Blood Ties

July 30, 2018:

Illyana has made it her mission to track down Trask - Piotr's blood is needed to complete this task.


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For all of Illyana's harsh words to Nate earlier in the week, there was still a core of truth to them, she promised to search for Trask and since that conversation she has been.

Only there's one problem; her spells. They need /something/ to work with and while she sent several search and scry spells off into the ether to try and locate "Trask" what they returned was anything but helpful. Seriously, anything but.

It's what has Illyana Rasputin standing within her domain, in that black citadel of hers and within her throne room. A deep scowl lines her features as her blue eyes watch a myriad of images flit upon the faceted face of the crystal. After a few more minutes of staring into the mirror-like surface Illyana raises a hand. "Stop." She growls and much like a dog heeling the pictures upon the scrying glass pause mid-shift -

"Stupid name." She mutters and with her next breath she intones, "Find Piotr."

And like before that spell leaps out with those words of power from the Demoness, but unlike before this particular scry spell is successful in its attempts to locate her quarry. So, wherever Piotr Rasputin might be found, might be doing, he soon finds a familiar silver-white circular portal suddenly opening up to engulf him.

A one way ticket to Limbo, specifically the throne room of Illyana's.

The throne room itself is all vaulted stone ceilings, guttering candles and torches, a raised dais which holds the sharply carved black throne Illyana typically sits within. Next to that raised throne floats her scrying crystal and next to that is where Illyana stands, expression expectant, "Brother." She speaks, not even waiting for Piotr to even fully appear through her stepping disc. "Do you /know/ how many people apparently name their dogs 'Trask' and by the deep dark abyss, why are they all poodles? /Poodles/."

Relaxing after a productive day of working on his latest painting Piotr is excited to lay down on the couch in his studio, flip on the TV and catch up on X Factor (Russia). He gets as far as opening his beer, sitting down on the couch, picking up the remote and pointing it at the TV. But just as he clicks the power button an all too familiar power signature envelops the ground and air around him. He sighs and tosses his remote to the side with disgust and uses the free hand to cover his bottle of beer.

"Sister." With a tone of annoyance rarely heard in Piotr's voice he curtly replies. He is still dressed in his usual painting clothes, white tank top and paint splattered light tan carpenter pants. His feet are bare and feel odd on the stone floor.

"Perhaps you should be grateful we are not looking for a nefarious 'Ivanov', you would have to look through half of Russia." Though he has been in the states for years, the concept of John Smith isn't quite as quick to his tongue as the Russian version. "And I am unsurprised people with terrible taste in dogs also name them inane things."

Poor Piotr.

Having a sister such as Illyana can definitely be … trying.

Probably worse, truth be told.

His curt replies pulls Illyana's eyes off of her scrying crystal and onto his broad frame. An eyebrow arcs high upward, though that movement is likely hidden by the fringe of bang that covers her forehead. "Bad day?" She asks, because clearly his tone of voice couldn't have anything to do with /her/ right?

Right. Seeing his bare feet however does cause the blonde woman to snap her fingers. With that snap red carpet suddenly appears in front of the man. It's a plush sort of runner that one might see during Hollywood premiers, and wherever Piotr walks the carpet simply appears. An artist's eye might notice a vague pattern stamped within the crushed velvet - skulls. Some laugh, some cry, some scream and all of their empty sockets seem to follow the person that walks upon it. "Better?" She asks, a half a grin lifting a corner of her mouth upward in that peculiar humor that's all hers. "I could make you comfier clothes if you like?" That second question of hers is asked with something of an innocent tone, since most people know the sorts of clothes that are created within Limbo aren't necessarily the most tasteful.

And while there's a half-a-second pause to see whether he accepts her offer or not, soon enough Illyana responds to his mention of Ivanov. That brings a soft snort from the woman, "I suppose I could be grateful, but mostly I'm just annoyed. Thankfully with you here now I'm sure that's about to change. After all, you've had interaction with Trask's minions and I'm pretty sure I can use that to fuel my location spells."

It may be difficult, but Piotr also might have supernatural patience.

"Nyet, do not touch my clothing snowflake." The answer comes quickly, almost cutting her off mid offer. He can only dread what exactly he would end up in but he knows enough that it would fall closer to bondage gear than what he might refer to as 'comfy'. He looks down at the red carpet that appears beneath his feet though with an amused smirk. The variety of skulls that twist and contort on its surface only draws a larger smile. It's artistic expression, in its own way.

"How can I help? Are you going to kidnap a telepath to help pull something from my mind?" He is only half joking, as it's quite likely that Rachel will step out at any minute to explain she is also in on this. "I am afraid the details I picked up from the mission were very specific to that location. Though if you were able to pick up more about the meta humans that were there, it would be most interesting."

That 'nyet' of Piotr's pulls a rather toothsome smile from the woman. She expected as much, but it was still fun to try. "Oh fine." She says with something of a huff-of-a-not-really-put-upon-sigh, "But one day, Piotr Rasputin, one day you'll open up your closet only to find it filled with a completely new wardrobe and you'll /thank/ me for it." She playfully threatens, before her attention shifts to his next words. The mention of kidnapping a telepath brings a thoughtful look upon her features and then consideration. "Now there's an idea I hadn't really considered." Her tone holds the same note of thoughtfulness as her expression, but then she shakes her head, "But no, we really don't need one. Not here in Limbo." She reaches up and touches her crystal, there's the faintest tinkle of glass cracking and from the body of the crystal a sliver is removed.

With that sliver in hand Illyana moves over to her brother, "If we use the memories you do have of that place we could potentially rewind through everything that happened within that day, even before you and the rest of the X-Men came. Though it's not the quickest of spells to enact."

When close enough to her brother Illyana will extend her free hand towards him while her other hand holds the sliver held between her thumb and first finger. Much like how a needle is held.

Piotr is used to this level of 'teasing' from his sister. Talk of dressing him up, teleporting him to various awkward places, it all now rolls off him. He seems surprised though when she considers actually going through with kidnapping a telepath. He clarifies, "I assumed Rachel was in on this. I did not actually mean 'kidnap' anyone." He should know better than to attempt to be witty, it usually just gives his sister ideas.

When she explains or rather 'explains' what the spell can do, Piotr quirks an eyebrow. He shakes his head saying, "I should know better than to limit your magical abilities, but I am still surprised."

Considering it for a second, his eyes narrow and he asks, "Can we find out what other facilities they might have and who is working with whom? It was a surprise to find both purifiers and meta humans seeming to work together in the Trask facility that should have neither. Perhaps someone is helping Trask organize these groups? It seems odd."

An idea to consider for another day, when a telepath is needed and one can't be found.

However, at the mention of limits and her magical ability, that brings a look from Illyana to Piotr. "Really, brother." She says wryly, "You should never apply any limits to what I can and can't do, especially here in Limbo. Otherwise I might take that as a challenge and you know how much I love winning."

"Possibly." She answers to his last questions, "Though perhaps not in the direct way you likely mean. It'll be a hopscotch sort of thing. Or a skipping stone. We hit one person, then something else, and another, to trace our way backwards." The mention of Purifiers and meta-humans working together brings a dark look from the young woman. "Something is definitely going on and once we figure out what and who, we can then strike where we need to. Destroy all of those facilities and Trask too. Nate is of the opinion that the X-Men aren't seemingly up for the challenge, but I beg to differ."

"Your hand, Piotr." She instructs, her free hand still extended toward him. "So I can trigger the spell. It will also be helpful if you can focus upon the memories of that day."

Piotr's eyes narrow ever so slightly as Illyana talks about what she can and can not do in Limbo. It makes Piotr nervous of course, as just about everything about this place and his sister's role here does. If he could manage to save her from it, he would. Not that she would see it as saving or would allow it to happen in the first place likely.

"I understand it will likely not be the first thing to come up. Nothing is ever that easy, unless it is trap." He smiles a bit at the thought of someone just turning to the scrying pool to confess the plans and schemes of their enemy. He quirks an eyebrow at the thought of Nate not thinking the X-Men up to the challenge.

"Really? I had thought he had been here long enough to not underestimate us. Or at the very least be the one to overestimate his own abilities." Piotr watches Illyana carefully when talking about Nate, though getting a read on his sister is as impossible as ever.

He lifts out his hand, almost without thinking or questioning. A terrible idea, especially here. He opens the large meat paw, palm up and stares down at it, thinking through the mission methodically, bit by bit. Only a slight flicker of one eye, a small twitch when he thinks about a certain door smashing incident.

It's true there isn't much to read from her expression when Piotr focuses his attention upon her, but the hint of irritation can be seen upon her face and in her voice.

"You'd think he'd have it figured out by now." She agrees, "But it's Nate. Sometimes all you can do is shrug." Which is ironic in some sense, since she often gets a very similar treatment with some of the X-Folk.

Not that she cares overly much.

He extends his hand to her and that show of trust brings a faint flicker of emotion to Illyana's gaze, and then it's gone. Then Illyana grips his hand in her free hand and brings up the sliver of crystal. Her movements are quite quick, almost serpentine, and with that swift motion the demoness attempts to push the sharp point of the sliver into the meaty portion of Piotr's palm. It's only three or four seconds *after* that she adds, "This is going to sting." Because she wouldn't want to really have him jerk his hand away, "We just need a few drops of blood to anchor the spell."

Piotr gives an approving nod to Illyana both believing that the X-Men are capable of shutting down Trask, regardless of what other organizations he's allied himself with, but also to her seeming indifference to Nate. It's an older brother thing. There is no need for anyone to protect Illyana, Mistress of Limbo, but Piotr often still thinks of her as his Snowflake.

He exclaims a nonsensical "Aah" though not too loudly when she pricks his hand. He really should have seen that coming. But instead it takes a lot of willpower to not instinctively transform into his steel form. He's so used to triggering the transformation that it actually takes effort now, not to do so. He sighs and says, "Da. Thank you for telling me ahead of time."

He's quick to move past it though. He would endure a lot worse if it meant getting closer to being able to shut down Trask.

The crystal started white, but now it's taken on the crimson hue of Piotr's blood. Only once the slim shard is completely opaque with it does Illyana let go of her brother's hand; though to note, when he does look at his hand he'll find the small wound already mending.

Limbo can do anything if Illyana so wills it, and she wills Piotr to be hail and healthy.

Then the young woman turns back to her crystal and steps over to it. The shard floats from her palm back to the spot it came from and once it's seated securely in place the crystal's sheen dims. Soon it begins to glow with a reddish light as it accepts what the smaller piece carried within itself.

"Rewind." She states to the crystal and sluggishly the face of the crystal starts to display images from that day. The rate it displays images from that day is very slow, it likely will take days for it to go through the majority of the day.

"There." Illyana says, "Now we just have to wait." And with those words of hers Yana turns to Piotr, "And going forward, big brother, if a magic-user ever asks for your hand just tell them no. It'll be much safer for you in the end."

Watching the crystal carefully, though he's not real clear why, Piotr barely notices the healing of his hand. He gives it only a glance before fixing his eyes back on the target. He finally remembers the beer in his other hand that he brought and takes a sip, though he's sure not to take his eyes off the crystal.

"Does that include you snowflake?" It is not a challenge, just a genuine inquiry.

That last question of his causes the blonde to drop her gaze away from him, to move it back to the crystal.

Now both Rasputin siblings can be found watching the creeping images from that day.

The silence stretches for a few moments and while there are no windows that can be found within, the faint rumble of thunder might be heard dimly within the room.

"Yes. Especially me."

She could offer further words to explain what she means by that, but she doesn't.

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