[CUTSCENE] Vigils, Comets, Black Roses

August 02, 2018:

Thor visits Heimdall to discuss the Justice League's missing comet and god.


NPCs: Heimdall

Mentions: Heimdall, Magnet People


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Fade In…

Himinbjorg, the Keep of Heimdall. Constructed at the dimensional boundary where the realm of Asgard connects to the trunk of Yggdrasil the keep has the vague appearance of a hand reaching upward from the firmament. Five gold and alabaster spires stretch upward like fingers the space between each connected with a mighty wall. At the center of the arrangement is an intricate crystalline peaked-dome whose surface dances in glittering rainbow-tinted images; reflections from about the Multi-Verse.

Suddenly, the top of the dome glimmers as its prismatic surface bends light which has no source and sends it outward across the world-tree.

HIMINBJORG – Convergence of Reality

The room thrums. A beam possessing all the hues of existence cascades downward upon a gold dais carved with mathematically complex sigils that control the flaming Bifrost. Exactly one person stands in the room. Tall and dark skinned, wearing gold plate, the being waits with infinite patience.

The beams stutters and then suddenly dissipates leaving that which it carried from Midgard.

Thor; God of Thunder. Upon seeing the other figure his face splits in a wide grin, “Heimdall!” He exclaims uproariously and steps down from the dias in a leaping stride. Wide hands go to the plate covered shoulders of the other, “It is /good/ to see you,” Hands release shoulders and then clap together hard upon them again in a sharp *RAP* of metal, “Tell me, how fares the universe?”

Heimdall smiles only when Thor grabs his shoulders as if the touch of the Aesir prince shakes him from his duties. “It is good to see you as well, my lord.” The watchman replies and places his hands upon the Odinson’s outstretched biceps, “The tides of the universe are ever turbulent,” he replies, “Yet I see no evil-doers which imediately threaten to prune the branches of Yggdrasil and so, since I have nothing for you to vanquish, let us drink.”

The look upon Thor’s face brightens to an even greater intensity, “Yes!”


Thor and Heimdall sit across from one another at one of the many long tables within the great hall. A fire crackles warmly in the great hearth as a servant attends to clear the dishes from the meal the pair enjoyed. Each possesses a large mug of ale and a young steward stands near a great cask to assure that neither cup remains empty for long.

“..and then,” Thor continues, laughing, “With panic in his eyes he did eject the maidens from the airlock! I swear to thee, mortals are unaccustomed to being trapped in a labyrinth of nightmares.”

Heimdall laughs also, for the drink has him in good spirits, “Ahh, but they were not raised with the god of lies. Recall, the time your brother hexed your pillow so that each night you would dream only of drowning in lard and that when you discovered his trick you tried to smother him with that same pillow except that he fooled you into smothering poor Volstagg?”

Thor continues to laugh, “Aye, I recall! And then he did emerge from the wardrobe and laugh at us both. Zounds, I had forgotten that!” The Thunderer gives a slow shake of his head and a wistful sigh.

There’s a long silence then, “Ah, but we have gotten off of your reason for coming to me,” Heimdall says, “You seek the comet of Atum.” At this his features and the tone of his voice grow more serious, “It was not a comet, Thor. It was a prison. It ensnared Atum and as they battled the illusion which hid it from my vigil weakened. I do know which way it traveled but after a time, when Atum was caged, the artifice vessel regained its power and vanished once more.”

“I will have my chamberlain contact the royal cartographer and have her draw a map.”

“My thanks, Heimdall,” Thor says, “and acquire a fast exploration vessel as well. Also, have the court wizard enchant a bushel of gourds that will allow mortals to survive in space. I will need them all in a week’s time.”

The Wathcman nods, “Of course, my lord. It shall be done. Is there anything else?”

The Prince of Asgard’s brow knits together in contemplation, “I have a great many questions but none that concern the fate of the nine realms. The Mega Man and the Magnet People. A great journey into mystery but one that I shall continue to make without your aid.”

Heimdall gives a understanding smile there, “Verily, the best part of a quest is the journey and not its conclusion.”

Thor grins, “Sometimes I am not certain that you are /not/ the God of Wisdom, Heimdall.” He pushes away from the table and stands motioning his companion to join him. They travel about three paces before Thor falters and looks at the other as if about to speak.

“Black roses,” Heimdall says knowing what Thor will ask before he can speak it. Placing a hand upon the prince’s back he urges his companion forward repeating, “the journey. Not the conclusion. Tis true for any who would be worthy. God and mortal both."

Thor nods there and then they exit.

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