Grumbling Gambit

July 16, 2018:

Gambit and Rogue are fighting about Gambit not wanting any help on a mission. Rogue thinks it means he's running away for good (again). Polaris is there to try to keep them all sane!

Xavier's School / X-Men Base


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Remy barges out of his room with a heavy bang of his door against the wall before it bounces off the wall and slowly moves itself shut. "We bot' know dey 'ave more, Rogue, an' Ah ain' gonna put you in dat position again! End o' discussion!" Remy says as he marches down the hallway, his heavy footfalls reverberating through the carpet and sounding much louder than he usually is. The cajun is furious and on a mission. He steps towards the elevator and brushes his thumb across the scanner and waits, his arms crossing across his chest as he waits impatiently.

Rogue was in the process of moving her stuff out of the mansion, she'd bought a place in Salem Center and she was moving most of her belongings there that actually DO belong to her. Obviously the furniture and such in her room here belong to Xavier and not her at all, but she certainly has boxes of her own stuff compiled up in the past 8 years of staying at Xavier's.

She emerges from the doorway and looks after Remy. "Of course they have more, ya sweaty man pig. But what can we do about it?" She says after him and moves along following him, wearing a light Xavier's School hoodie unzipped, some jeans shorts and stockings beneath them, simple leather boots. "I don't see why you're so worked up about it either." She stops as he hammers on the Lift's button. "You're gonna break that, accidently charge it with that touch a'yours…"

The elevator ding'ed and the doors swung open with a swish. Lorna Dane stood there, dressed in a paid of sweats and a tank-top. Her hair damp. She'd been spending her time out, or in the Danger Room far below. A constant drive pushing her to train at all hours, to go, go, go. Never mind the out right shouting matches between her and Marcos.. Whenever she went out, she always came back a little more with-drawn. A little more shut down.

Particularly when she slipped out of the Mansion with Logan in tow. Altogether, it made a suspicious last few weeks. But no one particularly seemed to notice, or mention it. After all, the X-mansion had its fair share of its own dramatics going on. Perfect example, for the moment, was standing in front of her in the form of Remy and Rogue. The green haired woman lofted an eyebrow upwards. "Uhh.. am I interrupting something?"

Remy turns his head towards Rogue and he has a harsh look in his eye. "Ah can do a whole hell of a lot more dan you can. If Ah get a collar on, ah got skills, ya don' Roguie. Dere ain' no 'we' in dis situation honeh. An Ah ain't blown nuttin' up on accident in almost ten years!" Remy says before his attention snaps towards Lorna in the elevator and he's already fired up and responds with a curt, "No." Before he pushes his way into the elevator and his thumb presses hard enough to turn white, to get to his destination, the sub basements.

Rogue's green eyes glance over toward Lorna and she's about to speak to the green haired gal when Remy says that shot at her which gets her eyes right back over to him with a bit more anger visible on her face. "Oh is that so?" She says to him, her gloved hands going to her hips. "So then, Miste'ah Skillset. How do you run maintenance operations on a B-52 Stratofortress' eight Pratt and Whitney YJ57 turbojet engines? Huh? Do you got those skills? Cause Ah do."

Rogue looks him up and down and follows him into the elevator as well. "What exactly are your skills? Throwin' cards at watermelons? Flirtin' with random whores in random bars?"

NOW, Rogue looks at Lorna. "I'm movin' out by the way, Lorna. I bought that Music shop that I broke the front door on? Yeah… its mine now, got a place above it. Its gonna be party central… and.." She looks over at Remy. "Mean bastards aren't invited!"

Lorna stared, she couldn't help it, normally she was the one having very public disagreements in the mansion. Not … okay, well it had been a while since she'd seen someone else go at it, that wasn't a teenager. Green eyes flickered over Rogue and Remy rapidly, and she planted herself stead-fast in the elevator, arms crossing as she leaned back against the steel of the far wall.

"Uhh.." A blink followed Rogue's exclamation that she was leaving the mansion. "Oh… okay.. that's uhm.. sudden..ish?" She arched a brow, looking to Remy as she considered him briefly and back to Rogue.

"Are you guys talking about the collars? Cause I had one on me the other day, I was arrested.. so I didn't actually get to test out how strong they are…?"

"We are not talkin' about no collars." Remy says, his arms crossed as soon as the button lit up and he got the confirmation that they're moving down towards the floor with all his X-man stuff that he'll need. "Ah'm simply goin' on a recon mission, but I don' wan' no one else goin' wit' me and all of Rogue's panties are in a bunch. Even de one's she ain' wearin." The thief says, annoyed that he's even talking to someone else about this stupid operation that really he should have just gone on without telling anyone, but so much for having trust.

"You too?" Rogue said then to Lorna when she admits to having had a collar on her neck recently too. "What the hell? How many'a these damn things are floatin' around right now?!' She shouts it inside the elevator since she's kind of all worked up and has quite a temper, notoriously. "How'd you get it off'a your neck?" She asked Polaris then before her eyes glare back over to Remy. "You!" She pointed at him with a gloved left finger. "Need help. You're gonna screw it up and get caught! You think you're so sneaky thiefy, but you can't even sneak down t'the fridge for a cup'a'noodles without wakin' this whole place up!" She too leans back against one of the walls in the lift. "And of cooooourse they're all in a bunch, they're in a bag in my car cause I'm moooooving, dummie!"

Lorna snorted, crossing her arms as she settled into the tale of verbal assault and baggage. She rolled her eyes, shaking her head slightly. "I was down in Hell's Kitchen. One of our kids went into the no-go zone. Got himself arrested, so I went after him, Logan and I stayed over night with him. You know, the X-men have serious good lawyers.." She murmured, glancing to Rogue.

"The Feds let us go in the morning. But no one was leaving Magneto's daughter in jail with a collar on. I didn't test it 'cause the kid was with us. He was already a mess since his sister.. well, they only recently found her body." She murmured, her voice soft. Green eyes lifted back to Gambit and Rogue in turn, considering.

"You know, I've been doing shit on my own recently, and Logan has been my back up. Back up.. is good. Just saying.."

Remy's silent during their discussion, but he's stuffed up near the buttons of the elevator waiting for the door to open up and let him get out and get to work. "Ah don't disagree, back up is nice, but a partner would get us in trouble. Again!" Remy retorts before the elevator chimes its alert.

As the doors are still opening, Remy steps out and moves rapidly towards the locker rooms. He's gearing up so it seems.

Rogue just leans back against the wall with her own hands on either sides of he rhips grasping the steel railing. She listens to Lorna's summation of events and she frowns at the mention of a deceased sister. "Geezus…" She mutters. "I hope the kid is okay… And if ya need help, ya just gott ask me." Rogue hadn't spoken to Logan since his return, she didn't really even know if this was the Logan she knew over a year ago or not, but she'd… kind of written him off because of how all that had ended back then.

When Remy makes a dart for it, she's out there pacing after him too. "Wait. So you're blamin' that whole screwed up vault heist job on me now? You think you coulda done it without me?" She asks, sounding a bit vehement in her southern words. "T'hell with that, you had shitty intel on that whole place!" And she follows him right on into the men's locker room, cause she's basicaly a honeybadger.

Lorna had just come from the sub-basement, but manic energy and curiosity drove her onward to trail after the two. Her hands dropped, shoving into her pockets as she trailed after them. She didn't race along, just kept the slow, steady pace that let her trail along as if she were just coming around as an after-thought. She exhaled a breath, "Hmm, what about radio partner? I mean, if you're so into doing this on your own.. why not use the comms and keep backup outside?" She glanced toward Rogue then, arching a brow, her lips twitching.

"Not like there's a wall that could keep us out, you know?"

"Because last time Ah went with a partna, Ah almost got her killed!" Remy says, turning towards the two stopping mid stride to look back at them, the anger that was in his eyes is long gone and replaced with a fear, and a fire. "Ah can work betta alone. Trus' me. Ah'll be back before breakfast." Remy says before he turns towards his locker and starts to go through his things. A triple pack of Royal playing cards. His shin guards, his custom gloves and of course the duster. "Scott kept me sidelined during our last fight. It's mah turn t'side line de rest o'yas. No hard feelings, but it's cause Ah have feelin's for ya." Remy says, his hand lifting to rub his gloved thumb across Rogue's cheek then a glance towards Lorna. "Ah got work t'do, and like Logan says, Ah'm de best at what Ah do, and what Ah do, ain' pretty."

Even though she wears gloves on her hands, Rogue's right hand comes up and she does a snap-point at Lorna… but the snap is itself pointless with those gloves on, its more of just a fabric rubbing noise. "Radio communication. You're as brilliant as you are a hottie." She says to Polaris before looking back at Remy. "That way, when ya inevitably fuck it all up, Ah can be there t'rush in and save the day. Just like last time… ya didn't 'almost get me killed' cause I saved the day."

And then the Cajun is reaching out to touch the side of her face and she's still glaring at him, but it lightens up a little. "Yeah…" She says softer. "Fine." She huffs out a sigh and turns around back toward the exit. "I'll be at my new place then. Lookin' for people who don't run away." And thats what it all boils down to, she figures he's skipping town because she knows guys do that too her.

Lorna shot Remy a dry look, her arms crossing once more as she watched on, and fought the urge to roll her eyes. Her weight shifted on her feet and she shook her head. "Sure, you know, you were one of the guys I figured wouldn't try that whole macho-shit. Marcos is already on thin ice because he left without a word for weeks to try to find Sinister. Thought better of you, Remy." She tsk'ed under her breath and glanced back to Rogue.

"Hey, girl, I know a few addresses of Genoshan scientists that helped develop the anti-mutant tech that's going around. Wanna go hit them up with me? Logan ain't around, and I for one, would like back up." She called, one last glance shot to Remy with a flat look over her shoulder as she trailed after Rogue.

"Ah love ya Rogue. Lorna… ya's alright." He says with a wink and then he slams his locker shut. "Ah'm gone. Good luck with ya move Rogue, Ah'll help ya t'morrow if ya'd wait a few hours." The cajun says with a frown before he leaves the locker room, leaving the two women in the boy's room.

Rogue keeps on walking back down the hallway toward the Danger Room, planning on dialing the danger part of said room up to an 11, so she can punch the ever living daylights out of some shi'ar powered fake enemies.

She turns around and walks backward slowly to look back to Lorna. "Sounds like a eff'n hoot!" She says to the woman. "Just text me and tell me where t'be and I'll be there." She shovesher hands into her pockets, hears Remy's shout and shakes her head. "I can lift a whole U-Haul truck up by myself. I don't need the help'a someone who doesn't need my help!" She shouts back at him, before raising up off of the floor and now gliding her way faster toward the other side of the bunker where the training facility is.


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