Justice Council

July 18, 2018:

Doctor Strange gathers the League to take joint action against Lilith's machinations. And find the missing sun god, Atum.

The Hall of Justice

A meeting room, with a round table.


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It is uncommon Doctor Strange asks for a meeting with the Justice League. In fact last time he did something like this was when Apokolips attacked the Earth and planted terraforming obelisks to turn the world into hell.

It was that event what convinced him to join the League, too.

But for supernatural problems he prefers to act alone or with other sorcerers. So that he has requested this meeting is surprising and unusual, and he even made sure it reaches to Thor and Vivienne's ears using magical messengers. One never knows when a god wanders out of super-tech communicator range.

"Thank you for coming," he greets as the heroes arrive. "First of all, the wards around the Hall have been restored. However I can't make them stronger without a powerful source-focus, and we don't have anything suitable," admits the sorcerer.

"Alas, that is not why I asked for this meeting." He continues. "We have been dealing with supernatural troubles for months. Lilith, Circe, and other threats. I believe it is time we become more pro-active. And I need your help."

Caitlin Fairchild isn't exactly a supernatural expert, nor is she magically talented. But she is a fixture at the Hall of Justice, often in the company of Diana of Themyscira. There are few people on Earth more proficient than the Amazon in melee combat, and Caitlin never misses a chance to train with her.

Also, the League has a really good cantina.

Fresh from such a session, Caitlin walks at Diana's side, her long legs keeping up easily with the quick pace towards Strange's emergency meeting. She's dressed pretty informally, too, in capri yoga pants in soft grey with low, flat-soled sneakers and a loose pink hoodie with sleeves tugged up to her elbows. She is drinking protein shake from a gallon sized jug in her left hand, and flickers a smile at the others when she enters the meeting and moves quietly to a seat at the table.

Diana and two of the other Themyscirans who lived at the Embassy were already on site today at the Justice Hall, they were performing routine combat scenario training and had sent out a League-wide message to offer anyone who was interested in honing their skills to join them.

Once the meeting was called, however, the training session was cut short, though it very nearly was over already any way.

Now, the Princess from Themyscira is making her way down the corridor toward where Strange was. Diana is still in her armor, but she has a dark navy blue cloth wrap around her shoulders that drapes the fabric down to knee-level. She is indeed walking with Caitlin to the meeting and when they both enter she glances to her before she looks back to Strange.

After hearing Strange's words, Diana's eyes look over the others involved/present here today.

Walking into the room that the meeting had been called in was the woman known as Dr. Vivienne Tulloch. She was on site today working with a few of the staff members here who were suffering from an odd illness. When she arrives she is wearing a typical white coat found on many doctors with a pants suit underneath. She takes up a seat quietly and looks over at the others here, nodding to each in turn, "Ladies and Gentleman." She settles demurely down and looks to Strange as he speaks.

As he talks, she idly considers his words and then nods softly as she thinks back to a meeting she had with a particular figure. Her hand idly plays at the ring on her finger, her eyes going to it as she turns it slowly to the left and right before looking back up, "I believe this has been a front where I have neglected my duties as well. I'm glad to help."

Donna was, until the notice had come down that the League had been requested, had been up in the Watchtower. There had been, of all things, a bit of a wait, to take the transport down, but, just as Strange is finishing his report and calling the group to order, she finally makes it into the hall. She notes the members she knows, and those she doesn't, but looks neither alarmed or worried. Instead, she makes her way over towards where Caitlin and Diana have set themselves. "I think that most of us are." Or would be." Of course, she missed finding out what they were there to help with, but such is life.

There is always a new guy.

Sometimes the new guy is quiet and studious. Taking in the interplay of the older members. Observing how things are done. Learning the ropes as one should when they have just managed to join such a prestigious club like this one…

…and sometimes its Tony Stark…

"Who did you even get to make these chairs?" Yes. That is the first thing he has to say, half under his breath as he tries to get comfortable in one of the meeting room chairs. "Dunce!" A little round drone at his shoulder, oblong in shape with a glowing sensor eye in one end and short stubby round wings burbles near him. It also has a paper dunce hat tapped to the top of it. "Make a note. Make me a new chair."

He doesn't wear his suit. He doesn't even try to hide his ID. No that is not his sytle, never has been.

He is who he is, take it or leave it.

A pause again.

"Wait wait, Mustache Bro there just said he needed help. Dunce tell me you got that on video."

Dunce burbles.

"Good good," Stark says with a slow nod.


Within the JLA Watchtower, Randy Nelson exhales a long sigh; Doctor Strange has called a priority meeting of the Justice League and five unsuccessful attempts have been made to notify Thor. The JLA Communicators are supposed to never need charging and yet for some reason the God of Thunder's never works properly. His cell phone goes directly to a full voice mail. Would he really need to contact the NYPD have them send an office—

"Randy," Tad Williams said, "I told you before. Pray on it. It's like a godly text message."

Randy glares at Tad, "Thor," he says with venom in his voice, "I pray to you. Doctor Strange has called a meeting. You need to be at the Watchtower in an hour."


Thor; The God of Thunder entered the Hall of Justice in a leather hauberk and tall boots up to his knees. The movement of the crimson cloak at his back is accentuated by the sway of the enchanted hammer as it dangles from his belt.

"Hello," Odinson proclaims boisterously to the attractive young receptionist at the desk, "I am here to meet with—"

"Heey, Thor," the receptionist says standing, "Yeah. Come this way." He says taking him back.

Thor sits at the conference table. Mjolnir is upside down upon the table before him and he leans backward and swivels gently right-to-left in the chair. The God of Thunder grins and gives a wave to each person along with a personal greeting to each as they enter. He appears friendly and pleased to be here.

When the Sorcerer Supreme begins his squirming within the chair immediately stops as he turns around yielding the man his full attention, "You are welcome!" He says first, to the rhetorical appreciation, and seems to look at the others with a twinge of embarrassment as if suddenly realizing his mistake.

'I need your help..'

He seems about to speak but, realizing his earlier faux paus, says nothing. Instead looking about the table. Diana looks at him. Donna offers support. So he raises his hand more in more of a gesture than wanting to be acknowledged, "I too shall help." He affirms then looks at Stark.

Strange nods and smiles at his teammates as they greet or arrive, squinting briefly at his 'moustache bro'. Yes, he asked for help. It better not make it to Youtube!

"Good. And this is something I should have told you before," he nods to Thor. "Your mother came here last April, Thunder God. Gaea is looking for another of her children, the Sun God Atum. He addressed Vivienne and me, both. And I expect a few others across the Realms. I have been spending much time scrying with the Orb of Agamotto and consulting with allies and colleagues. But so far nothing clear has been revealed. We need to find the 'comet' that caused his departure. But we also need to track down Lilith and Circe."

Caitlin gives Tony a wary look. She's not exactly Miss Manners, but there's a certain propriety to these meetings. They call for a gravitas that Stark clearly… lacks. When Thor shows up, though, she beams a smile at him and waves quickly. Thor's a buddy.

Donna, also, gets an excited little wave and a discreet but enthusiastic 'over here!' invitation. Sure, it's a little redundant, but Donna's also on Caitlin's list of 'cool people', apparently.

She listens attentively to Strange's explanation, brow furrowing, and then her eyes widen a bit when he talks about going after Circe or Lillith. Possibly both. "Umm…" She raises a hand, before speaking. "I understand Circe and Lillith are both kinda heavy-league hitters," she says, in her clear voice. "Offenseively and defensively. What kind of protection are we going to need before finding them— particularly if they decide that they're going to start pre-emptively hexing us?"

Diana's blue eyes stop on the hammer that is sitting on the meeting hall's table. She eyes it for a moment, remembering how it had flown past her face in combat against the Red Lanterns, so NARROWLY avoiding her… but that was the price of fighting amongst so many diverse super powered individuals, they all had their quirks in combat! Thor's was just throwing that mystical hammer about!

Donna gets Diana's attention then and she offers her sister a soft smile. When Donna gets close, Diana softly takes hold of her elbow and leans over to her to quietly say. "Glad you made it." To her. Its Doctor Strange's words that draw her eyes back to him though, since this was his meeting she was attentive to what he has to say.

Standing up slowly, Vivienne looks over at Strange a moment and states, "Give me just a moment." She nods her head and looks around at the others and takes off her ring. She seems to stand there a moment, looking wobbly as she does and then sucks in a breath even as her body shimmers as if it were a pool of water. Water flows up her form or perhaps it is better to say her form was becoming like water as she set the ring idly on the table.

"Some of you may not be aware and some of you might, but I am not simply Dr. Vivienne Tulloch." She nods her head, "I am known by my people as Niamh Chinn Oir. I am both of the fae and of the Tuatha De Danann." She then looks down as her outfit completes its change into a flowing white dress with a veil that flows over her long golden hair and covers her eyes, "Many more know me as the Lady of the Lake." She then looks over at Dr. Strange, "And all of my channels and connections have not brought me much information as of yet."

Then a look over at Caitlin, "As for hexing…I believe that I can help to a degree with that."

"Clearly," Donna offers as she finds a place to settle herself, near to where Caitlin's set herself, and between the tall redhead and Diana, leaning in as she took her elbow, offer a smile and a soft reply. "Traffic." She did not sit, rather seeming inclined though more standing and leaning against whatever she could reach, in this case, part of a low table. "You would not mention both if these were not necessary. And if Circe is the one of the legends of our youth," here she spares a glance for Diana, "and Lilith whom they say was once written of in the texts of the children of the book, then they pose a greater danger than I think we have seen in an age. But there are less of us who could survive in space than those who could fight on earth. Myself, for certain, the god of Thunder." She trails off, eyes moving from member to member.

If people were looking for gravitas, they wouldn't have invited Tony Stark. The man is pretty much the opposite of that. He glances around the table though one eyebrow quirking up. "Quick question, am I the only mortal here? Just checking." He says with a smirk on his face.

Does that make him feel inadequate? Nope. Makes him feel awesome.

A glance is flickered between Donna and Diana a moment as he oh so casually waves. "Dunce is there two of them?" He mutters softly to the drone before looking up again and throwing Caitlin a two fingered salute of greeting.

"Hey! Point Break! Back from hunting ogres?" This of course towards Thor before Vivienne transforms and he blinks a moment. "…great. More fae. At least you aren't bothered by lights." A flash of a grin though, he remembers the lady doctor that came by. This explains the odd readings. His equipment /wasn't/ off back then.

"As for fighting in space, I got something for that if need be." He's got something for just about everything if need be. "I take it hunting down evil magic forces of nature is going to be more difficult though eh?"

"Well met Lady of the Lake," Thor says to Vivienne.

"Trolls," Thor corrects Lord Stark joyously, "Giants. Not Ogres."

'..your mother came here last April..'

Thor is completely focused upon Doctor Strange once more. The son of Odin and the elder goddess have never been close for the All-Father had been forthright in his desire to sire an heir of Asgard and Midgard but who would suckle at the teet of Frigga. In truth Thor had only fully understood his origin a few centuries ago and, understandably, seeks the approval of his birthmother.

"Atum," Thor slowly repeats the name with recognition upon his features yet in a tone that implies great emptiness. Simultaneously confirming Strange's assertion that they are closely related but also making plain that despite a shared mother they may as well be distant cousins.

"That the eye cannot find them implies great power," Thor leans backward at that looking at the rest of them around the table, "such that even the All-Father would have difficulty scrying upon them." The Thunderer continues, "In the realm of the gods omniscience is listening to many voices speaking clearly in the same room. One cannot hear those who would whisper." Thus explaining where both the eye and the All-Father might not measure up to the task of locating gods and demi-gods who do not wish to be found.

The Odinson looks to Diana, nodding, and then looks back to Strange, "A comet," Thor repeats, "travels like a rock thrown into the heavens. Point me in the direction it traveled so that I might hurl Mjolnir along its path. We," he gestures to Diana and himself, "can follow. Princess Diana within her invisible jet and I mounted upon my goat." Then adding, "I have two goats!" Looking at Diana, "How many seats doth thy jet have? Perhaps more can travel."

Then he considers, "Are you certain it was a comet?" He then seeks clarification, "If it were a vessel or a space monster made of rock it would not travel as Mjolnir does and so beginning our search would be, difficult."

"Of course there is a danger in having powerful magic-users as enemies," admits Strange, this time looking at Caitlin. "But within the League there are also those who can break such curses. That they are not directly attacking us means they do not believe we can interfere with their plans, or that they are too busy with other matters."

Well, except they might have attacked them already. After all the monstrous dark elf called Kurse did hit the Hall of Justice (and crushed Strange's wards). But that was even before the League chased Circe away from the city of the Desert Amazons. Perhaps unrelated.

"Circe is indeed the sorceress of Greek tales, the daughter of the Titan Hyperion," confirms Strange. "As for Lilith, she is ancient beyond reckoning. Of her true origins I know little. She was known in Atlantis before the cataclysm. And her children have plagued humankind ever since. She was defeated and exiled for millennia by the Sumerian heroes. But now… like so many other ancient threats, she is back."

A brief glance to Stark. "You and Fairchild. And I am mortal too by some standards. Just a long-lived one. Nevertheless, yes… we have to track evil magical forces of nature. Which I am quite sure can't hide so well to technology. Lilith was recently freed, and modern technology has followed such a divergent path than the ancient Atlantean technomagic I am confident she has not covered her tracks well in that regard."

He looks back at Thor. "I am quite sure it was not a comet. Some arcane device, yes. Or vessel of supernatural nature. And maybe now a prison for Atum. I am afraid we will need more than a jet or a magical chariot to give chase. But I will endeavor to find a way. Meanwhile perhaps you could consult with Heimdall, Thunderer? He might have seen more than I can see. And Diana, perhaps the oracle of Themyscira, as Apollo is a more powerful seer than any mortal I know."

"No, not the only mortal, but certainly the most…fragile. Delicate?" Donna's eyes track each of the members as they speak, settling on Stark when he asks his question, before she looks away to hear Thor, who clearly knows the missing god better than any of them, give his own conclusions, and then, as he raises the question, "I have the Orb, and am capable of surviving in space." She indicates the costume she's wearing, black and seeming made of of a living starfield, "And I can use this to travel to any point in whatever universe I am currently in. Perhaps, together with the good Doctor, we might be able to convey those of you who cannot survive such conditions."

"I'm pretty sure -I'm- mortal," Caitlin tells Stark, with a wary sort of politeness. "I mean, my evidence for that is that I haven't died yet, and getting stabbed really sucks. So whatever that's worth."

She gives the Lady of the Lake a surprised, blinking examination as the demigoddess changes her form and announces her presence to those (like Cait) who weren't in the know, so to speak. But she nods gratefully at her explanation and looks to Thor, hesitating again before speaking as she addresses the room.

"Even if it's got…. I don't know, an inter-dimensional travel capability, there are ways to track it," Caitlin says, trying not to sound nervous as she addresses the more senior members. "Jets leave contrails, and comets disperse a fine cloud of heavy metals and cosmic radiation. If it's massive enough and just has electromagnetic cloaking, we could track the gravity well using the Watchtower and our sentinel satellites— if it's dimension-hopping then there's other options. We might catch sight of a thermal or gravitational variance, or even go back and look for neutrinos, baryons, or tachyon spikes. It's easy to hide something but it's kinda hard to hide the traces something hidden leaves behind."

Diana's attention falls upon Thor when he regards her and speaks of her rather notorious form of transportation, what people DON'T widely know is that there are two 'invisible jets' and that the original one is no longer in service (its in fact, parked in a cave on Themyscira). "As many seats as are required for it… within reason." Diana replies to Thor with a faint smile that fades rather fast. "The jet itself is actually what is known as a Lansinarian Morphing Disc. It… was a gift, from a race of people who wished to provide me with something that they deemed worthy for the assistance that I gave to their people. It takes whatever shape I command it, and currently I primarily use it as transportation for my people and I. Its all, a bit, complicated."

Diana's eyes glance back over to Strange and she offers him a gentle nod/dipping of her chin. "I can reach out and see what I can find out." A moment later and Diana's eyes look upon Donna after hearing what she says of traveling other universes. "But you plan to stay within this one, ultimately." Diana says, showing the other (who looks so similar to her) a soft smile, hinting at previous conversation that the two of them had had together.

A look over at Tony and she arches a brow, "More fae? I know of whom you speak if you speak of light. No, I am not harmed by light but then I am no full fae. I am both a goddess and a fae." Niamh turns her gaze over toward the others speaking before she considers, "It would be less taxing for me to ride along. I an further bring in some degree of water with me to use as weapon, not to mention I am made of water." She considers then what Caitlin says and blinks.

She stares for a long moment before saying, "Yes, I suppose that makes sense." She nods her head and then looks to the side before saying, "I doubt, however, we will find him truly in space. Like myself, our enemies are likely capable of creating their own dimensions within which they work. The reason we can't find who we seek is they are likely in no known dimension. We are better tracking our enemies than our target."

"You're mortal, but you could suplex my tower so…" Stark replies with an easy grin as he sits forwards. "But…you're not wrong." A thoughtful look crosses his face as he gives a soft whistle. Dunce's eyepiece lights up as a holographic screen and keyboard appear in front of Stark a moment. His fingers fly over the keyboard, imputing theorems and numbers faster than most people can even register. "And my fragility is surpassed only by my awesome…" This towards Donna as he inputs a few more calculations.

"Magic has strange effects on most of the natural laws though, so traditional searches for anomalies might turn up nothing. Likely why no one really has found it before now. Electromagnetic cloaking we can detect to an extent, but not spells…so…" He peers at the screen before he nods.

"You look for what /isn't/ there instead of changes of what is and we might find something." A tap again on the table. "Most dimensional systems have variances that are still detectable within degrees. So the idea is still sound enough, and we should be able to apply it to finding magical disturbances on earth too." This with a nod towards Caitlin.

"Also we talking about Egyptian Atum here? Resurrects as a giant scarab every day at sunrise. First of the gods, father of the Pharoahs, head of the creation myths from the Lower Kingdom?" A pause again. "Might be a clue to what we're looking for in Eqypt if so."

A pause.

"And before any of you judge me, totally knew a hot lady Egyptologist who had a bunch of books."

Thor scrutinizes Diana when she reveals her plane is a 'morphing disc' clearly not fully understanding but explaining, "Ah, well, my goats are goats." So as to make sure there was not confusion about what his goats actually were.

"A good idea!" Thor then affirms when Strange suggests he consult Heimdall, "When I was young Heimdall did oftentimes comfort me for mine brother's mischief always knowing what had occurred even as I held it from my father."

"Why, even now he watches us while drinking mead in Himinbjorg." Thor looks towards the ceiling, "I only hope that a fresh cask has been tapped when I arrive," and then back to the gathering.

Then the Thunderer is looking at Caitlin. With confusion. Which is often the same way he looks at Tony Stark. There he realizes that they both speak in the one language the All-Tongue does not translate well: Science.

"I do not care to understand how to find radiation," Thor says, "but if there is a trail perhaps Tony Stark will let you assist him building a machine to search for it." The God of Thunder elbows Lord Stark gently, "Heimdall might then prove useful to show you where to begin looking for electro-magnet-o-cloaking." Thor looks becomes more excited, "We can spend an evening in his keep drinking mead, gazing at the stars, and wandering the Bifrost searching with your science."

He gestures to Tony, "Mayhaps finding…a hidden door," then looking at Vivinne, "Certainly it is /worth a try/?" Drinking in Heimdall's keep and staggering about the universe on a rainbow bridge looking for secret doors, he means.

"I am totally in for the mead." Stark affirms.

A look over at Tony and she considers, "A very wise plan for someone so busied with his own ability." Vivienne nods her head and then glances to Thor, "And if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to join you. It has been a while since last I have seen Asgard. Assuming no one in Asgard would mind either."

"You have an awesome? Where is it?" Donna, of course, knows enough to keep her mouth shut on the topic of anyone else's ability to transport themselves anywhere or how." She catches Diana's look and nods, but the gesture doesn't seem to be for anyone but her sister, "Yes, I'm staying in this one But the ability to travel is a useful tool." And with that, she seems content to allow the two scientists and the God of Thunder make their plans. Donna is, after all, a bit of an Amazon version of the Hulk. Most of the time she just smashes.

Strange nods to the science division slowly. Electromagnetic disturbances he can understand. Baryons and tachyons… he really needs to find time to study quantum theory. Maybe one after they save the world from Lilith. He is due for a break any year now. For now he is happy Cait and Tony have idea where to start. "I will send you the astronomic data I got from the Watchtower. You can start there. I suspect the so-called comet slipped through the cracks between worlds. But it might be just cloaked beyond my magic to discern."

And Thor and Diana will also pitch in, excellent. He does not know about Donna's orb, but he makes a mental note to will ask the Amazon later.

"Yes. Atum. Ah, this is a long story. I really should write a report for the League archives. But to summarize, yes, Mr. Stark," he nods to his moustache bro. "Atum is also Amon Ra, the first of the Ennead, the Egyptian gods. But he is far older than the majority of the human deities. He is the first son of Gaea, billions of years old. He is the enemy and slayer of the Elder Gods. And his disappearance will not go unnoticed by those ancient demons. In this time where the barriers between worlds are so thin, losing one of the greatest deterrents for the Dark Gods' return is very dangerous."

Caitlin looks at the hologram, thoughtfully, and while the others are talking she gets to her feet and ambles over to Stark's position. She stands a polite distance from Stark, looking over his shoulder and not getting into his personal space.

By the time Thor and Strange have said their piece, she's absolutely right up in Stark's space and focused on the hologram, shoulders twisting as she props one hand on the table for balance and leans over Stark's shoulder. In her other hand? A cell phone. A Stark-Tech model made for superhumans, and her thumb is flying over the controls with a Millennial's dexterity for all things computer. The lure of science is too much to resist as she starts pulling useful reference material for Stark's work, paying attention to the mythology lesson with a half an ear. A mumbling consultation follows.

"Okay, wait— yeah— see there, that's a refereence for the Swarzschil— yep, got it," she nods, "andyeah anti-baryons are hard to track, but what if— no, the Rydberg polarity— got it—" It becomes kind of an odd dialogue, with Caitlin volunteering about a quarter of the words aloud and the rest of it mostly an interaction between her flashing her phone screen at Stark and responding to his entries on the floating display. She rests her elbow on the table and puts her chin in her palm, hips cocked behind her, and her green eyes flicker back and forth at data that'd be otherwise meaningless to most parties. When Strange offers to send her the astronomic records, she starts pulling the data down to her phone with a few quick queries and an e-mail to the archive administrator.

Millennials, right?

"Can your satellites be configured to pull S-matrix poles with irrational quantum numbers?" she inquires of Stark, suddenly. She shows him the data. "High-valence quarks would emit this patterning, right?" she says, waggling a fingertip in at something in the misty display of light.

Donna, seeing the scientists settle into their work, finally slid into the seat that Caitlin had vacated. She had been around long enough, or at least watched enough science fiction movies to understand some of the terms, even though, being Hollywood they were probably completely incorrectly defined. But whats he seemed most interested in, was watching Caitlin match wits with the head of Stark Industries. Skill in weapons was not the only thing that her sister and her Amazons had been teaching the young woman. And it was god to see hard work rewarded.

Stark for his part, when he realizes Caitlin has wondered over stops typing for a moment and flicks his wrist to the side. This duplicates both screen and keyboard for her use if she wants them.

Also there is total approval of the use of a Stark-phone. They are of course the best.

"Of course they can pull S-matrix poles, the irrational quantum numbers are harder but I can get SIRIN to work on that. She hasn't done much in awhile and needs to work out. Trust me, you do not want to be stuck with a hyper and bored AI. It just ends badly."

He nods though. "They would, but you would have to array it like this to pick it up…which…should work. I can get to work resetting the sat-links to figure all of this out. Shouldn't take too long, Beard Bro." This to Strange. He has to keep him guessing.

A pause again, a tilt of his head. "Well at least its Atum and not Aten. Aten was supposed to be a real asshole."

A longer pause. "Egyptians had way to many A names." A longer pause. "Oh man maybe its the boat they were supposed to ride though the underworld and that is what its on." He says with a smirk.

"But yeah, I'll get this all reconfigured. Should have something or other in a few days."

"All are welcome," the God of Thunder says to Vivenne, "Perhaps I can procure a cosmic sailing barge so that we do not have to walk. Tis a long drop over the edge of the Bifrost," Thor says with smug humor. Where as Caitlin ignores the mythology Thor seems to focus upon it.

'Atum is also Ammon'

Thor's excitement over a kegger suddenly becomes a furrowed brow. Long ago he attended a gathering that turned out to be a sort-of family reunion but he and Loki were so busy trying to impress Bast and Isis that he didn't focus much upon how everyone else was connected. In truth so many names sounded the same that it's difficult for him to determine how the branches of that particular tree operated.

Humans so often mingled gods about their cultures and finite lives. Often times people called him 'Donar' for reasons he would have trouble explaining.

'At least Atum was not Aten'

"But once Hercules did tell me that Aten-Ra was merely Zeus when he consorting with Halthor," Thor reaches to the short beard upon his chin, "Before his beard and when the head of a jackal did inspire beings to lie with one another."

Thor looks at Tony Stark and he clasps him upon the shoulder, "If the vessel is traveling through Helheim then we have little cause to worry," he says to the group, "My sister shall deal with them for their transgressions..," long pause, "or consort with them," fingers flex and he massages Stark's shoulder gently, "This would be most concerning. I shall speak with Heimdall and then return with his ale so that you," looking at the scientists, "my better focus upon your task."

Standing then the rolly chair he was in goes backward and he hefts his hammer with a metallic SIIING, "I shall return soon to aid you. I now have many questions to ask the sages within Asgard."

Looking around the room, Vivienne considers and then looks over at Strange, "I will go once more to otherworld and seek assistance." She ndos her head, "I will let you know what I find." SHe then gestures and a nearby door opens. Water flows through the door like a small river and then pools about her as she steps into it, "Do not wait up for me. Time flows strangely where I go." And then she sinks into it and the water vanishes with her.

An Asgardian cosmic sailing barge sounds like just the kind of vehicle they need to chase that comet. Something able to move between dimensions with a crew. So Strange is nodding at Thor's words, listening careful. The technobabble from team science is probably very interesting but he can't quite follow it.

He will focus in the results of their research, definitely.

"Very well… looks like we have a few leads to follow," he decides. Then looks at Diana. "I believe we can adjourn the meeting, unless someone else has anything else to add. Perhaps meet again next Sunday."

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