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August 04, 2018:

Fairchild and Hal Jordan debrief Koriand'r after her travels in deep space; Diana introduces them to Kara.

The Watchtower


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The heroine code-named Starfire— known as Koriand'r of Tamaran— has had a long few months of absence. Granted, the League isn't exactly the military. Members can and do disappear for prolonged periods to attend to personal issues and take a break from the heroing life. But given her exploits and the shifting relationships of interstellar travel, it seemed prudent to get a full teardown of her months abroad.

Caitlin walks with Kori through the Watchtower's halls, the two towering redheads making for quite a sight. She's wearing athletic black yoga pants and a light t-shirt that says "My Little Pwny" with a cartooon gamer pony on it.

"Oh, there's Hal," she says, as they reach the conference room door. She waves at the incoming aviator as he approachs from the other direction, and palms the door open. It's not the Big Conference Room, where the senior members meet and vote on issues. It's actually somewhat comfortable, though packed with amenities such as a holographic display panel. Caitlin invites Kori to sit, and finds a spot opposite her. She digs in her slingpack for a large cylinder, unscrewing the lid, and starts guzzling strawberry protein shake out of it.

"This is gonna be real informal," she promises her friend. "Just tell me what you've been up to for the last few weeks! We'll get it recorded here for posterity." She wrinkles her button nose. "Maybe leave out some of the, uh, more personal details about the Prince, though."


The tall fiery haired orange girl is quite content to just walk around quietly. She is wearing her usual purple and white suit. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If thats not enough, she has a friend with her. Turns out leaving her… Pet at the giant T building just wasn't an option. So yes. The Silkie is on the Watchtower. She is keeping a close eye on the adorable little pink fluffy bug. She happily pets the creature before sitting down.

"But the Prince was the best part!" She smiles brightly. "Hello Hal!!!" She exclaims. "It is good to see you! I have missed being here and on Earth. I do have good news. The Elaxians do not wish to attack or invade Earth. Though they did attack me and come after me here. Does that count as invading and attacking. Do not worry though. Caitlin was very Diplomatic. She successfully got them to leave!"


Diana's no-so-Invisible Jet has recently landed on the space station and there the smokey-hued knife-shaped transport jet rests large on the hangar floor with its artistic angles and curves starkly contrasting against the space station's own design stylings.

Descending from inside the alien tech powered Jet, Diana is wearing a heavy blue robe over her armored body, she steps onto the hangar's floor and turns to look up into her ship. Then she motions out to the hangar itself. "Welcome to the Watchtower." She tells her guest(s). "I think the others are waiting for us, so we should hurry along. But do feel free to ask any questions about the place… I will even try to answer them." And Diana sets out then, to go to this indicated meeting.


Jordan has already had an active morning, the observation room being occupied by him as he looms over a console, tapping one finger at it slowly. Staring and tapping again. A bottle of water in his other, its hearing voices that he lifts his head and pulls his white-domino masked eyes from the console to see Cait and Kory.
It has been since just after Rayner and Kori went through her times that Hal has seen her, consoled her, next step from one of his better friends in the League, a set aside of the water bottle and he closes the gap between the two, "Big Red." He says to Fairchild before he sweeps up Kory in a large hug. Surprisingly strong but also, ring augmented as usual. Not paying much mind to what she said or Fairchild in favor of the direct and warm, squeeze. Much like poor Arisia suffered once.
"Where have you been? Nevermind. Just glad to see you back."

It is as Diana joins the three of them that he drops Kory to her feet, looking at the Amazon Princess with a sideglance, his lips quirking a little, "Was about to think it was a day just for redheads."
"Princess." He has not seen her since the other night. It makes for an awkwardness in his mind but hes a professional and aware of himself. More than currently.


Kara has tagged along with Diana, who she tried to keep rather close to since being brought along to the Hall of Justice. Her training certainly improved, compared to lasering poor innocent trees. "Why is it called a Watchtower?" Kara asks Diana curiously, as questions were welcomed.


Caitlin beams at Hal, and when he's done hugging Kori, she picks him up and gives him a sisterly hug as well. And she doesnt' crack any ribs this time. "Thanks for being here, H— uh, GL," she tells the pilot. Cait's bad with secret identities.

Diana gets a warm smile of greeting and then Caitlin turns a curious look to the slender blonde next to her. She smiles welcome anyway and dips her head in greeting.

"Uh, okay, everyone," she says. Technically Di and Hal have seniority, but Caitlin did call the little meeting. "Koriand'r's back from her space travels, and wanted to greet people and update us on some intergalactic stuff. I've verified her identity against the League's database already, and also she's the only person I know who'll drink hot mustard for fun, so I think I'm pretty sure she's who she says she is."

She invites everyone to sit down. "Also, I'm sorry. I forgot to bring cookies. Next time," she promises.

She moves to the seat near the holo controls and taps them into scanning mode, registering's everyone League identity, and then smiles at Kori. "So go ahead and just tells us in your own words what happened with Elaxia."


Diana looks back to Kara and offers her a sly grin at the question. "You can blame Batman for the name." She responds about the Watchtower. "It has a bit of a… prison yard feeling to it for my taste, but, this place itself is not exactly something I enjoy. But that is not to say I do not recognize its value in helping protect Earth."

When they arrive at the others, Diana first looks toward Hal and she nods once toward him. "Try to keep your clothing on, Green Lantern, yes?" She teases the man after his attempts at Asgardian alcohol hadn't gone well the other night and she'd heard a bit about it from others aboard the station.

Diana gives a nod to Kori. "It is very good to see you again." She says with a warm smile of her own before she half turns to motio nto Kara. "This is… a hopeful new member to our League. One that I believ will surprise a lot of people with what she's capable of." She then pauses a second to provide her name. "Kara." And she smiles to the Kryptonian.


"Batman…? Is he a bat, and a man, so you call him Batman? Does he have arms or wings?" Kara asks curiously. Then they are next to people she doesn't know, and Kara shifts a little to stand even closer to Diana, offering an awkward wave of her hand at the others. "Hello," she says after being introduced by Diana.


Jordan grunts at the overly strong hug from Caitlin, its almost like shes upstaging him in the bearhugging but thats by no effort of her own. Crushed against the burly/shapely redhead he exhales once feet find the ground once more, "Thanks, I needed my back popped." He grumbles under his breath. "Intergalactic affairs? We're likely missing some gaps. So by all means… "
Hal spies the woman next to Diana as he is writing himself and fires a smile her way, "Hey Supergirl, good to see you still kicking around."
A look back towards Cait then Kori, "Shes who she says she is. Unmistakable." He smiles large himself, he was close with Starfire once when she was his partner Rayner's better half. Remained as such on depature but that all seems so long ago now.

Diana's remark gets the smile to falter some, his lips doing that same quirk like he wants to say something but it doesn't escape him, "I'll work on that. No promises."

"Hopeful… she should have been one of us by now. Glad you're snaring her up now. I had hoped Power Girl was working her that way. They hit it off last time we bumped in to one another." A friendly tilt of his head regarding Kara again, though hes not sitting like offered. Not today. Restless is a thing it appears.


Caitlin Fairchild says, "I think she dropepd a few weeks aog."


Caitlin palms her face when Diana chivvies Hal. "Yes, please, pants and pant-related clothing items should be worn at all times." She pushes Hal's shoulder (gently) and turns to greet Diana with a quick hug, and then looks to Kara. "He's got arms," she assures Kara. "He dresses up so he looks a little like a bat. He's also /really/ spooky and a little mean," she says. "…or really mean and a little spooky. Mean /and/ spooky."

She shakes it off, and offers a very gentle handshake to Kara. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild, but you can call me Cait, everyone does," she promises the blonde. "It's really swell to meet you. Are you, uh, related to Superman?" she inquires, glancing at the stylized crest of the House of El on her sternum.

Green eyes flicker to Hal, and her lips downturn. "Ka— Power Girl's got some civilian stuff she's dealing with," she tells him. "Sent lots of love to everyone but her, uh, work commitments are taking all her attention. She'll be back once the business is stable again. I mean, one-percenter problems, right? Making too much money," she says, rolling her eyes and trying a bit of levity.


Diana returns the hug to Caitlin and shows her a little grin at the reaction to Hal and the explanation of Batman. "He is both, you are right. But it is also part of his charm… eh— kind of part of it." Her blue eyes glance away for a second before she then glances between Cait and Kara. "I would very much love it, Caitlin, if you would help Kara feel more at home here and within the League in-general. If you ahve the time for it, of course."

Diana's right hand comes over to rest on Kara's arm near her elbow, she can sense the discomfort in the young woman. "You will like this station though, it offers many outlets for training your powers. So that you do no thave to do that in the center of Central Park." And Diana is grinning at the Kryptonian now, since thats how the two of them met.


Kory happily returns the hug with Hal. "It is very nice to see you too Hal!" When she is set back down she returns to her seat and to the pink bug. She gives a smile to Wonder Woman, "Hello Diana and future friend!!!" She grins happily.

She begins, "There were rumors that a planet was going to attack Earth. So I went to find out if they were telling the truth. The planet in question is called Elaxia. I spoke with them and discovered they have no intentions of attacking or invading Earth. I am not permitted to return, however due to a situation with their prince."


"But I'm not kicking anyone!" Kara fends for herself, thinking Hal just accused her of kicking people randomly. Otherwise she stays quiet, still looking shyly at the people around. Kara is rather pleased at being addressed by Caitlin, feeling a bit less of an outsider that way. "So…definitely arms, mean and spooky. Should I teach him a lesson then? Being mean isn't nice. You shouldn't be mean to people."

At the question of relations, Kara nods, "he is my cousin, I'm staying with him for now. Well, mostly by myself, he's very busy most of the time."

Kara nods as Diana offers encouragement, "I am getting better, so I'd love more training opportunities!" She then looks curiously at Kory, "you can tell the future?"


"In my defense over half of you never wear pants." Hal remarks at the shoulder press, "Not that I am complaining just, you know, equality. We're the Justice League, it might be on our brochures somewhere. Pretty sure."
"Hes a dweeb." All the Lantern says about Batman. He is not a fan but also the mans not around to fire glowers or cuts back. No comment on Power Girl either, not that he has anything horrible to say about the ex.

He does notice something different about Starfire, the pink thing, he actually holds up his ring while they're talking to Kara. A green beam of light scanning out to wash over the creature, odd and new. Not something he remembers about her from before but then, pets… strays, these people he has learned are all about collecting them. It's like Arkansas and rusted cars in their yards or children.

"Wait, what?" He snaps up, apparently satisfied with Silkie not being a threat. Outside of just so ugly its almost cute.

The cousin news he just looks up at, hes spent enough time in the past with Karen Starr to know more than just some basic info to not be overlty surprised at Kryptonian ongoings. A tad at least.


Caitlin's eyes go very wide at Kara's proposal to fight Batman. "Nononono, that… that would be a super, super bad idea. I cannot stress that enough, do *not* fight Batman." She grips her ponytail in her hand, tugging on it in a momentary, unconscious expression of stress.

She sticks her tongue out at Hal. "Pants are leg prisons," she tells the Lantern, before focusing back on Kara and Diana. She nods assent to Diana's request. "I'd be happy to show her around," she says, flashing a smile at the slender blonde. "I like Superman. He's always super nice to me," she assures Kara.

When Koriand'r resumes her debriefing, Caitlin pays attention to the redhead. "Can you give us any kind of breakdown on their military strength, or any political issues we should be aware of?" she inquires of Kori. "I mean, broad strokes for now— they /did/ send a scout craft here to kidnap you. That means they're organized and hold a grudge. I don't think I can bluff another raiding party away. What do we do if they decide Earth looks like a fun place to throw a war, and invite all their friends?"


Koriand'r gives a gentle nod, "The Elaxians are largely peaceful. You met their head of security. He wished to take me back to face their justice system. The royal family is very technology focused as their small size is not very good for fighting. Their technology however is advanced. If they wished to cause trouble here it would be their technology that is their biggest weapon. They will likely not do that however. I am banished from their world and that is enough. All because I wished to learn more of their language." She gives a grin over that.

Happily she pets the little pink bug, "Oh. This is Syl'khee! He was experimented on by Killer Moth. I adopted him because he is an adorable bungorf! See!" She holds the bug up to Hal and then Diana and Kara.


Diana leans over to speak softly into Kara's left ear. "It is an expression, kicking in this case means simply to be near by and well." She grins a little, knowing full well what it was like to leave her isoalted homeland and come out to a world that had all manner of verbal expressions that made no sense to her, so after 100 years of learning themand all the new ones that pop culture is constantly creatingDiana tries to share the knowledge… but some of the new ones even slip past her, as thats the fate of being an adult.

To Koriand'r, Diana nods softly while glancing to Caitlin and then back to Kori. "What situation is happening with their Prince?" She has to ask, not wishing to pry but if it involves the safety of Earth she feels she must. "Perhaps I can speak with them on it all?" Ever the Ambaassador of peace and love that she is.


At Hall's comment about pants, Kara turns to look at him, frowning a bit, "I wear pants! Carol got me some pants, and I'm not scared at all to wear them!" Clearly, Kara still has a ways to go before she fluently understands conversation around her.

Kara looks surprised when Caitlin suggests not to fight Batman, "so…is he not really that mean?" But then she gets distracted as a new idea is introduced about pants, "leg prisons? I don't feel my legs are locked when I'm wearing pants…am I just lucky?" She does, however, have her blue eyes light up at the praise of Superman, "he is very likeable! He's nice to me too!"

Again, taking what's said around her far too literally, Kara offers to Caitlin, "we should send those people a message, that they cannot come here unless they are invitied. I'm sure they wouldn't want to be rude and will respect that."

Kara looks curiously at Syl'khee, "what's a bungorf?" She asks at a loss, before Diana explains one thing, causing Kara to nod. "I get it! So I'm kicking you all the time, right Diana?"


The flash of tongue has Jordan headshaking and firing back a, "Whats that saying, don't cash checks your pretty mouth can't cash." He maybe added a word.
"Best not to fight our own in all seriousness. NO matter how much some of us deserve it at times." He sides with Fairchild in that advisory.
"Silkee… cute."

"Elaxians, not sure I've had the pleasure." The Lantern ops for listening to the intel while his ring starts to hunt the name and information down.

"Oh they are definitely an injustice to nice legs, Supergirl." Jordan assures, a faint smile showing and vanishing. Largely being silent to take in the data.


Caitlin looks at Diana. She wiggles a thumb back and forth from Kori and Kara. "Hey, if I'm on Cultural Training Duty for /both/ of them, I want a pay raise," she tells Diana, with a dry-voiced impishness. "And I'm going to show them memes. Meeeeeeemes," she whispers, dramatically. "It'll be nothing but ceilingkat and cheezeburgers."

She glances at Kori when the Tamaranean buries the lede, and rolls her eyes a bit. "Kori made out with the the Prince of Elaxia, I guess," she clarifies for the benefit of the others present. She shrugs. It's what Kori does. "But they took that super personally, and wanted to arrest her, and followed her to Earth. The Prince waved them off at the last minute, but I figured we should at least get a gameplan together if needed. Their scout vessels aren't terribly tough, but if Kori thinks their tech is that far in advance of ours, I figured it wasn't the worst idea to come up with a game plan in case they decided to pick another fight."


"A Bumgorf is in this language one who is taken care of by a K'norfka. A baby?" Starfire smiles. "K'norfka is one who takes care of babies." She smiles happily.

Then she looks at Caitlin and then at the others. "It is not my fault! When I got there I kissed the Prince because I can learn a language that way. When I was about to depart, the Prince wished to say good bye and teach me more of their language. When the head of security discovered us, I was accused of causing harm to their royal family and they wished to end my life. I flew away and they followed."


"What I said just nails it even more. Cashing checks and mouths, yadda yadda." Jordan's arms fold across his chest and he smirks, "Diplomacy a suggested, this would be a stupid thing to go to war over."


Diana looks over to Kara and hears the girl's attempt at the phrase. "I uh… we will work on that." She says to her younger friend giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "Close though!" And with a little grin she looks back then to Caitlin and Koriandr as Cait spills the beans on some of it, and Kori elaborates further.

"I see…" Diana hits with her initial response, a sidelong glance going to Hal when he says he isn't familiar with this culture. "Starfire." Diana says calmly as she looks back to her. "Kissing is a very intimate thing in many cultures, it should not be taken lightly. I realize the intentions you had for it however… but yes, this is something we should resolve and not leave lingering between Earth and their society. It would likely deteriorate relations the longer it goes unexplained."

Diana's left hand goes over to Hal's right bicep then as he speaks. "I am pretty sure you completely got that phrase wrong. You will have to join Caitlin's meme-class, I do believe now." She tells him with a soft smile.


"Really…?" Kara looks surprised, "I didn't know that…glad my super outfit doesn't use pants then." Bending down, Kara rubs her legs, as she whispers to them, "I'm sorry about putting you in pants all that time, I didn't know." But she quickly straightens, and turns to Caitlin, "what are Meeeeemes?" Turning to peer at Kori, Kara soon follows that up with, "what did you make with the Prince? Was it something ugly that offended them? Is that why they were after you?"

Kara still looks confused for a moment, when the word Bumgorf is explained to her. But eventually a light bulb flickers on and she grins, "is it a baby? Babies are adorable!"

Kara nods at Diana when she apparently didn't quite ace the whole kicking phrasing, but at least it Diana didn't outright say she was wrong! Kara was making good progress. She then turns to Kori, "if you want I can see those people and tell them you are very sorry. But…very very, like, a lot?"


Caitlin rolls her eyes at Kori and makes a faint 'as I said' gesture at the Tamaranean's explanation. But she's smiling tolerantly all the same. Kori is who she is, and she's first and foremost a good friend.

She makes a face at Diana's suggestion. "Quadruple pay, if I have to teach Hal, too. He's all old and stuff," she says, bumping Hal lightly with her elbow.

She eyes Kara. "Oh, wow," she says, trying not to laugh. She hides a smile behind her hand. "Yeah, we've got a lot of learning to do. It's okay. I'll help you find your way around," she says, offering Kara a quick and reassuring one-armed hug around the shoulders. "And memes are… y'know what, I'm gonna just show them to you, it's easier to do that than explain."

"Okay, okay. Focusing. What's the intergalactic equivalent of a fruit basket? I'd bake them cookies but I have no idea if they'd survive the trip. Or if they even like sugar. Or if sugar's not poisonous to them." She wiggles her shoulders,


"The actions were not started by me before I left. The Prince started them! He was kissing me more than I was kissing him. It is the most pleasurable way for me to learn a language for both parties. Plus it is the fastest way. The Prince explained to them that he wished to engage in kissing with me. The Chief of Security was just annoyed that he did not get to take authority. He hungers for power. "

Quietly she reaches down and pets the Silkie. Happily she gets out a bottle of mustard and takes a long sip of the yellow liquid. "The Zesty Yellow Liquid of Earth. The Mustard. I missed it greatly while I was gone."


Kara rubbing her legs and talking to them gets Hal stifling a laugh, trying his best to contain it even as Di gives his arm a squeeze with added advice, "Right, so I am to assume Rick Rolling is old news?" Maybe she wouldn't know. "I'm familiar enough with Kori to know she meant no harm, its her cultural expectations versus theirs. A medium only makes sense."
A huff at the additional bump, "I can't afford you." He says, "Pass. Can't teach an old horse new tricks, thats another one or I got it wrong too?"

"Intergalactic fruitbasket. Thats easy, Guy Gardner." Jordan is joking and it is highly unlikely any of them even know the man. Hes a junior Lantern at this point after all.
"In all seriousness, send an apology letter and a cultural difference pamphlet or just one of us. You appear to be more than surprisingly aware of this particular alien cultures, Cait, why not subject yourself to it? You and Kori have the most familiarity."
"Sending in more of the blind is likely to just add more fuel to the fire."


Diana smiles softly at Kara's actions and words, she admires the girl's positivity quite a lot. But the presence of a potential enemy of Earth just has to draw the majority of her attention right now. "It really is an issue that should be resolved swiftly. This Prince may have just been using it as an excuse to physically interact with you, Starfire. But the true nature of it all should be discovered before things get worse…"

At Caitlin, Diana nods her head a single small time. "I am more than willing to see to it that whatever you do to help Kara learn the ways of Earth's culture will be financially supported. Take her out to movies or fun things around Manhattan and I will see to it that it is all paid for, as well as anyone else who wishes to tag along. It is the best way to learn fast, and with hopefully a lot of fun involved as well."


Caitlin massages her brow, faintly, when Hal suggests she start working on helping Kori prevent an intergalactic incident. Otherwise, the Gardner crack would have provoked a laugh. It's not until Diana's talking at her a bit that she blinks and looks up. "Huh? Oh! Okay." She nods at Hal and Diana. "I'll sit down with Kori and work something out, see if we can establish some diplomatic relations or something. WithOUT macking on the Prince," she says, giving Kori a sideways look.

"And no, don't worry about the pay," she tells Diana. "I'll take Kara out and show her the city. Didn't I tell you? I got a new job at Stark Industries," she says. "Assistant Director of R&D. Pepp— Miss Potts says I'll be head of the Skunkworks advanced prototypes labs once the current director retires. ~Dream job~," she sings, looking skywards in thanks. "But I can definitely afford to help Kara get acclimated. I've still got the spare room in my apartment, too, if living with Superman gets boring," she offers to the Kryptonian lass.


Starfire smiles softly, "I will send them a letter. I do speak their language at least. That will help, I hope." She looks at Diana and then at Kara. "I could join in on such adventures! I have been where Kara is and I know it can be confusing. It is fun to learn. I would like to learn of Kryptonian culture as well."

She smiles a little. "I have also come to a decision I wish to share." She stands up. Gently she lifts off the floor, just floating there. She is simply that excited. "I have decided that I wish to return to the Titans to aid in training new Heroes. I would still be active with the Justice League. I just feel that I was a Titan first and then a League Member and I wish to help out more there." She makes a little face and then her eyes light up! "Kara could come there if she chose! I am sure the Titans would take here. I would need to speak with Robin but it would help her to get involved here!"


"If it does come to it. The League will be there, we may be able to reach out to their Sector's Lantern if they have one also, he can show up as a liaison and aid, in case or she." He adds looking around the room, his arms relaxing their fold across his chest.
"Officially welcome to the fold Kara, you'll be a great addition and just in time, we got some others who are still wet behind the ears."

The uplift of Starfire and excitement is something hes not seen in a long while, its probably a good thing shes had her vacation and return, an uplifted spirit, literally it appears.

"If you want to defer this to the Titans…. keep us in the loop, in case as well." He glances over at Wonder Woman and releases a shrug. "I think, I am going to take a walk and get out of uniform a while." A pause, "Not like that." He says before it can be said. "Planetside. Real food… Terra Firma under my feet. Maybe hit happy hour."


"I could teach you," Kara says somberly to Kori, "but sadly, there wouldn't be much use, our planet has exploded, and there aren't many of us left. It's mostly my cousin and I, I think." She looks a bit unsure about the idea she'll go away from Diana, as she asks, "where is it that I could come? And should I?"

Reaching to touch behind her ears, just to be sure, Kara makes sure to inform, "I am not wet behind the ears at all. That is a false statement."


"I did not know that!" Diana replies about Caitlin's job, she'd know the other was looking based on previous talks together and she'd offered to help her with any references even. "Congratulations." She adds cheerfully. "I will have to come pester you at your place of business sometime soon then." And now she's grinning to the younger one. "Perhaps your employer as well, should he be around."

Kara is given another soft pat on the shoulder. "Another expression, my dear. I will have to compile a list for you of these… there must be something of that nature online somewhere, everything is on the internet." And then adds in a grimmer tone. "Everything."

"And thank you, Starfire." Diana tells the Mustard Loving One. "It is good to have you back, please do not hesitate to come to me for help should you need it."

A little look is given to Hal. "Behave." She warns him softly with a small smile.


Starfire frowns and touches down as she hears about Kara's home world. She hangs her head. "I know how it is to be taken from home. It is not fun. I was taken by an enemy as a prize. They experimented on me and were going to give me to their leader. It was not fun. It is how I came to Earth. I did not even speak English and did not know anyone. It was a very scary time."

The Orange woman takes a sip of her mustard before looking at Kara. "The Titans are a team of young heroes who wish to help others. I was a Titan before I was a member of the Justice League. They helped me learn how this world works. It was a lot of fun.


"You do…?" Kara gasps, feeling sorry for Kori, as she believes no one should have that experience. "A prize? That's insulting!" Kara frowns, and looks all upset, "did you get to teach them a lesson?" She tilts her head a little, and then says, "it was easier for me, my parents knew they were sending me here…so they gave my computer instruction to teach me the language." She nods at the explanation of what a Titan is. "That sounds good."


"That may require supervision. Joining? If not. No promises." The man assures Diana in his long legged stride on out of the Observation Deck and adjoining Conference Room, all sci-fi-fantastic clear, lit up and mechanical-droid operated that it is. It's like living the Star Wars lifestyle up here but then Hal Jordan's life has been that for near enough eight years or so now.

"If needed, you all know how to reach me. Again, welcome, Kara. We'll hit the training room one of these days. See if you're as tough as Power Girl and Superman." The walk has him stopping long enough that a hand finds Kara's shoulder and gives it a comforting squeeze, mainly because that tail is rather dark and sometimes kindness is as simple as a pat on the back and some warm words.

"Catch you ladies on the flipside." The Green Lantern is out.


"Perhaps in a bit." Diana responds to Hal before he goes. "I need to check in with the Watcher on duty." As in the person who is in the monitor room (not womb). Diana looks to Kara then. "I will return in a moment to head back to Earth, you are welcome to come with me aboard the Jet or use one of the transportation ports to be swiftly taken back ato the planet. Whichever you would most like."

The Amazon princess then nods her head gently toward Kori, but Hal had already spoken enough about keeping them in the loop on all things related to Kori's kissings and intergalactic wars that breakout there-after. She turns then to progress further into the station to speak to those within the monitor area (whoever that may be right now!)


"I will gladly join you, Diana!" Kara is quite readily answering and without delay, she's quite enamored of Diana, and will take her company any chance over not having her company.


Starfire looks at Kara, "They did pay. They have not been back to Earth and will not return if they know what is good for them. But if not for them, I would not be able to make starbolts!" The green light forms in her hand and quickly vanishes. "But yes. If you wish to hang out at the Tower with us, I do not see why not! We could even get the pizza and have a ladies day!" She beams a little as she gets ready to head out. "I do need to get back to moving. I am getting my room remade in the Tower and I need to make sure the Silkie is safe and not eating any under things." She giggles.


Kara turns from Diana to Starfire, blinking at what may yet come, as she asks, "what is The Pizza? And what do you do on a ladies day?"


Starfire smiles, "The Pizza is a type of food. It is really yummy!" She gets a big grin over the idea of a new friend! "We could go shopping? We could train? Watch scary movies? Find bad people and teach them to be nice?" She giggles at the thought.


"Oh…that sounds like a good thing," Kara seems to approve. "I did shopping once with Carol Danvers! She gave me a magic card that works wonders!" She blinks when Starfire mentions teaching bad people to be nice, "that's such a wonderful thing! So you're a hero, Kori?"


Starfire nods, "Yes I am! I like helping others. I am also a warrior and a Princess. I am from Tamaran. My people like to fight. It is a lot of fun! I would get carried away at first. Now I have better control of my self. If you are like Super Man than you will learn about that as well. You have more power than I do here. If we go too far we can hurt others. That is not a fun thing."


Caitlin returns from her phone call. "Sorry. Boss had an idea about something," she says, cryptically. "I think maaaaybe let's work up to 'teaching bad people' a lesson," she suggests, lips tugging into a smile. "It can be easy to make a mistake about what's bad versus what's actually criminal. If a cape— er, alien or metahuman—" she clarifies, "shows up and gets involved in the wrong situation, it could cause a lot of diplomatic problems. We have to be careful about who we use force against."

"Oh my gosh, I sound like Superman," she says, rolling her eyes. "Look, let's do a girl's day anyway," she suggests. "We'll do some shopping, learn about Earth fashions. Get some pizza and then watch a few movies. I like to start with the entire Star Wars saga," she explains. "Which I consider Earth's greatest cultural contribution. Though Diana says it's ice cream."


"I am not a Princess. Is being a Princess fun?" Kara asks Starfire, looking at her intently. She heard that Diana was a Princess too, which makes her feel like the odd one out. She listens to Caitlin, and while she has no clue what Star Wars is, she is quick to state, "I agree with Diana." Though to be fair, she has no clue about ice cream either. She just really likes Diana.


Starfire shrugs, "It is okay. It was fun sometimes but difficult at others. I had to be trained to be a good fighter because it was expected of me. It is also why I was taken by the other species. There was a problem with my K'nifster. It is a long story. Also Ice Cream is cold and a little sweet. I wonder if they make mustard ice cream?" She giggles. " Here I am not a Princess though. Here I am just Koriand'r. Or Starfire in this language."


"If I'm a princess, no one's told me," Caitlin assures Kara, reassuringly. "So we're all in good company. And it's all about the friends you have, anyway. Diana doesn't make a big deal about her royalty except on Themyscira," she clarifies. "But protocol's kind of a big deal in her culture."

"Kori, if we can't find you mustard ice cream, I'll make you some," she promises her friend, giving her arm a reassuring squeeze. "But let's head to Titan's Tower, huh? I promised I'd help you unpack from your trip, and I bet Kara would like the tour. Right?" she inquires of the Kryptonian.


"Can I be royalty too? If I find some place that will let me be royalty, like Diana has one?" Kara wonders aloud. The blue eyes of the Kryptonian shifts towards Diana, "but I am returning with her on the jet! I can come see you in the Titan's Tower another time, ok?"


Starfire smiles, "I have an idea!" She seems to light up again. Her hair looks almost like its on fire." She looks at Caitlin and Kory. She looks around. "I need something…" She quickly shoves Silkie into Kara's hands and rushes out the door. "I will be back in a moment."

The cute little pink Caterpiller like bug looks at Kara and smiles. Yup it can do that. Beyond that, he doesn't do much. Its not like there is food anywhere and he's being taken care of so no chance of him sneaking off to any sleeping quarters and eating socks or anything.

Kory returns and she's carrying… a Sword? Where did she find a sword? Ah well. "This will be honorary but Caitlin you are a very close friend to me. Kara, we have only just met but we have much in common and I believe you to be a friend. So…" She uses the sword and lets it rest on each of Caitlin's shoulders, "Caitlin Fairchild." She then does the same to Kara, "Kara." She then puts the sword down, "As Princess of Tamaran, I dub you both my new K'nifsters and as my K'nifsters you are honorary princesses!" She beams happily.


"Really!?" Kara beams with delight, "that's amazing! I'm a Princess K'nifster! Honorarily! Thank you, Kori, that's a very cool gesture." She turns to look at the others proudly, "see? I learned that! Cool doesn't really mean cold!"


"Where did you get a sw—" Caitlin's cut off the Kori's enthusiasm, and blinks in rapid concern when the Tamaranean swings the sword around. Her faces goes through some uncertain contortions when Kori 'k'nifsters' her, and despite the absurdity of the moment her face flushes and she beams at Kori. "I've… always wanted to be a Princess," she admits, with a low and shy embarassment in her tone. "But like… a cool space princess. Not a lame 'trapped in a tower' Princess," she clarifies. She giggles and gives Kori a hug and an affectionate kiss on the cheek. "You're a goober, Kori," she says, fondly. "But thanks. That was really sweet of you."


Starfire smiles happily, "A K'nifster is a really close Sister! Like Komand'r is my K'nifster. We were both Princesses. She was to take the Throne but got sick. It was rare but it caused her to not be able to fly. It was so sad. I wish I could have helped her. " She looks down for the moment. "She was an outcast."

She shakes it off for the moment. "So you are now my k'nifsters! My family! Since mine is so far away I am happy to have family here!!" She hugs Caitlin tight… Well tight enough to crack ribs on a mundane. Not so much for the trio of power houses present. She then does the same to Kara!! "You are very welcome!"

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