Revelry! Stolen Sharks

August 01, 2018:

Thor comes to feed Atli's fish. Except Stark has lost them. And they are space sharks!


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Mentions: Atli, Magnet-People, Justice League


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All of the sudden there is the sound of something heavy impacting the viewing deck outside the of the penthouse level. The force of it sufficient to rattle the glassware overtop the bar.

Then comes a *THONK* and *SQUEEGEE* sound upon the glass.

Thor, Heir to the Immortal Realm; Dressed in his sleeveless hauberk complete with red cape, Thor presses his face to the glass pane one hand open aside his head which he uses to pound lightly upon the surface of the glass with the flat of his palm. In his other hand is Mjolnir which he holds aloft and waves as if this too would help get someone’s attention, “Tony Stark?!” He calls his boisterous voice quite friendly as he tries hard to let his godly vision pierce the tinted windows, “Hello?! Tony Stark?!”



When a thunk like that sounds out in the penthouse of Stark Tower it usually means that something exploded. Or went wrong. Or something to that effect. And since the man himself was asleep till just now that means it wasn't him doing it…

He sits bolt upright from the sofa he was 'resting his eyes' on and snaps one hand up blearily like he is about to repulsor something…

…of course all this manages to do it unbalance him so he tumbles off the sofa. He lies there for a second trying to remember what day it is when that familiar cheerful voice sounds from outside.

"Asgardians." He mutters as he pushes himself to his feet, running one hand though his hair as he turns to look towards the window where the cheerful figure of Norse Mythology is waving and shouting.

"JARVIS, open the window for him would you?" He says as he stifles a yawn, waving Thor inside with one hand as the window starts to cycle open.


Even as the window begins to glide downward Thor continues to beat upon it with his palm. When finally it is lower than his palm his hand goes forward which was unexpected for the God of Thunder pats the space where there was a window several times before his face splits into a wide grin and he gives a low chuckle at the novelty of it.

“Tony Stark!” Thor bellows in greeting and then steps into the room tossing his hammer casually upward with a metallic hum, end-over-end, and he catches it, “Did I wake you?” Thor inquires but does not seem concerned with whether or not that would mean he should come back because he continues forward, “What has placed sadness in your heart such that you would sleep away a /glorious day/? We have matters of revelry to discuss.”

Hooking Mjolnir to his belt then he takes Tony by the shoulder and squeezes in a firm but very fraternal massage, “I should like you to take me to see Jamie and Cerise. I did promise Atli that I would check in upon them and assure they were giving your keep no trouble.”


"Just working on something kept me awake, I mean I'm told I need to get more than six hours of sleep in the course of three days but I don't believe the doctors. They are crazy." Stark replies with a smirk as he waves Thor in, waving him towards the mighty choice of seats that are scattered around the penthouse.

"Revelry though? I like revelry. I can get pretty revelry having up in this house sometimes." The inventor replies with a smirk. "Less now with the world attempting to end itself every other week, but hey sometimes you gotta have a good party."

Then he gets clapped on the shoulder by someone roughly twice his size that could possibily bench this tower and there is a wuff of air.

Then the massage.

"Ok awkward," Stark mutters before he steps away to snatch a tube of Pringles from a nearby desk. Munch much munching on one before he pauses. Blinks.

"Jamie an—OH you call the Magnet Twins that too?" A pause. "How did you meet those two anyway?" A pause. "I don't really get hold of them…but last I heard they blew up some island." A beatpause. "It was small and I'm sure there was a good reason."


Thor stops.

“Magnet twins?” He asks a wash of confusion over his face, “I am sorry Tony but I do not know of the Magnet twins,” Thor explains, “Perhaps you mean Magnet-O and Quicksilver?” The God of Thunder chuckles as if Tony were confused and so he Thor-splains, “Although they share many noble qualities they are /not twins/ they are /father/ and /son/.”

‘Blew up an Island’, Thor’s face darkens at this news. He emits a low groan and reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“I am, of course, speaking of Atli’s fish whom she left in your care.” He points at Stark, “Verily, she appreciates that you honor them with a place in your tower but thinks that they might grow lonely and wishes for me to check in and to update them on the tales of our glory.”

“Are you working upon the device to track Atum?” Thor asks with keen interest, “I have spoken with Heimdall and he believes he can show you where to use your device to track where the comet escaped between the branches of Yggdrasil – the World Tree.”

“But yes, revelry, it is rumored that Australia has a surplus of its finest brew. As protector of the nine realms I cannot risk that all of these casks might topple over and injure others. And so, because Peggy Carter’s pent house has not the room for all of our friends and allies I have decided that we should have our revelry right here.”

“What say you? Shall we restore Australia to its proper amount of brew?”


"Magnet-O…that sounds like some kind of breakfast cereal." Stark says as he pauses to let a smirk work its way across his face. "JARVIS, write that one down somewhere!"

AJRVIS just sighs quietly.

"I'll tell them you want to talk to them though, I mean last I heard they were fine. A little crazy but fine. …but I'm talking about the redhead…you know, Quicksilver's sister?" He shouldn't say her name. She has freeky powers and might hear them.

Stupid magic.

Though the change of topic causes him to pause, wince slightly. "Well I'm all for a party here. Sure why not. Its a big place. Room to spread. Almost-everything-proof glass. It'll be fine." Pepper is gonna be so mad…

But there is a pause though before he continues. "Well…about the shark…" A pause. "…I was /going/ to get hold of you or Atli…but…um…someone stole it. Just broke the pen and flew off on him!" A pause. "I know, I can't even make this kind of stuff up!"


‘… you know, Quicksilver’s sister?’

Thor’s jaw slacks and his eyes widen as he intakes in an audible gasp, “The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are /twins/?” The shock drains from his face and he thinks upon this news, “Yes. Of course. This explains much. When I met them in Hel’s Kitchen I could feel the great affection they had for one another. I had thought that the Scarlet Witch sought to court Quicksilver and that /this/ was why she banished Atli to Jotunheim but now I see,” he decides, “she does not wish for her brother to use his great speed and rush into marriage so she seeks to test Atli and determine if she is worthy.” Thor looks at Stark then shaking his head, “If only she knew to use her power to forge truest test for worthiness — a magic hammer.” He pats Mjolnir there.

Thor’s face knots with confusion, “Last you heard?” The Asgardian leans in voice growing serious at the news the fish have escaped, “Where did they go? Atli did tell me that they were under your care and so if they have swam away she will be displeased.” Leaning away he looks slowly around the room trying to imagine how the fish might swim away. Perhaps Tony Stark has a spring beneath his keep? Or a moat? Both would be suitable for fish.

Then Tony reveals the truth. That Jamie and Cersei the fish were space sharks. Which Atli doubtlessly failed to mention because she knew that Thor would not approve of such a creature in captivity. What’s worse, they have been stolen.

Thor inhales slowly at this news, “Then I have come too late,” he announces in a dour tone, “and failed in my promise to assure that Jamie and Cersie were well cared for.” He turns then addressing Tony directly, “We have a new quest, Tony Stark. We must seek out the thief and punish them. To learn what happened to Jamie and Cersei and to set them free for a space shark should not be caged upon a rooftop.”

“I am disappointed you did not call me sooner,” Thor says reaching to take hold of Tony’s shoulder again, “but understand the hardship in failing a good friend. Do not worry. We shall seek out,” Thor blinks here, “whom did you say stole the sharks?”


"I…" Tony just stares at Thor as he starts off on his tangent about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. "…well…" He could say something here. Make some refrence to the fact that he calls them 'The Lannisters' (which is possibily why he mistaked them for what Thor was asking about) or how they are /really/ close. Like. Really. Really close. He could try to sit down and explain all this to Thor. Where the joke came from. Why its only half a joke.

…he could do that…

…or he could just finish this delicious tube of Pringles.

Tony Stark goes with the Pringles.

"You're right in that. They defintally have great affection to each other." A beatpause. "Maybe she thought a hammer would be too easy a test for Atli to pass, and she wants to devise something even more challenging? I'm not sure, that woman's head is not one I want to see the inside of."

A smirk at that.

Then he pauses a moment, another shoulder clap causes him to stumble as he shakes his head slightly. "Yeah…well…more with the whole Aten thing I kinda got distracted. But it was totally shame for failing a friend too. Exactly. But the guy that stole them? Slade Wilson. Also known as Deathstroke. The world's greatest assassin." A beatpause. "And /someone/ hired him to /steal all my left shoes/." A pause. "No tech. No money, not even a good old fashioned attempted murder! He just takes my shoes and rides off on the shark!"


Fist to palm, “Deathstroke.” Thor repeats the name.

“Then we shall recover both the sharks and your shoes,” At this Thor cannot help but look downward to see if Tony is still missing a shoe. Looking up again, “I have survived the greatest assassins in all of the nine realms and so we shall see what challenge a greatest upon Midgard doth make.”

“You shall have no time to sleep your day away tomorrow, Tony Stark,” Thor says, “Press the buttons upon your computer and locate your electronic left boot.”

“I shall venture to Australia and procure a stockpile for our revelry.” He reaches to his belt and hefts Mjolnir, “When next we speak it shall be to Deathstroke and our words shall be hammers and metal fists.”

He spins the hammer thrice and flings his arm towards the open window. The hammer pulls him off – carrying him into the sky.

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