Destroying What You Love

July 26, 2018:

Lorna and Marcos have one last fight over what to do about Aurora.


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The evening was cool, raining, as it had been all day. The Danger Room had seen its share of the green haired mutant that day, and for now, Lorna was in the tiny room that she shared with Marcos in the staff wing of the mansion. She stood there, watching the rain roll over the windows, Aurora in her arms. One hand outstretched to press against the cool glass. The blue haired infant gurgled happily in her mother's arms, even as Lorna smiled faintly down at her and shifted her weight from foot to foot to create a rocking motion.

Electricity crackled at the tips of Aurora's fingers, a dance of chubby fingers creating a faint bluish glow. Lorna reached out with care, curling her own magnetized fingertips around her daughter's, controlling the sparks and ensuring they didn't cause any damage.. But not smothering them. Rather the older mutant controlled them, creating a sparkling dance of light between them that left Aurora giggle and wiggling about in her mother's grip.


Ecplise was in the same room as Lorna and their daughter, Aurora, as he always tried to be. The trio were practically inseparable when both where present. But when Lorna wasn't in the danger room? Marcos was. Even if all Lorna knows he can do is shoot light beams from his hands, Marcos has been growing with his powers, becoming quite the powerful mutant. Regardless, he looks on as Lorna holds her daughter in her arms, smiling at them as he moves closer, wrapping an arm around Lorna and Aurora, but giving his wife a kiss on her lips.

They had had many discussions about what the best course of action regarding Aurora would be, but they were both pretty stalwart in their positions…But, alas…the conversation has gone on, and it may be the last peaceful moment as he caresses his child's stormy blue hair. When his finger joined the fray between Lorna and Aurora? The light he added soon gave cause to a rather colorful display of light between the three of them, signifying their bond.

Though a deep sigh touches Marcos's features.


Lorna returned the kiss with a faint twitch of her lips, leaning back as she watched the light interplay between the three powers on display. The way the light refracted off the glass of the darkened, rain-slick, window panes back at them. A perfect reflection of light and power. Aurora gurgled, and a high pitched giggle followed the dance of light that her father created, a baby without a care in the world.

For how could she ever know or understand the turbulence that was due to come?
Lorna's smile faded after a moment, and she shifted back, her frame bumping against Marcos' shoulder. She had withdrawn considerably from him the more the argument on how best to protect Aurora continued. Neither was relenting, but it was getting harder each day.
While there were no current leads on the Purifiers or others that had joined in the anti-mutant bandwagon, and there were no immediate threats.. the threat of the future loomed large. The threat of the end mutant-kind. Of a future with sentinels, collars, registration.. mutant genocide. That pressing threat never faded much from the forefront of Lorna's mind. It drove her, and made her draw Aurora closer to her while also pushing her to give up her daughter to protect her.

Like a deer hiding a faun in the tall grass and fleeing in the wake of a predator.. It wasn't right. Everything about it screamed against Lorna's instincts.. but she didn't budge on her adamant stance.

"My father said he found a couple." She whispered, turning her gaze out to the rainy night beyond. Thunder rumbled over head.


Marcos seems to smile softly as Lorna returns his kiss and the three give their energies into display with each other, happy to just see the powers’ interplay. It was clear that Marcos loved this child more than anything else in the world. As much as he loved Lorna in equal measure. These two were the only reasons why he's still alive. But he seems to nod softly as she bumps against his shoulder, his eyes looking at her like he knows what this is going to be about.
and he's right.

He knew she’d withdrawn from him, just as he was from her. While they didn't argue often, when they did? They might as well destroy anything in their path. But as she tells him her father found a couple. He simply looks at Aurora. "I don't trust your father." He drops that bomb. "We should see them ourselves…to see if it's even a good fit. But, I don't want to give her away Lorna. I don't want her to grow up thinking her parents never cared about her…and I don't want her to be in a place where we can't protect our daughter."


Lorna's jaw tightened and she swallowed the first, the second, and third response that came to her lips. Her exhale was rough and she broke away from the warmth under his arms and being near him brought. She instead focused her gaze on Aurora, on keeping her voice measured and even so as to not upset the baby. "My father is a great many things, many of them less than kind to say in front of the baby. But that doesn't mean I don't trust him to be careful in this. He lost his first born, Marcos. She died in a fire and he couldn't stop it. He agrees with me that this is the best way to protect her."

Lorna paused, turning a sharp green eyed gaze to Marcos, staring. "To make sure that she's not taken and used against us. Or murdered. We can't be seen near these people. We can't .. we can't let them know that we're her parents. We can't know where they are, or anything Marcos. Otherwise, we're one telepath away.. one Malice away, from people finding her." Her fingers ran over her daughter's silken soft hair, her lips pursed together.

"There is a war coming Marcos, and sometimes sacrifices need to be made to protect those we love."


Marcos seems to sigh softly, lowering his eyes. "You don't need to tell me there's a war coming. There's been a war coming for years now. There wasn't any stopping it. But we can't know if a future is set. Even Cable said that. That's why our actions now will determine the future." he tells her then, looking to Aurora as he plays with his daughter's finger.

"I don't know if I even have the heart to just…give her away to some family so we can go die being heroes. With our daughter having never known us….she might not even care. If we do this, we become our parents." He tells her then, resting his head back against the pillows.
Clearly his mind is telling him to give Aurora to a safe family…but his heart and instincts are screaming in absolute refusal.


Lorna shifted back, pacing around the tiny room they shared, dodging baby toys and discarded clothes as she walked back and forth around the bed and dresser. "There hasn't been a single future where mutants are safe Marcos, the closest we got to a future was in Nate's world, after most of humanity and mutant-kind had been destroyed by nukes. When the power balance was 50-50 and they had to work with us or die."

She exhaled a breath, her pace slowing to a stop as she glanced back at Marcos and inhaled a deep breath, held it and slowly released.

"Your parents kicked you out Marcos, because of hatred, fear.. this has nothing to do with that. My father? He made my mother a promise and he kept it… He did what he did to protect me. I hated how.. and why.. but I understand him now Marcos. I understand.. As much as I hate it." She closed her eyes briefly, before moving to the window again where Aurora's cradle was tucked in. She settled her squirming daughter in it, smiling down at the baby when dark brown eyes met her own.

"I fought in Genosha to give her a country, a place to grow up.. where she'd never have to hide, or be scared or ashamed of who or what she was. We did that. But the rest of the world isn't there yet. They'll see Genosha as a threat against them.. a reminder.. to protect her, to protect that dream of a safe place, a safe future? We have to fight Marcos. We have to stand up, and fight, and make them respect us.." She whispered, her gaze never leaving her daughter's chubby cheeked face. Even as she stood over the squirming baby. Lightning flashed outside, and thunder rolled, but Aurora seemed undisturbed by it. Perhaps merely fascinated.

Marcos clearly listened to her words as he clasped his hands in front of him, but he looked upon Lorna as she spoke. She sounded as if she were quoting something from the Brotherhood, and this irritated the Lightwielder. "….Sounds like the Brotherhood mantras. Someone's been playing both sides of the cards I see. Again." And he stares Lorna down. Something to further make him realize that once again, she's taking things to the absolute extreme that she could possibly go to.

Remarkably enough, he doesn't even answer her, looking to their daughter as if their verbal clash alone causes thunderstorms to appear in the sky. Or perhaps that was a side effect of Aurora? Who can say.

Nevertheless, he speaks once again. "I also fought and Genosha. Don't act like you were a one woman army." He reminds her. "You know full well they never will. There still is disrespect between races, and yet you think there'll be respect between mutants and non-mutants?" he seems to give a 'ridiculous' kind of expression.


Lorna rolled her eyes, twisting around to peer up at Marcos from beneath the fringe of dark eyelashes, her lips twisting into a scowl as she put her back to Aurora and crossed her arms. Her fingers twitched. "Well maybe my siblings.. maybe my father was right about some of it, Marcos. Did you ever think about any of that? We're facing a genocide, that's what the humans, those that hate us want. And they're getting it. I won't sit by and just let them do it!" Her voice rose and she broke off, trying to rein her voice back in for the sake of the infant still gurgling happily away in her crib.

As Marcos continued though, the line of her lips deepend ever further and she slowly shook her head. "Fine, respect is the wrong word. You know what I mean. They fear us, but it's not enough for them. Don't pretend that it doesn't sicken you. What do you expect me to do? Sit here in this mansion and ignore the outside world? Just let them pass the registration laws? Make robots to kill us? Collar kids and drag them off to camps?" She arched thin green eyebrow upwards, her chin jutting out as she stared at him.

"Is that what you want? For us to keep Aurora here and ignore the outside world, and hope that no one comes here wanting to kill us? Kill her?"


Marcos looks at Lorna. "Do you think they were right about some of it? Or all of it? You've been spending way too much time with them Lorna. I wouldn't be surprised if they started cramming their ideology into your skull with or without your permission." Especially since Marcos has a bad relationship with her family.

Regardless, he nods. "Yeah, I've thought about it. You know I have. But, even if they might be right, it's wrong to just kill people because we need to 'fight the power'." He tells her straightly. "It doesn't make us any better than they are. Not only that, it only makes matters worse."

Though as she tries to jut her chin up at him and tell him about the registration laws. "I want you to be a MOTHER to our CHILD. Instead of casting her aside to some family where, even if she's not with us, they could STILL find her and kill her, and we'd be helpless. Her blood would be on OUR hands if that happened. Have you thought of that? That they already know? Have you?" He stands up then, setting the baby in the crib before he confronts his wife once again.

"What I want is for you to stop being paranoid! It's a future that hasn't happened, nor any guarantee that it will. That's why we need to act now instead of arguing about this."


The storm above rumbled above, lightning leaving an after glow in the room as Lorna's anger choked her throat closed and she was left breathing hard, her shoulders shuddering as she glared at her husband. The man she loved and relied on. The man she trusted above all others.. or she was supposed to. Funny how the more she came to listen on her blood relations, the less she listened to her chosen family. As if there was only so much space within her world with conflicting ideologies.

"How dare you suggest that." She hissed, "My mind is my own. This isn't because someone fucked with it. In fact, I think I'm seeing pretty fucking clearly these days. I didn't sign up to be a mother when the world is going to shit." She hissed, her forefinger gutting to poke at his chest.

"We have to fight back, every major civil rights earned here or else where is fought and paid for in blood. And don't you dare play the false equivalency game with me. I will never be 'as bad' as those mutant-hating assholes. Fighting back, protecting our own is nothing compared to the murder of innocents. To the torture, the slavery, the genocide they want and aim for." Her chest heaved as the lights flickered warningly.

"I'm willing to act now, Marcos. That's why she needs to be safe, where they can't reach her. Where no matter what happens to me, my daughter will be safe to grow up."


Marcos looks at Lorna and he can't help but scoff. "It's a wonder how you trust them more than you trust me." He tells her then, looking at her.
"You're dancing on the edge of a knife. Happily, mind you. If we give Aurora away, we give away a piece of ourselves and from someone who's never had to willingly give that up? You have no idea how badly it's going to fuck you up. And yeah, I dare. After everything, I always have to double check to see if you're even in the right mind. In case you missed it, I was the one who noticed that your mind was fucked up by Malice. Nobody. Else. Even bothered to notice."

He tells her, arms crossed, as he never breaks his stare. "I'm on your side, but if we give Aurora away to some family..what if Genosha is attacked? Huh? Then we put Aurora in far greater danger, and believe it or not, ‘Daddy Magneto’ ain't gonna be there forever. With all this going on, he's probably going to be personally trying to conquer the world for mutants. Again."

"Stop trying to be a revolutionary! What's more important to you? Our family or this?" He continues, barely pausing for breath.

"Yeah, you're right, it's my fault Aurora is even here." He tells her then in a look of rage, pushing against her finger that she poked to his chest, closing space between them. "And guess what, every fucking person who said that turned out to be a mass-murder of the 'enemy'. That's how it starts. That's how I started. Look how I turned out before you found me."


A look of hurt flashed over Lorna's features, rage mixed with that deep pang as Marcos scoffed. Part of her wanted to argue that it wasn't her mental state. (Of course it was a factor, a large factor. The woman was bipolar as the magnetic poles and with the whole of the Earth's magnetic poles running through her synapses.. she couldn't ever take the medication that helped humans.. it wouldn't work on her.) But he had a point about Malice, no one else had recognized it. Malice had played through the house in her Lorna suit and gotten away with it. Almost.

Her expression crumbled, twisting with a glare and purse of her lips. "It's nothing to do with my mental illness Marcos. It’s theirs," She snarled, her arms falling away to cross over her chest. "They're the ones wanting our deaths. Our enslavement." Her voice broke and she struggled to maintain her rage rather than drop into the misery he brought up.

Lorna had held a student in her arms as he cried for his sister, collar locked around their necks in jail over night. She’d freed dozens of mutants captured and collared, used as experiments.. Never mind those she’d met in Genosha who were still tattooed.. She had seen what humanity planned for mutants.. And it wasn’t pretty.

"Anywhere can be attacked Marcos. The mansion gets attacked, regularly. Am I supposed to sit here and wait until the government rolls out registration laws and throws us all in jail and rips Aurora from my arms? Am I supposed to just ignore what they're doing to our kind and pretend that everything is fucking alright?" She sneered, shaking her head.

"I am sick and tired of fighting to protect people that hate us and want us dead! I love you, and I love our daughter.. everything I do is to protect her. Everything is for her." She swallowed a lump in her throat, the lights halting their flickering.



Marcos looks at her with clear worry in his eyes. He had a point about her mental illness and how it played right into the enemy’s hands, more often than not. Particularly Magneto’s.. How her mental defenses against telepaths was low unless another telepath was nearby to help her fight it off, like Nate and Cable did for her when they expelled Malice from her.

"Our deaths, some, yes. But you're condemning all of humanity because groups of humans are getting riled up. You forget we have plenty of human, non-mutant friends that are actually trying to fight for mutants rights with us!" He tells her then. "And what do you mean, enslavement? What do we have to offer them? If we get collared, we have no powers. If we have no powers, we're just like everyone else." He shrugs, shaking his head.

"Nobody is going to rip Aurora from your arms. That's WHY I'm here. Why we're here. Why we have friends everywhere you look. We aren't alone, so stop acting like it Lorna." His voice dropping low as he looks her in the eyes. But then she started in on how sick she was of fighting to protect those that hated them. He shook his head.

"Lorna, that's what we do! That's the dream. If we do that, we can change perceptions. But when people like the Brotherhood, your family, start fucking up the world with their terrorist bullshit with their 'vengeance for mutants' and 'mutant supremacy' ideals, everything gets worse. How are we supposed to have any kind of peace for mutants if we can't even be peaceful. With people like that, hope for mutants will die out fast." He looks at Lorna then, taking her hands in his as he moved closer to her, the lights flickering harder as a lightning bolt hits some part of the lake beyond.

"I know. Everything I've ever done has been for you and Aurora. But because we love her that much, I don't want to give her away. What did I promise you, Lorna? If you ever strayed too close to that edge, if you ever fell, I'd pull you back. Your paranoia about things that are not even guaranteed to happen is getting way out of hand. So tell me.. What can I do, Lorna? What can I do to keep our family together? Because if we send Aurora away, she'll despise us forever, thinking we abandoned her."

The End.. for now

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