Bets and Babs

July 28, 2018:

In a casual meeting at the library, Bette and Barbara talk about the ghost archer and Babs asks Bette to join her in NYC for a VigiWatch case.

Central Gotham Public Library

A library.


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Fade In…

Just another late afternoon in Gotham City. It's barely the end of July, but the summer heat is already trying to liquify the sidewalks and asphalt and boil off the waterways. All over the city, people are going anywhere that is air conditioned — particularly if it costs them nothing to be there. This is what may explain the quantity of patrons who are loitering around the Central Gotham Public Library, where it is cool and comfortable in the gothic-styled building.

The library staff occupies the usual places behind official desks or pushing around book carts. Barbara Gordon is currently in the fiction stacks, standing on a ladder as she tucks away books on the top shelf. She's been working with reshelving the cart, and it's almost done to just a dozen more books to be placed back in their homes. She looks over the spine of one of the books in her hand, and then the cover, and then she's leaning into the stack to open to the first few pages, thumbing through them. Her brows furrow together thoughtfully, then she shrugs and tucks the book under her arm after she's shelved the others, taking it back down the ladder with her.


With her college courses on a break and her sporting career on a little break for her education Bette Kane almost couldn't avoid the family invitation to visit over the Summer. Of course that doesn't mean she has any intention of loitering around the Kane family home listening to high society gossip all day. Not when she could be popping out to catch up with friends under the guise of making a 'charity donation' to the library.

It doesn't take long to find a library staff member who can point her in the right direction and, as she wanders between the stacks, she idly fires up a banking app on her smartphone to send a few thousand dollars to a childrens book scheme the library runs. Just on the off chance her family does check up on her. Of course there are signs up about not using your phone in the library, but surely they won't mind if she's doing something for a good cause!


Babs has alighted on the floor once Bette comes into view, and the redhead brightens with a sudden grin at the slight of the familiar woman. She abandons her cart for now, crossing along the stack toward the woman while offering a silent wave of greeting. Only once they are just a few steps from each other does Barbara offer Bette a conspiratorial wink. "Bette." Beat pause. "Did I know you were coming by?"

It's a well-trained response, giving Bette a chance give her the context of their cover, as she assumes the fellow vigilante isn't actually here to talk normal business. Though, perhaps, she could be surprised. She nods Bette down the stack, inviting the woman to join her.


Bette Kane looks up from her phone and laughs. "Not that I'm aware of! Unless there's a site following my movements or something… God that would be creepy," she shudders at the thought. "No no it's nothing like that. I was just… going a little stir crazy while visiting my family and I suddenly remembered I'd promised to swing by for the childrens book fund." She taps at her phone. "For which the library should have my donation. So /technically/ I didn't lie to my mom."

The blonde heiress winks and heads over between the stacks. "But if you can recommend any books on ghosts and hauntings within the Gotham area that might be a good way to take my mind off things. A mutual friend was telling me there is some sort of ghost archer and dog terrorising the city. And I do love a good ghost story." She has a quick glance around to ensure no-one is listening in then adds "Truth be told I'm a little out of the loop when it comes to.. well anything to do with the uh 'Gotham nightlife'. Between college and my tennis I'm busy all the time. It's a wonder I find the time to sleep."


Babs joins Bette in the easy laughter, and her smile brightens with that same ease. "There's probably creepier things out there, but I'd say being stalked is probably high up there." Says one of the contributors to the vigilante-stalking website known as VigiWatch. Irony is not lost on Babs. She clasps her hands on the cart, giving it a little nudge along the carpet, its silent wheels hushing its way down the stack as she walks along with Bette.

She half-peeks through each shelf on either side of them before she turns more toward Bette now that they are half-way down the stack, and quite alone. "Yeah, I've heard something about that." She frowns. "You thinking a real ghost, and not… someone pretending to be one?" She tucks a bit of red hair behind her ear in a casual, but telling gesture of thoughtfulness. Her voice lowers a bit. "I haven't gotten very deep into this either… I've been leaving it to, you know, the Boss." Which is Babs's best way to talk about Batman here in the library. "I've been thinking of snooping around though."


"I have no idea really," Bette admits. "Stranger things have happened." A shrug. "I'm over in New York for college most of the time, which has been a little hectic. Since someone decided to blow up an entire neighborhood. It's hard to find ways to even be useful in a situation like that. In the end I decided I could do more good as myself raising awareness for the relief effort than my.. persona could ever do."

Bette sighs and leans against one of the stacks. "So how're things with you? Living it up in Gotham and generally having a wild librarian time? If there's anything I can do to help out you don't hesitate to give me a shout. I could really use a little excitement."


"Stranger things have happened," Barbara agrees with her own sigh of acceptance. She glances sidelong along the stack before she looks back to the other woman. "I've been alright. I feel like my lives are starting to blur…"

She'd keep going, but something is nagging at her. When Bette mentions being in New York most of the time — something Babs knew, but hadn't remembered until now — has the redhead tilting her head slightly as the cogs begin to spin. She glances slightly beyond Bette and then back to. "I… actually am heading into New York." She hooks a hand on her hip, leaning into the cart slightly. "You remember VigiWatch, right? Vigilante Watch for Gotham, New York, and Metropolis? Well…" She starts to laugh slightly. "I'm going to New York to investigate this guy who has been going after the organized crime groups around Hell's Kitchen. Told Toby I'd look into it… he's going to get himself killed poking around the mafias and cartels over there." A small smile quirks at her lips. "Want to come be my back-up?"


"Oh god I know how that goes," Bette replies with a grin. "I made a new friend recently, turns out she's in the Justice League. She doesn't know I'm.. you know. And I don't really know if I should tell her or not."

"VigiWatch, yeah I…" Bette blushes for a moment. "Used to look up Robin on there when I was younger. And then when I started out I tried look myself up, but instead of anything cool I found an article about the rise of bad parenting and how it's led to vigilante children." She shrugs. "I guess it had a point in hindsight. Anyway uhm I can check my schedule and try tag along. How likely is this to get me shot? Because it's been a while since I updated the body armour on my suit and.. well my bright red costume stands out a bit more than the rest of the gangs."


"Justice Leaguer?" Babs's brows arch at that, looking impressed. "I'd say… if you think she's trustworthy, there's no harm. But that's definitely something you have to decide for yourself."

The blushing confession from Bette has Barbara laughing softly, and she touches her friend's shoulder. "Don't worry… I don't think that we had shitty parents." She flashes a broad, playful smile there before she steps along with Bette, pushing the cart along. "Well, considering the crime photos I pulled up on this guy's hit on one of the Kitchen Irish's holdings… the Burren Club… I think you should probably update your armor." She smiles almost apologetically. "You bring it by and we can work on it together." She gives Bette a wry smile, and continues to walk her down the stack toward the library offices.

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