Roadside Bullet Buffet

July 27, 2018:

Some mercenaries are hired to bag the wrong mutant.


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Fade In…

The night sky above Staten Island is unusually clear. The moon bright, illuminating the quiet city streets and washing additional light over the artificial. This is a great night for prey. Vision as far as the eye can see, nocturnal hunters have to exercise more caution, be more aware of their outline, their coloration.

Taskmaster lets out a rolling chuckle, the distortion of his voice through the filtration mask sounds like a Decepticon. The com picks the sound up, carries it and there is a 'qurrrk' of static, then a voice, "Can we not laugh over the coms, over."
"Did I hit that button? My bad." Pause. "Over." A grinning skull looms above the lip of a billboard, a rifle adjusting higher up and he checks his sites again.

"Target enroute. Unclassified mutant is a late 20s caucasian female, redhead, absolutely georgeous… "

"Did that asshole say 'georgeous?" Taskmaster questions in to th comms.

"Kill the chatter. We're eta less than three minutes. Prep weapons."

A huff noise escapes the mercernary as he reclines back, his boot on the lip of the building as he lets the weapon rest at it's point, aimed down while he takes a long intake, "Try hards. Buncha damn try hards."

Madelyne… Maddy.. Has not experienced much, at least due to recollection, so when she resurfaced and a "Doctor" met her at the gates in offering to help her and…

The Red Headed woman cautiously declined, and sought other means to make it all work for "Them".

So from the 'Sky High' in Staten she exits the Anti-Gravity Palace and walks along the strip of Staten Islands Night Life, still grinning from the lack of restriction in the Bounce Haus her laughter scared all the children from! But she enjoyed every ping & pong loft the anti-gravity floors took her to even as the fans gave her a false flight.

Maddy knows what it is to truly fly!

Exiting the closing Sky High, leather boots encase legs to just over knees, laced and buckled where pale skin is bare beneath the tattered fetters of a skirts hem slung low upon waist. The smile splits blood red lips in a rictous grin, even as she snatches a cone from a passed stand… The owner protesting just enough that she shares the ice cream with him and leaves him staring dazed at her departure, where her hips keep the sway of the night life's rhythm.

Abdomen, the crescented arch of spine, all bare from the low hem of skirt to the hike of a halter that merely criss-crosses her chest in straps, leaving barely anything from the eye, all clad in a glistening layer of shadows but framed in the curls of red from her hair.

Madelyne smiles and winks back as she moves down along the strip, stilleto fingernails capturing what meets the woman's fancy along her way - just like the cone - and keeping it, but only after 'partaking' of any who chose to try and persue her.

The Queen of the Goblins is out having fun!

Oblivious to the party hunting her.

"What is our collateral damage clearance range?" A voice shoots through, a female.

"Tone it down. We're not fucking monsters here, we're after the mutie, nothiing else." Barks the man in charge, Taskmaster doesn't know for sure. Hes never worked with this particular crew, they don't know one another, this is a third party, hands off 'for the OGA sort of situation. No questions, get in, do your job, get out, get paid.
Usually he likes these.

"Speak for yourselves." He says to no one but himself in regards to being monsters. He'd light this place up without a second thought, at least, the men, that ugly vendor, the children, women, well, so maybe he has some scruples. He can count them.

"Someone just take a shot and bring her down. This is getting boring." This time he does talk to them. A response again of kill the chatter what he is gifted with, man, he wants to meet Mr. Poopy pants.
"Rico and Jesup, get in their and tase her. Bring her down quiet."
"Yessir." The quick clipped responses before too men peel away from the different parts of the strip, one standing outside a wedding shop the other a sporting goods outlet. A ballcap and a manbun. Taskmaster hefts his rifle up again to use the scope to watch as they near in.

Like two wraiths they lurch in on Madelyne, the manbum bumping in to her, an 'accident', "I'm so sorry, miss." His Jersey accent thick. His companion with the ballcap using what should be a distraction to get up behind her, taser in hand and ready to be applied. If this goes as planned… easy pay off.

There's another side they don't know..

Madelyne is bumped,


All the while she smiles, the final bite of her 'cone licked from tips of fingers over fingerless gloves. The ed-headed woman seems to be having fun despite some sparse looks of complacent horror behind her. A blink. They settle back into the redundancy of their lives as if She had never happened at all.

A necklace is looped over her head, the golden medal framing an amber stone rests betwixt the heave of bosom, warped "dragons" encircle it, and the stone lights in the flashes of the envirnment around them, and then fades.

The final tip of her cone is pinched between fingertips when "ManBun" bumps into her, sending that tiny base of her cone to the floor, the best part! It had fudge and caramel! … and now shatters across the broken sidewalk before the other "BallBun" runs into her from behind casting small strobes of electricity through the passage!

Maddy jolts after that malefic smile, the archs of light perhaps cast a darker shadow over her facade?

Behind "BallCap", though, a larger shadow cast and a lower mandible drops, the saliva like teardrops from its mandible as a forked tongue lolls out and seeks to flick the cap off the partners head before the beastie bears down upon him!

The taser hits Madelyne in a display one would expect. Human or mutant-human body meet several thousand volts, yet, there is no time for him to announce his victory. A soldier, he knows somethings behind him before his ballcap is even knocked off of his scalp.

Now Mr-No-Ballcap twists full body, the hunter having been put on the defensive he uses that taser like a stabbing weapon thrusting it in to…. a monster straight out of hell. Wide eyed he imagines he lets out a shriek but nothing comes of it.

Manbun has moved to catch Madelyne and drape her over but he full stops upon seeing the demonic pet reflexively reaching for his sidearm hidden underneath his denim jacket. There is a scream, its not his. It is someone on the strip as it starts to sink in to their minds what they're see.

"What the hell is that?" The gung ho female from earlier rasps in to the mic.

"Unidentified extra body. It is attacking Jesup, bring it down hard. Possible additional mutant. This means more pay for everyone." The leader again, Taskmaster really does not like that guy.

Taskmaster's scope sweeps to the left and he takes aim, a round fired off with a loud WHUMP, the buck against his shoulder satisfying as the 7.62mm rips through the air in a perfect shot to take Madelyne's pet out at the knee. Live specimens are worth more. Its in the fine print.

Extinguish the spark of fear with the spark of courage!

Ball-Cap spins only to show the horror of the islocated jaw-drop of the GoBeast before its canines strike down and rip him from his rooted soldier-like position!

Man-Bun witnesses this as Madelyne nearly falls into a drape over his shoulder due to the electric shock of the taser that lights up the shadows of the Beast, as it tosses that body aside like an over priced American Doll!

Bamfy leaps, and mid-air Taskmaster's shot rips through the lower left l;eg of the Goblin and it's path is redirected to the ground where it impacts heavily, the cement spider-webbing out around it!

From that hit a liquid shadow seems to bubbkle forth and Madelyne's eyes re-open, peering over the shoulder, and through the bun of her captor. One hand slowly rises, claws of nails ascending to draw over his shoulder blade, disturbing the fabric in a warning to the life beneath.

"Jump!" Rage!

From the cracks of the concrete, the black ichor leaps and forms into tiny figures, appendages ripping from the shadows while 'Bamfy' is sought to be swallowed into the depths behind them. Like Goblins, a shadowed smile bares fanged canines and in "ManBuns' hands the woman suddenly arches back in his grip!

Exposed in his grip he can see the figure strapped and clad in shadows, the splay of red hair spilling back towards the shadowed ground.

If he does not move fast she is rising upward at a fast and heavy pace to head-butt him!

Well trained veterans that have experienced a lot don't always have 'demonic tide' listed in their dossier. Thrown as he is right now Man-Bun takes a headbutt from the redhead, stumbling back just in time for the order to be given as an assembly of infernal beasties.

"Open fire!"

From five separate directions gunshots spill out, flashbangs are launched and figures reveal themselves. They've went from capture alive to 'bringing back a body'. Their benefactor - the OGA 'Other Government Agency' redacted straight down to it's tighty whities likely will still pay. Reasons no doubt.

Taskmaster loses visual as the smoke screen starts to drop around the target, forming up in a circle, adding more chaos to the mix but also covering the engagement from outside visuals, boxing Madelyne in as flashbangs strobe up the immediate vicinity around her and her pets.

After what feels like an eternity the shooting ceases. Shell casing littering the ground around the men and women of the mercenary unit. "Rodam, Burgess, Steel. Go."
"Granger, Blueberry, cover me."

"Blueberry?" Taskmaster chimes in, "You silly shits really have no clue."

"Watch it, jackass." Granger apparently says and gets another responsive chuckle as a response.

"Sure. I got your back, hoss." The skully faced man relents, knowing odds are even with the truckload of ammo they just poured in to the target, there are chances she lived. Someone wanted her. Someones paying healthy. Someones expecting casualties and he, well, hes very likely the Contingency. Not that anyone else knows this.


The black ichor of gloss drops fight gravity and rise, malformed shapes become, but first come the rabid grins full of sharp canines and then clawed grips that take hold of surroundings in 'squirrely' springs of the tiny Demonic Goblins.

Red hair lifts and archs like a tidal wave of blood, just before Madelyne's forehead meets Man-Bun's in a dazzle of eyesights, her shove coming with a dig of thumbs into his eyes while her kick off from him sends her skidding across the concrete into the massive bubbling emergence of her Hoarde that crawls over the figure, pale skin painted and palmed by clawed figures, glowing eyes duplicating by the seconds even as gunfire blinks one-by-one back into the Darkness!

Rising, slowly, Madelyne wears her Goblins like a coat. Evey silver, gold, cataract opaline, eye is upon the gunmen, but even as numbers dwindle and the screams cadence behind them that 'gorgeous' Red Head, now positively Infernal, that skirt shadowing and showing more of the tattered fabric resting between thighs, braced over the opening ground beneath her…

But explain that headache tomorrow… hoss?

"Bury them!" As Maddy is already opening their grave.

There is limited visibility for Taskmaster to see what might be transpiring inside of that man-made cloud in the center of the square, the merc toggles his HUD and vision until he can pick up thermals, only getting particles at first it then becomes clear. The screams from the Black Cell private sector operatives make it hard to think of a next option, in case of a mind bender, be a sniper and have dupes, in case of a telekinetic, keep at a distance, fire while they're blindsided by distractions i.e. the dupes, when monsters that rip through flesh land bone like Langoliers and chew up all your distractions before you have so much as chance to reload?

Taskmaster takes aim on the commander of the mercs as he tries to spin free of a goblin and fire a salvo of bullets at Madelyne. With one round Taskmaster has the man falling to the ground clutching his thigh, hissing and flailing, a knife drawn to fight off the goblins and demons now surging over him.

They don't stop there though, they pull in several hiding civilians and begin to climb up towards Taskmaster, who, steps up and drops the rifle, hands in the air.

"Hey, hey I just helped you! PARLEY… peace uh… hail Satan!?!, fuck I don't know just lets talk, yeah?!" Gloves up, fingers splayed, though one is hovering over his shoulder and a sheathed sword. Just in case.

"I'm not one of them."

Lady Jane, Granger laying on her side lifts her hand to flip Taskmaster off, "You piece of shiii AGHHHHHHHHHHH!" The sound of her voice disappears as a demon actually bites down on her face, stifling anything else. Another one munching off that bird she just waggled at the villain.

"That is one hickey she cannot pretend was a vaccuum when ma and pa get cross." Taskmaster jokes with a nervous laugh looking down at the horde and their mistress.


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