Come Get Your Cajun

July 26, 2018:

Rogue, Molly, Polaris, and the Cuckoos attempt to save Remy based on a lead from the previously failed attempt..


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Fade In…

It's mid evening in the east coast and based off what Sophie gleamed from the man she held mentally hostage a few days ago. The group of girls had taken the Black Bird out and flown on a stealth mission to Boston. Remy and the mutants that were moved from the hideout in Chelsea were taken to Boston to another secret locale. A place where they would be held for a short time before being shipped all across the world. There were to be 'shows' for potential buyers of these individuals in order to see what they can do and what their abilities might be.

The front is a simple quilt shop near the edge of the Boston harbors and down town. Beneath however is a sprawling metropolis of shady individuals and dirty awful backroom deals done right in the open. The main exhibit is a large metal fence set up in a 'fighting arena' with multiple stories of people leaning over rails and looking into the arena, shouting loudly with many clutching bundles of cash and tickets in their hands for the illegal fights.


Rogue had set out to using the Blackbird to get them there and fast, plus they migh thave more with them that need to be taken somewhere if things go well (or poorly, who knows really).

"Since we're usin' the company jet, this means we're on an official mission here. So we gotta act the part. We can't… do stuff that'll get us inta hot water when we get home." Rogue had said while onboard the jet, using those Carol Danvers-granted piloting skills to get them to Boston. "Best behaviors here, folks."

Once they arrived the Jet was parked as close as they could get and on the roof of a darkened tech factory not to far away.

Once they made it to the fighting arena, Rogue looked back to the others. "My kinda place." She mutters in a sarcastic sort of way.


"It could use with a proper interior designer," one of the Cuckoos comments as she emerges to study their surroundings. "But at least there's an open foor plan." The five identical blonde girls have fanned out in a perfect 'wing' formation, cutting a striking figure if only for their luminous blue eyes and utterly synchronized movements.

Staring down off the rooftops, the girls clasp their hands behind their backs and sigh softly. "At least this should be interesting."

"What are we expecting to find here?"

"It's not really what I expected."

"Well, it's definitely the right place. Shall we?"


Lorna's mood had been sour, darkening ever further as the days dragged on. Her side 'missions', her arguments with Marcos merely dragged on her psyche even further. The green haired woman was more than spoiling for a fight. So when they went to follow up on the leads from where Remy had been taken she suited up and climbed into the Blackbird. (Whether she hated planes or not,)

When they landed and were making their way over, she cast Rogue a side eye. "What, you mean I can't bring down the building on the heads of all those mutant hating bigots and make sure they don't try to sell us off one by one for whatever reason?" She drawled, hooking an eyebrow upwards.

A huff of a breath followed, a glance passing to the front of the place as she glanced to the blondes. "What did you expect?"


Rogue had called upon Molly to join them but she wasn't at home at the time. She was finishing up her job. She grabbed her phone when it rang and then grumbled at Rogue, "I want to help but…" She turns around and looks at something and yells out away from the phone, "No! NO!" She sighs and then looks back at the phone and then says, "What is going on?"

She listened and then blinked and then she blinked again, "What?! Really?! I'll be right…wait…" She then looked behind herself again and grinned slowly before she giggles a little. She then licks her lips and puts the phone back to her ear, "I'll be there…not in the jet though. Just, give me the location!"

She sighs, "No, I can't fly. Well, I can now but not me. Just…Just listen! I can get there, Give me the location!" She shouts at Rogue and then huffs before finally getting coordinates and saying, "There, see, no biggee. I'll be there." She then punches that into her GPS. She rubs her hands together and snickers, "Come here, you two. I know where there's lots of random stuff you can eat!" She then laughs maniacally to which a passing man stares at her and then she points at him, "You mind your business. I'm scheming."

A moment later she is again yelling, "Stop eating the swing set! I said we're going." Her eyes glow purple as she walks off screen and one can hear a distressed bleat followed by Molly saying, "You earned that!"


Everyone in the place falls incredibly quiet at the sight of the new arrivals. In particular the Cuckoos and Lorna. Rogue gets a few glances from a few of the more lewd looking gentlemen, but it's the fact that the other two LOOK like mutants, that causes a heavy hush to fall and silence the din of the grungy, bloody catwalk.

Inside the cage are a pair of mutants, a young woman with short cut, untidy black hair and a snarl on her lips, a young woman with her hands held out to her side with blood falling down to sharp points of bone, sticking out of her fists. Like thick blades of pure bone. She bares her teeth at her 'opponent' the other mutant in the cage. He stands up with short cut hair with the front above his forehead spiked up just slightly. "I really don't want to do this…" The young man says with his fists balled up and yet he doesn't move until the ref shouts for the crowd, "WELCOME TO THE NEXT BOUT! We have two very dangerous offensive mutations here that are both going to fetch some high prices. We have Vi, a healer with blades that spin from her wrists. Watch out they're sharp. And we have Brian! A mutant with energy projection powers, that shoot from his body. Watch out for that! He's super cool!"


It only takes a moment for Rogue to see whats going on before she's turning around to look at Lorna and the others. A look ore regret and pain is clear on her face… this isn't easy for her, to do this 'Charles Xavier approved' stuff… She's not a leader like Scott, she's a leader more like… Mystique.

"Lorna." Rogue says softly. "Can you do anything about this without raising a giant fuss?" She keeps her voice low so none of the lewd onlookers can hear them. "Ya'll as well." Rogue says, still quiet but she knows that the Cuckoos can likely hear her regardless of the volume of her voice.

The southern gal starts to look around, then down to the fighters.


"I was expecting something more… Organized," the first blonde replies to Lorna, fixating on the area ahead. "Not this. The death of civilization." The girls file forward in unison as they always do. They're silent as they observe everything in front of them with a cool detachment. "This needs to stop now."

The girls hesitate. "Say the word and I can make some moves. What's the play?"


Lorna's anger was sharp, hot and violent on her tongue and it was all too easy for her to summon up the magnetic forces to 'do something about 'this''. Which meant an electromagnetic storm that shut down their power in a small, localized power-outage, knocking out the lights, the intercom, the cell-phones, cameras, and anything else that ran on electricity in the immediate area.

Harder still was not pulling down the building all around her and knocking out the cage that was holding the mutants together.

Her hands shook, but she'd kept them tucked into the pockets of her jeans, rolling her shoulders back.

"Yeah, so. Xavier way has five minutes before I start quoting my dad." She drawled through gritted teeth.


It takes her a minute to get them going. They are, after all, stubborn as she is. However, soon Molly is looking at her wrist. Yes, her wrist. She has a new watch. It has a connection to her phone and GPS built in. She needed it. She kinda wanted it, too. She has money now. So what? Wanna fight about it?

Either way, she's riding literaly through the sky, leaning forward with a neat new hat on. She smiles as she holds on to the lead tied to her wrist and they move. She growls and yanks a couple times calling out, "We can EAT when we GET there!" She cries out and then yells, "Tasty tasty things ahead, just follow my lead!"

She really isn't sure if they understand her but then she sees a quilt shop and then she grins and points, "CHarge!!!" She yells and her eyes begin to glow purple as the beast she rides is lowering its head. She lowers hers in turn and a moment later…



It takes her a minute to get them going. They are, after all, stubborn as she is. However, soon Molly is looking at her wrist. Yes, her wrist. She has a new watch. It has a connection to her phone and GPS built in. She needed it. She kinda wanted it, too. She has money now. So what? Wanna fight about it?

Either way, she's riding literaly through the sky, leaning forward with a neat new hat on. She smiles as she holds on to the lead tied to her wrist and they move. She growls and yanks a couple times calling out, "We can EAT when we GET there!" She cries out and then yells, "Tasty tasty things ahead, just follow my lead!"

She really isn't sure if they understand her but then she sees a quilt shop and then she grins and points, "CHarge!!!" She yells and her eyes begin to glow purple as the beast she rides is lowering its head. She lowers hers in turn and a moment later…


Two large goats come crashing right through the building, right through the subterranean roof, and astride the one on the left is none other than Molly Hayes, "Cry Havok and let slip the Goats of War!" She laughs maniacally and gestures wide, "Go forth my minions! Eat all their stuff!" She laughs some more even as the goats start charging at various people and things, only stopping once they find something tasty (which…is basically any inanimate object really).


First the lights and the whole building shakes and convulses before the lights go out in a wild hissing and pop sounding through all the halls and the main room.

"What was that?!" Says someone in the darkness before the shouts begin to air out across the whole place. Brian causes a hell of a lot of lights as he starts by shooting his beams upwards into the roof a large red beam arching from the mutants hands up into the air. "FREEDOM!" The boy cries out getting to quote one of his favorite movies.

Vi dives to the ground against the chainlink fence, but is careful to not touch the barrier as generally it's electrified and she's not sure if it's safe to touch or not. Just the lights are off and people are losing their shit.

Then Molly and the goats of the guardian's enter from the roof not far from where Brian was aiming for his freedom. This causes a few lights to stream in from the roof and a few bleats to enter the trauma filled screams of the battle grounds.


Rogue's eyes shoot over to one of the Cuckoos. "We need t'find out if Remy is here. If ya'll can do that however ya need to, thats great… see if ya can't sense his presence, how ya did before. If we know he's here then we know we gotta focus on that. If he ain't here, then we can focus on—" Rogue is cut off as Lorna starts her deal and she turns around to start toward the fighting ring. "Freedom, ew can provide." Rogue says then, going toward a gate to rip it down.

"I hear ya." Rogue says over the comms to Lorna. "Its probably gonna come t'that too. I'm not any good at this stuff, much as Scott wishes I were."

Rogue looks up at the strange sounds above and she exhales lightly. "I guess Molly showed up afterall."


"We need to check and make sure that they're not moving nayone out of here now that we've been - announced." The Cuckoos are openly staring at the oncoming goats trampling through the compound, their abject amazement remaining muted entirely due to self-discipline. The girls take a deep breath as one and turn toward Rogue.

"They drugged him at the last location. He could still be here, just… Suppressed. They know we have telepaths and they have to know how to evade. So we need to search quickly. I think - Molly has the distraction handled." With this said the girls start to survey the room for likely targets. Minds to search for anything that would tell them about prisoner transfers or hidden cells.

The far-eyed stare they take on when they turn their powers to their surroundings is familiar at least.


Lorna exhaled a breath, her mind focused on her electro-magnetic senses to try to find her way around the chaos that was created from her electro-magnetic pulse. "Right. So, separate and spread out? Cuckoos? We should set up mind links. Something happens, we need immediate updates." She arched a brow as she glanced toward Rogue.

"Hey. don't worry about that whole judge-yness from Scott. You wont get that from me." She grinned, and flexed her hands as she drew them out. Her focus returned briefly to the cage, and she reached up to entirely rip it apart, just for good measure.

"Right, picking a direction." She murmured, and bolted for whatever direction she could find.


One goat was immediately satisfied with a cage it found. The people inside are not sure what to think as a goat walks up, lets out a bleat and then begins to eat the metal of the cage. After a moment it'll attempt to simply rip a part of the cage off completely and start chewing. Meanwhile, another goat gives chase to a few people who try to order it to stop where it is. Yes, tell the wild goat to stop. See what you get?

Molly meanwhile lets out a pleased huff and then rubs her nose a little before looking around in the dim light for someone who looks like they are in charge. If she gets a hold of them she'll grab them, give them a good lifting and declare, "I'm looking for a Cajun prisoner. I want his location, now, or I feed you to him!" She points at the goat currently chowing down on a cage door.


Vi quickly makes her way out of the fence holding her and Brian in once it is disolved by Lorna. Not knowing who did it but not caring anyways, Vi moves off the mat onto the ground and starts to rush towards a group of humans with a snarled smirk on her lips. This is gonna get messy.

Brian however ceases his energy beams and he turns to try and stop Vi from hurting anyone by sending energy from his pointer finger in an arch between the freed girl and the humans. "Not like this Vi!" He shouts before he starts to point his finger at the ref. "Grab him!" He says, trying to get his freedom permenantly.

People continue to scurry about screaming and retreating for the exits as fast as possible. The ref grabs his radio and tries to respond with commands, but the thing is dead thanks to Lorna's attack, and he's quietly trying to recite a mental mantra to himself to keep his mind off the tasks he's supposed to be doing. They've trained for this sort of mutant attack and the higher ups always want them to be ready for telepaths and to scramble their own thoughts as best as possible.


Rogue floats up into the air to get a birds eye view of the madness around them. She's losing her patience and nwo that they're all under threat she's worried about one of them getting hurt, specifically the Cuckoos or perhaps Molly… Lorna's fine, she's sure Lorna could tear an Army Base apart without a hitch.

"Got it. He might be asleep." Rogue glances over to Molly and appreciates her spunk and the ability to create a distraction of this magnitude… even if the Southern X-Men had intended for this to be a more low-key infiltration affair.

Rogue shoots forward toward a hallway and she swings her body to a stop. "Found a loading dock!" Rogue says over the team comms. "Checkin it out!" She glides on into the area, staying off the ground and ready to dodge or nimbly avoid any attackers.


"Loading dock? Perfect." The Cuckoos are bolting in all directions now, evading attackers or making them simply - stop. Shielding will stop probes but direct mental assault is entirely different. They eventually chase down Rogue. Mental communication is also established, just as lorna requested.

"IF we hit the dock he might be there. We need to tear this place apart. But firt… Keep them from running. I can't- find any information. We're going to have to stop any vehicles leaving here so we can check them all."

Sophie is angry. that much comes across through the telepathic communications. All of the Cuckoos are tense. They're even hurrying, which is more than they usually do.


Lorna exhaled a breath, pausing in her running as the Cuckoos mentioned needing to keep the possible perpetrators from escaping. Again. She closed her eyes, exhaling a breath as she reached out around her. The doors leading out of the building that she could sense, slammed shut under her direction, locking magnetically as she curled her hands into fists. It wouldn't stop people from fleeing out windows or other odd escape routes.. but it might help to stem the tide.

Of course the mutants would have their own means and methods..

"Cars? I can stop a few cars.. But that means I can't help search for Remy." She glanced upwards at Rogue's flight, and she flew up into the air after her. "Right, I'm taking perimeter. You can handle the inside." And out the hole in the roof Lorna flew, out to put a stop to any fleeing cars she could find that meant to take off.


For her part, Molly is demanding things of various people even while the goats continue to, well, be goats. After the second goat has chased people for a bit, it had stopped and started eating chairs. Yes, chairs. It was enjoying said chairs. The first goat had finished with the cage and was eating what could have been some kind of announcer's booth.

"This guy doesn't know anything!" She calls out and tosses him to the side where he lands with an oof and she stomps causing a small shudder in the ground, "Crap! He isn't here!"


Rogue finally drops out of the air and lands on the edge of a concrete loading berth. She glances around and can see that the vehicles have all left already, its pretty obvious they've been gone for some time. Suddenly she slams her metal booted right leg into a standing metal toolbox that probably weighs eighty pounds and she sends it flying through the air to slam onto the ground of the driveway where it slides across the pavement out into the great outdoors.

Rogue looks then over to the Cuckoos and raises her hand up to her ear.

"We gotta take in as many'a these mutants who'll come with us… get'em outta here and back t'wherever they need t'go. Lets shut this place down though and once its empty… Lorna? Tear it apart."

Rogue turns around then and starts walking back inside to go deal with any guards that haven't already run off or are still dumb enough to try to attack her.


"…I found something. You're not going to like it," The Cuckoos reply to this. Sophie is shaking her head. Well, it's probably Sophie. "What I'm reading…"

"Is that Remy…"

"Was here earlier today. They sold him. Like cattle."

One of the fallen guards moves toward the blondes spastically, like a marionette with stiff strings. He freezes in place, clutches at his throat, staggers, and then simply topples to the ground. They don't look up.

"We need to get these people out of here. And we need to go find Remy. You." All five girls point at the man who just collapsed. "Get up. You only stopped breathing for a few seconds. Do you know anything else?"

Then one of the girls murmurs, "This could always be a very convincing trap."


Lorna closed her eyes, seething as her plans to halt fleeing human's comes to a grinding halt. Her anger bit hot at the news that their friend. A member of their team, had been bought and sold like chattel. She swallowed hard, and reached. The cars that were nearest on the street ground to a halt and crushed up against the sides of the building. Her chest rose and fell, and without waiting for the building to empty…

Ripped the steel root into shreds above them, leaving the building below opened to the night's sky.


"Wait, what?!" She twitches and looks at one of the Cuckoos, "They did…WHAT?!" She starts to glow and twitch. Her eyes are glowing purple but then that purple aura begins to grow around Molly. The Cuckoos can sense it given Molly's power is mental in nature. They can feel her power growing heavily as she begins to glow all over her body and then suddenly Molly screams and then lifts up both hands and slams them down right into a nearby raised platform. The platform shatters like it were made of glass. She then huffs and slumps.

A tear comes down her cheek and she grumbles, "I can get some people with the goats." She says dejectedly, "Just gotta…round them up and tie them off to something and they can fly people out if need be." She looks like she just ran a marathon as she goes and grabs one of the goats leads and drags it after the other.

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