Commando Tuesdays

July 31, 2018:

Hal Jordan returns from his voyage to Oa. He is welcomed by Diana and Donna and it all goes south from there. (Language and content warning)


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2814. Home. Again at last… it feels like years again have passed…

The Hangar Bay, an entire floor level set up with bay doors, shipment containers, small vessels, and the routinely used technologically advanced and cutting edge Javelins. The teleport tube perhaps the most impressive and energy consuming object in the room minus Hal Jordan who, after a long trip in to the starry unknown has returned, no less than several hours ago as well.

The man's ever clean cut and crisp look while in uniform maintained, he feels the weariness far more than he looks it. At least the Interceptor, his own liberated personal ship situated neatly between two other space crafts, powered down for now as it's AI runs post-flight diagnostics.

The jade domino mask of the pilot at least hiding his eyes, keeping them orb white and unreadable as his lopsided smile is aimed at the Watchtower bay, an alert going through the satellite to inform those present he has returned. Some part of him, that homesick entitled bit of ego half-expects a welcome back lil party but then, hes relatively unannounced beyond being sighted out at the rim of their space a day ago by long range scanners.

Diana wasn't one to come to the space station too terribly often, but when she does she will make sure to explore the entirity of it and reach out to any and all who are already aboard. As it so happens she's on the station now and moving back toward the hangar. With Hal's return, she's of course going to welcome him since he's been away for many weeks now.

Diana steps into the hangar and walks slowly, she's wearing her armor, but its wrapped over by a dark crimson red stretch of cloth that drapes over her shoulders, down her front and backsides. As she comes to a stop, a floating robot comes toward her, it offers her a display diagnostics of her own ship… the 'Invisible Jet' which is quite visible right now, sitting like a knife-shaped cloud on the metal tarmac of the hangar floor. Diana glances to the floating robot and offers it a small smile, then looks back to Hal's ship, one hand going to rest on a hip.

A day was long enough to alert most of the League, and for those who were not otherwise on assignment to make their way to the hangar bay, once it was determined that he actually was in a ship, and not simply tooling around the galaxy in a stream of green fluorescence. And so, Donna too, was in residence in the hangar. She had even brought a homecoming gift. One of those completely bonkers edible flower arrangements, you know the sort, that have fruit and things instead of actual flowers? Just at the moment, she was sitting on an equipment crate, the thing tall about that her feet barely touched the floor. A hand frees itself from the bouquet, as she catches sight of Diana, before she settles back into waiting for the errant lantern to step out of his ship.

Hal is whistling to himself quietly, always feeling like hes forgotten something after an overly long trip like most do. It's the sight of Diana and Donna that has his lopsided smile creeping upwards turning in to something either more or less goofy, eye of the beholder.

Both Amazons being given long looks before he speaks, "I forget who is who." He drops attention to the arrangement, eyes rounding as he looks up, "This is ridiculous and will go straight to my hips but amazing, wait, it is edible right? I think they are." He prods it like it may bite him then leans to the side, his elbow propping up on Di's own ship.

"So, lets catch up? I got a nice bottle of rum hidden away upstairs. We can at least do the redundant questions we all dread with some warm fuzzy to our brainy places." Yeah, hes talking a lot because hes been keeping himself and himself alone company in flight through parsecs of space! Though, his A.I. so cleverly named Aya has been around to keep him company as well, for all the thrilling conversation she has to offer.

Diana's blue eyes adjust over to look at the gift that Donna had brought and a grin displays across her red lips. "You are going to make his ego just riiiise up." She says softly to her sister. "Wait and see." But she is just teasing, and when Hal does approach and lean over onto a landing gear of her ship she just softly shakes her head.

"I am not going to drink your space booze." Diana replies to the man and walks toward him to offer her hand. "But I am quite curious to hear your stories of what has been going on." She shows a larger smile then and nods hr head once. "Welcome home." And then she steps out of the way for the man to see Donna and her gift. "It looks quite delicious." A glance back over to Hal from the edible arrangement. "I did not bring you anything. Donna is the better of the two of us and I know for psoitive that you can tell us apart."

"Well, I suppose that depends entirely on your food allergies. If you're allergic to watermelon, kiwi, blueberries, pineapple, mango, chocolate and slash or strawberries, then I suppose this was really a clever way to poison you." She holds out the arrangement, fully expecting him to take it before she hops down from the crate and settles to her feet, "One of the perks of immortality…you can eat whatever you want and never get fat." Because that is the true takeaway to what it means to be an immortal. Once down from the crate, Donna makes her way over towards Diana. "Welcome home, Diana." She'd not seen her sister for quite some time, and had been told she had not been at the Embassy for a few days. Once Donna actually was beside Diana, the difference was a bit more noticeable. The most glaring, of course, was the fact that Diana was nearly a hand taller than her sister. "Just wait. one day we'll switch costumes and then he'll be terribly confused."

"Not the only thing you two could ma… " Hal quick stops himself while flashing a quick smile. Obviously and intentionally being himself, the ever memorable jet jockey.

"But you have to. Its a ritual and if not it really really damned well should be. Plus I tell stories best when I've got a few in me anyways, everyone does. More animation!" The Lantern says with a growing lightheartedness. Once more in the company of friends and battle buddies will do that.

"You brought yourself, thats plenty enough, princess."

"I don't think I have any food allergies." Hal tucks the fruit planter under an arm and waves off towards the small uplifted deck area where maintenance can sit and relax, chairs, a table, all surrounded by tool racks and rails. "By all means, don't let me stop you from playing dress up." The gift set down as he kneels down and starts to reach way in to the back of the lowest locker door, hand snatching around. "Where… there we are."

Rising with bottle in hand, shaking it in the air to watch the liquid swish around before he smiles at them both, "Eh? yeah? Cmon. Humor me. Letting someone drink alone is criminal."

Diana slowly nods to the first part of what Hal says and… stops himself from finishing. "There it is." She quietly comments, at least grinning a little though. She shakes her head at the drinks talk and the compliment. "Thank you. I think. And I have drank plenty, but it never has any effect on me. So I may as well stick with water and tea and let the 'good stuff' go to those who can enjoy it." She pauses and adds. "Responsibly."

Diana then glances over to Donna and shows her a smile as well. "I can think of no better person to wear this armor in my stead than you, Donna. So you just let me know when you need it and we shall figure it out." The title of 'Wonder Woman' was bestowed upon her, after all, she doesn't generally refer to herself as it unless its for the media or for children who know her and idol her for that title.

Diana's eyes return to Hal when he produces the bottle of liquor. "I will watch you drink. And judge you harshly." She says with a continued small grin.

"You know, Diana, I have often considered having you try my armor. I've never had anyone else try to use it. it would be quite interesting, and possibly a boon to you to travel instantly from one place to another." Donna's armor did not have many gifts, in truth, but that was the chief among them. And, really, aside from the jumpsuit, all of her other accouterments were simply variations on the theme of Diana's. The bracers, the lasso…those were, in most ways, standard amazonian fare. "I have always had a desire to see if there was someone who could drink me under the table, but, alas, as with my sister…I think it would be a contest you would lose, Hal." But for all of that, she walks with them, as Hal gathered his necessary stash of items, before she settled into a chair, "I do not know how I would do with yours. You know I have always been terrible with a shield." More that she never used one.

"Then you got nothing to fear, princess." Hal challenges with a singular emphasis on a word in there. Big deal word for him and the rest of the Emerald.

"Unles… " His voice lowers and he makes a clucking sound before going, "Ba-kawk."

"I guess though bottoms and get your judging on." He tips it back taking one long swig, more so than intended and enough he yanks it away to sputter and cough, a full burn on down. He was by no means worried about either of them getting intoxicated in all reality, himself though…

Composing himself as they engage in conversaton about their gear and armor, his lips pulling back in to another wolfish smile. "I did say don't let me stop you two right?"

The bottle swings out away from him and is offered over, "Asgardians would have already slammed this down. Amazons just… so delicate." It stops it's motion to aim at Donna. At least he won't persist too long. He likes to think he escaped that fratboy mentality many years, beatings, ephiphanies and failings ago.

Diana's eyes are on Donna and she nods just a little once to her. "You can be good with a shield though, if you train for it. It is in your blood after all, Donna. And yes, I would be curious to see how your gear functions, so thats something we shall have to try." She glances over to Hal. "And really just to see if this one gets overly confused. Perhaps once he's injested more of that." She motions to the alcohol that Hal has. Quickly, Diana's left hand reaches out for it, the leather half-gloved hand snaring it and drawing it from the test pilot. She pulls it back and sniffs it, then takes a large swig. "I will not be 'Asgardian Shamed' into a drinking contest." So she says, even though she just took a drink. The bottle is handed back toward Hal then.

"It tastes good. But again… it is a waste of good drink."

At Diana's reply, Donna looks over towards Hal, "But not in front of you, so just put that idea straight out of your head." Once the bottle is handed to her, Donna also accepts. She takes a longer drink than Diana, but seems none the worse for wear, not even a cough at the sharp sting of the alcohol, "This is what you've been hiding in that locker of yours? Was it from the fire sale clearance at the quickie mart?" She's been working hard at the slang, you see. That or watching a lot of a certain cartoon TV show. And then, the bottle is offered back to Hal. "What, precisely, is 'Asgardian Shamed'?"

The 'space booze' snared and Hal drops his hands to his hips grinning rather proudly at himself as she downs it without flinch or expressive twitch, that is a damn shame. "You know, I went to that Asgardian celebration thing and do have liquor stored from it that would knock your skirts off." He proclaims. "I mean if you wanted to even the odds. I just have to up the juice a bit." A light green glow appears around him, purging his system of the booze he just ingested. "If you are feeling froggy."

Donna's shut down gets Hal teetering back on his heels and letting out a quiet grunt sound, "Denies me every man's dream then bashes on my rum. You're a cruel woman, Donna."

He takes the offeredbottle back up and clutches it in his palm, neck up and held like a football.

Diana looks back to Donna then after she asks the question. "Asgardian Shaming the Amazons. Little boys like our good pilot here like to do that to make it seem as though the Amazons are not as… hardy as that of Thor and his people. Its a leverage tactic to achieve a desired reacction… in this case." She points to the bottle. "Which, I suppose just worked. But still." She glares over at Hal. "The alcohol itself did not work."

Then she shakes her head gently. "I am not sure if I should be concerned at you wanting to use liquor on us in hopes of 'skirts' going away, or at the level of hidden booze you have stashed away aboard this station that is designed to be here to protect our home world from foreign invaders."

Diana shakes her head at the pilot. "In summary, I am assuming that your time away yielded no pressing matters for us to attend to?" She asks the man then.

"Well, we are drinking, this is true. But as neither of us can ever get drunk, and this mere mortal," and that is said with no small amount of humour, "Can…doesn't that automatically make the two Amazons the winner and the green lantern, who is, I might point out, looking more green by the minute, the loser?" After all, when you have completely impervious bodies, well. "All I am saying is…if I get a hold of that ring, Hal. I cannot promise that I won't take it for a spin, so…by all means, drink up. Oh…and eat your fruit."

"I'm responsible with it. It's kept out of the hands of the teeny Titans, I never drink while on duty, we dont tell Superman, no funnels… and well, even we the Justice League veterans have to live and let go time to time. Cut loose. I just spent two months worth of sitting on my ass in a confined space flying from one sector to another with nobody to pal around with, I earned this."
"Geezus, mom."

"Attended a peace summit, a political wedding, reported the past two years of memos to the Guardians, got updated on the Rann-Thannagar wars and how far out we are still, we are at best a mudball of little interest as more than anything beyond an outpost if it came to it. Skrulls are sniffing near our space but they're not making moves to anyones knowledge. We are all clear on the 'space' front. Which is them grudgingly saying 'Good job Hal Jordan of Earth.' we won't expel you to the far reaches of eternity this year."

"Mere mortal." Donna's words impact suddenly, he scoffs.
Under his breath. " If you got ahold of this ring… " Jordan considers, "I'd like to see exactly what thatd be like." Challenge in his voice, hes not one to balk at competition of any sort." Fruit will get eaten, come on. We're going to get the mystical mythical Asgard brew that Sin gave me." A mumble under his breath and hes striding to the lift, stepping in and awaiting them. One arm his bottle, the other his fruit. Glowering beyond that mask. Though its not a serious fighty glower just… you're on, ego stricken, shots fired. Go time.

Diana is all grins at her sisters response to Hal, but Hal's words cause her dark eyebrows to rise up some above her blues. "I guess that much space travel is bound to make some a -little- grumpy." She says after he passes between them and moves toward the lift. She gives a glance to Donna then. "Perhaps we should check the ring more close to see if there is any red in its hue…" She says in a softer tone of voice before she turns to stride after the Lantern.

"If what word you bring is all true, then it is a happy time. A time where there is no immediate threat from other corners of the universe is one that I will at least sample an Asgardian drink."

Diana steps into the lift then and to one of the back corners where she turns around to face the way she'd come. "That means we can focus solely on make Earth, and its many internal problems… less." She sighs heavily. "Of a problem…"

Donna rose after both Hal and Diana, though she was not moving reluctantly, and followed them both into the lift, "I have never worn a ring in any colour, but there is at least one inside of me who has worn two, though never the green. Neither, I think, she remembers fondly. Though she remembers the Hal she knew well enough." Oh, the joys of multiplicity. "Mystical Asgard brew sounds quite dubious, if you ask me, considering what little I know of Asgardians, who, seem to generally have a better opinion of themselves than they strictly deserve."

"Fun thing about most threats though, they like to spring on us out of nowhere." Hal says, one hand awkwardly plucking off a piece of fruit to pop it in his mouth as they ascend.

"But, visibly, we're green."

"Yeah, glorious Earth." From the lift transparent as it is while rising to upper levels they can see outwards towards the blue and green orb.

"No? What do you mean inside you has worn two?" He gets curious, asking around a grape thats being crushed and a strawberry soon to follow. "I don't know the real name of it, its nothing I can pronounce. The Asgardians probably say the same about you Amazons I bet." He implies as the lift jerks to a stop and they're on the recreational floor, where enclosed gardens, gyms, spas, pools, gaming rooms, etc are for off duty Leaguers, tourists and off planet visitors.

"I'll catch up with you, find a spot. One moment." Turning away from them he hurries on down the hallway, vanishing around the bend. A man on a mission. His stride says as much. Hes so quick at it hes leaving his questions in the air though, Donna has got time if shes quick otherwise he'll ask again, because he is genuinely curious and can be quite persistent.

Diana steps off of the lift onto the recreation level and she lets her eyes look about, she knows the level well all the others and turns to walk toward a lounge room with a bit of a garden flavor to it. After Hal runs off she smirks softly and looks to Donna. "It is remarkable for a man his age, that he can move so fast." She teases even in said man's absence. "Surely he will be slowing down soon… and we shall have to find a new wielder of that ring to help us with the long space treks and the… hiding of exotic liquors."

Diana moves into the garden resting location, since she was allowed to choose this was her kind of place to relax. Diana looks to her sister again. "You have had experience with a Lantern ring in the past? Other… realities, I take it?" She asks.

Donna clearly did not mind the question, or else, why would she have made the comment? And it was not as though she had many secrets in her life, certainly not from Diana. But before she can get an answer out, Hal rushes ff, and she's left to stroll at a more relaxed pace towards the garden area, "Do you ever think that…much like a balloon losing air, if he took off the ring, he might just melt into a puddle? Like a bike tire that's gone permanently flat from too much use?"

Donna allowed Diana to lead the way first, "Yes, another Donna, another life, that came to me when she…died." It was a difficult thing to really put into words, these women who were and were not her, "She died, and was resurrected by the Black Lanterns. And then brought back to life by her Hal Jordan, who was, at that time, wearing the white ring, and not the green."

Jordan didn't exaggerate when he said he would be quick, or at least quick enough. Clutched in one hand is a large horn on a satchel, closed up and slung over one shoulder. He's got another of this self-indulgent smiles on while he strides their way he figured the cubby garden with the overlook and lighting, a contained ecosystem with critters inside from various now dead planets visible beyond glass.

Tail end of the conversing all hes hearing is that last bit of 'not the green'." A curious 'hrm' noise at them both as he extends his hand and three green smaller horns appear floating above it, each one then filled from the large one he manipulates with both hands. It is awkwardly big, on him and would be so more on them.

"Parting gift from a friend." He explains. None of their ribbing having caught his ears before he strode off of course. Hes daft to it. All poured, one clutched hes holding it up for a toast, "To our homeworld, our mudball, may she outlast us all."

Diana's eyes are fully locked onto Donna's when Hal reappears and he'll see the Princess reaching her left hand out to place it onto Donna's arm just above her elbow where she squeezes gently with care and affection. "You are going to grow ill of me saying how sorry I am that you have had to go through all of these… alternate lives and timelines. So all I think I can continue to say is that… I am happier having you here, with us." It was challenging, Diana wanted to do more to help Donna through all of that, she worries that these many different 'worlds' would make her sister more cold toward this one.

Hal's re-arrival though gets her to drop her hand from her sister and join the other in front of her lap. She looks to the Lantern and what he's brought, it makes her smile softly. "Interesting." She says then, now raising both of her hands to take hold of the 'cup' he had brought.

"Parting gift, huh?" She says to the test pilot, then pauses him. "Are you sure you are… good to drink this?" She asks him. "Will it effect you greatly?"

Donna's hand rose, covering Diana's. "I know you are, Diana. But this is the life that I have. There are many inside of me, and many more still living other lives. They will all come home to me eventually. As I have come home to you, here." She had promised she would not depart again, and all. She too, returned her attention to Hal and away from that conversation between sisters, "Another you, another universe, a different ring." Donna had heard his question, though she seemed to choose, for the time being, to answer only that question, and not to elaborate beyond that. "Did this friend not like you much, Hal? It certainly seems as though they wanted to make things as difficult for you as possible." She did, however, accept the smaller horn, holding it upright and not taking a sip until they had all been served, or at least, until the cue had been given.

"Oh it is going to affect me greatly." Hal promises, a low apprehensive chuckle escapes him. "Which, thats the point right, drink you two under the table. Hell with Asgardian shaming, you should know what Lanterns are capable of." Both of the man's brows rise up and he looks at Di then to Donna, almost feeling like hes interrupting a more important conversation than his merrymaking and being 'mortal'.

"She did and she didn't. Asgardians, who can tell half the time." %R"Bottoms up." He says curtly and tips his drink out then slams it back guzzling down some of it's contents. It's potent, supernaturally so. That is after all the point and it burns like lava for him but its got a smooth honey taste to it! Mingled…

Diana nods softly again toward Donna, not wanting to ever press the concerns she has even though sometimes it is very hard for her too do so. She cares for the woman a great deal after all.

But to Hal she looks now and shows the man a little smile. "I will carry you to the med bay when you inevitably fall down and bump your head." She says to the man and then raises her cup as well and adds. "To good news from deep space, and to the here and the now." And then SHE dives into the drink, but her 'guzzle' is far more modest than that of the Pilot's. She takes more of a casual swig and then takes a moment to gather her thoughts on its taste and quality.

"It is… agreeable." She surmises, showing a soft grin then. "I have tasted worse things in my time."

Donna, as she saw Diana raise her horn, did as well, taking, once again, a much longer swallow than her sister. The expression on her face said it all. "It tastes like pickle juice, sweet pickle juice. They truly were not your friend, Hal." Diana, though,gets an amused smile, as Donna looks in her direction, hearing the princess' estimation of the quality of the drink, "Now you are making me curious about the sorts of things you have tasted, Diana."

"Aw you do care." Hal retorts to Di as the alcohol courses its way through him, good thing for the climate control in here and his ring. That glowing cheat code latched to his finger. Burden and boon…

"Here here." A smile at the agreeable and a squint at Donna, "Pickles? Your tastebuds are off #2." A gulp at the end of his drink on Troy's ending remark, "Hah! Right. Paradise Island has some secrets?"

Jordan is already holding that horn out to fill them again, topping each off. "Round two. Fight."

"Not… really, just more drinking."

Diana is looking back over to Donna now and grinning at her. "I have travelled all across the Earth and I have seen so many different cultures up close and personal. A 'drink' is an important thing to almost all of them. It is as consistant as the sun rises and the moon soon to follow. Every drink has been different."

As Hal refills them, she holds her cup up and motions to it with a dip of her chin. "This one… is the most pickley of them all, however. And yes, I have had straight pickle juice before as well." The grin she's sporting might make one think that she's jesting, perhaps just toying with the Lantern and his special brewed Asgardian juice… or she's just enjoying it.

Nevertheless she does take another sip and then shakes her head. "But I am still not even tipsey."

"This, Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, is precisely and exactly why you are the princess and not I. I have seen and heard of some of the things people consider drinks on this earth and a countless number of others, Most of them are…not good." She holds out her horn, waiting for the refill, as she takes another long drink. "Should we challenge him to a contest them? See how quickly he can finish a horn?"

"It's important everywhere. A bonding process for some cultures, the Gnorls of Planet Xibal in sector 1099 secrete alcoholic brew in their snot glands, they cough that up and swap it. Very rude to turn it down and not offering some of your own up in turn. Don't ask me how I know." Hal is beginning with the stories, maybe he is feeling a buzz coming on.

"You're old too aren't you." He looks at Di and then Donna. "Like, vintage, yeh?"

"Pickley my ass, your majesty. I'll show you… not yet, give it time. It'll creep up on you like someone from Gotham."

Refills are extended, he studies their faces as if he can tell from the look given, "Which contest and no, I wont drink this alone. Thats wasteful."

Diana hears all of this and she just rolls her eyes playfull and then sweeps around to walk over to a bench that sits before a garden display. She lowers her tall frame down onto it and then crosses her legs at the knees with one armored boot dangling out in front of her overtop of the other. "Hippolyta would not be proud to see her daughter drinking Asgardian Pickle Juice should she be here now." Diana comments while adjusting that deep red sash she has across her torso.

Diana then looks up to the other two and shakes her head. "Please do not talk about 'snot glands' in a moment of impromptu celebration?" She asks in her husky voice while her drink holding arm goes to prop elbow against the back of the bench and the other raises up to run her fingers through her dark (brown now, recently color changed, as Diana styles her hair differently sometimes!) locks.

She takes another sip from the cup. "It is not bad though. It would go well with a meal, a feast… like I am sure that they hold on Asgard. Boasting about how great they are, all the time." She shows a larger grin then, and sips another. "Do not keep going Hal, you will pass out in a matter of sips, I am certain of it."

Donna, to her credit, seems content to stay where she is, though she isn't making any attempt to chug from the horn. There's trying to be one with the people, and quite another to just be reckless with something that both isn't working on you, and tastes like bad bread and butter pickle juice, "I can't help wondering if this would be better with some pepper in it. "At this point, perhaps we should do as many a teenager would do and say, 'What your mother doesn't know, won't hurt her." A frown towards Hal, "You know, if that ring can turn your…secretions alcoholic, I have to wonder what the Gaurdians were thinking, if I'm being honest." A snort of laughter to Donna, "I have only met…one, and she does boast…all of the time."

"Oh I hit a sensitive subject. Noted." Hal produces one of those fast disarming intended smiles again, reclining back enough his shoulder is putting him against the wall just beside the garden barrier, able to look casually at both women as the warmth is indeed spreading, hes no Asgardian and even an active autosystem lets some through, which is the point. No doubt theyre feeling it, again, the point. Hardy people need that extra kick in the teeth at times to have some fun, the hordes of Valhalla know these things.

"Asgardian Pickle Juice… just no winning some things with you two." He regards, "Ring can do more than that, here… " He squints one eye and aims it at Donna, "Hold still, stop moving." A flick of /Will/ and shes encased in a jade swath of light then the costume of a Lantern wraps her form up, a mockery of his own ring appearing upon a finger. Limited use, close range and fueled by his own ring's energies and ultimately his will but it is like training wheels or a fun 'party gag'.


"You ladies look good in greenn."

"One more round?" He inquires but doesn't wait a response, already once more filling them up. "You know who can drink? Witchdoctor. She can hold her liqour, shes like my best drinking pal in the League anymore."

"Pepper would help." Diana idly replies to Donna's words with a little smile before she's letting her eyes look around the garden. Is she feeling any effects? Even she isn't sure, she's in a good mood though so if thats because of this drink then that is a side effect worth experiencing.

Her gaze goes back to Hal around the time that he's aiming that ring at Donna and thats whne Diana uncrosses her legs and sits up straighter to protrest. "Wait, Hal—" She's in the process of saying when its already too late and she's fired that 'glamour' off and, now Donna is a Lantern?

"Oh dear." When she sees Hal reaching for more liquor to pour into the glasses she's rising back up to her full 6'0"+ w/boots and walking to take the Asgardian drink source from him.

"No drunken Ring displays. I cannot have you… doing… that, stuff, wrong. It would be irresponsible." She says, staring down at Hal whilst standing before him.

Donna looked down at herself, and seeing herself, she rose to her feet. She did not use the ring, not in any manner which would have affected Diana or Hal directly, but there as something tight in her expression, as she lifted the ring, and willed that false ring to divest her of her new 'costume'. For a moment, as she returned to herself, if they had glanced at her, they might have seen a Donna who was not quite the same as the one they knew. The hair was the same, the eyes, but something about the woman's face was haunted and just…off. Once it had faded, she was wholly and utterly herself again. "This is the time when I say, 'We should have stuck to whiskey'."

Hal grins at Donna as she composes and takes immediate control of the extended will relic, "A natural, what a show off." A different response than Fairchild had when shown the same. With a recall of it it snaps free of her back in to nothingless, leaving her as she was before.

A sidelong glance at Wonder Woman, "It's okay, I wasn't going to try and wrap her in bows or drop an ACME anvil on her… just what kinda mongrel do you think I am?" Though, Diana is now wrestling his grip for the Asgardian brew, it sloshes around inside the horn as he doesn't let go at first then hands open, shes got it, "Whoah, Bogard. All you had to do was say gimme more please." He teases. "Just enough to see if, we, one of you, both of you lose, I'll win, I'm already winning." With some minor slurring for bonus points.

A push forth and he drapes his arm around Di's shoulders, letting his weight push against her while waving a hand at Donna, "You were nursing yours, not playing fair… so we're clear, I demand a recount… a rematch."

"Oh Di, your shoulders are getting more robusty, been lifting a lot lately?" Squeeze squeeze.

Diana's eyes take note of Donna's facial expression / changes and she's not soon to forget it either… But Hal's sudden presence beside heralong with all the drunko words he's sloshing outgets her gaze back onto him. She recoils when he moves to lean against her then she disarms him of his liquor and reaches out to trip and drop him to the deck with a slick and quick placement of her armored right boot.

"Do not endanger my sister in your drunken haze, you Bafoon." Diana says down to him a stern voice, still calm though. "Welcome home." She moves to take what remains of the Asgardian liquor and then glances to Donna once more, before she turns and starts to leave the garden area back for the station's main corridor on this level.

Donna, had, in many ways, lived a lifetime of finding herself in a situation where her mind, her body, her soul was not always her own. She felt it every time one of the many Donnas inside of her rose and tried to wrestle with the woman for dominance. And so there was something, not accepting, but tired, in her expression as she stepped forward, her words offered first to Dana, "I will find you shortly." And then she approaches Hal, "A natural? Perhaps. My gifts are not…the same as my sister's, but the greatest gift I have is my will." She reached down, offering a hand up to the man now on the floor, "Time to put you to bed, Green Lantern."

The sudden turn about has him caught by surprise and laid upon the deck near instantly. Soon staring upwards and trying quietly to cycle back to the blurry past few seconds, disarmed of his drink, any further drinks and some of his pride he sits up on an elbow. Glowering and dumbfoundedafter Diana as she struts off, "You uh, you have a horrible bedside manner for royalty. Was I gone too long? The sparks die?"
He falls back and looks up at Donna as she offers to help him, "Maybe I dreamed the… just.. your sister and I probably overdue a talk when I can feel my tongue again." Hal claps a hand to Donna's forearm and lets her aid him upwards to stand, easy for her really considering.
"Also my spine. It may need reconnected." A curious look at Donna and his lips halfquirk in to a semi-smile despite the psychological dash of cold water, "Wait, you speak Amazon and woman, was that flirting? She mad or was that her way of saying com get some? I'm in over my head here. Clearly."

As soon as Donna felt Hal gain his feet, she released his hand. Diana, of course, had already seen to the alcohol, and so Donna settled in for escort duty, "Someone, I do not think you are in any condition for anything which would be the natural evolution from flirting, even if I was, Hal. Come on, you've been in that ship for ages, you should reintroduce yourself to the joys of sleeping flat on your back."

Hal's jaw tightens and he stares off after Diana one last time before nodding numbly at Donna, "Well, quick escalation aside fun night I guess… Asgardian Pickle Juice, pshaw if only." He huffs, "You ladies need to go drinking with me, at least, expand your paddles, palettes… what do you drink on your fruity island, just wines?"

He lets Donna be take the brunt of his weight a moment before hes moving beside her, "I was just on my back." He jokes, "Shes swift, if ever a Tequila could do it's magic on yous two, I'd be scared."

"Soo you said some confusing things, two rings, what, wwhich ones?" Hes slurry, still at moments glancing past and around them while he walks with her, the booze hit him harder than hes willing to admit.

"Think I should text her? Maybe I should sleepon it, sleep with er sleep in bed, ohmanohman, a real bed." He swings to one side and taps the wall with his knuckles while also keeping himself latched to his Amazon-support beam of a person Donna Troy.

"Shit I didnt pay rent or my phone or insurance in two months… oh debt… always my companion."

Diana Prince goes home.

Donna was stronger than she looked, clearly, and she handled Hal's weight with ease, leading him back towards the same lift they had used to ascend from the hangar, "Perhaps that is why they left it with you, because they knew it would do this." She did not seem to mind supporting the man, and she maneuvered him easily enough, "It was…I have not really told you much about my history, suffice to say, it will make sense one day. Only know that it was not me, this Donna you know, but another who lived another life in another universe. She was infected, turned into a revenant, possessed by the black lanterns' powers. She was not the only one. Many of the heroes of that world were turned, Superman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, a hand full of others. That universe's Hal Jordan, took up a White ring, and used it to resurrect those who had been made revenants, empowered them as a white lantern corps and they fought and won their battles, though at great cost."

"I think you need to give Diana time. She's angry with you, and likely to be so for some time. And, don't worry about your debt, I have a feeling it will work itself out."

"No you haven't but I guess I haven't really asked." Hal sounds like hes sobering some, the shock of Watchtower floor will do that to a person, there was no real pain to it, not physically in those regards - ego and maybe a tad of something more he'll never fess up to. He's a Lantern, hes Hal Jordan, one of the greatest of his time.

"You… she hrm, this is the sort of thing that would cause some nerds I know to go apeshit. They'd want to know everything. So by all means, go on. My rooms just down the hall, third one around the corner." He murmurs. "Revenants, we had War of Light here, it was… " Jordan winces and doesnt elaborate, instead reaching up to take his mask off, amber-brown eyes visible, "Trying. This other you, how much do you feel or know it, I mean, you live it or just memories you have… " The slurrs are there, subdued and hes pushing at his door, pushing the open key.

"Feh, theres always a woman somewhere angry at me. If its not my mother its… I dunno, I don't even know what Di and I had or are, we had fun. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell though, we had fun. I maybe thought something more and thats fine, its all fine, I'm shit with your species, you beautiful, wonderful creatures… "

The drunken Lantern shakes head side to side, too much sway to one, "The debt is mine. I got it, dont let one of these rich assholes around here try to pay it, Hal Highball Jordan handles his own. Like any good man… "

A hand rises up and halfruffles and pets Donna's hair, "You're pretty and nice, did you get fully induc… in *hiccup* indoctrin… inducted to the League yet?"

"Most people don't. I explained it to Diana, and it frightened her, as much as she can be, and it isn't something that I expect many people to be able to understand." Donna considers and then, "Once, long ago, there was only one Donna Troy. I can only assume that was me. Because they all come to me in the end. She, I, was attacked by someone called Dark Angel, and she/I was cursed to be splintered into as many Donnas as there are universes. They each have their own lives, their own trials, memories, and while they live, they belong only to themselves. When they die, everything that they knew, and saw, and were, and felt, becomes mine. The way a ball of mercury will absorb bits and pieces of itself, I suppose. I know they are not me, and yet, they are me. And the more there are, the harder it is to remember who I am. Because it isn't just their memories, it's their souls. There are days when I have to actively fight not to let one of them come out so far that I go away." She considers, "I was not that Donna, who wore the white ring, and yet, I can feel the geas it left on her, to pick up that ring again, should the need require it. And I know that I will have to be the one to do it, because everything that remains of her is in me." Donna shook her head, as Hal mentioned Diana, "I do not wish to know anything of what you might or might not have had with my sister. It has never been and will never be my business." A laugh left her lips, "No, I never did. You disappeared before you could show me the secret handshake."

"Like… like one of those Russian dolls that opens and more and more and more… Macro… Matro… Matryoshka!" Hal says with a triumphant fingersnap. A fingersnap that inadvertently wills his costume to dematerialize in to nothingness. The former USAF pilot is now entirely nude. Either fully unaware or just so intoxicatedly uncaring at his exposure he remains unphased. Welcome to what the Stork saw.

Very clearly Hal Jordan forgot today was Commando Tuesday.

"Kind of maybe, like that, I think I'm drunk. Does ths mean, you, them all of you will form back together? Voltron epic."

"Oh hey, have you ever seen the movie The One with Jet Li?" A noise and Jordan steps-slides along the wall in to the room, it has been a while but the Magnus droids are good maids. "It's more like that."

"No no, I wasn't trying to … uh man, just nevermind. I said too much anyways." Hal prattles, "Keep it between us, please. PR. Images to uphold. Values. Can't have her being drug down by a lowly pheasant… uh… peasant. This stays between us."

"We'll do that finalization tomorrow, someone should have done already, your sister, Doctor Strange, Aquaman, someone. Gee Dee Slackers." He oaths weakly, "You uh, you see my drin… oh nevermind."

"Nighty night, Donna. I love the fruit basket but melons suck… now I go sleep before… " Incoherent mutterings.

A *vroosh* sound and the mechanical door slams shut.

"Yes, I suppose, if I live long enough, eventually, there will only be me, this one body, with who knows how may of them inside of my mind." Thank the gods that Donna was actually not holding onto Hal when he decided to go full monty. Not only does she not have to handle a drunk naked man, but, she gets to give him a once over. A sniff, as she brings her eyes back to his face, "Two months in a chair has not done you any favours, Hal." Which is probably, mostly a lie given that his power keeps him in peak condition. But it would at least get his back up, which go quite a ways towards helping him sober up. "I know how to keep secrets." But then he's gone. "And apparently, so does your suit."

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