Training and Debriefing

July 26, 2018:

Skye gets shanghaied for some training — and a little light interrogation — in SHIELD HQ.

Training Room, Triskelion, NYC


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Books. Books upon books. Leather bound, spiral bound, Stapled together, and in some cases three hole punched and in a binder, books. It turns out, when you aren't able to use nice things like a laptop or a tablet… You have to do things the old fashioned way. The old fashioned way SUCKS! The quarters on the Triskelion are already on the small side. When you're room is officially packed full of training and operations manuals, there just isn't much room. This is exactly the situation Skye is in.

Aside from her current punishment of being unable to even blink at a piece of tech without it exploding and giving a nice SHIELD logo on the screen, She made a big mistake. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Her good intentions were to take care of a problem she heard some higher ups talking about. One of her former friends in the Rising Tide had been causing trouble. She took it on herself to go solve it. All well and good right up until she ran into Poison Ivy. Not only did she find her friend dead having suffocated in quicksand, but she needed help cracking his laptop. She asked Ivy to help her. Ivy left microscopic spores in it which caused the Tech Department to come down really sick when she turned it over to them.

On the plus side, at least she did find out that he was selling information for millions of dollars and was dealing in Terraforming tech.

Quietly she slips out of her room. She's been under the weight of all of those books for hours. If she reads one more book he brain is going to melt. Quietly she moves toward the training rooms.


The old fashioned way sucks, hm?

Skye manages to sneak her way down to the training rooms. Though she passes through multiple agents without any sort of hassle, the door to the training rooms is suddenly barred by a brunette woman. While she is not dressed in vintage clothing, her hair is currently done in a rather vintage manner: victory rolls would be the proper term should one know what they were.

Peggy Carter stands in the door way, arms crossed. Her pantsuit is a dark blue matched with a bright red collared shirt. "Ms. Skye." Though Peggy generally goes by last names in these sorts of matters, Skye's unique codification gave no last name. "You seem to be out of your quarters when you should not be."

Despite the fact that Skye may be out when she should not be is not met with her immediate return to quarters. Instead, the door opens into the training quarters. There are two other agents inside, and yet she still does not mention exactly what might happen to her now that she is here. It's almost as if Agent Carter was waiting for her. The other agents inside? It's also possible she called them there to discuss as well.

"I hope you don't mind, I thought it best to both train and debrief here?" Of course, by her tone there is not really much choice in the matter, no matter how polite her tone is.


"So I know you can do 'bathroom beat-down,' but do you mostly go with old-school martial arts, or Brit-fu?" Simon is wearing loose black clothing, pants and a turtleneck, and wears padded gloves. The question is apparently directed toward his fellow agent in the training room, a teasing grin twisting his lips and lighting his pale eyes. As the door opens, he looks up, sketching a salute to Peggy, "Not a problem, ma'am."


"Brit-Fu?" Parambir Ghai is seated on a lifting bench, dressed in her own PT clothes of layered tanks and fitted leggings that taper down into flexible-soled shoes. She is tightening the laces on one of those sneakers, knee hugged up to her chest. She glances to the door when she spots Peggy's arrival, and she drops her knee only to roll up onto her feet. The ex-MI-6 agent offers the Carter a serious nod. She glances briefly to Simon, offering him a simple one-shouldered shrug. "I'm happy to show you my Brit-Fu later, Agent Green." The flicker of amusement passes across her lips before she looks back toward Peggy.


Crap. Skye had almost made it. Almost escaped the evil clutches of mount books which leave her next to no room to walk out of her room. But then, there is a glimmer of hope. "Yeah. I just. I've been reading a lot. I can't even look at another page or my head is going to explode." She comments as she looks into the training room.

"Okay. Not a problem. Anything is better then more reading right now." She steps into the room. She's wearing a pair of dark sweat pants. And a SHIELD issue t-shirt which looks about a size too small. Almost as if the Quartermaster decided to play a prank. A pair of sneakers is on her feet. She has no weapons on her or anything. Just herself.

She looks around at the people present hoping rumors didn't spread too much about who she is and what she did. Than again, this is the Triskelion. Unless it was high level restricted it was rumored. "Oh, Hey. Nice to see everyone. Sorry I've been busy…"


As Skye is met by the serious looking Agent, she is also shuttled inside and the doors are shut. "This is not a condoning of your activities," Peggy tells Skye very firmly. "However, we do wish to know more about your encounter that involved a laptop that created multiple sick lab agents." To that she gives a bit of a look to Rami.

"And if you are to meet with people who are to do that, you should know how to defend yourself. However, as you should know, every violation only lengthens the time that you need wear that band. It was not for a minor infraction that anyone wears such a thing, Skye. It's only because you agreed to cooperate that there were not harsher punishments involved. Reading should be the least of your worries at the moment."

As the door shuts and they are now alone, she gestures toward the other members of their party. "This is Agent Green and this is Agent Ghai. I am Agent Carter."


Simon nods agreeably to Rami at her half-question, "Anywhere, any time, Courtier." As Sky steps in, he chuckles softly, "Don't be so sure. SHIELD training can be worse than two-a-days in late summer if you've got a sadistic S.O." Peggy's mention of Skye's band draws a curious look down to the younger woman's wrist, but he shakes it off, offering out his hand, "Green. Simon Green. Pleased to meet you."


"A laptop infected… people?" The Sikh woman arches her brows at Peggy before she glances toward the newcomer. She slowly lowers back down to the bench, but not before she shoots Simon a look. The brown-eyed agent offers a simple nod toward Skye, but she too looks toward the band. She recognizes it for what it is, and a curious look is sent toward Peggy. "I've never heard of computer viruses being transmitted to human hosts, or am I mistaking what we mean when we say that a laptop created multiple sick lab agents?" The Brit's throaty, honeyed tone is casual, but curious.


Skye listens as she is read the Riot Act… Again. Its a pretty common occurance. She sighs and moves to join the Agents present. "I will tell you anything you want to know, Agent. I didn't know about the Laptop. I will explain everything. I'm sorry." She takes a deep breath and shakes her head. The bracelet is torture for her and she's at least trying to do right. Thats gotta earn her some points right?

Quietly she shakes hands with Simon, "Skye. My Pleasure." She then nods to Agent Ghai in return. Quietly she sits and just looks at the ground for the moment.


More like, what might have been inside the laptop effected people, Peggy tells Rami. As the pair start to get their bearings, she edges off, slightly. "I know you didn't, Skye. We just wish to know more about both the woman that gave you the laptop and what it is that was obtained from it."

Stepping slightly backwards, she gives a nod to both Simon and Rami. Three agents is far more than is needed to interrogate Skye on the matter. There is no need to surround the woman. Instead, she will withdraw and wait for the report. "Agent Green and Ghai will be able to debrief and train you from here."

"Good evening Agents." And with that, Peggy steps outward through the doorway.


"I think it's taking 'computer virus' a step too far," Simon chimes in after Rami's comment. As Peggy passes the younger agent off to them, the ginger man nods, "Good evening." Turning back to Skye, he hefts his be-gloved hands, "Get yourself some gloves, Skye." Pacing around toward the center of the room, he grins, "Then you can tell us all about the computer-person virus and who gave you the laptop that had the bug."


Rami watches Peggy take her leave, and then the Indian-Brit leans back slightly on the bench with her fingers crisscrossed together between her knees. She then looks back to Skye once Agent Carter has left the room. "Have no fear, love… Simon is really the only trustworthy person in this room, so you don't need to feel ostracized. I am, for one, under close monitoring because I just betrayed my home agency in favor of SHIELD. They'll never know if I might betray them next." Her lips quirk a bit with her smile. Then she gets to her feet, showing Skye where to get a pair of gloves because, she too is getting her own.


Skye shakes her head, "No." She states in regards to the gloves. She holds up her arm, showing the bracelet. "I'm blocked from using any tech at the moment courtesy of SHIELD. Ugh, I guess I will start at the beginning." She sighs.

"My name is Skye. I used to be a part of this hacktivist group called the Rising Tide. You probably heard of them. I was number 2 in the organization. They were like a family to me. I hacked SHIELD from a piece of junk laptop I won in a bet. Anyway, SHIELD showed up. Instead of sending me to one of the illustreously named SHIELD Facilities for lock up, They wanted me to be an asset. So I agreed. I didn't want to lose my friends so I kept contact with them. Needless to say, Being a Hacktivist and a SHIELD asset didn't turn out very well and when I was found out, I got tethered with this bracelet."


Simon gestures over to Rami, "Don't worry, I'm just a grunt according to most people here. Trustworthy, just not very bright." Despite the self-deprecating description, he seems cheerful enough. The refusal to get the gloves, however, causes him to shake his head in turn, heading over to the drawers and pulling out a small pair, hefting them, and then tossing them toward Skye, "No tech in these. Just leather, sand, and padding." Still, he listens in to Skye's story, "Impressive, hacking quality tech with crap. Why did you do it?"


Parambir grabs a pair of gloves once Simon has tossed a pair to Skye. She listens with a tilt of her head to Skye's words, and her brows arch slightly. "I suppose it would depend on if you were hacktivisting in a way that suited SHIELD or not." The gearhead quirks with a slight smile again. "But my guess that you're lovely bangle suggests not." Then she starts to work on her own gloves, tightening them around her palms and flexing her fingers. She lets Simon ask the questions though, stepping toward the mats. "There are worst ways to end up in SHIELD HQ, though."


Skye slips the gloves on as she speaks some more. "I was looking for information on my parents. I've tried everywhere else. I finally got a lead and, well. Yeah I hacked SHIELD. The results, I ended up with about three pages of redacted information with only a very little to go on. Then, SHIELD came calling. I guess this became like a family, more so than the Rising Tide. I wish I would have understood that sooner."

She stands up and gets ready to fight. "Anyway, I overhead some of the higher levels talking. One of my friends from the Rising Tide was causing trouble. Apparently selling Terraforming information and devices to not so good types. Instead of talking to anyone I went in myself. I wanted to solve this. I needed to prove that I am… not against you all."

"Anyway I tracked him down to a place in Maryland. I went looking. No weapon or anything. I figured, He was my friend. If anyone could talk some sense into him, it was me. I really wished I had a weapon now… " Skye pauses a moment. "There wasn't a trace of anything. I started to move deeper into the woodlands. This woman helped me out. I didn't realize who it was at first. Her name is Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy. She actually kept me from dropping into quicksand. Then I found my friend. He was dead. He drowned in the quicksand. So, I made the biggest mistake and asked Ivy to help me with his laptop. I could hack it but I couldn't mess with it. So I convinced her to be my hands and I would explain how to break into it. While I talked must have done something to the laptop. Some sort of plant spores or something. She must have put it in the keyboard."


Rolling his shoulders, Simon shrugs slightly, "If you learn how to protect yourself, you don't need a weapon. Now, you could learn Brit-fu," he gestures over to Rami, "Whatever it is they teach MI6 and the RAF." He pats his elbows with his palms, ducking his head down a little as he faces off against Rami, "Or you could use MAC, which is what the good ol' US-of-A teaches its soldiers." His brows rise slightly at the story, "You asked a super-villain for help? That seems… kind of hasty." He shakes the idea off, then gives a little beckoning gesture to the Sikh woman, "So you hacked SHIELD, got help from a super-villain, and then became her bagwoman? I think you might want to work on some trust issues. See if you can spot the differences between Brit-fu and MAC." There's a pause, and he adds, "Bring it, Ghai."


Rami taps her fists together when she's situated the gloves, and then she glances slightly toward Simon at the mention of Brit-Fu again, and she dramatically rolls her eyes at that. "It isn't Brit-Fu, you miserable bastard. There is no such thing as Brit-Fu." Then she steps forward, ducking into a low stance that brings her center of gravity down slightly. She narrows her eyes slightly at him as she advances closer toward him. When Simon pieces all the pieces together, she speaks toward Skye. "Says the spy who probably doesn't trust anyone. And, 'bagwoman' is a bit harsh, Green." Then she advances, closing in tight toward Simon before she throws an elbow right to his jaw only to also drop a heel into the top of his foot.


Skye watches carefully. She stands up and moves to the fighting area. She doesn't engage yet. She simply watches for the time being. "I probably deserved that." She comments softly as she looks at the two. The various moves are made note of as she gets ready.

"Okay. I can tell the difference in fighting styles." She steps forward. "My turn." She gets ready to fight. "I don't have trust issues. If anything I don't trust easy enough. I thought she was just another powered person. NOT a damn super villain. I didn't realize who it was until it was too late. This would never have happened if," She moves in and quickly throws a cross body punch at Green followed by a rather similar move to what Rami used. "I didn't have to prove myself!" She frowns and shakes her head.


"Prove it," Simon teases Rami in response to her continued insistence to the non-existence of Brit-fu. "And I trust…" he's cut off then as the British woman comes at him, swaying back from the elbow and offering out a little pushing jab with his left hand to try and gain some distance, "…plenty of people." He notices the heel-strike a heartbeat too late to actually stop it, and instead has to push his foot forward, taking the blow more on the shin than the top of his foot — it hurts almost as much, but does a whole lot less damage. "I trust most of 'em as far as I've read them." His right hand snaps up, trying to grasp inside Rami's elbow with his right hand and pull her arm across his body rather than letting her withdraw.

Before he can fully complete the move, however, there's Skye advancing onto the mat also, and he looses the partial grasp on Rami's arm and retreats before Skye's blows, his right hand coming up to bat the punch away from his face. Once more, he steps into the heel-stomp, although it is a further sliding step this time, aiming to put his foot behind Skye's as it lands so that he can sweep his left arm across, trying to push her back over his lower leg, "Any good agent should have trust issues." There's something cheerfully mordant behind that statement. "Verify, double-check, triple-check, then trust."


Parambir snorts lightly at that from Simon, but then she is being diverted through the grasp to her elbow. She staggers forward, but then rolls into it, using the momentum to get out of the path of Skye. She glances over her shoulder to Simon, arches a brow with amusement, and then shrugs a shoulder. "If only it were so easy, darling." Then she is about to come stepping into another strike on Simon, letting the agent practice multitarget defense when the door opens, and in walks Agent Sparks — a young agent with lots of green about her. She gives Rami a look, nods her head out the door, and then departs once more. Rami just grunts. "Sorry, Green… Skye… you'll have to excuse me." Then the agent starts to the door so she can step out and see what her partner needs.


Skye goes down and hits the ground. She just stays down for the moment. "I'm not an agent. Not yet. I'm still just in training. I'm still an asset, I'm trying to learn but learning is hard when you don't have an SO.

She gets to her feet. "So was that enought of a Debriefing? Or do you need more information? The info I got off the computer while Ivy was infecting it is just the people he was selling information to. I can give the run down for the outlets in case SHIELD wants to storm the gates. All I know is My friend is dead, I had to carry his corpse out of the woods myself, became a plague carrier for the Tech department, oh and tacked on another life sentance to this stupid bracelet. So yeah, I think I'm just going to go back to mount tech and operations manual in my room." She stands up and starts moving toward the exit.


As Skye goes down, Simon glances over to Rami as the former MI6 agent departs, offering her a nod. And then he offers out his hand to Skye, grimacing a little at the response. "Put together a list of the info you remember from the laptop. We'll check it out. I'm sure we'll have some follow-up questions, but if you're that eager to get back to your reading…" he shrugs a little. "Me, I like moving around a bit. Getting the blood flowing. But I know that's not for everyone." He pauses a moment, then adds, "I'm sorry about your friend. You know the best part about working with a group like SHIELD? When you need help, they're there if you ask. Because even the toughest Agents — or assets — need help sometimes. Nice to meet you, Skye."


Skye looks back to Simon and shakes her head, "Not for me. In case you haven't noticed, I'm marked as a Traitor to SHIELD because I thought I was doing the right thing." She shrugs and shakes her head. "I'm not supposed to be out of my room. I'm sorta under house arrest at this point. " She sighs and shakes her head, "Nice to meet you as well, Agent Green." With that she raises her bracelet to the door and it opens for her. Turns out she doesn't need ID courtesy of that thing. Quietly she walks out.

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