[CUTSCENE] Letter of Apology

July 03, 2018:

Thor is on monitoring duty, again. Time to write Colonel Bravo a letter of apology.


NPCs: Randy Nelson, Anika Ahuja

Mentions: Colonel Bravo, Youngbloods


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

[Interior – JLA Monitoring Room]
Randy Nelson, shift supervisor, sits at the long bank of controls. The left side of his headset has been raised to just above his right ear as he works with a female trainee, Anika Ahuja. Together they review the emergency protocol entitled: ‘WATCH TOWER GUIDELINES; EXTRATERRESTIAL ASSAULT’.

Suddenly, strong hands close over his shoulders and begin to rub them in a fraternal manner, “Randy Nelson, how much danger have you located?”

Randy Nelson really dislikes Thor. He cannot help but bristle as the touch of a man he abhors causes his skin to crawl and yet the kneading of Asgardian fingers completely remove the tension from his muscles. Typically, he or Tad Williams work with Thor. While Tad and Thor fritter the nights away researching video games or watching Netflix, Randy worked too hard to get this posting to take it for granted.

He’s developed a bad habit of dispatching Thor to things that are not precisely an emergency — like anywhere ‘Waze’ reports as having several collisions believing that at least Thor will be doing something productive and truthfully the Asgardian seems to like trotting around the globe meeting people. It’s not exactly policy and so he’s had to restrain himself in the presence of a trainee.

“No danger,” Randy replies tersely giving Anika an apologetic smile for their interruption and squirms a bit to shake loose of the god’s very relaxing grip.

“Ah,” Thor says with disappointment, sighing. Palming Randy’s head then the Odinson begins to work the man’s scalp, while in deep thought, “Anika,” Thor says as if possessing some idea of what he could do, “Can we craft an electronic letter to Hel’s Kitchen?”

Anika looks at Randy and there is a long pause before she turns to the keyboard and begins to type something into the console, “To the relief effort? Y-Yes.” She points at the screen wanting Randy to confirm she’s correct but the man is not paying attention. He’s trying to duck free of the Asgardian’s hand.

“Very good,” Thor says and releases Randy wheeling a nearby chair over and then sitting. He comes forward to insert himself between Randy and Anika, “Craft it to say:

**Dear Colonel Bravo: Leader of the Youngbloods,

Do you remember when you insulted the victims in Hel’s Kitchen and I broke your jaw? Please tell Vice Mayor Richard Schultz that I am sorry that you had to call so many heroes from their duties to protect you and that he was right: That was not the time to teach your team manners.

However, I should very much like to set a time to teach your team those manners. How about Saturday night? You may wish to have more than five people to accompany you. I do not wish to make you cry again.

Write me back. I'm not up to much.

“Thor,” Randy Nelson cuts in suddenly, “I’ve detected a twitter message that says someone has run out of gas in Kenozersky National Park. They may be in danger.”

Thor leaps to his feet sending his chair skittering backward and metal sings as Mjolnir leaps from the holographic table into his grasp, “Very well,” he proclaims, “We shall review my letter when I return,” and sprints for the teleporter.

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