Cutscene: Danger

July 19, 2018:

Illyana Rasputin follows a familiar scent between worlds and makes a terrible discovery.


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Fade In…


The world sleeps.

It's neither day nor night, but that in-between time where both co-exist in balance.

Soon the sun will rise and the world will awaken, but for now life lays dormant.


A realm that never sleeps.

A realm that's never in balance.

Light and darkness, birth and death, it all whirls together in a chaotic mix. A demon lives, a demon dies, woe exists upon the reddened and cracked earth.

The only quiet spot is high atop a hill within a dark citadel. Here the ruler of this realm exists, housed within a heavily warded room.

She floats above the silver fires of a pentagram, cross-legged and eyes closed. Though not asleep. Rarely asleep. Her eyes behind her lids dart left and right as she pushes her senses outward from her body, following a trail that has hints of familiarity to it.

A terrifying familiarity.

The trail twists and turns and leads Illyana up into the ether; a world of color, of ghostly echoes and images of things to come, things that have happened and things that could have been.

The probabilities are ignored, however. The trail continues to dance ahead and Illyana follows.

Where she ends up is something from nightmares. Her nightmares. A rent within the veil of reality shows a landscape worse than Limbo. Worse than true Hell itself.

Without thinking or hesitation Illyana Rasputin calls forth her soulsword within this spiritual realm and plunges it into the tear. If she had a physical mouth, physical lips, she'd find herself scream, as pain lances into her body. Like a thousand teeth trying to rip and shred, rend and tear.

Pull apart who she is, what she is, her soul and were she weak she would succumb; but she's not.

And so she stitches the realm closed, with metaphorical blood and bone, sweat and tears and when it's complete a surge of energy lashes outward. It pushes her metaphysical self back and away and Yana falls.

Falls through ghostly hands and ghostly faces until suddenly -

Blue eyes snap open and the young woman levers herself up from the floor, blood trickling from mouth and nose and one word whispered.


Only then does a portal appear beneath the Mistress of Limbo sending her out of the ward room where eldritch fire no longer flickers.

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