Oh Grodd, Not Him

March 20, 2015:

Grodd invades New York.

The Big Apple


NPCs: Grodd


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Fade In…

The bar is loud, but not so loud that Barry can't hear the light chime that announces he has a text message. He slides it out of the pocket, slightly and peeks as he heads back from the bathroom. Message from Iris West.

Barry purses his lips, hits ignore, and will deal with that later.

He rubs at his eye—all day it's been twitching on him. Caitlin told him it was a lack of sleep, but that didn't really help him sleep any better.

Barry reaches over his friend Cisco's shoulder and looks out at the dance floor. What started off as an open invite to all of his friends on his social networking site, turned into a pretty big get together. Friends inviting other friends, that sort of thing.

Barry looks over at Caitlin and smiles, "Happy you came out tonight Caitlin. What did I miss?"

"Ella Poehling," Cisco says his eyes lighting up. "You missed Ella Poehling and you'll be regretting it for quite some time."

_ _ _ _ _

Outside, New York City is alive with energy here on a Friday night. People hustle and bustle around looking to start off the weekend with a bang and others just looking to get home.

By the time the first golden sphere slams into the pavement, the street is chalk full of screaming people and traffic that attempts to swerve out of its way.

A uniformed police officer looks at the golden 'egg' half in shock, half incredulously. As he approaches, there's a snap-hiss and the egg begins to open.

_ _ _ _ _

Caitlin is busy explaining something about triglyceride counts mid-stride, but Barry's not listening. He's looking across the bartender, behind the bar on the other side. There in the darkness, two red eyes seem to peer at the large group of friends.

The lights from the dance floor flip around and swerve through the crowd, momentarily lighting up the shadowy figure. A black uniform stretched over a decaying grey body with red eyes. What's left of the skin over the jaw hangs there, exposing the jaw underneath.

A red insignia similar to Barry's as the Flash is emblazoned upon the chest.

_ _ _ _ _

The golden egg flings open with a final push and the figure inside pounces upon the officer before he can react. It's massive black hands wrap around his shoulders, pulling the man so fast that his hat goes flying.

Amidst a woman's scream the large gorilla pulls the cop's head into his mouth and chomps down hard, cleaving skull from neck in one bite!

New York City. The city that never sleeps. J'onn was uncertain, really, why they would call the city that- he could sense several sleeping, dreaming minds throughout the city and its environs. For now, he sat cross-legged at the top of the Empire State Building.

That falling golden egg, of course, is unusual- and the screams and scent of blood is on the air not long before it crashes. The Manhunter's eyes narrow, and he sinks into the tall building before rocketing towards the golden orb through buildings and even people as if they barely existed as his density falls to a level that he can phase through almost any matter. His form invisible as he bends light around himself. No need to terrify people as a giant green alien rockets through all things on his way to trouble.

A young woman pushing the upper half of her great twenties has just left the bar where Barry and his friends were hanging out. She's dressed to the nines, with heels that defy nature, sparkling black and blue tights, booty shorts that look more like furry underwear than shorts should, and a shiny black leotard that's been torn to hell and back. A floppy black leather jacket is worn over all of this, and her red hair is currently done up in gangsta braids.
Walking down the street, the young Scottish hellion named Lynette Shackleford is grumbling under her breath while she lights her smoke. The vulgarity is fairly intense, but then again, she's from Glasgow. Whipping about, she perches the cigarette between teeth and flips two birds up into the air toward that lame-ass club, shouting, "Go back to Williamsburg, ye fake-ass hipster fucks!"

Kitty lives in Westchester. But, it's a Friday night and she hasn't had a night off where she's been out doing something fun by herself in awhile. Looking to go dancing, she's dressed to the nines: hair curled and set, make up done right, dress involving a short skirt and heels. It's her private school teacher gets a night off attire. Lockheed has been given the night off as he'd only get nosy, then protective and scare away her dancing partners.

She's pushed the door open to the bar where she was told there was good dancing when the egg hits the sidewalk. It may, in fact, be the very bar Barry, Caitlin and Cisco are right now drinking in. Either way, as a newly minted official member of the X-Men, she feels it her duty to investigate. She turns amidst the screams, moving toward the object of terror rather than away from it. Why does she never have her katana on her when it's necessary? She should really talk to Constantine or someone else magicky to figure out a way to have it always on her even if it doesn't look like she does. That's possible, right?

Eyes flick upward at the giant ape just as it pulls the cop's head into his mouth and bites it off. Kitty shrieks in both terror and anger, now practically running forward. Forgetting, in the moment of terror and anger that she is in heels, she manages to stumble on the uneven sidewalk. "God-damn h—" trying to regain her balance and pick herself up, she waves at anyone still close by. "Get back, get back!"

Kate just wanted to swing by Clint's place to pick up a few particular arrows. That's all. Zip back to New York, grab some arrows, go back to Africa, take care of some warlords. Business as usual! But since she was here, she figured she'd swing by the shelter, which turned into another trip to pick up some supplies and drop off a woman setting up her own apartment, which ended in a traffic jam…which was about to get much, much worse.

The egg falls, and traffic is definitely not getting any better, which is when Kate opens the door and hops up onto the roof to get a look at what's going on. "That is definitely not good," she mutters, hopping back down and popping the trunk to pull out bow and quiver. At least this time she doesn't have to run around the block for them!

Thanks to the high speed monorail, Midnighter doesn't need to limit his activities to just one city. Crime is like the plague and the rats carry it from place to place. Midnighter is the exterminator. The Orkin man. That's him. He looks out from the allet he currently inhabits, the black of his costume making him unseen when combined witht he perfect stillness he's capable of. He sees his target and carefuly moves up behind him. A few pedestrians who spot him quickly hurry away as he comes to a stop behind the man. "A soft pretzel. With salt." He's about to toss a couple bills onto the cart when the golden egg impacts the ground. "On second thought, forget it." And then a giant gorilla bites a cop's head off and he smiles. The evening just got interesting.

Agents P, and H two of HYDRA's finest sit in the window of a building across the street from all of the festivities. They've already lay in wait for hours, and hours tracking their mark from one street to the next waiting for the perfect moment to end his life. H looks through the scope of his hand crafted .600 rifle, while P spots, and just as the well dressed target walks into their sights and the trigger is pulled a certain oversized ball of metal comes crashing down the shot shattering off the side.

Kara had been sitting in the passenger seat of Kate's car, trying to get used to travelling in a car rather than just flying. When the commotion starts, she grabs her cape from the backseat and exits the car along with Kate, "We can't have a normal girls day out, can we?"

GAME: Barry Allen has set the pose order to Flash/Emits - Martian Manhunter - Dreamraker - Kitty - Kate - Midnighter - Zola - Kara

Two people pass in front of the ghoulish nightmare and when Barry looks next, the monstrosity is gone.

"Hey, you alright?" Caitlin asks, looking concerned. A sharp buzzing emits from the bar as Cisco's phone starts to vibrate all over the place. The man with the dark hair grabs it quickly and begins to scroll with his thumb. "We better get to work guys. Unexplained Falling Object just hit on 35th. Sweeeeet."

Barry doubletakes trying to gather his concentration. "Alright, I'll head over there. Let me know when you guys are back at STAR."

Caitlin is still looking worried as Barry leaves, heads behind the corner, and then disappears in a Flash.

_ _ _ _ _

The large Gorilla throws the cop's corpse off to the side as the scream gains his attention. He begins to stalk towards Kitty but is struck in the side and knocked to the ground in a violent heap by something moving faster than the human eye.

In other news, golden eggs begin to fall from the sky up and down the neighborhood. Most make it to the street level, but a couple of them bury themselves into buildings; in all there are perhaps two dozen of them. Much in the same way that the first one did, the eggs open slowly. But the invasion has begun, clearly.

"Barry, I'm watching from my phone," Cisco's voice come through into the Flash's earpiece. "There's more than one. This is a full scale War of the Worlds, dude."

Blood. Gore. A headless corpse. First duty is to get the citizens away from this danger. Oh, and delightful- more Golden Eggs falling from the sky. The Martian appears- seemingly from nowhere- not far over the first of those eggs that had fallen. He reaches up, fingers near his temples before a wave of psionic energy begins to spread across the city. There is no voice- only a sense of calm to effect those unable to protect themselves. Move to a safe place, something tells them. Get indoors. Get away from the attackers. Work together. Stay safe. Those of a superheroic persuasion are not affected.

There stands Lynette, two middle fingers in the air like no fucks given, when all of the commotion draws her head around to peer at one of the golden eggs that has landed about a block and a half away.

Hands still in the air, she blinks, owlishly. "Oy, I'm bloody sure I ain't the one dreamin'."

When the screaming starts, Lynette drops her middle fingers and starts sizing up people running to and fro. A young woman about her size is eyeballed in particular, and a focused look preludes the other woman's sudden drop to the sidewalk.

Lynette clack-clacks on over and crouched down beside the snoozing hipster. She begins to promptly unfasten the other's combat boots, smirking the entire time. "Sorry, lass, but I ain't gonnae be out here in these bloody heels."

She's already got one of her heels off when that osionic wave intercepts her. She drops the heel and slips a bit, her foot going right into a puddle. "CHRIST on a goddamn crucifucks!" she spits, before turning her head toward the street from where that psionic blast came.
The Martian Manhunter is sure to feel it; a particularly angry and senselessly violent response in the form of oneiropathic rage. He'd best be strong, for that blast is coming from the master of nightmares, and it's particularly powerful. No hero is any good when he's sleeping!

Kitty watches the cop's body arc and then fall. The moment of shock is over and she pushes herself up off the ground, determined now. As the eggs start to drop into the buildings and the ground, she looks around, making sure people are out of the line of fire. As the ape moves toward her, she glares, ready to phase. But, then, it is suddenly falling to the ground for reasons she cannot see.

Turning one way and then the other, she notices the eggs all starting to open. "Are there more of these things? Do space gorillas hatch from eggs?" she asks to herself unable to figure out what is going on from a start. Without a proper weapon, all she can do is find anything to defend herself with.

She's unaware that the reason the big ape did not charge her is because of the Flash just yet. Picking up a fallen brick as a makeshift weapon, she turns to the large ape that has already killed a police officer. "Alright, Caesar. This isn't planet of the apes just yet. What are you doing here?"

"What would we do if we didn't have a crisis?" Kate smiles ruefully to Kara, climbing back on top of the car as she slips her quiver over her shoulder. The smile fades quickly, though, as she sees the number of eggs landing on the streets. "Um. This is…probably not good." Quickly, she starts shooting the eggs with riot foam arrows, hoping it might at least slow them from opening, if it can't stop them completely.

Midnighter pulls two parts of his staff from his coat. He moves toward the gorilla but pauses as something - no, someone - gets there first. Speedster. The new variable is accounted for in his battle plans. Then another egg falls, a few blocks away. He turns to see more come down up and down the street. Werewolves in Metropolis yesterday. Gorillas in New York today. He's gotta go to Gotham tomorrow and see what shows up. Snapping the third part of the staff into place, he then throws a shuriken at the gorilla's neck, aiming for the jugular. He doesn't need to ask what it's doing here. The invasion force pretty much makes it clear.

Tracking his shot as the target makes a run for it the HYDRA agent in bright green takes another shot missing the head by a few inches, thanks to the opening of the egg that was right in front of his path. Instead of blowing the well dressed man's head off the earth shattering crash of another shot only manages to shatter his shoulder blade sending him crashing back to the ground and into the feet of the great ape. P takes this chance to begin packing up their equipment thinking the job's finished before another shot rings out slamming into the wall.

Kara just shakes her head as she clips looks to Kate, "Probably eat ice cream. I was sort of looking forward to that." She points towards the bag of frozen treats that was probably going to melt in the back of the car.

Pointing at the two nearest golden eggs with Gorillas emerging she tells Kate, "I've got these two!"

Supergirl flies towards the first Gorilla emerging from the egg and gives it a solid right hook that sends him tumbling back against a wall. She eyes a second Gorilla now rushing towards her and uses her cape like a matador with a bull, "Come on big fella. I swear, there's not a wall behind this cape!"

Martian Manhunter helps people flee in large numbers, at least at first. Unfortunately, his powers are tempered by an ill-tempered, ginger haired, Glasgewian bitch who seems to be pissed at the world. What results is a sort of tit-for-tat along the brainwaves—a battle between two strong telepaths.

"I answer…only to Grodd!" says the Gorilla as it tries to make its way up to give Kitty Pryde a new airway, but before he can he's hit right in a soft spot under his chin. The gorilla begins to choke on the blood filling into his neck cavity and falls to his knees.

Kate begins to fire her goo arrows and it does pretty well to keep the Gorilla's inside. At least initially. One by one, the large animals burst through, but only after intense effort.

Above, a golden ship of some sort can be seen between the buildings.


"Barry," Caitlin's voice comes through his headset now as the pair makes their way out of a cab and into STAR Labs. "Barry, you're not yourself. Be careful with how tired you are, you're going to be susceptible to all so- - Barry?"

But there's no response.

Barry's mind, much like the other heroes and villains in attendance, as well as several other bystanders slip to the power of Grodd.

What was once a battle in New York has now become a serene garden with a wide, circular wooden table in autumn. The Flash looks around at Kitty, Martian Manhunter, Kara, Kate, Dreamraker, Midnighter… everyone is seated at the table. The Flash looks down, trying to move, but his hands are stuck to his seat, fastened by vines too powerful for him to break.

Across the circle, the Flash in Black appears next to a tree and behind Flash's mask, he looks on with terrible fear.

J'onn J'onzz, even among a telepathic species, was considered a savant of telepathic power. The green skinned alien's defenses are second to none, as he has trained for years in his time as Manhunter in 'combat psionics'. The wave of Oneiropathic telepathy washes over him, but does not seem to have any great effect. He looks to Dreamraker. "You have one chance to help these people in this situation, or you shall be considered among the hostile." He intones in his deep voice. "This is your only warning." There is a hint of something there, as J'onn looks at the woman with one hell of a poker face. And, as if to add a bit of an extra warning, the floating Martian turns his gaze to the nearby Gorilla and blasts it with his Martian Vision- two beams of red energy escaping his eyes to slam heavily into the creature. Unlike a Kryptonian's heat vision, J'onn's is pure concussive force.

But then, he finds himself in a garden. "This is powerful telepathy." he states, as he looks down at these vines. "Whomever is causing this has taken control of our minds. I will do what I can to strengthen you- but I will be less able to battle whatever threat we face." With that, J'onn closes his eyes and reaches out in attempt to protect- or at least strengthen the wills and minds of the heroes gathered in this 'garden'.

The Martian is looked at with a frown that almost seems pouty. Lynette opens her mouth to retort…
But then, there she is, seated at a table with a bunch of strange people. Worse, she's got one mega-heel on, and one foot soaked in muddy puddle water and sparkly tights. It's positively horrifying. She looks down to her bindings and begins to thrash about violently, beautiful face contorted into visceral chaos. "The fuck is this shat?" she curses. Eyes turn up to glower at some of those at the table. "Which one a' you pervy bag o' dicks is gettin' jolly, eh?"

Without warning, Dreamraker twitches. She turns to glare at J'onn, then closes her eyes. There is resistance; not because she doesn't want the help, but frankly, because the master of dreams isn't exactly one to be considered 'sane'.

Ready for the attack of Grodd, Kitty raises the brick. But, once again, the gorilla is stopped by another force and stumbles. Not yet phased, the mutant is whisked into the table setting. The raised hand holding the brick is now lashed to a chair. She blinks once, then twice as she looks around, struggling against the vines. Stuck to the seat, her first instinct is to phase through what is holding her.

As she does so, though, the table vanishes and she's back on the street, still gripping the brick. Again, she looks around, confused and attempting to figure out what exactly is going on, while moving toward the others and protect them from what must be projecting apes? Is it the apes that are doing this or the eggs? Who knows.

"What in the hell is-" But before Kate can even get a good look at the golden ship, she finds herself in a garden, which is not where she started. She grimaces, taking a careful breath. This is why she's been studying with Fenris. Clint got mind-whammied and tried to shoot her. She decided that wasn't going to happen to her. So she's been spending time with the god-wolf working on her resistance to mind control.

"I'd really like to know how this is happening," she says under her breath, before closing her eyes and focusing on one of the more complex symbols she's been studying. It's like holding a paradox in her mind, twists and turns that shouldn't really exist, but somehow do. Might as well find out how the training's going!

"The gorilla is a powerful psychic." Midnighter informs the others. It's one reason he went straight for the jugular; the skull was too thick to go for the brain. "He should be bleeding heavily and distracted. While the green guy battles him more directly, we can help by fighting against his control. Each of us should concentrate on doing what we do best, on what is automatic for your body such as firing an arrow at the gorilla." Or throwing more shuriken and letting his implants figure out the best way to counter this.

The agent with the gun finds himself fallen over unconscious as he sits at the table as well caught in the mind games. H looks about unmasked his face covered in scars the HYDRA insignia tattooed right across his neck bright red. "What the hell is this place".

However the other taller of the two Agent P remains standing cursing out in German, as he checks for a pulse. When Agent P lifts his mask slightly to get a better look at the fallen agent he's not a man but a bright blue machine rather simplistic in design but cleverly hidden behind the mask when it's up almost indistinguishable from the real deal hydra soldier with all his skin covered. P or rather Zola moves over to the edge of the window, pushing the unconscious agent off to one side as he tries to take control of the situation. He goes to fire off another round at the man on the ground only to instead send a round smashing right towards one of the gorillas and the gun flying up into the air smacking him in the robotic face.

Kara found herself seated at the table with the others, vines restricting her. She looked at the others and frowned, "Please tell me one of you is doing this and not the angry ape." What was it with Apes lately? They were everywhere.

She focuses her eyes and red lasers begin to emit from them as she attempts to cut Kate free, followed by the others if she can.


It's Cisco back on the horn again. "You stopped running, what's the matter? I'm thinking this is Grodd, that ape I told you about."

"Whatever. I'm a physics guy. Anyways, from what I understand about him, he's only able to defend against one mental attack at a time. It looks like Kitty's there, but I don't know what her powers are. And I don't recognize the others, either."

"Anyone here a psychic?" he says to the group of people at the table.

"You mean telepathic."

"Is there a difference?"

"You probably look insane right now, talking to yourself."

"Is anyone here telepathic? If so, the voice in my head is telling you to join forces against the big Gorilla in the sky."

Meanwhile out on the streets, Kitty can see the Flash mouthing words but he just sort of stands there catatonic. He looks familiar. His voice? He /sounds/ familiar.

The Gorillas now have a chance to get out and start approaching the heroes/villains. Something had better happen quick or it's gonna be hero marmalade pretty soon.

The Manhunter takes a deep breath, calms himself- and further insulates the heroes from this telepathic assault. "I will be unable to assist in the battle. My battle is of the mind." he states, his voice clear in the minds of all who are here. His own powerful telepathy begins to spread and open like a flower- one that covers the minds of the others near by. It takes all of his strength to spread his shielding across so many minds- but the deed is done. If successful, Barry, Kara, Zola's Agent, Kate, Kitty- and if she allowed the help, Dreamraker, would all find their minds shielded from telepathic assault. The Manhunter floats, legs crossed- seeming to be in a meditative pose.

At some point, Dreamraker's mind snaps. No longer angry and enraged, she settles out and becomes calm as quickly as one might flip a light switch.

For a moment, she looks terrified. But then, she surprisingly lets the voice of J'onn in, when Barry makes his suggestion.
Leaning forward, Lynette closes her eyes. Even Gorrillas have nightmares; she bends the will of her power upon the beast, seeking to push it into slumber and force it to face its worst fears.

As gorillas start to move on the others, Kitty lowers the brick and looks around her while she's still phased. The table is gone in a blink of an eye. The vines and images are gone. She knows what her powers can do and knows what that means. She looks to each person now frozen in what seems to be some sort of supernatural means and the voice that's talking is very familiar. More than that, she remembers the Flash from the Knicks game. He had powers like Quicksilver. It would take her too long to grab and phase everyone. But, with someone who can move as quickly as Pietro…

Running, Kitty drops the brick and reaches out at the Flash. Only her hand becomes substantive for a moment as she grabs the speedster and tries to pull him with her to see what is really happening. She's never attempted to extend her telepathic phasing power to others, but it's worth a shot. Maybe with that, plus J'onn's own attempts at shielding, they will all be able to get everyone to safety.

"Are you kidding me?" Kate opens one eye to look back at Midnighter. "I'm not firing into what could be a completely different crowd just at random." Dammit. This is not working as planned. Clearly, more practice is needed before taking on any further psychic gorillas. She does keep taser arrows, though. She knows where they are by muscle memory. Maybe if she could reach one, could shock herself, it would be enough to break the connection. First, though, she has to trust that her muscles are following her mind's instructions, and not just sitting there.

Midnighter doesn't bother answering Kate, concerned as he is with freeing himself from Grodd's mind control. Looking down at where the vines bind his wrist, he pictures them breaking and lifting his arm to throw. It will happen. Hopefully.

The force of the shot is almost enough for Zola to drop the gun completely but thanks to the enhanced strength of the suit he's able to hold it just barely in his grasp. His shot manages to go right through the skull of the gorilla who'd happened to be in the way of the stray shot, as well as one of the dumbstruck civilians behind him, and the gorilla behind him before imbedding itself into the concrete sidewalk.

Kara is focussing on trying to be normal, she's imagining she's not in vines and she's out in the streets punching down Gorillas and saving people. She doesn't speak because she's too busy focussing on trying to get free.

Dreamraker and the Martian Manhunter are one of the most unlikeliest team-ups one ever did see, but it doesn't matter. Once they begin working together, the vision of the garden and the table disappears for everyone involved.

Slowly, the golden ship in the sky begins to move away, abandoning the 20 or so remaining Gorillas to the heroes.

The Flash comes too just as Kitty is reaching for his hand. There's an awkward moment there, with Kitty holding the Scarlet Speedster's hand, and the Flash looking right into Kitty's face as he comes out of the mental fog. There's no time to do the blurry face trick. His mask doesn't leave much hidden, as it were, and it's pretty damn clear that the hero in front of her is also known as Barry Allen. Who was also at Knick game. Where the Flash was. And stuff.

"He's leaving us," says one of the Gorilla's to its ally. "Then he has sacrificed us for his further glory! We fight to the death!" the other exclaims as he moves to bumrush Kate in an attempt to trample her.

There are Gorilla's for everyone. The Flash zooms off and begins to punch one at superspeeds as a pair haunt down Midnighter. The others? Well, Kara can pack quite a punch and Kate aint no slouch either.

As Grodd begins to 'run' away and leave the other Gorilla there, the Manhunter's eyes open wider and he frowns. He continues to shield the heroes from the telepathic assault of Grodd, as he floats in serenity. As an added bonus he acts as a telepathic connection between the group, "I am linking our minds." he tells them, "So that we may better work as a team. Simply think of what you wish to say, and the group will hear it."

With a gasp, Dreamraker comes to, having lifted the Gorilla's worst fear from his mind. She stands up, now ignoring the twisted fate of her footwear, and looks to whomever is still nearby. "You lot knock 'em out." She turns to the enemies and smirks viciously. "I'll handle the rest."

Lynette is no combatant. Not at this level. She hangs back, instead opting to focus on the beasts as they fall. One by one, the beasts will then join into a vicious, shared nightmare that will, given time, rip their minds to the breaking point of death.

As Kitty reaches for Barry, she stares for a moment, now putting a voice to the face. Her eyes widen, but other than that, she doesn't make any other sort of noise or hint that she recognizes the man in front of her. After all, she knows quite a bit about secret identities and what that means to a person. Instead, as he races off, she straightens, glancing toward the sky as the ship takes off and the gorillas start to go wild.
Springing to action, though she has no weapon, she is able to try and help others. Jumping forward, she grabs for Kara to ensure that the gorilla phases through the pair of them as it charges. Afterward, Kara can punch to her heart's desire. Acting as a ghostly last resort, she reaches forward to grab at and protect anyone rushed by the intelligent animals in strange defensive dance.

Kate comes to just in time to get bumrushed by a gorilla. Some days, you just can't win. Luckily, though, she's had a lot more practice and training with hand-to-hand combat than she has with mind control defenses. "I vote we all deny we ever got trumped in the brains category by a gorilla, if anyone ever asks," she thinks as J'onn links up their minds, stepping to the side and using the gorilla's momentum to toss him into a wall before drawing another arrow. Expert martial artist at work here.

The garden dissolves and Midnight is once again standing on the street, staff in hand, with two gorillas coming at him. They will fight to the death? Easily accomplished. They're a little too close for ideal maneuvering so he sweeps his staff to trip one as he dodges a sledgehammer fist from the other. Ducking under the arm, he jabs with his staff so that the most logical maneuver for the gorilla is to step back. Which he does and falls over the other gorilla who's in the process of standing. Just in time for Midnighter's staff to go through the eye socket and into the brain. One down. And then two as the other end of the staff comes down on the back of the second gorilla's neck, shattering the vertebrae so it becomes a very unwilling but helpless laboratory experiment for the government.

"P," The formerly unconscious agent calls out coming back to and pulling the rifle back to himself, after Zola had almost managed to drop it right out of the window. "What are you, give th-" Is all he manages to say in that prerecorded voice before the other agent does his best firing off one shot after another compensating for recoil on the massive gun as he takes out one Gorilla after another 'accidentally planting on into his target just as the man calls out. "Oh god, someone help I thi-" the shot silencing him.

Kara lets out a cheer as she's freed and leaps into the air, slamming into the nearest Gorilla immediately and saving a group of innocent bystanders it was about to attack. She nods to Kate when she finishes with her first foe, "Agreed, I'm embarrassed and he's not even my ancestor like he is yours." Evolution and all, she wasn't too knowledgeable about all of the fields of thought!

One by one, the gorillas meet some form of demise. They are strong and intelligent, but not as strong nor as powerful as Grodd. Those who are not killed are made available for scientific testing. Not really Cisco Ramon's area, but STAR will at least be forwarded the information.

There is also the matter of the eggs, but as SRD extraction crews attempt to remove them, they'll find most of the innards have been acid-ed out through a self-destruction device.

_ _ _ _ _

High above the Atlantic, Grodd's ship makes its way back towards Gorilla City slowly. Deep in a frown, King Grodd sits analyzing over some holographs taken from the fight. HIs grimace says it all, and if it didn't the rage in his eyes would. He intends on killing those who were here today. Whether or not it must wait until after he takes over the planet will be decided at a later time.

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