A Seed is Planted

July 23, 2018:

Dinah Lance and Scandal Savage converge on Gotham and encounter an inscrutable Poison Ivy.

Gotham Warehouse District

A run down set of warehouses, storage facilities, and harbor drydocks in various stages of use, occupation, and decay.


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There are all kinds of reasons for people to be out on the docks, late at night - too late - late enough that only those working the night shift or dealing with products coming in from a ship, legal or otherwise. Some of these reasons are entirely legitimate.

Some are less so.

Take this place three blocks from the waterfront. A large warehouse with a little storefront space, the building could charitably be described as "blighted." There is a little outlet shop at one corner selling discount ceramics that for once is actually completely legitimate. Otherwise, nope: all empty. A howling void of abandoned trash and garbage and no small amount of junkie residue.

A car is parked in front of one of the loading docks. It is a 2016 something-or-other. There is a cute little pynk Lyft sign on the dashboard… presently dark. The driver's side door is open.

"Hurry up, Skyler!" shouts the occupant.

From inside of the warehouse, flashlights bob. There is a refulgent scent of… gasoline?

"How much more gasoline can you DUMP in there?" shouts the driver again.

"I'm getting a good SPREAD!"

"Cameron is already DONE!"

"Shut up and I'll get done faster! I'm coming down the stairs now!"

There are mere precious seconds before we remove 'attempted' from the arson charges.


Dinah winces and covers her nose. Even a gearhead like her doesn't appreciate the scent of gasoline being poured about so liberally. "Phaw," she exhales, trying not to let the fumes get to her. She moves quickly, darting between the shadows to the rear of the escape vehicle. She's wearing the thin, flexible armor that keeps her silent and agile. Matte black, it blends in well with her surroundings. In one hand, she deploys a specialized weapon— a potato. It's crammed deep into the car's exhaust, with a few firm pokes to really lodge it in there. Then she's out and moving again, vaulting up a few boxes and kicking off the wall to grab a second-story fire ladder. She scrambles up it silently and eases into the warehouse through an open window, her bright blue eyes adjusting to the darkness as she tries to get a read of what's happening in there.


[Poison Ivy rolls 1 on 1d2.]


For her part, Scandal wasn't really working on looking for people doing arson. INstead, she was out searching for evidence of these murderers who were looking to harm friends of hers. Or at least that seemed that way. She, however, does have a nose, too and blinks at the scent. She is turning her attention to that smell and slipping off in that direction, frowning as she moves quietly through shadows to keep herself hidden for now.


As foretold by the great prophet Crazy Frog, Dinah serves what must be a getaway wagon a healthy serving of potatoes tailpipe. This does not have any immediate consequences, but Mr. Driver doesn't seem to notice her actions.

As Dinah makes it into the warehouse she cannot see a great deal, mostly because there is no light save what is drifting in from some old scenic skylights. This place could potentially become luxury lofts but you would essentially have to build a building inside of it. There was a second floor once but it has long ago collapsed, with only some forlorn remnants. The scent of gasoline pervades the place.

Skyler, who is carrying a freshly-emptied gas can, starts trotting towards the open door. "I dumped it all! Jesus! So do you want to throw the molly yourself or what?!"

"Uh -" The driver looks towards the back seat.

Someone in there says something, but it's hard to make out.

"… Move the car in first?"

More words.

"Oh - yeah, I mean, yeah, of course we'd get out. Hold on, let me just start it…"

Skyler reaches the car just as the engine fails to turnover. "Aiden you numbnuts," Skyler addresses his friend the driver, "I TOLD you to get a plug-in!"

"It was like eight thousand extra!"

"There's a tax rebate! - See, SHE'S nodding, you didn't do what SHE wanted."

"I hadn't met her!" Aiden complains. "I hadn't met any of you!"

"Here's the molotov," says Cameron, who hands a sloshing glass bottle to Aiden the driver. "Do you think you can actually throw it far enough?"

"That's why she wants us to drive the car INTO THE BUILDING, /idiot/," Aiden retorts to Cameron. Skyler, meanwhile, gets out his lighter and ignites the rag in the molotov cocktail. That 'attempted' is getting a lot more questionable, even if nobody has, technically, done a crime yet. YET.


Dinah just … stares. "Wow, this is amateur hour," she mutters, shaking her head. She crawls along the walkways, then exits onto the roof of the low overhang, silent as a cat. The sight of a molotov-in-the-making, though, arches her brows. Seems they're comitted to their little bout of arson, indecisive and unprepared as they are, and Dinah's relatively sure the warehouse won't be the only thing to go up if they chuck the bottle in there.

Screw it, she's not a cop. She drops out of the porch with a leggy grace right between the two viillains, and on the way down she strikes Aiden's forearm with a harsh blade-hand strike. She aims right for the median nerve, too, a sure way to numb up someone for a solid ten or twenty minutes.

"Hi boys. You come here often, or is this just my lucky night?" she inquires, resting an elbow on the car's roof and leaning against it with a surety that belies her otherwise petite frame.


Looking at what she is seeing from afar, Scandal is far less concerned about petty arson. Yet, she does consider that this might burn up things she is looking for. Further, it might effect the lives of people she cares about. So, she slides her mask up into place as she watches and slowly slides along darker areas to get closer.

Of course, then Dinah provides the best distraction she could possibly need and she has no need to be as slow. She rushes up from the side opposite of Dinah and the would be arsonists. A long trio of blades slides out from a gauntlet on her wrist and then she drives it into the tire and goes upward.

The sound of metal on metal would be heard as she allows the weapon to grind up through the metal a little before she pulls the custom weapon back out of the car and stands up beside the car to look into the front of it, "Hi." Her voice altered by teh mask covering her nose and mouth, "I'm not with her but, I'm also not big on fire." She shrugs slowly, "Call me old fashioned but I think if thugs are gonna be thugs they should get up close and personal." The blade vanishes back into the gauntlet and she holds up her hands, "I'll fight unarmed."


Aiden drops the molotov cocktail, which fortunately for him lands between his legs, but unfortunately for him, lands between his legs. He gapes like a landed fish at the appearance of Black Canary, and Skyler stares at her agog.

At this point Scandal arrives. Skyler says, quote, 'f this' and turns to run down the block. The tire ruptors with a loud BANG.

Cameron, inside the car, whines, "We're not THUGS, oh my god! Oh my god it's Batman's daughter!"

Someone in the car sighs.

"Shoo," says Someone. There is an undertone to the voice. Cameron immediately opens the door and bolts. Aiden reaches to fumble with the molotov which would potentially be hilarious before a hand reaches out from the back seat, moving quickly, and flips the rag out of it - flipping it, not coincidentally, up towards the face of Dinah!

Someone keeps speaking. Her voice is American-accented, a little low, and feminine. "A /potato/. I knew I should have made certain that we had an electric car."

"I'm sorry!" Cameron, who is trapped, says.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be."

The window rolls down. Poison Ivy turns her head to look Scandal Savage straight in the eye. Leaning forwards, an elbow on the side of the car, she breathes out - it smells pleasant, like flowers and also like brainwashing chemicals in an aerosol format. "I like your claws," she tells her. "Apres Wolverine?"


Dinah catches the rag as it flicks towards her. And the bottle. She examines the label carefully— high proof grain alcohol. "Scandal Savage, as I live and breathe. I thought for sure you'd caught a bullet from some midtown gangster by now." She throws back a slug of the liquor, eyes raising skywards, then primes her arm and tosses the bottle to Scandal. A little 'thanks' for jumping in as she did.

At a familair voice, Dinah steps a few paces back, then a few paces more when she gets the whiff of Ivy's perfume. Prudently, she puts the alcohol soaked rag under her nose. "Ivy," she greets the redhead, one brow lifting. "And I thought /you/ were up in Arkham again. Did I miss a memo or something?" she inquires of Cameron, gesturing with one hard-knuckled glove.


A blink at Poison Ivy and Scandal tilts her head, "Green lady? Getting overly angry?" She asks and really doesn't stay up to date on the weird of Gotham. The chemicals hit her face and she doesn't quite get her breath held in time. She winces a little at the scent and her eyes close a moment as she tilts her head. She isn't sure what she's feeling but she's sure she doesn't like it as she takes a step back before looking over at Dinah with a glare, "I did…I didn't care." She then looks back at Poison Ivy, "What…did you do…?" It seems the chemicals are doing something to Scandal but between her body's healing and her own training she's not fully effected as she pushes a hand up to her head.


Ivy gives Dinah a look that has the fatigue of the ages in it. She is not in heavy attire at the moment and her skin is a faint shade of green. Letting out a sigh as she sees the alcohol-soaked rag raised up to ward off her abilities, she tells Dinah, "Yes."

Her eyes turn towards Scandal. "You have."

"These boys are my exterminators," Ivy says, reaching forwards to put a hand on the shoulder of Cameron, who is not courageous enough to dash out despite Dinah clearing the door. "I've acquired this warehouse recently, Miss Savage, but now I'm finding everything is all mixed up. Could you please ask my /dear/ friend who is holding that cloth up to take it easy? I'll explain everything once I get out of the car."

The car creaks a little, gently. There is a spang! as the tailpipe ruptures. The potato is growing.


Twitching a little, she looks over at Dinah and then looks at her. She is struggling and then says, "Dinah…why don't you…take it…easy…" She then grinds her teeth tighter and a pair of long blades that are blatantly more for stabbing than for slashing come out. A moment later she lifts her right arm up and drives it right into her own thigh with a screech and looks slowly over toward Ivy, "Keep out…of my mind…" She then retracts the blade and staggers back bleeding.


"Ivy." Dinah leans her hips back and rests a hand on the windowsill near Pamela, giving the woman a look of polite pleading. "Look, let's not let this get out of control," she advises the woman. "You know a warehouse fire in this district is going to kill a lot of squatters and burn down a bunch of buildings. And it's not like I'm going to just walk away at this point. Can we all just… let this one go?" she pleads. She winces at the sight of Scandal stabbing herself. "Because I really don't like seeing Scandal cutting herself, and I /really/ don't feel like I can take on both of you at once without having to, ah, raise my voice a little," she says, pointedly.


Ivy takes this opportunity to get out of the car. Cameron takes this as permission and immediately runs away, pausing only to spin around and empty out the glove compartment. Thinking dude!

Ivy rests a hand on the side of the generic late-model car as she looks at Scandal with a hint of an upraised red eyebrow. Then she looks back to Dinah. "Ah - you know her?" she says, tilting her head back. "Then I don't suppose…"

"That you've informed her," Ivy continues, smiling at Dinah, "that she's going to have to do more than that. After all, my phytotoxins are resident in the thigh fat - if she wants to shake off the effect, she's going to have to do that at /least/ twice more. Only then will she be free from my control."

Ivy seems very pleased with herself. Gesturing to Dinah, she says, "It's awful, isn't it, when a fire burns out of control. At least they have the ability to run… not everyone gets that opportunity, you know that. Perhaps you should get a head start, instead of palavering with me." The car starts to gently tilt forwards; that is one /hell/ of a potato bush growing behind it now.


A look over at Dinah, she twitches at the thought of that 'raised' voice. She isn't a fan but then she watches Ivy get out. She hears her but she's not really hearing her. She is focusing on her leg. She swallows slowly and then looks across at Dinah. She glares at the woman a moment before saying through her mask, "Dinah…she isn't aware of who I am, is she?" She slowly takes a breath and lets it out even as she stands up taller.

Her closed eyes turn toward Ivy as she progressively brings her eyes open as she shifts that stabbed leg and shifts it to the side a little, "Leg is starting to feel better already and my head is startin…to feel…" She blinks and slowly turns her gaze toward the back of the car, "What the f**k?"


"/Ivy/," Dinah says— and it comes out in a snarl. All five-foot six of the blonde woman hits Ivy with an armbar across the chest, with the coiling strength of her lower body, and bulls the slender botanist up hard against the car behind her. "I'm not being polite for *my* health," she assures the redhead. "Now you're really starting to piss me off with that holier than thou attitude. I'm giving you an out instead of kicking your ass up between your ears." She leans hard against Ivy, glowering at her— the two women are roughly of a height, and the hard glare of Dinah's icy blues definitely overrides her fine features. "And yes, I know you're growing some kind of crazy mutant potato plant back there, and I swear to *God* if I get attacked by a plant monster, I will personally start breaking your bones in alphabetical order."

"Scandal! You feeling woozy or what, hun?" she calls over to the other woman. "Ivy's got the little poison pod things going strong, they mess with your brain!"


Ivy is smashed into by Dinah, sure enough. She hits the car, sure enough; hard enough to make it rock, hard enough to make her grimace and let out a noise along the lines of 'ughh!' in emphasis, before she looks up at Dinah and gives her a slightly crooked smile.

"What astonishing courage you're showing," Ivy says, and then when Dinah turns her attention towards Scandal, she leans forwards - to press her forehead against Dinah's! Not even with great force.

The touch is of course laden with hallucinogenic and sedative compounds, which Dinah may not want to take a deep hit off of. Of course the problem THERE is it involves leaning back and probably ruining her pin. "Do you want to know the funny part, /hun/? The fire department's already on their way."

Ivy's eyes shoot towards Scandal. Her voice is more acidic now. "Should I? Introduce yourself, why don't you." The car isn't creaking forwards any more, at least, although there's a lingering low-key rustling.


Wincing slightly as she stands up straight, she watches Dinah and frankly blinks at the action of Ivy. She doesn't know a ton about Poison Ivy, but she's going ot have to take some time to find out. Of course, then she hears the part about the Fire Department and hmms as she tilts her head. She starts to walk around the car and says, "Oh? I apologize. Where are my manners?"

"My name is Scandal Savage." She slides her nails lightly along the hood of the car as she walks, "And my leg, by the way, already feels better." She certainly isn't limping despite the wound still obvious on her leg. A wound that isn't bleeding, "My head feels pretty good, too." As she rounds the hood, her eye twitches a little, "Of course, I'm not very fond of people who try to get into my head."


Dinah misses it. It's such a subtle thing that when her eyes flicker to Scandal, it almost looks like Ivy's fainting, or nodding off. Ivy's skin brushes hers, and Dinah yanks her head back reflexively. She hisses, a grimace twisting her features, and launches a spear-knee at Ivy's midsection, followed by an uppercut that would probably get her a lifetime ban from professional fighting if it connected.

She blinks, then staggers and lands on her ass with an 'ouch!' and starts trying to scrape backwards in the dirt. "Oh… god damnit, Ivy," she moans, pupils expanding until the irises almost disappear. She groans and rolls backwards, trying to support her weight on her elbows, legs kicking fitfully. "You… bitch," she gets out, and then starts slumping as her body gives out underneath her.


"I'm so glad to hear that," Ivy says to Scandal Savage, inauthentically. "Now if you'll excuse me -"

Dinah recoils from her and Ivy cannot bring her limbs up to guard things. The spear hits her in the gut hard enough that she doubles over, with sufficient enthusiasm that the follow-up uppercut clips her ear and makes her red hair toss fetchingly up - but 'your opponent was hit so bad that your second shot missed' is preetty good in the ol' UFC, right?

This isn't the UFC. "Whine, whine, whine," Ivy hisses as she straightens up, turning her attention back to Scandal as she wipes a drip of what's probably blood from her lips. "I suppose I could offer you this car, as a matter of apology? You understand, of course; I didn't expect either of you to be here."

Her eyes flick towards the rooftop edge for a moment. The car creaks behind her as she pulls herself up to a fully upright stance.

In the distance, the fire sirens sound. Only a couple - there is, after all, no follow up report /of/ a fire, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. There's a stern THUNK behind Ivy. A manhole cover.


Glaring at the woman, Scandal walks up closer and stands beside Dinah and slightly before her. She whips out three blades on each arm. Slashing blades made rather nasty and she states, "I didn't expect you to be here. You don't know me, that much is obvious, but I am not a hero." She raises up both blades and states, "I don't know what your game is but I'm not keen on playing it right now. Leave." She nods her head, "Or I'll have to ruin that pretty face and that would be such a shame."


Dinah's struggling to get back to her feet. Ivy's cocktail of drugs hits her a little less hard than some, but under it all she's just a human. Tough, dedicated, and expertly trained— but human.

"I'mf… I'mffffii…." she groans, rolling to her side and trying to lever up to her arms. It takes everything she has, but she scrapes a hip against the ground and pushes up until she's locked her arms out, elbows trembling. "Don't get… don't get close t' her," she slurs, trying to locate Scandal with lidded, cloudy eyes. "Dun letter touchya." Her legs tremble and she curls them closer, kneepads scraping the dirt as she tries to find her balance and get to her feet while a whirling cacophany of sedatives and hallucinogens keep making gravity go in strange directions around her.


Ivy raises her hands. "Alright," she says, to Scandal. Her voice is conciliatory. She steps back, gradually, passing near the plant that has grown so voluminously from the back of the car. She crouches slightly, caressing the long tendrils and leaves of the nightshade, and tells Scandal, "The plant has nothing to do with this. You can see I have no weapon in my hand. I'm even downwind from you. And -"

She twists something loose - an eye?

With this she steps back again with much greater haste, and, without preamble, drops into a manhole.

That was arbitrary and went nowhere! But the warehouse is intact. Even the plant does nothing at all, other than one last spasmodic bulging when the fire department arrives. Nobody is harmed in the process, though the car is rolled over and some vines brush against the side of Gotham's finest's fire wagon.

Chalk one up for the good guys!

A small black magnetic box is affixed to the side of the fire truck, of course, but it's very easy to overlook in the dark, and seems to be like a commercial GPS tracker. It WAS a Lyft driver's car, right?

Unless Scandal wants to claim it. That may be an adventure in small claims court.

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