Attempted Rescue

July 21, 2018:

Rogue, Polaris, and the Cuckoos attempt to track down where Remy has disappeared to. Only they find something else.. NPC's emitted by Gambit


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It's a deep night in New York City, Chelsea exactly. A place familiar to those that are entrenched in the seedy underworlds of New York. Not too far from the piers is a building that has no lights on, no outwardly visible signs of movement or life or any use at all. Graffiti has been tagged on much of the exposed brick and corrugated steel, making the place appear even less welcoming.

Outside on the street, there is a single car with one wheel and three cinder blocks underneath the brake systems under the vehicle keeping it off the ground. There's just an abandoned building.


The corrugated metal, rusty car, and steel beams that made up old buildings all sang in Lorna's senses as she approached the building that might lead to something. Hopefully for some kind of a trace to their missing cajun. Lorna's own off the books missions hadn't gone smoothly per say, but she'd been bringing back up.. something she was definitely going to use as a 'I told you so' moment, whenever it was that they managed to rescue and or find Remy.

It was the small things in life.

The green haired mutant had donned a black jean jacket, reinforced with metal down to the fibers. And she wore more metal in jewelry and in the multitude of belts around her waist than in her 'usual' X-men outfit. It was both weapon in armor in as mundane looking attire as she could manage. All of it dark in greys to blend better in with the sketchy part of the city they found themselves in.

She kept to the sides of whatever building gave them a good view, green-eyed gaze swinging around to Rogue.

"So, stealth or bust in and ask questions later?"


Rogue siddled up beside Lorna and glances over at her before she looks forward at where they'd come to find Remy. "Well, he's either here or at the whore houses." She quietly comments. "I say we check those next… Probably more likely, even." She shows a sardonic smirk before she talks forward, wearing metalic boots and a dark gree/black bodysuit with a black cape draped down her back, it has a hood but the hood is laying down, her brown/white hair is full of body due to the humidity of summer.

Rogue sighs and just shakes her head. "I don't have patience for stealth." She replies. "Lets just bust in and start askin' questions. Not like these a-holes can do anything t'the two'a us anyhow, right?" She looks back over her shoulder at Polaris and then rises up off the ground to hover a foot or so above it, ready to rush.


Night is settling in Chelsea, the part of Manhatten formerly known as Hell's Kitchen. Where a certain masked vigilantee often prowls at night, but there's been no word from the daredevil. The two x-women had approached an incredibly shady and almost derelict appearing building. It's covered in graffiti and there's an abandoned car sitting in the street. Rogue has begun to rise up after her declaration that they should bust into the building in order to find the missing Cajun while Lorna is about to tell us all her response.


Fresh off arguments with Marcos, and her own plans to destroy her marriage, Lorna was looking for a good fight, the kind that left buildings in shambles. Rogue's words had a grin spreading over Lorna's features and she stretched out her hands, cracking knuckles. "Gotcha. One ass kick and ask questions later entrance coming right up." She rose up into the air after Rogue with a hum of magnetics. Only she didn't stop, rather she swept her hands out, plucking the abandoned car up into the air and whirling it toward the darkened building. "After you." She offered, flipping her hair back and flying after the car she'd just thrown into the ceiling.

Collateral what? Besides, it would make a good distraction for the Cuckoos.


Three identical, sharply dressed blondes enter the street not too far away walking in perfect procession toward the building in question. White fitted jackets, knee length blue skirts, shin high boots. "Hello, ladies. Hope we weren't late?" The three speak in unison, their voices soft but arrying easily in the night air. At least as far as Lorna and Rogue. "We could just bust in. Do we know what's on the -?"

While speaking Sophie is scanning the building for mental signatures. A familiar one, like Remy. Anyone else who might be present? There's a wince as the car crashes through the building. "I guess we can find out the hard way. Don't wait for Mindee and Celeste… They're going to keep lookout for us."

Since Rogue and Lorna are flying Sophie simply walks up to a door. Her left arm shifts to diamond as she puts it directly through the door frame walks inside flanked by her sisters. With a car crashing through the roof no one is likely to be watching the door anymore. "We haven't smashed anything in awhile, have we?"

"Nope. Not since Genosha."

"Sounds like fun."


If these were the same a-holes that put her and Remy into mutation nullifier collars (which god help us they are!) then Rogue is feeling NO regrets for ordering the Royale w/Cheese approach to this fight with Lorna (i.e. the big entrance!).

Nope, when the car goes flying from the magnetic marvel that is Polaris, it slams into the building and Rogue is following right after it to kool-aid-man her way through another spot in the side of the building… all while the Cuckoos are making an entrance of their own!

Rogue's gloved fists are pointed forward and she smashes through the brick wall at high speed, sending debris flying inward into the building! "Helloooooooo, sugahs!" Rogue announces once inside the building and hovering again off the floor.


The car shuddered for a moment, the cinder blocks beneath groaning against the road beneath them as the car moves before silence fills the air as the car rises up. A few pieces of plastic clatter around on the car and a piece of plastic in the broken headlight falls with an almost glass like clinking against the ground. The car rotates slowly in Lorna's metaphysical grip, the trunk aimed like a heavy missile at the roof before it is pushed by the mutant into the roof. Brick, metal, wood, insulation, glass, all of these things scream in a great cacophony of disaster as the car enters the building most of the way and then lodges, with most of the front windshield and the hood sticking out of the roof.

There's suddenly a window where there was a thick brick and mortar wall, now there's a Rogue shaped hole with bricks still falling and scraping on top of each other as she walks in.

Sophie enters the dilapidated building with her own style, a strong stiff arm the likes of which any NCAA coach would beg and plead for from any of their players. The door she pushes through is almost effortless except for the simple deadbolt that was easily destroyed by the woman.

It's inside that the five women would spot… not much. A large empty room with no lights on and the place is stuffy with stale air and cobwebs in every corner and a few dangling pieces of dust, wafting from the explosively violent entrances. Rogue would remember this as having an entirely different kind of vibe when she was here last. It was a club, there was dancing and lights and a weird thing running after her and Remy but now, now it's this dead kind of a place.


Lorna ground her teeth together as the car sunk and halted in the roof. She could force it, but why expand the effort when she could just follow through the hole that Rogue made through brick and mortar? As she flew in after the other woman, she froze, glancing around to find it empty and without the audience, they'd been hoping for. She paused, floating on magnetic currents to slowly lower herself down inside with her hands on her hips.

"Well…this doesn't look like .. anything.. Sure this is the right place Rogue?" She spun in the air slowly, reaching out with her senses to find the electrical grid and flip the switch to give them some light..

If there were any working light fixtures that is.


<Remy's here but he's fading fast… I think they're moving him.> Sophie isn't even really speaking anymore, but it would still be heard in her voice by all of the X-Men present in the building. She glances at the girl to her left and the three of them split up to search the room they've just entered.

<There are several others, but- they're resistant. I can't get any details without line of sight.>

Some might consider the sight of a trio of college-aged girls in preppy designer clothes searching a dusty, abandoned warehouse but they lend themselves to the task completely despite the risk of fracturing a nail.

Sacrifices. <I don't see much. I'm going to follow the mental signatures if I can.>

"Well, god damnit." Rogue says when they all find the place to be bottom'd out and empty of any party goers. "This is embarrassing." She mutters under her breath before looking back to Lorna who just joined her to realize they'd busted this building up for seemingly no reason. "I don't get it, this is the right place… I know it is. I mean its the same interior'n everything." She points a gloved hand to the front of the building where the Cuckoos are. "We ran out that door, were gettin' chased by the Liquid Metal guy… he didn't follow us out though."

She huffs a heavy sigh and then just uses a metal boot to KICK a large chucnk of rock that goes hurtling through the air and slams into a wall. "We should probably scour the place… Maybe there's a eff'n evil lair in the basement or some dumb crap. I dunno…"

At the sound of the telepathic information from the Cuckoos, Rogue breathes a sigh of relief. "Ya'll are amazin', people need t'tell ya that more often, I think." She figures they can hear her no matter where they are from where she is. Rogue glances back to Lorna. "See? Right place. I'm not crazy… I'm not!"

Lorna lowered herself to the ground, her expression turning thoughtful as she searched out with her senses, finding electrical pulses below.. The rafters.. She reached out with her hands before her, eyes closed as she reached out and pulled. She pulled hard on the strange devices above to the ground. "There's a basement." She whispered, feeling out for the supports below and exhaling a breath.

She moved in a slow circle, making to try to listen with half an ear to the conversation and still follow the electrical path below.

"Rogue, if you punch it out, bet we can find something. Whole lotta something down there. Small things…."

Lorna's change of entrance is probably a good idea as the wall doesn't have a car hanging from it precariously several feet above the floor. That's the ceiling! The air is disturbed by the women doing the search and scan with more than a few hints demanding attention from the heroines from below. While Rogue's kick leaves a divot in the tile floor from her mighty foot tearing through it in the overly dangerous metal boots, the rock she kicked burries itself into the wall with a puff of dust and other debris flairing into the stale silent air.

The ceiling groans and metal shrieks as the car lurches downwards a few inches and halts again, just like in those movies from the 90's, and the ceiling begins to drop, forming into a weird dripping shape above Rogue, obscured by heavy stretching shadows.

<Nothing on the bottom floor that we can see. Not that we… Can,> Sophie relates helpfully. The trio of blonds form up in the middle of the room and look to see what Lorna and Rogue are getting up to. They are ocntent to watch for now, directing their attention to scanning for whatever traces they can find. Presumably. Maybe they are just lounging on the job and trying to look pretty. It can be hard to tell sometimes.

Rogue glances back to Lorna then and nods once to her before she looks then up to the ceiling and that car up there. Rogue shoots up to it and wraps her gloved fingers into the front end of the vehicle then just PULLS it down into the building. "Not gonna wait for you t'fall on my head, Miste'ah Ford." She says to the vehicle after destructively yanking it into the club room with them all.

Gliding down, she drops the car on the floor then drops herself down beside it. "Okay, well… this is gonna get even messy-er." The southern gal in the metal boots crouches and starts slamming fists against the floor, tearing it to shreds until she gets to the concrete beneath the wood. Then she rises up and goes slamming down feet first, intending to smash through it and go down like a SHOT to whatever is directly beneath them!


Lorna's focus remained on the movement below, barely looking up as Rogue pulled the falling car to the ground and started to wail on the floor beneath them. Lorna lifted herself up on magnetic currents a bit higher, trying to not interfere with Rogue's punching the floor out. It seemed like good therapy.

However as whatever it was below started to move faster, she scowled, her lips pulling into a sneer and she threw her hands out wide around her.

"They're moving!" She shouted over the din as best she could. And then yanked hard on whatever it was below her, magnetizing it upwards so it couldn't move anymore.

Like that vampire in that vampire movie, Rogue goes down a level through the building in rather extreme fashion. The woman drops through the ceiling onto the floor and even craters the basic concrete ground with the force of her decent. She appears to be in a hall of sorts that stretches on for quite a ways, at least to the other side of the street above. This is a humongous operation. There is a door every fifteen feet along the opposite walls with a small glass window with the thin criss crossing bits of metal, that many kids claim are bullet proof. A peak through the window would show a person in each room, each of them holding onto the collars around their neck as they were being pulled towards the ceilings. Also would be guns snapped to the ceiling as if gravity had been turned onto reverse. There was a couple of thugs danging from the straps, struggling to get themselves free while many of the armed men were no longer holding metal but were still running to the other end of the hall.

There's fear in the minds of everyone. The prisoners are petrified from the hourless tortures and humiliations they've had to endure, the guards are fleeing and panicing to get what they can out of the bunker while some are doing their best to do the jobs they were assigned to do during these drilling situations. They're 'prepared' for an invasion like the X-women are conducting this night.


The air goes cold. It's not a literal feeling, but rather the sense of oncoming dread as the psychic energy in the air shifts. It's a pressure at the back of the mind. Just a tingling, for those who are friendly. Sophie's eyes widen. Then Esme's, to her left, and Phoebe to her right.

"Raise your guns."

It's an echo, heard in five voices, not just three. Celeste and Esme are here, after all, even if they aren't in the room. The echo gets loud. "Raise your guns." One of the guard's hands start to shake. Another raises his weapon to his temple. One by one, several of the fleeing men stop in place and lift their weapons, ready to remove their own skulls with gunfire. They stop there, however, like marionettes hung from the ceiling in array.

Others look back, but continue to flee. Even the Cuckoos can't grab them all, it seems.


Once down and in a crater of her own making, Rogue rises back up almost like Superman or Batman, what with that black cape she's wearing around her otherwise already dark formfit suit on her person. She releases a heavy sigh though and just looks around. "Shit." She says. "Polaris, we got prisoners down here. More collars. A shit ton'a them." She tells the other, so that Lorna knows not to consider all the metal on people down here to be a threat.

Rogue starts walking while she looks at the guards raising their guns up to their temples, knowing that thats the Cuckoos. She doesn't say anything about it, assuming that the girls are just trying to terrify the guards and as far as Rogue is concerned, they've earned that kinda torture.

"Our science guys need t'get in here." She says over their comms. "We can't get these collars off'em without help, far as I know." Rogue is starting to move faster down the corridor then. "Where's Remy?" She asks the Cuckoos, not really understanding their power well enough to know if they can track him now or not.


Lorna floated down behind Rogue, and immediately realized what it was that Rogue meant as far as prisoners and collars. She gasped, and immediately released the grip she held on those particular devices. But her other hand remained stretched out, guns and other metal bits on the guards magnetized to hold them to the ceiling. At least.. until she'd realized that The Cuckoos had most of them in hand.

A huff, and instead Lorna turned her focus to the doors, searching out the door's hinges and making to rip them off the door frames.

"I can try to get the collars off," She offered, her gaze swinging around toward Rogue. "If I can sense them, I should be able to affect them from the outside."


The doors drop, falling onto the floors as most of the captives had retreated deeply into their cells though by the sheer numbers there had to be a few that had heavy doors fall on them in some way suddenly. Though everyone will really be okay. Most everyone. The guards that got ensnared by the Cuckoos are sweating bullets and visibly shaking as their bodies are fighting to reject the mental commands issued by the incredible telepaths.

"No, you can't! You can't do this to us!" One of the guards is crying out, and twitching with horror painted across his face. Pleading for his life in his own pathetic way.

"I'm not very fond of slavers," one of the Cuckoos replies somewhat loftily. "And I am pretty sure that I can." Another looks to Rogue and murmurs to her, "He has to be with the - runners. I can't feel him, he's unconscious now. Deep sleep. Probably drugged."

Though the Cuckoos do their best to make it loo keffortless the fact is it's taking most of their focus to hold this many people immobile. They let the prisoners be, of course. At least this way no one is shooting at anyone.

Rogue glances over at Polaris and she shakes her head. "Its too risky." She tells her. "You might mess up and pop their heads… we don't want that on our conscience…" Its her recommendation anyway, but Rogue's not in charge of anyone here. She averts her gaze to the guard who speaks up and then just stomps her way over to him with her metal boots rocking on the rubble covered ground.

"Oh really?!" Rogue says to him in a mocking scared voice. She even pouts out her bottom lip at the man who has a gun held to his own head. "I'm so sorry for you you Slave'ah Prick." She then reaches out and just unceremoniously rips the man's pants off. "We can do whatever we want to ya though." She then knees him right in his crotch and turns to the Cuckoos.

"I guess I gotta pick a path and hope for the best. We can split up… maybe, I don't know. Time's a wastin' though." And with that said, Rogue shoots up off the ground and just takes off down a randomly chosen pathway hoping its the one that Gambit's vanished down!

Lorna frowned, her lips twisting at the suggestion that she could handle a collar.. she was perfectly confident that she could. But leaving those prisoners to save Remy was the immediate issue. She half listened to Rogue, not so much as batting an eyelash toward the men with the guns pointed to their heads. Frankly, if they died, it would be easier for everyone going forward.

"Alright, splitting up it is.." She shrugged, exhaling a breath as Rogue took off down one hallway. She took off down the other, ripping off doors as she passed her previous range and flew down the corridor.


The paths seem to lead in various branching directions though there's not a huge underground prison, though there are places for the guards to sleep and get food and basically be out of sight of the public. The air begins to smell, something awful, for both Lorna and Rogue as they keep getting deeper and deeper into the halls and both women end up on other ends of the facility at huge openings that go out directly into the river. No sign of Remy, a large handful of other prisoners, or any of the other guards who had enough warning to flee.


"We can't keep up with you two. Go!" The blondes watch as Lorna and Rogue take off down the long paths. Then they each turn on a heel as one to face the guards. "You. Stay right here. The rest of you…" The speaker gestures vaguely with a hand. The guards split up into three groups. The one man singled out stands right in front of them, gun to his head. Then two groups move into nearby cells. Three men to the left, the rest to the right…

"Where are they taking our friends? I don't need you to tell me. I can tear your mind apart instead… It's really up to you." The girl smiles sweetly, a petite doe-eyed blonde, and walks toward the man with slow strides. "You wouldn't mind doing this the hard way, would you?"

Up above, two more identical blondes put their car into gear. As soon as they know something they can drive. If nothing else, someone can pick up Rogue and Polaris at the end of the line.


Rogue arrives at the gap in the tunnel and thats when she just drops down out of the air and lands on her feet, runs forward several steps and then plans her metal boots to sliiiiiiide across the ground until she stops, with black cape swirling around her body.

"Fuck." Rogue says, in a moment of being very unladylike… but Gambit is missing, and it would seem they've gotten away. "I don't know what to do." She said into her comms. "I don't see any trace of'em." Rogue turns then and looks back into the tunnel system. "Polaris, any luck?" She asks. "Girls. Do ya still feel his presence nearby?"

Lorna was flying down the halls, ripping off doors and ready to blast her way through anything that came between her and what she sought.. Only to come out to the foul smelling water and an opening that left her with nothing. The crackle of the comms had Lorna frowning as she floated around, throwing out her senses once again. Hoping there was a boat.. or maybe a sub that she'd missed. That she could track.

"I don't see anything. No." She flew upwards, her eyes closed as she tried to find any hints of where Remy had gone to.

The river is busy with life off the piers, there's almost a countless stream of yachts and cruisers and ferries. Private and corporate ships filling the river. Lorna could scower every single boat and lift them out of the water and overturn them until all their contents spill into the water, but even that seems like it could be a futile move.

On Rogue's end there's a few straggler prisoners that had been drugged but weren't removed from their cells before the guards booked it to escape the X-Women, so she might want to gather them or at least make a mental note to rescue them as well. It's been a productive night but still not the victory they came looking for.

Sophie is in front of a guard with the highest level of knowledge and rank in the left overs, and he's staring down the girl with his eyes shaking in fear at what might happen to him as he watches the men he worked over get segregated in a seemingly random fashion. "I don't know anything! Let us go or this will end badly. For you, or your friends. Or both." He says, even as he holds his gun against his head still, growling at the Clones.

Sophie stares the man down intensely, but one of her sisters lifts a hand to touch her arm. <I can't sense him anymore but we're working on a lead.>

The three Cuckoos exchange glances. "You can't, E," Sophie protests.

"Except I can, darling sister. Out of my way." They stare fixedly at one another, but eventually Sophie does take a step back. Esme lines up with the man in question.

"I believe you. You probably don't know anything. But the only way I can be sure…" Esme is removing her left glove. She tugs on a finger one at a time, then pulls it all the way off and reaches out to place her hand on the guard's cheek.

The man's eyes roll upward. He gasps hoarsely. He has no control of himself, and yet he must scream.

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