the bike. As he moves to join the rest of the group, he quietly unzips the brown leather jacket, modeled to be like the ones from … well, WWII. The white t-shirt and fitted jeans are expected, as is the low cut brown boots.

As the talk of Star Wars begins, Steve chimes in. "That's the one with Yogurt and Pizza the Hut, right?"

He tried. He really did.


"Oh my god is that Bucky Barnes?! He's killed like a million people!"

"IS THAT CAPTAIN AMERICA! Oh god pinch me. Will he do pictures afterwards?! Can we get autographs! I've crushed so hard on him since I saw that video in detention!"

"…who is the rest of them though?"

"No idea, they look like our age…DOES THAT MEAN WE CAN BE AVENGERS?!"

These are just some of the things Scott can hear among the excited chatter as he shoos people away.


Leaping down the stairs, Molly lands with a thud right near Scott and stands up straight. S he places her hands on her hips and gestures, "I am ready to meet Tony Stark." She nods her head as she races a few steps forward to back and behind Scott. She has on a pair of blue jeans, sneakers, and a yellow hoodie that has red at teh ends of the sleeves, an odd art of a white zipper in the middle and ONE PUNCH MAN across the back.

What makes her eady to meet Tony Stark? Atop her head is a particular hat shaped and knitted very much like a certain bit of familiar armor.

She looks over at Scott and nods to him before reaching out to give him a small shove at his shoulder, "Don't worry, I got your back. Ya know, just in case." She nods sagely and then looks forward while keeping her hands at her hips and preparing to meet the actual Tony Stark. She's fully unaware that TOny Stark brought other people, too. She starts to twitch a little when someone mentions Captain America is here. Internally she screams, <I WORE THE WRONG HAT!!!>


Kitty Pryde, having heard that Tony Stark was going to be arriving, dutifully arranged herself to be amongst those that greeted him. Jean named her as one of the people to keep a hand in Tony Stark's involvement as well as everything else dealing with the collars and Trask. It makes total sense that she is here right now.

Her look at Tony's car and entourage is met with total disdain until she realizes who makes up that entourage. That's….that is James Barnes. With Jane Foster. She remembers them from the Trial. Unable to help herself, she starts to hit at Scott's arm rapidly and unabashedly. Another hand reaches out to whoever is on her other side. "Scott. Scott. That's Bucky Barnes. From World War II. That guy fought literal Nazis." Her voice is soft, filled with awe. Tony Stark is completely forgotten at the moment. "The only thing that could make this moment better is if Captain America stepped out of the car after them."

….And then Captain America steps out of the car and Kitty Pryde's eyes go very very wide. Anyone trying to bad talk Bucky Barnes is going to be given a death stare by Kitty Pryde. She was not prepared for this meeting, that is certainly the case. For some reason, she will certainly blame Tony Stark for this. Lockheed, seeing someone he recognizes, immediately darts off to Billy to land on his head. The perfect perch!



The station connects to the Institute's mail-server.


The hollow walls of township Birao stand as the testament to the Central African Republic's stand against government forces. Nearly one decade later a makeshift encampment has been erected beneath a web of camo-netting. Two dozen figures in desert-camo enjoy a brief respite from the blazing sun.

The largest amongst them is seated upon the ground with his back to a crumbling wall. He reaches to the back of his neck and rubs the pulsing sensation that flutters about his nervous system.

«Nathan,» a synthetic voice echoes within the cybernetic components of his skull, «Tony Stark is due to visit the institute. This event is more than seven-thousand percent more likely to contribute to a world-ending event than your mission in Birao.»

Cable's mechanical fingers squeeze tightly at the back of his neck to gently ply against his cervical vertebrae, "Understood," he mumbles and moves his feet to walk himself up against the wall, "Recalling.." Human eye glimmers and there is a moment where everyone beneath the canopy freezes-in time as he holds their consciousness from the, "Professor, Bodyslide by one."

LATER, Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters

The door to the institute opens. From behind Scott..

Nathan Summers; School Resource Officer. In contrast to the Winter Soldier, Cable is very much armed. Decked out on M81 Camouflage fatigues his pants are bloused into a pair of rocky military boots. Overtop his torso is a modular tactical vest with trauma plates. The vest sports a multitude of pouches which seem to be mostly reserve ammunition, handcuffs, alongside knives, a flash light, and other germane non-explosive duty gear. Visibly he wears a G17 in a drop holster at his left and what appears to be an FN-P90 that has been modified to somehow collapse into a holster at his right side. The Winter Soldier would determine there's ample opportunity for armaments that are not visible with the way his kit is setup. If you catch a glimpse of his back there's a big pouch that reads 'SECURITY'.

As others approach the entourage his arms fold across his chest. The left side of his face is brutally scarred. Grafts stretched across steel. The sophistication hidden - at least it would be to the average person. When Scott motions to the children he cocks his head slightly, as if glaring at the students from the back of his head, the movement very declarative in his disapproval. At the sudden attention from the adults the students begin to fall away one-by-one.

His gaze passes over the crowd and as Kitty picks him out Cable focuses upon James Barnes. Good eye narrowing while the milky consistency of the other seems completely blind.


Hey you know who doesn't do well in the back seat of a car?

That's right, an impatient speedster.

"OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE SLOWEST TRIP IN HISTORY," complains Speed, who almost didn't bother to wait for the door to open before getting out of the SUV. Instead, the young Avenger - already a bundle of agitated motion for the entire trip over, he read five books and none of them were even remotely good - practically seems to appear beside the vehicle after the door opens, leaving only the faintest blur in the air. "WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN HAVE CARS."

He could've gotten here, and back… Repeatedly… In the time it took the SUV to roll along the roads at a snail's pace.

It's only once the excited chatter from the local students - he didn't know the were going to a fancy school (he didn't pay attention to the briefing) - filters through that the white-haired youth aims a critical green-eyed stare at Steve, who they were in the car with the whole time. "Wait," Tommy says, slowly. "That guy's Captain America?" He reaches out to nudge Billy at this, figuring the noted superhero nerd would know about this. "I didn't recognise him dressed like a person."

That green-eyed squint turns towards Billy, now. Or, more specifically…

"Dude, there's a dragon on your head," he points out, helpfully.


The students fall back under the brutal glares of the adults as camras are despritly raised to click a few last pictures and gestures of 'CALL ME' made towards Bucky and Cap. Eventually though quiet /sort of/ returns.

Quiet broken by the dulcet tones of Tony Stark's voice.

"Hey, Redeye! Ghost." A pause. "I can't call you Casper cause I call someone else Casper and that just gets confusing using the same nickname for multiple people you know?" The man pauses a moment though as Cable makes his appearance. A quirked eyebrow. Slowly glancing between Cable and Bucky. Then back to Cable. "Sooo. You two totally shop at the same places. Maybe you can talk style later."

A beatpause.

"Anyway! Introductions. This is Bucky Barnes, and Steve Rodgers. I'm sure I don't need to introduce them. The walking computer tablet over there is Jane. She's being mad at me, and trying to calculate the drama ratio inside a school like this. She'll be busy." A gesture towards Tommy and Billy. "And these are new Avengers. I figured seeing your school would be good for them. I mean Billy loves books but Tommy over there I'm pretty sure the only way he'll learn anything is by mental link or osmosis. So its worth a try." There is a flash of a grin to take most of the sting out of any of Stark's words.

"Anyway, I got a little gift package for Rachel." A pause. "Yeah that sounded bad moving on. It's a bit of help for the little jaunt of all yours. And since we're working together I figured we might as well get used to each others faces."


"I really don't know either," Bucky says with equal dubiousness to Jane's uncertainty about the Vader pranks. "Though Tony really really really loves the joke for whatever reason."

As far as Steve's contribution? "I think we need to schedule another Star Wars marathon, Steve," Bucky says, which is his tactful way of alerting his friend that he's completely wrong.

Afterwards he turns back to check briefly on Billy and Tommy as they emerge from the car, one definitely in better shape than the other. "First thing Jane made me watch," he explains to Billy. Tommy is generally ignored (Bucky has had to learn to do this as a defense mechanism, over the course of his coaching of the mini-Avengers), up until it's time to deliver a Lesson: "Waiting for stuff you want builds character, Shepherd." A pause. "It might also make you stop to look around long enough to notice things right next to you."

And with that, they head up towards the school, where Scott and the welcoming party await.

Bucky Barnes holds his silence at Tony's shoulder for now as Stark states the Mission Purpose, but he gives Scott Summers the kind of measuring look that disguises itself very well as a casual glance. He's had decades to practice the quick and unassuming assessment. He's aware of Cyclops on multiple levels, perhaps most prominently the alliance with SHIELD gone a little sour, though his old masters back in the Winter Soldier days had their share of interest in 'the mutant question' as well. Due to proximity, his gaze passes over Molly, then over Kitty — where it pauses, due to the fact she's staring at him. He looks a little uncomfortable, not sure why —

But then Cable: School Resource Officer inevitably draws his attention. His blue eyes count armaments, both visible and implied, before they skate upwards to pin on Nathan Summers' features. There is a brief moment where eyes lock.

"Nice P90," he says.


Scott's pose is meant to be a stoic, sturdy and usual stiff-necked Scott thing but then he has Molly and Kitty flanking him, with the flanking comes fists in an arm and being jostled about. Nothing is said to either of them than a low intake of breath that sounds almost lke a 'hiss', Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers? More than aware. He's one of those kid's like Phil Coulson who had the cards, lunchboxes, old posters and to very little knowledge of anyone in the school save perhaps Jean or those shes narced him out to…. A Captain America teddy bear thats about as old as he is.

"We're a school." He says, not that he needs to point that out but hes mentioning it while looking at Bucky. Cable is exempt of this scrutiny, his shirt says so. Thats all he remarks about the armaments.
"I was expecting just you." But despite that as names are tossed out he extends his hand to shake each person, he has met Steve at the Gala, briefly. Jane, Bucky and Speed are new. "A pleasure, I am Scott Summers."
"Nathan, Molly, you know Kitty… " He doesn't add further, they can pipe in themselves.

"Lets take a walk to the gazebo at least. I'd invite you inside but rather not have you all signing autographs for the next year"

Once hes gotten a good firm clasp of hands from everyonoe he starts to walk, "Super series, nice. You couldn't spring for a Velocity?" Scott likes cars. The gift package remark he doesn't bait in to, for the moment. "Shes around here somewhere. Someone can take it if you want to leave it for her."


Captain America is here.

Captain America is here.

Billy's wonderment over the mansion is momentarily suspended in exchange for wonderment over Steve Rogers being here. The original super soldier. One of the first superheroes ever!! If his eyes could light up with stars, they would. He has a million questions. Like—

That's the one with Yogurt and Pizza the Hut, right?

The Moment comes once more.

"Um," begins Billy, eloquently. "Not exactly." He really wants to correct him he really wants to correct him BILLY KAPLAN DO NOT CORRECT CAPTAIN AMERICA HE FOUGHT NAZIS AND GOT FROZEN FOR YOUR PEOPLE "I could — lend you my collection, if you want to watch — not that I'm trying to invite myself along or anything, just — I know a lot about Star Wars?"

Smooth, Billy. /He fought Nazis for you./

That guy's Captain America?

And so, train of thought interrupted, Billy Kaplan just gives Tommy Shepherd the flattest, most incredulous stare ever.

"Are you kidding? How do you not recognize Steve Rogers, Tommy?" This, in fact, is so important to the young Avenger and is absolutely not a method of saving face over his own embarrassment that he stops walking to pivot on his heel, fully prepared to give Tommy a thorough lecture on the history of Steve Rogers and his importance while Steve Rogers is /right there/—

— when a very familiar dragon perches on his head, which is not a thought that Billy Kaplan ever figured would be crossing his mind.

Especially in the way that it fills him with a feeling of dread instead of excitement.

And so Billy, with his own new Lockheed Hat, goes stiff as a board, big brown eyes wide as dinner plates as he stares cross-eyed at the dragon /hanging out on his head./ He very — very — slowly follows after Scott, realizing how hard it is to walk with something weighty on his head; he just sort of meekly gesturing at himself as he is introduced so as not to disturb the space bully resting on his head. Tommy, helpfully, points this out. Billy just stares, again.

'I TOLD YOU' he mouths, Very Subtly Pointing at the /literal dragon making his life hell./


Nathan's good eye fixes upon Bucky and the right corner of his mouth twists to a grin in defiance of the evident paralysis upon its left side, "Thanks," Cable replies in a gritty baritone, "It's a kit. Folds right down," Jerking his head towards the door he moves alongside the Winter Soldier as Tony compliments their similarities, "There's no way around the length though," Nathan laments, "Unless you want to sacrifice ammo capacity, damn top-loader."

"Nathan Summers," he offers his fist for a dap because the war dog in him won't let a stranger grab his limb, "You look pretty good for a guy that fought in the forties. What's your secret?" There's a deadpan humor to Cable's delivery, "Vegan?" He asks.


Then her name is mentioned. Molly is introduced to Iron Man and Captain America at the same time as if she were someone important. Wait, of course she is. S he is totally someone important. She's Molly Hayes. She punches Juggernauts. With every thought, her body grows sorta taller as she stands straighter and then she takes a step forward and sucks in a breath before saying, "Yep! Molly Hayes!" She nods her head and then is unsure with what to follow that up with as she looks left and right, the Iron Man style hat moving with her head as if looking around before she nods and looks forward.

"I'm tough and strong and here to help if needed." SHe nods her head and then looks to the others before looking back to Tony and Steve, "Big fan of your work." She nods to Steve and Tony before she takes in a breath and then lets it out again, "If you need something punched, I'm really good at that." She leans toward Steve and grins at him, "I punch really hard." She nods her head before she then stands up straight again. She looks to Tony and then grins at him, "I also work for Thor occasionally. If you are ever looking for help, I'm sure I can help you, too." She won't mention she works for Thor in the capacity of Goat Sheperd.


Unaware of the attention garnered within the mansion (or purposefully ignoring it), Steve moves up toward Barnes, Jane, and the new heroes that are in their midst.

First, Cap looks down toward Hayes, listening to her as she discusses what she does. "Good to meet you officially, Molly. Maybe you could show me what you could do sometime, maybe give you a few pointers on hand to hand… But sounds like maybe you're fine as is," he admits with a grin. Then as an aside, the First Avenger adds, "Cool hat."
Then Billy offers his collection as Bucky talks about needed reviews. While normally there might be some snarky response about spending another 12 hours of his life watching people with glow sticks try and kill each other and be confused by half of it, Billy is right there looking all helpful.

"Maybe we can watch it together sometime and you can tell me about it so I know all the ins and outs about it."

After all, stuff like that isn't about Star Wars, but rather who you spend it with and if there is something that Cap takes seriously, it's being a role model.

"Good seeing you," Steve points out as he offers Bucky pat on the shoulder. "Didn't expect you and Jane to be in for this." He is slightly tempted to call 'this' 'babysitting', but that's disrespectful to the new Avengers that who knows, might soon be called New Avengers. Or Avengers Next, Steve has no idea how superhero teams or divisions should be named.

As Tony and the rest advance upward, he doesn't out of turn, merely extending his hand when the opportunity is given. "A pleasure to speak with you again, Mr. Summer. As for where we talk, I'm sure inside or out will be fine." A nod of respect is given toward Cable and Pryde as well if hands are not offered.

Then Cable makes the claim that Bucky went Vegan. A look from Steve goes to Bucky. Then to Jane. Then to Bucky. IT CAN'T BE, BUT CAN IT?


"Gazebos. Who even invented that word. I mean it sounds like a strange fantasy monster or something. Seriously. It sounds like something Thor would go hunt down in the forests of Svarthiem or whatever its called." Stark replies as he starts to stroll in.

"Yeah well. Life is full of surprises. You gotta learn to embrace them, Redeye!" Stark adds towards Scott as he flashes the man a grin. "Like I said, just thought would be nice to at least introduce everyone." A glance back over towards the rest of them. "And there are a few things that these guys should know. Since…you know…seems we're all in a mess together."

A smirk at that before Cable's question.

"I'm pretty sure it was palities. Thats what all the cool kids are doing now. Look at how much leather they are wearing." This towards Bucky and Steve. "They are totally the cool kids."

Then Molly is coming to introduce herself and Stark blinks a moment. "Nice hat." He says with a smirk. "Because. You know. It's me. And I'm pretty amazing." A beatpause. 'I punch pretty good'. "…like…break walls good or Hulk smash good? There is a lot of variance in all this you know."

"But!" Now he's looking back towards Scott as Billy and Tommy commiserate about Dragons behind him. "Gazebo. Sure. Let us go to the gazebo." A pause. "I'm going to be saying that word all day."

As he walks though, he pulls something out of his pocket. It looks like a very high tech…well…tiny box. One end looks to have a deployable USB plug. The other side is a bright red phoenix.

…because Stark is subtle like that.

"Awww. She's not around. I was going to see if she had decided about that dinner date yet."

He's totally not making this better.


"What, he's not dressed up in a flag or anything," Tommy protests as once again his disdain for paying attention to things. "He just looks like some buff blond dude. There's a lot of buff blond dudes. Like that gigantic grandad with eight hundred guns," he explains, gesturing towards Cable. "Seriously though that dude is built like a fridge."

The subtle pointing at the tiny dragon just elicits a roll of the speedster's green eyes, since it looks like they're heading towards a gazebo.

Here's a fun Speed fact: He's never been to a gazebo before. He is, at least momentarily, unsure of proper gazebo procedure.

But he figures he probably can't make any worse faux pas than Tony will, and besides after about five seconds he stops thinking about the possibility at all anyway.

"This is a way nicer school than I ever went to," Speed remarks, though of course the last time he went to school there was a small problem with explosions. Constitutionally incapable of being patient enough to walk at the same pace as the rest of the group, the white-haired speedster flits around in bursts of speed, nosily checking things out as they go.

"Dope shades," he tells Scott on one pass, which is probably the first time anyone's ever said that to him.

Then, of course, he's back by Billy.

"Yo I think that tall dude is colourblind."


"…I don't suppose you have a specific curriculum for speedsters?" Stark drawls towards the three facility members as Tommy hummingbirds around.


Bucky's typically hard, wary expression softens a little when Steve comes up with a greeting, the man flashing his best friend half an understated smile. "A lot of things happened in my life I didn't expect," he says, his eyes on the kids as they fuss the dragon. "This is one of the less unpleasant ones." A pause. "Well, most of the time."

Bucky catches Scott's glance sidelong, and seems to take the meaning. Hell of a school, he could say, but he still knows his manners, so he doesn't. Instead, he just shakes Summers' hand when proffered, his grasp firm.

Besides, Cable has a really interesting-looking gun, which is now absorbing Bucky's attention anyway. "I'm already impressed you got a bullpup to fold down even further at all," he says of Cable's laments about the compromise between length and ammo capacity. "You got a patent? I'm interested in the design. I gave her — " a glance towards Jane and her tablet, "one of 'em, owing to the size suiting her, but one that folds would suit her even more."

The offered dap and the reasons behind it are almost immediately understood, and the gesture returned. It seems to loosen Bucky up enough that he doesn't tense up too much about the subsequent question. He even laughs. "Nah. Ice did for Steve, and it did for me too. Vegan diets can't keep up with the caloric requirements."

Tony has his own opinions, of course. Bucky smirks tolerantly, up until the 'dinner date' remark. "Stark, we talked about this." Probably this is who Bucky was actually sent to babysit.


"Likewise, sir." Scott says quietly to Steve before he retracts his limb, at least each encounter has him feeling less like a doofus when hes squared off against the living legend, legends if he is to include Bucky.

"Wouldn't know, Tony."

An accounting of each one in passing once more, taking everyone in a little better as they stand beneath that large wooden structure, open on all sides and upon the patio, just along the garden and the currently off-limits pool.

"Uh, thank you." Theres a lingering stare beyond those 'dope shades' as if Scott finds something familiar or should. Billy as well getting a curious look. Research to be had later for sure.

"It's not a problem, if we are to work together, it does make sense. Just… out of costume, we're a lot less uh, casual about all this." Scott is used to Lockheed and his own team's antics enough it doesn't cause him any form of additional alarm or wariness, its an expected everyday chaos storm for him. Hes ready for that stroll, the others, the assorted Tony and Friends this is new, pieces to be analyzed, considered…

"It is likely best we find a medium for operation away from the school next time, a joint place to hold any further introduction or war parties. There is… a lot of us you have yet to meet who are going to be involved. I am sure for you, this isn't your entire team."
"But, lets get to it." The box with the phoenix and the added Rachel aimed comments get a noise to emit from Scott, or at least his throat


"We're mutants here. We aren't about to judge even vegans." Scott assures with a light smile.


A smile at Steve Rodgers and she almost squees. He likes her hat. And he wants to train her?! She twitches a little, "Well, I'd like that." She says to him, "Of course, I'd have to check with Remy. He's my main source of training." She nods her head. Of course, she might not check with him, too. He is Captain America after all.

Then she's looking at Tony Stark and grins at him, "Yeah, it's super nate." She pushes the hat up a little before blinking, "How good?" She then considers, "Well, I mean, I did punch the Juggernaut. Twice. One timee he said it was pretty good and we left a cra…" She looks over at Scott, "Umm, anyway. Yeah, I fought the Juggernaut a couple times and only flew through two walls in the process." She nods her head and clears her throat.

"Oh hey!" She walks over toward Billy and Tommy and smiles, "So, you two are New Avengers? Like is that a seperate thing or are they just saying you two are new? Oh and if you didn't hear, I'm Molly." SHe offers her hand out to each before shifting her eyes after Tommy and spinning around to try to follow him with her eyes. Which she fails at completely.

"Whoa, fast." She blinks several times.


Steve Rogers just offered to marathon Star Wars with him. /Steve Rogers just offered to do a nerdy activity with him his whole world is upside down right now say something cool in response Billy!/

"……………………….. Um. Cool beans?"


And so, for a moment, Billy Kaplan just sort of stands there, dumbstruck, the biggest, dumbest smile on his face as everyone passes him by. With a dragon on his head. He looks like he's in another world.

"it's svartalfheim"

Which makes his dedication towards making sure people say things the right way, no matter how faint or distant his voice sounds, doubly impressive.

Eventually, though, it's Tommy's words that bring him back to reality. And, realizing what a fool he's making of himself, Billy just smiles awkwardly at the white-haired young man who looks suspiciously like him entirely by coincidence and rubs at his forearm before doing his best to catch up. "That guy's not blond, Tommy, he's graying!" And, realizing he might have just implied the terrifying half-metal 90s action hero is elderly, Billy appends this with an, "Er. Sorry, sir."

Hopefully he lives through to the end of the day.

But to his credit, even dealing with a dragon using him as an impromptu perch (again), Billy follows the other conversations well enough. Hands crossing at his stomach as they reach the gazebo, he looks up at it in mild wonder (as best he can) before his attention is drawn towards Molly's words. "Just new. Mister Stark — Tony — recruited us," is his first response, offering up a polite smile. "I'm Billy. And that's-" Whoooooooosh "-… Tommy. He's. … he tries."


It's that lingering stare from Scott, however, that makes him pause /right/ when he's about to give Tommy an expository infodump about Xavier Institute. He blinks, head tilting in something approaching confusion, curiosity and concern all in one, and falls silent for a few moments.

Thankfully, Tommy ruins it all.

"He's not… … ugh."

And here is where Billy Kaplan just rubs his forehead.


+MEET: Meggan has arrived via +meet.


"Technicly /you/ talked about this, I pretended to listen." Stark replies towards Bucky with his usual level of glib indifference. The drive is angled towards Scott as he lobs the device towards the man. Either ignoring the noise or not hearing it.

…lets face it it's Stark. He's ignoring it.

"Right. Svartalfheim. That's what I said." It is totally not. "But anyway, Gazeboes aside…" A pause. "…and nice, kid. Only gothing though two walls when fighting Juggers is pretty good. Gotta admit. I'll give you a half-Hulk for that." Cause Hulk is totally a scale of measurement.

"So! The real reason I got you all together…" And he touches the completely normal looking watch he has with one finger before making a swiping motion with it. A hologram is suddenly flung into the air in the middle of the group. A picture there of a man familiar to Steve and Bucky at the very least.

Hydra's uniform is always distinctive.

"See. We all…" This angled towards Steve and Bucky. "…thought that these new agents. The ones that regenerate from bullet wounds and have a tendency to explode. Were all part of Hydra. Seems we got no luck on that." A glance at the X-men in attendance. "Cause they all ran into them too. In the employ of a rabid hate group. Gotta love those. SO! Looks like someone is selling enhancement tech. Cause those powers were way to similar to be coincidence."

He doesn't believe in coincidence anyway.


Cable gives Captain America his fist for a dap as the man introduces himself, "Thank you for your service." But doesn't belabor said service.

"Patents?" Cable says to Bucky as if the idea and looks to Jane and her tablet, "Eh." He says, "I just like to tinker. I've thought about trying to sell a few of my ideas but then I think about them getting mass-produced," Nathan says with distrust in his voice, "and then one day the bigots are using them to kick this school over."

"Charles and Scott have been good to me. I don't want for much. Let the military industrial complex grind up someone else's soul," he mumbles, eyes flickering to Stark, "my girl. She's not much bigger than your …", pause, "wife?"

"/Spitfire/ though," Nathan says, "You know how it can be. Either they want to learn or they want to pretend like they can't. Shooting isn't hard. Practicing something that doesn't hold your interest though, that's the hardest thing to train against."


Reality burns in front of them all, swirling sparks that begin to expand outward, and from within the portal grows big enough for Istriel Milkmane to step through, still perhaps wary of using Graymalkin's protocols without Cable's intervention, the click of her boots sounding on the floor as that burning gate of leyline energy snaps shut behind her. "Lord Cable, the Professor informed me you were…"

Possibly in danger? It is only now that her pale eyes tip up and around, to draw in her surroundings as if she were on some holy ground. Cable had described the interior of the place she had fallen to Midgard, but it's grandeur was not known to her until this moment. It distracts her from those gathered, but all too soon she looks to them all with the self-consciousness of someone who, you know, an elf that just stepped out of a burning portal.

'Right. Svartalfheim. That's what I said.'

Stark's words draw a blink from her, mouth hanging open as he mentions the Dark Elf realm and some new threat all at once, and though she was all set to give her profuse apology for misunderstanding Cable's talking, floating castle, but that would only interrupt further. Instead she steps up to look at Stark's projection, interjecting only once he's done speaking. "If Malekith and his kin are behind these new soldiers, nothing shall stay my hand until they are found and put to the realm's justice."


If there's one person who'll fully understand Cable's paranoia, it's the former Winter Soldier. Bucky's expression darkens at the thought of such weapons falling into the wrong hands, being mass-produced, and being brought back to bear against their very creators. He looks as if he fully expects such a thing might happen: and he does. He's seen the worst of human nature over the course of his life. "That's a good point," he says. And he might have said more, except —

She's not much bigger than your… wife?

Bucky coughs a little. "Not quite," he says, though he's distracted from offering further clarification by Tony starting to wander off leash. Not that pulling on it does anything: Bucky sighs a little when Tony does his blase 'I wasn't listening' Tony routine. He really has no idea why people try to send him to herd anyone. Probably because he supposedly 'successfully did it with Steve back in the day'… except he was way less successful at that than people think he was.

I mean, just look at Steve. No one would call that successfully herded.

He does listen as Scott speaks briefly on the gritty details of future cooperation. The former NCOIC in him can't help but automatically pay attention when matters of logistics and tactics come up. Talk of additional team members, from both parties, has him glancing at Tony, though he doesn't speak on the matter. At first this is because Stark is on the lead here, but then it's because of the image that pops up when Tony starts his discourse.

The very sight of Hydra sends the ex-Winter Soldier's heartrate spiking up, his eyes narrowing. His stance tenses visibly. "Almost wish it was," he says, his voice low.


A simple set of nods are given to both Molly and Billy with a simple "sounds good" as he unofficially locks himself to what might be suffering in the name of quality time with today's youth. "I can see why you're more involved," he states belatedly to Bucky and his commentary on being dragged into the youngsters' lives.

"Proud to have and continue to serve," Steve replies simply toward Cable.

Then an elf steps through a portal. "Thanks to Constantine, this doesn't trouble me as it once would have," he states softly, almost to himself.

Steve would say more, but the magic word is stated and the First Avenger takes note. "Hydra?" he doesn't really say more, figuring there are people better in the world of Intel to ask the questions. Usually speeches, heroic charges into unwillingable odds, diplomatic envoys, and being shirtless are what Cap is said to excel at… So for now, Steve listens.


Certainly, Tommy can't imagine another reason why anyone would wear red shades like that unless it was pure fashion - maybe this Scott Summers guy is cooler than he initially seems? - but as with most things, the white-haired speedster stops worrying about it pretty quicky. Because, you know, he does most things at a grossly accelerated rate.

"Yeah I'm the fastest," the least responsible of Tony's new Avenger recruits says with a definite air of cocksure arrogance, although that is patently untrue since there's like… The Flash, and the Flash, and probably like… Eight Reverse Flashes…

The important thing is that he believes it.

"Hey Billy did you just summon an elf, dude?" he wonders of his curiously similar-looking teammate, because he's never known Billy to summon elves before, but he's always doing all sorts of weird magic stuff. But yes even that, even the sudden appearance of an elf (or maybe an Eladrin?) gets set aside when Tony brings up the explodey healing guys. And Hydra.

"Oh," he says slightly too loudly, "so I didn't blow that dude up? He just did it on his own?"

He doesn't sound relieved, really. He doesn't sound particularly fussed either way. Just… Curious.


"Hello everyone!" comes a source of positive emotions. This bright and cheerful statement is brought to you by


Who has come, seemingly out of nowhere, although it does not take Batman to figure she walked across the lawn. She is carrying a moderately sized suitcase, a shoulder bag, and a paper bag comparable in size to the shoulder bag. The first two get shrugged off with a cheek-poofing 'whoof' of effort, even as she steps up onto the gazebo and pauses.

Rabid hate group. Regenerating. Hydra uniforms!

Meggan's lips purse in thought. She steps onto the gazebo and comes up directly behind "oh my god you're Captain America"

"oh my god!" Meggan says afterwards, again. She moves laterally and presents the entire paper-wrapped bag to him, eyes (metaphorically) as wide as saucers. "Here," she says, "just - here. Oh God, I had no idea there was a meeting. My flight was delayed. Rachel went to shop, she'll be back in about an hour and a half." Her head whirls round to look at Tommy, but then she quickly and alertly spots out Istriel, to whom she raises a hand, slowly.

The paper bag contains thirty assorted British chocolate bars and 36 Cadbury Creme Eggs.

"So YES, Hydra, here I'm going to just step back a pace," Meggan says, before doing exactly that. ("I love your phones!" she calls at Tony.)

She attempts to die of embarrassment about three seconds later but is unsuccessful.


"At least we have a target now." Scott remarks. He has and is standing there quiet right now, absorbing the info and trying to find an order to how this all plays together and why. Variables. Also their own gathering of forces, it is a lot to account for. His arms folded over his chest, he maintains a silent presence.
Meggan gets fingertap on the rim of his shades in acknowledgement.


All the while, Jane Foster has been lingering at the wings — not without a dry look at Tony Stark's initial introduction.

"Dr. Foster," she had announced herself, a little reserved but not rude — mark of the consummate scientist who's not the greatest with social acumen, and generally gets all the more quiet among larger groups.

That, and whatever work she has ongoing on her tablet. Jane Foster's ever-locomotive mind stops for nothing.

One thing that does make her glance up from her work is Bucky Barnes making a man-date with Cable, as the two talk shop and compare guns. A smile eases her face, though her own dark eyes linger — on the metal grafting Nathan Summers's face. Polite people know better than to look, and Jane should too — at least, she doesn't seem to be curious so much of the injury as she is the medical engineering.

Then, of course, "wife" starts getting thrown around, and Bucky's cough goes simultaneous as Jane getting pink in the cheeks. Is she honest to god that small? In need of a foldable gun? Not that —

The thought lasts long, when Tony gets down to business. The hologram pops up, and Jane turns off her tablet. Hydra's sight is arresting like that.

Subtly, one of her hands rests on Bucky's back in a steadying touch, sensing his tension — knowing well where it roots. Her own jaw tightens, eyes hard with memory.

And those new agents. 'Hello, mother,' one had said to her. Jane, you should probably share information like that with the class.

She does not.


"Do you have magic elves now? Man. No wonder Thor's goats like this place so much," Stark mutters as he looks over towards Istriel's entrence. The inventor isn't that bothered by the magic anymore. Mostly because of Dani doing things like this, and the whole Demon Bear thing. Also the fact that he's /kinda/ trying to be a technowizard.

But people aren't supposed to know that.

"Yeah pretty much, kid." Stark replies towards Tommy with a shake of his head. "Looks like it is a side effect of the process. I'm going to guess its not indented but man you never know with those guys. Those Purifier guys might consider it a feature? Who knows with them. But the point is, I think someone is selling the tech. Or magic. Or whatever it is to anyone with deep enough pockets. We need info…which is just the reason I'm helping Rachel out with this." A beatpause. "That and because she's hot." A longer pause. Hot in that crazy/hot way that might get him killed but that is entirely irresistible.

"So we'll track down the Hydra angle. If you all will track down the Purifier angle and helpfully we'll find enough information we can stop this mess before they decide to sell to anyone /else/ that hates all of us."

But then Meggan happens.

Tony just stares a moment. Blinks a few times. It is like a whirlwind of positive emotions. A slow blink before he glances back at Cable and then Scott.

…is she always like this? That looks seems to say.

A longer pause.

"Also wait what is a Melekith? Is that like some strange Asgardian drink?"

A shake of his head.

"Anyway, I agree on a different meeting place. But you know me. I love casual. I'll set something else up in the future. Something that hopefully won't get blown up."


"I absolutely did not summon an elf."

Billy Kaplan seems absolutely positive about this.

… But then, he did just correct Tony Stark's (totally wrong) pronunciation of Svart…


Oh god. Did he summon an elf on accident?

There's a brief moment of internal panic that wars in nothing more than the look of indecision and concern that flits through his brown eyes for a few brief seconds before he is yanked back into reality by the proceedings, and the immediately apparent arrival of someone /else/ who looks like an elf. An incredingly, gushingly cheerful elf. This is highly distressing. Thankfully, Billy's gotten pretty good at hiding and smothering his worries.

That's healthy.

This is fine.

"Malekith-?" he wonders, in confusion. "Are you from Alfheim…?" A light elf? A real light elf?? Billy quietly enthuses (take THAT, science fiction crowd!!) but any immediate, demanding questions for Istriel are tabled in lieu of the much more pressing and immediate threat of the strange, superpowered soldiers they ran into during that trap some months back. Billy's brows furrow inward, a frown creasing his lips as he looks over those screens. "We'll do what I can to help," he offers, almost compulsively. 'We' because yes he's dragging Tommy into this too. He is taking this all very seriously.

We need info…which is just the reason I'm helping Rachel out with this.

For a moment, a smile touches Billy Kaplan's lips, looking for all the world inspired by one of the great idols in his life.

That and because she's hot.

It passes.

"Ugh," mumbles Billy under his breath, quietly pressing a hand to his forehead.

Being careful, of course. Because, you know. The dragon.


Looking to teh pair of Billy and Tommy, Molly smiles, "Well, you two seem like fun. We should hang out!" She declares and then looks at Tommy with a tilted head and then at Billy, "Wait, you summ…err, umm, I'm gonna go get something to drink." She nods her ehad and then she starts toward the kitchen area, "You two can get some two if you want it." She stares at what the hologram is and hten looks to Tony, "If you need something punched just let me know." She shakes her head, still trying to muddle through Billy and Tommy before she turns and ccalls back, "Hey!"

She points at Tony, "I'm at least 2/3rds Hulk." She nods her head and then she turns and heads off.


Questions swirl as this unfamiliar information presents itself, but some of which draw her attention more than others. Certainly, her counterpoint arriving in the form of Meggan, who's gushing over Captain America and apologies captivate her alien gaze while she tries to process this gleeful interjection. It is drawn away, however, buy someone repeating the name of a sworn enemy, and asking her a question that used to not be complicated at all.

Istriel looks to Billy then, staring at him as if she could see down to the fabric of his soul, and each step in his direction brings her in close for evaluation. The deeper questions of her own past well up, and though it is a harder question to answer than it used to be, she gives Billy a deserved answer.

"Alfheim is my once and always home, though it is a stranger to me for the time being, kept from me by insidious dealings I shall not speak of this day. I assure both you and your like-faced companion, it was not you that brought me here, but magic my own. Still, to learn of a Midgardian who knows of my realm, and possesses a sorcerer's spirit is a rare treat indeed. I am Istriel Milkmane, Initiate Magus of the Order of the Petalblade, and it is my very good pleasure to meet you."

Her bow is a slight thing, but she's learning to adapt, and so she extends a hand to Billy in a more customary greeting for this place.


There is a brief glance as Jane blushes and Bucky coughs.


Like a true friend, Steve does not voice his thoughts presently on the matter, but instead turns toward Meggan as he finds a lot of candy given. "I can't really accept this," Steve offers gently, moving to return the gift. His hands move to be gently placed on top of Meggan's in an attempt to ensure that the acquired candy isn't given out of guilt or the like. "It's a pleasure to meet you though."

Who knows how many times Steve Rogers has warmly introduced himself to a person? But that isn't amazing. What perhaps is, however, is the fact that he still does it with the kind smile and the attitude as if the person he's speaking to is more than worthy of his time. Like it was the first time.

As the talk of the plan is given, Steve nods in response. "I planned on coming down here for a variety of reasons, but if there is assistance to be given, I'm more than willing to help," Rogers offers toward the mutants gathered.


Meggan gives Scott a very small wave and a very small smile while attempting to die. This continues to fail but she listens carefully to what is going on. Her attention rests on Istriel for a moment, the elven woman's presence lending itself to questions - but -

argh! captain america is refusing my gift!! "Oh I'm so sorry," she says as her hands are engulfed by his. "It's just candy. I'm Meggan Puceanu, I'm from England, as is the candy." She takes a deep breath, lets it out, closes her eyes for a moment, and then returns her attention to Tony Stark. (he's really here! those burmese children must be safe, Meggan decides.)

She nods firmly in agreement with his statements, even as she quietly opens the bag and keeps looking dead ahead. As she does, she presses something into the hand of Billy Kaplan: a creme egg, in these trying times. "be good," she side-talks, to… Lockheed.


"She has the best taste in phones," Stark asides to Steve and Bucky. This is about Meggan of course. "Also Steve, come on. Take the candy. Its /candy/. When a pretty girl offers you candy at least take some. Peggy isn't gonna be mad about it." Stark always has that way about him to make things worse.

"But yeah, I'll be reaching out to a few other teams too. Since I have a feeling if someone is selling enhanced agents to whoever…times are gonna get really a bit of mess. I don't think I have to explain to anyone how bad that is, right? And I think everyone here wants to actually help people right?"

A pause.

"At least I'm assuming."

A smirk again before he glances around. "I'll make sure to get some new meeting place together. Give everyone directions. It'll be a great party house that will in no way explode."

…of course it will explode.

…it. Always. Explodes.


"I'm pretty sure you totally did summon an elf, Billy," Tommy counters with all the sage wisdom(?) of a New Jersey highschool dropout. "Look it's cool, right, what if you'd summoned up something worse? Like a gelatinous cube!"

Tony's confirmation that the glowy guy's explosion in the basement of the secret lab was in fact not the speedster's direct fault produces a pensive nod from Tommy, though whether this is out of relief at the idea of not having murdered a guy (and also whatever other bad dudes got blown up when he threw the exploding guy down the stairs at them, look it was a busy day) or having discovered a potential excuse to cut more loose than Avengers are technically supposed to according to the arcane and myriad bylaws of the organisation is nigh impossible to tell because—

"DID SHE SAY CANDY," the speedster says at the urging of his absolute monster of a metabolism, completely ignoring the rest of the very serious conversation as Steve gallantly refuses candy and then Billy gets handed a creme egg.

"Hi hello hey," is Tommy's greeting to Meggan as he for all intents and purposes spontaneously appears on the other side of her. "I'm Tommy. Uh, Speed. 'cause I go fast. You know that Quicksilver dude, the evil mutant terror guy? Like that except I'm better, and younger, and handsomer. So uh now that we're friends can I get some of that chocolate…?"


Tony just looks at Speed. Looks at the rest of the X-men. Then just shrugs elequently.



"Oh, I see, hence the name, right," Meggan nods along with Tommy, giving him a Double Decker bar in the process. "It's lovely to meet you. Are you related to Quicksilver or is it just a similar power?"


"Dial that back about 10 to 15% super chief." Scott warns Stark about Rachel, no threat in his voice just very monotone.
"We have a lot of diversity here… to put it lightly and with it comes a lot of firepower. A lot." He adds while looking away from the gathering back towards the mansion, as Istrafel joins, one Scott is unfamiliar with, he ticks that away for now just staring and nodding once.
"Casual is fine,welcome even just, a heads up its going to be a party so we can be ready, Never fun being a bad host."

As the convesations start to scatter and drift from Hydra so does Scott's attention span, hes already oriented towards the business end of things.
"You're all free to linger, I'll have the food brought out and drinks. I want to start working on the logistics of this." A system to update, team members not here to get caught up on the plans and new faces that are 'cleared (for now). Though he is lingering, slightly, trying not to be entirely impolite but Scott's social butterfly shriveled already and he is trying hard not to be overeager for some actual AvX co-op. Work. Scott likes 'work'.

"Christ, I hope nothing else blows up this week. At least not here." He says to mostly himself.


Istriel assures him that he did not summon her and she did it herself. This comes as no small relief to Billy Kaplan, who just ignores the niggling little voice in the back of his head that tells him he probably could have just made her say that, and it's not proof of anything, and why are you being so complacent about this Billy —

"Oh my god, she just said I didn't," which might explain the slight bit of forcefulness in his tone when Tommy keeps on about it. Billy blinks. And then he clears his throat, looking aside and rubbing the back of his neck gingerly.

"… er. Sorry."

He needs a distraction. And he would /really/ like to ask Istriel /all about/ Alfheim and Svartalfheim and Muspelheim and all the heims but before he can — he finds himself presented with a creme egg. Brown eyes shutter in a blink. He peers, for just a moment, at the egg in his hand. Looks back at Meggan. To the egg. And then he hazards a small, awkward, but no less sincere sort of smile.

"Ah… thanks. I actually haven't had one of these in a while." 'be good,' she says to Lockheed.

"It's — it's okay. I hardly even notice he's there." Oh my god yes he does notice that's a terrible lie every moment is an increasingly anxious period just waiting for Lockheed's next torment help him—

"Thank you, Mr. Summers," he says, in lieu of all that. "Honestly, I've wanted to come here for a long time — this institute is really inspir-"

And there's Tommy, hitting on Meggan. Or trolling for candy. Billy honestly can't tell. His brows scrunch, just a bit.

Are you related to Quicksilver or is it just a similar power?

Billy hesitates, just a moment, before he just reaches out to grab Tommy by the arm.

"Thank you for the egg! I am so sorry for him," Billy apologizes, completely unnecessarily. "I'm gonna go take a look around. Come on. Really, very sorry for him-"


Candy acquired, Tommy looks inordinately pleased with himself for making Meggan his (literal) sugar momma… Right up until she asks him if he's actually related to Quicksilver. Honestly, the thought hadn't ever really managed to find any kind of purchase in the speedster's mind. Sure, they have a similar hair colour but maybe that's a speed thing? Maybe going fast pulls all the melanin out of your hair, and that's why the Flash has that full cowl thing going on. But wasn't there some Kid Flash with his hair flying free? Are there dyes involved?!

"Well, I—"

Thank you for the egg! I am so sorry for him.

Tommy's expression turns to one of consternation as he's pulled away by an excuse-making William Kaplan, who is as usual assuming the worst about Tommy's motives with no actual proof!!

Well, he's right, but still. No proof!

"Thanks for the candy," he calls as he's pulled away, and the last anyone hears from him for now is:

"Hey Billiam, d'you think the dragon can have chocolate, or is it like a dog…?"


Meggan smiles at Tommy. "It's fine! I brought it to share!" Then her eyes turn to Billy and she says, "Oh, it's fine - have a great time! This is a gorgeous place, I can tell already! Everyone speaks highly of it! Have fun!" Her voice steadily raises as Billy and Tommy get out of range.

"They're cute, aren't they," she observes, possibly to Captain America, God, and Cyclops, even as she folds her arms in front of herself loosely.

("You seem a little tense," she adds, this time to Cyclops in specific. "Can I do anything?")

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